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Dumb self indulgent mermaid au doodles

Wily and Light are best friend single dads who have robo kids that keep the water of a natural park from being polluted n infested with invasive species

Ice was the previous owner’s robot before they passed of old age, they didn’t desctivate him so he’s still part of the park. He likes to perform like a seal

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all of my monster boys and the prompt list I used! its not terribly different from the usual list online but just in case anyone wanted to see mine lol

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Drawing has been impossible for me since…idk, maybe the last two weeks, but as usual my cloudy-haired OC Raine loves to take my hands for a dance. Changed up her mermaid design again lol, but wanted the tail to match her hair better. Probably will be inactive here for the most part for now. 

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Inspired by the mermaid MC with kraken Sans post by @llamagoddessofficial.

She added a picture of a sea dragon that that she imagined MC as and I got inspired to draw.

This took so long to do and the page got so warped. I had to pile other books and things on my sketchbook to get the page to lay flat again. I should’ve made her eyes purple instead too. Keeping lines straight was a nightmare too, but I’m still happy with it.

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So Apparently its Ace Awareness week? So in order to celebrate, have an Ace Mermaid! 

(I was originally intending to draw a dragon, but err, that didn’t go so well ;p) 

Enjoy ~ 


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