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#mentally unstable

They always said, “A mask is just a mask! You can’t wear that mask forever. However good a mask is, it’s only a mask!”

Then she replied them, “Ok. I’ll make a change to that then. I’ll maintain and upgrade my mask so that i could forever wear it. I’ll maintain it for as long as I live. And if i fail, then it simply means that I’m not here anymore.”

They went speechless.

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Mental disorders aren’t real unless a doctor tells you you have it.. right?

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Wanting to feel loved…

A thought that I’ve repressed for so long, a thought that causes an ill feeling commonly known as cringing. I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t allowed myself to accept the fact that I want to feel loved or I should say, need to feel loved. I believe it’ll give me purpose and it would be a thrill to just have something to look forward to but it’s scary that my emotional stability will solely depend on that person. Can I really put that burden on someone else? I couldn’t, I shouldn’t.

It makes me think of all my past attempts, desperately trying to have a connection with someone, attaching myself way too quickly, wanting to fix them, help them, love them. Was I in the wrong? Was I trying too hard? Maybe I should wait until I’ve matured enough but until then, am I meant to be lonely?

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“The routine”

  1. Waking up
  2. Opens laptop
  3. Sees: Missing assignment Missing assignment Missing assignment Late assignment Late assignment Missing assignment Late assignment Assignment due today Assignment due 2 days ago Missing assignment
  4. Sighs
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Sorry, tumblr I’ve kinda forgot about it here.. But anyway, today I’m fine and even though I don’t think about the future or even believe that I’ll be better I still don’t want to die, at least not today.

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napping with my crystals on my head so maybe my mind will shut the fuck up 

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I had a mental breakdown on Monday.

I took yesterday to relax, and continue the breakdown.

I’m still exhausted mentally today, but at work, able to complete my tasks.

Don’t think there’s something wrong with you when you’re just healing at your own pace. It’s okay to need time to get back to center. It’s okay if you’re not all better in a day, or two, or even three. Take your time.

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Had a dream I was running some kind of series or video called “Top 10 Mental Health Mistakes(😔!!) and How to Get Out of Them (😃!!)” (yes worded like that) and in this I was basically taller Dippy Fresh and number one was Make People Like You by Being Funny Then Gradually Reveal Your Trauma to Them as a Joke,, then I realized this wasn’t a dream and I was wide awake at 4:47 pm and I actually do that

Anyway, I think tall dippy fresh is Jesus

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Originally posted by youngjellyfishbasement

When the voices in your head constantly running around like a machine.

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You’re very quiet what’s up

I’m slowly losing my mind and I feel as though my friends find me bland when I’m not very talking as a person and annoying when my true immature nature shows itself and I’m needing of physical touch but scared to get it as well as having nothin to talk about and feel like a broken record and any and everything can change my mood swing and feel as though I have other emotions I’m making everyone feel awkward and it being uncalled for

*Cough cough* I’m fine just one of those days

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i keep seeing this guy on gogoanime ads and the captions are YOU LOSE HAIR? COME TR… and its just the funniest shit ever like who is this guy smug looking guy and why is he bald

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