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stylesarchive · a day ago
He [Harry Lambert] asked me for a proposal for the tour and they loved it. They asked me for four looks. The good ones havent't been seen yet.
Archie M. Alled-Martinez on designing outfits for Harry’s tour for Vogue España (21.09)
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dailylouistomlinson · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Josh Devine via Instagram Stories on working with Louis as a solo artist ❤️ 23.09
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honsool · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pinterest aesthetic tag! the first nine pictures when you open pinterest are your aesthetic
tagged by: @jiminslight & @jihopes (thankyou sophia & jules💖💖)
so i have a confession to make,, i don’t know how to use pinterest.. like at all,,😬 but !! i did use it as room inspo to revamp my room last month, that’s why my feed is like this. can u tell i was going for a terracotta woodland bohemian vibe haha
tagging: @kkulmoon , @jiminswn , @seokljin , @namgination @taee , @rainycle , @joenns , @sugaftrm , @moonprincejin (only if you want to💕)
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Tagged by the super lovely @soadoya thank you sm Sophie 💗💗💗
Here you have a moodboard of some things I love:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taking pictures with my old beat up camera and photography in general
My plants! I love taking care of my plants and my flowers 🌷🪴
A good glass of white wine, or cocktail. Better yet if it’s on the beach, even better if I can have my live love laugh moment and drink it at sunset
Candles!! Colourful candles, scented candles, I love lighting 10 different candles at the same time and make my room look like I’m about to perform witchcraft
Live music (I miss it so much 💔)
Lewis and Roscoe selfies, but also Lewis and Roscoe in general, alone or together
Vinyls, my favourite way to listen to music (sorry if this sounds pretentious as fuck)
My favourite dessert, tiramisu 😋
I’m tagging @backwardcapgasly @onlinevalidation @querencva and @kinghamilton if you want to do it 💕💕💕
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tailorgenyasafin · 12 months ago
fucking hell
these people seriously need professional help
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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farmerace · 5 months ago
I saw a big list of blogs done by a couple of peeps for the Stardew community on Tumblr,
(chicken) BUT(T)! (that was bad please don’t boo me),
Let's do a list for the Shane heavy blogs (in alphabetical order) so we can all simp for sad chicken man together, because sometimes you just wanna hyperfixate on every piece of relevant content imaginable. 👀
@6larosie9 (oc x shane art)
@azuneekun (oc x shane art)
@duckydrawsart (art)
@elflion (oc x shane art)
@farmerace (oc x shane fic)
@gelatingem (art)
@ineffable-blue-chickens (mix of stuff)
@lilium-valley (oc x shane art)
@modernday-jay (oc x shane art)
@nau7ilus (oc x shane art)
@nomzthesmolbean (art)
@sallolomafy (art)
@shanedew-valley (interactive ask blog)
@shaneshrine (oc x shane art)
@snailmilkbiscuit (oc x shane art)
@snuffysbox (oc x shane art) 
@sreppub (art) 
@stardew-valley-one-shots (fic)
@stardewcowboy (oc x shane art)
@stardewhomo (art)
@stardewthots (mix of stuff)
@starryeyesforstardewvalley (oc x shane fic)
@starrymarart (oc x shane art)
@summoning-potema (oc x shane art)
@tired-lemonade (art)
@vaporwavemilk (art)
@yourimaginarycupcake (art)
PLEASE add on, message me so I can edit this, or both if someone should be included here! There is absolutely no way I got everyone in one go!
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ostdrossel · 6 months ago
This beautiful Cardi lady
had a lot of camera time today. She seemed to enjoy the sun as much as I did. I sat in the sun room, updated the sparrow spookers for the Bluebird house and listened to all the birds singing up a storm.
On a side note - if you are a publication and want to publish my photos, please do not remove the watermark. Thanks and happy Sunday!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stuckyxlb · 18 days ago
Just imagine you and a boyfriend broke up.
You fought and fought for him. You put your all into him. Despite Bucky and Steve pleading for you to be careful, Nat trying to get you to let loose, and Tony backing you with whatever you wanted, you still messed it up.
So, after going out for breakfast one morning, two days of trying to talk it out ends in heartbreak. So, you wonder around New York. You had stuff to do for classes and eventually found a quiet coffee shop to work in for a while in a desperate attempt to distract yourself.
After a while of no working getting done, getting the coffee jitters, and having your anxiety ramp up over all the thoughts swirling in your head, you finally head back to the tower.
Walking into the common area, you see some of the team having lunch. Nat, Tony, Wanda, Vision, Sam, Steve, and Bucky are all crowded around the table. You smile at everyone’s greeting to you and sit down at the table. Steve offers you food and you say you’ll think about it, leg jiggling under the table. You sit there for a few minutes until Sam and Bucky’s bickering throws you over the edge.
Quickly, you stand and making your way to the elevator. Friday picks up on your haste and has the doors open as you step up to the elevator. The doors close behind you, successfully shutting out all the noise and Friday takes you to your floor.
Back in the common area, Steve looks at Tony and Nat, questions in both their eyes as well. They noticed your mood and picked up on your anxiety, but everyone else was too busy in their conversation to notice.
Steve thinks he knows what’s going on, so he taps Bucky and pulls him away to the elevator to check on you. Steve fills Bucky in on the ride up to your floor and Bucky feels the same as Steve does. They know that this has to do with your boyfriend.
Upon arrival, the boys can pick up the sound of a door slamming shut and your panicked sobs. They rush to your door and Steve knocks. You immediately stop crying and answer, “Who is it?”
Bucky steps up and places his hand on the door knob, “ It’s Steve and I. Can we come in?”
They get a hum in confirmation and step inside. Your boyfriend’s shirts are thrown across the room and they can see the black lines that your tears trailed with your makeup from across the room.
“Oh sweetheart.” Steve whispers, quick to move to you. You let out a strangled sob as he enclosed you in his arms.
Bucky has to stay back to control the rage he feels. His metal arm is whirling loudly from across the room as his hand clutches into a fist. He works on box breathing and watches Steve’s back rise and fall as he attempts to calm you.
Steve knows what is happening with Bucky, and he is dying to help calm him, but the broken hearted girl in front of him is in need of him too. “Shhhh. It’s alright sweetheart. I’ve gotcha.” He soothes, rubbing your back and quietly shushing you.
Bucky eventually regains his composer and comes to set behind you, placing a hand on your upper arm and squeezing gently. He whispers words of comfort and reminds you of how you are worthy of so much more. He vows to kick his ass if you want him to, which earns a chuckle from you and a head shake. Steve gives Bucky a look because he knows that Bucky is not making an empty threat.
They let you cry until you can’t anymore. Bucky retrieves your makeup wipes from the bathroom and he wipes the makeup and tears from your face. Steve stands and gathers the shirts as Bucky tucks you in.
Tony peaks his head in and immediately knows the problem. He walks over, brushes your hair away from your face and leaves a lingering kiss on your forehead before taking the shirts from Steve and leaving. Tony will sort the rest of it out and you know you won’t have to worry about seeing that boy ever again.
Steve comes and lays with you, and Bucky settles in after putting your makeup removing wipes back in their spot. Friday closes the curtains, dims the lights, and turns on the fan as you drift to sleep. The boys never leave your side and everyone in the tower is on edge knowing that you’ve had your heart broken and wishing they could beat the problem away, but they know they can’t.
It’s the thoughts that count. They have showed you that your loved and that’s all you need.
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quietsphere · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Um, so @silverletters tagged me? And this happened. Not gonna lie tho, he keeps coming back to the first hairstyle.
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fahsey · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay i was tagged by jo ( @taurusrry ) to share four songs that have been on rotation for me lately <3
without you - the kid laroi angels like you - miley cyrus falling - chase atlantic notice - thomas rhett
um i’ll tag @strawberryystyles, @burberryharold, @kiwismoon, @glowunderthemoon, @mindofharry, @soullikestyles, and whoever else wants to do this
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dailylouistomlinson · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Free My Meal on Twitter ❤️ 13.07
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svt-interactions · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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witchofthesouls · 5 days ago
Can I have a request? Can I see Optimus reaction to June being pregnant with his baby/sparkling?
None of it made sense. Even if her IUD failed, the timing was off. She should be well within the second trimester, sporting an obvious baby bump like her firstborn.
Her human firstborn with his human father.
June turned up the volume on the radio, so no one else could hear the hysterical laughter of the setup with a catastrophic war driving an alien species off-world to a planet teeming with ancient artifacts of their kind for some ridiculous reason, and one leader “fell in love” with a native under his troop command.
She was either the cosmic butt of the joke or inside a terrible alien xeno romance storyline.
June stared blankly at the sixth minus sign of the week. On the first day with the first test, the little plus almost killed her by sheer disbelief and raw panic. Thoughts and emotions clashing so much it forced her to call out and go back to bed with a gallon of water, steamed tofu leftovers, and hours of mind-numbing reality TV drama and cooking shows.
It calmed her down enough to rationally face the next day. To redo the test and face the weird event of carrying a hybrid fetus term with Ratchet’s help since the Autobot CMO was the closest thing to obstetrician she had for said hybrid fetus. Tell Optimus and see where their future takes them. Tell Jack about his impending older brother status -
All those thoughts crashed to a halt with a negative sign. She took deep, calming breaths and continued onward, going back to work even, making sure to drink more water than usual. Worries and what-ifs lingered in her mind.
The third day was negative. As was the next one and the next one and the next one.
She threw away the seventh test, washed her hands, kissed Jack goodbye before he headed out to school, and continued on her day.
She was in the kitchen, pot bubbling away with homemade stock as she chopped up more vegetables for the actual soup. She hummed a tune from her childhood, words forgotten but the memory still fond. She could call her mother later for the lyrics.
A soft thud made her turn around. Optimus’ holoform destabilizing, his entire form -skin to clothes- completely lost color as he flickered eerily before resettling back with a digital sweep over. Bloodless flesh back to a warm brown, ghost-white hair back to deep blue-black hue, clothes retextured and colored again.
“Your eyes are still glowing,” she pointed out. It wasn’t the first time this had happened. Things could break his focus, like an incoming transmission or a need to check on his physical body. Although, it was the first time she’d seen that expression. Dumbfounded and perplexed.
“Jack said you weren’t feeling well, lately.” Brows furrowed as he picked up the dropped bag and placed it on the table. “And I’ve heard soup helps.” That Autobot bright blue shine dimmed but didn’t fade away, still otherworldly on a human’s face.
“Good timing then.” She went back to her board, clearing off neat piles of celery pieces into a large bowl, and started on the parsnips. “I’m just preparing for some chicken soup. We could do an inside day or go out if you want.”
She heard him hummed in agreement, lower-pitched than usual. Her stomach fluttered a bit before settling down.
June kept chopping until she felt him right behind her.
“Forgive me if I’m being too forward right now.” Warm breath brushed over her neck and his hands trailed down her sides. She could feel the calluses on his fingers over her bare skin, the flannel of his shirt, and leaned back into the solid heat of his body. He put a lot of thought and energy into the details.
A hand glided down to her stomach and something happened. There was that strange fluttering in her lower belly, far more persistent than before, heat and vibration pushed her heartbeat into overdrive, the hair on her arms raised as the stainless steel knife she held in a death grip suddenly sparked-
June hissed and let it clatter on the countertop from surprise rather than actual pain. She turned to face him, back against the drawers as he pushed the cutting board away, knife screeching across the granite as zucchinis and carrots tumbled to the floor. Optimus then lifted her to sit on the counter, closing in.
“That’s not normal.” She said calmly, despite her heart hammering away. Her hands on his shoulders, his around her waist.
“Not for humans as far as I know.” He replied, eyes glowing intently.
A mountain of meanings behind those words, she sighed. Her hand trailed up to his face, brushing over the dark stubble. He leaned into her touch. “And you gave yourself facial hair.”
“I did.” He caught her wrist and pressed a kiss on her palm.
Mouth a little dry, legs already around his waist, she tried one more time to be responsible as hands trailed up her thighs. “We should go to Ratchet.”
“We should.” Optimus’ voice was low and he pressed a light kiss to her forehead, to her nose, to a cheek. Still not moving away.
“We should head to the bedroom.”
“That would be best.” He picked her up before striding down the hallway.
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abbyflowerdoodles · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
@ornelka and @dreemurr-skelememer are an inspiration and I decided to join in on the ink sona thing. Here is a concept.
Since I draw with a finger, she puts her hands in a bucket of paint in order to draw. She also doesn't have any emotions in the bottles, so they're all white. So she is always emotionless
Instead of having it around her torso, it's connected onto a chain on her pants where normally a belt would go.
She is also very protective of her paint.
She also has sharp teeth but she doesn't show it
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jurassicbarnes · 4 months ago
i was tagged by, @mischievous-barnes (this is so cute thank you bby! 💞)
love at first sight or slowly growing fond of someone? love letters or mixtapes? hand kisses or kisses on the cheeks? understanding each other without words or finishing each others sentences? gazing into each other’s eyes or looking away blushing? longing to be with someone again or spending every second together? laughing together or crying together? someone run their fingers through your hair or gently playing with your hand? surprise kisses or long tight hugs?
sorry, i cheated and chose both options twice, they were just too irresistible.
tagging: @borkingbarnes @sventeen-daybreak @divine-mistake @belladonnabarnes @mickey-henry
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severine-savage · 21 days ago
2. Aberrant
Severine sat on a tufted leather couch, leaning back into the corner with her booted feet sticking out into the air. Soon she would get up and dance as performers came and went off of the stage, but for now she sat, flanked by familiar bodies. Otolin on one side, his hand lightly grasping her ankle and Rose on the other, elbow to elbow. The drink that Xiaohu had mixed and Breandan had delivered with a smile was sweating condensation across her palm and she sipped it occasionally, waiting for the alcohol to slide into her limbs.
After she performed she would joke about being nervous. About needing another drink.
The truth was that she was never nervous. Walking out on stage with a folksy smile, with a wink to Egrine and a flip of her hair was as much a part of the costume as the wardrobe she’d carefully picked. When she was on that stage she wasn’t afraid of flubbing, or the audience, or tripping over her feet.
The only thing she feared when she was up on that stage, was the thing she had taken up there with herself.
A bolus of notes sat in the back of her throat like a bite of food too big to swallow. Meant to be spat out or choked on. When she took a breath and sang it out, she held back the melody that wanted to spill forth and instead sang what she wanted people to hear.
A song lodged itself in her mind and she hummed it when she wasn’t thinking. She only realized what she sang when she saw strangers' faces turning towards her. When hands went slack. When bodies swayed in. She bit her tongue swollen, chewed her cheeks and lips bloody and kept quiet. Only spoke.
Her lazy way of speaking was a curb to hold back the refrain that kept her up at night. That had to be silenced by drowning it in alcohol or starving it without nourishment for as long as her body could stand it.
It tripped out with each laugh.
It crescendoed through each sighing reassurance.
She knew Breandan always listened for it. The only other person who had any idea. What would he do, she wondered, if it slipped through the gaps in her teeth. If one day every head in the club lifted and began to sway in turn. Did he see the dancing bodies the same way she did?
Did he believe her at all when she said there was no problem? That every thing was fine?
Did she believe it either?
white dove - koda
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vermilionwinds · 5 days ago
18. Devil’s Advocate
[CW: Alcoholism]
Just one for the road. It made everything warmer, right? (She so hated the cold) Stop the shivering Keep the bones right where they belong Let them swim and sway The closest she can still get to the ocean.
What was a good memory without a drink? She raises a glass. “Ta our arrangemen’, then.” She raises a glass. “To friendship, and looking forward.” She raises a glass. “T’ new friends, an’ new business associates!” She raises a glass. “Ta chance encounters, an’ wherever the hells you got those sunglasses.”
And so many glasses are pressed into her hand blackberry sour fine Malbec whiskey and pomegranate double of rye, cherry bourbon and cold brew on the side grapefruit and tequila watery ale with grain like sawdust
This was right. It was a pairing, a cocktail with two notes. drink and company, company and drink
Words as soft as silk that say “I’ll tell you when you’re drunker,” “Talk like this is better in person over a big bottle of something,” “Is that still your first glass?”
She never needs convincing, but she’d trust every word from those blue-tinged lips Thrills every time their fingers brush against each other at the neck of a whiskey bottle Everything made sense if she said so Pour herself into her schema What did a bottle do but give liquid shape And what shape did she have without
And it lets her feel without breaking Cry without shaking Numbness then catharsis Unlocking doors that she keeps closed In front of people she hardly knows- Halls gathering dust that beg for company Vulnerability with plausible deniability The escape hatch of “sorry, I was in my cups.”
So she washes herself away Lets the waves crash against the shore Wearing rock to sand
But as she sits at the thousandth thousandth bar To order her third drink of the night And thrils at the prospect of a friend Opening a new keg for her nameday tomorrow night A voice at her shoulder says something new,
“Going to nurse that problem of yours?”
“...It’s less of a problem, an’ more of a talent.”
“Yeah, whatever gives you your fun with easing the shake in your hands.”
and that for once gives her pause.
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asherthedragonfox · 4 months ago
I recently got into a TV show called: "His Dark Materials", and also took the chance to talk about it during today's stream!
Lots of you have probs done this before, but I’m gonna put this out here anyway~
Surprisingly, I'm a cat~
Tumblr media
And cause I just love the idea of the His Dark Materials universe so much-
Tumblr media
Decided to name my daemon "Esmé". Not sure why, but it was literally the first name I could think of!
Go watch the first two seasons of His Dark Materials if you haven't yet! :D
And try out the quiz, if you like, and write in the tags what your Deamon is... and thoughts? :]
Tagging: @angeldemon-hybridwolf @sobredunia @illateyouricecreamlastnight @sushiii-ah
Okay, that's it from me, bye!!~
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stuckyxlb · 3 months ago
Stucky and I / Part 11
Disclaimer: I don’t not own these characters.
Summary: After the rough night prior, the reader wakes with Bucky. Steve is still in his and Bucky’s shared room, but the reader desperately wants to see him. What will happen in the aftermath of Steve’s nightmare?
Warnings: cursing, vomiting, implied nudity.
Authors note: Thank you guys so much for the support in my first series! I’m hoping to keep it up for a while longer! If you have any series or one shot ideas, send them my way!
I woke up with a start. I slammed a hand into the weight beside while the other clutched my chest; my breaths were coming out in a wheeze. My rib cage was on fire.
“Fuck.” The figure said from beside me, scrambling into a crouch next to the bed after he fell out. “Hang on baby. I got you.”
Drawers were opening and closing. I turned to see Bucky rummaging through the drawers before clutching my inhaler and jumping onto the bed, pulling me sideways into his chest. Once he had me positioned in a accessible manner, Bucky places the inhaler to my lips.
“Alright. Deep as you can on three.” Bucky encouraged. I nodded along. “One. Two. Three, breathe!” Bucky said as he compressed the inhaler, sending the medication into my esophagus and down to my lungs as I inhaled. He did this three more times, since my metabolism burned off the human medication faster, before I was able to get a steadying breath in.
I turned to Bucky and nodded my head before allowing it to fall back into his chest. “I’m good. Thanks James.” I said, lightly patting his chest as I laid there catching my breath.
“Of course love.” Bucky replies back, setting the inhaler on the night stand and leaning forward to help me get better access to air. “Unlucky for Steve, but lucky for you, he used to have asthma before he got the serum, so I’ve had plenty of practice. I think the bruising is causing your breathing problems.” Bucky said, holding pressure on the parts of my rib cage he could reach.
“Yeah.” I said, trailing off as my mind was attempting to gather itself. “How is Steve?”
“They had to sedate him, so he is still out right now.” Bucky said, looking longingly where Steve once laid a few hours ago. “He feels terrible for what happened. He was making himself physically ill and he will be when he wakes up as well.” Bucky said, wiping tears from both of our faces.
“I need to tell him I forgive him Buck.” I sobbed as I attempted to shove my way out of his arms.
“Woah. Baby. Slow down. You have been extremely sick and he has others looking after him.” Bucky shushed, pulling me back to him as gently as he could. “I want to be with him too, believe me, but you need rest.”
“Can we go rest with him? Please?” I begged Bucky, giving him my best puppy dog eyes. “Carry me?”
Bucky looked down at me and I could see the defeat in his eyes already. “Okay. You just have to promise me that you will allow me to take care of him and you will relax. He’s gonna be very ill when he wakes up. He has never responded well to medications and his stomach was already crummy before they had to sedate him.”
Secretly, I knew I would never just sit back and allow Bucky to be the only one consoling Steve, but I agreed none the less. Bucky rolled out of bed and stretched before gathering a clean pair of pjs for me and helping me change. Once he was done, he went to put my dirty clothes in my laundry hamper and came right back. I threw my arms in the air for him to lift me and Bucky just chuckled at my antics but lifted me anyways.
Walking into Bucky and Steve’s bedroom, a heartbreaking, and rare, sight could be seen. Natasha was sitting in the bed with Steve’s head in her lap while she patted his brow with a cool cloth and ran her fingers through his hair. Sam Wilson was sitting next to the bed, on Steve’s side, holding Steve’s hand in one hand and checking his pulse with the other. Tony sat against the wall, looking disheveled, trying to distract himself on his tablet, but obviously failing miserably.
“Hey guys.” Tony greeted us quietly as we entered the room. “Bruce has some other matters to attend to, so I’m here in case Sam needs help with Capsicile.”
“Thanks Tony.” Bucky mumbled into my hair. I give a small smile as Tony got up and soothed my hair back.
“How are you feeling kiddo?” Tony asked.
I could feel all eyes on me as I contemplated my response. “I’m alright. Sore and tired. Slightly nauseous but I’m alright.” Everyone seemed to take in my answer and keep their worries to themselves as we all stilled when Steve suddenly moved.
Natasha turned her attention back to Steve. She resumed running her fingers through his hair and whispered words of comfort to him. When he seemed emotionally unstable, Bucky sat me down next to Sam and kneeled next to Steve, whispering sweet nothings to his lover.
Steve shifted toward Bucky, so Natasha made a quick and gentle switch and let Bucky take her place. She then came over to Sam, whispered something in his ear, kissed the top of my head, and dragged Tony away.
Sam got out of his seat, picked me up, set me in his previous spot and covered me up. He kissed my forehead, exactly where Nat had just placed a kiss seconds before, and left the three of us alone.
Looking up, I quietly watched as Bucky soothed Steve with expert hands, softly whispering words of love. I looked around to see a garbage bin sitting on the night stand within my reach and other things he would need around the same area.
Just when I started drifting off in Sam’s recliner, I heard Steve gag in his sleep and lunged forward with the bin in hand. Bucky shoves Steve onto his side as Steve’s eyes frantically opened to the bottom of a bin in his face, vomit spewing from his lips.
“Shit Steve.” Bucky breathed. “It’s alright. I got you.”
My face went white and my stomach flipped, but I kept my cool as I helped hold Steve’s fringe back and held the bin.
“Y/N.” Bucky whispered, concern evident on his face.
“I’m *gulp, deep breath* good.” I breathed out. “I’ve got you Steve. I forgive you.” I rubbed his forehead with my thumb, right beneath his hair line.
Steve reached for me with one hand and squeezed my arm in acknowledgment. He was starting to get ahold of himself as Bucky held onto his waist, keeping him steady and watching me with hard eyes.
Once Steve was done, and the vomit was within my line of sight, my stomach flipped and I lunged for the bin near the door.
“Buck.” Steve said, moving to let him move to me. “Go.”
Hands were on me in seconds. A hand on my waist and another on my forehead. “I told you to let me handle it hunny.” Bucky whispered into my shoulder.
“I *gag* needed to…” I tried to say as I fought
against my own stomach.
Suddenly, gagging could be heard from behind us as Steve strained, “I’m good.”
Bucky was torn, but stayed with me since I had been so sick. Once I was finished, Bucky picked me up, along with my bin, and took me to sit in the shower. Confused, I started to stand, but was immediately pushed back down. “Stay there. I’m going to get Steve.” Bucky murmured, turning the shower head away from me before turning it on.
Moments later, Bucky Returned with a pale and shaking Steve who was clearly freezing and crying. Bucky stripped us both, and himself, before entering the shower with Steve wrapped around his torso.
“Let’s get you two warm.” Bucky whispered, gently placing Steve on the shower bench next to me. “If yah puke, aim for the drain please.” Bucky asked as I allowed my head to fall my knees and Steve fell on top of me. Both of us moaned in acknowledgment.
The shower head was turn on to our backs and Bucky gently lifted Steve from his huddled position against my back. The smell of soap was heavy in the air as Bucky began to wash Steve. Bucky hummed as he worked some soap through Steve’s hair.
I slid to the floor, head between my knees, on the opposite side of the shower when Steve suddenly began gagging and Bucky had to stop and place Steve’s head over the drain.
I hummed to myself loudly, drowning out the sound of gagging. I began to hyperventilate as the time drew on, but I had not noticed. Suddenly, after what felt like forever, hands were on me and I jerked my head up to meet my eyes with Bucky.
“Hey. Deep breath.” Bucky encourages. “In and out for me.”
“It’s okay baby. I’m okay.” Steve whispered, scrunched in on himself, holding his stomach and looking pale, but still looking at me with concern.
“Sorry.” I breathed out, regaining control rather quickly, my hand clutching my chest. “Didn’t realize.”
“It’s okay love.” Bucky replies. “Let’s get you washed up. Stevie needs a break and I know it’ll help calm you down.”
I nodded my head and allowed Bucky to work while I closed my eyes. I leaned my forehead against his shoulder as he worked. His hands went gently through my hair and soothed me more than he would ever understand.
I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I’m aware of, I’m laying on one side of Bucky, Steve on the other, and we were all resting in their bed. Looking around, I realize it’s the middle of the night and I’m in clean pjs. Both boys are sleeping peacefully. A trash bin is on both night stands Incase Steve and I need them.
At my slight movement, Bucky’s eyes shoot open and made contact with mine, asking silently if I’m alright. I smile a little at him and snuggle back into his chest, reaching up to run a hand through Steve’s hair.
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dailylouistomlinson · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Actor Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead shared art by @lousfaerie on his Instagram story today! Link to the artist’s original post here ❤️ 25.08
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