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#memories issue
fictionkinfessions · 11 days ago
Me? Writing "fanfiction" about my memories for validation? It's more likely than you think.
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introjectfessions · 8 months ago
this isn't targeted to anyone in particular but i swear, fic/factives deserve more than they get from the tumblr system community.. if some fic/factive wants to use their sys memories as their identity, ppl sys or not shouldn't immediately jump to tell them 'but you know those didn't happen in this world right?' uh, extremely likely they'd know. + even if they didnt know, being told that by a stranger is far less comforting than ppl think. tough love doesnt work from strangers
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fictionkinfessions · 4 months ago
i used to be fine with people who kinned "for fun" but as that interpretation gets more and more popular i see more and more people mocking people who take kinning seriously so now i just. dont really want to interact with anyone who isnt serious. also a lot of "for fun" kins will like, spam popular content creators (mainly mcyt and associates of them from what ive seen) asking for their kin list? on at least three occasions ive been watching a stream or vid and heard creators i enjoy talk about kinning (usually to say its weird) and i just. i miss when it was a lowkey thing that people hadnt heard of. now it feels like if anyone irl found out im kin instead of listening to me explain theyd just assume im some weirdo :(.
i know communities evolve and ive seen the kinmunity evolve before but its never felt like such a downgrade before and im just tired of being afraid to exist in our spaces. i never join kin servers anymore because its just people telling doubles to die and then laughing at people who have mems. im tired.
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fictionkinfessions · 2 months ago
my experiences SHOULD be universal. my kin memories Should be canon so i can see content of me Out of my head. thank you very much
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fictionkinfessions · 12 days ago
kinsidering a character, being absolutely certain you kin them, but having no memories? hell
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fictionkinfessions · 10 days ago
Tbh what do you even do when your memories heavily correlate with a fanfic. I feel embarrassed
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fictionkinfessions · 13 days ago
To those who miss their canon, why not try reality shifting? /srs
As a shifter myself, not only does it prove the multiverse and validate spiritual kinnies, but we can literally shift back and live in the worlds we miss so much as ourselves again!!!
For some reason you shifted to where you are now and have your memories from your canon. You can shift back and forth. If you miss someone you can go see them. The multiverse is infinite.
And no it’s not lucid dreaming- it’s as real as this reality. Even if it were though, why wouldn’t you want to experience it?
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fictionkinfessions · 20 days ago
tfw someone elses kinfession gives you memories
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fictionkinfessions · 26 days ago
About the Fictionkin memories: It's my personal belief that memories aren't required to be Fictionkin. The memories are an extra part, a bonus. Don't let someone say you're not fictionkin just because you can't remember that life.
Think of it kinda like Alzheimer's. Just because they can't remember things, that doesn't make them any less of who they are.
I hope this helps :)
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
predicting random things but not exactly "remembering" them. call that kinstincts
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fictionkinfessions · 2 months ago
This is probably controversial but as a fictive I very much do firmly believe that I was, well, myself in a past life. I kin too, and all of them are spiritual. I don't call my memories pseudo memories and I don't plan on doing so, and I'm happy and functional this way
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fictionkinfessions · 21 days ago
Hi hello you, yes you, I love your canons! I love your memories! Even the vague mooshy memories that are more ambiguous sensations than distinct imagery! I think the more divergent are some of the coolest canons!! Like wow, small details, big variations, all extremely fascinating! Please never feel ashamed or regretful if you're not an exact match to whatever we know is the source canon! #💕
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fictionkinfessions · 6 months ago
i really despise ""kin for fun"" people
like , whats fun about being kin ?? crying almost everyday because you miss people from your past life ?? remembering terrible stuff you went trough ?? feeling bad about yourself because of the people you hurt , knowing that you will never be able to truly apologize to them ?? missing things that dont exist in this reality ??
whats fun about being kin when you know that even with all the shit that happened at that time , you had someone or something to confort you , but you lost that
whats fun about being kin when people say all your feelings , all of your memeories you hold so dearly , are you just being "weird" , "delusional" or "wanting to feel special" ??
nothing , really
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fictionkinfessions · 4 months ago
... the issue I, personally, have about the whole 'kin for fun' kinnie stuff is that I'm spiritual, I had past lives, I have these memories, so I get.. excited, happy when I think I found someone? I see the names of those I used to know, I wonder if they are from my canon, or maybe they're from another universe altogether, how much do we have in common, what was different for them - and then I find out, oh, huh, they're just. Messing around.
Taking the name of someone I used to know, and pretending. In another few months they'll drop it because they get bored, or have moved on to some other interest/fandom, or they just don't like the 'character' anymore.
It's... disheartening. I think I see someone, found someone, but. Not at all.
Do what you want, I guess. Twist words that were not meant to change their meaning, slide right on in with using them in a way that will surely confuse others who know their original meaning. Play pretend before dropping it when you lose interest, ditching people who's own personal beliefs, whether spiritual or otherwise, are more set in stone than yours.
It's fine. "Communities change." "It's not that deep."
.. but it is to me.
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fictionkinfessions · 4 months ago
it really bothers me how the word 'kin' has an entirely different meaning now— when people use it for every character they relate to. there's words for that! synpath or fictionhearted or copinglink... and i don't want to police the language people use for kin, and i don't dislike people who kin for fun; some of mine are just for fun! but it is really disheartening to see new kinnies talking about how 'some people actually believe they are/were this character' in a derogatory way.
some of my kins are spiritual and are deeply personal to me. i have kin memories. and a lot of people think less of me for that even though they're using the exact same words as spiritual kins do. it just kind of sucks to feel like an outsider in a community that felt like home, yk?
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fictionkinfessions · 3 months ago
yeah cringe culture is dead and all but also can some kin people PLEASE stop bringing up their kins to random nonkin ppl who LITERALLY DIDN'T ASK. like it's one thing to joke abt ur kins w your nonkin friends, i do it all the time, but it's another to go onto some random person's post complaining about how they don't like a certain character and then just saying that you kin said character when you literally don't know who they are
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
getting memories is such a whack ass experience sometimes. last night i struggled to open a jar of strawberry jam and i got a memory from that???? im just trying to live bro and i just get hit with memories at the most obscure times
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fictionkinfessions · 8 months ago
Shit That Hits Different: Kin Addition
-Getting called your kin name (bonus points if it’s from a close friend or a canonmate)
-Finding kin clothes, especially when it fits like a charm
-“You remind me of ____ so much” “Your laugh sounds just like ____/you sound like the voice actor” “Can I nickname you ____? I think of you every time I think of them”
-Sharing mems with someone and you can finish each other’s sentences when describing everything
-Soft mems. The ones that some people would call mundane but they mean the world to you
-Finding food/drinks/music/etc that reminds you of your canon and makes you feel at home again
(Feel free to add more)
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fictionkinfessions · 16 days ago
being theaterkin is so weird like i have such vivid memories of my home town and the house i grew up in and im like oh yeah everybody knows the old farmhouse! and then im like wait no yall just saw a stage and some props wtf
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fictionkinfessions · 2 months ago
i'm always like "i hope i get memories!! i want more memories!!" and then i do and it's like. oh yeah this sucks.
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