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#mental health issue
copperbadge · 14 hours ago
Because I am not a gymnastics tumblr, I can only assume that the dozen or so anon asks I got about Simone Biles this morning were from the same person for some reason known only to them. I could speculate that my recently referenced twenty year fuck-the-olympics stance played into it but it seemed like a lot of questions to ask me, a person who has never expressed an opinion about Simone Biles or gymnastics beyond liking the movie Stick It. (Which FTR is about the abusive system in which elite gymnasts are forced to compete.) 
ANYWAY it turns out Simone Biles has been struggling with lower-than-usual levels of performance (which...are still as far as I can tell elite top-line levels compared to other gymnasts let alone my ass that can’t walk without falling over) and has left olympic competition after experiencing mental health issues. I cannot stress enough how irrelevant my opinion is in this matter but for what it’s worth I think that was an incredibly wise, courageous, and undoubtedly difficult decision to make. Walking away from something that is causing you harm is hard enough when it’s your normal job, let alone a high-pressure lifetime career event like the fucking olympics. 
Anyway I hope Simone Biles is resting and getting any help she needs and that the haters choke on their own envious tongues and also that the olympics never happen again. 
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shewhotellsstories · 7 hours ago
thank you simone biles
for teaching us that winning isn’t just about doing well—it’s about being well. and that giving yourself grace doesn’t mean giving up. and that mental health issues are health issues. and that black health matters because black lives matter—words some only learned after breonna taylor was killed in her sleep. want to know why we’re tired? because it took a black woman dying as she rested to wake up a nation. that’s why your rest is radical, simone. that’s why your rest is resistance and restoration and restitution for life in a country that cages us like canaries, clips our feathers then asks why we don’t want to fly. america never learned why the caged bird sings. how would it know why it flies? if it did, perhaps it would’ve known how high you would soar, and that your wings deserve rest even if you’re better than the rest. 
-a.t. mcwilliams
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mapofstars · an hour ago
to anyone out there who is friends with or has decided to forgive haley malaffey aka user @/morcias when she claims she listens to the concerns of people she's hurt: she is a liar.
earlier this evening she posted about thinking she has PTSD, listing her traumas and highlighting symptoms she believes she has of it (which i found to also overlap with symptoms of other mental health issues she has).
as someone who not only suffers from PTSD and is also studying psychology in college, but has also talked to her as friends in the past about such, i sent her an ask (as i am not comfortable dming her after the way she has treated me) to say i was concerned that the way she was describing her symptoms and experiences was not the way PTSD was formed and that she needed to see a professional before she was making statements that could miseducate people around her. i explicitly said her trauma was still completely valid and needed addressing but she shouldn't be saying things about PTSD when she wasn't accurately informed. i also explicitly said i wasn't coming to her as someone with a vendetta against her with our past issues, and i was genuine there.
she responded by dming me saying i only crave attention and that i have no care or concern for her or anyone else. she tried to discredit me by yelling at me for posting earlier this evening (after her first post about PTSD) indirecting her when i was upset that she was throwing the term around (which i think actually proves that i am genuinely hurt and concerned by her doing this more than anything).
time and time again she proves she has absolutely no desire to hear people out that she is hurting. she hurt me. she's potentially hurting other people that suffer from PTSD by inaccurately describing what it is. she is a bad person. i was her friend. i don't want attention; i want people to know she is only kind when she benefits. she is only loving when she can get people's trust out of it. she is only ever the victim in her eyes. but she's not; she's the one who hurts people again and again and again with no genuine accountability.
so if you're friends with her or in any way defend her or keep in contact with her, block me. don't interact with me. if you enable her, stay away from me.
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slowmotiondoublevision · 15 hours ago
if i see anyone say anything mean or rude regarding simone and her situation, i will throw hands. if you’re someone who has struggled with literally any mental health issue, for literally any reason, then you likely know how hard it is to admit/discuss with even your closest friends and family, let alone with the entire fucking world. simone is brave, and she’s setting an excellent example. period.
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marbhan · 6 hours ago
I can’t stop thinking about this sneak peek scene of ted and rebecca talking about therapy. 
it’s soooo good in depicting this sort of performative self-care/self-diagnosis culture we’ve been experiencing for a while. if you’re an educated, somewhat cultured adult who’s been exposed to movies, books and the internet over the last 5 to 10 years, you know “about” therapy. you’ve heard the terminology: need for validation, compartmentalization, filling up the void, parental issues etc.  
and neither rebecca nor ted are idiots. on this surface level of “match your problems to a mental health issue” they can do the job just fine. they know they have issues, they can name them so this is it, there you have it, big whoop. 
and this shows so brilliantly why they both need therapy desperately. acknowledgment is, of course, a key step to even start working on your issues, no doubt about it and it’s something they would both have to name again during their sessions. but what they’re doing right now is not it. it’s acknowledgment with no follow up. it’s throwing words around, and they stick because they fit the box they’ve seen before. it’s what people who are really afraid so often do. “if I name it, it’s done, we know what’s wrong with me and the job is done.” there is a sad finality to rebecca’s little speech, so often heard from people assuming that the scars they walk with are so deep and ugly there’s no way something more beautiful can be drawn on them. 
there are, of course, other aspects of that scene we could - and should - discuss. like the hope/anxiety/anticipation of what the other might actually say. like the feeling of “I know it’s a farce but I’m not willing to say it until you say it” coming from both of them (thank God!). there’s aching need to be heard and understood and to stop hurting. 
but on top of that, as a starting point, I love how the writers decided to show all the fears and misconceptions about therapy. here for it, painful as it is.
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abitmuch · 9 hours ago
My dad got fed up with my mental health issues, he doesn’t even check in on me anymore. It’s sick but I want to be skinny before he sees me again. I want it to be obvious on the outside how messed up I am. I don’t want him to intervene, I just want him to know I’m still ill.
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moonofthenight · 12 hours ago
I think one reason why I love Young Royals so much is because it's one thing that actually makes me feel something. That may sound a little bit deep but since I graduated I basically just laid around and did nothing, no motivation for anything. I do have been struggling with some mental health issues and Young Royals is something I finally found joy in after quite some time. I am very well aware that I am a bit very much obsessed with it, and I'm probably also annoying my friends with it, but this show brings me so much comfort and joy and something to look forward to. May it be Edvin's Tweets or Omar's music or just being excited about finding a new fanfiction about it. The show is brilliant and I adore every little thing about it, I think we have established that, but what I hold very close to my heart is also the way it makes me feel and the way interacting with the actors and other people who like it makes me genuinely happy.
Getting to know the actors after watching a show is something I often do but I've never been this "bad". Edvin and Omar and Nathalie, Frida, Nikita, whoever else are such nice and amazing people but especially our dear friends best. They are very very close with the fans, interacting with them and they are so real and confident and open minded which I love and that is also a point that makes me extremely happy.
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apr1cots · 8 hours ago
warning: this is sad and they struggle w mental health issues. 
Draco tried desperately to pretend he didn’t notice the way Harry’s face went slack sometimes when they drove down the PCH. The top would be down, sun beating delightfully onto the tops of Harry’s thighs and the tip of Draco’s nose, music playing just a bit too loud, wind catching delightfully in Harry’s curls and the stupid, slate-colored silk headscarf that Harry had bought Draco as a joke to bring out his eyes, and then Harry’s eyes would unfocus and he wouldn’t say a word. In fact, Draco liked to pretend that he was suddenly very interested in the radio, or the blue, blue ocean, or the people laughing in the ridiculous and in Draco’s opinion, rather gauche, outdoor dining tables that littered the coastline. He would stop talking, because he hated talking to a Harry who wouldn’t respond. So much that it made his nerve endings tingle as if they were each having their own individual anxiety attack, while he just pretended that everything was okay from the outside, calm and passive. And he didn’t want to be upset with Harry because he honestly didn’t blame him, but the feelings of frustration were intrusive and dark and he hated himself for them. He wished he felt nothing but supportive and loving, but sometimes he had to take his hand off Harry’s thigh, curling his fingers too tightly around the steering wheel instead and making himself resent them both with a sinking feeling deep in his belly. 
Harry would always shake it off eventually and smile brighter than the sun and kiss sweeter than the overripe berries baking in the devilishly hot golden rays spilling onto their kitchen counter. But both of their facades were cracking and they never talked about it and it made Draco sick if he thought about it too much. Sometimes he’d watch Harry disengage from across a crowded room and he’d find himself gasping for air, leaning over their friends’ balconies and relishing in just a moment entirely alone. Though, the twinkling navy sky was his friend, and he felt a forlorn sort of kinship with the young drunk people stumbling in the street below him, ducking into ubers and singing stupid songs from the clubs that Draco didn’t even recognize. He always stopped himself from wondering what it would feel like to just let go, but sometimes before he realized what he was thinking about, he imagined himself floating out to sea, the waves carrying him, no weight on his shoulders. 
When they broke up, Draco begged Harry to go back to England and Harry uglily accused Draco of wanting to keep their apartment and their friends and their cat and their life all to himself. Draco cried and begged Harry to understand that he just wanted him to be happy and Harry couldn’t  seem to come up with a suitable response, he just packed a bag and left.
Draco stopped seeing in color after that. 
a loose and late submission to the prompt: blue for @drarrymicrofic pt 2 from harry coming soon for the thought prompt!! it’ll prob be just as bleak!
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Mental health issues, including ‘pressure to perform,’ can and do have physical consequences. She made the right choice for her health
they absolutely do!!!! even for us normal people they do - as someone who has faced pressure to perform in academic and professional settings with MUCH lower stakes than, say, the olympics, i’ve experienced nonstop shaking, crying, even throwing up. imagine feeling that way and having to hurl your body into the air and land on your feet!
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ichor-on-paper · 2 months ago
Studies show that gay and bi men are much more likely to struggle with body image issues than straight men.
To all of my gay and bi brothers out there, you are beautiful. You are handsome as fuck. Every inch and curve of your body is sexy. You are loved and YOU ARE LOVABLE. Please don't beat yourself up to meet some stupid 'standards'. You will find someone who will love you for who you are.
Reblog to let your gay and bi men followers know that they are beautiful.
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gayarsonist · 3 months ago
while we're on the topic of mental health issues we shouldn't demonize i want to say something for people with anger issues. why is every popular portrayal of people with anger issues "abuser" or "bigot" (or both)? yes these people exist but people with anger issues who are just doing their best to be people also exist. no, of course it's not okay for us to use our mental health as an excuse to lash out and hurt people. but we exist. we're people. we matter. and we're trying to be good and kind. so please stop using "anger issues" when you really mean "abusive" or "asshole".
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bpdasnotgood · 3 years ago
Ahhh 💥👀 the sweet 😤👌 smell 👃❓ of abandonment 🏃‍♂️💨 issues ⚠️🆘️ and fear 🤤❗ of commitment 👥💘
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thewhizzyhead · 2 months ago
look i know ben platt is like really fucking famous now and that his vocals are absolutely magnificent and arguably one of the main reasons on as to why dear evan hansen became so fucking successful which is why they just HAD to cast him in the movie but like,,, i will still argue that having teenagers play teenagers in the movie would have been a lot more emotional and impactful since well the dark tones of the plot concerns teenagers so um yea Andrew Barth Feldman should've played Evan Hansen in the movie and I will die on that hill-
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