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#men and coffee
keuhkopussirotta10 hours ago
Your coffee post reminded me that as a kid I used to think that all women take their coffee with milk and all men take their coffee black bc my mum and grandma took it with milk whilst my dad and grandpa took it black :D I thought it was like some fundamental physical difference between men and women that women are incapable of drinking black coffee
That is weirdly cute :D
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inkskinned8 months ago
the men in my life are all good men, or, at least, they are men who are not violent - and that is enough for a man to be considered good; that he could be violent but is not.
the men in my life are good men. recently at a hardware store one of the men in my life let me stand behind him, just a little, in that ghosting way that girls can learn. the disappearing technique we master of shadowing behind our Good Men. this was to protect me from a man who was not-being-good.
i fall down. one of the good men in my life offers me one arm like a knight, we are laughing while i clamber back onto my feet. i give the good men in my life piggy back rides because i like to show off how strong i am. i give the good men in my life run-at-them hugs. i let the good men in my life pick me up like i am a sack of grain; i get the good men in my life coffee, i make them sandwiches, i teach them dancing.
i am a man-hater, obviously. i am gay enough the insult is sort of funny. waiting for the bus, where there are men who are not-known-to-be-good, i google how to make a fist. i can never remember if the thumb goes on the outside or the inside, only that it is imperative that i do not fuck it up or i will break my thumb at the same time the man tries to break me.聽
i walk my dog around the track only-at-dusk and-no-later. i made that mistake once, in august, hoping i could take a later run and maybe see the stars - i romanticized the idea of being able to skulk like a fox. the man that followed me across three lawns, two road-crossings, and back to my car - he spent the whole time whistling. the good men in my life say - oh, do you need me to come with you? and are actually asking - do you feel safe?
i fall down in a supermarket. a man i do not know grabs the inside of my knee. i do not know if the man is good, but i am supposed to give men the benefit of the doubt, so i laugh while standing. a man trying-to-be-in-my-life says what, no hug?聽and i have to decide if it worth it to just take off or put up with it. a man who-might-not-be-good stares at me while i walk by - i have to calculate if he鈥檚 just looking or if he鈥檚 watching. other men have badly hurt me, physically. the casual remark made is that those men are not real men. but they were real enough, to me.
there are many men who are mad at me. an entire reddit thread once was dedicated to how to dox me for feminist ranting - it was kind of funny, when it wasn鈥檛 downright scary. i have been stalked and harassed and treated horribly. they are all good men, in their own lives, you know. they are not violent, usually, unless provoked, and all it takes for a man to be good is for him to not be violent unless provoked, and i am, of course, always provoking.
a man in my life rolls his eyes.聽鈥渋 am sick of hearing this. we get it, all men are fucking evil. get over it.鈥
a man who-is-not-good shouts something unwritable at me. i have to tell the good man i am standing next to - it鈥檚 okay, this is nothing compared to what-could-be, this happens, it鈥檚 really not that big of a deal to me.聽
鈥渂ut it should be,鈥 he says.聽鈥渋t should be.鈥
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lovesmoke1331blog14 days ago
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Good Morning Adam馃拫馃拫馃拫鈽曪笍
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lovesmoke1331blog26 days ago
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Good Morning Beautiful 馃拫馃拫馃拫鈽曪笍
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taboogentlemen3 years ago
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芦 Coffee break 禄
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carrinth4 months ago
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Caf Crawling Page 2
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After being trapped in the Senate pantry, recently elected Senator Chuchi is rescued by an unlikely hero! Are Clone Troopers crawling around in your ventilation systems? More likely than you think!
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