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#mental illness
selfcare-journey · a month ago
My brain, having a meltdown like a toddler: I just can’t do it! I don’t want to !! I can’t!!
Me, parenting my tired toddler brain: Take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok. We don’t have to do everything today that’s overwhelming you. Let’s pick the most important thing to work on, ok? What’s the smallest step we can do to work towards that?
My toddler brain, wiping away tears: Um, I think we up the important spreadsheet and look at the first row.
Me, parenting my tired toddler brain: Great! Let’s do that, and then we can have a popsicle, ok?
My toddler brain: *nods through drying tears, upset, but cooperative*
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howtobeapersonwithfibro · 4 months ago
this shouldn’t be a hot take but your life has exactly the same value whether you work 7 days a week or 5 days a week or 2 days a week or 0 days a week. 
your life is valuable because it’s your life, and you have a lot to offer the people around you. it doesn’t matter how much you’re able to work. 
the most important thing is that you are as happy and healthy as possible, whatever that means for you.
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mental--healthawareness · 5 months ago
Remember that even good changes can make us feel depressed, because, as creatures of habit, we're resistant to change. That doesn't mean that it wasn't the right choice.
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cptsdstudyblr · 6 months ago
Chrome extensions I actually use as a mentally ill university student
Making websites easier to digest:
Dark Reader - Changes any webpage to dark mode.
Mercury Reader - Simplifies the layout of any webpage to eliminate distractions and irritating formatting.
Podcastle AI - Turns any article into a podcast. This is a lifesaver for being able to process what I’m reading, to be honest.
LanguageTool - Spelling and grammar check for those of us who regularly type in more than one language.
Grammarly - Spelling and grammar check for those of us who only type in English. Can be used with LanguageTool installed, which is what I do.
Google Dictionary - Define any word on the webpage with a double-click.
Google Translate - Translate an entire webpage or even just a short segment.
AdGuard Adblocker - After trying quite a few adblocker options, this is the one I find the best.
The Great Suspender - Automatically suspend inactive tabs to help with performance. <- as an edit, I don’t believe this is available anymore
Honey - Try coupon codes automatically to save money on online purchases.
Built-in Chrome tab grouping - Group your tabs to keep organized and minimize distracting clutter.
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compassionatereminders · 3 months ago
If you're mentally ill, chronically ill or otherwise disabled, do yourself a favor and consciously work to dismantle the "if you're too sick to go to work you're also too sick to be on the computer" mindset which got drilled into most of us during childhood. You don't have to deny yourself joy. You don't have to directly or indirectly punish yourself for not being able to do certain things. It doesn't help anyone. All it does is make you even more miserable than you have to be. So make sure you don't punish yourself for being sick. Make sure you don't subconsciously sabotage yourself with the idea that you have to be punished for not being abled. Make sure you embrace the joy you can find instead of denying yourself out of unnecessary guilt.
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tfw-adhd · 6 months ago
after lots of research and googling, I’ve determined that the cause of my symptoms are that I have a brain
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mental--healthawareness · 3 months ago
For everyone with social anxiety, this is a reminder that you don't have to be perfect in your interactions with others; you just have to be kind and that's literally it. That's all that's necessary of you. You don't need to say the perfect thing or anticipate what they would want you to say or even exude confidence if you can't.
Social anxiety tells us that we have to be perfect in in our social interactions, but no one is. Social anxiety sets us up for a level of expectation in our social interactions that we have no choice but to fail at, and then fall into a cycle of self-hate for failing and striving even harder for perfection.
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snarkyschizo · 6 months ago
If you don't get a child diagnosed, they won't grow up thinking "I'm a normal kid", they'll grow up thinking "it's my fault I'm not a normal kid." So don't think you're doing a child a favor by not telling them what they're going through. That won't prevent struggling - it will only result in them blaming themselves for their struggles instead of blaming the real culprit.
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