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RWBY Volume 8 poster - villains edition by E1lySym

Always liked the idea of villains getting their own spotlight and a main poster. And in anticipation of V8’s second half where villains officially fuck things up this art piece has been quite timely


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Mercury Black (RWBY) by E1lySym


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A Butcher No More - Chapter 7 - VeraSquid - RWBY [Archive of Our Own]
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D’awwww, you’re gonna make me blush …

As for your request, Mercury and Sun already have a ship name!

They are 88 Days or Silver Compass, and I can most certainly give you something for that!

RWBY Ship Summary #147: 88 Days/Silver Compass

*record scratch* Yep, that’s me. Mercury Black. You’re probably wondering why I’m being carried under the arm of an attractive Faunus man who shares his brain cell with literal water. It’s a very long story.

They’d be chaotic and thief-y together, as all thieves should be.

Thanks for the suggestion! Remember inbox is OPEN for Ship Summaries, Headcannon Requests and Ship Trials!

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Cinder can't find her anklet! When did you have it on last?
Duh, probably right before she lost it.
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I don't wanna die. I wanna kiss Emerald.
Cinder & Emerald
I mean see the future.
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This entire season I’ve channeled the energy from that one ship officer from the Titanic movie. Specifically the scene where they’re trying to avoid the iceberg and he says “come on, come on, come on, turn,” but in my case I’m saying it whenever various characters show up on screen

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That was an ask response and the ask said, quote, “I think it would beautiful if Mercury died in a fight against Qrow while Qrow was drunk.” Which um…. yikes 😶 Yikes for multiple reasons ._. 

Yikes #1: Mercury… Is a victim of abuse from an alcoholic father.

Yikes #2: Qrow is an alcoholic, with volume 6-onward a RECOVERING alcoholic.

Yikes #3: Qrow getting drunk SPECIFICALLY to fight Merc… is an insult to both characters .-.

Yikes #4: No one deserves to relive trauma especially not in their final moments ._.

In conclusion: Don’t make Qrow get drunk he’s been doing good >_> And if they DO get Qrow drunk, which’ll make me very upset <_<, don’t have him KILL Mercury .-. Also yikes

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COMPLETED FIC! All seven parts are up on AO3.

Title: “Grimms”

Artist for artwork:  ivanwind | Illustration, Cartoons & Comics | Fiverr

Plot: Summer Rose is the sole survivor of a towing crew that was sent to investigate a distress beacon from LV-426, an Atlesian colony in the Solitas tundra. She claims that her team was destroyed by a “grim-looking” monster but, with no evidence to back her statements, she’s turned away by her employers while another group is allowed to establish a settlement in the same area.

When all contact to the new colony is lost, Summer is brought back to help in the investigation. This time, with a team of Atlesian marines, Summer returns to the source of her nightmares to hopefully put an end to them once and for all.

However, there was only one Grimm the first time. Unbeknownst to Summer and the marines…they’re walking right into the nest…

(BASED ON: Aliens, 1986)

(Link to the story is provided, just follow this post’s link to AO3.)

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I have a new concept to introduce to the absolute mess of Ozcar AU’s the Soul Dozen has created 🙈 I humbly present…

Ozpin’s Halfway House AU

Which I have decided to title “A Beacon of Hope”

- Ozpin starts a halfway house for strays, runaways, and juvenile delinquents.

- Oscar (14) was officially adopted by Oz after his parents kicked him out from coming out to them as trans (FTM trans!Oscar is underrated)

- Emerald (16), Mercury (16), and Cinder (20) are the only three in the house court-ordered to stay with him after they got caught stealing to survive.

- Weiss (16) and Whitley (12) show up one day out of the blue after escaping their abusive father.

- Blake (18) ran away from home to join the White Fang and came to him after that went sideways. She’s still too scared to go home and Oz’s main goal with her is to make her feel safe enough to do so. She helps him a lot around the house.

- I’m creating this AU so you know Cloqwork is involved but I won’t rant about that too much (yet). I only mention it because Ruby (16) and Yang (18) still live with Tai, but they visit their uncles all the time and become really close with most of the kids staying there.

- Yang gets super attached to Blake and visits often, finding the smallest excuses to help her around the house and run errands with her (yes, I’m adding Bumbleby to the mix, who do you think I am?).

- Ren (6) and Nora (5) are two little kids Oz noticed snooping around outside the house one day. He questioned them, asking them where their parents were, where they live, if they were lost, etc. When they didn’t have answers to these basic questions he knew what he had to do.

Sheepishly, he walked into the house and found Qrow in the kitchen. The kids are trailing behind him, hiding behind his legs.

“Qrow. Please don’t be mad.”

“Oh no. What did you do, Ozzy?”

Oz hesitantly steps aside, letting the presence of the kids speak for itself. Qrow can’t help but just laugh. He knows where this is going.

“They were just wandering around outside, Qrow! What was I supposed to do!”

Adopt them, obviously! And Qrow agrees. So now they live there, too.

- Pyrrha (22) and Jaune (22) are Oz’s only other staff members. They help the kids with homework, transportation, extra circulars, the more day-to-day stuff.

This post is getting too long so I will stop but yes, I do have more.


I’ve said this about many of my ideas, but this one is absolutely the most self-indulgent AU I’ve thought of. I plan on using this setting and these characters to stay focused on my studies this semester so any and all ideas/questions/interactions with it are greatly appreciated XD

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Janurwby day 23! OTP prompt generator! I also generated a random ship and got 88 days. My prompt was sharing a dessert

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Their plan had failed. Kidnap the Arc heir and get the ransom. Easy. Of course, the child put up a fight and force had to be used. Necessary. But then they came, Tyrian and a man known simply as the Hound. Both of them were her mistress’s top men in the Grimm syndicate. Why did they attack them? Why were her and her three other associates tied up in the middle of the clearing? Cinder wanted answers and she needed them now!

“I just wanna go home.” She looked to the five year old Arc heir, he was clinging to the Hound for dear life, his eyes closed tightly as tears ran down his face.

“Hey! What’s going on here!? Why’d you ruin our job?!” The fourth member of Cinder’s team yelled out, Bron. A swift kick to the jaw from Tyrian was his only answer. Bron coughed, spitting a tooth as he glared at the uncomfortably quiet assassin. Cinder knew Tyrian, he was never this quiet! He always had something to say! Before she could ponder more, lights could be seen approaching from the tree line along with the sounds of Engines.

An armored limousine flanked by four hummers, two on each side drove up, their lights nearly blinding. Their headlights were turned off but the floodlights on top of each hummer was turned on. They all recognized the vehicles, they were all Grimm syndicate vehicles. Though the limousine in the center, they all knew who that was. Cinder had a small smile on her face. The occupants of the Hummers exited their vehicles, they all looked ready to fight a war. Decked out in full military apparel from their military rifles to the various tactical gear, the only striking things separating them from any actual military branch was their black and red uniform color and their bone white metallic masks. Apathy squad. That was the name of this particular group of Grimm syndicate soldiers. Only used for the extreme of issues and commanded only by on-

Two people exited the driver and passenger sides of the limo. Hazel and his older sister Gretchen Rainart, both dressed in suits. All four watched Gretchen walk to the end of the Limo, opening as someone stepped out, someone they all recognized; Salem, the head of the Grimm Syndicate. She was strikingly beautiful given her age, platinum pale blonde hair kept in half undone bun style. Fair skin with vein like tattoos spreading all over them, a tradition she once stated was part of her family for those that became the heads. Her light blue eyes fixated on the bound for as she walked over to them gracefully. Her heels kicking rocks as she walked over.

“Ha! You idiots are in for it now! Once the boss lady hears you messed up our job, there will hell to p-”

“Aunty Salem!” Bron stopped talking, all four of them froze as they saw the hound put the young boy down as he ran with a limp to Salem. She brought herself down to one knee, arms opened as a loving smile that none had ever seen before was on her face. The boy hugged her tightly as she did the same, her arms wrapping around him as she kissed his forehead.

“Shhhhh, it’s okay my sweet knight. I’m here. Your aunty is here.” She said with a soothing motherly voice, soothing the crying boy as she sent a death glare at all four of the bound men.

“I *hic* scared Aunty! They said they would *hic* kill me. That they would come after everyone.” He cried as he buried his face into her chest, crying.

Мой маленький рыцарь(my little knight), I’m here now. You were so brave, I’m proud of you for being brave. Aunty is gonna make the bad people go away okay?” She said, a chill of pure fear running down all their spines.

“M-Mistre-” cinder tried to rise, to tell her Mistress this was a misunderstanding! Only for the butt of a rifle to hit her back down. She looked to see an Apathy soldier behind her, they had surrounded them. All their rifles pointed at them. She looked at the crying boy, then to Salem. This boy. The sole male of the Arc family was Salem’s nephew. He was her family…a family they all just threatened.

“Stay down.” The soldier stated.

“Jaune, why are you limping and who gave you that black eye?” She asked him, Bron and Mercury stiffened as Jaune pointed at them.

“The man with the silver hair hit my legs hard because I tried to run away. He said if I did it again, he was gonna make sure I could never walk again.” He told her. Mercury looked at Salem, her glare terrifying him. Then he glared at Cinder, the one who decided to go against Salem’s orders.

He rose up, “DAMN YOU CIND-” the butt of rifle slamming against his jaw sent him to the ground, two soldiers picking him up and putting back onto his knees.

“Silence! You will speak only if Salem allows it!”

“who gave you that black eye?” She asked him, ignoring the commotion as she moved locks of Jaune’s hair to get a better view of his eye. Her anger rising as she could see the outlines of a fist among the swelling. He pointed at Bron.

“He did.” Tears started forming and it broke Salem’s heart to see her nepphew had gone through so much pain, the redness on his wrist did not go unnoticed. “H-he said h-he would kill me and our f-family. Saying h-he would do bad s-stuff to m-momma and my sisters.”

Bron’s mouth was dry. He couldnt speak to defend himself. What the boy said was true. Of course he was just stating it to keep the kid in line but he didnt know that. Not would Salem care if he didn’t mean it. Salem looked at him, there was death promised behind that stare.

“You arm, why is it like that?” It was Cinder’s turn to stiffen more than she already did. She kidnapped and beaten Salem’s nephew. Threatened his family with death or well Salem’s family.

“T-to keep me in the room. The metal hurt when I tried to get out of it. She gave me a knife and said I could leave if I just cut off my hand.” Cinder didn’t dare look up. She knew they had screwed up immensely. There was no mercy. No way to talk themselves out of it. There was only punishment.

“Gretchen,” the older woman stepped forward, “take Jaune into the Limo, give him water and some snacks. Hes had quite an ordeal.”

“Yes ma'am.” The giant of a woman extend her arms out as the boy hugged Salem tighter. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, whispering in his ear as he nodded. He allowed Gretchen to carry him as she began to walk away. Salem slowly walking towards the four.

“Wait!” Jaune cried, causing Salem to immediately turn her head with concern. Gretchen walked towards Salem. “Aunty, the girl with the green hair…she was nice to me. She gave me food and played a game with me.” Salem looked at Emerald, the girl not wanting to look back.

“Is that so.”

“Yeah! She was nice to me, when the man over there punched me, she wiped away my tears and tried to make the pain go away.” Emerald smiled a bit, internally thanking the boy for remembering. Cinder however was seething with anger. She didnt know Emerald was doing this!

“I see, go rest now мой маленький детеныш(my little cub), I’ll be there shortly.” Salem turned away, waiting for the door to the Limo to slam shut. Once it did, she looked at Cinder.

“Cinder,” there venom and anger in her voice, despit her calmness. Gone was that motherly tone. “What were your orders hmm?”

“Mistress, please just all-” a hard slapped shut her mouth. She looked at Salem, seeing her hand raised with a glare. “What. Were. Your. Orders?”

“T-to S-stand by and wait for your orders.” She answered, recovering from the slap.

“What did you do instead?”

“We acted on our own.”


Cinder clenched her teeth. “We kidnapped the Arc heir and held him for ransom…”

Salem look towards Bron as she walked over to him. Two soldiers bring the bound man to his feet.

“let me see your hands.” She commanded, holding her own hand.

“Ma'am, T-this was all Cinder’s idea! If we had know-” a fist to the gut by one of the soldiers silenced him. Salem still waiting for him to show her his hands. The two guards did for him, Salem examining his right knuckle and seeing it was somewhat red. Her anger rose more, knowing what he had done to Jaune.

“This the fist you used? Hazel.” The large man immediately walked over, clasping Bron’s fist into his own before crushing with all his strength, a sickening crunch was herd as Bron screamed in pain, his fingers all broke with a few bones poking out. “His punishment isnt over yet, stand him up.” The soldiers immediately raised the man up, cutting his bound hands as he went grasp the broken one.

The others looked at Salem as she walked in front of them, then hearing the snarling and growling. All their eyes widened when they saw three large wolf like creatures. Beowolves, The result of the Grimm syndicate cross breeding Russian bear dogs with Wolves, to create vicious attack dogs to be sold. The dogs were large, with jet black fur and vicious fangs as they snarled. They charged at the 3 bound people only to be stopped by their chain leashes.

Каблук!” The dogs immediately sat down, looking at the one who ordered, Salem. She looked at Bron who looked back fearfully.

“I have done everything in my power to ensure my family is never involved in the other side of our business. From bribing officials, forcing others to look the other way, to even assassinations against anyone that looked at my family the wrong way. Then you four,” she looked at them all, seeing their fear. “Decide to act on your own, kidnap my sweet nephew and make him endure pain that I worked extremely hard to ensure he would never experience!” She shouted, making them all flinch. “Bron, you threatened to kill him. You threatened to kill MY family. To do unsavory things to my not only niece but my great nieces as well.” She walked forward, the man trying to back away only to be stopped by Hazel.

“Ma'am! Please!” He begged. “It was Cinder’s idea! Please you have to believe me!” He cried, tears running down his face but it didn’t faze Salem. She snarled at him.


“W-wah?” He asked through sobs.

“Run. You have 3 seconds.” She said, turning around. “3…” the beowolves stood up and bron knew what was going to happen. He stepped back, breaking into a sprint towards the treeline. “2…” he ran, as fast as he could. Praying to any god that would listen to save him. “1.” Salem turned around, “Убийство.(Kill)” The beowolves immediately broke into a run, free of their chains as they chased after their prey.

Bron ran, he could hear the barking from the canines. He ran, despite his lungs burning. He had to keep going! He had to survive! He wasnt going to die here! He- a Beowolf lunged onto his back, pushing to the ground, before he could react they were on him. Biting into his flesh, ripping chunks off as he tried to fight back. One grabbing a hold of his broken hand and violently tugging at it, he screaming as one bit into his exposed stomach, a chunk being ripped off due to the powerful jaws.

Salem looked at the surviving three as they listened to their former teammate being ripped apart. His screamings echoing throughout the forest. Screams for help. To make the pain stop. Forgiveness. There was no forgiveness. No mercy. They had brought the wrath of the devil himself onto themselves. Mercury could clearly hear the flesh being torn off as the screams died down before silence.

Возвращение!” A soldier yelled. Within a few minutes, the canines came running out, all three recoiled as they saw each one of them was covered in blood. In their jaws, each held a piece of Bron. One held his mauled tattooed arm, bits of flesh hanging loosely off it. The other held what looked like intestines in its mouth but the other was the worst. A piece of Bron’s face was held firmly in its jaws, his lone eye hanging out of the half torn socket. Emerald couldn’t hold it in and vomited. Cinder tried her best to stay composed despite the brutality she had just heard and seeing its aftermath. Mercury was shaking, the assassins always the one doing the killing. Now he was on the other end.

“Emerald. The kindness you showed my nephew will not go unnoticed, your punishment will not be as severe. But you will still be punished, just not now. Others are ahead of you.” Salem stated as she walked past Emerald. Silently thanking Jaune.

“Mercury.” She looked at the young assassin as he looked away.

“Look at me.” He still looked away. Immediately a soldier grabbed his head and forced him to look at Salem. He could’ve sworn her blue eyes were gone, replaced by a pair of glowing blood red ones. He blinked and her eyes were normal.

“You beat Nephew’s legs. To ensure he couldnt run far. You threatened to make sure he couldn’t walk again if he tried to run again. Am I correct?”

Mercury could only nod. He dare not lie.

“You will not die today. No, I still have need of you. But you will be punished and it will be the way you threatened my sweet boy.” Mercury’s eyes went wide as the soldiers grabbed him, throwing to the ground and started to tie his legs above the knee caps, a piece of wood placed between his legs, also above the knee caps as it painfully forced his legs to spread apart despite being bound. The soldiers held him down.

“Make him experience the pain he brought upon my nephew.” She ordered, before Mercury could say anything, something was shoved in his mouth.

“You may wanna bite down my dear Mercury, or else you’ll bite off your tongue.” She told him as a large soldier walked foward, a sledgehammer in hand. Mercury eyes widened as the soldier raised the sledgehammer high and immediately brought it down to the side of Mercury’s right leg. Forcing the limb to bend into the wood. He screamed into the leather as the hammer came down again onto his right leg, another swing and another followed until his right leg was a right angle. His bones sticking out.

Emerald shut her eyes as the soldier repeated the same action onto the other leg. Salem unfazed by any of it as she looked at Cinder. Each sickening hit of flesh tearing and bone breaking made her flinch. Eventually it stopped and she looked at the gnarled form that was Mercury, he had passed long ago from the pain.

“Treat his wounds. Make sure he lives.” The soldiers bowed before taking the broken assassin away. The beowolves were still gnawing their prizes.

“Take Emerald away, put her in one of the vehicles.”

“Yes ma'am.” One soldier stated as he picked the thief by the arm and forced her away. She dared not look at Salem or Cinder. Cinder glared at her as she was led away.

“Cinder. You have no one to blame but yourself.” Salem snarled as Cinder looked at her. She was immediately brought to her feet to look at her boss.

“Ma'am! Please, I acted on how you taught me! To take the chance when it presented itself!” Cinder told her, hoping she can get out of this.

Tyrian walked forward, holding a long box in front of him with both hands. Salem turned around, opening the box’s latched lid carefully to reveal a sword Nestle in soft fabric.

“Crocea Mors. This sword has been in my family since the time of the Roman Empire. During the reign of Julius Caesar. It was his sword, then it was melted down by one his descendants and reforged into the sword you see now. Carried by our ancestor Joan of Arc before her death.” She waved the sword a bit, holding it up high as she inspected it. “Each Arc since then has held onto the sword, swearing upon it to protect our family no matter what. To honor our promises we make. To ensure any foe who stands before us falls. It will be Jaune’s soon. When he comes of age, it will be his.” She looked at Cinder. “You harmed my family Cinder. I had such high Hope’s for you as well, but you still have some uses to me, so I won’t kill you.”

That didnt make Cinder feel better. “Raise your right arm out Cinder.” She ordered, at first Cinder didn’t. Salem looked at Hazel as the man stepped forward and forced her to. Cinder tried to fight back, but to no avail due to the man’s strength.

“Mistress! Please! It won’t happen again! I promise!” She pleaded, Salem handed the sword to the hound, as he raised the blade above Cinder’s arm, right above elbow.

“Oh my sweet Cinder. I know. But what was it you said to my nephew?” The Hound raised the blade higher. “The only way to get out was to cut off your hand?” The blade came down In one swift motion. Severing Cinder’s arm. Cinder fell to her knees, shocked. She looked at her severed limp limb as it was thrown towards the canines as they began to rip it apart. Then down to her stump, blood pouring out. The shakily looked at Salem, who simply cleaned the blood off the blade before carefully placing it back into secured holder. She began to walk away, as the pain finally registered to Cinder. She screamed and flayed on the ground as she tried to stop the bleeding.

“Go, make sure she lives. She still has uses to me.” She told the soldiers. The canines were put back into their cages as Hazel opened the door for Salem. She saw Jaune was fast asleep, hugging into Gretchen, Salem extend her arms out, wanting to hold the small child. She cradled him as snuggled into her, a sweet smile on her face as she alerted her niece that he was Safe and the proper authorities were dealing with the people involved. She slowly ran her fingers over his swollen eye, then looking at his wounded wrist. “The bad people are gone now, I’ll always protect you my sweet knight.” She kissed his forehead as they drove away, the sound Cinder screaming could faintly be heard.

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KH2 Lp.

Oscar:So Mulan and Shang are togather now.

Jaune:Town blow to shit though.

Mercury:But least they get their happy ending. Godammit!

Oscar begans to laugh his ass off ar Mercury’s slip up as he puts his hands on his face and groans.

Jaune:(as the name shows up om screen, trying very hard to hold back his laughter.) The lands of dragons. You okay Merc?

Mercury:…. That wasn’t intendely.

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RWBabies: Jericho

Jericho: No fair daddy! Give me the ball! ☹

Mercury: Woosh!

Throwing the small basket ball into he net Mercury grinned grabbing it before his daughter could.

Mercury: That’s Mercury 10, Jericho 0 😏

Jericho: Your cheating! You can reach the net! 😠

Mercury: Details, shmetails, you just aren’t as good as your old man. 😁

Jericho pouted as her father casually reached his hand over the kid basketball hoop and tossed it in. Using her reflexes, the little Faunus dove for the basketball snatching it with her three of her four spider-like legs that reached out from her back her Faunus trait.

Jericho: I got it! 😃

Mercury: Yoink. 😏

With a grin he snatched the ball from her again leaving his little girl balless yet again as he dunked another hoop a broad smile on his face.

Jericho: Daddy! 😫

Mercury: Mercury 11, Jericho 0 😉

Jericho: Your mean!

Mercury: And your short.

Jericho: Am not!

Mercury: ‘snicker’

Jericho: Stop Laughing! 😠

The basketball fell again and once more Mercury took hold of his prize but not before his daughter reached for it. A palm to the forehead was all he needed to end that attempt though.

Jericho: No fair!

Mercury: What you gonna go about it, shorty?

Jericho: Gosh Danget Daddy! I’m Not short! 😡

With all the fury her little body could muster the young Black shot forwards putting all her weight into a brutal punch into her dad’s family jewels. No sooner did the man fall to his ground letting out a horn-like cough as he did and curling in on himself.

Seeing her opening the little Spider Faunus reached for the basketball before running for the hoop, using her downed dad as a stepping stool to jump off and dunk it.

Jericho: I Did It! 😆

Mercury: Oh gods, I think you popped one! 😫

Jericho: ~Go Jericho, go Jericho, its my birthday~😆

Trifa: Okay what the hells going on- 😦 Mercury the hell you doing on the floor holding you… Jericho! Did you hit your dad below the belt! 😠

Jericho:… Maybe.

Trifa: That’s-

Before she could start said downed assassin rose his hand up.

Mercury: Hold up sexy, don’t get after her.

Trifa: What the but she-

Mercury: Did exactly what I taught her ‘Groan’ Our little spiders not gonna take crap from anyone… Isn’t that right sweetie?

Jericho: Yep.

Mercury: ‘Whimper’ That’s my girl… Oh Gods its hurts… 😖

Trifa: You idiot… Come here, sweetie get you dumbas- Dad, a ice pack.

Jericho: Okay! 😅

Home Free!

Running off the former Terrorist looked to her husband.

Trifa: You got what was coming to you y’know.

Mercury: Hey you weren’t there…

Trifa: Don’t need to be, I know you well enough to know whatever it was was your fault.

Mercury:… Dammit.

Trifa: ‘Sigh’ Why did I marry you again…

Mercury:… Cause I knocked you up and you were outta options?

Trifa rolled her eyes.

Trifa: I had plenty of options… Someone you were the winner…

Mercury: ‘Heh’ Guess you have shit taste.

Trifa: Guess so… But I’ll stick with you anyways as broken as your Ken doll legged ass is.

Mercury:… Hey Trifa.

Trifa: Yeah.

Mercury: I hope your not expecting anymore kids, pretty sure our lil’ spider just sealed the deal on that…

Trifa: You ruined the mood…

Mercury: Yeah I tend to do that… So wanna take our girl out to Mc’Schneez.

Trifa: Your asking a former White Fang to go to SDC Franchise? 🤨

Mercury: ~I’ll buy you a Caramel Frappés~



Trifa: -///- Make it a large…

Mercury: You got it 😁 Hey Lil’ Spider wanna go to Mc’Schneez!?

Jericho: YAY! Can I have a Happy Meal!?😃

Mercury: Yeah yeah, c’mon.

Jericho rushed forward towards her father a stick in hand.

Jericho: Here daddy, for your limp 😊


Taking the stick he pressed it to the floor like a walking cane.

Mercury: How thoughtful…

And so I introduce a new RWBaby, Jericho Black. Mercury Black and Trifa’s (Black now) whose ship name is dubbed 'Black’s Widow’ daughter. A spunky little tomboy Faunus whose trait is four long Black Widow legs sticking out her back. Her Semblance is Spidey Sense (Lol Can’t imagine where I came up with this name huh) Which allows her to perceives threats and dangers of all magnitudes.

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I really hope that when RWBY gets to Vacuo and we catch up with Mercury again, that he runs into his mother or some other family and his past gets explored a bit. I think Mercury wasn’t always just stuck with his father. I won’t be surprised if his mom was in his life at some point. But despite how his father treated him, Mercury had to have had a model of sort in his life who showed him the difference between someone actually caring for people and an abusive relationship, hence why he picked up that Cinder really doesn’t care about Emerald. He had to have had someone else in his life at some point. But I doubt he’s going to be open about his past so I think that it might be talked about coming from someone else maybe although it would be a big moment if Mercury decided to open up about it himself.

Another idea is that Sun might befriend him and manage to help him out and like he was there for Blake, he’s there for Mercury, too. Although Sun might also recognize him from the fall of beacon so I ain’t holding my breath there… I can see him being sympathetic if he knew his story though.

But I’m hoping in Vacuo we get to learn more about Mercury and I think it would be fitting to have it explored while in Vacuo. I like the symbolism of it. How Vacuo was once a paradise only to become a wasteland after years of being exploited and harmed until there’s nothing left of the original paradise… just like him.

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