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My parents ordered a Chinese so I had some sort of veg starter thing, and literally everything in it was fried in a crap tonne of oil.
Now I’m sat here feeling disgusting and having the old thoughts of vomiting, but I don’t want to do or feel that.

So, as a note to myself,

One bad meal does not define you.

I am still worthy if I relapse.

I am still worthy if I don’t relapse.

One meal will not alter your body shape.

An altered body shape isn’t a bad thing.

I can and will eat healthier options tomorrow.

My body is not disgusting, it is beautiful.

I can do this.

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Friday Update:
Don’t miss our next Mental Health Moment every Monday at Z106.3FM.
Are you ready to check out these amazing groups that are safe, free, and open to everyone?
#MHSG #MentalHealth #MentalHealthRecovery #SelfCare #LGBTQIA+ #PlattsburghNY #Plattsburgh #ClintonCountyNewYork #Z1063 #update #upstateNY

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I’ve been struggling a lot this year. Hanging in there. 😁✌❤
Reposted from @classicalshits
#cptsdwarrior #cptsdsurvivor
#cptsd #complexPTSD #childhoodtrauma #DevelopmentalTrauma #childhoodptsd #ptsd #trauma #cptsdrecovery #donm #aconm #tellingmystory #sharingmystory #youtuber #blogger #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthrecovery@pokingholes_cptsdwarrior

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#Love is an essential component to #mentalhealth. We celebrate #worldmentalhealthday with Love.
Mettalusso. Metta means love. Lusso means luxury.
We are a company intentionally created to contribute to these most important aspects of life!

Mettalusso is the world’s 1st vegan clean beauty brand for both people + pets. The love between people + pets is very real!

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For the past few days I have had this crushing pain in my chest. I’m not doing okay. I took the day off work and lied and told them it was because of a flare of my IBD. Why do I feel the need to lie about mental health issues? Hide them from people? Does anyone else feel that way too?

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How do you know if you are mentally healthy ?

Hmmm, that’s a good question. I always think that Body + mind = Health. We see our body in the mirror every day, that’s how it is. But we have to feel how good the mind is. Let’s talk about this–

First I ask a question, how do we know that our body is very good?

When we see that our bone and muscle capacity is very good and there is no problem in our body to do any hard work. Then we will understand that we have very good physical power.

If we look at this formula with our mind, then we will understand how our mental health is!

What is our inner reaction to any problem in life? Do we give up on a small problem? Or, solve a big problem effortlessly by planning? Or, solve many complicated events in a simple way?

Look closely at your attitude, then you will understand that the state of your mental muscle.

Let me tell you a story I heard: When it rains, when all the birds return to their homes, the eagle flies in the sky to enjoy the rain. The problem is the same for everyone. The way you look, that’s where the power of your mind lies. Thank you

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