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#memories id like to forget
blusphmy · a month ago
au where instead of washing up on marley, gabe washes up on eldia.
#derry girls s3 would fix me.#its madness: remember that gabe is suffering from memory loss#where he forgets eldia doesnt know anything abt the outside world - they dont know abt modern medicine. modern tech. modern day society#imagine waking up on an island that is 100 years behind#id like to contest: whereas one might say he’s a prophet & visionary on an island seperate from the world#i’d wager majority of the island thinks him insane : the mad prophet full of cassandra kissed lies#& dangerous medical prophecies - id bet he’d be brought to the ‘royal’ family in secret and tried as a heretic by the reiss family#& sentenced to his last days in the underground cells.#he’s a madman who can’t believe his reality is thrown 100 years in the past#he screams: where are the flying war machines? the automotive weapons? the surgical advances?#the common knowledge that bathing once a day and washing hands is the highest preventive of disease?#that proofed alcohol is best to disinfect wounds over salt?#imagine gabe’s INSANITY waking up here‼️#but can u imagine the marley spies being alerted to the mad heretic who is spitting truths too close to home?#the warriors - desperate for an excuse home - sniffing scent of a madman downtown who knows too much#one who hits advanced medical knowledge of an otherwise fairytale island of a dr named moreau?#a fairytale whose truths are hitting too close to home?#id wager they’d try to kill or take him home before the reiss family gets to him#find him in his cell and tempt him to a truth: hes not insane. a world exists out of this one and he’s been thrown here as punishment#just do what we say and you can go home -#IMAGINE ERWIN BELIEVES THIS MADMAN’S TRUTHS AFTER EREN FIRST SHIFTS AND VISITS HIM IN HIS CELL#AFTER EREN SHIFTS.#IMAGINE THE PLANS. ONCE ELDIA TAKES HIM SRSLY#it comes down to this: who gets to him first? marley spies or the scouts?#OOF.
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morningstar-matriarch · 9 months ago
I was thinking about hanahaki AUs with Zhongli.
Like Guizhong dying because Morax wasn't able to reciprocate her feelings. Only to later realize that he did love her, had loved her, he just hadn't realized it until it was too late.
Or. Arguably a much bigger brain idea. Zhongli (or Morax, at the time) was the one who had hanahaki. But he removed it and thus forgot about the person he had feelings for. Obviously, it would get out that Morax had forgotten about someone he used to be quite close to. And, for maximum angst, that person actually did reciprocate Morax' feelings, but it was all too late given that Morax would never be able to fall in love with them again. So Morax would go the rest of his life knowing that he could've had a loving relationship with someone he apparently felt so strongly for he developed hanahaki... and the other would regret not saying anything sooner.
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king-ofconfusion · 29 days ago
things my parents have said that make me really wonder who let them be parents: a list im starting way too late
my dad straight up said im the reason my mom gets so upset about the two of us fighting as if arguing isnt a two person thing (and then, as i was leaving, did the mocking 'oh and now youre gonna run away bc 'its all your fault'' thing as if he hadn't literally just said it was my fault???)
i told my mom 'im not going to lie and say ill do this when i know that i wont do it when i need to' and she got upset that i told the truth? and she was like 'thats going to be my response from now im just going to be brutally honest and not pretend to do things i dont really plan on doing' and i was like 'yes pls do that????? why havent you been doing that?????????'
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griffonisms · a month ago
Tumblr media
I’m pretty sure I spoke about it before somewhere here but? alas. I’m here to do so again. Duncan, as I’ve said in his bio, is generally written in Inquisition’s timeline as his main verse, and so, the explanation given for his being alive is no longer ‘because he is’, so much as it is, ‘because he is, but here’s maybe why?’ That maybe being: 1) he’s been brought back by some unknown force, no one knows who did it, why, or how, but here he is, no older and no different than he was when he died / disappeared.  He’s confused about it too, don’t expect a good answer from him.  or 2)  he’s actually a spirit who, in the fade, lingered among the old, powerful emotions and memories and echoes of events that passed at Ostagar (the fade’s mirror image of Ostagar anyway) and though found so many lost souls and echoes of emotions and whatnot, for some reason focused on Duncan’s ((as the echo of HIS emotions/memories/feelings goes through the events, what he’s felt, the betrayal, the sense of hopelessness, of anguish, of the fear, the anger, etc. Even going so far back as to remember his other life events, old emotions, old flashes of memories, etc, since it focused on him--)). And as many spirit and demons alike, found themselves floundering, stumbling and trying not to be sucked out into the mortal realm as the breach(es) broke holes into their world. This spirit was probably already on its way to ‘becoming’ Duncan [as it undoubtedly has done with others] - or the equivalent of him, spirit wise (though, less ‘’him’’ exactly as it IS simply a spirit, and more just.. the keeper of these things; memories, feelings, etc.... kind of like.. an echo of him, through learning and feeling all of these things he left behind).   And so, the breach happens. It gets pulled from the fade like many others had, but this spirit.... has something, something new and fresh in it’s mind and body. Pretty much... all that Duncan was, up until he died on that field. So, in a desperate attempt to latch on to the fade, or to not become corrupt, or driven mad, it.... becomes Duncan. Kind of like Cole, except.... much more human. It completely takes the role of the former Warden Commander of Fereldan, and when it ‘awakens’, it’s confused. For all intents and purposes.... this spirit that self actualized as this grey warden, IS him. It has his exact memories up until he died (though details may be hazy), his feelings, his experiences and wisdom and beliefs, it has every little thing he had... and should his true nature be revealed to him somehow, and the spirit (”him”) remembers what it is... potentially even more. His abilities very well may just grow, magic and fade stuff wise. But for now, Duncan is.... Duncan. He doesn’t remember how he got there, only that he was dying on the field of Ostagar, he’d just watched Cailan die a horrific death and was on the verge of dying himself, and his emotions-- raging, so powerful and overwhelming... and then he woke up, unharmed. Had a headache, felt woozy, confused, could barely walk at first... but... unharmed, and uninjured. Mostly just... confused. Wary, and uncertain. Somehow, he knew it wasn’t.... before. Something in him knew it had been some time after the blight. The world felt... different, and with the breach, he knew something was wrong, but the blight was over. he felt that in his bones. It takes him some time to get used to you know.... being here again, alive. And if asked, he won’t know how to answer any questions asking where he’s been, how he’s still alive, or why he’s suddenly reappeared, and. has not aged a day, since. He’ll be honest about it as well, if in company he thinks will not simply kill him on basis of suspicion alone. He doesn’t know what happened, but he’s here now.
#( long post )#( ooc )#( tbd )#( muse stuff )#shrugs a lot ! idk!! this is a thing though#i . rambled a bit there but anyone who knows been knew. you know this about me jgdfgjfdg#did i read this over after i wrote it? no. no i did not. i dont intend to either rip#bUT HEY YEAH SO THATS A THING#TLDR? He's a spirit that took the 'form' of Duncan in an effort to not go fucking crazy. Turns into the guy almost entirely.#And in the process forgets that its NOT actually the grey warden / a spirit.#If he ever does figure it out anyway like. its going to take a very long time and plenty of questioning and effort to draw it outta him#can he bleed and be injured and die? Yes. All of that. Hes forgotten his true nature and so. He is for all intents and purposes...#Simply a human being who is very much mortal.#Also still has abilities of a grey warden? hears the callings and whatnot but like.... a little differently id imagine#still in tune to it... but.... not quite right. a little different. more just like. intuition and by memory of how its /supposed/ to be for#him#during the bit where all grey wardens are hearing the calling-- i dont think he'd hear it tbh. or if he did- it wouldnt be quite as scary#or terrifying to him because part of him thinks... that its not right. something isnt right about it.. still hears it but. he just kinda---#squints at it a little...... still very much can get lost in the song sometimes... but.. meh#ANYWAY further rambling in the tags to no ones surprise#i gotta go take care of the animals so ill be back later .....maybe i /will/ write a little.........#so yes though. tldr for that tldr-- spirit clung to duncan's fade everything to survive. forgot its a spirit. p much turns into a human. Him#to be exact. and so. //IS// duncan in everything but birth. practically just a clone tbh ! is also confused as to why/how hes here and alive#......i repeated myself like 3 times but *makes fart noises* ah well!!
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collarboen · 4 days ago
Lmao yeah
i was busy yesterday so i didn't get to properly mourn and bitch about that race but god what an event lmao as a hater of everyone but like five people it was bad for me
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isanyonetoknow · 6 months ago
the only experiences i’ve had with pokemon growing up are when, in elementary school, i and a couple of other kids were trying to trade the cards but we had no idea what standards to trade them by so we were sort of just shuffling them around and one vivid scene in which ash(?) and pikachu are in a canyon and it sort of pans to show team rocket and they’re maybe going to have a stand off.
#void talk#oh i watched detective pikachu a while ago so does that count?#and ive seen some stuff on the internet though not muc#anyways i just kinda find it funny how much i know about some popular franchises#like star wars was just the 'i am your father' through memes; my friends arguing about the best watching order; watching one of the movies#i think tfa on a bus ride and honestly that's where i learned the most. like the fact that darth vader was dead and luke and co were old now#and then at disneyworld someone dressed as someone from star wars was talking about padawans or something; oh and obv i knew what#lightsabers were.#naruto i learned about cause the naruto run and i was a bit of an obsessive middle schooler so i had to learn the context of the naruto run#i know nothing about star trek except data's great spock's great and there's a kirk in there?#marvel i used to know nothing about except through my friends but then i watched some movies#and there were various anime i learned about because i used to listen to nightcore and people in the comments would be like#'poor [character whose image was used as the image for the video]' and id be like who tf is character#and figure it out#then usually be like 'damn that was fucked up' before forgetting about it until something triggered the memory#like once i was shelving books in the library and some of them were black butler and i was like 'wait i know this.'#oh and atla i knew nothing about except that i thought it was the same as the avatar movie and i remember seeing the comics around#then there were how to write a good villain/redemption arc posts with azula and zuko respectively#lets see what else.#see if it's a popular book series i will have read at least the first book so those don't count#ig i learned a bit more about some animes through listening to their osts though i don't really care as much about learning then#and then i know the basic gists of a lot of movies. like indiana jones deals with artifacts and adventure#james bond i read the first few books of but wasn't impressed at all#hp i unfortunately read and then decided 'ok' and moved on#and now i can't look back without distaste#oh and i do know a bit about like bleach op and another i think?#oh and i also remember seeing arabic sub of hxh episodes but idk arabic so i didn't click on them#unrelated to everything in this post but i would not survive star wars#i'd see darth vader and just start LAUGHING#i won't be able to run and he'd just kill me
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ace-with--a-mace · 8 months ago
tryna figure out if i have fucked up memory because of trauma response or if my brain is just Like That
#when have i ever been bad to you#the way i just forget everything for like 3 minutes and then the first thing i remember after mental factory reboot is some random state-#-law fact from when i was obsessed with random useless fun facts#i put my bracelet + scrunchie on my WRIST and i didnt do anything at all; when i looked back at my wrist because it felt weird the-#-scrunchie and bracelet were above my elbow and i had no memory of pulling them up; mind the fact thag my arm was straight down#i forget where im going to; its funny sometimes but its annoying because i have to find the spot where i decided to move from#i was looking into trauma response articles and stuff like that to maybe get a clue but im not gonna self diagnose or anything#all the classwork and homework assignments i forget to do; especially when i open the tab and forget i opened it#i accidentally confronted the 'rents on something i forgot and rhey were like AND I HAD A LIST PREPARED#BUT I FORGOT EVERYTHING FROM BIRTH I SAT THERE LITERALLY NO THOUGHT TRYING TO REMEMBER WHAT THE FUCK I WAS DOING LIKE#i guess i was lucky cuz if i opened my mouth or dared to have a claim with lots of evidence backing jt up id be dead rn#i only remember like half a memory at most from major moments in my life too 💀#good thing my grandma is obsessed with photo albums ✨✨#l speaks#shut up l#spell checks are the w o r s t#i keep losing my spot so theres a giant chunk of text with typos i glossed over and i never realize until the assignment is graded#same with math
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ayeom · 9 months ago
kpop series finale
#tho the reboot is lookin kinda funny#really im not as into got7 as i used to be but#im grateful for finding them in 2018#not gonna act like you are wasnt a pillar in my existence pofofkfp#i seriously wish them all the best :( and for ahgase too#it really sucks that they couldn’t have a place to just be creative but it’s good for them to get to be normal ppl if they want#and like. be home for christmas and things like that#there’s more for them than just this#idk i thought i didn’t care that much abt it but now im thinking abt the nights i just spent watching look x adidas until morning :/#and that i had a ***** on ****** 🥴🥲#and all the time spent on 7for7 and watching them be clowns in america#or my first cb!!!! the new era!!!! damn#or the sheer insanity & genius tht is present:you god wait#id listen to save you everyday on the way to work and sunrise on the bus from campus :(((((((( oh shit i have memories w this group :((((#oh my god when i was holed up alone during evac present:you dropped and tht was my saving grace.....holy shit how did i forget that? i#watched lullaby so many times to forget how stressed i was that my school got flooded :/ whoa there’s history.......and i listened to let me#all the damn time#dreamed about listening to q on the way to the beach.....watching jinyoung break his nose on american national television......clowning#jackson for papillon........the jb angry chin.......are you lauf lauf lauf........mark losing custody of coco.......bambam being a whore....#skipping made it when got7’s on shuffle......crash & burn stages.......AHGASE DISCOURSE EVERY TWO MONTHS BC THEYRE BORED AND THE BOYS ARE#GONE?????#:(#i guess all that stuff is still here it’s so weird#oh my god if this is just got7 n i feel like this there’s no way im gonna survive next year 🥴 but damn#im gonna miss them??????? but im happy tho jyp fucking SUCKS goodbye#played too much i said jb better give him a ultimatum i guess he did 🥴#🥲 damn huh#im not even ahgase technically but#🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲#*ramblyn
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hifurio · a year ago
I literally never take in any info ever i was talking to an irl and i dont remember what i said but she responded like “haha yeah you are” and i was like huh? And she repeated what id said and then i was like OHHHH yeah
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pepprs · a year ago
hi still doing not that great but im better today i guess like at least i didn’t have another coronavirus nightmare last night and i have been reassured (although not convincingly) that i have not in fact ruined everything so that’s something although again i am Not Convinced. i was just gonna say something else and now i forgot it so im just gonna post this and go i guess
#purrs#it was something abt like. how long this is gonna take or how normal isnt ever gonna be normal again idk. my memory is in shambles lately im#actually getting scared like i keep forgetting insights and shit and i hate that.#anyways this wasnt what i was gonna post abt but like. i absolutely HATE how i need to be convinced and reassured that im not a burden!!!!!#tht asking for the things i need and wanting the things i want like.. doesnt strain anythinf. bc especially now that the future is floating#i feel like it does and to ask for ppls time and energy makes me feel so guilty and i just. am losing myself and doubting everything i guess#its so stupid. and then when ppl are like what what are u talking abt ur not a burden why would u even think that then i feel WORSE!!! cuz#like now im burdening u by reveali ng tjat i feel like im butdening u!!!! FUCK#im usually better at hetting myself out of these spirals but now its so mjch harder and i just. miss the other places and ppl i call home#this could b yrs and i dont know if i can take it. OH YEAH THATS WHAT I WAS GONNA SAY ok i’ll shut up after this i swear#the thought was: what the fuck. like what would have happened if id... made it out into the world before all this. i dont know how to drive#i dont know how to take care of mysekf and like. idk what would have happened if id have been living on my own or in a r/s w someone#and what if thise thingsare never the same or theres just not a need for certain rites of passage anymore bc the world as we know jt will b#so vastly and profoundly different. like what if we have to wear masks forever. and always keep 6 ft apart. what if i never hug anykne#outside of my family ever again or go back to campus or move out of here or like. k*ss someone or learn how to drive or go back to brighton#i am going ✈️✈️✈️ CRAZY!!!!! ok im done. this shit is messing w me so baddddd i hate it here theres no ground to stand on and im losing my s#also thank u 2 everyone wjo reached oht sorry i havent written back uet. it means a lot im just a mess#also i do know bow to take care of myself.. i just did for 7 weeks lol. im forgetting brighton and thats terrifying to me
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