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crushedcoffeeberries · 4 months ago
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little-cherryy · 25 days ago
Holding your own boob is the only way of not going crazy.
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inspired-survivor · 20 days ago
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peoplecallmedisappointment · 9 months ago
Everyone: live their lives
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inksandichor · 4 months ago
i look at my reflection and can’t help but wonder when I lost myself, where did all the potential go? I mean I don’t even get out of bed now
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bebanz · a year ago
Sometimes Some "Parents" should realize they are their children's first Bullies
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tinysunday · 4 months ago
I dont know if I want to be really happy or if I just wanna die.
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bipolarhexgirl13 · 2 months ago
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And no one listens
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generallydepressed · 2 years ago
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I hate how true this is but I still message first every time because I know if I don't I will end up never talking to them
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eclectic-cryptid · a month ago
Is anyone else's dissociation just like... a fucking video game?
You're present. You can interact with everyone, understand the conversations, but everything just has a layer over it?
And it's always there? But sometimes it's thickers sometimes it's thinner.
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lufronus · a year ago
At least tumblr asks me if I'm okay..
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crushedcoffeeberries · 6 months ago
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isearchedtheyooniverse · 8 months ago
What are you currently working on
My mental health
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inspired-survivor · 20 days ago
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Relatable in More Ways than one!! 🙋‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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nothing-s-really-real · 3 months ago
I can't picture myself getting better because I don't remember what better was like.
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notitiashared · 3 months ago
To be done.
To be finished.
To be.
Is it the very act of being
that is the ultimate completion?
Maybe “to be” is already
the eternal act of being done,
being finished.
A type of something from nothing
along the way of being, of existing,
designed an interesting interference
of not yet, not accomplished yet,
not there yet, not good enough yet,
just a silly “not yet” interference.
Not yet, even if it means sacrificing
peace, stillness, rest, just not yet until the interfering idea, title, social measurement is accomplished.
Not yet,
and yet,
it is done,
and finished
that is being.
It is always now
that nothing is left undone.
Being knows nothing of “not yet”.
Being is what “not yet” crave to be,
and all it had to do is be
without the silly
interference of
“not yet”.
To be
is already
Just being and yet,
one is finished.
~ @notitiashared
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tinysunday · 4 months ago
I spent 2 hours deciding what to wear and he didnt even look at me.
I'm so pathetic
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kosakoloko · a year ago
Me, after being alone with my thoughts:
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spellscorpionshinesummer · 5 months ago
dear god, if you exist please do not repost me with the elder daughter trope next life.
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mentallybroke · a year ago
htf am i a problem solver for everyone else but a problem maker for myself
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