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anxietyproblem · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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kokobot · 24 days ago
Announcing Kokobot’s official partnership with Tumblr!
@kokobot is a nonprofit on a mission to bring everyone well-being services that are free, anonymous, and available 24/7.
Offering kind words of support from other Tumblr users just like you, thousands of people use Kokobot to find and share the bright side to life, with over 1 million thank you notes shared on Kokobot so far (try it yourself).
Today, we’re excited to announce our official partnership with Tumblr.
Starting today, you’ll start to see Kokobot appearing more widely on Tumblr services as we look to broaden our impact.
To get started, just message Kokobot and we’ll connect you to resources and other users. See you around! 
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artfest · 3 months ago
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• artist: @phaedrapeer
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psych2gotalk · 4 months ago
6 Signs You’re Burnt Out, Not Lazy
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bornthiswayfoundation · 3 months ago
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The world had been heavy. Let’s lift each other up.🎈Join @bornthiswayfoundation’s #BeKind21 challenge by pledging to do one act of kindness a day for 21 days (and beyond ✨) this September! Learn more + sign up at
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want2beless · 7 months ago
Let's talk about the anorexia-stereotype of doing everything perfectly
They typical anorexic is shown as the perfect, smiling student, studying the whole night, getting perfect grades, doing workout after workout and never eating
And while that may be true for some, in my experience most people are totally different from what's known as the perfect anorexic.
For me it's struggling the whole day and night, if I should eat, what I should eat.
It's struggling to even get up because your body can't take starvation anymore.
It's sleeping the whole day, because you're missing nutrients and you were kept awake by your thoughts the whole night.
It's being freezingly cold, which results in you not being able to do anything with your fingers for example writing.
It's the time consumption taking everything away from you. Your family, your hobbies, your school work.
It's binging that makes you feel like you failed as an anorexic.
Not only your organs failing but also your will to live, your energy, your grades, your hygiene, your hobbies, your friends, your family.
Stop expecting perfection from someone with an eating disorder.
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anniespositivity · 5 months ago
If you are struggling to find your path, your passion, I just want you to know that you are not alone. I know it might feel that way. And I know it might seem like everyone around you has already found their dream job and is happy with what they are doing. I just want to remind you that you do not have to have it all figured out by the time you are in your twenties. Or thirties. Or even later. Struggling to find a job that you enjoy and are pasisionate about is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed or stressed about! We change throughout our lives - our interests, mindsets, hobbies, etc., they change. You do not have to find something in your teenage years and stick to it for the rest of your life. You are allowed to change your career path, you are allowed to experiment and take time to figure it all out, darling (I know that this is an unpopular opinion). So, if you feel lost and stressed out right now, I just wanted to let you know that it is okay. It is absolutely okay. There are so many options out there and it is okay to be overwehelmed. Breathe, my love. Ask yourself: Am I stressed because I am worried about my future or because I am worried about what other people think? Ultimately, your future is for you and for no one else. In the end, it is you that should be happy. So, please take your time to explore your passions. Be brave, be daring and I promise that you will find your way. I am rooting for you.
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anxietyproblem · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
By @psych2go
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starlightpositivity · 10 months ago
you're improving. you're recovering. i know it takes a whole lot of mental effort to fight your thoughts everyday but eventually it will get easier. it will become a habit, i promise.
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forestsgnome · 2 months ago
Borderline Personality Disorder isn’t being cute and ‘clingy’ and ‘adorably needy’. Being with (romantic or otherwise) someone with BPD isn’t akin to taking care of a pet. BPD isn’t an ‘aw it’s so endearing that they need me so badly’ type of thing.
BPD is a mental illness that is a conglomeration of several different tendencies and it’s not easy to diagnose. You don’t just decide you have it, just like you don’t decide you’re depressed because you had a bad day, or you don’t decide you’re bipolar because your mood changes quickly sometimes. Believe me, you don’t want it.
BPD is turning nothing into everything, is knowing you’re being irrational and not being able to stop regardless, is suppressing breakdowns for fear of being abusive or of manipulating the person you’re talking to into having to take care of you when they really don’t want to.
It’s thinking someone doesn’t care about you anymore because they made a new friend. It’s automatically registering new people as a threat. It’s a fear of abandonment and rejection that’s damn near omnipresent. It’s being able to shift from ‘I love you so much!’ to ‘I don’t give a fuck, I hate you, I don’t even want to talk to you’ and back at the drop of a hat.
It’s finding identity in a drastic hair change, and then feeling unsafe and desperately trying to fix it before you have to go out. It’s seeing someone you adore and trying to emulate them because you have no idea who you are. It’s waking up and trying to be a new person every day. Go vegan, go goth, go hipster, go glamour, cut your hair, change your makeup, gain weight, lose weight, and never feel quite there. Ever.
It’s comprehending ‘love’ as ‘pity’ and wanting to rip yourself apart if their tone is all too casual when your friend or love interest is returning compliments or affection. It’s regretting saying anything about your mood and desperately trying to turn the conversation around while simultaneously NEEDING to get it out. It’s wanting to bleed yourself dry as opposed to cry in someone’s arms because, at least then, they don’t have to clean your wounds for you. They won’t hate you. They won’t be annoyed.
It’s the constant battle, every time you get upset, of, “Is this worth being sad about? Is it worth talking about? What is more abusive, talking about this or hiding it? If I tell them I’ll bring them down and I’ll guilt trip them and they will resent me and it will all be my fault. If I don’t, I’m a disgusting liar, I’m manipulative, I’m untrustworthy.”
It’s wondering if you’re faking your symptoms. It’s disassociating and feeling like a ghost for days. It’s feeling like you aren’t real, and then wishing you weren’t. It’s fear, a lack of self, and about a million different thoughts running through your head at all times. It’s trying to live for the people you love as opposed to yourself. It’s feeling suicidal and then feeling bad for feeling suicidal because, whoops, you’re being manipulative.
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oktotalk · a month ago
When You Say No
The worst part about COVID has been losing you. 
I haven't lost family family members or friends to the virus. I have not grieved the death of a loved one. I could not be more grateful for that.
But this does not negate the loss of you. Of you, my friend. Of the many of you, my friends, who make up the community of people whose presence colored my life.
Every text that says "I'm too scared to hangout," feels like yet another rejection.
Every message that says "I'm too tired to hang out," feels like yet another "I don't care."
Every "we'll be hanging out soon, when things get better," feels like another promise broken.
I have waited over a year to see you. To see you in person. To talk with you, connect with you. To have you back in my life. I have proposed countless ideas to make it work. To walk outside wearing masks so we are protected. To park our cars in a parking lot so we can talk with our windows down just a bit. To do something, anything, to have just some semblance of time with you.
I did not sign up to live in a city teaming with millions of people to have long-distance friends. I did not move here for the empty streets or the ghost town that is now downtown. I did not move here to live on an island.
I miss you. All of you.
And every time you say no, it hurts.
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psych2gotalk · 7 months ago
6 Signs You're Depressed, Not Lazy
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