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#mental health issues

I’ve been having anxiety nearly constantly. It seems like every night and randomly throughout the day. I’m not sure how to stop it. I’m not sure what the reason for it is. If anyone has any advice that would be cool.

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Draganies’ seasonal unsolicited TMI mental health update.

How to know when you have been missing your medication because the condition for which you are supposed to take it is stopping you from taking it as presribed:

When you catch yourself thinking “I hate myself” on repeat over any little thing that’s happened in the last 10 years.

But not just thinking it, feeling it, viscerally. In the strange way you can feel the pounding of your completely normal heart beat, the way you feel your lungs working just fine but it still seems like there isn’t enough air, in the way your guts feel like they’re tying themselves into knots.

And the profound, crippling sadness that makes you wish you could just go to sleep and never have to feel any emotion ever again.

The way those experiences seem to pile on all at once into your awareness and it is so overwhelming you can’t help but try to escape it by any means immediately available. Ice cream, cinnamon toast, sugary cereal in full fat milk all in one sitting while simultaneously watching a TV show, playing mobile games and plotting your next fanfic that you Will Definitely Write This Time. And then feeling guilty for how you cope.

Luckily, there might be a tiny part of you that remembers to tell you, “you don’t hate yourself, you hate the way you’re feeling” or “its okay to hate yourself sometimes, you’ll be okay again eventually” and “hey, it used to be alcohol, anonymous sex and self injury. You’re making safer choices now. That’s a win.”

And another part reminds you, “You have a support system in place now. You have medications that you can take now that you realize you’ve been missing them and someone to help you take them until you’re better again.”


But you’re still talking about yourself in the second person and posting all your problems to a permanent world-wide forum .. so… there’s that.

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Me, a month ago: Mom, I think I should go to a doctor. My mental health is declining and I think I need help

My mom: Okay, honey. If you think that’s best for you I support you. But better wait a few weeks until the whole corona thing is over

Me: k


Me, now a month later in quarantine: well fuck

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It can be discouraging to be apart from our loved ones for so long, but if we have pets, we will always have a fateful and giving company to get comfort.

We will go out again and we will be more grateful for all the wonderful things life has given us, but while we wait for that day, remember that they are our family too and with them, we will never be alone!

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This fits me perfectly right now.

  • Everything gets on my nerves and it’s the littlest things that honestly don’t need my energy.
  • Honestly the idea of drawing or anything art wise has me feeling tired. Just the thought. The idea of doing something is exhausting.
  • For the last two weeks I have been getting anxiety attacks late at night or before bed. Can’t focus, can’t breath, heart racing, mind is spinning faster then I can keep up with.
  • Sleep problems have always and will always be an issue for me but it’s getting worse. Waking up in the night after sleeping for an hour or two then staying up for 4 or 5 hours after.
  • Yup. I feel guilty as fuck saying this but my husband is driving me bonkers, my daughter is driving me crazy. Being stuck in the house all day sucks, the weather has been shit so we haven’t gone outside. Everything is like nails on a chalkboard feeling.
  • Stomach hurts all the time, throwing up or not eating.
  • Haven’t cried yet but gave definitely felt the urge and it does hit me in waves. Some are more intense but it’s been a huge urge.
  • Definitely feel numb. Doing the same thing everyday. No change in routine plus the lack of routine because I am not working has made it even harder.

Who knew that mental illness, stress and exhaustion cause so much issues but how do you rest? How do you recharge? I am suffering from sciatica nerve pain in my right leg and it’s a constant throbbing that now pain reliever isn’t helping, smoking isn’t helping, nothing is helping. Laying still the throb is at a 5 but then when u get up to walk or bend down werid instant pain at the level 8 or 9 stops me in my tracks, can’t breathe and it last almost to 30 seconds. This is happening more frequently. Plus I still need to take care of the house and Aaliyah’s school work so I have no idea when I can recharge. I feel exhausted from the non stop pain plus the anxiety attacks are starting to take a lot out on me. Everything is swirling in a big pot and it’s getting to get pretty nasty but idk how to start fresh and try again?

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It Is Too Much

I am so tired of people telling me, this world telling me I have to be afraid. That for every wild idea or dream I utter as a ‘maybe’, every time I question the capitalist status quo that is destroying us left, right and center, I get told NO BAD WOMAN HOLD YOUR TONGUE AND SIT DOWN and I need to bend and break and smile.

I feel like the old world people (mostly men, in my experience, but women too) want us to suffer similarly as they have, because that’s just how the world is.

Guess what. It doesn’t have to be. I know it doesn’t.

But right now all I feel is trapped and vulnerable and, to be honest, hopeless.

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Title: A Softer Place to Fall

Author: Ava_now

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Word Count: 1512

Tags: Rafael Barba/Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr., Rafael Barba, Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr., Fluff and Angst, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Mental Health Issues, Love, Supportive Partners

Summary: Sonny Carisi has finally found a softer place to fall.

Comments: There is something beautifully domestic in self-care fics like this, and it’s a refreshing take for a fic whose show does not excel in a mental health discussion. Readers will be able to see the understanding and dynamic of an established relationship of two supportive partners who love every part of each other.

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Note: This has self-harmed within this story and discussions of mental health issues. If this is at all triggering, please read with cause my loves! THIS IS NOT A PETER X TONY FIC 

A/N: This took a long time and I apologize on that! This was a lot to write. That being said, I hope anyone who feels this way has someone to talk to. I know it can be scary, but this world is a better place with you in it. <3 

Prompt: I absolutely love hurt fics, and your writing style is wonderful. I was wondering if you would take a prompt about Peter self harming, and one of his cuts gets infected and he doesn’t tell anyone because he’s an adorable dummy but Tony finds out and saves him and comforts the crap out of him. I completely understand if not, but this would make my day.– kat-x-midnight

Request by: @kat-x-midnight

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Ok, so, I don’t know who needs to hear this (I certainly do).

We all know we’re going through challenging times. Specially if you yourself are or live with “at risk population”.

If, like me, you suffer from previous mental health issues, things can feel like they are going south pretty easily.

So, please remember to take your medications if you are on treatment.

Reach out to your friends/support group not only if you feel like you’re at your limit, but on daily basis to avoid those limits. We have the blessing of living on a era where communication has no limit, use it to your advantage.





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Small Victories That Are Actually Really Big When You Have Mental Health Issues

  • Getting out of bed before lunch
  • Going to bed before 4am
  • Washing your face
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Putting on makeup
  • Taking off makeup
  • Eating
  • Going outside
  • Talking to someone
  • Fighting intrusive thoughts
  • Going to another room in your home and staying there for a bit
  • Existing

If you have done any of these things, give yourself credit.

Remember that mental illness makes “simple” things harder for you and although these things seem very small, they are actually HUGE achievements. Allow yourself to be proud of what little things you have done, because they are just as important as the big things.

You have to fight every day to do what comes easy for people who don’t have mental health issues, that makes you a fighter and strong as hell to have made it this far. Never forget that.

I am damn proud of you.

Take it one step at a time, you’ll get there.

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I believe that this remarkable lady should never been judged or attacked for proclaiming her love for Dylan, not ever, no matter who he was and what he did and not because I believe he was right or anything like it, not either because I think she was a perfect mother, because I don’t, I’m not stupid, but for the simple fact he was her child, she lost that child that day but also lost the chance to have her loss acknowledged and that’s the biggest punishment I can think of.

So, I think she should carry her love for Dylan with pride and without any shame, because a mother is the only person who can really love unconditionally and beyond anything we do or whoever we are, so if we deserve our mother’s love, she does deserve to love him freely and should never feel the need to justify her love for him.

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It’s so strange to see normally well-adjusted people around me freaking out because there’s a very real threat and I’m somehow cool as a cucumber because my broken-arse brain, that feels under threat constantly in regular circumstances, just physically can’t deal with any more shit and so it just doesn’t. Unreal.

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