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#mental heath support

It all gets a little overwhelming at times so when it does I try to ground myself. 🌳🌞🌺

Take a break and breathe and love yourself for everything you’re accomplishing and everything you’re going to accomplish 🦋✨

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Repeat after me:

I don’t regret anything that happened because;

1) I wouldn’t have everything I have today

2) I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today

3) I wouldn’t have learned everything I did today

4) It is a beautiful part of my story now and I got out of it

5) It taught me to have faith in myself when no one else did.

I know someone needed this word.

Stop living in the past and regret. Stop going over the negatives of that situation and look at how much your life got better after it.

You are strong you are valuable and you deserve the most beautiful life you can manifest.

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TW: eating disorder

struggling at the moment.

quarantine = hyperawareness (more than the usual) of food. Noticed I was feeling sleepy, weak, lightheaded. Hmm…maybe I wasn’t eating enough. So? Started tracking my intake to ensure I was eating enough. Truly had wholesome intentions. I aimed to eat more to improve my ability to function, exercise, and overall feel better. A week later, I’m realizing my ed took the reigns, fed on seeing the number of calories not eaten vs. calories eaten. Half of me was happy to see I had leftover calories half of me was scared. I’m glad I have this fear in me, because it denotes that I wholeheartedly care about being healthy. Today I deleted the app I was using to track. And I feel sort of lost, not out of control, but the ed-control part of my brain is gasping for air. Sucks. I’m going to do my best to balance my food, eat enough intuitively, and check on myself more often.

Anybody else struggling? I’d love to talk

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It’s really hard for people to understand how does anxieties and depression work thru our heads. It’s either they questioned you or act as if they face bigger struggles than yours. You do want to understand their point of view but it somehow irks me on how they invalidates others struggles. Labeling it as always as “nagdadrama ka nnman” is a big no no. Please be mindful of everyone’s feelings. Just because you’ve experience worst doesn’t give you the permission to invalidate them. 😊

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A thought about God and depression:

I am a follower of Jesus. He changed my life and I am often overwhelmed by just how amazing God’s blessings have been on my life.

But, I still have depression, I still have anxiety and I still suffer from the effects of complex trauma.

It’s hard to feel worthy of God’s love when life doesn’t feel worth living. Often I find myself thinking I’m not greatful enough because of the symptoms of my mental illness. There’s just too much talk of life with Jesus being all sunshine and daisies.

I want to change that.

Life with Jesus is not easy, He never promised that. He never promised to cure me, to make the scary thoughts go away. But that’s not the end of the story.

God did inspire therapists and doctors, God gave me a wonderful found family, God gave me a purpose. God chose me, called me his daughter and reminded me that I no longer had to be ashamed because Jesus died for every part of me, the broken parts and the wonderful parts.

So, I still suffer, I still need therapy and I still need medications and there are still days where life doesn’t feel worth living. But I’ve survived all my worst days because of Jesus.

The church must do better at helping people with mental health issues, we are not faithless, we do not need to prayer harder to be cured, we do not deserve to be excluded and shamed. We deserve love, we deserve to be listened to, we deserve to be treated as equally valued members of our church communities.

We are enough at our sickest and enough at our healthiest.

God loves us just the same, so too should the church.

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Do you ever get tired of living the same day every single day? Day in and day out it’s the same. Damn. Thing. And I don’t know how to spice it up? Then when I get the opportunity to spice it up I don’t even WANT to go anywhere or DO anything. I can’t help but ponder what’s the point? What’s it all for?

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Question to fellow POC who are/have sought out therapy or any other kind of mental health treatment:

Did you feel that your psychiatrist/therapist/mh professional was very reluctant to discuss prescription meds? Or like actively, if not weirdly, discouraging about it?

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Am posting this, if your FRIEND or PARTNER think that wathever problem or issue You voice is dumb, then AM afraid they’re not good for you, Even if u think is dumb, You gotta voiced it, trust them, and if youre the friend being told, don’t be a Dick, maybe some overeact whit the problems but they’re telling You for a reason, SO You gotta listen to them, it makes alot of good and GIVES validation to wathever problem they have , Even if for You is nothing, you can reasure them to not worry, that there can be a way to work it out.

leave people if they make fun of it or chose to ignore You, because they might doit again whit more seriosu stuff, You deserve to voice what makes u unconfortable or bother You, is more easy to find a solution toguether than alone

And don’t be a jerk expecting the other person Guess what bother You, your friend also need to realize to Pay attention to you but ay times many things happens we dismiss Small details, repeat things gently, not in a passive agressive way

This things need BOTH SIDES TO WORK, that means YOU and YOUR FRIEDN, If is one, then only one of You will be CARRING a heavy burden dude.

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Imagine having a friend that follows you everywhere, not right by your side but just near.

Sometimes you don’t even notice. You’re too busy and distracted going on with your normal life. Until they wave at you from across the garden just reminding you that they are still there.

Others, your friend is jumping in your face and holding your hands because they really want your full undivided attention.

The first few days are annoying but you manage.

A week goes by and it becomes very irritating.

A month on and you want to scream and cry every time you see your friend.

Six months, it’s officially exhausting. You’re so tired all the time. Your friend changes their mood throughout the day. One minute, they leave you alone. The next, they are shouting the house down and all you can do is sob.

Imagine having that friend with you every day and never going away.

How would that make you feel?

Be kind.

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She tried to tell you she was down, but you ignored her, so she decided to keep it to herself and suffer alone with sadness.


Please ….

Pag may taong nag open up o naglabas sa inyo ng sama ng loob nila, pag nag kwento sila sa inyo o may sinabi sila sa inyo tungkol sa nararamdaman nila ..

Please …

Listen to them

Hindi nyo alam kung gaano nila katagal inipon yung lakas ng loob at kung gaano nila katagal pinag isipan kung mag oopen up ba sila o hindi, tapos hindi nyo lang papansinin or papagalitan at ijajudge nyo pa sila ..

People chose to be silent because they feel like no one really cares about them ..

Maraming nag ssuffer ngyon sa depression dahil mas pinipili nila sarilihin lahat ng sakit dahil wala silang masabihan ..

Sometimes people just need someone to listen, they dont always need advice, sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold an ear to listen and a heart to understand them ..

No words no advice no judgement just someone that will make them feel that they are not alone .. that they have someone ..

kahit isang tao lang ….

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I have my issues that I’d never admit to anyone else.

I’m in denial, even to myself and writing all about this makes me realize some things, like eating my stress out. I’ve noticed I have gained a lot weight even before the pandemic. My weight flactuates, and I know it’s been about the stress that I’ve dealt with and the ones that I’m still dealing with now.

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For those who have felt or do feel like they’re any type of burden or they just feel a little down, it’s okay. There’s always someone there to talk to. I’ve had times where I felt like nothing good was going on in my life and I have felt like this. It took time, but I’m in a better place now. You are so brave and beautiful and I am so proud you even woke up today.

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