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#mention of lili
smkfan99 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Another scene redraw from Kooky Cooks, also based off of Spongebob Season 12 Episode Kooky Cooks of course! Loboto stopping Oleander, Lili and Benny (who isn't in this drawing because Squidward isn't in this frame) watch and freak. Lol so much going on here! >:) ;P
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smkfan99 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Oleander comes to Loboto's for a fancy date and stands at the door. Loboto holds his hand like a gentleman and does a friendly gesture and guides him to the table where Lili is the waitress and standing there glumly. Based on Sponegbob Season 12 Episode Kooky Cooks.
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smkfan99 · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Raz: "Ok. Here's your burger mysterious man." 
 Oleander reminds Raz to pretend they don't know each other, outside of Basic Braining Class. He also serves Oleander and Lili their burgers in a gross way. Based on the "Unaired" Episode of Spongebob of Season 12, Kwarentined Krab.
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smkfan99 · a month ago
Tumblr media
After Benny is thrown in the freezer, only Oleander, Lili, and Loboto remain. Oleander and Loboto stare nervously. Oleander gets bored and yawns. Loboto thinks he's sick caused he yawned. Loboto then tosses him in the freezer. Based on Spongebob Season 12 Episode Kwarentined Krab
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smkfan99 · a month ago
Tumblr media
When Raz, Lili, Dogen, Benny, Loboto, and Oleander find out that someone carries a mysterious illness around the camp, they all have to be in quarantine. This makes them all run around crazy in the dining hall, except for Raz. Based on Spongebob Season 12 Episode Kwarentined Krab
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smkfan99 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Loboto tries to get some more food at night for Lili, who is going through a growth spurt. He comes across some carrots in a garden. However, they belong to Oleander for his bunnies. Oleander wakes up and uses a crowbar. Based on Spongebob Season 7 Episode Growth Spout.
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smkfan99 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Lili serves the "dessert" to Oleander and Loboto. Oleander has this awfully funny expression on his face. Lili storms off angrily and annoyed after she puts it down on the table for two. Based on Spongebob Season 12 Episode Kooky Cooks.
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smkfan99 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Raz is thrown into the freezer by Loboto and Oleander cannot watch Raz in pain, but he asks politely "Can someone describe it to me?" with a smile. He then stands there with a smirk. Based on Spongebob Season 12 (BANNED/UNAIRED-For Now) Episode Kwarentined Krab. 
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smkfan99 · a month ago
Tumblr media
The staff buds (Oleander, Milla, and Sasha) + Lili are planning on pranking Raz in a cabin in the woods and just like last time, Oleander takes it too far, but only with the planning. He realizes he's taking it too far. Based on Spongebob Season 12 Episode A Cabin in the Kelp.
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smkfan99 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Oleander trying to follow the "dessert" and bumps into everyone in the process (Lili, Raz, Benny, and Loboto). Don't worry its just her skirt and not anything else shown here, but poor everyone here. Also, calm down Oleander, lol. Based on Spongebob Season 12 Episode Kooky Cooks.
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smkfan99 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Loboto tosses the "dessert" like a football to Benny (as mentioned yesterday), this is what happens he throws it. Oleander turns around funny and tries to follow it with his eyes. Benny, Lili, and Raz think "ewww gross!" and toss. Based on Spongebob Season 12 Episode Kooky Cooks.
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smkfan99 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Oleander tried to catch Loboto whom he, Raz, Lili, Dogen, and Benny thinks feigns illness. The trash goes all over him. When the health inspector comes, he is covered in trash and coughs. He thinks they are sick. Based on the unaired Spongebob Season 12 Episode Kwarentined Krab.
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smkfan99 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Loboto, Raz, and Lili try to stop Oleander from eating that pastry. Knife and fork in hand there is almost no stopping him now. Oleander and Loboto's dinner is now ruined. Based on an upcoming Spongebob Season 12 episode. Oh no!!!
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smkfan99 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
After Oleander, Lili, Mikhail, Bobby, Milla, squrriels get the hiccups, Oleander, Mikhail, and Lili are walking through the camp and see Benny has hiccups. Oleander screams "Benny has the hiccups! Run for your Lives!" Based on the upcoming spongebob episode Hiccup Plague
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smkfan99 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
There is a serious outbreak of hiccups at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp and it all started with Clem and Crystal. They then go to Raz. The hiccups even go to Loboto then to Oleander, then to Lili. It keeps going. Based on an upcoming episode of Spongebob "Hiccup Plague"
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smkfan99 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The 30 Day Psychonauts Challenge Continues on twitter :)
Day 12: Favourite Ship: Loboto and Oleander (Lobotoly) for sure because I think they are funny and I would like to see more of them in the long awaited Psychonauts 2 and Sasha and Milla and Raz and Lili of course :)
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smkfan99 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Based on a scene from Karate Island. Can Lili save Raz, before it is too late? Also, Features Lampida as lip service. Yep Karate Island is my fave episiode!
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smkfan99 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Another psychonauts screen cap/scene doodle based on the mighty B again. (Oleander or Sasha or Ford or even Lili Voice): Please give Milla a break Razputin, she cannot answer all the calls at the same time. Did you not know this?! lol #psychonauts 
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bolbianddolanhouse · a year ago
BNHA self insert AU [Book 2]
Lost and confused on this here day? Start from the WAAAY beginning!
Chapter 1: It is Wednesday My Dudes.
Howdy! I guess I should introduce myself? Oof UMMMMMM, the names Lili Perla Iida! I’m 15 years old, about to turn 16, and I’m the oldest of 4 kids. Being big sis feels as natural as the wind in my hair as I pirouette. Speaking of dancing, it’s a Saturday morning, that means I have to get my ass in 5th gear for my private dance lessons. My favorite days are the ones where I get to dance and cause havoc with my siblings! I guess I should head downstairs for breakfast before that robo doggy yips at me for still being in my room.
“Buenos dias mija!” thats my mom, she’s the one bitch I respect the most.
“Good mornin” I greet everyone at the breakfast nook “what’s for breakfast?”
“Spam and eggs with toast” that’s my dad at the stove, I love him but he’s putting too much pressure on me to follow his footsteps. “Here’s your coffee.”
“Oh FUCK yea!” I holler as I jump into my spot at the nook. There’s nothing more I love than some egg and toast with my iced coffee.
“I’m hungies! Please just gimme one toast!” thats my younger brother Iwata, but I call him Iwee or Iwa, don’t tell the other two but he’s my favorite sibling. He’s the one that schemes and I say if that’s doable or not.
“DADDY! Tensei is teleporting my forkfuls into his mouth!”
“MOMMY! Hanaka set my toast on fire!” those two brats are my twin siblings, Hanaka and Tensei but I call them by their middle names, Rosa and Oro. Rosa is half-way decent to be around, so I share a room with her. Oro is a punk ass bitch in the making but I can’t hate him too much, he’s an intellectual.
“Can’t we go one breakfast without something catching on fire?” I rolled my eyes as I got served “thanks dad.”
“Nope, fuck you” Rosa stuck her tongue out “TENSEI STOP!”
“Hanaka! What did we say about tongues?” scolded dad “your family isn’t fire proof!” he turned to Oro “and what did we say about pestering your sister?”
“I shouldn’t play with fire unless I wish to get burned” the boy pouted and crossed his arms “but Iwa and I are hungies!”
“Here’s your plates” dad slid the food in front of the two boys “no more yelling or I’m taking away toast privileges!”
“NOOO THAT’S NOT FAIR!” we whined, you can take away our freedom but us Iida kids will be DAMNED if the sanctity of toast in the morning gets taken away.
“Oh shit, listen to your father” mom jeered as dad sat next to her “oh Lili, don’t forget about applications for entrance exams.”
“I still don’t know where to consider” I sigh as I butter my toast “like, I get that theres privates that have scouted me to go to their’s but I just wanna go to a dance school.”
“Sweet heart, you know we can’t just send you off overseas so young!” mom spoke with a hint of worry “besides, you still have private lessons at the institute until you turn 18! I won’t let you go off without the things you love to do.”
“You can always apply to UA” dad spoke up as he cut his spam “with the recommendations we can give, you don’t have to take the entrance exam.”
“Ugh, I can’t dance if I’m going to a hero school” I huffed “I don’t wanna go to your pompous alma mater dad. No offense mom.”
“None taken, not even I wanted to be there” mom responded so casually.
Dad gave her a side glance “May I remind you on who you met in said pompous school that helped build this family?”
“May I remind you on who was too much of a little bitch to tell me they liked me at said pompous school even though we saw each other basically everyday” she sipped her coffee loudly, marking her win.
“Oof I felt that roast in my DNA” Iwa hit the whoa “that shit hurted, F in the chat for Dad’s pride.
“F” chanted everyone but dad.
After breakfast, I grab my duffle bag and make my way to town.
“Good morning Lili!” thats my aunty Mimi, her and my mom are besties “say good morning Nikita.”
“Guden Morgen Lili!” that’s Nikita, Mimi’s daughter. She’s just a year younger than my twin siblings and today they have a little playdate as my mom and Mimi go to work.
“Mornin’! See y’all later!” I wave them off.
“Oh Lili! Good Morning!” that’s my uncle Jin, he lives next door to us and is besties with my mom and Mimi. For someone that doesn’t have kids, he sure does know how to care for them.
“Mornin’! Are you driving today?”
“Yep, can’t let the media know your mom’s car needs detailing!” he joked as he waved me off.
The dance institute I attend is in the same town we live in and just a 20 min walk from the gated community we live in. Well, 20 minutes for me because I walk kinda fast because of the engines on my feet. Dumb location for the quirk but it does help me when I dance.
“Ah Lili! There you are!” cried out my dance teacher as I walked in “can you lend me a hand in costuming? We need re-adjustments for a few costumes for the level 3s.”
“Of course I’ll help, be right there in a jiffy!” I rush into the costuming room, my second home at times! The lord has blessed me with a second quirk, Master Thread, and I like it more than my other one. It’s not dumb and super useful! I heard that there was once a pro-hero that had the same quirk and my parents knew him before his retirement. My mom says that she interned under his agency and he favored her for her Copy quirk. How cool is it that?! But hero stuff ain’t for me, I just wanna look pretty and dance for the masses. Maybe one day make elaborate ballet costumes, I already make my own at home to practice my quirk. How lucky am I to have such supportive parents?! After I finish the adjustments, I quickly put on my pointe shoes to do a practice run of our summer showcase. As much as I work well with the others in my class, I’m not friends with any of them and I don’t blame them. The instructors show me too much favoritism and even I’d hate me for hogging the attention.
“Lili! Marvelous work!” one of the instructors praised “how about we make you a solo act for this season finale?!”
“Me?! On such short notice?!”
“Yea! I thought I was going to do a solo act?!” huffed one of the girls on stage.
“Yes, you and Lili are going to be solos” they responded “we need to fill out time for our show and I know Lili can give quite a show.”
I looked around to my dance-mates and they all rolled their eyes “I mean, sure but I don’t know how good I can make a solo act in a month and a half!”
“Great!” they clapped “okay, from the top! We need to work on those jumps!”
As usual, nobody bids me good bye at the end of class. I’ve known most of them since I started there at age 5 and they don’t give me the decency to say hello or good bye! It sucks but I didn’t join to make friends. I walk through the streets to get to the fabric store I frequent, you’ll often catch me here after school or practice.
“Lili! Hey!” that’s Maru, he’s son of the number 1 hero, Deku. Our parents are friends and his dad owes his life to my mom because of her quick thinking that saved him back during the UA days. So I guess Maru is my friend?
“Oh sup Maru” I stopped walking as he ran toward me “what brings you around these here parts?”
“I was just looking at some of those shops” he points down the street “theres always cool stuff around here.”
“Yea there is, anyways, wanna join me?” I get giddy “I heading into the fabric store and I need some opinions.”
“I’m your guy!” he joins me as I fully geek out over the new satins.
“Okay so which one? The candy blue” I hover the bolt over my chest “the pearlescent one OR this blush pink?”
“I’m torn between the pearl and pink one” he mutters to himself “what are you trying to make?”
“Another costume, I got a solo act but I have yet to come up with something.”
“Oh that’s not fair! Isn’t the showcase in a few weeks?”
“THAT’S WHAT I SAID!” I groaned “I need so much help Maru! Plus I have to get started on applications and it’s all just a mess.”
“Well, if you ask me” he gets up and walks up to Lili “I think you should get both these satins and I know you’ll come up with something amazing! You’re really good at being graceful” he does a shakey spin “see? And why don’t you apply to UA? So that way we could go to school together!”
“Thank you for your kind words but I’m not going to hero school” I turned to put the blue satin back in the rack “I wanna wear pretty dresses and dance, not kick villain ass!”
“But think about it!” He picked up the two bolts of satin “how cool we’d be as a duo! I’d kick villain ass and you wrap them up to detain them!” he walked up to her “I’d be much braver with you by my side.”
“Be serious!” I laughed as I playfully pushed him “it’s not playtime, it’s hero work! Plus you gotta make your parents proud.”
“But I am serious” he retorted “I want to fight along side you, I want to do lots of things along side you. We’ve been friends since you were born!”
“And? That doesn’t mean you can’t live without me!” I look through the decals section “But you’re already doing great over there.”
I make my purchase and Maru walks me to the front gate before parting ways. What to do? The days just whoosh on by and I don’t have much to go off on. I submit applications to some private high schools that have dance programs but dad keeps insisting that I apply to UA. He had the audacity to give me a physical copy of the application! Apparently hero school apps are due much later than the other schools, for UA it’s October and it’s end of June right now. More time passes and I got a piece together for the showcase along with costume. At this point, I’m just counting the days until I get a response from those other schools I applied to.
-Night of the Summer Showcase-
What a night to be alive and pretty! My costume got the eyes of many that they didn’t notice my tiny fumbles. Another success in my books! My family came out to see me and so did Maru. After, I met up with my parents and Maru also came up to us.
“Amazing show Lili” he hands me a large bouquet of flowers “these are for you!”
“Oh you didn’t have to get me flowers” I was astounded by the mass of pink roses and lilies “but I’m glad you enjoyed the show!”
“I loved your floating spins and the thing at the end when you revealed the satin costume!” he imitated some of my moves “oh um, is it cool if we go for a little walk?”
“Oh sure let me just give these to my mom” I turn to my mom “I’m going for a walk, catch up with yall later.”
“Don’t wander too far! It’s dark out” dad chopped as I turned.
We walk to the garden area to the side of the performance hall “it’s a nice summer night.” commented Maru “the sky is clear too.”
“It is” I smile as I look up “I hardly get the time to look at the sky anymore, I loved star-gazing as a child.”
“Lets star-gaze over there!” Maru pointed to an open patch of grass. We lay on our backs and point at our made up constellations. “You know, I really enjoy your company Lili. You make things so much fun.”
“Thanks I guess?” I really didn’t know how to take that compliment.
“It’s a good thing” he laughed and turned his body on his side, toward me “I’ve been thinking about what you said about just wanting to look pretty and dance. Well, what if I figured out something?”
“What did you figure out?” I was genuinely confused because I don’t remember there being a problem with me wanting that.
“I figured out how you can dance and be pretty with always being by my side” he smiled “we just, get married.”
A record scratched in my head, did this foo just say get married? “Um, what?”
“I know that was a bold thing to say but I was giving it some thought” he explained himself “I like you a lot Lili, I want to be someone you can depend on and I can be someone that supports you in everything you want to do. I’ll be the breadwinner and you can do your thing and not have to work as hard.”
“But I don’t JUST want to be pretty and dance” I butted in “I want to work too! Professional Dancer is a legit career plus I want to go to college” I was starting to think I’m missing the point here “why are you suddenly talking about this?”
“I’m saying that I like you, more than a friend” he meekly spoke “and I want to be a man you can be proud of. You make me feel like I could do anything! Won’t you be my girlfriend?”
My mind was racing but going dumber, how do I tell him that he’s making a mistake without saying it word for word? “Maru, I didn’t know you felt that way!” I scrunched my face “I don’t know what to say.”
“It’s okay, take your time!” he leaned in closer to my face, softening his voice “maybe I should show you how serious I am.” This bitch fully kissed me on the lips, my first kiss and I didn’t feel the sparks or flutters in my tummy. I felt...nothing.
“Huh” I said after he broke the kiss “well uhhhhhh oof um” I stood up “I’ll be talking to ya later” I do finger guns and bolt to the parking lot.
“Wait Lili!” he tried to catch up to me.
“TEXT ME WHEN YOU GET HOME!” I yell before locating my parents “MOM! por favor start the car!” I get in and everyone picked up that I was not okay and something happened but needed some time to sort out my thoughts. Once we got home, I took a shower and slumped in my fuzzy chair in the dark.
There was a knock at my door “Hey, you wanna eat some hot chips with me?” it was Iwa.
“Sure” I open the door to let him in.
“What’s the deal with you? Everything was cool until you started running” he popped open a party size bag of hot cheetos con limon.
“Ugh it’s Maru” I grab a few cheetos “he out of nowhere just confessed and kissed me.”
“Oh shit!”
“Right?! And I feel a little fucked up” I crunched on a cheeto “because I feel like he could do better and when he kissed me, I felt nothing. And that was my first kiss, from my childhood friend!” I put my handful of cheetos in my mouth “I wanted to feel those good feelings but I didn’t. Does that make me a bad person?”
“Dang Lili, from how I see it” he licked the cheeto dust from his thumb “it’s a sign that he’s wrong and you aren’t the one for him” he gestured to the ceiling “the universe isn’t telling you to kiss every boy but just that it’s okay not to reciprocate feelings to somebody else. Your feelings are valid and you’re the baddest bitch here.”
I started to feel a lot better after talking to Iwa. I eventually told my mom and she said basically the same thing. I am confident to say that I am not in love with my friend and I don’t need their validation. Of course I didn’t get a chance to tell Maru since it’s summer and he’s busy with school. In some weird twist of fate, I got rejected by all these schools I applied to. I wasn’t upset, just questioning if this is the universe trying to tell me something.
“You okay sis?” carefully asked Rosa “you don’t look too hot.”
“I don’t know what to do” I spoke up from my desk “nothing but rejection letters and I’m not worried about school or where I go, but what’s wrong with having me as a student?”
“Hmmm, well I know daddy wants you to go to that school” she points at the blank UA application on my desk “and you want to go to a dance academy...por que no los dos? You can go to dance academy for college and go to hero school BUT only to spite dad.”
“Rosa, you’re a genius!” I praised her “who says you have bad ideas?!”
“I know I’m right” Rosa gives a power stance “I’m the powerhouse of the cell!”
And I did just that, I applied and got an invite almost immediately to take the entrance exam in early November. That gave me almost 2 months to train, plenty of time! I tried to hide this from my dad but the word slipped and he was too happy to take me to the exam and help me train. Don’t even get me started on that whole side of the family, uncle Tensei started crying, grandma and grandpa wouldn’t shut up on how the family is going to be full of heroes. All the while, I was trying to break the news that I wasn’t going to be returning for the advanced level courses of dance. All the instructors were sad to the point of begging, everyone else was happy that I was leaving. 
-Day of exam-
“You have everything you need?” Dad asked me for the 5th time since we got in the car “we still have time to-”
“YES DAD! FUCK!” he was stressing me out “I’m ready to take this test, stop worrying.”
He sighed “You remind me so much of your mother when we were at UA” he smiled at the thought “she’d snap at me too when I was being overbearing, but I did it because I loved her and wanted her to succeed.”
“Well, what’s one thing she couldn’t leave without?”
“She didn’t feel right unless she hugged me goodbye” he chuckled “even something so simple made my heart race.” He pulls up to the front of the massive front gate of UA “we’re here, do your best! I believe in you.”
“Thanks dad” I take a deep breath “I’ll call you later.”
I walk in the place and I don’t see anyone familiar, just a bunch of students from public schools and other privates. I took a written exam, then came the infamous physical portion. My dad and his hero friends were telling me that it’s one of the toughest entrance exams in the nation, but I wasn’t afraid, just oddly excited! I do my stretches, just minding my business, when I get some crude comments.
“Excuse me but the dance auditions are that way” said some boy condescendingly “why don’t you take your little pink shoes and get out of here before the big scary robots crush you?”
I squinted at them as the group of boys behind them laughed “Excuse me but aren’t the weak little bitches auditions that way?” I stood up to show that I tower him in height “I’m in the right place little man.”
“Lets get to the gates dude, she’s scary”
Everyone was summoned to the start gate and I had a feeling that somebody was watching me. Not like a camera watching me but like somebody near me was looking at me. I looked around but didn’t see anybody familiar or staring at me, it didn’t matter once the siren wailed to start the exam. I was kicking mecha ass with some fancy moves thrown in and when I thought I was going to end the exam on a good note, I hear somebody cry out for help. I rushed over and saw someone had their arm and leg trapped under a mecha, with the added panic of the 0 point big boy mecha dangerously close. I wasn’t going to leave them there, so I gave my all to lift the mecha off them. I couldn’t even lift the thing an inch off them! I had to get creative and used my 2nd quirk to lift the mecha off. I did it and pulled them out to make a run for the safety line.
“It’s no use, just leave me here” said the trapped person “I can’t walk.”
“I’m not giving up on you! I don’t care if I fail this exam” I unraveled my sports jacket, shirt and the ribbons in my hair to fasten them to me “hold on tight! We’re going airborne!”
I use the last of my energy to blast us into the air in a wide arch to barely avoid the mecha crushing us. Of course I didn’t have a back up plan and we crash landed in the safety zone, on top of other students.
“Owchies” I groaned “is everyone okay? Sorry about that! I didn’t have a landing plan.”
The nurse runs over “WAH! Miss Iida?! You caused this mess?!”
“Heh ummm yea” I shamefully admitted “sorry Miss Eri, I couldn’t let this student get crushed by the big boy mecha.”
“Lets get you two in the stretcher, come on” she sighed in disbelief “and I’ll be telling your parents young lady!”
“Aww wack!” I pouted as robot helpers put me in the stretcher. I looked over to see the other person in the stretcher next to me “are you alright?”
“I’ll be okay know” they smiled at me “thank you so much for not giving up on me.”
“No problem! I’m Lili by the way.”
Before they could tell me their name, they were hauled away for intensive care. It was fair, they did get injured far worse than me, I walked away with just some gnarly bruises and a scraped shoulder. I didn’t see them after and I really wanted to know their name because they looked oddly familiar. My parents were worried about my injuries as I tend to heal slower. It was winter vacation, usually I’d be excited to be in the holiday mood but I was just waiting in anxiety for my letter. Come the last day of December, I got my acceptance letter! The amount of relief I got from it all was amazing, according to the letter, I scored the most rescue points. Making me at the top of the scoreboard along with some others, so I’m in Hero class A, just like dad and mom. My dad fussed over me the most in the weeks leading to the first day of school.
-Morning of the first day-
“Wake up Wake up Wake up!” yipped the robo dog as they bust into my room “it’s the first day of classes Lili and Hanaka! Please get dressed and hurry down for breakfast.”
“Hnnn it’s 7 in the god foresaken morning!” I groaned as I rubbed my eyes “welp, come on Rosa or the boys are going to beat us to the sinks.”
“Hn! 5 more minutes” she tossed in her bed “Tensei is gonna teleport us to school, you have to ride with daddy.”
“Don’t remind me you brat!” I threw my pillow at her “whatever, just don’t melt the shampoo bottles.”
“Fuck you!”
I quickly take my shower and got dressed in my new uniform to greet my parents. They fawn over how much I look like them when they went to UA, mom told me the story of how she got confused for a boy on the 1st day because her ass was too big for the skirts that they had to be tailor made! I got a good laugh out of that and it made me feel better about starting my school day. I kiss them goodbye and got in the car with dad.
“Excited Lili?”
“Yea, I mostly want to see if that person I rescued made it in” I could hardly sit still in the passenger side “the rush I got from them thanking me had me feeling alive.”
“I hope they did! Sounds like you made a friend if they did.”
“I also wonder who’s the homeroom teacher!” I said as we slowed at the last stoplight before school “since it’s not Eraserhead anymore, I hope it’s one of your friends or some other notable alumni.”
“That’s a good question” Dad pondered “you have to let me and your mother know when you get home” he stops at the same place as last time “here’s your stop, have fun and make friends!”
“Okay dad” I took in a calming breath “I’ll see you later!”
To think my parents walked through the same doors, not knowing that they were going to end up like this? Now their daughter... I hope I’ll find my soulmate here too. I have a soft spot for the love my parents have for each other, you can just tell that they’ve been working on their love since before they actually started dating. I often catch them making out, give loving embraces after a hard day and care for each other in different ways. I want to be loved as hard as my dad loves my mom.
“Lili? Is that you?!” Maru’s voice broke my train of thought.
“Huh? Oh, Maru! Hi!”
“Hey! You made it in!” he gave me a tight hug and twirled “welcome to UA! If you want, I have time to walk you to class.”
“Oh sure” he puts me down “do you know where room 1-A is?”
“Sure do! It’s down over here” he leads me to the hero wing “wow A class huh? I thought the hero stuff wasn’t for you?”
“I thought so too” I shrugged “guess I just had to try and see for myself.”
“If you’re not busy at lunch, we can eat together too.”
“Don’t you have friends here Maru?” I snickered at him.
“You have to call me Midoriya-senpai around the others” he said trying to silence me “and I have to call you Iida-chan.”
“Eww fuck no” I gagged “sounds like you’re calling my dad chan! I’m going to call you Maru, and you have to call me Lili MAYBE Perla if I’m acting up.”
“Fine but I’m saying that I’m respected around here for being one the top students” he bragged as he put his hand on my head “and you’re just a little bitty baby still!”
“Ah! Get yo hand off my hair” I tickle his side to retract his hand “looks like this is my class, see ya later!”
“You don’t play fair Lili” he waved me off “have fun.”
 I walk in and see a few people already there, I looked around for my seat and mine is number 4. I set my bag down and get approached by someone.
“Um hi, you probably don’t recognize me but I’m the person you rescued at the exam” shakily spoke the person “I didn’t get a chance to say, but my name is Hoshi Togata.”
I looked at them and something was oddly familiar about them, like I knew them before the exam “Oh you made it in! I was worried if you placed and if you recovered well.”
“You were worried about me?” they blushed “well, I recovered just fine. My arm was broken but Nurse Eri healed me before I was supposed to go home.”
The bell rang and we all sat in our seats, Hoshi sat behind me.
“Good Morning class! And welcome to UA, my name is-”
“BAHAHA NO WAY!” I bursted into laughter “Yo we got Diaper Boy as homeroom teacher?!” 
“My name isn’t Diaper Boy!”
“Oh I’m sorry, Diaper Man!”
Our teacher rubbed his temples “Anyways, my name is Grape Juice but you can call me Mineta sensei.” He gave me a stern look “Miss Iida, I trust you’ll behave like your father.”
“Don’t compare me to that Turbo Rectangle!”
“It’s like listening to your mother in your father’s body” he muttered.
Once we went through a whole day of classes, Hoshi and I walk around.
“You know Togata, you look oddly familiar and it’s bothering me a bit.”
“How?” they sweat a bit “I’m just one of the boys!”
“Hmmm, I feel like we met before the exam” I rubbed my chin “but I can’t quite remember, we were probably children when it happened.”
“Well, actually” he put some thought into it “I was thinking the same thing sort of, would it help if I told you my dad is Lemillion?”
“Oh shit! It’s coming back to me!” I was wide eyed as we head to the parking lot “yea! They have 2 boys and a girl my age. OH THAT’S WHO! I was thinking about your sister, how is she by the way?”
“Oh ummm I don’t have a sister” the smile on his face disappeared as he said that.
“Huh? Maybe I was-” I hear a car honk, it was mom “oop, gotta go! See you tomorrow!”
I hop in the car and waved bye. I told my family of my school day and my mom couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that their school-mate Mineta was the homeroom teacher. But as I was getting ready for bed, one thing was bothering me... where did I see Hoshi before?
-Chapter 1, End-
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foxymoxynoona · 3 hours ago
Damnnnnn you write conflict and complicated feelings so well.
This most recent chapter of Amended, I felt for both Jungkook and Isabella.
Of course Jungkook was a butt about Landon, but Landon was also racist (he really should have explained this to Isabella because that could have colored the whole day different for her from the jump) and Landon overstepped physical boundaries, being all touchy-grabby with Isabella. And I bet the physical boundaries were so hard for JK to witness because Isabella is used to Landon and JK desperately wants to be able to even lightly touch Isabella (let alone whatever he gets up to in his mind lol). Plus she just trusts Landon and obliges his wants (even though she maybe shouldn't) in a way she isn't comfortable yet doing for JK.
Of course Isabella was annoyed with JK. He was sulky and trying to tamp down on his urge to bicker or show up Landon. He wants Ezra to like him, but Ezra's not there yet. (On the "good days" Landon basically can easily have everything JK wants.) And Landon was ever so charming and Isabella fell into old patterns. So JK was frustrated and doesn't know how to properly voice what he really wants or needs. Which like, has got to, at a minimum, be confusing for Isabella. If not downright annoying and frustrating. For all the help he says she needs, JK needs a boatload of help being open, honest and clear about his feelings, wants and needs. Otherwise, Isabella will never be able to understand him or truly trust him.
So then as a reader I think, "Like put on your happy face, JK and suck it up. But also you have every right to be annoyed; your wife is basically at ease with her abusive ex who is putting up a charming front for the party-goers. Oh and he definitely wants to steal your wife. Which you're totally worried she'll get charmed into but you can't be honest with her because she doesn't trust you yet and you have no idea how to word your frustration and fear. Plus you married her to date her which is where that frustration comes from and you can't tell her that because you told her you married her to help her get financially stable and if she finds out she'll trust you even less."
And I didn't even list all the things I thought from Isabella's perspective.
How do you get into the mindset of each person and craft legit, character driven dilemmas that could totally have both person right and wrong at the same time? Did I mention YOU'RE VERY GOOD AT THIS?
😭 thank you, I appreciate the love on high anxiety days, lol. This was an incredibly complicated chapter, so I’m not actually surprised it’s being very divisive for readers. Everyone basically did bad things! None of it excuses anything, though it does explain, and I think you did a good job getting into each of their heads and thinking about how THEY would feel or what they might miss or feel deeply. Also a really detailed chapter in which characters misunderstood each other and pushed further apart based on those misunderstandings.
For instance, Isabella did not seem to notice that Landon was pretty racist with his remark; she has not dealt with racism directed at her, and so she just didn’t have the lens to realize “oh, he doesn’t just mean because the kids aren’t biologically his, he’s making it a racist thing.” Another example is Isabella sitting by Landon at the restaurant --because what was the better seating arrangement? She didn’t want Landon to sit by Lily OR JK, so she felt like she was taking one for the team, but JK was jealous.
“ How do you get into the mindset of each person and craft legit, character driven dilemmas that could totally have both person right and wrong at the same time? Did I mention YOU'RE VERY GOOD AT THIS? “
Thank you  😭 That’s really how I try to approach it. Even if their thinking doesn’t excuse their behavior, it should at least explain it!
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