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#mental state

I too was a victim of the depression pandemic

The one that does not eat at ur body

But the one that eats at ur soul

The one that sickens your mind

The one that does not require medical assistant

But urges u to be ur medical assistant

Any means necessary it says

Any means necessary even if it means death

To be continued

Just had to write that down

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‘’This fall has been capricious companion.
Drops of water drummed the rhythm,
took away even meaning from all else music.
Pace of life subsided with unsuitable medicines.

Just as quarter of a year would
have become kind of arrhythmia.

Momentary rays of the sun sieved
from cloud crevices,
formed bars around me and
stopped the pulse of my everyday life.

Familiar routines have
slipped out of orbit.

The new rain flushed away all that,
what the sun did not have time even dry.
Left only drops of melancholy on the skin
and turned all colors of the rainbow into gray.’’

Amarantha D. Wolfen

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My mental state started like a lit match.

Bright, active, ever so excitedly consuming.

Right now, I’m burning ashes.

Over and over again, fueling something that no longer exists.

There’s nothing to hold on to.

This flame too will die.

- JM, 2020

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Han sentido esa madurez en la que ya no te pasas todo el día pensando en el chico que te gusta? Es ahí donde te das cuenta que eres lo bastante capaz para estudiar una carrera.

Da miedo… Porque significa que estás creciendo y que ya no tienes los mismos intereses que antes… te das cuenta que de cada momento se aprende algo, sea bueno o malo. Ya no te interesa llamar la atención de algún chico, te interesa tu futuro y las metas que quieres llegar a cumplir.



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