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#mental health
selfcare-journey · a month ago
My brain, having a meltdown like a toddler: I just can’t do it! I don’t want to !! I can’t!!
Me, parenting my tired toddler brain: Take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok. We don’t have to do everything today that’s overwhelming you. Let’s pick the most important thing to work on, ok? What’s the smallest step we can do to work towards that?
My toddler brain, wiping away tears: Um, I think we up the important spreadsheet and look at the first row.
Me, parenting my tired toddler brain: Great! Let’s do that, and then we can have a popsicle, ok?
My toddler brain: *nods through drying tears, upset, but cooperative*
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kyleehenke · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sharing this from my twitter because I think a good amount of artists can probably relate to this, ADHD or not ö
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angiethewitch · a month ago
psa to everyone on antipsychotics during the summertime
some antipsychotics can make you more susceptible to heat exhaustion because they make it so your body cannot regulate your body temperature correctly. I learned this the hard way last summer, I got really nasty heat exhaustion while on a high dose of quetiapine. so check if your meds react badly to heat, and if they do, please be sure to wear your sunscreen, have light cover ups on or with you, wear a hat, and stay hydrated! be safe
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anxietyproblem · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Don’t forget we have an INSTAGRAM
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abcsofadhd · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
(Source: me on twitter)
*Though, this really only applies to more smaller tasks (such as doing the dishes). Giving very specific instructions for more complicated tasks can confuse and bewilder us more.
** And yes, ADHDers can take things literally too. Its not much of an issue for us as autistic folks though.
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postitforward · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Making time to give yourself a break and check in with your needs is one way you can maintain your energy and productivity levels. Today, give yourself permission to take some guilt-free 'microbreaks’—and use that time to reflect using these questions. Studies show you'll be more focused afterward.
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mental--healthawareness · 2 months ago
For everyone with social anxiety, this is a reminder that you don't have to be perfect in your interactions with others; you just have to be kind and that's literally it. That's all that's necessary of you. You don't need to say the perfect thing or anticipate what they would want you to say or even exude confidence if you can't.
Social anxiety tells us that we have to be perfect in in our social interactions, but no one is. Social anxiety sets us up for a level of expectation in our social interactions that we have no choice but to fail at, and then fall into a cycle of self-hate for failing and striving even harder for perfection.
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ichor-on-paper · 2 months ago
Studies show that gay and bi men are much more likely to struggle with body image issues than straight men.
To all of my gay and bi brothers out there, you are beautiful. You are handsome as fuck. Every inch and curve of your body is sexy. You are loved and YOU ARE LOVABLE. Please don't beat yourself up to meet some stupid 'standards'. You will find someone who will love you for who you are.
Reblog to let your gay and bi men followers know that they are beautiful.
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