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Re-posting my fanart/doodles from the manga chainsaw man. 🙂

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lmfaooo this has meme potential😂😂😂

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Thank you so much staples for this present of a Meowy Christmas Mother Fluffer T Shirt From AllezyGo gorgeous box filled with journals pens and staples for me to write music and poetry in bill durling it s a continued honor to work on staplesforstudents with born this way foundation and you you re the best. A top turkish official says the only logical conclusion is that jamal khashoggi’s body was dissolved in acid after being cut up. I’m sooooo excited that I got these two already ordered i’ve been waiting forever for this release now for the other three to be available ️ ️ ️ ️ ️

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Meowy Christmas Mother Fluffer T Shirt From AllezyGo

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I love love love your luminous foundation but the bottle needs a Meowy Christmas Mother Fluffer T Shirt From AllezyGo redesign it is the leakiest foundation on earth I carry it in my purse up right in a small pocket inside a ziploc because I know it will leak everywhere this is after just driving to the airport and going through security I haven’t even flown yet I carry a pack of lysol wipes just to clean up after this product sad please consider a different pump and neck for this great foundation I have had three bottles and they are all like this I don’t want to decant it because you need such a teeny amount yet it’s hard to gauge what you need and I don’t want to pour any remainder back into the bottle when I get home and potentially add in bacteria. The first half of the verse was gone I re recorded it but you should have heard the original take that shit was way better oh well just added more annotations for mmlp to genius see them all here genius com eminem. Was looking for a foundation today and decided to pop into brown thomas walked past the nars counter and I had never tried any of their products so you could say I was a nars virgin after a chat with the girl at the counter sarah and testing a bit of the product I decided to go ahead and buy it when I came home I was so excited to try it on and it didn’t disappoint this has to be the most amazing foundation I have ever used iv been converted nars virgin no more
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Today’s anime cat of the day is:

Nyako from Chainsaw Man!

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it’s as sweet as you!!!!!!

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she keeps breathing in my ear and rubbing her face on me while I try to work. What the heck cat

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Power and meowy

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Nuestro más reciente adoptee

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