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#SelfCareSunday 🧘🏻‍♀️


Learn the benefits of Meditation and see if you can incorporate a few strategies in your daily life 💕


Check out Gilly Pickup’s The Little Book of Meditations – such an awesome read 👍🏻 I bought it at National Book Store for only PhP395.00 👌🏻


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TG: Anxiety

The worst thing about anxiety is that it feels like a slow death. Or an abusive relationship that feels like a slow death.

It doesn’t kill you right away. It drains you and drains you even more until you become unfamiliar even to yourself.

You look at the mirror and see a stranger. You have no memory of who you were yesterday, the day before that, the day before that.

Everything is a blur. Except maybe for that thought that obsessively repeats itself in your mind without your control. That inexplicable paralyzing fear, that sadness you can’t take away.

You wish you could go back to a safer time, a safer place. But you can’t, because you know deep at the back of your mind that you are past the point of no return.

Who you were is now a distant memory. A place you can no longer visit.

And as if you can break-up with anxiety whenever you want to. As if there is a stop button for the thoughts to stop playing. As if you can ever be normal again.

August 14, 2020

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“Give yourself a break. Stop beating yourself up! Everyone makes mistakes, has setbacks and failures. You don’t come with a book on how to get it right all the time. You will fail sometimes, not because you planned to, but simply because you’re human. Failure is a part of creating a great life.” Les Brown

Feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress prevail during this time of the pandemic as we are completely confronted with uncertainty and the threat of the virus that causes significant changes to our daily lives. Faced with new realities of working from home, temporary unemployment, online classes, and the absence of physical contact with other family members, friends, and colleagues, it is very important that we look after our psychological well-being, as well as our mental health.

Mental health is our driving force every day and is our source of function in our day-to-day activities. It is as important as physical health and should also be given attention more often. Failing to maintain a healthy state of mind affects our whole being, and our ability to relate to others, and could even lead to larger risks. It is best that good mental health is being aided to everyone and informed for a more positive environment that encourages and helps build up productivity, motivation, and focus on their daily tasks. Mental health is a vital part of life, and giving constant attention to it would benefit a lot more people and the surroundings they are in.

This 31-day Mental Health Activity Calendar for the month of August aims to promote an optimistic mental health/psychological wellbeing among the Senior High School students like us. Each day of the week has different themes of activities. This calendar contains #SundayFamDay; this is the day we take a break from work and school so that we can bond and hang out with our family members. #MeditativeMonday is where we treat ourselves by doing the activities that make us relax, while #TastyTuesday is reserved for us to cook different dishes and drink, as cooking is a therapeutic activity for most of us. On the other hand, in #WorthwhileWednesday, we decided to do different household chores. Not only is it calming and satisfying to have clean surroundings but also, we felt accomplished and productive. #ThrivingThursday was the day we tried to learn something new. This challenged us to step out of our comfort zone as we strive to discover new things. On #FeelGoodFriday we had a video call to do different activities online, it was a form of catching up and socializing with our friends despite this pandemic. Lastly is #SweatItSaturday, wherein we perform different workouts from mild to intense exercises.

Alongside with #MentalHealthPH, SilakboPH, Philippine Mental Health Association, Inc., Youth for Mental Health Coalition, Inc., and all the advocates of Mental Health Awareness, we aim to envision a mentally healthy community and to promote and protect mental health through education, research, and digital technologies. Together, we can break the social stigma attached to mental health illnesses. “What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” -Glenn Close

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Hey tumlbr!

I guess this is the only place i can write this down and this acct is dead anyway.. so ill just pour my heart out here..

Im tired of pretending, people see me as the happy smiley person but im not. Im always the one who asks “hey whats up?” And feels something off but no one ever asks me (well actually some do). My friends, classmates think of me as the girl who has everything, yea i got a job that pays good, a family who supports me, but i feel lonely too.. and i havent figured everything yet. I get hurt when someone offends me even though i may just laugh at it but i question myself every time.

Moreover, im known as the funny, unique person that makes people laugh and lights up the room, i wish they knew how dark it is when they leave the room, and how many times ive been told “well you have many friends anyway” but i dont. I have a few and i cherish that.

If i could just wake up.. and tell the world im not okay. I dont really know who would actually be there for me.

Ill be fine..

Its just a chemical reaction..



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The battle of the weak

You may fail a hundred times but it doesn’t mean you’re weak, you may cry a thousand river but it doesn’t mean you’re giving up

Showing your weaknesses doesn’t really mean you are no longer capable of achieving greater things, it’s just, everyone is different, I am different, you are different, we all are, I may cry at the movie titanic and you wont, I may not be scared in the movie conjuring and you might be screaming to death, I may love to consume a tub of ice cream without worrying what will I gain and you will, you might enjoy the company of your friends and in my case I don’t

See, we are all different okay? If you fail, rise up, if you fail again, try again, if you failed again for the third time it means you have to work harder, improve yourself unleash your best potential, you may say to yourself, “I am at my best” but come think of it, if you are at your best why do you have to try again? See the difference? Let’s stop complaining about other people’s lackness or either not seeing our worth because we knew to ourselves that we are the best, instead let’s build a bridge of understanding that things are not really meant for us, it may not be easy but soon enough you will realize that understanding individual differences will be your greatest weapon

We all have individual differences, and this differences are the one creating walls to someone’s life, being able to understand this, we will be able to help them break down their wall and see the beauty of our world

I believe in your dream and your future is big, prove them that they are wrong, show them your best potential , quitting is never an option, life may be difficult but quitting is never a choice, you are capable of greater things, I believe in you

Being weak is never a sign of failure, you’ve faught for that long, what quit now? Keep in mind that it is not the situation that make us sad, it is on how we view the situation, you should now the difference, positive thinking is the key, stop magnifying all the negativity, instead, try look into the bright side, I know it is hard to be positive when you are struggling, but, it is worth a try

being able to acknowledge your weaknesses can make you even stronger, all you have to do is believe, you are stronger than your thought, and you are worthy of everything.

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i always question myself, what did i do to deserve you?

so mahaba story ng buhay ko and why i ended up struggling this way, and along the bumpy road of surving i met him. and even i have demons in my head he loves me still.

ill love you with every broken piece of me.

so, i guess im gonna share a little bit of my life for you to get it.

1. my mom has anger issues, every time shes mad im the one she turns to so, pag badtrip sa work, handa na dapat ako masampal o sabunot ni mama. yes since childhood till now.

2. i had few friends i used to have a lot. kaso i was became too jolly siguro. ayaw ko lang kasi sad sa school sad sa bahay.

3. my mom would shame me anywhere. anytime. yes, she can slap my face in a mall. or shame me in a restaurant.

4. my dad would come over to hug me or protect me from my mom. they separated when i was 12 pero i was close to my dad so yun gets nyo na

5. ayaw ko na i detail. but i was never open to my family about my mental health. i got used hit my head on the cement, wood or even trees so it makes cuts and bruises or cut my wrist. i tried over dosing when i was 17 but my dad comforted me and told me im the only reason he came back. basta yun na. i didnt know how to get mad. so sabi nga ni doc its my way of coping with anger. bastaa log story. tamana. i think ive said enough. so yeah thanks for reading.

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The prevalence of mental health illness in the Philippines is quite alarming, according to Magtubo (2016), one in five people suffers from a mental health problem. In a country with a population of 100 million, there are presently only 700 psychiatrists and a thousand psychiatric nurses. The statistics are worrisome. But more alarming is the fact that a national mental health law has yet to be enacted despite the urgings of various advocates.

According to the National Statistics Office (NSO), mental health illnesses are the third most common forms of morbidity for Filipinos. Between 17 to 20 percent of Filipino adults experience psychiatric disorders, while 10 to 15 percent of Filipino children, aged 5 to 15, suffer from mental health problems. Furthermore, a 2010 national census that found 1.4 million people with identified disabilities showed that mental disability accounts for 14 percent of all disabilities. .

In the same NSO study, 88 cases of mental health problems were reported for every 100,000 Filipinos. According to the latest numbers from the new Philippine Health Information System on Mental Health (PHIS-MH), schizophrenia is the top mental health problem in the Philippines, affecting 42 percent of the study cohort. Most of them were male. Other mental health disorders in the list are depression, anxiety disorder, schizoaffective disorder, acute and transient disorder, and stimulant-related disorder. Suicide is another creeping problem in the Philippines. In 2012, 2,558 Filipinos committed suicide, and of the number, 2009 were males.

The World Health Organization (WHO), meanwhile, notes the numbers could simply be a fraction of the actual problem since suicide, especially in a Catholic country, tends to be under-reported.

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My dad asked me last night about the posts on my other blog. He reads its whenever he has the time. It was suppose to be my beauty and lifestyle blog, but I became inactive for some time. I don’t know if he is reading that blog or this blog. But anyways he asked me if I was suicidal, and I honestly said “hindi po.” What I meant to say was “hindi ko po alam.” I don’t know if I am, I mean I think those down moments are gone, but I’m afraid that it will come back and make me hurt myself again. I still don’t know what I have or what’s going on but I’m happy that I’m happy right now. I just hope that I know what I’ll be doing once I’m down again. I hope to see a doctor, so he/she can explain what’s going on.

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