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#mentally tired

No, no me hiciste daño, al menos no directamente, pero cómo hubiese querido que me defiendas cuando me maltrataban emocional y psicologicamente.

No, no me hiciste daño, pero hubiese querido que te pongas de mi lado, para así sentirme menos pequeña, menos sola.

No, no me hiciste daño, pero mientras que me decían que no valía lo que valgo y que era la culpable de todas las tristezas de mi madre, tú sólo te sentabas a ver tu serie.

No, no me hiciste daño, no directamente, al menos recuperé mi confianza y mi autoestima, pero me sigo sintiendo sola en esta casa, aunque esté llena de gente.

No, no me hiciste daño, pero ojalá hubieses estado para defenderme.

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I’m honestly in need of help. I’ve been bingeing at night and I just want to stop. The entire day I have been having regular meals and then night comes and I just want to eat everything. Please give me tips on stopping this! Comment below.

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Me, eating a Kit Kat, well aware of the assignments I have yet to finish, drowning in my anxiety and knowing every second I waste is a second I could be using to do something productive: this is fine

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i forgot how much not eating effects ur body. i feel so fucking weak, pretty sure I’m starting to have heart palpitations/chest pain from it, I wake up in the middle of the night more. and I wake up literally feeling so tired I feel dead. feel like that most of the day. god fuckin dammit…but hey at least I’m getting skinny 🤠

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Jan 22nd, 2021 - 2:00 am

What do you want from me? Can’t you see that I’m already giving everything I have? I get that I’m failing and I promise I’ve tried to fix it but I can’t. No matter how hard I try, I can’t fix it. Not only is school stressing me, but you are as well. You want me to get better, pull up my grades, and make friends. I don’t know how you still don’t get it. I can only focus on one of those, maybe two if I try. But now you’re making me choose all three and I can’t. I’m sorry

No I’m not.

I cant live like this anymore. I can’t keep going through the days like my life is under your control. I live for myself only. No one else.

And I swear to god, I will make it in life just to prove you wrong,

You stupid son of a bitch

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The worst thing about abusive parents, or toxic family is that when you try to escape, they will act a thousand times worse to prevent it

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Reasons to be proud of yourself:

  • You got yourself out of bed today
  • You ate properly
  • You didn’t self harm
  • You went outside
  • You kept your head up even though you didn’t feel like it
  • You got dressed
  • You showered
  • You went for a walk
  • You took all your meds

Just because others may see your achievements as small it does not mean that they are small. Be proud of yourself, even for the small things, and stay strong.

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I’m trying to fix my sleep schedule (because it got fucked up when I was dealing with my case COVID-19) and it’s fucking hard. Normally I would just stay up all day and not sleep for 24 hours but I really don’t want to do that so I’m just staying up slightly later and thus falling asleep slightly later so I wake up slightly later until I’m on a semi-normal schedule (which basically means falling asleep at 5am and sleeping until 11am-2pm).

So I have to manage to stay awake for another hour and a half or more but I’m already on the verge of passing out because I’m tired. It’s times like these I wish I had narcolepsy instead of chronic insomnia (from which I’ve suffered since birth, basically).

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is anyone else just starting to realize how toxic one of their parents is? like seriously, I am just now discovering how toxic my own mom is.

she’d give me silent treatments ever since I was like 4, doesn’t allow me any kind of privacy, threatens to leave me every time we argue (she knows she’s almost the only family I have) ect ect.

also, I’ll be moving out in like 2 years because I want to continue my studies abroad and I’ve just discovered that when that will happen I won’t have a room anymore in my parents’ house. like seriously my room will become hers and I won’t have a room of my own whenever I’ll come back home.

this is just fantastic


Originally posted by muvana

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In another editon of my relationship with my parents:

I realized that they didn’t (they still don’t, actually) let me express anger, wrath, rage or some emotion like that, so now I’m a totally fucked up walking mass of suppressed feelings that could explode in any moment.

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