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#mental heath support

She photographs the car she sees outside, she’s convinced they came to do her harm.

She avoids it at all cost.

She takes a selfie showing more of her background, seeing someone follow her every step.

She runs.

When you speak to her she responds to what she heard yet you are left confused.

She interrogates you and expects you to give her every detail of who you are and when you don’t comply

She becomes angry.

Her children left long ago yet in her mind we are still 16, 14, 12 and 8 years old.

She’s heartbroken but knew it was for the best.

She can’t help but dwell on her pain. She’s alone.

She’s scared. She’s confused.

She has schizophrenia

This is how my mom’s symptoms are. Everyone is different. I’m not ashamed to say I have a parent with a mental illness. She’s untreated because she doesn’t live close to me and I don’t have the means. But I want to remind people that schizophrenia isn’t just people being serial killers most serial killers are sociopaths then they are schizophrenics.

Please remember that people with schizophrenia who don’t have the means to be treated yet are scared and confused. Please don’t freak out on them.

  • Speak slowly to them
  • If you reach to scratch your back turn around and SHOW THEM you are just scratching your back (you don’t have to announce it though)
  • Please be patient when the speak if they answer something they heard JUST KEEP GOING WITH WHAT UOU WERE TALKING ABOUT remind them where you were

You don’t have to share if you don’t want but this might help others understand also leave input I’m no doctor I’m just the kid of a person with this condition spread LOVE and GOOD VIBES. This is what we humans need 💖🥺

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Quarantober DAY 10!!! “Unite”

Really struggled with this one! Almost gave up until i stubled across this inspiration of uniting the heart and soul, unity, for better all around mental health.

In times like these. Staying home, isolating…i feel pieces i spent so long building up, strengthening, now chipping away.

I reach for them.

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Honestly, right now I just wish I had more friends.

I’ve been feeling so low this week, and I’ve got no one I can talk to.

I don’t even want a bleed your heart out kind of conversation.

Just someone I can talk with, laugh with and just cheer up.

I don’t want to feel like this, I want to have a reason to smile and laugh.

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Anyone else feel so intensely suicidal that the only thing you’re capable of doing most days is laying in bed and watching TV but the loudest thoughts depression screams is that you’re not doing anything and your life is pointless which is only perpetuated by the fact that you spend most days doing nothing but crying and watching TV and laying in bed because the suicidal thoughts are too intense for you to do anything else so the depression thoughts keep screaming louder and louder but the thoughts keep you from being able to do anything to change….

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QUESTION: I know there are couples therapists, but are there therapists out there who specialize in solving issues with roommates? The COVID-19 pandemic is a unique and difficult situation that has created tension in all of our lives, but my brother is having an especially bad time right now and I’m at my wit’s end trying to give him advice when he texts me about his problematic roommate.

Brother, who’s 33, is the co-leaseholder of his Manhattan apartment. He has three roommates: one is the other co-leaseholder - my brother’s and this guy’s parents are the guarantors - and the other two roommates are subletters. (Let’s call them “A” and “B.”) The other co-leaseholder and subletter “B” both left the apartment and went home to their families in mid-March. My brother and subletter “A,” who is 24 and had never lived apart from his family before, are the only two left in the apartment.

Since mid-to-late March, my brother has texted or called me frequently to describe “A” with the words judgmental, won’t listen, self-centered, narcissistic, toxic and gaslighting. This dude actually told my brother he was “overreacting” two weeks ago about the importance of staying home during a pandemic! (He also said he was going to travel to North Carolina to be with his family but that he expected to be able to return to NYC whenever he wanted, regardless of whether the health crisis had slowed or if his return put my brother’s well-being in jeopardy.) Today’s argument happened because “A” insulted my brother’s posture while they were sitting on the couch and made negative comments about my brother’s body. Every time they have a disagreement, “A” manipulates his way into getting my brother to drop the fight because “A” can be so “funny and charming” when he wants. Like, who cares?????? Literally every Lifetime thriller villain is exactly like that: charming, until they’re not. Until they do something hurtful again.

I told my brother to contact his landlord, but he doesn’t want to. He says he would feel too guilty about kicking “A” out, especially since his North Carolina family members have all been exhibiting illness symptoms, though none of them knows if it’s actually Coronavirus or just a strain of the usual flu. I know that compassion is necessary in these times, but doesn’t he also need to take care of himself when dealing with a constant negative presence in his own home? Are there legal options for him to let his subletter go since it’s not the same as a tenant eviction? (It is April 1 today, after all…) Brother says he doesn’t want to contact a therapist either since he’s convinced that “A” would lie about having said whatever, but I can’t think what else to suggest besides a mediator. Does anyone have additional insight they can share? I’d really appreciate it!

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hey guys! even tho we’re in a pandemic, remember:

🌷 stay inside and do things you enjoy

🌷 eat healthy!

🌷 if you have animals, play with them! throw a ball for your dog or play laser with a cat, etc.

🌷 treat yourself the way you deserve. it’s scary, but we’re all gonna get through this. stay safe, you’re important. don’t neglect yourself during this time of uncertainty ♡

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if ur someone who struggles with mental health, i just want you to know, i’m proud of you. i’m proud of you to be alive long enough to read this. you deserve to recover, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be stable. for me, being diagnosed with many things is a lot to handle sometimes, especially since most of them aren’t currently being treated or have meds available. it’s going to be a hell trip, but i’m hoping it’s gonna be worth it.

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  • Did you drink anything today? No? Please, do so.
  • Did you eat anything today? No? Please do.
  • Did you get any exercise? No? Go around the block, or pace the length of your house for a while.
  • Did you brush your teeth and hair? Why don’t you do one now and save one for later?
  • Did you shower? No? Even if you don’t put on nice clothes, could you at least change your pajamas?

Just because we’re all staying inside to avoid spreading COVID-19 doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself!

Whether your just affected by a massive change in your routines, or you’re struggling to keep up your mental health please take small steps to care for yourself in these trying times.

If it seems to daunting to even make your body move enough to get out of bed, just brush your teeth and drink some water. It can be really difficult on a normal day, and even worse now, but I believe in you.

Don’t worry about gaining a new hobby, or mastering a craft, if it seems like too much. If all you can do to be productive is brush your teeth, drink something, eat, and change your clothes everyday, that’s enough!

You’ve got this!

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Let’s not forget that isolation and social distancing can do more to some people’s mental health than we think. Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are very real and should be taken seriously. Anyone could be struggling with anything in this right moment. So, do not forget to check up on your friends and family from time to time, be kind, and help each other stay healthy. The only way to get through this is together.

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