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Just my thoughts…

I’ve dealt with mental health stuffs for a while, a long while. Some days are better than others, but the longer I live, the more I convince myself to stay, the more I notice the things I would’ve missed if I had been gone.

I would’ve missed dogs coming to my college campus and getting to pet those pure beings.

I would’ve missed my friend telling me how happy she is to finally be with someone who cares about her the way she deserves to be cared about.

I would’ve missed people caring about me, asking how my day is.

I would’ve missed asking that Solar panel call-person how their day was, and them telling me that I was the first person to ask them that all day.

I would’ve missed snow for the first time in my life, snow that covers cars and the grounds and makes everything look new.

I would’ve missed making new friends, friends that want to know how I’m doing and that want to tell me about their lives.

I would’ve missed watching all my lectures before the day of class and feeling prepared for the first time in a long time.

I would’ve missed dyeing my hair purple and giving my hair stylist artistic freedom.

I would’ve missed feelings new feelings and learning how to deal with those.

I would’ve missed trusting my intuition for the first time in a while and having a memorable day because of it.

This only scratches the surface of experiences over the past few months, and I don’t know if this will mean anything to anyone else. But it means something to me, and if it helps someone else, then that’s even better.

Feel free to add to this if you want.

I know this doesn’t magically solve mental illness, but it gives me a feeling of hope for the future and that has to be enough for right now, at least for me.


I don’t have a reasons to live list, but looking back, I realize there would’ve been a lot of meaningful experiences I would’ve missed if I had taken my life.

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Seeing Tony Stark struggle with anxiety attacks in Iran man 3 really makes me realise that my anxiety doesn’t make me weak or vulnerable, rather it make me HUMANand it can happen to anyone

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We know how hard 2020 has been and we need to stop hoping that things will go perfectly. Quitting perfectionism has become extremely important these days as everything is going out of the place and in a completely different direction than that of the ‘plans’ we mad. I wish we had a forward button which would help us to just skip these hard times and make our lives normal again but unfortunately, we can’t do that! We must learn how to adapt to these situations and do the best in our capabilities but if you're precise, you start setting unrealistic standards which won’t necessarily go the way you want. Being highly critical just leads to procrastination which then leads you to develop the fear of failure.

If you’re a perfectionist, this year is just not for you. Sometimes it’s better to be average than having high standards and false expectations. Allow yourself to do something imperfectly but enjoy the process of doing it. Give your brain the rest it deserves and practice self-compassion. Do things from your soul instead of always the mind, be involved in what you’re doing and stop hiding or correcting every single mistake. After all, life is not perfect and so aren’t you.

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No need to crash on your way to greatness…well…at least not any more than you have to. Join myself & Tia (@deshovelli) of @bllaklabel for a discussion on how we can combat our fear driven sense of entitlement & our issue with comparison (also rooted in fear)

This is Check Yo Self Before U Wreck Yo Self (The Remix)

You better check yo self before you wreck yo self, ‘Cause I’m bad for your health.
Remember, Self-Care isn’t selfish. ☝🏾 Expect better. Do better. Believe better. Life is hard. But Self-Care?
Self-Care doesn’t have to be. 🤍
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On my way home from walking my dog this man was riding his bike towards my direction. As we crossed paths he said “Hey brother, God loves you and your dog.” I cried the rest of the way home. It didn’t have to be God. He could’ve said anyone and I would’ve wept regardless. But maybe it was a sign. You really don’t know how your fellow human is doing sometimes but know that a little gesture or greeting can make all the difference that day. Be kind to one another. ❤️

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Can parents start understanding that school is extremely draining? Especially for kids with mental illnesses and learning disability’s. It can be very overwhelming, it can also really put us in a bad mental state. We have homework, and assignments due, tests to study for. Please be patient with your kids we are trying our best

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New episode tomorrow 🍾! Life is hard, this we know, but self-care? Becoming the best version of yourself? Well that doesn’t have to be. So sit back, relax & unwind as we together find ways to truly expect better, do better & believe better.

See you tomorrow @3PM CST for
Check Yo Self Before U Wreck Yo Self (The Remix‼️✨) x Tia (@deshovelli) of @bllaklabel

#podcastersofinstagram #selfcarecheckin #mentalhealthcare #selfacceptance #mentalhealthtips #wellnesswednesday #postiveselftalk #selfcarereminder #expectbetter #hiphop #innergrowth #selflover #podcast #selfcare #blackpodcasters #blackcreatives #mentalwellness #worthyoflove #shepodcasts #newepisode #femalepodcasters #blacklgbtq #healingenergy #musiclovers #checkyourselfbeforeyouwreckyourself #calm #blackpodcasts #podsincolor #blackpodcasters #wellnesswednesdays

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It is completely okay to outgrow people, and it’s completely okay to surround yourself with people who are going to support you as well as help you grow. It’s okay to outgrow places and things as well. Go where you can grow, heal, and be happy❤️

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