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Fantasy AU Teaser - Genie Tony


Originally posted by blackoutrayven

It had been centuries, eons of nothing but blood and death and unlimited power used solely for evil and gain.  Tony hardly remembered anymore what it was like before then, before he’d become the genie known as the Merchant of Death.

He didn’t understand the name.  It wasn’t him thirsting for blood, going wild-eyed into the most barren parts of the desert, or into the most sacred of temples in search for it.  He had no power for himself.  None.  All the immense power he wielded was for whichever master summoned him next, and he could do nothing but exist, in continuous stasis inside his lamp until someone pulled him out of it.  

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So it’s almost 2 am here and I’ve been up since 4:30am. Just in case this stops making a lot of sense, but bear with me.

So I saw this post the other day and Arnish Karpoor and his feud and it pinged around in my brain and I ended up with winteriron, because you should all know me by now.

So after AOU and Ironman’s split from the Avengers, the media stops calling Tony Ironman, in fact, they stop calling him Tony Stark and go back to calling him “The Merchant of Death”. The press is so bad that any time Tony goes out in support of something the public hates it. Tony catches on fast thou and uses reverse psychology into getting the public behind what he wants.

By the time Steve brings in Bucky, Tony has it down to an art. And while Steve and co are trying to get the world behind Barnes its. just. not. working. All the world is seeing is the Soldat, so Tony comes out publicly against Bucky and in less than a week #70aPOW is trending and the world is uniting behind its longest-held prisoner of war.

Bucky is no one’s fool. And the first time he and Tony meet he thanks Tony for his support. Steve is WTF no Bucky no. 

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Random Winteriron prompt #001

“Who do you serve?”

“Death, but,” he trailed, grimacing against the pull of torn muscle - of broken bone, “he doesn’t serve me well in return.”

“Perhaps you should find a new master then?”

He huffs, exasperated. “And who could defy Death?”

“The Merchant,” the woman replies easily, her smile lazy in her indulgence. “He can have your god pulling tricks as if Death were a common whore, if you pay the price.”

There was always a catch, of course, he snorted. “And what price would that be?”

“You’d have to ask him yourself.”

He huffed, impatient. “Fine. Who is he then, the Merchant?”

“Tony. Tony Stark.”

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Marvel fanart: “Hello, Old Friend” sketch. Some symbolism going on here I’ll probably explain if/when I finish this drawing. In the meantime, have an accompanying poem I slapped together (purposely run-on):

Beloved merchant o’ mine

What wares do you share with me today

Wares painted in your dreamy mind

Birthed from your scarred, calloused hands

These hands so tremble, shake with fear

With blood like tears that flee your heart

A heart torn and yawning wide

Fraught with grief, with misery

Oh, old friend, beloved merchant o’ mine

Shed no more guilt nor sorrow, no pain

For time will return you to my embrace

A longing in my breast, eternal, for you

Your warmth, your love, your life

Find their end within your grasp

Hands that tremble no more nor shake

But rest in knowing that I’m near.

*Please feel free to REBLOG (but please do not repost). Commissions are open.

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Merchant of Death (colored)

Further experimenting with windows surface paint program.  Trying to get used to layering is a pain, but I’m hoping it’ll get easier as I go. 

I usually (loosely) base my version of Tony Stark off of MCU/RDJ Tony Stark, but instead of typical brown eyes, I gave him glowing brown/honey golden eyes to add an “unsettling, otherworldly” effect. The background ended up flatter than I wanted, but -shrug- it does the job. 

Hopefully it doesn’t look too odd.

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So the wonderful and beautiful STARSdidathing from AO3 wrote a 2 chapter ficlet called, “The Merchant of Death” ( based off my drawing of Merchant of Death Tony (pic below). Because I cannot stop myself, I decided to draw up an evil!Loki inspired by the Loki in the ficlet. I took liberties with the design as you can see and added horns and claws. In my mind, evil!Loki wouldn’t care who or what would clue into his Jotun origins and would show signs of it as a warning to his enemies. 

Ink on printer paper. Lineart. 

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After Tony gets told his nickname is the “Merchant of Death” he almost dies multiple times. 

“You’ll die!” - Pepper to Tony duing his battle with Obadiah Stane in Iron Man

“You are running out of both time and options. Unfortunately, the device that’s keeping you alive is also killing you.” - Jarvis to Tony in Iron Man 2

“Stark, you know that’s a one way trip.” - Steve Rogers to Tony in The Avengers talking about the nuke

“Technically, you’re dead. [he give Tony a newspaper which has Tony’s picture with the headline ‘Mandarin Attack: Stark presumed dead’].” - Harley Keener to Tony in Iron Man 3

“You know, if this works, we maybe don’t walk away.” - Tony Stark Avengers Age of Ultron to the avengers team 

In Captain America Civil War almost shoots Tony in the face.

In Tony’s quest to get rid of his nickname of “The Merchant of Death” he almost dies multiple times. I think he needs a hug and therapy. 

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