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Apa bisa orang benar-benar lepas dari kejadian traumatis?

Well, ini pendapat pribadi

Saya rasa maaf saja tidak cukup untuk bisa lepas dari kejadian traumatis. Maksudnya, benar dengan memaafkan bebannya m3njadi lebih ringan tapi selalu ada harga yang harus di bayar untuk kejadian traumatis tadi dan orangbyang mengalami sampai kapanpun tidak akan pernah merasa nyaman dengan itu, selalu waspada sebagai bentuk pertahanan diri.

Luce, 10/19/20

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🌻It wasn’t your fault, it’ll never be

🌻You didn’t asked for it

🌻You did nothing wrong

🌻You have a right to speak about it

🌻You’re a survivor

🌻I’m glad that you’re here


Originally posted by onzegirassois-blog

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When someone comes to you with a problem they are facing, you have no idea how hard it may have been for them to get those words out, or how long they have been keeping it in.

Please don’t turn it around on them and make them feel bad for coming to you. Please don’t get angry at them. Please don’t brush them off.

Please just listen with a kind heart and proceed with love.

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🌻Progress isn’t linear

🌻It’s oky to fall some steps back

🌻It’s okay to be at one and the same step for a while

🌻It’s okay and important to take breaks

🌻It’s okay if it feels like you don’t make progress

🌻You still make progress even though you can’t see it

🐰Remember that everyone needs their own time and handles it different. Don’t feel bad for taking steps back again and don’t feel pressured to heal fast. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you still make progress. Take your time. You can do this.

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Im fucking detoxing from a huge weed addiction, its nearly 5am and i still cant sleep, im still crying and im still picking fights over nothing. My thighs are so sore from the abuse i put myself through. I deserve this.

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Thanks to those who keep us alive. Thanks God for sustenance. It was a good thrill after all. We have been so blessed even up to this day that we are still enjoying what we have.

But to say the truth? I just really wished we could a little more than what we have now. Or shall i say, i wish we have even a little more money left of us to buy food.

I only have enough to pay the internet connection for this month to keep my job. Thanks God i paid the electicity too, to keep the job. But we have nothing more to buy our food for today. Not even a penny. Good thing we have received some kilos of rice from the brgy. I am grateful for it. Eventhough our pets have no more food, they have rice to eat. Eventhough i cant even swallow the tap water, i have water that i think is safe. Eventhough we dont have any viand to pair with our rice, we have rice to fill ourselves in. No alcohol. No junkfoods. No coffee. No party. No chocolates. No energy drink. No soap. No shampoo. Nada. No good times. Well we have God whom i cant wait to surprise us again and again of His Will.

Let me explain

I am a hardworking employee. I earn 13k a month minus all the govt benefits that i have to pay myself. I receive a little over 6k whenever i render an overtime and obviously less than that when there isnt and in regular days. Nah. No one will believe that, i work in a call center and there is no way im earning that low. Wtf.

Okay, and i have to pay the electricity of our main house and my brothers house beside ours. And our water supply. And our food. And now the internet.

And everyone hates me for being so strict. I hope they would know im just all fucked up, caught up of all the shits of our life. No one wants to be around me, even my family. Everyone feels awkward when im around and wud choose to transfer place without me. Tss.

But i cant stop. Kahit gustong gusto ko ng mamatay nalang to ease every pain i have. Well, ako lang naman si Roynald. Masarap ang naging buhay nyan. Walang sakrispisyo. Mayaman. Madaming kaibigan. Makinis ang balat. Maputi. Malakas. Hindi nawawalan ng pera. Lahat kaya nyang gawin. Matalino. Kumakanta, sumasayaw, umaakto. Nagtuturo sa school. Nagtuturo ng teatro. Youth leader. HR officer. Magaling mag english. Damn. I hope u can know, everything was just a reaction from all my pain and Gods blessings.

And now suffering from anxiety. Mental problem. Loneliness. Isolated. Busted. Fucked. Broke.

To cut all this for short, i need money to move on with my life and with my family and those homeless families I dreamed to shelter and help since day 1.

I gonna get my ass work. I cant die so i pray even more to endure. Get back to my senses. Pull myself together. And be me because im already good as i am.

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Phone calls with mental health professionals be like

Me: “I stopped eating and sleeping for days”

Them: “well to start I think you should try fixing your sleep schedule and eating better”

Me: “No fucking way I never would have thought thank you so much for your incredible professional help”


Originally posted by doyougifwhat-igif

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Self Care Tips

TW: Eating Disorder, Depression, other mental health issues

This post is aimed at people struggling with depression or other mental health issues. (I’ve been struggling for a long time, but this month it’s been so bad.) These things just make me feel better about myself.

Meditate- usually those meditation apps don’t work for me so I use YouTube videos to meditate

Make yourself a nice meal- (I struggle with eating disorders a lot so sometimes, this is really hard for me.) When my depression gets really bad, I feel gross whenever I eat anything that isn’t considered “healthy”. I end up feeling so bad about myself that I have to purge. I have to eat at some point though, so I make something considered “healthy.” (I usually look for low calorie foods to make on Pinterest)

Take a shower/ bath and use nice products- using products that make my skin/ hair feel nice always makes me feel nicer. I like to use sugar scrubs, body butters, and perfumes to help me feel better about myself. I usually get my products from small businesses around where I live. (Ahem, try to support small businesses if you can rather than big companies)

CLEAN YOUR ROOM- I feel like such a hypocrite saying this because my room is so bad right now, but clean your room. Bring all your dirty dishes to your kitchen, throw out any water bottles or other trash in your room. Making my bed always makes my room look a lot nicer.

Go for a walk- I know how hard it is to get out of bed sometimes, but go for a walk (depending on where you live.) I live in a wooded area where it’s very nice and quiet to walk in, so I do this a lot.

Do your makeup/hair (if your into that)- there’s not really an explanation for this one it’s pretty self explanatory

Buy a new outfit- buying a new outfit always makes me want to try it on and get fully ready (even if I have nothing to do that day.) I usually get my outfits from local thrift stores or other small businesses (again I try to stay away from big companies.)

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giving as this is a blog..I never thought I’ll use it as a sort of cry for help 😓

lately I’ve been getting anxiety episodes, and terrible ones at that as well, where they not only get me restless but actually bring to mind my biggest fears..

I’ve never actually had such bad anxiety that results in severe panic attacks and fearful thoughts to that this is fairly new

I believe this is the result of this time in our lives how COVID changed everything so dramatically (for me anyways)

I’ve also never been depressed or delt with depression before in my life, I’m the most positive, strong minded and lively person and I never had to deal with it so having all of it now is kind of messing me the fuck up

I am guessing the lack of routine is taking it’s toll on me but this is so hard

I feel so horrible and I feel even more horrible for anyone who has to deal with such problems for significant amount of their lives..

I know I should probably reach out for help and support but, as I’m so not used to this, I feel it’s easier to share this with cute strangers who I don’t know and that don’t know me..


If you’re suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, how do you deal with it? What are your ways? I don’t even know how I came out of it right now and I’m always stressed about it coming up in my head at the most random times which is freaking depressing and gives me even MORE anxiety 😥


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My fellow introverts, it is okay to cancel that get-together with your friend. It is okay to not pick up the phone if you simply can’t manage to talk to anyone. I know you will feel guilty. I know that whatever response you get terrifies you. I know the false thought of them being angry at you makes it worse. I know that you blame yourself for declining those invitations to be social. I know that the side effects of avoiding to be social can sometimes make you more anxious than the event itself.

So breathe and remember that you should never feel guilty for putting your mental health first. The right friends will understand and when the time comes you will spend precious moments with them that aren’t forced but comforting.

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People who don’t suffer from anxiety tend to think of it as something you can just snap out of. I get told, “Just don’t be anxious” or “Why are you stressing? There’s nothing wrong”, as if having anxiety was conscious decision. As if I CHOSE to live this way.

Anxiety, at least to me, feels kinda like my skin. It’s always there, completely encasing me. I can’t just not have skin, even if I wanted to. I can’t leave it at home, wish it away, or just shove it to the side, no matter how often people tell me I should be able to. The more I try to get rid of it, the more it results in self-harm, just like if I tried to physically remove my skin from my body.

I can protect myself from it to some degree, just like if I put on sunscreen or wear a hat. Meditation, breathing exercises and therapy can help to varying degrees, but they don’t make anxiety completely go away. It can help one situation at a time, but the anxiety is still there just beneath the surface, waiting to burst free.

If you have anxiety, take some time to give yourself a hug. Your struggle IS real and IS valid, even if it’s invisible. If you feel like you’re losing your fight, please PLEASE tell someone so you can get some help. I don’t know you, but I care about you. The struggle is easier when you know someone’s got your back.

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Anyone else have obsessive thoughts?

My brain keeps being toxic and checking to see if specific people are online. It’s a compulsion and I do it before I even realize I’m doing it. I also catch myself revisiting bad memories about certain people several times a day and then feeling bitter.

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My mental prob attacks again.

I never really wanted to laugh at those who have been suffering from it but i could never understand them anything more until now that im suffering just like the rest of them too.

I just hope its as simple as ‘youre just going crazy’

'Youre doing it on ur own’

'Stop being just too emotional’

'Youre just making it all on ur own’

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