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With everything going on right now, it’s important that we continue to destigmatize mental health and provide resources to those who need them. Here’s some numbers you can call or text if you need someone to talk to.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 1-800-273-TALK for 24 hour service

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

The Trevor Project: For LGBTQ+ youth, call 1-866-488-7386

Teen Line: Call 1-800-852-8336 or text TEEN to 839863

Trans Lifeline: Call 877-565-8860

Stay safe, and remember it’s okay to ask for help.

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list of mental health apps

  • Sanvello: Anxiety and Depression

journaling, meditation, assessments, coaching, therapy, and other tools

  • 7 Cups: Anxiety and Stress Chats

talk in chat rooms, groups, or even with a live ended therapist

  • Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

pretty self explanatory. meditations and bed time stories

  • Hallow: Catholic Meditation

similar to headspace, but geared towards Christians (specifically Catholics); includes meditations, prayers, and readings. *obviously religious, but i used this for a while myself and wanted to include it for others that may be interested*

  • Moodfit

mood tracker, sleep tracker, activity tracker, etc. made to see what may be affecting your mood

  • MoodMission

assessments and coping mechanisms

  • Happify

choose a personalized happiness track, guided relaxation and meditation

  • Shine: Calm Anxiety and Stress

meditation, personalized affirmations, gratitude journaling (said to be great for BIPOC and to have a diverse community)

  • Calm

meditation, sleep, mindfulness topic, includes a kids feature

  • CBT-I Coach

sleep diary, relaxation tools

  • Sober Time

tracks sobriety to the second

  • InnerHour - Live Happier

self-help courses, therapy based tools for depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, anger, and happiness

  • Rootd - Panic & Anxiety Relief

panic button, understanding lessons, deep breathing tool (guided breathing), journaling, guided body scans, emergency contact, personalized stats, short term and long term lessons

*feel free to reblog :)*

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Do an exercise with me.. ask yourself:

What is it?

(just write down all of your thoughts and feelings in example) i am tired of trying, i feel useless

What does it mean?

(this helps you find the core of the thought and find the logic or reasons behind your thoughts and feelings i. ex.) I have had a rough time lately and I am tired. When i am tired it’s hard to do stuff which makes me feel useless.

What can I do?

(here write a plan of action weather you can do something about it or not i. ex.) I need to give myself space to feel tired. I need to figure out if there are reasons why I feel this tired. (now add an affirmation, you don’t need to believe it right away. i. ex.) I am smart and capable I can figure this out. I know myself better than anyone.

Now breathe in time with this. It’s gonna be ok.


here’s the tough part.. You need to keep doing this.. I need to keep doing this…

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you can’t guilt someone into recovering. that isn’t supporting them. recovery is a choice they have to make for themself and it isn’t beneficial to add to their struggles.

assess what your strengths are when it comes to supporting someone and offer them when you can when you can. ask what they need instead of assuming what will be helpful. distraction, comfort, advice, and just listening are some basic and general options.

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“I always remember that I have created my judgments along the way. Something I would have thought as fantastic five years ago, I might consider neutral, or even bad, now. So judgments change, and that fact alone makes them unreliable. For me, I don’t take them too seriously. Especially the negative self-talk, which is mostly a bunch of nonsense. 

It’s also possible to hate oneself because of our past actions or inactions. Some actions are indeed evil, like deliberately making other people suffer or engaging in self-sabotage. In those cases, I think that negative judgment, or at least a slight aversion towards my actions, is helpful to get myself on the right path. However, beating myself up all the time doesn’t help anyone. Negative self-talk, especially when the negative self-talk is flawed or based on irrational thinking, can be very harmful.”

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hello again😊

today I wanted to try and make a post about loneliness

I feel lonely a lot of the time, even when I’m around people that I love, sometimes it’s like there’s glass between me and everyone else. I don’t think I connect with people very well because I feel different from other people like everyone else knows the rules on how you’re supposed to talk and walk and act and I don’t know them so I’m not very good at being around other people, there are some members of our system that don’t feel like this and they know how to do stuff right

Well anyway I thought I’d try and put stuff that might help anyone that feels lonely

find a group of people with similar interests - so this could be here on tumblr, maybe follow tags of stuff that you like and maybe try talking to people that post the kind of stuff you’re interested in, maybe even Facebook groups? Or even groups in real life, like I keep an eye out for posters advertising stuff in the community like art classes and photography stuff (maybe this isn’t applicable right now but maybe when we can go outside again)

Reach out to the people in your life - this is something that I forget a lot of the time, when I feel sad and alone it can be easy for me to forget that there are people in my life, sometimes I call my grandparents and see how they’re doing and if there’s anything that they need, sometimes I check in with my sisters, I might post a funny video in my friends group chat and see how they’re all doing, (I know that this may not be possible for everyone but maybe try and reconnect with other people that are already in your life that you love)

Put on videos with people talking- I don’t know if this is just me but sometimes if I’m lonely or if my head is going funny, I put on a podcast and hearing the people talk can be comforting background noise and if I’m hearing stuff that isn’t there it can help drown it out

Practice self care- whatever that looks like for you, maybe take some time and give yourself some love, when I’m by myself Im trying to rethink it as time for myself, I make a cup of tea and put on a nice video and grab my sketchbook, maybe it can help

this isn’t as long as the posts I usually make like this but I thought maybe I could put something out there, I think also that therapy can be very beneficial for working through issues that you have but I know it isn’t possible for everyone

And if you just want someone to talk to, our messages are always open ❤️


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(With descriptions from the Play Store)

  • STOPP *
    Use this app  if you want to start to stop the vicious cycles of depression and anxiety, and other negative and repetitive behaviours. 
  • eQuoo
    A choose-your-own-adventure game that increases your emotional fitness and teaches you new psychological skills, helping you level up in real life.
  • Calm Harm
    Calm Harm provides tasks to help you resist or manage the urge to self-harm. Get started by setting your password so that it’s completely private.
    You can personalise it if you wish, by choosing the background colour theme and deciding on whether you would like some company using a variety of friendly characters.
  • Alarmy - the world’s most annoying alarm *
    With Alarmy you can wake up to five different missions. Different snooze options help you wake up slowly and gradually. No more oversleep, wake up easily, and be refreshed with various alarm ringtones and stylish clocks. Made by heavy sleepers for heavy sleepers.
  • Habitica *
    Treat your life like a game to stay motivated and organized! Habitica makes it simple to have fun while accomplishing goals. An RPG style app that helps you get into good habits, break bad ones and accomplish tasks to gain XP.
  • Stay Focused - App Block & Website Block
    A Self Control, Productivity and App Usage tracker app.
  • Smiling Mind
    Smiling Mind is a unique web and app-based program developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to people’s lives.

Apps with * by the name have been tried by me, others I have found recommended by various sources. These should all come free, but you can check specific details in the app store of your choice. Please note the links are for Google Play users, but I believe these are all available also on the App store!

If you can recommend any app you found particularly helpful for yourself, please feel free to do so in a reblog. :)

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Do you know how to get resources without approaching parents who may be unsupportive? I have cash but no type of card, and I can walk (I have no license) to Walgreen's, CVS, and 7/11, but those are about it. I'm transgender and have gotten diagnosed with ASD and ADHD, but they don't believe either and I desperately need a binder or stim toys (I've resorted to chewing and scratching myself, which is Not Good) but I can't get them.

Walgreen’s and CVS in my experience have more general retail items in their stores, so you might peruse the toy or fitness aisles to see if there is anything you can use for stimming.

As for a binder, you’re likely out of luck because all retailers I know sell online, which will either need a card or will need a bank account to process payments with. There used to be exchanges where people sent their used binders to others in need, but I don’t know that they exist anymore?

Here are our trans and mental health resource tags for anything else that might be helpful:

- mod BP

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Do you have any text hotlines for selfharm help? No verbal communication, just texting? i live in illinois btw. (i'm not considering suicide, please don't worry about that.)

Crisis Text Line:

YouthLine (if you’re a minor)

The Trevor Project (if you are LGBT+)

These are the ones I know of, does anyone have any more to offer?

- mod BP

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How do you learn to take care of your emotions and communicate with ither people about how the things that they think are helping are actually hurting you a lot. I know vauge posting on tumblr isnt actually helpful, but its a start to me organizing my emotions so i can explain my problems better and maybe make things better for everyone involved. Please dont yell at me for this.

Im tired of being treated like a child and not having my boundaries respected. We are in the same age range, please do not infantilize me.

What you see as me avoiding a situation is actually me having acknowledged it already and trying to move on with the conversation. When you insist on continuing to berate me over my mistake it just makes it worse for me and causes my brain to go into a darker place. Please respect when i ask for it to stop and move on.

There are just so many other things that hurt so much but i don’t want to mention to you because i know youll just turn it back on me.

Im working really hard and despite being in a low spot overall right now. Ive actually made a lot of progress. But then you will maximize one thing and it hurts a lot and makes it feel like my progress and efforts dont matter.

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