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redhairedwolfwitch · 2 days ago
Doctor Y/n - Residency - 33 - Grey's Anatomy x Fem!Reader
"I am your chief resident. What does that mean? It means that I am your chief. Your boss, your commander, your overlord, your queen. It means when I speak, you listen! And when you make mistakes, it reflects on me. So no mistakes!" Jo let out a breath as she finished yelling her speech in the mirror, leaving you to pause in munching the bag of popcorn you'd brought, specifically for that moment.
"Was it good? Was it scary?"
"Very. Very scary." Alex concluded as he ate his breakfast burrito.
"Braces?" Jo asked, turning to you.
"Maybe don't yell it? I honestly can't take you seriously but-"
"It wasn't scary." Alex admitted, leaving you to nod, offering him some popcorn, which he took with a nod.
"What? Did- didn't I sound like Bailey? I was trying to sound like Bailey!" Jo asked, leaving you to frown.
"I prefer the speech we did for when we had interns with Steph." You admitted, leaving Jo to pause.
"Because it was an edited version of Bailey's speech to Doctor Grey's intern class." You deadpanned as Alex laughed into his burrito.
"What's that?" Alex asked as the three of you heard thumping.
"DeLuca and that intern." Jo replied, leaving you to grumble into your popcorn about straight people.
"Everyday, it's like some kind of addiction." Jo replied, watching with a chuckle as you stopped eating the popcorn, letting it drop from your hand back into the bowl.
"Whoah, what the hell, where are the x-rays? Is the machine broken? What the hell is happening?" You exclaimed as the x-ray machine began to malfunction, only loading up half of the x-ray you needed before the screen went blank.
"Crap! Nurse, can you help me get them out of the machine? I think the entire hospital is having technical difficulties!" You exclaimed, sticking your head out of the doorway.
"What the hell is happening- 'we own your systems, we own your patients' medical records-' fucking hell, the hospital's been hacked!" You grumbled, getting out your phone.
"Pick up, Cody, pick up." You murmured into your phone, going past Maggie and Jackson as you transported your patient into a room. Without the x-rays working, you couldn't see where your patient's arm break was, and whether there was more than one break.
"Stop using your phones, turn off your phones." The FBI agents who walked in ordered, leaving you to grimace as Cody's voicemail played in your ear.
"So, I'm looking at patients' broken bones without being able to access their x-rays because it's in their patient files!" You grumbled, pacing up and down the corridor as you went over the paper files of possible injuries your patients could have.
"S/n, page an ortho attending-"
"There aren't any in! The fellows are either useless, busy or not here too!" You grumbled, pausing as the lights went out for a moment.
"Ugh." You grumbled, clicking on the mini torch you had in your pocket before hurrying to check on your patients.
"Joey, where the hell are you?" You murmured, hurrying past the nurses station as you heard Arizona rambling.
"Oh thank god, 'Zona and Joey... no, no, no, no... he's fucking here." You growled, immediately taking a breath and waking over.
"I see you still have your guard dog, she's so loyal to you, it's almost commendable." Paul chuckled, leaving Arizona to pause, watching how your face was stone and you were standing in a way that had Jo slightly behind you.
"I guess I should get going, see ya." Arizona smiled, meeting your eyes before she walked away.
"So, you two haven't been talking about me, I guess I should be grateful for that." Paul stepped forwards, frowning as you slid more in front of Jo.
"Is there, some place quiet we can talk? Catch up?" Paul asked, trying to stare Jo down.
"Wilson? Karev's looking for you. S/n, how's ortho going?"
"Oh, you know, it's... bone breaking." You fake smiled Webber, ignoring how you felt Paul's gaze on the side of your face as you spotted Arizona lurking.
"I have to go, look at some x-rays." You lied, hurrying away.
"He's the bad guy?" Arizona asked as you approached, your face stone before you hurried over to the bin, emptying the contents of your stomach.
"He's the bad guy. I have to find Joey, I am not letting him lay a finger on her, ever again." You concluded, heading to the peds floor.
"And why is it so freaking warm?" You grumbled in the stairwell.
"Joey, where the hell are you?" You murmured, finding Jo wasn't on the peds floor.
It was only when you tried running outside that you spotted the crying girl in resident scrubs.
"Joey, hey, hey, I'd say I've got you but you've got you, so I'm going with, he's here, what are we going to do?" You asked as you and Jo walked back inside.
"Heat getting to you two? Wilson, how is it I never knew you studied under Paul Stadler?" Webber asked, removing his glasses and putting them in his pocket.
"It's, uh, a long story."
"Well, now's the best time to visit, he's pitching in in the OR."
"What? No, he can't-" Jo began but Webber shook his head.
"He's a world class surgeon-"
"Whatever he said to you, you can't trust him, he lies, he lies about everything!" Jo declared as she ran away.
"Joey! Fuck!" You exclaimed, running your hands down your face.
"He's a bad guy, like the bad guys I talked about in my intern application, he's one of the original bad guys!" You exploded, hurrying after Jo as Webber's face fell.
"Joey, breathe." You murmured, the two of you hiding in the gallery of the OR that Meredith was currently operating in, with the bastard himself.
"Finally!" Helm announced, making you jump as Jo shushed her.
"What do you want?"
"Doctor Karev said I had to find you two and bring you both to him. And I'm not allowed to leave you two alone." Helm stated, leaving Jo to nod with a sad smile on her face, whilst you ran your hands down your face, ignoring how sweaty you were due to the a/c being hacked.
"It's not true!" Jo hurried over after Alex and Meredith, leaving you to hurry with Helm at your heels, sensing her eyes drift between your form and Jo's.
"It's not true, he takes the truth, but he, he twists it and changes it to fit his own story. It's not, it's not true." Jo's eyes were full of tears as Meredith approached her.
"You are Jo Wilson. I know exactly who you are" She stated, pulling Jo into a hug whilst you stared at the floor, stomach churning.
"I think we can call them off. Helm hasn't let me out of her sight, she followed me into the bathroom. The actual stall. Only Braces is allowed to do that, plus, Braces got followed to the vending machine by whoever intern he is!" Jo retorted, spotting you trying to drink some water.
"You guys can leave, thank you." Meredith stated, letting Helm and the other intern leave as Alex admitted he would have come himself, but he was stuck in surgery.
"How do you want to handle this?" Meredith asked, pausing as she noticed you pacing.
"Y/n-" Meredith began, but you shook your head.
"I wanna be divorced. I want to never see his face again. I want to not feel afraid anymore, I want Braces to not be afraid anymore." Jo stated, leaving Meredith to interject that Alex wasn't going anywhere near Paul.
"Alex, we've got this, she is not going to be alone with him." Meredith concluded as Jo leaned into Alex's arms.
"You have the divorce papers?"
"If you don't mind Doctor Grey, Y/n, I'd like a moment alone-"
"No way in hell." You folded your arms, walking closer to the table as Paul got closer to Jo.
"Actually I do mind, I'm going to stay here." Meredith stated, taking a seat next to Jo as you took the seat on the other side of her.
"You don't deserve anything good. You're a monster." Jo stated as he left, leaving you to watch as Paul walked away with his new fiancee.
"You did great, now it's over-"
"No, no it's not, I need Robbins, where's Robbins?" Jo asked, leaving you to cough.
"'Zona is aware that he is a bad guy..." You added, leaving Jo and Meredith to turn to you.
"I don't like this, do phone calls still work?" You murmured to Meredith, who raised an eyebrow.
"Why? Who are you going to call? The cops? A lawyer?"
"No... Cody, he's good with computers." You bluffed, watching as Meredith raised an eyebrow.
Jo was stood behind Arizona and Meredith as they walked Paul leave with his fiancee.
This meant that none of them saw you sneak away, phone in hand.
"DeLuca, I swear you better be clothed, I need you to get to car park one in ten minutes... if you don't, it's going to be more than a code orange. Please, ten minutes."
"You don't have to stay with me, I'm okay." Jo stated, packing up her bag.
"Yeah, I know." Meredith replied, walking Jo to the door.
"You know what? You're the kind of women who runs away with that, freak... where is your guard dog, Brooke? She's not around to protect you this time." Paul smirked, holding Jo's card in his hand as he walked his fiancee out of there, leaving Jo to cry into Meredith's arms.
"Oh crap, where the hell is S/n?" Meredith realised, leaving Jo to freeze.
You knew his car instantly.
That was the first thing you realised as you hid by a staff exit, watching the car park as you spotted his fiancee walking to the car, getting in and waiting for him.
You should have known it was a trap.
Walking towards the exit she came from, you didn't expect a hand to grab your shoulder, sending you flying backwards into the wall.
You didn't know the CCTV had been turned back on moments before the impact either.
All you knew was that there was a hand roughly holding you up as the other hand turned into a fist, a fist that slammed into your head and torso.
Your phone was on the ground when the timer you had set ran out.
A bloody cough left your lips as Paul paused, raising an eyebrow.
"You're never going to hurt her, or anyone else, ever again." Your body slid down the wall as Paul's grip on your shoulder was gone, leaving you propped up against the wall.
"Y/n! Oh, god!" DeLuca explained, helping you up as you shakily reached for him.
"Get 'Zona, need to get to Joey, now." You murmured as things started going hazy.
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When Grey’s Anatomy CONSTANTLY brings up the fact that “Derek didn’t react when he found Mark and Addison in bed together”,  but that he gets pissed off whenever someone so much as looks at Meredith. But then in season 3, during the flashback of that scene, they have him yelling and throwing Addison’s clothes into the front yard in the rain, and locking her out and I’m just like... so what is the truth?
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tvandfilm · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Who’s next? Alex? Because I hear he likes to sleep around. You two have that in common. GREY’S ANATOMY | S02E24
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quotemadness · a month ago
I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke.
Meredith Grey
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thoughtkick · 3 months ago
Cause you never think the last time’s going to be the last time - you think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t.
Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy.
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fockers · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That’s the guy Addison was sleeping with? Well, you can’t really blame her, can you? No, not really.
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redhairedwolfwitch · a day ago
Plastics Fellow - Part 2 - Amelia Shepherd x Fem!Reader - Grey's Anatomy
Summary: You and Amelia agreed it was just stress relief. But what happens when each of you sought out the other for more than that? What if this could be more?
A smug smile crossed Amelia's lips as she watched you tug on your scrubs, your eyes widening when you glanced back and spotted her biting her lip whilst looking you up and down.
A sigh escaped her lips as you slipped out the door, having been paged a little while ago.
Another sigh left her lips as her pager went off, meaning she also needed to pull her scrubs back on.
It was just sex. That was what the two of you had convinced yourselves as it kept happening, all over the hospital, but eventually moving to your place or Amelia sneaking you into her room at Meredith's house.
Amelia let out a yawn as she woke up in a bed that wasn't her's. Her eyes widening slightly as she glanced around your bedroom, spotting the photo frames and the salt lamp on the bedside table and the pride flag on the wall.
Getting up from the bed, she was able to get a closer look at the bookcase, smiling to herself as her fingers skimmed over the spines.
Grabbing a blanket from the bed, she wrapped it around herself as she left the room, spotting you in the kitchen, making coffee.
A rare glimpse of the sun in Seattle settled upon your face as you stared out of the large window, a peaceful look on your face as you waited for the coffee to brew.
In that moment, you were sunlight in a rainy city.
Maggie paused as she woke up to a noise, loud enough that she heard through the wall as she peeled herself away from her pillow.
Quietly slipping out of her room, she frowned as she realised the noises were coming from Amelia's room, about to roll her eyes and remind Amelia to put headphones in next time if she was going to watch those types of videos when Mer's kids were asleep.
Maggie's eyes widened as she realised Amelia was definitely not watching a video, hurrying back to her room to put her earplugs in.
Maggie avoided Amelia's eyes the entirety of breakfast, having guessed whoever Amelia had over had snuck out afterwards, since whoever the voice belonged to, didn't join them at breakfast.
"Okay, what is it? Did I forget something or-"
"You should really try be more quiet if you're going to bring... people, back here at night. You could have woken the kids up." Maggie stammered, moving the empty bowls to the sink as the kids went to get ready for the day.
"People- what do you mean people-" Amelia frowned, looking confused as Maggie gave her a frown back.
"You had a woman over last night-"
"Does it bother you I had a woman over and not a man?" Amelia retorted, slightly offended as Maggie's eyes widened.
"No! I was more bothered by the fact you woke me up, and you could have woken up the kids! Be quieter next time, I thought you were watching porn until whoever it was in there was moaning your name!" Maggie exclaimed, jaw dropping as Amelia went from smirking to biting her lip in amusement.
"We did not mean to be that loud." Amelia admitted as Maggie sighed.
"You're lucky Mer was working last night, and you're lucky you snuck whoever it was out before the kids woke up." Maggie stated, rubbing her fingers over her temple as Amelia let out a breath, realising that Maggie didn't know it was you.
You felt sick as Jackson announced the fundraising gala for the hospital, stating that attendance was mandatory.
In fact, you felt sick the entire run up to the fundraiser, ignoring Jo's concerned eyes as you hid up in the skills lab, working on suture techniques whenever you didn't have a surgery.
It was Amelia who found you hiding out in an on-call room instead of attending the gala.
"You hiding out up here instead of the gala?" Amelia raised an eyebrow, spotting the outfit you were going to wear hanging from a bunk, then spotting you curled up on the bed, knees pulled up to your chest.
"You want help getting ready?" Amelia smirked, her hand resting on your knee and about to move further up when you removed it.
"I- I can't do that right now, Amelia." You brushed off her hand, letting out a shaky breath as you saw Amelia's face melt into concern.
"Uh, okay, do you want me to do anything-" Amelia was cut off as you shuffled over, almost slamming into her as you leaned into her, trembling.
"Y/n, I'm pretty sure you're having a panic attack." Amelia nervously stated, hesitantly holding her arms out, unsure of what to do with them.
"Stay, stay with me please." You whispered as you almost went limp, your breathing ragid as you tried to control your thoughts.
Amelia sat, almost frozen as she listened to your breathing, bewildered by everything as her usual coping mechanisms either failed or just weren't happening.
Those coping mechanisms being sex or drugs.
She didn't know the coping mechanism of comfort.
Her eyes widened as you shifted slightly, staring at her before you gently reached out for her hand, cautious as she moved forwards, letting you hold her hand through your panic attack.
A nervous smile crossed Amelia's face at the warmth in her chest, watching as you eventually gave her a exhausted smile.
"I think we'll skip the gala, huh?" Amelia whispered, smiling more as you tiredly chuckled, reaching up to gently brush her cheek with your fingers.
"If I wasn't so exhausted, I'd probably kiss you." You admitted, letting your eyes close momentarily before Amelia nudged you to lay down properly, feeling you tense as she laid behind you, spooning you.
Amelia let out a quiet sigh as she pulled you closer to her, burying her face in the back of your neck then closing her eyes to sleep.
You could feel her eyes on you as you walked into the ER with Jackson. You had had to explain why you missed the gala, with the irony of the plastics surgeon being too insecure to attend a gala, but you left that bit out, simply explaining you were not well enough to attend.
Arizona raised an eyebrow as she realised Amelia was not listening to a word she was saying, spotting who had caught Amelia's attention.
"You just can't keep your eyes off of her, can you?" Arizona smiled, watching as Amelia bit her lip and glanced around.
Jackson had disappeared after being paged to the OR, leaving you to finish up what you were doing.
You'd barely stood up when Amelia caught your wrist, pulling you into an empty trauma room.
"What's-" You were cut off as Amelia fixed your lab coat collar, smoothing out the creases whilst smirking as goosebumps tingled across your skin at the contact.
"There, better." Amelia smirked, pausing as she went to leave, "meet you in the on-call room later."
You swallowed thickly before your pager went off, leaving you to scurry out as Amelia's hand brushed yours as you exited.
"Keep it in your pants, Shepherd. You two are cute though, with whatever's going on between the two of you." Arizona whispered, leaving Amelia to look at the ground and smile to herself.
You were scrubbing out of a successful surgery with Jackson and Jo when Maggie spotted how Amelia was not listening to a word she was saying.
"What are you staring at- you're not staring at Jackson. You're staring at his fellow." Maggie frowned, watching Amelia glance around for a second before she sighed, stretching her arms slightly.
"I'm gonna go take a nap." Amelia declared, walking past you with a smirk as she brushed your hand with hers, raising an eyebrow at you to follow in a bit.
"What?" Maggie frowned, wondering if what had just happened did indeed happen.
Once Maggie starts a puzzla, she can't put it down.
So the puzzle of why Amelia was acting so weird and staring at you was one that kept bothering her throughout the day, between consults and surgeries.
It was only when she spotted you almost jog into the on-call room that Amelia was lingering in the door of that she realised she really wished she didn't know.
"Oh! Oh my god. I did not need to figure that out." Maggie realised as she walked too close to the on-call room, having flashbacks to when Amelia had that woman in her room before.
It was you.
Amelia and you were screwing.
Maggie did not need to know that.
"Okay, what have I done now?" Amelia enquired as she noticed Maggie wasn't looking at her after dinner.
"You had sex with Jackson's fellow."
"Okay, well, first, their name is Y/n-"
"At the hospital, and in this house. You are not subtle with how you ogle her, Amelia, it's only time until Mer figures out your naps are other activities!" Maggie exclaimed, leaving Amelia to shrug.
"Fine, we'll keep it at her place. No biggie." Amelia sighed, smiling at her phone as she saw you had seen her message from earlier.
"Hey. Is it just sex or are you two-"
"It's stress-relief." Amelia smiled, leaving Maggie to sigh.
"Good for you."
You were stood in the radiology lab, looking over a reconstruction surgery that Jackson was planning, when arms wrapped around your waist. You jolted slightly from your stance until you heard her sigh, her breath hitting your ear.
"You okay?" You murmured, raising an eyebrow as Amelia leaned into you more.
"Yeah, just felt the need to hug you." Amelia admitted, not letting go as she looked over the scans you had been looking at before she walked in.
"So, what are we looking at?" Amelia asked, glancing at the side of your face before looking back at the scans.
Maybe the two of you could be something more.
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nottinghil1 · 5 months ago
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ginandweas · 4 months ago
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You had a mother. Jackson and I had surgeons who procreated. It's just a little complicated. MEREDITH GREY & JACKSON AVERY
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hisgirlwednesday447 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
this is the second time in a week that I’m using this meme for a tv show because tv show writers really said “2020 is not wild enough”.
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