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thecomicon · 14 hours ago
Preview: 'We Only Find Them When They're Dead' Returns With A New Arc
Preview: ‘We Only Find Them When They’re Dead’ Returns With A New Arc
BOOM! Studios’ We Only Find Them When They’re Dead returns on Wednesday with a brand new story arc. Written by Al Ewing, with art by Simone Di Meo, color assists by Mariasara Miotti, and letters by AndWorld Design, We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #6 picks up the story of one crew’s epic search for the truth about gods in space . . . and the dire reality-shattering consequences of their quest,…
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cute-cat · 22 hours ago
#038 Cute Cat for PC
#고양이 #CAT #kitty #猫 #chat #gato #die Katze #con mèo #кот #cattus #муур #kucing #Kedi #mushuk #il gatto #pisică #قط، هر #แมว #kicia #kat
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thecomicon · a day ago
Jumping On- New Story Arcs Kicking Off On May 19, 2021
Jumping On- New Story Arcs Kicking Off On May 19, 2021
One of the hardest and most frustrating things about finding new comics to read and enjoy is finding a good jumping on point. It can be confusing and disheartening to pick up a single issue from the middle of an arc without having the context of the previous chapters. With that in mind, here are some titles kicking off new story arcs and a few interesting #1’s premiering this upcoming New Comic…
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graphicpolicy · a day ago
Preview: We Only Find Them When They're Dead #6
We Only Find Them When They're Dead #6 preview. Fifty years have passed since Captain Malik and the crew of the Vihaan II embarked on their fateful mission-and the universe has changed in ways no one ever expected. #Comics #ComicBooks
We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #6 Al Ewing (A/CA) Simone Di MeoIn Shops: May 19, 2021SRP: $3.99 Fifty years have passed since Captain Malik and the crew of the Vihaan II embarked on their fateful mission-and the universe has changed in ways no one ever expected.Jason Hauer, one of the fated Vihaan II crew, is now 71 years old and living a life on the razor’s edge between the Harvesters and…
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cute-cat · 2 days ago
#037 Cute Cat for PC
#고양이 #CAT #kitty #猫 #chat #gato #die Katze #con mèo #кот #cattus #муур #kucing #Kedi #mushuk #il gatto #pisică #قط، هر #แมว #kicia #kat
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meova101 · 2 days ago
New fic: I’m Lost But Found With You
Sebastian had kept his budding feelings neatly locked inside during their final stint as teammates. It's really not helpful when Charles decides to properly celebrate a shared podium for once and invites himself to Sebastian's hotel room.
Sebchal, rated E
I swear I’m done spamming the sebchal appreciation day tag now akljdsg
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meova101 · 2 days ago
🙈 yep, all me! I’m so glad you liked it anon <3
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meova101 · 2 days ago
Oooh I read that one a couple times already, such a good fic!! <3
Ohh you’re too kind anon, thank you <3
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meova101 · 2 days ago
since this will probably get buried during sebchal appreciation day I’m sneakily unanon’ing Comfort In the Grace I’ve Found because I like the idea of keeping it anon like ye olde kinkmemes but I also kinda like it too much to not see my name on top of it akljsdg
if you don’t have an ao3 account I’m sorry but I did archivelock it because I prefer explicit fics with my name on them being archivelocked these days
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meova101 · 2 days ago
I was blissfully unaware of the Amber Lounge Fashion Show that apparently accompanies the Monaco GP until a few days ago and now I’m already going feral over it. Especially after I saw some pics of the actual Amber Lounge, oh my god.
Anyway so if you’ve ever thought about the Amber Lounge and wished Charles gave Seb a lapdance there, this double drabble might tickle your fancy. 
Notes: This isn’t explicit but I’d still probably give it an R-rating just to be sure, tw alcohol (again, sigh)
It’s late enough for the Amber Lounge to be emptying out slightly, but too early for Sebastian to consider going home.
Especially with Charles next to him, talking his ear off about his earlier parties here, waving the champagne bottle in his hand around.
‘I used to get so many lapdances here,’ Sebastian sighs when Charles pauses momentarily. ‘Wonder if I can still get one.’
Charles raises an eyebrow, looks around. They’re alone in the couch area, everyone else on the dance floor.
‘I can give you one?’
Sebastian starts protesting, he really shouldn’t, but Charles slides onto his lap easily, takes a final sip from the champagne bottle before putting it away. He’s too eager, foam leaking out the corners of his mouth, bubbles soaking his white shirt. Sebastian blames his sudden lightheadedness on the amount he himself has drunk.
(It’s been three Jägerbombs. He really can’t blame it on that.)
‘Are you really going to pay a girl when I am right here?’ Charles stretches, shirt sliding up, and it takes all of Sebastian’s focus to not ravage him then and there.
Charles just grins, places Sebastian’s hands on his hips and starts gyrating. Sebastian holds on tight.
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meova101 · 2 days ago
Me, seeing all the awesome sebchal posts populating my dash today:
Tumblr media
y’all are so talented oh my god
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meova101 · 2 days ago
The top 5 best sebchal videos: Meova edition
We all know and love the sebchal challenge videos. What’s better than watching Charles do his utmost best to ultimately still get crushed by Seb’s ability to be good at everything and quiz Charles while doing it? 
And since it’s Sebchal Appreciation Day, I figured it was about time I made a top 5 of my favourites. 
5. British GP - Which songs can Seb and Charles guess straight away?
The start of the Senorita saga, both of them being competitive, music, what’s not to love?
4. Emilia Romagna GP - Hourglass Challenge Round 9
Sometimes, it can feel like Charles is the only one doing the most for Seb, but this video with Seb helping Charles multiple times proves that the feeling’s very much mutual <3
3. Hourglass Challenge round 12, round 13 & round 14
Okay yes I’ll admit it, I’m cheating by putting three videos on one spot, but how could I possibly choose between these? Although even Tumblr wants me to actually choose since I can’t seem to add more than 5 videos to this post, but I scoff at such rules so I sneaked them into the header.
All three have iconic moments and they are just absolutely unhinged. From Seb whacking Charles with cardboard signs to them barely even being competitive and just shooting the shit with each other and the absolutely wonderful is he pretty moment, these three videos have a special place in my heart and you’re a monster if you make me choose akljsdg
2. Ferrari's Blindfold Challenge With Vettel And Leclerc!
Seb having the time of his life? Check. Charles thinking he’s one-upped Seb and still having an absolutely miserable time? Check. Blindfolds? For some reason, check. It’s just chaos from beginning to end.
1. German GP - Sprechen Sie F1? A very strict Professor Seb testing Charles
Is this even a question? Charles trying and failing to pronounce German, Seb seemingly flirting with him, very strict professor Seb is an actual thing that exists now on Ferrari’s YouTube channel, it was my very first post with this Tumblr for a reason and that reason is purely because this video lives rentfree in my head, my heart and my... uh, never mind. Might have to rewatch this video again right now.
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meova101 · 2 days ago
Helmet swap my beloved <3 I don’t exactly remember where I got this idea from, just that it was somewhere in the soup, so if you remember being the spark for this idea and want the credit, hit me up! Also I’m claiming that this counts for my helmetswap bingo square, because I did write this after the cards were sent out.
Anyway I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone of how hard Charles tried to get Seb’s helmet on his head. This drabble is about exactly that.
tw mention of possible blood
It takes a while, but Charles finally feels Sebastian’s helmet slide further onto his head. Worth all the blood, sweat and tears, he thinks as he poses for the pictures.
He’s hoping it’s not actual blood, but the sticky feeling on his ear could go either way.
And in hindsight, it took less long to pull the helmet on than to take it off again.
Sebastian just chuckles fondly.
‘I tried to warn you. This happened to Lewis too. Should I call someone?’
‘Not yet.’ Charles isn’t willing to give up yet.
‘Just say when,’ Sebastian says, squeezing his arm.
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meova101 · 2 days ago
One fated day in 2016, Sebastian’s world suddenly sprang into life, the gray washing away with all the colours he had ever tried to imagine but failed.
The very least his soulmate could have done, after changing the way he saw the world forever, was actually show up, though.
(fill for my soulmate!au bingo square)
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meova101 · 2 days ago
There’s a red Lec in MotoGP apparently and I keep thinking ‘Charles???’
On closer inspection the colour next to the driver is more brown than red but I’m just saying, the brainrot goes deep
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meova101 · 2 days ago
Sebchal songs that deserve more love
As some of you may know, I love music about as much as I love F1. Which is exactly why I made a little playlist of sebchal songs right around Abu Dhabi 2020 and have not stopped listening to it since. 
Anyway, since I have many opinions and a passion for music, here’s my top 5 songs that fit sebchal very well and deserve more love.
1. Fall Out Boy - The Last of the Real Ones
Okay, real talk, it is so hard to decide which FOB song I was going to put here because there are so many that fit. Just One Yesterday? Church? Alone Together? Irresistible? Ugh. All of them are sebchal. But this one just feels the most like their entire stint as teammates. I read it from Seb’s POV but it can easily also be Charles’  or even an outside look. It just works.
You were too good to be true Gold plated But what's inside you But what's inside you I know this whole damn city thinks it needs you But not as much as I do As much as I do, yeah
I'm done with having dreams The thing that I believe Oh, you drain all the fear from me
2. Marianas Trench - Dearly Departed
This one just makes me think of the entire Abu Dhabi weekend, really, from the Sebmet to the helmet swap to all the moments sebchal looked for each other that weekend. Just. Chills.
I don't know how to mend it But this chapter ended When all of my plans have depended on you But at least tonight we still pretend Hold each other close like it's not the end
3. Madeon ft. Dan Smith - La Lune
OKAY WHO WANTS TO FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS because I sure don’t but this is a bop so I’m putting it in
Anyway. While the respect Seb and Charles have for each other remained a constant - still not over the cheek cradle happening at their second race as teammates - you can see their relationship evolve throughout the years and this song captures that really well. It also captures how they tend to get stuck in their own conversations when around each other, which is still very cute.
So we stay awake Like we always do And we try to recreate And when nothing's changed And I'm next to you It doesn't feel the same
4. You Me At Six - Voicenotes
See there's no one like you Who finds a way to pull me through When I'm at rock bottom I got nothing left to lose And self doubt creeps in You make me feel stronger It's the company I'm keeping It makes me feel this way
For this one I’m putting the lyric fragment first because honestly. tell me this is not them in 2020. look me in the eyes and tell me this could not have directly been written about their 2020 season. you can’t. because it is. YMAS sebchal shippers confirmed.
5. Enter Shikari - Stop the Clocks
Look everyone should know I love Shikari by now and luckily, they have songs for everything, including sebchal. Is this really a surprise. But yeah, also very much 2020-related for me although it fits their entire stint as teammates, a bit more Charles’ point of view, but sebchal through and through.
Drifting, my life is on hold now Give me coordinates please I look for a safe harbour And you say "that makes two of us" There's a cinema in me It plays counterfeit scenes All my worries and blunders And you say "that makes two of us" And all your life, you just exist And all your life, it's moments missed And all the time, you wait in line What you'll find
Well that makes two of us
Feel free to check out the rest of my sebchal playlist! I’m not taking criticism on any of the songs though lol
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cute-cat · 3 days ago
#036 Cute Cat for PC
#고양이 #CAT #kitty #猫 #chat #gato #die Katze #con mèo #кот #cattus #муур #kucing #Kedi #mushuk #il gatto #pisică #قط، هر #แมว #kicia #kat
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cruelsummcrs · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
[ benedetta porcaroli. witch/the fearless rogues. 24/29. bisexual. cis woman. ] was that just GABRIELA DI MEO, I saw coming out of THE GRAVEYARD? the BARTENDER is best to be described as + INTELLIGENT, but pronouns could also be - ENIGMATIC and as well as being previously unmarked they can easily be noticed by BLEACH BLONDE HAIR, BEING ABLE TO HEAR HER MUSIC DESPITE HER ALWAYS WEARING HEADPHONES, AND TALKING IN EUROPEAN HAND GESTURES WITHOUT NOTICING, as well as A DRAGONFLY ON THEIR RIGHT HIP, which has only just appeared. / @lovebitestarter
full name: Gabriela Noemi Di Meo
nickname(s): Gabi/Gabby, Brie
birth date: January 11th, 1992
zodiac: Capricorn
age: 24/29
gender: cis female
pronouns: she/her
sexual orientation: bisexual
relationship status: single
Gabriela Di Meo was born and raised in Florence, Italy as the eldest of two. Growing up, her family had a coven of their own and she learned how to use her powers from a young age, same as her younger brother.
Gabriela lowkey comes from an extremely wealthy family and she sometimes lets that get to her head a bit, treating regular people like they are beneath her at times, but she knows it’s not the right thing to do and often apologizes a shit ton afterward.
Gabriela’s soulmark didn’t come through until she was 21 because her original soulmark disappeared after her witch soulmate died when she was still in Italy and after her brother, Enzo’s, soulmark had appeared a few months later, she decided to move to Everwinter with him to try and keep him in line.
Gabriela wasn’t all too thrilled to be leaving her childhood behind, but once she got to know the people of Everwinter better, she didn’t mind it although she’d be lying if she had said she was a fan of having to speak English almost all the time unless she’s with Enzo.
Despite Gabriela previously losing her soulmark, her parents had always believed that she’d find her soulmate even if they hadn’t been the same species as her due to the fact that her parents have always been hopeless romantics.
As Gabriela waited for not just Enzo’s soulmate to be revealed but hers as well, she finished her final year of university in Everwinter and finished with a bachelors in business before then opening her own bar near the Graveyard, La Strega Cattiva, which translates to The Wicked Witch in English despite her being far from it honestly.
Gabriela had always been a loner ever since she was young, so instead of looking into the local coven in Everwinter, she decided to go solo while still keeping an eye on Enzo every now and then.
accent: Italian accent. Sometimes it’s hard for her to pronounce words without there being a bit of an Italian accent and people are often unable to understand her because it’s so thick.
quirks: n/a.
habits: taps her fingers on literally everything
nervous ticks: she bites her fingernails when she’s nervous
sense of humor: Kind of dry at times, but also normal.
positive traits: Resourceful, Intelligent, Strategic
negative traits: Sarcastic, Enigmatic, Ruthless
hobbies: Singing, although she never does it in public because she’s extremely insecure about her singing voice.
fears: losing her family
Close Friends - Gabi has been in Everwinter for a few years now, but she still doesn’t have many friends due to the fact that she tends to be a bit cold at times.
Exes - Gabi has been in Everwinter for a few years now and has had her fair share of exes, both on good terms and on bad, and she often times doesn’t talk to either after the break up because she thinks it’s extremely awkward to do so.
Her younger brother (Enzo) - Gabi and her little brother have always been close and although they often fight like normal siblings do, she’d do absolutely anything and everything for him. When she sees someone else pick on him and tease him, besides her, of course, she’ll make their lives a living hell.
Gabriela is a natural born witch, she loves being a witch, its apart of who she is and she couldn’t imagine being anything else. She tends to get along with other species besides her own, but there are times when she is a bit hesitant to do so.
Gabriela still isn’t sure how she feels about the whole soulmarks thing ever since she lost her first one, but she’s curious to see who her second soulmate is.
Gabi is anxiously waiting to be paired with someone.
Gabriela’s favorite movie is Casa Blanca because she likes the classics.
Gabriela always makes sure to call her parents back home in Italy at least twice a day to give them both an update on her and Enzo.
Gabriela tends to speak in European hand movements at times without realizing it, it’s something she has been doing since she was young and it just sort of comes natural to her at this point, same as whenever she speaks in Italian without realizing.
hi, i’m mary, i’m 19 and i never fucking learned how to read! just kidding haha. anyway, i live in the est timezone, and i feel like i’m pretty much a rp veteran at this point since i started rping when i was like 11 or 12 lol. i can’t wait to rp with ya’ll!
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