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Saint Dymphna was the daughter of a pagan king and a Christian mother in 7th-century Ireland. When her mother died, her father desired to take his own daughter as his new wife. Dymphna then fled with her mother’s instructor, the priest Gerberen, to mainland Europe. Her father, stricken by lust followed and eventually found them; when Dymphna refused to submit to his unholy desire, he had them both beheaded at Gheel (in what is today Belgium), receiving the crown of martyrdom. Throughout the centuries, she has shown special care and concern from Heaven for those suffering from all types of mental illnesses. She is thus a great patron Saint of mental and neurological disorder and struggles, and is highly adored throughout Europe and America. She is venerated by both the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches.

A prayer to St. Dymphna, for the mentally-afflicted:

“Holy God, we humbly beseech You through Your servant, St. Dymphna, who sealed with her blood the love she bore for You, to grant relief to those who suffer from mental afflictions and nervous disorders, especially (names).  St. Dymphna, helper of the mentally afflicted, pray for the sufferers, (names).  Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever and unto the ages of ages.  Amen.  Through the prayers of our holy fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us, Amen.”

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Imagine you’re in the woods

You arrive at a junction

On your right you see the path you’ve always taken

It’s been walked millions of times

You know every tree, every curve in the path

It feels like home, you could walk it blindly

But it’s dark, and you know the path ends abruptly

On your left you see a vague trail of what could be a path

You’ve never walked it before, you’re unsure where it ends

Branches and trees are on the trail, it’s hard to walk

But at the end you can see a tiny flicker of a light

Or did you just imagine that?

While you stand there, making your choice

It’s like someone’s physically pushing you to the right

The woods seem to whisper and it tells you “right, right”

Everything inside of you wants to go right

But you go left

You climb over the fallen trees

Push away the branches

Until you trip

You’re lying on the ground

It’s like the world is mocking you

“You should’ve just gone right,

what were you thinking?”

You stand up

And you’re back at the junction

It’s like an endless

Fucking videogame

Yet you choose left again

You’ll trip again

You’ll be back

And you want to go right so badly

But you go left

Again and again

Until you don’t trip anymore

And you’ll reach the end

That’s when it suddenly hits you

Why you’ve been choosing to go left

Cause here you are

Standing in the middle of a gorgeous field

You feel the sun on your skin

The soft breeze in your hair

You smile

You’re here

But every day when you wake up

You’re back at the junction again

What will you do today?

You can still go right, you know the path

But slowly, day by day

The left trail becomes more of a path

The obstacles will slowly dissappear

And it gets easier to go left

Of course some day you will give in

You’ll go right again

The trees welcome you back

It’s like you never chose left

It feels like coming home

Yet you know you shouldn’t be here

Still it feels comfortable

And you’re unsure what to do

So when the next morning comes

You’ll be in doubt

Right felt so good

Can’t I just go there again?

But you’ll force yourself

To remember that beautiful field

To remember the sun

To remember the soft breeze

You’ll choose the real happiness

Over the comfort of depression

Because negativity might feel right

But positivity will bring you to that field

And you’ll never stop choosing

Because that’s how it is

You can’t cure depression

But you can choose to fight it

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Loving someone with Manic Depression is difficult but exciting; Manic Depression is a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression more popularly known as Bi-Polar Disorder.

It’s difficult to stick with someone that suffers from Manic Depression but when you do you can have some of the most exciting moments in your life. It is important to tough it out for some real rough rides and understand it’s just a chemical imbalance something that can not be controlled but can be monitored.

Some days you will have to face it alone.

Manic Depression comes with days to weeks to months of extreme highs where you can be the happiest you have been in your life but then can come with days to weeks to months of extreme lows and that is where you find some difficulty.

The best thing you can do for someone who suffers from Manic Depression during the low days is to let them be sad, they may not want to leave the comforts of their bed all day, they may not want to eat much all day or speak to you much. You must give them comfort during these times but leave them be when they see fit. Don’t take the rejection to heart sometimes we all need to face our demons alone.*

Just go with it, adventure is in your future.

During the months of extreme highs comes an impulsive behavior and although this also comes with not so smart actions it also comes with some amazing adventures. One day they may decide they want to go cliff jumping or go on a road trip to the middle of nowhere just to see what is there.

This will bring excitement to your life you won’t get with just any other person.

Sometimes you have to protect them especially from themselves.

Both during highs and lows, there can be times where you are needed to protect them from themselves, during highs the impulsivity can go too far or can cause them to do something dangerous to others and themselves. You are the only rational anchor they have during these times.

During extreme lows, they will spend a lot of their time not wanting to move or do anything at all but there could be times when they will find themselves in situations where they can hurt themselves physically or emotionally.*

They understand that what they are feeling is irrational

You don’t need to say crying over there not being any more peanut butter when we wanted a peanut butter sandwich is a silly reason to cry we know and we understand. You need to understand it is not our fault and not fully under our control.

They love harder than most

Because of the extreme highs love and caring is something we feel more than most, also because of the extreme lows being just around the corner some people who suffer from manic depression overcompensate in order to keep you.* These are the moments that you need to cherish.

*Symptoms vary from person to person this is just a general list that I have complied when looking back onto how my past relationships handled my manic depression.

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My abnormal psych class gives me really conflicting feelings. Like my teacher is good and respectful 90% of the time, but with disorders that really need more care he is incredibly disrespectful about them. He didn’t even teach about any dissociative disorders beyond explaining why he thinks they shouldn’t be in the DSM, and he was super aggressive about autism not being a good diagnosis if “someone can function”. He handles hard topics like suicide and end of life really respectfully and it makes me respect him, but he loses almost all of that respect when he talks about other disorders. He also said he didn’t think someone with autism could be diagnosed with PTSD because autism symptoms are close to PTSD, and tried to say PTSD proves trauma does not cause memory problems but… that’s literally a symptom of it? It changes the way the brain processes information in memory. That can lead to remembering too much, or remembering too little, but he used it to “explain” why he thought dissociative disorders were BS. I want to try and talk to him about how disrespectful he is being but… past experiences have me really afraid.

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// I ain’t changin’ for a buck, I ain’t changin’ for a fan, I ain’t changin’ nothing up, this is who the fuck I am

if you fuck with me I hope that y’all enjoy it, beware of all the fake fans trying to destroy it

I ain’t switching it up, I am the man that I was

way before I blew up and everyone fell in love

never once gave a fuck, been doing me from the jump

and I will never become the man that you wish I was //

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Does anyone have experience with Lithium withdrawal symptoms?

I was taking 1350mg per day, but it made me gain so mich weight, so I stopped 2 days ago. I spoke to my counsellor before that and told him I wouldn’t take it anymore, but he doesn’t wanna hear it.

Now I feel weird, but I don’t know if it’s bc of the sudden Lithium deficiency or just my mood swings…

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We tend to not realise what this word means. We do take it lightly and a lot of times for granted. We attract negativity so much more easily than positivity but we must remember that with a few changes we can let all our good thoughts take over everything that might bring us down.


Originally posted by brokensmolders

The times that we are living right now, none of us were prepared for. We have all been dealing with self-isolation and social distancing in our own ways. Some handle it better than others but the ones that need help will ever really ask for it. There comes a moment when one will feel weak and be vulnerable and someone who is already dealing with mental illness will let negative thoughts and anxiety take over at that very moment. 

There are ways that one can help themselves but there are ways that you can help the ones going through this. 

If you are in my position where you are the one in need of help, firstly it’s okay to understand that you want to go through this journey alone and secondly, if you feel even a tiny bit confident about someone, then do talk to them. 

You must focus on yourself and your health before anything else. Do the things that make you happy and not the things you think are acceptable in others eyes for someone who is dealing with mental health issues. There are things that relax your mind that might not be suitable for others and visa versa which is why it’s important for you to realise what works for ‘YOU’.

If you are someone who knows of someone who is struggling with this issue then you must try and help and not always think about how the other person might react. There are things you can do for them; reach out to them, don’t wait for them to come to you because they will never want to bother you with their problems. Speak to them in the language they feel most comfortable in. Listen to what they are saying, not just on the surface but what they really mean. If they push you away, you push back but only till the limit, you think they can take it for. 

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today I felt proud because I successfully helped two friends in severe mental health crises, helped solve a major fight between us, and finished an essay I've been really procrastinating on, all in one hour! AND I avoided hurting myself, which usually I probably would have done in that situation.

You are smashing it!! 


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