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#mental stability

What I never realized but was always an issue that was never hidden and I was told by so many in various ways was I’m a glutton for pain and punishment cause that’s all I know! I self sabotage and I don’t even realize it.. I choose the narcissistic robots and unavailable over the healthy vulnerable and available.. the crazy part is it’s so damn simple right it all starts with a choice but I always choose wrong and I wonder why I feel empty!!! I don’t know how to just be happy sometimes I always get so scared that things are to good to be true so it’s hard for me to enjoy the moments live in the now I always Feel like something has to be wrong or whats the catch almost like I don’t deserve it but see those are my inner voices or shall I say inner demons ! I’m a good kind genuine person I do deserve all of that ! Fucks those inner thoughts soon they won’t even exists .. but for anyone else out there dealing with this as well just know your are enough you do deserve it and it’s ok to relax and just live in the moment! Good things happen to good people stop fighting it !! - love angelia l.

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My body feels weighed down like there is something dragging hanging heavy on my ankles I can barley eat when I do I get sick to my stomach I’ve been to the dr had an annual checkup the works and the only thing wrong with me is low vitamin d levels but see this isn’t from a physical aliment maybe that would be more simple.. this is much deeper I’m releasing in a way that it almost feels like it’s taking over sometimes all I want to do is sleep but my mind won’t let me I want to eat but my body is rejecting it I’m emotionally just not there.. I need a distraction so bad but god and the universe got rid of those. So here I am laying down in the dark looking at the ceiling in dead silence all I hear is the squirrels running off the roof the wind and cars driving by. I feel depleted! I want to cry scream run crawl into a hole! I pray this is a quick wave so I can feel normal again. For the first time I have no answers and don’t have the energy to create or look for them I just wantl this to blow over so I can be me again.

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i am needed.

i am needed in this world.

i determine what holds value to me.

i am worthy of patience.

i am worthy of attention.

i am worthy of care.

i am loved, and i will feel loved.

i will love myself and,

i love myself now, here in this moment.

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Welcome to Kalendaryo Kinaiya!

We give you 7 themes for the month of September 2020

  • Libang Linggo, which provides you the self-care and treatment you need!
  • Likha Lunes promotes nurturing, sustaining, and managing your mental health through achieving a sense of productivity!
  • Makata Martes, a day that provides you a state of meditation which provides deep relaxation and inner calm by encouraging a healthy outlet for feelings!
  • Musika Miyerkules is a day that promotes musical interaction and reflection through different genres!
  • Hataw Huwebes gives you a proactive way to strengthen one’s mind and body to alleviate stress!
  • Busog Biyernes is a day for experimenting on new recipes and taste palettes for you, your family, and friends!
  • Sinop Sabado is all about physical action that ends to a cleaner home wherein you feel more ease with less clutter!

This calendar aims to foster growth, productivity, and development that leads not only to a more stable mental health, but the discovery of avenues to actively care for yourself as well. So, what are you waiting for? Kayang kaya kasama ang Kinaiya!

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Congratulations and Thank you!

For you have reached the last day of the mental health journey of September 2020!

Thank you so much for the support and love that you have given us the group and most importantly Kalendaryo Kinaiya!

Always remember that your present condition doesn’t define where you will go, they simply state where you start. Stay happy, lovely, and mentally healthy!

Kalendaryo Kinaiya, signing out! Peace!

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Day 30 - Musika Miyerkules

Kool kiddie karaoke! 

Kalendaryo Kinaiya, pasensya na! Hindi ako nakapag-karaoke ng OPM Classics dahil Disney Classics lang ang gustong i-duet ng kapatid ko. Pero hindi naman ibig sabihin noon ay hindi ako bigay na bigay! Talagang uso sa ating mga Pilipino ang mag-karaoke, mayroon mang okasyon o wala. Ngayong hindi tayo makalalabas ng bahay, ang tanging makaka-jamming nalang natin ay ang ating mga kapamilya! Bukod nga sa dating sinabi na aktibong nakapagpapasaya ang pagkanta, ang communal experience na nakukuha natin sa karaoke ay nagpapataas ng ating social skills pati ng ating confidence – lalabas at lalabas ang mga kulot ala Morrisette! Higit pa dito, makapagbobonding pa tayo sa ating mga pamilya’t nangungunang mahal sa buhay. Maaaring ngayong quarantine ay nakawiwindang na silang makasama araw-araw, pero ang maliliit na pagdiriwang kagaya ng biglaang karaoke ang pinakamaginhawa (at pinakamaingay) na pahingang makakamit natin ngayon

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Day 28 - Likha Lunes

Try scrapbooking!

Quarantine has put a limit to those stuff that I used to regularly enjoy. To combat that, I can make a scrapbook detailing most of the stuff that quarantine took away temporarily. From my school to the food that I used to buy everyday with my friends, I detailed them all in a short scrapbook entry for my enjoyment and reminiscing.

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Day 27 - Libang Linggo

Exhausted from everything? The importance of outdoors!

Breathing fresh air and taking a walk outside are mainly good for your health! Fresh air has been shown to improve blood pressure and heart rate, helping digest food more effectively, and strengthens the immune system, all leading to a better and healthier you!

Surrounding yourself around natural elements from time to time provides positive impact such as giving you more energy and having a sharper mind! Physical activities or social interactions included!

Breathing fresh air alone is beneficial to oneself wherein it translates to a more positive mood and emotion which reduces the risk of future heart problems and cleans your lungs thus helping your airway to dilate more fully!

Brought to you by Kalendaryo Kinaiya, Libang Linggo!

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Day 26 - Sinop Sabado

The state of one’s desk(top) reflects the state of her mind.

Nakaka-stress ang punong puno na home screen bilang pambungad tuwing ika'y magkaklase o magtatrabaho, hindi ba? Ito na ang sign na linisin mo ang digital workspace mo! Hindi maipagkakaila na ngayong COVID-19, napakarami sa atin ang umaasa sa ating mga laptop, cellphone, o tablet upang mag-aral at magtrabaho, subalit alam mo bang ang pagiging magulo ng iyong homescreen ay maaaring magdulot ng emotional exhaustion? Ang simpleng pagkakita lamang rito ay tila nakakataranta sapagkat mistulang andami mo pang kailangang gawin at tapusin. Ang totoo'y karamihan ng nasa iyong homescreen ay natapos at napasa mo na, ngunit nananatili rito dahil pinipilit mo pa ring tumuloy ang trabaho sa kabila ng pagkagulo. Nakatataas ng productivity ang malilinis na workplaces sapagkat nakapagpopokus ka sa iisang bagay at gawain imbis sa paghahanap ng mga files, dokumentasyon, at iba pa. 

Akalain mo ba'y ang ibang mga bagay sa aking desktop ay tatlong taon nang hindi ginagalaw? Grabe, hindi ba? Kaya’t halika na’t magsinop tayo ng desktop upang kasabay na masinop ang ating pag-iisip at pakikitungo sa mundo! Amin ring ineenganyo kayong magpalit kahit ng background lamang upang mapataas ang inyong productivity sa tuwing gagawa kayo sa inyong mga device!

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Day 25 - Busog Biyernes

Want to eat your favorite take-out dish but delivery is already closed? 

Search up the recipe from the web, check if you have the ingredients then prepare them, and you’re on your way to getting your own personalized dish! Learning a recipe from scratch is rewarding, you get to control every aspect of the dish and make sure it’s just how you want it. After all, recipes are now easily found on the internet, just search it up and pick your favorite! 

Here’s a recipe from one of my favorite dishes, tofu sisig: 


2 Packages of firm tofu ½ cup of flour, add more if needed 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise 

2 tablespoons of Japanese mayonnaise (if you don’t have this laying around, you can add a teaspoon of sugar and an additional tablespoon of mayonnaise!) 

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce (optional) 

1 teaspoon oyster sauce (optional) 

3 teaspoons Knorr liquid seasoning

1 small onion, diced 

4 big cloves of garlic, crushed

2-4 pieces of chili peppers, sliced 

1 tablespoon of oil 

You can add tons more to this recipe! You can add bell peppers, your favorite chili sauce or just your favorite sauce in general, liver spread, and more. Have fun with the recipes you find! It’s fun to discover new tastes made by yourself.

Brought to you by Kalendaryo Kinaiya, Busog Biyernes!

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Day 24 - Hataw Huwebes

For this week, we will focus on how to achieve ang perfectly toned chest at kung paano nga ba ang tamang paraan para i-maintain ito. This workout also requires no equipment whatsoever. It’s also great if you want something light to tone your chest without getting too bulky. 

To complete this workout, do each exercise back to back for 30 seconds each. Then take a 1 minute break and repeat for a total of two sets. Here are 7 workouts you’ll need to do: 

1. Normal pushups Lay on your stomach. Put your hands shoulder-width apart. Tighten your core and keep your elbows close to your body.Slowing move down until you are about 2-3 inches from the ground and push back up. Make sure each rep is about 3-4 seconds long. If you can’t do normal pushups, go to your knees instead of your feet. 

2. Diamond pushups Same as normal pushups, just put your hands closer together forming a diamond shape with your hands.

3. Wide pushups Same as normal pushups, just put your hands past shoulder-width apart. 

4. Bottom pushup hold Hold your arms at 90 degrees in the pushup position. Remember to keep your core tight. 

5. Top pushup hold Hold your arms and body line straight. Flex your core to make sure it is tight during the hold. 

6. Left staggered pushups Same as normal pushups, just move your left hand higher up than the right. If you can’t do normal pushups because of fatigue, go to your knees instead of using your feet. 

7. Right staggered pushups Same as normal pushups, just move your right hand higher up than the left. 

Again, if you can’t do normal pushups because of fatigue, go to your knees instead of using your feet. Now you have a therapeutic chest workout that you can do at home amidst this pandemic. Kaya grab your yoga mats na at sabay sabay tayong mag #HATAWHUEBES

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Day 23 - Musika Miyerkules

Listen to music with friends!

Do you miss interacting and seeing your friends? There’s a way for you! introducing Spotify and Zoom! You can easily create a listening party for you and your friends together! With simply sharing your screen in a Zoom call and just hit the play button, unlimited music and fun for all of you! The internet provides you numerous ways of interacting with your friends amidst the lockdown. Sit down and have fun! 

Brought to you by Kalendaryo Kinaiya, Musika Miyerkules Listening Party!

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Day 22 - Makata Martes

Even the littlest steps are a progress! 

Sino bang hindi napoproud sa mga achievements na ating nakakamit? Every step of the way, makatutulong ang pagjojournal upang may mapagkwentuhan tayo sa mga nangyayari sa ating buhay! At syempre, upang mapaalalahanan tayo na kahit mahirap ang buhay, ang katotohanang tayo ay nabubuhay pa at patuloy na kumakayod, ay isang indikasyon ng pagiging isang matapang at matatag na nilalang. Bonus pa kung ating babasahin ang ating mga naisulat noon upang mapaalalahanan kung saan tayo nanggaling at kung gaano kalayo na ang ating narating bilang isang indibidwal!

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Day 21 - Likha Lunes

Every canvas is a journey in and of itself.

Mula pagkabata, makikita natin na ang pagguhit at pagpintura ay natural sa bawat isa sa atin, mayroon ka mang talento rito o wala. Hindi ba’t tuwing nakatatapos tayo ng pagsusulit noong Grade 1 ay tatanungin natin ang ating guro kung pwede gumuhit sa likod ng papel? Ngayong mas nakatatanda na tayo, kadalasa'y wala na tayong panahon para sa ating sarili at lalong mas wala tayong panahon para biglaan lamang magpinta, kaya’t ito ang gawaing iniaatas ng Kalendaryo Kinaiya sa inyo ngayon! Halika na’t bumalik tayo sa ating pagkabata! 

Ang pagpinta at pagguhit, bilang isang malikhaing gawain, ay nagbibigay sa atin ng emotional at creative outlet. Dahil dito, nagiging mabuting gawain siya upang mapababa ang stress ng isang tao. Bukod pa rito'y nagiging pagkakataon ito upang magpahayag tayo ng mga damdamin o saloobin, dahil kasamihan sa naipipinta at iginuguhit ay nanggagaling mula sa ating mga kinikimkim. Ngayong naka-angkla ang ating pag-aaral sa online classes, hindi maipagkakaila na ang paggalugad sa akademikong taong ito'y mas analytical at logical. Nagiging mas mahalaga ang pagpinta dahil napagpapahinga nito ang ating analytical left brain habang lalon pinalalakas ang ating creative right brain! Sa dulo ng lahat ay mayroon ka pang munting likha na maaaring ipagmalaki!

Nakaka-conscious ba? Subukan mong kahit mag-doodle sa iyong mga notes tuwing may klase ngayong araw na ito upang mas maging komportable ka ulit sa iyong creative side!

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Day 19 - Sinop Sabado

Feeling frustrated and fatigue? Benefits of having a clean room!

Do you feel stress and fatigue from your environment? A psychiatrist from Advocate Christ Medical Center in Illinois said that the reason for this is because your subconscious mind reminds you of work visually from your messy home that you don’t have a place to rest!

With simply cleaning your living room, it releases purity and cleanliness that makes you grinding all your work and finishing early and still have time for leisure!

Not only that! It lessens the spread of germs and keeps the pests away! In simply cleaning the living room, it disinfects all the corners in your house and provides sanitation and safety!

Brought to you by Kalendaryo Kinaiya, Sinop Sabado!

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Day 18 - Busog Biyernes

Modify your taste palettes!

In the simple act of leveling up your comfort drink, it brings you different avenues and perspectives to choose and taste from! It gives you another way of drinking what you want, but more delicious and extravagant!

If you’re feeling down or sad, get up and make your comfort drink but put a sweet and delicious twist on your drink!

With this, it takes your attention away from stress and frustrations, at the same time you are also able to create a new drink that you will be enjoying so much!


  • Powdered Milo (2 Packets)
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Hot & Cold Water
  • Ice Cubes

Brought to you by Kalendaryo Kinaiya, Busog Biyernes!

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