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#mentally tired
irenekohstudio · 2 days ago
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CHOOSE TO CONTINUE.Keep trying,keep going,keep working.❤❤ We may not know each other personally, but we just wanna say that we are proud of the progress you have made. Big or Small, it doesn't matter. Someday the world will see your grace, and you will find yourself embracing the spotlight that you once thought it's impossible to achieve.❤ Happy Monday Y'all!
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brokenflicker · 5 months ago
"I'm not lazy, I'm just tired. and I don't mean because I've been working hard. Not at all. I'm tired from forcing myself to get out of bed everyday. I'm tired of distracting myself from the thoughts in my brain. I'm tired because all my energy is put to surviving and people don't understand that because all they see is how unproductive you are."
— depression is a disease and it's tiring
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