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#mending shoes
wastelesscrafts · 7 days ago
Hey there! I was wondering if you guys knew anything about fixing shoes- I have a nice pair of work boots that are perfectly fine, aside from the wear of the fabric behind my heel. It gives me blisters, but I’m sure that if I knew how to patch it properly these could last me several more years.
Ouch, blisters suck! Let's have a look.
Mending worn-out shoes
Do you mean the lining at the heel of a shoe?
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: close-up on the inside of the back of a sneaker. The white lining has a large hole in it, revealing the material below it.]
This bit of fabric tends to develop holes for a lot of people: as we walk, our heel rubs against it which causes it to wear out. Luckily, it's pretty easy to patch up.
Instructables has a good tutorial on how to mend holes at the heel of a shoe.
Get a scrap of fabric that's slightly bigger than the hole. Make sure to pick a fabric that's comfortable to you, as your heel will be rubbing against it a lot. If the material behind the hole is very rough, you could also add a layer of soft material (e.g. fleece) between your patch and the back of your shoe to cushion this part of your boot, but this is optional.
Get some fabric glue and glue your patch across the hole.
The next step's up to you: you could leave it like that, or you could sew your patch to the surrounding lining to make it more durable. This might involve some awkward hand positions: a curved needle can make this process easier, if you happen to have one lying around.
If you're working with boots or other shoes that are higher than your average pair of sneakers, sewing your patch might prove difficult as you have to be able to reach into the shoe. In this scenario, just glueing on your patch might be a better option.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: close-up on the inside of the heel of a pair of shoes. A denim patch has been sewn over a hole in the lining at the back.]
Fixing the lining in the back of a shoe is pretty easy! It might require some awkward angles, but the process itself is simple.
If you have trouble fixing this issue on your own, check if you have a cobbler near you. They might be able to mend your lining for you, and their fee will probably be lower than a new pair of shoes.
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tw-shawnmendes · a month ago
That all white bootleg church usher fit from that 2019 pre-Grammy's party crawled so this all white 2021 VMAs fit could walk (with a limp)
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honeyhemlocked · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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shoe appreciation post!
am I a good cobbler? these photographs clearly demonstrate a firm “no.” but I will keep patching, felting and badly-darning if it means taking these clogs to the ends of the earth, so help me earth.
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wastelesscrafts · 24 days ago
Hey! First of all I'd just like to thank you for this blog, it's given me ideas for a lot of new projects that I'd like to start and helpful tips for how to make my clothes last longer. I'm not sure if this is a question you've answered before or not, but do you know how to fix a boot where the top has become separated from the sole? This has happened to every pair of boots I've ever owned, and I'm never sure how to repair them.
Glad to hear this blog has inspired you! :)
Repairing boots:
I've talked about upcycling shoes and mending Converses before, but I don't think I've discussed this particular topic yet.
Last time that happened to a shoe of mine, I fixed them with super glue which held pretty well.
If you're not sure what glue to try and you've got access to North-American glue brands, check out This to That, a website dedicated to glue advice. This list of shoe repair glues might also be helpful. Ask around at your local craft store if you can't decide on which one to use.
This shoe repair tutorial by Frugal Upstate shows how to reglue the top of your boot to the sole.
If all fails, you could always take your boots to a shoe repair store.
Good luck!
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vvotton · a year ago
quarantine feels like winter in stardew valley -- finally I have the time to fix stuff I normally need to go out! I can finally upgrade my watering can!
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flweralessia · 2 years ago
Shawn falling on stage once again
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© camcreatez
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riverdaleclothing · 5 days ago
Camila Mendes wears the Lisa Says Gah ‘Dakota’ black cow flatform (Sold Out) in her Instagram story — October 10, 2021
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spxrm · a year ago
I just feel like we were done an injustice by Shawn not wearing that pink silk shirt with his fuchsia suit. throw some layered gold necklaces in the mix and you’ve got a LOOK 😔
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