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#merlin (fate)

Hablo sobre Merlin 21 minutos, explicando en esos minutos el iceberg que subí hace algunos días.

Please forgive me that my main language is spanish, i’m thinking to add subtitles since it’s a video of me talking about Merlin and explaining the iceberg I uploaded time ago.

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You asked and you shall receive >:3

Female!Child!Master and Merlin

Merlin wasn’t used at all to feeling anything– he was just used to a eternal boredom and expecting nothing more of life than boredom and a sense that nothing would ever change.

But when he saw his petite,tiny and adorable master,his reaction was of surprise. How did this little girl end up becoming a master? He knew some mage families trained their children from a extremely young age to be master - or just merely powerful mages. There didn’t have any hint at all the girl was from a ‘noble’ mage family.

▹ ❝my name is y/n. I’m your master❞ the girl spoke,with certain insecurity on her voice but still trying to appear strong. something in Merlin snapped internally: why did it make him think about Arturia?

Maybe it was the tone? Well he couldn’t tell. But it still made him remenber Arturia - the young lonely girl that was forced to take the role of a king. Merlin’s expression changed when he realized the young girl was giving him a expecting look. ❝I’m Merlin,i’m a caster class servant but you can just call me big brother Merlin❞

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Ok ok

This is a difficult one cause..i have too much faves-

• Mordred might be one of my first faves from the time i started to watch Fate/interact w Fate content as i related to them a lot.

Mordred is canonically Non Binary(one of their profiles literally says it and i will fight you if you use she/her if you send a ask relating to them jk jk). I’m gonna go with demissexual biromantic for their sexuality.

As for ships..hmm i really like Jekyll/Hyde + Mordred and Mordred + Fran/Eve but it really is far from my fave ship despite i really liking both characters.

• Now i’m THE biggest Merlin simp. Everyone that knows me can confirm. I can only see him as panssexual tbh and about shipping,i’m a bit inclined towards Merlin + Solomon or Merlin + Gilgamesh(Caster) though i don’t really ship anyone with him seriously.

• Speaking of which,Gilgamesh is another one of my personal faves. i can only see him as either bi or pan(it is not gay if it is clay lmao) and for ship,tbh only Gilgamesh + Enkidu seriously. But tbh i have a slight preference for Caster Gilgamesh over Archer Gilgamesh if i’m being fully honest

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A short answer:

will be that it’s about dreams and it’s rhythm that makes me automatically relate it with Merlin. 

Now for a long answer it’s because the lyrics of the song:

Sweet dreams are made of this,  Who am I to disagree?

He likes those dreams humanity has, they are big, interesting, and they fit his likeness to ‘consume’ dreams. Who is he a half human, half incubus, to disagree that they are ‘sweet’?

I travel the world and the seven seas 

His independent manifestation, or even how he can travel from Avalon to anyone’s dream. 

Everybody is looking for something

Because grail can give wishes, but always the dream a human has is bigger than some wishes. 

Some of them want to use you.

His is seem as someone that could help you, but there are some that want to take advantage of his variety of abilities.

Some of them want get used by you

It could be on how he can be trusted and you will agree in some of his crazy ideas.

Some of them want to abuse you

I relate this part with Morgana and Vivian or even Uther Pendragon.

Some of them want to be abused

And finally this part to Arthur… Artoria because even if he advised what could happen they always agreed on everything to be a king.

Now the song in general:

The information booklet in Eurythmics’ 1983 album Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) says that the song is about life as it is, saying that here we are in our existences, trying to make sense of our lives and to survive.

And we know that Merlin is someone that sees his favorite painting of humanity, seeing the cruelties of this world as something that should always exist otherwise i wouldn’t be fun. He likes to see the history of humans that work hard for it.

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