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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Here)

…I’m starting to think I should put this on ao3 or something. 

Third installment of wwx raised by his parents but breaks into Cloud recess. I need a shorter name for this.

So, re:wwx’s Horsetail Whisk, it’s name is 雪焰, which is also CSSR’s courtesy name. However I don’t know chinese at all, so if the name itself is clunky or wrong, please tell me and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Now this is shorter than the last one, sorry, but, it’s just how it flowed. I hope you enjoy it anyways!

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Oh. My. God. Oh my GOOOOOOOD!! Yes! He would, he so would! God I love writing sappy stuff, especially if it comes right after angsty stuff!

Lan Xichen standing up for his S/O like a Proper Gentleman!

Lan Xichen is, in general, a very peaceful man. He is calm, genial, kind, and always greets people with a smile that never seems forced. All in all, a good man. A peaceful man.

That man is not here right now.

Lan Xichen can bear many things. The weight of his responsibilities, the burdens of his sect, the struggles of being a public figure under scrutiny. He can bear these things, he was raised to do so, as he has been raised to bear many things with a smile.

This is not one of those things.

While his smile is a veneer of calm, under the table, his hands are shaking. How dare they? How DARE they? His partner sits at his side, her head bowed and her hair covering her face as Jin Guangshan unsubtly goes on about how he is loathe to serve her, given she is from a clan of cultivators only twenty in number, with little wealth or influence to raise their names. How he finds her unworthy to grace Koi Tower.

Lan Xichen is usually a peaceful man. But here, now… he is angry beyond words. The more the Jin sect leader speaks, the greater his desire to silence him by magic, or- more satisfyingly- by physical force.

Even kind, peaceful men like Lan Xichen have limits.

Another moment, and his patience runs dry. He stands in one fluid movement, the white of his robes drawing eyes from all over the room as he challenges the Chief Cultivator with a barely concealed glare. “Excuse me, but do you think I do not have the sense to find a worthy match for myself, Sect Leader Jin?”

He can see his uncle stiffen at the table next to his as Jin Guangshan tries to manipulate the conversation. Lan Xichen, rather rudely, interrupts.

“Are you implying that we are not equal? Or do you mean to imply that I, and subsequently the Lan Sect, are not fit to join you here?”

“Of course it is an honor to host you, but… She is of no circumstance, Zewu-Jun,” the older man attempts to placate. “She has no place here. She’s the daughter of a commoner. And we all know how that worked out for your father.”

Oh. Oh no, he did NOT.

Lan Xichen steels his heart and drops his ever-present smile. “Bold words coming from a man with no shame. At the very least, ignoring her many talents and merits, she is still honest and loyal, which is a far cry more than can be said of you, Chief Cultivator.”

Jin Guangshan can’t even deny it, on the arms of his dais sit no less than three women for hire, plain as day! But few ever have the nerve to call him on it. There is a murmur through the crowd, as the gossip wheel begins to turn, but Lan Xichen is not finished yet. “In the interest of our alliances, which we have fought so hard to build, I must insist that you treat her and the rest of my sect with respect, or you will not treat with us at all.”

And for once, the cultivation world experiences what it is like to receive the brunt of Zewu-Jun’s displeasure. Apologies are quickly made, although he can tell the other leader is still offended when A-Yao feels the need to step forward and expound on the brief and clipped expression of “regret”.

“You did not have to do that,” she tells him later, when they are alone. “He is right. I am of no circumstance.”

“Then we are fortunate that I do not seek circumstance,” Lan Xichen answers simply. “I chose you for who you are, not what you could give to me. And I won’t stand by and let others speak of you in such a manner.”


“I love you, my heart. In every sense of the word. And I should like to be so bold as to think you feel the same. That’s all that matters to me.”

She takes his hand and smiles, and they go for a turn around the gardens, uncaring for the drama of the banquet wrapping up inside.

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Ooh, yes, I love Meng Bros a lot!! It has so much that claimed my brain – a coup to take down Jin Guangshan! A-Yao and A-Ying being totally incapable of lying to each other, and not letting each other get away with shit! Sixfold sworn brothers! A JGY intervention! A Yiling Laozu intervention that sorta-ish works! Sneaky Wen-rescuing! Zixuan + A-Yao + A-Ying bonding! Xichen finding out very early on what kind of person A-Yao is capable of being, and therefore being able to make clear-headed decisions about their relationship! Song of Turmoil, Tiger Amulet boosted! JGS dying in a way that DOESN’T involve a shit ton of innocent collatorall murder! JGY having a support system he feels comfortable opening up to about things like accidentally courting his sister! Lan Wangji having a hand in Wei Wuxian’s alternate cultivation development from the start and helping build safeguards into it! dramatic angst with a happy ending!

… The thing is, while I have lots of this fic plotted out, I currently only have the first scene (partially) written. But I’m willing to share it!

This is already longish, and I can’t add a readmore on mobile, but when I get to my computer, I’ll add that snippet in a reblog!

WiP tag game here!

Thank you for asking!!

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Ah, thank you!!!

I didn’t know how to choose so I just…. used a random number generator. Here’s the WiPs it chose for you! Two from the same series, hope you don’t mind.

From this ask game, and feel free to ask for more about WiPs I’ve already posted for!

Project Lotus: prank war

“Wei-Ge, hurry!”

Wei Wuxian scrambles to his feet and pauses. There’s a garden trellis a few feet away from him, easy enough to climb down. Wei Wuxian glances at the trellis and back at the pool… and then gets an unsettling glint in his eye. With a level of shamelessness that only he could reach, Wei Wuxian stands up and shucks off, not just his T-shirt, but his belt and jeans as well, dropping them off the edge of the roof.

“Wuxian,” Meng Yao says warningly, because he sees exactly where this is going.

Wei Wuxian grins and takes a few step backwards, positioning himself.

“Oh, god, oh, god,” Huaisang says, “he’s not really going to–”

Wei Wuxian takes a running jump off of the roof, and cannonballs into the pool.

Project Lotus: 3 times Mo Xuanyu called Wei Wuxian in an emergency

Xuanyu leans into Wei Wuxian’s side. “Can you just… kill them all for me?”

Wei Wuxian inhales deeply. 

Man, he’s tempted. 

He rubs Xuanyu’s arm. “I can’t help you if I’m in jail.”

“So don’t get caught." 

Wei Wuxian breathes out a humorless laugh and kisses the top of Xuanyu’s head.

"This isn’t going to happen again,” he says fiercely. “I swear it.”

time after time

“It is beneficial to lie quietly in the dark,” Lan Zhan continues, “even if one does not sleep.”

“If you want to die of boredom,” Wei Ying grumbles. 

“Boredom,” Lan Zhan says, with as straight a face as ever, “is a Yunmeng Jiang concept.”

Wei Ying blinks at him for just a second. Then the joke connects, and he laughs. Lan Zhan feels a surge of triumph. He’s been holding onto that joke since the Sunshot Campaign, but never found a suitable chance to use it. Wei Ying would be so proud of him– 

His stomach lurches.

Wei Ying is right in front of him.

A Wei Ying who never challenged Lan Zhan over a pot of wine, never fought for Lan Zhan’s attention, never sat on a roof beside Lan Zhan and smiled when Lan Zhan offered his faith. A Wei Ying who never called Lan Zhan his soulmate.

Lan Zhan is suddenly hit by a powerful sense of loss that no miraculous second chance at time can fix. 

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Not the darkest thing I’ve ever written period, but the darkest thing I’ve written in a very, very long while. Trigger warning for implied rape.


They look up from the map at the sounds of a scuffle outside the tent, and then a small figure in a simple dark red robe stumbles through the flap.

Nie Zonghui stares for a second before he sees Meng Yao, the younger man so ashen white that he looks less like a person and more like a fierce corpse.

“What is the meaning of this?” Nie Mingjue rumbles beside him, and their former deputy hurriedly bows, hiding his hands in his sleeves.

Hiding that they’re shaking, Zonghui realizes.

“Sect Leader Nie, I have found the Young Master.”

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DRAWTOBER #27 - to hoard promises that could snuff out the lie by @acediscowlng

Officially, Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue aren’t drift compatible.

Meng Yao and Nie Mingjue are.

Lan Xichen is, quite possibly, the only person happy about this.

okay so this fic is categorised in my head (very officially) as a Big Oof fic. obviously being set in a Pacific Rim AU it’s very intense, because apocalypse and everyone fighting and dying in huge robots against giant dinosaur monsters, but also because the core of the fic is the 3zun relationship, and you know what makes a painful breakup with an almost-boyfriend more awful? having to share brainspace with him every day in order to fight giant dinosaur monsters. especially if you’re also sharing a boyfriend now too. this fic really builds a beautiful, terrible, rich world for the characters - then runs them all through a meat grinder, along with your heart. it’s a brilliant and painful read about very complicated relationships and trauma bonding, with a bittersweet ending. absolutely recommend if you wanna read something that takes over your brain for the entire day and leaves you needing to go lie down for a while.

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idk why I’ve left this sitting in my drafts for so long but YOU GUUUYYYSS @guqin-and-flute has a modern AU where the Jin sibs have a MBMBAM-style podcast and not only is it FUCKING HILARIOUS but it also has a podfic!!! which is legit incredible and has perfect perfect comedic timing!! if you haven’t discovered this AU then please do yourself a favour in these shitty times and check it out. 

zixuan making stupid puns… meng yao being Tired™… xuanyu being an absolute Gremlin Didi (his unrepentant cackling in the podfic is so perfect dhgljssdgljks) …and poor Qin Su trying valiantly to keep everyone on-topic… what more do you want honestly

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“just kill me, then”

Me: ok so what if NMJ took much longer to decide whether or not he should just strike MY down on the spot? Once the adrenaline rush faded, the terror and hurt would really sink in.

Also me: who cares about the reasoning, ANY excuse to draw the boy crying

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Writing a fic where Meng Yao sees Jiang Fengmian as a father figure, made me realize that doing so would add a whole other complicated layer in Yao’s relationship with Lan Xichen (romantic or not) since the two sect leaders are so similar to each other personality wise, and I don’t know how to feel about this.

Like holy shit there’s so many flavors of daddy issues I can fit into this one man without even trying.

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