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#merlin bbc
merlin-gifs · 2 days ago
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merlin-gifs alphabet challenge ↪ u: uther's ward
“Uther is my father. I am his daughter. He's been lying to me all these years.”
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witchmd13 · a day ago
sometimes I think that the assumption that Merlin and Arthur would’ve grown up together weren’t for the purge is a little off, but then I remember Uther knew Balinor. Actually knew him. Knew him enough to risk war by sending knights after him to a neighboring kingdom to make sure he got rid of him, and Balinor knew Uther well enough to not believe for a single second that he wouldn’t kill him if he went back to Camelot even if it was to save it, knew him well enough to know any family he’d ever have would suffer at the hands of Uther just because they’re related to him, chose a life of being constantly on the run because he knew Uther was vindictive enough to chase him to the ends of the earth. 
We know that Uther tricked Balinor to lock up Kilgarrah during the purge. I don’t think Balinor would’ve ever done that if he didn’t have some sort of friendship or at least some friendliness with Uther and thought he would hold his promise... Or maybe it wasn’t friendship at all, but some kind of blackmail? Maybe Uther promised Balinor he’d let him go if he gave him the dragon? Maybe they’ve been rivals before, or at least with Balinor’s family. I mean the Dragonlords who tamed and talked to dragons would be a natural threat to Uther who ‘won’ Camelot through war. 
It sort of annoys me that they never explored that in canon, but on the other hand, it’s so fun to imagine what sort of relationship Balinor had to Camelot, or even the dragonlords at large. Were they allies of Uther that he sought to get rid of once he secured the throne, much like Nimueh who was his ‘friend’? Or were they rivals? Served the previous ruler, whoever that was, and only submitted to Uther later? And how would that even happen with dragons at their command? 
Were they citizens of Cameot before? Were they nobility or were they like the druids? How did Uther even win their loyalty at first? 
Uther literally wiped off an entire family, mothers and sons and fathers, because that’s what you have to do to make sure no more dragonlords were born, right? It makes my skin crawl. 
I can’t believe Merlin could look Uther everyday in the eye and not want to sit him on fire. 
Also not to make this merthur (tm), but what kind of love do you need to have for someone to spare the life of someone like that for their sake? Someone who wouldn’t only kill him if they knew who he was, but is also responsible for the slaughter of his entire family. Merlin literally had Uther’s life in his hands with Arthur’s sword at his throat, and then stopped him because Arthur wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. I’m losing my mind. 
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nightcereusss · a day ago
Uther: arthur don't do the thing!
Gaius: arthur don't do the thing!
Knights of the Round Table: arthur don't do the thing!
Arthur: *does the thing*
Merlin: arthur don't do the thing!
Arthur: *doesn't do the thing*
Merlin: *does the thing*
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fishoutofcamelot · 2 hours ago
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ineffabledears · 2 days ago
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the magic of samhain is of endless posibility. since we return to the beginning, we can begin anew in any way we wish.
Once a year, when the hands of the clock mark the beginning of Samhain, the spirits that dwell around Camelot's castle return to life for several hours, dancing in the training area. Or at least that's what the stories say. The King and the Court Sorcerer go to see if it's true.
thanks to @gwenspendragons​ for fixing mistakes and suggesting changes!!
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emrys-merlin · a day ago
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Colin Morgan as Merlin
The sexiest sorcerer ever.
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vulcanhugsclub · a month ago
Instead of the sun/moon trope, how about the lightning/thunder trope
which of your otp is showy, bright and illuminating, always visible and dramatic, lights up the earth, usually looking for a fight -- not subtle at all and truthfully, not very threatening
which of your otp is subtle but also very scary, is not always visible, is always a threat, shakes the earth, and is mostly peaceful until they're not -- a subtle but ever present threat
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nightcereusss · 16 hours ago
Percival: arthur's besotted
Leon: lance and gwaine were smitten at some point
Percival: looks to me they still are
Leon: i cant blame them
Percival: me too even i noticed the endearing qualities
Elyan: are u talking about gwen?
Leon and Percival, simultaneously: yes, no
Leon and Percival: *stares at each other*
Percival: i thought we're talking about merlin
Leon: now that you've mentioned it
Leon: i think we've connected two dots
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cypress-ess · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
au where merlin is turned into a kitten is the best thing that ever happened to this fandom
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