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I drew some of my favorite lines from the characters in Epithet Erased

I can now declare that Sylvie’s hair is the hardest to draw. With I think Mera in second.

All these characters, their quotes, and Epithet Erased belongs to @jelloapocalypse

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I know I’m probably very late to this, but This Does Not Spark Joy for Mera?

I’m probably going a bit too far for angst here, but Mera isn’t just afraid of ducks only because “they’re small, and fast, and they bite”. Let’s just say that when she first found out she was Inscribed, it was when she was feeding them at a park.

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  • Characters: Reader x Mera
  • Warnings: drowning
  • Gif credit: justiceleague
  • Spotify Prompt: 07. There’s Still A Light In The House by Valley: “When she crash, she brings a storm in, I kinda like the way it pours.”
  • Word Count: 462
  • A/N: her power omg……. anyway i thought about basing this prompt off of That Scene where she’s in that wine store, but changed my mind. hope you guys like this one!! (spotify prompts are not open)

You’re spluttering against concrete, water ripping through your lungs as you gasp for air, choking on the saltwater taste in the back of your throat. Everything happened so fast, the ocean waves crashing over Arthur’s car before everything went black, the car tumbling through the water as you struggled to unclip your seatbelt trapping you in your seat. You managed to yank yourself free, and you were propelled out of the open window before you felt your body hit the ground, hard.

Your hands and arms are shaking as you struggle to prop yourself upright, too weak to barely move, and you muster up enough strength to look around you, eyes widening as you realise some sort of dome has formed around you, the water ruthlessly crashing around you but not entering the almost sacred space that’s formed.

“y/n!” you hear Arthur yell your name, and you look up to see that he’s also found his way into this pocket of safety against the furious sea. He bends down beside you, trying to help you upright, and he looks around, desperately hoping his father is nearby. 

Before you can even begin to try and understand what’s happening, you see a figure through the ocean. She waves her arms, pushing the water away from her, as if she alone commands the feral ocean that has turned against you. You stare, in awe, as she raises her arms, teeth gritted in effort as she strains to bring the water under control, tendrils twirling around her body as the waves around you begin to rein in. 

Had you not just almost died, had the whole experience not been so traumatic, you would’ve found it beautiful.

The water finally dies down, slinking away from you as Arthur finally catches sight of his car. Rushing over, he yells, “Dad!”

You flinch as you hear the car door crashing against the floor as Arthur rips it open, and the mysterious woman crouches beside you, putting a gentle hand on your arm as she asks, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah?” you manage to nod, still in shock. “I… I don’t know how to thank you.”

“No need to thank me. I’m Princess Y’Mera Xebella Challa.” she introduces herself with a small smile. You blink at her, and she adds, “Mera is fine.”

“You saved my life, Mera,” you smile back at her, feeling your heart skip a beat as she beams at you. Before she can respond to you, the two of you are interrupted as Thomas splutters back to life behind you, coughing up water as Arthur keeps him upright, and Mera offers you her hand as she helps you to your feet, the two of you rushing over to help them while you’re still holding her hand. 

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