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#men with nail polish
r-tuddis · a year ago
Tumblr media
If you want to wear Nail polish, you do it. No matter what other people say and think. Because they don’t know you.
But sometimes you don’t know your shelf and trying to figure out who and what you are
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brimay · 4 months ago
måneskin bringing back the glam rock aesthetic is so powerful actually
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siriuslyloonylove · 4 months ago
Sirius Black Wears Rings
His collection of gold and silver rings start with The Noble House of Black’s family signet, a chunky silver ring with the family crest. As much as he dislikes his family, he wears the ring because it’s the only constant thing about his horrible family. He wears it every day up until the day he runs away to the Potter’s, where he puts it in a box in his room - under the floorboards along with the only thing he brought with him, a picture of him and his baby brother Regulus. He only brings the picture and ring out on especially hard days.
The day he started collecting rings was when Euphemia Potter noticed he had taken off his family ring, and knowing that it meant a lot to him she had Fleamont make Sirius a chunky gold Potter family crest signet. He cries for days when Euphemia gives it to him, bursting into tears every time the gold catches the light. Sirius wears it with pride on his right ring finger and shows everyone who will look that this is his new family.
Most of his ring collection are rings from Muggle thrift stores, some of them he bought, some were given to him after summer break from Marlene and Lily.
On his right pinkie he wears a dainty circle ring that’s silver, two pinkies held in a pinkie promise engraved into the plate - his third favorite ring given to him by Lily Evans when they make a hand shake which ends with a pinkie promise. This makes James jealous.
After, he goes to go excitedly show Moony and accidentally burns the tip of his nose when he shoves the ring in his face, from then on he charms ALL of his silver rings to not burn Remus. If you look close enough there’s still a mark on his nose of two pinkies, but only Sirius can see it, who repeatedly apologizes every time he sees it.
A chunky silver band ring takes up his left thumb, “Best Dad Ever” engraved on it in black letters, Marlene McKinnon gave it to him with the goofiest grin and said “Here you go, Daddy” after she had caught Remus muttering it to him one late night in the common room. Remus blushes every time he sees the ring.
One summer evening, Lily was roaming through a random Muggle shop when she found a ring that’s a huge, huge silver paw print and she knew she had to buy it for Sirius, that now sits on his left middle finger. This is how she told the boys that she figured out that they are animagi, after she had already figured out Remus’ secret, promising to keep it. She promised with a pinkie promise, after she had charmed the ring for Remus, and the boys knew then and there that she was a keeper. Not that they didn’t know that before.
During winter break of sixth year is when he bought two rings while at a Muggle thrift store with James, who didn’t understand why they were there but was excited nonetheless. There he finds a small silver butterfly that reminds him of the feeling of butterflies in his stomach when he sees Remus, even after a year of dating. It takes up his left pinkie finger. He finds a matching gold bee dainty ring that reminds him of the time that a swarm of buzzing bees attacked James and Peter one spring evening and left them covered in stings from head to toe, he giggles when he sees James roll his eyes, and Peter goes pale when he sees it when they get back. This one takes up his right thumb.
On his right middle finger he wears a ring James bought him for Christmas, a chunky pair of gold antlers to match his paw print ring. Sirius likes to flip people off with both fingers to show off the rings, even Professor McGonagall finds it funny. Snivellus does not.
A silver ring of his wand takes up his right pointer finger, given to him by a blushing Peter after James on Christmas. Sirius wears it, even after Azkaban, to remind him that Peter was once good and that he just made the wrong choice.
When James and Lily ask Sirius to be Harry’s godfather, they ask by giving him a picture of the sonogram and a chunky gold ring that’s an H and has red stones for his left pointer finger. It reminds him of when Euphemia and Fleamont gave him the family crest, which makes him cry every time the stones glitter in the light.
But his all time favorite ring takes up his left ring finger, his engagement ring that Remus proposed to him with, which has a crescent moon and a star shaped diamond woven together with charmed silver with small diamonds adorning it. A matching dainty band on top of it with small diamonds is added when they get married after they survive the second Wizarding War.
here's a cute headcanon i have/wrote, which is most definitely inspired by harry styles' rings... and well my own, but still i love it. also i like mixing gold and silver rings, i know some people might find it tacky but i think it brings out the colors of your skin since gold brings out warm tones and silver brings out cool tones :)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
unpopular opinion: design team should've kept the black nail polish from the trilogy beta design
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mentalgearsolid · 2 months ago
“Men who wear black nail polish <3333” ok what about men who wear pink nail polish? Men with sparkly iridescent nail polish? Get creative you fucking emos.
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colddwater · 2 months ago
white lgbt people that get mad at straight people for "dressing gay" (which isn't even really an issue straight ppl can be gnc too) and then also don't understand why cultural appropriation is wrong......... do I have news for you
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thealogie · 3 months ago
No better hang out spot than an Asian nail salon on a Sunday. Everyone is there with their mom or their best friend. Everyone is serving the best possible gossip. Everyone’s like “do you have funny bunny? I want funny bunny on my toes. Do you think I’m too white to do funny bunny?” Like three women want to do a rainbow pastel manicure and there’s occasionally one guy there sheepishly enjoying the first pedicure of his life thanks to the women in his family and/or friend group
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simder-talia-blog · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
By Pralinesims <HERE>
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worstloki · a year ago
no one: 
loki: *aggressively applies eyeliner with a knife*
literally no one:
loki: *aggressively wears gowns and skirts*
legitimately no one:
loki: *aggressively click-clacks heels while walking*
absolutely no one at all anywhere: 
loki: *aggressively learns to use magic and knives*
i mean there is actually no one saying anything:
loki: *aggressively applies nail polish and files nails*
still no one but now the silence is starting to get to everyone:
loki: *aggressively questions Asgardian culture on a daily basis*
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stray-but-okay · 5 months ago
Honestly anything is unisex if you make it. Like even when I was younger I'd go into the boys section and see if they had any cool clothes to wear that I could pull off and then proceed to the female section and see what I liked there. It's all my clothing at the end of the day, idc where it was placed in the store lol.
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