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“Proyecto editorial de un colectivo de artistas que decidimos sacar adelante este proyecto de conversaciones en tiempos de pandemia.”

The Spanish art book project is now on Kickstarter! + extra rewards and merch.

Relogs and shares appreciated o/

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May I interest you in some pins? ( ⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝ )੭⁾⁾

So I teamed up with a pin artist to make some pinsss! And here are our first set.

Pre-orders are open (link)
Please contact ritarussiandoll_pins on instagram if you are interested!

Infos about the pins:

• Price 25$ each
Discount on multiple pins

• 4.5 cm or 1.77 inches

• Black plating, some with print details, hard enamel
LE 50 each

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Would you like to have your own Mr.Midnight? 🐈
Now you can! And you can carry him with you all the time! 💞

🛒ONLY at the Killmonday shop! 👈

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Someone was selling both Moomin’s Friend and this McDonald’s picture book so ofc I had to get them! 🥰

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LanceHoyt- Yo!  #murderhawkminions. You have your NEW monstrous T yet?!  Head over to @ShopAEW and getchu yours NOW!!!!!

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Latest goodies from my @shandian-go orders. 

My favorites are the Qing Cang Wangxian dolls and the WWX pen and also the fan pins with the buns. 
The little bunny pin fell off its chain when I dropped it but it was a very easy fix with pliers.

Everything arrived in great shape! Thanks for making it possible to buy these.

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Raven has a strong affinity for Bird Plushies. He is currently in the process of removing all his internal (and external) organs in the process of becoming a Marketable Bird Plushie himself. He will be in stores near you Soon™!

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The mean girls that bullied you in middle school

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My jams came in today and I GOT THE SURPRISE BOX!!!!


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