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#mental health
mentalquotes · 19 hours ago
Whatever you do, never run back to what broke you. Live in the present and make it beautiful.
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randomreasonstolive · 22 hours ago
Reason to Live #6356
 Seeing butterflies flying when you go for a walk. – Guest Submission
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humans-suck · an hour ago
the ever ringing timer
the people screaming
that bird screeching
the lies that were told
when the witches were burning
and the timer that's always ringing
you can hear that too, right?
      no, what are you talking about?
the pictures talking,
people applauding
the beggar on the street
who's smiling
and that timer that's always ringing
you can see that too, right?
what? are you crazy, there's no one around
my knees that won't stop bleeding
these walls that are caving
five people are murmuring
the chill down your spine
and that timer that's always ringing,
please tell me you can feel that too
are you okay?
why do you ask, if i am okay,
when you can't feel or listen
to these very real things?
can you seriously not hear that timer ringing?
dude i know your messing with me
won't work, move on, what should we see?
i'm not, i swear
you're not gonna believe me, anyways
never mind i'm used to it,
lets watch black swan
but first can you please turn of that timer that's ringing
it was then that i realised that my mom was
also in my room,
but i wasn't talking to her for that i'm sure
my mom was in my room during this entire conversation
and after 3 long minutes of me and them speaking,
she asked me who i was talking to.
i pointed to the other side of my bed, where they were sitting
my mom looked at me like i was crazy,
scoffed it off
and said there was nobody.
reblog if y'all liked it 💞
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akindplace · an hour ago
Tumblr media
@svmv_ on twitter
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randomreasonstolive · 18 hours ago
Reason to Live #6357
  To get better at book binding to gift my friends sketchbooks, they’re all so talented :) – Guest Submission
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being a good person doesn't mean having a perfect clean record. being a good person is all about making whatever mistakes in life, taking enough time to acknowledge and do something about them. being a good person is about actively choosing to be good, and decent, and respectable; about being willing to improve oneself daily because no one is born with everything already learned. being a good person is about embracing your flaws and rising above them while realising you're not your good parts nor your bad ones, you're a mixture of both, and you can still be good.
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positivelypositive · 7 hours ago
it's not your responsibility... bear someone else's entitled behavior.
there may be people around you who feel entitled to behaving anyway they want, in the name of being concerned. they may be hurtful with their words and actions and may claim to be that way just because they care for you.
open you eyes and mind. identify this behaviour for what it is. don't let them hurt you. set your boundaries and make them known.
you don't have to go through it unless you let yourself go through it. stand up for yourself. you deserve better ✨
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randomreasonstolive · 10 hours ago
Reason to Live #6359
Going to Germany on Christmas holiday to meet my long distance boyfriend again! – Guest Submission
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aziraphales-library · 3 hours ago
Tw// car accident// Do you happen to know any fics where Azirapahle gets hit by a car?
Here are some fics in which Aziraphale is hit by a car or involved in a car accident...
The Best Laid Plans by hope_in_the_dark (T)
Ezra Fell has sworn off romance forever and is perfectly content with his books and his tea and his ugly wardrobe. At least, he is until a handsome stranger hits him with a car.
Our Lost Time by Izabella95 & UnproblematicMe (E)
Aziraphale Crowley awakes in the hospital after an almost fatal accident. But he is lucky and gets away alive and without permanent injuries. The close call sets things into perspective and he wants to fix his strained marriage. His husband, Anthony Crowley - who simply goes by "Crowley" - takes good care of Aziraphale after the accident, but there seems to be an invisible barrier between the spouses. Can Aziraphale save his relationship? What secrets does Crowley keep?
The Healing Process by CuddlyHawk (T)
It started as a little road trip, but after eons of teaching himself to use fewer miracles, Aziraphale forgets to save himself when they're in a car accident. Crowley, completely at a loss, tries to care for Aziraphale as his health deteriorates, and tries not to lose himself in grief and self-blame. ~ ~ ~ To perform miraculous healing, the angel (or occasionally, the demon) must know what he is healing. Every injury requires a direct thought to be healed. Just as humans have specific ways to speed up their healing process, miraculous healing for extraterrestrial beings is the same. Without knowing exactly what is ailing the being, no amount of miracles will help.
Unforgettable by Joseph_Amadeus (E)
Aziraphale wakes up in a hospital. He's being told that he's married to a handsome man who is sitting by his bed, but Aziraphale won't be fooled. He wouldn't have forgotten being married. He wouldn't have forgotten a man like Crowley. He wouldn't have.
Rear Ended by Caedmon (E)
Crowley is already having a very bad day when he accidentally plows his new car into someone at a traffic stop. He's ready to rip the head off of the person - until an angel gets out of the car, and suddenly, he's in love.
Smitten at First Fright by Oopsynini (M)
Aziraphale has problems. No one needs to tell him so, he's well aware that his issues are many and in-between. He's an agoraphobic shut-in with a bad back and a sad past. It's a rule that, to most, he isn't much worth the effort of getting to know. Crowley doesn't seem to abide by any of that. He's an enigmatic gardener with a green thumb and a smile a thousand miles wide. It's something like love at first sight; if that included a panic attack and a minor foray into bird watching.
Aziraphale is smitten, now if only he could get past his fears and admit it.
Mind the tags and warnings on some of these, folks!
- Mod D
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thewildwaffle · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes you can’t swoop in and “save the day.” When it’s someone you love who’s hurting, not being able to help is painful in and of itself. Sometimes all you can do is just be there. Sometimes that’s what it takes
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skinnykittenn · 17 hours ago
Me: trying to help my friend with her shitty problems
Also me: trying not to kill myself las night
Yeah I'm an amazing psychologist
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