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#mention of clem
smkfan99 · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When everyone is fighting, during Benny's band song, Clem and Loboto grab clarinets and start to have a joust because of Loboto's "Big Meaty Claw" and Oleander uses cymbals on them and he's big and scary and intimidating! Beware! Base on Spongebob Season 2 Episode Band Geeks. 
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smkfan99 · a month ago
Tumblr media
No one could stop fighting, during Benny's band rehearsal especially Clem and Loboto. Oleander uses his cymbals when Clem and Loboto try to joust with clarinets. Everyone is fighting and using the instruments as weapons. Based on Spongebob Season 2 (popular) Episode Band Geeks. 
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yjhgvf · 2 months ago
This greasy ass hillbilly looking motherfucker Clem killed me twice because his boss fight is ass.
Like, seriously? Who designed this boss fight? Satan?
Actually It’d probably be more like Cthulhu or Posiden bc water.
It feels like Satan designed it tho.
Either way, all I’m saying is that Clem deserves to be in the god damn vroom vroom sucky sucker and he should never be let out.
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smkfan99 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
There is a serious outbreak of hiccups at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp and it all started with Clem and Crystal. They then go to Raz. The hiccups even go to Loboto then to Oleander, then to Lili. It keeps going. Based on an upcoming episode of Spongebob "Hiccup Plague"
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carverhawke · 6 months ago
hi while I’m crying over Abby and lev can we also just appreciate how normally it’s the (generally) gruff angry man who is stuck with an innocent and bright eyed little girl and grows to care for her in a fatherly way and softens up (joel and ellie, those two in bioshock infinite, Logan, etc), but with abby and lev it’s Finally the other way finally I get my gruff angry woman who remembers how to love and be kind thanks to this boy and decides “I will kill and die for him” we love it here
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seafleece · 9 months ago
gucci has all of her outfits tailored.
there’s a little pocket sown into the breast of every shirt she ever puts on, and every morning she stands before her mirror a revolutionary, grown, and slips a small, metal transmitter into it, above her heart.
(in her mind’s eye clem is unsullied and small, and she presents them both to gucci like glittering coins. above them, fat flakes of snow fall on the winter palace. clem’s cheeks are red with the cold.
she tells gucci that she doesn’t know what they do. whether she had simply not listened at all before taking them, or could not understand, gucci does not know. failing to listen and failing to understand both ring so true of clementine kesh that she is unsure if the distinction even matters.
but if she has one and clem takes the other, they can talk. something like that.
it’s not true, of course. they tried to make them work for weeks, with no result.)
it’s a force of habit, she thinks. something silly and leftover. clem has likely lost hers in battle— so sloppy is she— or thrown it out with everything else the world has ever presented clementine kesh with that she did not find perfectly suitable. she can imagine clem in her mind’s eye a little taller and infinitely angrier, after an argument and before she is given the panther, tossing it in the garbage and stalking out, thinking she has accomplished something.
the clementine kesh she visits in her cell has become something vile and beautiful and useless. she puts the transmitter in her pocket anyway.
when clementine hits the water her bones break. it might be reflex, or realization, or somewhere in between. blood stains the sea in ribboning trails, and she reaches for the transmitter in her pocket.
gucci is watching rain lash her window. beyond it, she is watching cruciat drown. peace and confusion curl and lash one another in her chest, and she sighs them both down.
she is about to move away. the transmitter, long dead and long vestigial, changes her course.
it burns, circular, first through her silk shirt and then onto the skin above her breast. like a dying star. she’s struck dumb and then desperate by the pain of it.
when she has fished it out of her shirt she throws it at the floor and gasps for air.
then, she runs.
clem is vile and beautiful and useless. gucci doesn’t want her to die.
it’s like keeping the bouquet of flowers on your dining room table alive, she thinks, pulling on one sleeve of her jacket, a crisp blue and red thing, and breaking into a run. they can’t possibly help you, and the thorns dig your hands if you pick up a stem, but it’s the principle of the thing.
clementine has been shedding petals onto the decks of fort icebreaker for weeks, crumpling and sweet-smelling and sickly.
“you wanted to be princept,” gucci says, leaning into her heavy and drunk. “and you won’t be. of course it hurts.”
she can hear heels down the corridor— so many guests, and everyone’s walk sounds just like mother’s. it hits her like a training blast, rattles her back together.
“i will be princept,” she hisses in gucci’s ear. digs her nails into gucci’s hips where they press against her own. a warning. “i’m not the one who will hurt.”
gucci laughs and kisses her. it tastes like the wine crysanth had pretended to uncork for the first time in the hall but which clem had snuck shaky glasses of last night, after meeting them.
her crew. hers.
they all had the same eyes, flat black like stones in a river. even leap, and he doesn’t even have eyes.
they’ll never trust you, the eyes said. no one will.
they shouldn’t, she thinks, and sinks her teeth into the plush press of gucci’s lower lip.
future calls her when it’s dark. this time, she simply throws her coat over her shoulders.
wouldn’t it be funny? she turns it over and over it her hands, hating it, hating that she can’t find any dents even though they had to dig it out of gur’s side. like a meteor, if retrieving a meteor was called surgery. to see clementine a servant?
“why didn’t you warn gur sevraq? is that not your purpose?” she wants to throw it at the opposite wall. she wants to melt it down so there is material for the prosthetic arm that clementine is going to need.
did you know that divines used to write to one another? so many novels it could fill all of past, if you put them to paper and pen. all lost.
she says nothing. hot tears are starting to fill her eyes.
past remembers it. they read the whole thing, and cried before they hurled themselves to the ground. they wanted to read to cymbidium, but cymbidium did not want to listen.
“why are you telling me this?”
excerpts took their names from it. they— we— were promises to help. to serve. there is certainly a verse with the word clementine. i could teach her how to serve.
“i suppose you’ll have to ask her,” gucci laughs, in the way a sob is a laugh, and really it’s the worst part, because— “she might say no.”
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angerdad · 11 months ago
@aintfair said: "please don’t do this."
miscellaneous angst starters. || not accepting
Tumblr media
“Don’t do WHAT?” His blood was boiling. He couldn’t stand to listen to Luke arguing with him-- not right now, of all times. Not when the loner that had already left them once had done this to them. Emphasizing his next words, he pointed fiercely towards the person in question, his voice raising dangerously. “She LEFT the kid behind! There ain’t no other fuckin’ way around it.” He didn’t trust Jane as far as he could throw her-- he wouldn’t believe anything she could’ve said in her defense; he knew better than that.
Fury burned behind his eye, his enraged gaze landing on the other man. He looked only seconds away from murder-- and he wasn’t sure which of them would provoke the building anger that he was finding harder and harder to contain. “Are you really OKAY with that? That’d she’d let a kid DIE to save her own skin? Or are you too busy starin’ at her like a lost puppy to use your goddamn brain for once?”
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pi-creates · 6 days ago
are there any physical details you've noticed abt some characters that most ppl probably don't know?
Physical details? Hmm... I’m not really sure. There is  a couple of things that I just find interesting even though they aren’t mentioned much, and there’s some weird animation things, as well as a few oddities in the models/textures or files sometimes.
The closest thing I can think of is how we all can see Marlon’s light, patchy facial hair - but Omar has a little bit of that too, it’s just not as clear. You can see it more obviously in the texture files, but not so much in game.
Also, the texture files for Clem’s full arms are in the game, they just don’t ever load since her arms aren’t modelled above the wrist. Which means that she does have the dog scar and the A New Frontier brand, and if she theoretically had a different set of upper body files we might have been able to see those. I really wish we actually did get that, I wanted a moment where Clem can explain why she was scared of Rosie and show the dog bite.
Then there’s a more obvious thing that I just don’t hear brought up much - Willy has that little holster on the back of his belt and I don’t think we ever see it be used. I’m not entirely sure if that’s meant to be for a gun, knife, or even something for the archery bows, but it still feels odd to me that he wears that constantly but we never see its use. And if that is a gun holster... I can only wonder why he has that and if the school did have a gun at some point before Clem and AJ brought one in.
There’s also the thing where AJ has multiple “lower body” files, which is basically the pants and shoes. The second model I have actually swapped in before because I didn’t understand why there were two files - and instead of it being AJ’s normal appearance, it’s AJ with his handgun tucked into the waistband on the back of his pants. I don’t recall when that model actually appears in the game, he usually just puts his hand behind his back and spawns the gun. I dunno, I thought it was a nice model and I don’t know why it wasn’t used (or used more obviously if I’m just missing it).
This is an animation thing and a bit of a weird one, but I always notice how Violet never closes her eyes for any of the kisses. Which I personally find quite unnerving, but you don’t always get to see her eyes in the kisses so it is only really noticeable when you change the angles.
And there’s the weird thing were they, uhh, modelled newborn AJ completely in season 2, if you know what I mean. I don’t quite understand why they put that detail in, it seems like more effort on the modellers part for something they probably never intended to be seen. I don’t think anyone would have complained about Sims-esque, smooth, mannequin bodies.
That’s all I can really think of at the moment, it honestly get a little hard to keep track on what is and isn’t noticeable in normal gameplay after I’ve seen so much more of it with freecam.
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thesimsroyalfam · 9 days ago
Do the twins know Mary is having another baby?
hi lovely anon!! this is a good question ❤️
so during clem and mary’s phone call i was going to mention the fact that mary’s pregnant, but i decided against it. because mary has weekly phone calls with the twins while they’re away at boarding school, they would’ve known that she was pregnant a while ago. 💞
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expiredmouth · 12 days ago
not sure if tomorrow will be the last meet up since you ask me for lunch.
but here will be my reply since you ask if I ”hate” you.
1) you keep mention that I am important or like you take me like bro, can you tell me how important am I to you? or it is just a catchphrase for me to listen to it just because you think I like to hear it?
2) hinting you stuff, You can do whatever stuff you want with your friends. but i just feel like I do so many stuff and sometimes I ask you why you never ask your friend since you have 吃喝玩乐. but then I understand how it feel so i help you. but sometimes I also need my needs so I suggest like food and stuff but you reject, lose weight, etc etc but end up you dont mind doing all this with your friend but just me?
Even thought I hint you and hint you the obvious but i think you purposely dont get it.
3) Amazon, you know we have dim sum and talk about our feelings then you know how sad I am about the amazon job. which you promise you will help since you have many interview, but then you push to tuesday which you have interview so you feel fresh which i accept. but then you suddenly feel “SENSIBLE” when people fight with sister and you want to rush down. which means you actually have time to put on Monday but you choose not to but for other people you can rush down for me, it push to tuesday. Not able who is important but it is just not sincere.
then you push mine back to monday because you realised your plan get screw up because you have plans with her again. I actually dont need the help because you said that phrase. not knowing actually i am working? but tuesday you message, I wanted to accept but then I hinted like need meet up but you insists writing then you vet, then abit no point ma, so i cancelled because it is really not sincere and very reluctant to help.  maybe just to me because you will be mentor to others.
The trust level is down. followed by edmtitans last time.
4) everytime when i pointed out the things, I mention about overall but you always like to pinpoint and say like CARDS or that particular thing, what i mean overall behavior,maybe my english is not that good.
5) each time you tell me assurance but there is no action bro and when i see it, it pretty hurtful, you always mention you will make things right and move on, but what is the take away? like the pointers I mention and you say you understand and aware, is there any changes or you only change for a better reason or excuse to wipe me off or just fuyan?
Is it because you think i need a friend so you be my friend just because i want you to be my friend and you dont be my friend willingly like you want XL jw clem like that?
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typingwithcoffeesays · 12 days ago
not sure if tomorrow will be the last meet up since you ask me for lunch.
but here will be my reply since you ask if I ”hate” you.
1) you keep mention that I am important or like you take me like bro, can you tell me how important am I to you? or it is just a catchphrase for me to listen to it just because you think I like to hear it?
2) hinting you stuff, You can do whatever stuff you want with your friends. but i just feel like I do so many stuff and sometimes I ask you why you never ask your friend since you have 吃喝玩乐. but then I understand how it feel so i help you. but sometimes I also need my needs so I suggest like food and stuff but you reject, lose weight, etc etc but end up you dont mind doing all this with your friend but just me?
Even thought I hint you and hint you the obvious but i think you purposely dont get it.
3) Amazon, you know we have dim sum and talk about our feelings then you know how sad I am about the amazon job. which you promise you will help since you have many interview, but then you push to tuesday which you have interview so you feel fresh which i accept. but then you suddenly feel “SENSIBLE” when people fight with sister and you want to rush down. which means you actually have time to put on Monday but you choose not to but for other people you can rush down for me, it push to tuesday. Not able who is important but it is just not sincere.
then you push mine back to monday because you realised your plan get screw up because you have plans with her again. I actually dont need the help because you said that phrase. not knowing actually i am working? but tuesday you message, I wanted to accept but then I hinted like need meet up but you insists writing then you vet, then abit no point ma, so i cancelled because it is really not sincere and very reluctant to help.  maybe just to me because you will be mentor to others.
The trust level is down. followed by edmtitans last time.
4) everytime when i pointed out the things, I mention about overall but you always like to pinpoint and say like CARDS or that particular thing, what i mean overall behavior,maybe my english is not that good.
5) each time you tell me assurance but there is no action bro and when i see it, it pretty hurtful, you always mention you will make things right and move on, but what is the take away? like the pointers I mention and you say you understand and aware, is there any changes or you only change for a better reason or excuse to wipe me off or just fuyan?
Is it because you think i need a friend so you be my friend just because i want you to be my friend and you dont be my friend willingly like you want XL jw clem like that?
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chihomichannel · 16 days ago
of candy wrappers and unprecedented endings
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
| pairing: choso x reader | genre: angst & fluff | warnings: mention of death; sad things blended with happy things | word count: 2330 words | a/n: hi! this is clem! this is the 3rd and final part of “bittersweet lollipops” so read the first two parts before this but it can also be read as is. this wasn’t my first plan for the 3rd part and i had actually written a lot when i realized that i don’t want it to be the 3rd part lol. so i rewritten this today and here it is! hope you guys like it!
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Tumblr media
Time has always been the limit for humans. We were born and raised, thrown into the world and built our lives only for everything you’ve worked hard for to be left behind once death came right by your door. And for sorcerers like you, death has always been just a step behind, ready to take you once it was your time. But in your case, you miraculously lived long enough to know you would die with no regrets.
Feeling the hand clung onto yours, your eyes woke from its slumber. Your eyes were met with the bright sunshine that illuminated the whole room, the white of the ceiling shining brighter than ever. Your head turned to your side to see Choso sitting asleep by your bed, his hand on top of yours while the other held your family scrapbook. The page was open, showing a picture of your family at its early stages. It was you and Choso both holding onto your newborn with your friends by your sides. You remembered it was your first born’s first birthday and you smiled at the vivid memory that crossed your mind.
You thought back to that day when everyone was present, celebrating and just pure happiness. You remembered Megumi tackling Yuuji when he was about to feed your baby he didn’t know your daughter could not eat. You remembered Panda with your baby lying on its stomach and Inumaki shoving toys to your daughter to amuse it. You remember Gojo arriving late with a bag full of sweets to which Choso took eagerly. You remembered Nobara continuously flaunting her outfit. You remembered Maki and Nanami just being there. And you remembered looking at everyone, just taking in that moment and storing it inside your treasured memories. You remembered the atmosphere, the calm and the chaos in the house. The hot rays of the sun shielded by the window pane. You remembered that moment and longed to return to that day.
Blinking, you were snapped back to reality. You took note that the atmosphere was the same as that day. You smiled, eyes tired even though you only just woke up. You glanced at Choso’s hands that clung onto yours, it was tight but he held you as if you were fragile glass. You knew he’s worried and so you moved your hand and intertwined it with his. Choso stirred awake, licking his dried lips as he leaned up from his position “Hey” he said, his voice cracking slightly. He looked tired, the look in his eyes told you they’ve lived for so long. They’ve seen so much yet his face was still the same. His body looked the same, everything looked the same. His youthful face hid the hundreds of years he’s lived.
He smiled- oh his smile. His smile is something you never got over. When you first knew Choso, you would have never guessed that he could be so expressive. With his indifferent mien, even at the start of your relationship, you would always be so surprised to see another expression on his face. You loved it especially when he has this confused, wondering face. You always found it so cute. You found everything he does cute. It scared you just how much you’re in love him. But you could never imagine nor wish for a better life because the life you have with Choso by your side is a life you would never bargain anything for. You are content and you are in love. You didn’t even realize it but Choso became your life. The little world and family you’ve built with him, it’s yours and his. No life was better than this.
“Morning” Choso scooted his seat closer to your bed, he had his elbows on the soft mattress, taking your hand to his lips. “It’s afternoon, silly” You weakly told him, softly chuckling. You felt him smile in your hands and you gazed at him adoringly “I see you’ve been looking at the scrapbook again”
“Yeah” Choso pulled away from your hands and flipped the scrapbook to the next page “I guess I fell asleep while doing so” He mused. He stopped and you looked at the page to see a picture of you and him decades ago. It was a selfie when you two eloped that one fateful night. The two of you never planned for a wedding nor did you think you would ever get married. It was never a thought in your mind but during that night, Choso looked so beautiful. Even with his mouthful of tacos you grabbed on the way to Panda’s birthday, something about the night with the streetlights and the swarm of people highlighted Choso in your eyes. And at the bus stop, just as you were about to get on it, you pulled Choso into a halt and waited until the crowd got on the bus before you spoke “Will you marry me?”
You both skipped on Panda’s birthday and got married. It was a decisive decision but no doubt the best you’ve ever made. A year later after that, your daughter was born and you swore, Choso had never glowed brighter. Your heart felt soft whenever you see your daughter and husband bonding. And the sight of your daughter cuddled up against Choso made you feel so thankful that these beautiful people are part of your life. Because of them, life was so much brighter.
You and Choso bore four more children after that. To say that life is noisy is an understandment but the noise made you happy anyway (albeit stressed). You stopped at baby number 5, with your eldest being 15 at the time. As expected, your daughter became a sorcerer, proving to be much stronger than either of you with a cursed technique she invented on her own. Your second didn’t follow onto the jujutsu society and made a life of his own outside the dangers of your reality. Your third inherited Choso’s blood manipulation and was almost bought by the Kamo clan but of course, you and Choso shielded your child away from the mess that is clan families. Your fourth also became a jujutsu sorcerer and your youngest inherited your cursed technique. All in all, your children now had lives of their own with all of them being fully fledged adults.
With a sigh, you yawned, reaching out for the scrapbook and putting it on your lap. You flipped to the next page and a grin etched on your face. You giggled, motioning to Choso the scrapbook. It was you and Choso all those years ago before you were married. It was that day out when Choso kissed you on the ferris wheel. It was when you two were sitting on the sea wall when he secretly snapped a picture of you looking the other way. A glint flashed through Choso’s eyes, his lips mirroring your grin. Choso traced the design by the photo, it was a bunch of lollipop wrappers you two had been eating when you were designing this specific page. He remembered you chastising him for almost emptying the packet of lollipops. Chuckling, he turned to look at you to see you looking at him so lovingly “I love you” you told him and Choso felt his chest tighten. It was a wonder how you still had so much effect on him when you had literally spend your lifetime together “And I love you”
Choso examined the wrinkles in your eyes when you smiled. Your once smooth skin was now wrinkled out of old age. Your once vibrant hair is now a dull white. Both your eyes now have a cataract that clouded your sight. And your lips remain chapped no matter how many times you apply a lip balm. But even with all these things you’ve obtained as you aged, you still looked so darn beautiful. It was no secret that his never changing youth made you insecure. You wished he could age up with you but realized that was selfish and so you brushed off these thoughts. What you didn’t know is that Choso also wished the same. He wished he could grow old with you and get wrinkly together.
It was cruel how he couldn’t age with you. If you thought about it, he’s actually more than a century older than you yet here you are, minutes away from letting go. Choso clutched your hands, his eyes shaking as you breathed frailly. He breathed out your name, tears brimming in his eyes. He let out a whimper when you called his name, hiding in the cold of your hands “Choso” You repeated, feeling a pang on your chest. You leaned forward to embrace him, trapping him in your arms resulting in Choso to lean on your shoulder, letting out a quiet cry.
You cooed, kissing his temple before hiding your face in his hair, his locks drying the tears that fell on your cheeks. “Don’t go” He cried, his voice muffled “Not you too” His voice cracked causing your arms to tighten around him “Choso, Choso” With that, Choso looked you in the eyes.
“Please never be alone-” You paused, composing yourself. Choso held your cheeks as you continued “-find someone-” “I could never love someone else other than you” Choso said committedly. You gave him a look before you continued “-please, please don’t blame yourself” You held his cheeks, giving him a soft smile as you plead “And please don’t be sad”
You broke, Choso catching your tears with his mouth. Planting kisses on your face, Choso savored you in. The both of you could feel it. It was the worst feeling ever. But thinking back to your life, it was never short of happiness. Choso was the pill that gave you the energy to live your fullest. He was the reason you found a purpose in life and became a mother of five. He was the reason you ever felt true happiness. And thinking back to all those memories, you can confidently say that you left this world with no regrets.
 ๋࣭     ࣪ ˖        ⋆ ࣪.     ˖ ࣪⭑      ˖ ࣪ ٬     ุ๋ ⸱ ๋࣭     ࣪ ˖        ⋆ ࣪.     ˖ ࣪⭑      ˖ ࣪  ๋࣭
A snowflake fell on Choso’s nose causing it to twitch at the contact. It was cold and Choso stood in the midst of the crowd, unmoving as stone. He sighed, a cloud forming in front of his mouth. Yuuji had called him to meet him in the plaza in front of the huge clock that stood tall in the middle of the park. Choso scanned his surroundings and took note of the large crowd that flocked together at night. It was the night before Christmas eve and Choso was alone. His children all had their own families to tend to. The original plan was to celebrate at his home but plans tend to change and Choso ended up alone. If not for Yuuji, he would probably be asleep by now.
“Choso!” Hearing someone call out his name, Choso turned to see his brother and his friend, Megumi, heading his way. Yuuji’s pink hair is now white, his smile now has wrinkles on them. It was the same with Megumi and Choso remembered he couldn’t age. It made him sigh, wanting nothing but age together with the people he cares about. It bothered him so much, especially with his eldest child looking much older than him. It was unfair, Choso wailed to the gods.
Choso let them pull him wherever, going along with the flow. But even with the boisterous laughs of his brother and the chatter that filled his ears, he felt alone. He was surrounded by people yet he felt so cold. Sighing for the umpteenth time that day, Choso going along wherever his companions went.
This didn’t go unnoticed by Yuuji. He was worried about his brother which is why he called him in the first place. His legs hurt from old age but if it means his brother would feel better, he would go out in the cold to walk with him. Megumi already went home and Yuuji is walking Choso home. He noted the faraway look Choso held. Yuuji felt sad at the sight. He remembered how Choso shined when you were still alive. But the Choso walking beside him now was nothing but the shell left of his body. His eyes held no soul, that is until Choso’s eyes landed on the ferris wheel.
It was the same ferris wheel as back then. Like before, it flickered in different lights, switching its color as it rotated. Choso held a cry, feeling a lump in his throat. You. Oh, you. He is so in love with you still. He saw that yellow pod, though unsure if it was the one, his heart ached at the memory of you. His heart always aches every second of the day. You, he thought of you. He felt the linger of your touch on his skin, your breath as you laughed against him. He felt your kisses and the love you felt for him. The clutch of your fingers as you held onto him. He felt you.
He breathed in the cold air, taking his eyes off the ferris wheel into the night sky. The jet black sky was painted with the white of the snowflakes that fell. One dropped on his cheek and rolled down the same time a tear fell down from his hollow eyes. A breath left his throat, a smoke coming out of his mouth. He will find you, he is determined to find you. No matter how long it takes. No matter what millennia he meets you again. He will be there and you would be in his arms again. He will tell you the stories he’s lived and live another lifetime with you. No matter how many lifetimes, what matters is he’s with you.
Another set of tears run down his cheeks. He misses you but he will live on. He will live on.
He will live on.
Tumblr media
tag list: @lawlesshedgehog
if you want to be removed from the tag list, feel free to say so in the comment section
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nolanhollogay · 26 days ago
okay so, i’d just like to hear about season 3 of the ngtwu universe in general please!
ahhh ok so there's a Lot but here's a like... bullet point plot line:
- clem, lydia & scott get together at the end of season 2 so they're all vibing in the beginning
- well you know not Vibing bcuz boyd & erica (& maybe cora i still don't know how she fits in here) have been kidnapped by the alpha pack but they're not like in relationship turmoil so it's Fine
- they rescue them from the alpha pack and find out about the darach and the whole derek has to kill his betas plot doesn't happen (for now! i think I'll have to rework it)
- they do still think he's dead tho and i think motel california works as it is (except clem and lydia would probably be the ones to talk scott down instead of stiles)
- the whole derek being forced to kill boyd thing just doesn't exist fuck u jeff davis!
- scott still becomes true alpha ofc
- everyone else finds out that clem is a druid in training when they find out about deaton & morrell being emissaries
- roxie & isaac try to help erica & boyd deal with almost dying bcuz they are all besties (this is mostly side plot but i wanted to mention it)
- everything else is pretty much the same honestly i like 3a tbh my beef is with 3b
- oh and beck receuits bunny for her coven (again more of a background thing but like... it happens)
- deaton and hyunwoo get engaged after all the bs with the alpha pack (i need to make a separate post about hyunwoo in 3a which is why he's not mentioned in those bullet points dgdfs but he Is there)
- clem is very worried about scott hallucinating
- roxie & co help hunt for coyote malia
- basically all the stuff that happens with stiles and the oni and the nogitsune happens to kira there's too much to type dgfgf
- scott and kira and isaac start visiting hyunwoo (kira for plot reasons, scisaac just bcuz these bitches need therapy so bad)
- allison gets malia and kira out of eichen house ♥️
- kira took the nogitsune into her so nobody would get hurt :(
- malia moves in with the argents
- kira tells her mom that the nogitsune is inside of her after her mom tells her she's a kitsune :(
- there's more but i cannot figure out how to explain it all im sorry but basically stiles and boyd & erica are killed when they're trying to fight the nogitsune and it Sucks
- isaac doesn't leave for paris bcuz that was stupid
- mallison get together ♥️
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theclementinethatcher · 28 days ago
[ cis woman, she/her, haley lu richardson , 21 ] i can’t be sure, but i think i just saw CLEMENTINE THATCHER drive onto the parkway. don’t they know we’re not supposed to be driving on that haunted road right now? maybe it has to do with the fact that they’re so +KIND and -NAIVE that makes them feel UNEASY about everything going on. i guess we could also chalk it up to the fact that they’re always reminding me of A FIELD FULL OF SUNFLOWERS, THE SMELL OF FRESH BAKED COOKIES, & LAUGHING UNTIL YOUR STOMACH HURTS. either way, i hope they get back safely. [ sarah, she/her, 24, est ]
trigger warnings for mention of alcoholism, drug abuse, and pregnancy 
Tumblr media
hello pals ! my name is sarah and i’m very excited to be here. i am introducing my little ray of sunshine, clementine. i hope you all enjoy her :D
character inspirations:
fiona gallagher, charlie kelmeckis, penelope garcia, spencer reid, lindsay weir
mini bio:
born and raised in reed, virginia
the oldest out of four kids, she has two sisters and one brother. her brother is name nick (seventeen years old), evangeline (eight years old), and felicity (six years old) 
pretty much has always been dirt poor. her parents were the type of people who should have never gotten married, or had kids for the matter. very dysfunctional and terrible rolemodels. very much like frank and monica from shameless sadly fjgikrtj
def wasn’t uncommon for them to go periods where they were homeless and having to sleep in the back of their old mom van or go to homeless shelters or crash at random people’s living rooms. they never called one apartment or house home for too long
money was always tight due to her parents losing their jobs and not keeping good one’s….so clem learned quick on how to trick people and steal. she was pickpocketing and getting free food from fast food places and diners when she was pretty young. it helped that she was a cute kid
her parents got arrested on drug charges when she was fourteen years old, her grandmother becoming their official guardians. it wasn’t exactly the most ideal outcome, but it beat being in foster care.
she has always struggled with being pretty shy. she was bullied often growing up for having crappy looking clothes and looking like a mess. she didn’t talk much because of it and turned to books as a form of comfort
as she got a bit older, she would befriend a small group of people….the outcasts and stoners. they didn’t judge her for not talking much and coming from the rough side of town. her mom van became the smoke sesh, it all worked out
that’s where she met her first and only legit relationship
she fell hard for her first boyfriend, they got into a relationship pretty quickly and only within a few months of dating.....he got her pregnant 
she told herself that she wasn’t going to have kids super young like her parents, but well, it just....happened 
gave birth to a beautiful baby girl serenity rose 
really wanted to graduate and maybe go to college. but, she ended up dropping out her senior year to help take care of her siblings full time and be a full time mom. having a kid was simply joke 
when her daughter serenity was three years old, clem and her boyfriend would end their relationship on a horrible 
money was getting tight and he was turning to drinking to cope with the stress of being a young father. he ended up cheating on her one night while extremely drunk
when clem found out the news, she broke up with him and told him to leave unless he wanted to get clean
she hasn’t heard from his much as it hurt for her, it was for the best.
in a perfect world, she would love to be an english teacher but she doesn’t think that will happen anytime soon. maybe one day.
right now she’s just kind of vibing....working at her grandma’s bakery and dana’s diner, trying to save up money to eventually get her own place 
random fun facts:
yellow is her favorite color
sunflowers are her favorite flowers
LOVES to bake
also loves to knit 
always carries around a bookbag around w her w lil’ cute pins and patches on them
has a weird ass style, loves thrifting and corny t-shirts
never wears matching socks, she thinks it’s bad luck
is very bisexual and realized this in high school when she had crushes on all of the pretty girls who bullied her :(
is a hopeless romantic and hasn’t been in a new relationship after her ex 
p insecure about her appearance and doesn’t believe people when they say she could model
is SUPER freaked out over the killings happening in town and because of it, doesn’t want to leave the house w her daughter or siblings....she’s afraid they might be next if she’s not careful 
full bio:
coming soon!
this is all i have for now w her, pls plot w this qt!!
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dallassqoy434 · 28 days ago
How to Get More Results Out of Your artisan foods
As opposed to other vinegars, balsamic increases with age and, at seventy five several years or older, can command a really steep value, costlier than the usual scarce wine on the for each-ounce basis. And, like wine, it can be aged in barrels, including acacia, ash, cherry, chestnut, juniper, mulberry, oak and walnut. Tradizionale balsamic need to be aged in five of these woods, some ranging in age from fifty to 200 decades aged. Within the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilio, in Northern Italy (and that is the only put reliable balsamic is made) it truly is common for barrels being passed from 1 era to a different. Even so, that is exactly where the similarities conclude. Contrary to wine, the "will have to" with the sweet, white grapes is not fermented. It is actually cooked slowly but surely, above a Wooden hearth, for several hours.
In as couple as 25 decades back, it had been difficult to locate a bottle of authentic balsamic vinegar here inside the States. But with the nineties The key was out and bottles of the good things had been showing up in finicky cooks' kitchens all over the place. But along with the very good things, arrived All those miserable imitations. Concoctions of as many as ninety percent red wine or cider vinegar, with caramel color and sugar included had been demonstrating up likewise. To protect the popularity and value of reliable balsamic vinegar, in 1979 a consortium was shaped in Modena led by an area producer. The name "Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena" is currently safeguarded, and continues to be given that 1983.
So, When you are in the marketplace for the actual deal, the sweet, syrupy, velvet balsamic, you'll need to browse some labels. Firstly, there is just one component. Grape "must". No additional vinegars, caramel coloring or sugar. Also, seek out the classification of "Aceta Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena" or "Aceta Balsamico Condimento." Using the Condimento, fewer Wooden varieties are Employed in the ageing system, but, usually, equivalent conventional approaches are utilised. If you cannot obtain one on the supermarket's shelf, specialty food outlets or shopping online will do the trick. Be ready to dig just a little further into that wallet than you Typically would for just a bottle of vinegar. Belief me, It really is worth it. And like a wonderful extra virgin olive oil, a real, aged balsamic is just not for cooking. Utilize it to "costume" your foodstuff. Cheeses, fruits and, Of course, even vanilla ice product. And, Finally, shop it in the amazing, darkish area. Appreciate!
I'm a Wisconsin boy, born and bred; I never achieved a dairy products I failed to like. My wife and son equally drink skim milk but the lowest I would at any time go was 2%. I felt, as several do, that skim was just blue water, although it absolutely was much healthier. On the other hand, lately something transpired that changed my thoughts. That a little something was Blue Marble Dairy.
A Dairy with Willpower
Nick Kirch took more than the farm from his dad and mom and, in 1995, fulfilled a aspiration by creating his very own bottling plant and getting Blue Marble Dairy. Any time you meet Nick, you see why. It is possible to see the connection he has together with his land and animals, a uncommon commodity these days. You hear him make clear why he in no way built a milking parlor on to his barn; he feels milking his cows inside their stalls is less demanding and it allows him for being a lot more fingers on Along with the animals. You check out among his pigs, Wilbur, adhering to him almost everywhere and discover that Wilbur determined ways to climb the fence like a ladder to receive outside of his pen. Instead of earning the fence bigger, Nick just decided to let Wilbur roam the farm. When he looks out above his fields, it is possible to tell that Nick is pleased with what he is accomplished with it; you can see it in eyes.
I requested Nick regarding the philosophy at the rear of Blue Marble. "I commenced Blue Marble to provide the farmer and The buyer back with each other," said Nick. "I think we have lost that through the years. We have to get to find out each other. We're all in the world alongside one another and we have to sustain the Earth and ensure it is an improved place."
Excellent To start with
Nick also decided to Make his individual dairy on his farm as a result of bovine advancement hormone (BGH). "A few of the bigger milk processors informed me that men and women didn't care about BGH, they just want inexpensive food stuff. That struck me the incorrect way. I did not believe was genuine. I also Believe BGH is tough to the cows, and it shortens their effective everyday living. I believe folks have the appropriate to make a decision what they do And do not eat," mentioned Nick. His worry with the animals also ensures that Blue Marble's online store cows are grass fed utilizing rotational grazing. Which means the 65 cows to the farm are moved to a special discipline virtually every day so you will find often fresh advancement to consume. The end result is milk which has been regarded again and again for extremely superior criteria. Actually, below ten% on the milk made in the United States fulfills Blue Marble's high quality expectations.
Aged-Fashioned Taste and Packaging
Blue Marble is among only a few microdairies that generate liquid milk solutions. Most micro-dairies create cheese and a good number of Individuals only milk goats. Blue Marble works by using no additives and produces product line milk; milk that is definitely pasteurized, employing a longer, low temperature approach, but is just not homogenized. This allows the Fats molecules to remain intact, developing milk and product with a higher Unwanted fat articles and also a fresher, sweeter, straight-from-the-Keeping-cooler taste.
Blue Marble is available only in glass bottles. Nick clarifies, "The rationale I went to glass bottles is since I really believe glass is best. It retains things colder and It is returnable. Glass bottles can be a ton costlier (as well as a big suffering for me), nonetheless it's what I have confidence in."
Aside from making and bottling large-excellent products, one other major hurdle for just about any microdairy is how to get it through the farm to the customer's entrance door. Yet again Nick determined one of the best ways was to do it himself.
Offering the most effective
Blue Marble Express, previously Artisan Foods Sent, introduced in 2005. Nick describes what's accessible. "You may order all our Blue Marble products and solutions, in addition Sugar River Dairy Yogurt, Community Selection Farm Market meats, or Brad B's honey, and we are going to supply it to your house." On top of that, you'll be able to get cheese from Brunkow, Mill Creek, or Klondike cheese firms, Hawkwind and Clem's Mustards, eggs, pickles, maple syrup, Tomato Mountain merchandise, and 11 unique styles of jam from your Summer time Kitchen.
Buying is easy. Goods are listed around the Blue Marble Express Web site Prospects comprehensive delivery and get details and, on another delivery day for the realm, considered one of Blue Marble's vans will produce to your cooler outside the customer's home. Blue Marble materials coolers for just a refundable deposit. You can find also a little deposit about the glass bottles. Blue Marble expenses a little shipping and delivery charge of $2.50 for orders from $35 to $ninety nine and for orders about $100 shipping and delivery is free of charge. Clients are invoiced if they acquire supply.
Expanding the Convenience
Nick Kirch is not really someone who stands nevertheless. He talked about other designs in the works. "We have been hunting into dealing with Purely natural Farms in Madison to increase our supply item line. Folks are asking for solutions we do not have or won't be able to afford to pay for to help keep in inventory. We already have a romance with them on a few of our difficult-to-get merchandise. So We now have mentioned establishing some sort of a process wherever consumers could get both of those our organizations' merchandise sent. We are also referring to creating a pickup web site in Madison for people who want to save lots of just a little cash, Maybe 10% to twenty%, along with cost savings on the shipping charge."
When upon a time, the milkman was a fixture over the American scene; an icon to get a time passed by when assistance was the highest priority therefore you realized the individual providing your milk by his first name. You understood that what you were getting was as fresh as you possibly can. Nick Kirch is set to live as many as that common and an entire large amount extra by overseeing every little thing within the cow in the sphere towards your front door.
In case you Go: Blue Marble Dairy 7571 Kirch Street Barneveld, WI 53507 (608) 924-2721
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shyrose57 · a month ago
Shadow over snowchester au!
I’d like to imagine that Tommy and Purple tell the girl’s fairytales and other story’s right before going to sleep for the night, Clementine alway’s fall a sleep first while Clara stay’s awake till the end to ask questions about the stories like, ‘why did the queen poison Snow White?’ Or ‘why did Snow White eat something a stranger gave her! Didn’t any one tell her how dangerous that is!’.
Tommy alway’s checks on his daughters while at night because A: neither of them can hear or see him coming, so he always catches them awake past bed time, and B: he’s a bit paranoid something might come and take his little girl’s ;-;
Because no one know’s Clara’s birth day they just asume she’s a year younger then Clementine, which she’s okay with!
Clementine get’s jealous easily, even with Michael if he spends enough time with either of her dad’s, so she was pretty upset and moody when Clara showed up and suddenly Clara got everyone’s attention, including daddy and papa! Thus she end’s up running away only to be found by techno and Phil, who both end up bonding with her especially techno because he’s like ‘been there done that’ and return her to her father’s who were worried sick.
Thing’s turn out better in the end with Clara and Clementine bickering constantly, just like Tommy and Wilbur.
Clara enjoy’s the garden/greenhouse and even convinced her Papa (Tommy) to put some sort of play area for the kid’s considering how much of their time is spent in the garden, the area has a marble path and is completely filled with the friendliest of all the flower’s on the garden, any harmful ones are completely forbidden, the area has a huge marble gazebo with no-throned rose’s and vines, it has tables, book’s, Paper, pencil’s, even a chalkboard, fridge, and maps! It becomes more of a kindergarten/ school for the kid’s but overall a hangout place for tea and date’s. ( who work’s / teaches is up to you!)
Tubbo take’s Michael around snowchester as a way to get him to exercise yet they almost alway’s find themselves at the garden hanging out with Tommy, Clementine, and Clara. Clementine and Michael are running around playing l’manburg, and other game’s, while Clara is all cozy and snuggly on Tommy's lap as he tends to a bunch of blue flower’ (courtesy of ghost ur) and Tubbo complains about Michael growing too fast and how it’s not fair Tommy has two children, not to mention fawning over Clara’s adorable way’s.
Clementine and Michael call themselves the together duo, though other’s joke about them being clingy duo the second, especially after they started three repetitive fire’s, pranked almost everyone, and overall created absolute chaos, no one thinks Clementine or Michael had a part in them, instead, this feeds into Tubbo being some sort of god theory.
Ponk, Punz, Quackity, Techno, and Wilbur all have competition on who can spoil their nieces the most. (it never ends well ;-;)
Fairy tales are a very important part of growth! 
Clem and Clara are like day and night, so while Clementine’s always very energetic and bright in the day, Clara’s a night owl-they thought she might be nocturnal for awhile there. So the former’s usually out like a light pretty quick, but Clara takes longer to ease to sleep. 
Tommy’s fear is valid. Seriously, his past history with caring for things hasn’t ended well, with so many fights and grudges. He completely abuses his phantom powers to do this-both because he enjoys sneaking up on them, and because if they’re actually asleep, he doesn’t want to wake them-Clem’s a light sleeper. 
Clara is very mature for her age, and quiet, but the baby fat on her cheeks betrays her true youth, and Puffy’s adopted enough kids to be able to tell their ages easily enough, so they reckon she’s got to be at least a year younger. Maybe more, but who knows? 
Clementine’s an independent child, so I imagine originally, she doesn’t mind Clara that much. Everyone tends to hover over the kids, because it’s dangerous, and they worry, which is perfectly valid, but she’s a free spirit, and she’s never liked being stifled.
Then Clara starts taking more of their time, and they stop being with her so much, and it’s not as great as Clem thought it would be. So she decides to go on an adventure, all by herself, because she doesn’t need her dads to worry over her anymore-in fact, she’ll bring back something cool, just to prove it. 
Of course, Clem gets a bit in over her head. Luckily, Techno and Phil are nearby, realize ‘isn’t that Tommy’s kid?’ and help her out. Techno, much to his dismay, is left alone with the small child while Phil goes to get one of her parents.
It’s not so bad though, once past the initial awkwardness. The kid reminds him of Phil and Tommy, with that adventurous spirit. And she’s got a surprising enjoyment of fighting(cause Purpled and Tommy teach it to her as a bonding activity, and Purpled and Ranboo spar to impress Tommy and Tubbo, and Tommy and Tubbo train together. Just, positive associations with it), which he can get behind.
So Phil comes back with Clem’s worried parents, and Clem has a new sword. Techno insist she took it. But, he has too many anyway, and they’re cluttering up the area, so she can keep it, he guesses.
Tommy, who’s gotten many of his own childhood weapons from that very sentence, just raises an eyebrow. 
After that whole thing, and thinking back to some of Uncle Techno’s stories about his own sibling, Clementine decides she’ll be a good older sibling, and protect Clara like Uncle Tech did Uncle Wilby, and everyone in Snowchester protects each other.
Clara takes it it stride, and Clem makes her act a bit more her age, which is nice for everyone to see. 
The garden is a good place for the kids to hang out, because even the most dangerous of plants know better than to touch any of the kids. But them having their own little area in there away from it all definitely makes the parents feel better. 
Tommy tends to be the go-to house-parent a lot, with Purpled out doing jobs, Ranboo being the voice of reason in the Syndicate, and mining, and Tubbo doing his job as leader of Snowchester. When he wants to go and help Purpled out or otherwise, Tubbo and Ranboo will watch the kids. If not them, then Puffy, or somebody else. The kids usually end up outside drinking cocoa with whoever’s watching them while waiting for their parents to finish up. It’s nice.
Tubbo and Ghostbur coo over Clara a lot. She’s adorable, they can’t help it. But they’re also very helpful. Clara seems pretty happy to hang out with Tubbo when one of her dads can’t watch her, and Ghostbur has experience with taking care of young kids, so that’s really useful. 
Tubbo constantly complains that Michael’s gonna be the one carrying him around eventually, and he dreads the day(he doesn’t, he’s very proud of his son, but he misses being able to tot him around and having to help him reach the counter). 
The Together Duo! Very cute. The first time they proclaim themselves as such, everyone’s hearts just completely melt. Ranboo snapped a picture of Tommy and Tubbo holding their respective kids, and titled it ‘Second generation’s duo’, and it hangs on the wall in both their homes. 
Michael and Clem are a very chaotic duo. How did this end up getting blamed on Tubbo? Who knows, honestly. At this point, somebody could probably say Tubbo invented sheep, and nobody would blink. 
All the kids are very, very spoiled. To the point where their parents have limited the amount of spoiling that can be done-and no, they won’t change it, the last time they let you guys go wild, you nearly crushed poor Tubbo under a gift avalanche! 
An avalanche!
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hazbinxdisaster · a month ago
Tumblr media
unprompted asks || always accepting
@heartidol​ asked: Cue an angry fluffed up Verosika as she stomped into the office and sat down. She huffed loudly, growling lowly, "I fucking hate Clem's ex. Mother fucker had the balls to disrespect me AND lick at my lips."
Tumblr media
BLITZO RAISED HIS HEAD AS THE DOOR SWUNG OPEN, raising a brow when Verosika sits herself down opposite his desk. “Is that you askin’ me to kill him? I already assured Clem I wouldn’t.” Which was incredibly frustrating- but he wouldn’t go down on his word. “He sure is an asshole though.”
mention: @hannah-the-small​
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outlivespast · a month ago
and  then ,     how  she  hates  how  easy  he  reads  her .     does  barely  find  it  in  her  to  lie  when  he  is  around  because  she  figures          :          what  is  the  point     ?     he  looks  right  through  it  anyways .     hand  measuring  the  amount  she  had  been  drinking  is  dropped  into  her  lap          &          air  is  exhaled  slowly .          ❝          you’re  no  fun .          ❞           muttered  while  head  dips ,     looking  down  at  her  hands .     chipping  at  a  nail  while  chewing  lower  lip ,     brows  tug  into  a  frown .     wants  to  ask  why  he’s  here .     wants  to  ask  what  he’s  doing  here .     wants  to  ask  him  to  leave          :          but  then ,     how  is  she  supposed  to  get  up  the  stairs  and  inside     ?     at  the  mention  of  keys  however ,     there’s  a  grimace  and  bright  blues  shift  up  to  him .     wants  to  bite  back ,     but  instead  there’s  a  shrug  of  shoulders .           ❝          it’s  cold .          ❞          and  against  cheeks  that  feels  on  fire  after  leaving  the  party ,     it  was  nice  enough ,     even  if  she  might  contract  a  cold .     also  might  hide  the  fact  she  have  no  idea  where  keys  might  be  and  keep  it  a  problem  for  the  future .     head  lull  against  the  end  of  railing ,     looking  up  with  hint  of  a  smile .           ❝          and  i  like  the  stars .          ❞
she’s never been hard to read, though he’ll never understand the attraction to ivashkov. adrian would make some comment about being irresistible and in everyone’s dreams, but it went deeper than that; he could tell. it was enough to make him gag, but deep down he was happy that she was finding someone that could make her happy. deep, deep down. he wouldn’t be picking just anyone up off a stoop to bring inside after a night of drunken escape. “fun is overrated.” worry over her liver, on the other hand... that was an every day experience. the fact that she needs him right now is not lost on him, and there was no time for amusement when he was trying to figure out how he was gonna get her into her bed. it was definitely something he had never considered before today. the shrug is all he needs to know. “you’re deflecting. you have no idea where they are, do you? god, do you even give a shit if you get robbed?” he knew it was basically blood money, guilt over not being present in her life, but clem had money and that attracted people. “just because your body feels like it’s on fire right now doesn’t mean it actually is. trust me.” he knows what it’s like to feel flames on his skin, not that it burned him. he has half a mind to send a flame in her direction just because if she isn’t going to move, she needs to stay warm. “it’s the middle of winter, what did you expect.” he didn’t like it himself, but he grew up in harsher winters than this. “stars? since when do you like the stars?” 
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sourfurball221 · a month ago
“I trust you with my life...” Ellie Williams x reader
Prompt: I trust you with my life
Triggers: mentions of suicide/self-harm, mentioned blood
Notes: I did a small cross over of the Telltale Walking Dead series, its not really good but I wanted to put Clementine and Violet into the story
Y/n heard the loud screech followed by several gunshots coming from the door that her girlfriend, Ellie, had just gone through. Instinctively she tightened her grip on her gun, watching as Ellie flew out of the door and closed it, pressing her body weight against the curving piece of wood. The door bent with each thud and with the old screws slowly coming loose, it wouldn’t take much more effort to rip them from their holes.
Y/n looked around, noticing the bookcase next to the door. She immediately ran over and started shoving the bookcase in front of the door, hearing Ellie continually yell at her to run. “Y/n go!” Ellie yelled, her strength starting to falter as more and more infected start ramming into the door.
Y/n ignored her pleas and pushed the bookcase until it practically on top of the other girl. “Shove it over!” She shouted.
“Just go!”
“Move out of the fucking way or I will throw this shelf on top of you!”
Just as she was about to respond, the door broke of its hinges. Ellie jumped back, barely missing the swinging arms of a Clicker as Y/n threw the bookcase on top of it. The infected continued banging on the door, some trying to climb through the small area that the shelf couldn’t cover. Ellie looked over, saying, “That’s not gonna hold for long. We have to move.”
Y/n nodded in agreement, grabbing an extra bottle and the small amount of ammo that was in the kitchen. Ellie looked over at the other girl while reloading her guns before she ran out the door. Y/n followed close behind.
They followed the streets until they were a safe distance away from the old office filled with infected. Slowing down, Y/n jogged over to a building on the side of the road. Seems empty, she thought nodding to herself. “Come on,” she called to Ellie, opening the door and stepping into the old, dimly lit coffee shop. The walls were covered with shelves, the books once on them splayed everywhere from raiders and people looking for anything that might be of use. Tables and chairs were turned over, the old coffee machines shuffled around on the counters. Y/n walked over to the register, clicking it open. She quickly grabbed the ammo hidden inside before closing it again.
Ellie walked inside, ducking her head when a cloud of dust fell on her from closing the door. “Looks like the best place to spend the night, I’ll check the back for infected,” Y/n readied her gun and moved to the old door behind the counter. She lightly stepped into the entryway and heard the screech of a Clicker somewhere inside. Following the noise down the hall, she looked to the bathroom door next to her, hearing the clicking louder than before. Let’s go, she thought, gripping her pistol.
Behind the door, she found a Clicker tied up against the old toilet. Y/n took a quick look around the room, noticing a piece of paper wedged beside the mirror before she aimed and killed the infected creature. The body slumped down, head falling forward as the shot finished its ring within the small space.
Looking back at the note, Y/n picked it up and unfolded it, reading the contents of it to herself.
Hey, to whoever finds me, thank you. I… I wasn’t strong enough to do it myself and I couldn’t make Vi do it for me, she doesn’t deserve to do that. She said she’d come back to finish the job when she thought she was strong enough, but if you’re reading this, I guess she just never made it back. I told her to go, I don’t regret that choice, she’s lost to many people already, I wouldn’t let her count me with the people she loved that she’s had to kill.
When you kill me, leave this note so that Vi can come back and see it, she can know that I will never blame her and that she… that she’s amazing.
I love you. Always and forever. No fucking virus, person, not even death can stop me from loving you. Even if my body isn’t connected with my mind anymore, I want you to know that I am going to be haunting you.
I’m always with you, Violet. Keep Goofball safe.
Remember, you’re still not bitten.
Y/n looked up at the Clicker, seeing the old clothes hanging off her shoulders, a jean jacket discarded to side probably from when the fever was setting in. She looked down at the note once more, seeing the tear stains and the erase marks from trying to find the right words, the last words that would ever be known from her. Y/n noticed a knife placed next to the jacket, wrapped in a small piece of cloth. She carefully picked it up unwrapped it, seeing a beautiful long 7-inch knife, the handle was made of what felt like pure leather. Y/n spun it in her hands testing the weight of it before she noticed the small engraving on the side.
Happy Birthday Clem! Love you, forever and always. Don’t get bitten.
Vi and Goofball
Y/n looked over at the body of the infected creature, the person who used to have someone who loved them and who they had loved just as much. She took the knife and stabbed it through the note next to the body, making sure it was visible to anyone who walked through the door. Come back, Violet. She might be dead, but she needs you right now, Y/n thought, closing the door behind her before walking to the front of the shop.
“Took care of it?” Ellie asked once Y/n stepped back into the small coffee shop.
She nodded her head, shrugging her backpack onto the floor. She let out a small wince as she felt a sting down her left arm. “Ah, shit.” Y/n looked to her arm to see a gash reaching from her shoulder to the top of her elbow. She lightly moved her arm, seeing how deep it was or if she would need stitches when they got back to Jackson.
Ellie’s face scrunched with worry at the curse. She looked over to see Y/n rummaging through her bag for something when she noticed the line of blood seeping down the side of her girlfriend’s shirt. “Y/n,” she mumbled, storming over to look at the wound.
“Its fine, its fine. Nothing too deep, probably won’t need stitches, I just want to bandage it up before we head back out again.”
Ellie grabbed her arm, eliciting a small hiss of pain from the other girl, and gently turning it to inspect the bloodied arm. She sighed, looking up at Y/n before sitting her on the counter and grabbing a med kit from her bag. “Thanks,” Y/n mumbled, sliding back and leaning her arm forward so Ellie could apply the bandage.
Ellie didn’t reply. She stared intently at the bandage, making sure to keep it evenly placed and just tight enough to stop most of the bleeding. Silence ensued for several minutes as she continued the to wrap the hand-crafted bandage. “You should have run…” she whispered, stuffing the end of the bandage into itself.
Y/n glanced up at the girl in front of her, seeing the light reflect off her eyes. “If I had run, you wouldn’t be here.”
“But you wouldn’t have been hurt.”
“Injuries can heal.”
“It’s better me than you.”
“Why would you say that?” Y/n asked, scoffing at the girl.
“Because it’s true, I could have saved the world, I could have saved you and you wouldn’t have to deal with this shit anymore.” She turned her head, stepping away from the counter.
Y/n sat up and grabbed her before she could move any farther. “If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be here.”
This time Ellie scoffed, shaking her head. “What does that even mean?”
“Ellie.” Y/n stood up and walked over to the other girl, forcing her to look up. “I would be dead if it wasn’t for you being here.”
“Jesse or Dina easily could have saved you from the infected,” she whispered, going to turn away again.
Y/n shook her head again. “Jesse and Dina aren’t you. They don’t notice when I’m not really feeling myself or when I’m having a rough time with things. They don’t know me like you do. You’ve saved me from more things than infected. I don’t think you realize it but you’ve saved me from other people, even from myself.”
Ellie’s eyes widened as she heard this but Y/n kept talking. “You can’t say that I would be better off with you gone or dead, because believe me I wouldn’t. If you weren’t here, I’d probably be infected laying in fucking field littered with bodies. You helped me when I first came to Jackson, you didn’t even realize how much you helped me when you killed David, you stopped me from-” she shook her head as though to rid herself of the memory “-something, just because you noticed that I looked down that day when I went outside the walls with my horse. If you weren’t here, I’d be dead, probably infected too. So, don’t ever-” she lifted her finger and jabbed it in the middle of Ellie’s chest, “-ever say that you shouldn’t be here.”
By the end of Y/n’s speech her eyes were red from holding in tears while the green-eyed girl just stared down at her. Ellie immediately wrapped her in a hug, shoving her face into the crook of Y/n neck. “I love you,” she whispered. “I trust you with my life…”
Y/n shakily sighed, returning the hug. “And I trust you with mine…”
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