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To Hell and Back

you are falling, falling

into the abyss, backwards flight

cacophony ringing devils singing

as your head ricochets into fire

The screams, the damned are in your head

Slithering snakes sliding silently

sucking the soul away.

Black ink spurts from your mouth, your ears, the static in your mind

Death beckons, the want tantalizing

but you persevere.

The fountain of Life quenches your thirst for Death,

Exorcising the demon within.

black ink spills, running from your face

as you



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Just woke up from a dream where I was watching a girl grow up.

In her childhood she was good at ballet, but it made her outgrow all the beds her parents bought for her.

In her teens she didn’t really want a boyfriend but her parents insisted she had one anyway.

By the time she was an adult she was diagnosed with a mental disorder that makes her overthink, the main physical symptom being black lifeless eyes. She couldn’t stand the world she lived in, so she wandered off into the woods.

How odd. Anyhow, that is what my brain does when I’m asleep.

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how must it feel to not fall in love with someone over the way they tuck their hair behind their ear, burst into tears from the symbolism of a poem, or turn murderous because someone called you odd. how does it feel to not live i̶̭͔̳̒̄̚n̵̘͗͝ ̵̻̣͆c̴̛͂͑̿͜a̷̹̟̲͗̀̌p̴̖̂̉s̴͙̫̃͐

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Hiya I’d just like to ask everyone if we can stop pretending that people’s mental illnesses don’t exist because they’re “not that bad”?

I have OCD, and yes, I know it’s not nearly as much of a struggle for me as it can be for some people. It’s definitely “not as bad”. But it still controls my life in almost every way.

Personally, I don’t need help. But some people really do. I’m asking that people please remember that mental illnesses don’t just disappear or not exist because they “could be worse” or, “not as bad as it used to be”.

Everyone’s mental illness is different. People may have different symptoms or respond to them differently. Please please PLEASE. Just remember that people are different, and some people may really need help.

Mental illnesses control lives. They exist. Please remember that.

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30 Day Thinspo Challenge: Days 13, 14 and 15 (I missed three days smh) - Are you losing weight in a healthy way?

Yes and no. Sometimes I try to go about it in a healthy way and other times I just don’t care and try to starve myself or fast for a very long time.

What’s your ultimate goal weight?

My ugw is 105-110.

Are you vegan or vegetarian?

No. I kind of want to be vegetarian but it’s way harder than it seems. And it’s expensive too. I don’t eat much meat and I sometimes eat vegan or vegetarian foods since they tend to be lower calorie.

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Today will be a mental reset for me. i have been feeling off ever since I graduated from college. I have been having a really hard time finding a job, and I don’t know what my point in life is anymore. I want to change my thinking and go back to being more positive and put together. I need a mental reset, and I will start to achieve that though a physical reset. So today, I am going to focus on cleaning my room and decluttering my space. June starts on Monday, and I will use this time change to symbolize a life change for me. I am going to put my life back on track.

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