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Tumblr media
Artist: @niahana
Gift for: @beyondplusultra
Prompt: Mello and Near as children
Artist’s Notes: It’s been raining a ton here, so I decided it’d be so cute to imagine Mello and Near being paired to do an outside project at Wammy’s when it started to rain! Near got exhausted by all the walking so Mello had to give him a piggy back ride or else he’d get soaked :’> I hope you like it!! <3
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Submissions will be queued starting Friday August 24th!
Our mod has been dealing with some health issues so while she recuperates we’re going to post-pone the submissions for just a few days. Good news, if you haven’t finished you’ll have some more time and we’ll be able to celebrate Near’s birthday! :> 
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Tumblr media
Artist: @3ternitymaze
Gift for: @delilahhyuuga
Prompt: Mello and Near share a New Year’s Eve Kiss
Artist’s Notes: This was all so very exciting! I was really happy to get you as my recipient, so I really hope you like this! I’ve had fun!
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Tumblr media
Artist: JauntyEyes
Gift For: Minisuccessor
Prompt: A winter proposal!
Artist’s Notes: I hope you like it! I thought Mello proposing would be “expected”, so I made Near be the one to ask. I feel he would naturally become more daring the more time he’d spend in a relationship with him~ ^^
I also wrote a quick drabble to accompany this drawing as a little something extra – I’m rusty but it really inspired the mood and feel.
The blonde halted his pace and turned when he felt the pale hand he was holding give a slight tug. He gazed down into his partner’s dark eyes. Despite Near’s typical expression of indifference, his breath stopped when he noticed they sparkled with great intensity. A strong flame of determination.
Mello gulped as his heart began to thump more rapidly in anxiety over his partner’s uncharacteristic lack of passivity during what appeared to be just another one of their typical winter walks. 
“What is it?”
Near’s lips parted to speak, a small puff of an exhale wafted into the cold air — yet he clammed his mouth shut afterwards. His eyes wavered slightly as he casted them down. Reluctantly letting go of his partner’s warm hand, his own receded into his pocket.
As Mello’s hand fell to his side, he watched as Near dipped his head to continue groping around for a mysterious object. Snow continued to fall, sticking into his partner’s soft white hair like small pieces of cotton. Pink flushed all over his pale nose and cheeks; Mello mentally cursed himself for not have encouraged his partner enough to put on a hat before they had left in the morning.
Interrupting Mello’s thoughts — a brief, toothy smile of triumph flashed across Near’s face when he finally found what he was looking for.
What he retrieved was a small box, barely fitting in the palm of his hand. Their eyes met again as Near held the box front of him, gloved fingers shaking slightly while he gently opened it, revealing its contents.
Mello’s eye widened, “W-what?”
What was inside…a ring and a promise.
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Tumblr media
Artist: DelilahHyuuga238
Gift for: jauntyeyes
Prompt: Timeskip Mello and Near (L’s age, perhaps?)
Artist’s Notes:  Since I don’t know if by L’s age, you mean his age in the manga or his current one so I decided to draw Mello and Near in their 30s/40s. We just celebrated Near’s 26th birthday and Mello’s 28th so I guess the choice just makes sense in a way. Anyway, I’m not sure if you’ll like the designs but hopefully, you will enjoy this. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Tumblr media
Artist: Niscuit-Gravy
Gift for: kawaiipsycho101
Prompt: Mello carrying Near “bridal style” - Near is flustered, Mello is snarky. Artist’s Notes: It didn’t start out as a “wedding” themed piece, but the more I ruminated on the term “bridal”, I couldn’t resist. :) I hope you had a safe and beautiful holiday, and hope you enjoy the gift. 
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Tumblr media
Artist: acidicgumdrops
Gift for: niscuit-gravy
Prompt: Anything based on the song “Bring Me a Boat” by Kate Rusby
Artist’s Notes: Thank you so much for introducing me to this song and musician! I’d never heard of Kate Rusby before, so listening to this song for the prompt was my first time hearing it and I absolutely fell in love! Hope you like the drawing and happy holidays!
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Tumblr media
Artist: @weneedtotalkaboutdeathnote
Gift for: @chocolate-explosives
Prompt: Kitty Mello and Bunny Near Artist’s Notes: I hope this is what you meant!! Enjoy~~~
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Tumblr media
Author: @addie-scribbles
Gift for: @meroniaislife
Prompt: Christmas kiss
Author’s note: I was so happy to get you as a recipient since I actually know you from the discord! I really hope you like it! Merry Christmas! 
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Author: self–slaughter
Gift for: sayloni
Prompt: Mello is a single dad and Near is his weird, rude college dude neighbour. Maybe Near has this tendency to be overbearing and know-it-all and that annoys the hell out of Mello, but Christmas is Christmas, and it’s sad if anyone has to spend it alone. May be Near won’t have to spend this Christmas by himself?
Author’s note: WOW this was SO MUCH FUN to write!!! i love the idea of mello as a father like it genuinely makes my heart so happy :‘33 tumblr user sayloni i hope my gift lives up to the wonderfully cute prompt you gave me and happy holidays of course <3
 If you’d told Mihael Keehl seven years ago that he’d one day spend his Christmas Eves wrapping Lego sets and boxes of sparkly, purple sweaters, he would have laughed in your face.   In fact, if he thought you were making fun of him, he probably would have done something worse to your face than laugh at it.   But now, with six other Christmases under his belt, it was something of a tradition for him. He put Ava to bed- Christmas Eve was the only night his daughter would willingly walk herself to her bedroom and ask to be tucked in, knowing exactly what morning would bring- and then he spent the rest of the evening setting up the final touches for the big day. Wrapping the last few boxes, putting all of the presents under the tree so that they overflowed from the skirt and made their way well into the living room, and eating the cookies Ava insisted they leave out for Santa. He’d tried breaking the news to her that Santa and Papa were one in the same, but she’d just looked at him and said rather matter-of-factly, “That’s not true. You just want me to like you more than Santa.”   It had made him belly-laugh, so he figured there was no harm in letting her believe for another year or two.   The little girl truly was the light of his life. He’d known her mother only briefly, and when the young woman had contacted him again with the news of her pregnancy, at first he’d been so scared he couldn’t think straight. But when they met again, and when she explained why she had two choices and two choices only- adoption or termination- Mihael knew what he had to do. He couldn’t ask this poor girl to give up everything she’d worked on for herself to raise a child she wasn’t ready for, and he couldn’t live with himself if he cast his own child out into the world without knowing where they might end up.   He would take her, they decided. He was still in college then, but he was determined to find a way to make it work. The first time he’d held her, when her clear baby blues had found his own, he knew there wasn’t any other way than the one they’d chosen.   Full parental rights were signed over to Mihael the day after she was born, and Ava’s mother had cried and hugged him tightly. Every year, with this one no exception, she sent a Christmas card and a hand-sewn toy for Ava.     After he finished putting the last bow on the last box, Mihael tip-toed down the hallway of his apartment, his arms full of presents and bags. He set the living room up quietly, sometimes glancing back down the hall to make sure that Ava wasn’t trying to peek. When he was done, he checked on her and sure enough, she was sound asleep in her bed. A smile touched his lips when he looked at her- they had the same sleeping face, cheek shoved against the pillow and mouth wide open. Her hair, blonde and fine like his, was in a mussed tsunami around her head. Precious.   He quietly shut his daughter’s door and returned to pick up the trash in the living room, bits and pieces of wrapping paper and clothing tags that he’d removed before wrapping but neglected to do anything with. He threw them away in the kitchen trash and frowned at the almost overflowing can. He really must have been distracted today, he thought.   As quietly as he could, Mihael lifted the trash bag from the can and tied it off before stepping outside. The apartment complex they lived in was gated, and a streetlight lit up the dumpster across the way from them, so despite the late hour, Mihael didn’t feel too spooked when he took the trash out. As he headed that way, however, he stopped in front of his neighbor’s door.   A big, ugly, leaking trash bag sat next to the door, only a hundred yards or so from the dumpster but left to stink up the whole corridor. Mihael frowned deeply as he looked at it, recalling all of the times this particular neighbor had gotten on his nerves.    His name was Nate, if Mihael remembered correctly. He was a college student, and from what Mihael could tell, he lived alone. He was always leaving his trash next to the door instead of taking it out to the dumpster, or listening to music so loud that Mihael would bang on the wall until he turned it down. For some reason, though, Nate smiled at Mihael every time they saw each other. Mihael figured it was just something else the younger man was doing to try and piss him off.   Begrudgingly, Mihael picked up Nate’s trash and carried it over to the dumpster and throw it away with his own.   Once he turned around and headed back towards his apartment, a monotone voice asked him, “Did you just throw away my garbage?”   Mihael jumped and swiveled around to find the source of the question, and he found that Nate had been sitting on the stairwell attached to their building, hidden by darkness until now. Despite his tone it looked like he was smirking.   “I did,” Mihael answered at last. “It smelled.”   “Sorry,” Nate said without sounding sorry at all. “I forget about that a lot.”   “I’ve noticed,” Mihael replied in a mumble. He glanced down at a shimmering thing in Nate’s hand and furrowed his brow. “Are you out here drinking?”   Nate looked down at the flask in his hand and shrugged, bringing it to his lips again. “Everybody’s got their Christmas thing.”   “I thought most college students went home for the holidays.”   “I am home.”   “I mean with family and everything.”   “You’re looking at my family and everything.”   Now Mihael couldn’t think of anything to say. He’d always assumed that Nate was just the brat next door, getting to live his life free of any real responsibility. But now, for the first time, he wondered if the boy had just been coming home from school to sit alone in his apartment until it was time to leave again.   He thought about how his life revolved around Ava telling him, “I love you, Papa.” He thought of how lonely his existence would have been without it.   “What’re you drinking?” Mihael spoke up finally.   Nate shrugged again. “I dunno. Whiskey. Something cheap from the corner store.”   Mihael scoffed and shook his head. “No, no, come on. If you’re drinking on Christmas, you need something better than that. Come with me.”   “I was raised not to take candy from strangers,” Nate replied, and Mihael rolled his eyes.   “Fine. You can stay here and get semi-buzzed on your five-buck whiskey or you can come with me and drink some Johnnie Walker like you’re supposed to on the holidays.”   There were a couple of beats of silence between them before Nate stood up and stepped down from the stairway, shuffling behind Mihael back to his door.   Mihael supposed it was kind of odd- he’d never spoken to the younger man much more than to tell him he was being too loud or for something like the trash bag incident they’d just had. But it was Christmas, and it was cold outside, and it wasn’t like he was saving this bottle of scotch for anything special. Inviting him in just seemed like the thing to do.   Once inside, Nate took in his surroundings with wide eyes. He hadn’t expected Mihael’s apartment to be so immaculate.   “You have a kid, don’t you?” he asked in a mumble.     “A daughter. Her name is Ava,” Mihael answered as he led Nate into the kitchen. He plucked the black labeled bottle from the back of the counter, before opening one of the cabinets to look for glasses.     “I figured people with kids had messy homes,” Nate mused.     “They usually do,” Mihael agreed. “I’m just lucky in that my child hates making a mess. She says she can’t focus.”
  “She says that?” Nate asked. “That she can’t focus?”     “Yeah,” Mihael chuckled, setting down their glasses on the counter. “She talks like a tiny adult, I guess she hears me say it a lot.”   “You have problems with focus as well?”   “More like I have problems with what I focus on. When I’m at work, I worry about home. When I’m at home, I worry about work,” Mihael explained. “Vicious cycle and all that.”   Mihael poured them each a glass of scotch with a splash of water on top, and he sipped appreciatively from his. Nate tried it, and his glanced at Mihael with his eyebrows raised.   “Wow, this is really good,” he complimented, and Mihael flashed him a smile.   “Told ya.”   They moved to sit down in the living room and Mihael found that Nate wasn’t actually a terrible conversational partner, once he could get the kid talking. They talked a little bit about Mihael’s job as a marketing director, and some of Nate’s majoring in forensic science. Surprisingly, they found their common ground when they started talking about how Nate’s love of true crime stories as a child led him to his chosen area of study.   Mihael had always loved reading the biographies of serial killers and the like, and when he was younger, he’d spent a fair amount of time pouring over newpaper clippings of murders that had run cold. Something about it turned the wheels in his head, and even now in his personal library, he had a few of his favorite true crime books.   They ended up looking through one of them together- it was a fairly big book about cannibal serial killers, with crime scene photos and the whole nine yards- while they continued talking and went through a few more glasses of scotch.   It was around this time that they started giggling and having to remind each other to be quiet and not wake Ava. At this point, they were slumped next to each other on the couch, and Nate let his head rest lazily against Mihael’s arm.   “My parents used to do that,” Nate murmured, nodding at the Christmas tree.   “Put up a tree?” Mihael asked, and Nate snickered at him.   “No, dopey, everyone puts up a tree. I mean that thing you did with the presents. So that it looks like they’re overflowing out of the tree.”   “Ah, I see,” Mihael said. “I guess once you moved out they didn’t need to buy as many presents, hm?”   Nate didn’t say anything for a while, and Mihael glanced down, unsure if the boy had heard him until he replied, “I never moved out. They kicked me out.” There was another silence, longer this time, the question of 'why’ dangling in the air. “They said they wouldn’t ever make a gay child, so I couldn’t possibly be theirs to begin with.”   Mihael gulped, hoping he hadn’t struck a nerve too tender. “Oh, Nate, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize…”   “It’s alright,” Nate replied, though it didn’t sound alright. “I stopped caring a long time ago. About the Christmases and the birthdays on my own. These things don’t matter. These days are just days like all of the others.”
  Now Mihael fell quiet for a while, but eventually, he reached out to put his hand on top of Nate’s. He felt the boy tense up sharply for a moment, but then he relaxed. If Mihael hadn’t known better, he thought he felt Nate nuzzling in closer to his arm.
  “They do matter. You matter,” Mihael said and cleared his throat. “Not to sound like a motivational poster, but it’s true. It’s shitty your parents did that to you, but you still matter. Your birthdays and all of your other days. So just come over here instead. We’ll have plenty of room. Every day.”
  “Really?” Nate asked, and for the first time, his monotone gave way to a tone more genuine.
  “Well…then, my birthday is in August. It’s August twenty-fourth.”
  “August twenty-fourth,” Mihael repeated. “August twenty-fourth. I’ll have to write it down to make sure I don’t forget.”
  “'Cause of your old man brain,” Nate teased, reaching to gently prod the side of Mihael’s head.
  “Hey, I’m only a couple years older than you are! You sure are a brat.”
  Mihael sat up quickly, not even aware that he’d been asleep on the couch all this time. How’d he get here? When did he come into the living room?
  Then remembered. Nate. The scotch.
  Oh, fuck, the scotch. Ava didn’t need to see it.
  But when Mihael looked around, the glasses and the bottle were gone. He glanced over his shoulder and saw the bottle back in the space he’d retrieved it from, relief filling him.
  “Why did you sleep on the couch?” Ava asked as she approached, rubbing her sleepy eyes.   “I was waiting for Santa to come,” Mihael answered, pulling his daughter onto his lap and kissing her forehead. “I fell asleep before I could catch him though. He sure is sneaky.”   “Santa wouldn’t let you catch him, Papa,” Ava told him, as though this were a well-known fact.   “I suppose you’re right, buttercup,” Mihael said with a smile. “Don’t you want to open your presents?”   At this, Ava perked up, and they spent the next two hours tearing into gifts and putting together toys that required assembly, or trying on clothes to make sure they weren’t too loose or too snug. In all, Ava was ecstatic about her haul, but Mihael couldn’t help the small twinge of disappointment he felt every time he thought about Nate. He hoped the younger man would take him up on his offer to spend his birthday with them. Or any day, really.   While going around the living room with a trash bag to throw away wrapping paper and the like, however, there was a soft knock on the door.   “Who is it?” Ava called, as she always did when someone was at the door.   Mihael felt a hopefulness expanding in his chest as he unlocked and opened the door, and a smile spread across his face when he got exactly what he wanted.   Nate stood there, bundled up in his winter coat and a scarf, with a big purple teddy bear in one hand and a book in the other.   “This is for you,” Nate said as he held the book out to Mihael. “It’s from my collection, so there’s some notes, but I thought you would like it.”   Mihael turned the book around in his hands, unable to help his growing smile. It was a book of crime scene photos from the LAPD archive.   “It’s perfect. Thank you, Nate. That’s so thoughtful of you,” he said, and Nate bashfully avoided his eyes.   “It’s nothing. I just wanted to thank you for your kindness,” Nate insisted.   Ava finally came to inspect the visitor as well, and she smiled brightly at him. “You live next door!”   “I do,” Nate confirmed, kneeling down so he was eye-level with her. “And I found this fellow- he hasn’t got a name yet, I don’t think- and he told me he needs a nice little girl to take care of him. You seem like a nice little girl. Would you like him?”   Ava smiled and shifted excitedly as she nodded, and Nate smiled back as he handed the teddy bear over to her. She squeezed it and kissed its face as she returned to the living room to add her new toy to the rest of her loot.   “That’s sweet of you,” Mihael told Nate as he stood up again. “You even guessed her favorite color.”   “It’s nothing,” Nate repeated. “Thank you for having me over last night.”   “Of course. Won’t you come in? I was going to make breakfast, if you’d like,” Mihael offered, and Nate looked caught off guard again.   “Really?” he asked, and Mihael nodded, smiling.   A light pink color dusted Nate’s cheeks but he smiled back. He stepped inside, his heart swelling with an unfamiliar, comforting feeling as he hoped there would be more Christmases, more days with these people who really cared about him.
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Visiting the Dead
Prompt: Some time passes after Mello’s death; Near starts to meet him in vivid, continuous dreams. Reality is gradually metamorphosing. I’d prefer option “genre: magic realism” over option “Near cracks his brains”. But it was not a dream. It was something that happened to take the form of a dream.
Artist: meronia1
To: @fragileradius
Note: I haven't had a lot of time to write this so I’m sorry its not complete, i plan on finishing it soon. What I have I had to do in two days and this concept is very interesting and I don’t want to write just a short thing. Anyway I hope you like what I came up with!
‘‘Mello is dead.’ I tell myself. ‘Yet here I am sitting at a table with him across from me.’ He slowly picks up his cup and takes a drink, keeping his eyes on me the whole time. 
“Are you sure you don’t want anything Near?” He talks slow as to not scare me. 
“I’ve already told you, I do not need anything.” I respond, my hands start to fidget. 
“Then what do you want if you don’t need anything?” He asks as he puts his cup on the table. It makes a quiet noise once it hits the table.
 “I- how is this possible Mello? I saw your dead body, I was there when they put you in the ground. My only explanation is this is a dream…” My heart rate increases as I try to wrap my head around this. ‘people don’t just come back from the dead. It’s impossible!’ 
“This is a dream Near.” Mello confirms. “I’m dead, but somehow I’m still here. Near this is really me but it seems I can only visit you in your dreams.” he continues. 
“Why are you so calm about this?” I ask.
 “I know know you’re freaking out, I am too but someone has to stay calm.” He slowly stands from the table and walks over to me, he slowly reaches out a hand and caresses my cheek. I lean in to the touch. 
“You feel-- real.." I say softly. I suddenly wake up covered in sweat. Sitting up, I  lift my hand to my cheek ‘it was just a dream…but it felt so real.’ I sigh and get out of bed, going over to the bathroom, I turn on the shower to wash away the dream. ‘It was just a dream. It was just a dream.” I repeat to myself over and over. No matter how many times I repeat it, I can’t believe it. ‘I need to focus on a case, maybe that will help.’ 
I finish in the shower and get dressed, walking out of my room I notice a huge stack of files on a table. Roger walks over with a tray, “You have a lot of cases today, should I call the others for help?” There is a tone of mockery in his voice as he asks me. 
“Roger.. don’t talk to me unless I ask you something.” Roger leaves the room without another word as I look through the cases. One by one the cases get stamped with the word “done" and tossed to the side. I feel my eyes start to get heavy as I work through the last few cases. Closing my eyes, I think about the dream I had. 
“Welcome back Near" Mello’s voice comes up behind me. I turn to face him, 
“Mello" my voice comes out breathless. He slowly comes over and hugs me, “We need to figure out how this is possible” I say into his chest as I hug him back. 
“I don’t know if I even believe this is happening, but if it is we should figure out how and why.” He let’s me go as he looks me over, “Near, I really am here. This is me, and I would like to know how this is possible. I’m just as confused as you are, but I’m happy we can still see each other if only in your dreams.” 
He takes my hand in his. “How can I know you’re not made up by my brain?” I ask still not believing anything. “It would be hard to prove Near, you know me better than anyone.” I let go of his hand and sit on the floor, my toys spread out around me. 
Mello sighs and sits down in front of me. “I will tell you about a place, go there and find what I describe and then tell me if I’m real or not.” I nod agreeing to the terms. He let’s out a heavy sigh as looks down and  fidgets nervously. 
“There is a cottage in Pennsylvania, inside the cottage you will go into the master bedroom and walk into the closet. To your left there will be a few drawers for socks and things like that, open the middle drawer and you will come across a box. That box has what I wanted my future to be.”
 I watch him as he talks, burning the information into my brain to make sure I remember. Suddenly I’m startled awake by Roger shaking me, “Drink some tea. You have more work to do.” He holds out a cup. I glance at the tea before going back to my work.
 “Don’t wake me again.” I say bitterly, “I have a place I need you to locate and take me.” Once done with every case, Roger comes in “I have done what you asked. Your bag is packed, it will take about a day.” He tells me as I stand. 
“I don’t have a day, I would like to be there before I sleep again.” Roger sighs “Will a plane ride do?” I nod and he takes out his phone. Ten minutes later we’re on our way to the airport. 
The flight takes about three hours, three long hours with only my toy robot and a case I finished in the first half hour. While anxiously waiting, I think about what could be in that box. 
“We’re here" I’m taken out of my thoughts as we pull up to the cottage. It’s a beautiful small cottage with flowers all around it, there’s a swing in front of the living room window. Trees taking up most of the area, “This house is under the name Mihael River" Roger informs me. I say nothing while he looks for a key, after finally locating a key under the mat. 
Roger opens the door, and I walk in without hesitation and find the room Mello mentioned. ‘it’s so nice and wall kept in here’ I think as I look around. I quickly find the room and walk up to the drawer.
I reach out a hand to take the handle before I pull, hesitating, I finally pull open the drawer. Right away I see the box, it’s the only thing in the drawer. I pick up the mahogany box and look it over before opening it.
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The Becoming
Author: @slytherinpirate
Gift for: @meronia1
Prompt: An au where Mello lives and a year or so after the case a death note falls on their doorstep
Author’s note: slight angst but with happy ending, established relationship
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The Experiment.
Author: thewalkingpoptart
Gift For: @addie-scribbles
Prompt: Practice kissing for the sake of science
Author’s Note: I really nervouse about how this came out but I am not dissatisfied with it. Hope you enjoy. 
Near didn’t believe in luck. Luck to him was always careful planning with smart timing. People like to believe in luck when it suits them. When they don’t want to take responsibility or know the odds are against them. Near would never consider himself careless, bad at timing, or most importantly, a hypocrite. But at this very moment, he was feeling very extremely unlucky.
Ms.Olufsen was currently sitting behind her desk looking at a bundle of test papers. She had pushed a small crumpled sheet of notebook paper towards the young male. The words Science Partners were written in dark blue sharpie and below it a list of student names. Each person had written their own name beside the person they wished to be partnered with. Near’s eyes slowly moved down the sheet, noting every un-doted ‘i’ and every curved letter. He saw Mello’s bold, big, angled signature was missing a name next to it. “Mello doesn’t have a lab partner,” Ms.Olufsen said. explained. She went on to say how Mello’s drive may have, well, scared a few of the students. Because of an illness, Near had been sick the past three days. “I know you and Mello don’t have the best chemistry but I am sure this science project can fix it. Besides l know that if you two paired up with anyone else you’ll most likely have to hold back. ” She went on and on for a good 5 minutes. Near licked his dry lips. He was in no way opposed to working with the blonde. In fact, he quite liked his willingness and his overall feel. He ran his fingers through his hair feeling a strong sting of pain when his pointer hooked on to a knot. He twisted the strands of hairs. “It’s quite alright, Ms, Olufsen. It is only reasonable that my absence is used as a place marker for anyone who was left without a partner. I am sure Mello and I can figure something out.” He quickly signed away his name next to Mello’s. His waveline handwriting small and light.
Mello’s dorm was just a little ways away from Near’s. Mello was one floor above and closer to the end of his hallways compared to Near being at the beginning of his. Near wasn’t nervous per say just extremely cautious. He must have spent 7 hours working on a paper replica of the Sagrada Familia before taking a quick nap. Near had never been there in person but calendar photos and his extreme want to go helped drive him to build the replica. He wouldn’t want to go by himself however nor with an appointed babysitter. A long time ago he had thought about asking Mello. In short, it didn’t go well.
Near was halfway to Mello’s dorm. Near slowed his pace and focused on keeping a straight face. He needed a safe way to approach the situation. He couldn’t just knock on Mello’s door and expect the boy to be okay with it. Of course, Mello would be upset that Near was 'probably, interrupting his study time. This could end with the two parties feelings being hurt and if a grade was on the line Near couldn’t afford any more negative emotions to happen before the project even began. Near looked up from the floor. His eyes moved away from their stationary position on the floor. He hadn’t realized that he had stopped in the middle of the hallway. Near may be the most personal person in the world but he had something of an idea of how to talk to people. However, when it comes to Mello things always get out of hand.
“Hey Short Stacks, whats cooking?” Near couldn’t hide his startled jump. “Oh, Hi Matt. I’m on my way to have a talk with Mello.” Standing before Near was Mello’s oldest friend, Matt. He and Near didn’t have any beef, but Matt usually preferred to keeps his distance from the Near. No one knew if this was because of Mello or the redhead’s own personal preferences. Every now and again they would engage in conversation. It was always pleasant. Matt nodded his head. “Right now? It’s about the project isn’t it.” Near shook his head. “Yeah, I figured. Ya, know. I love my boy but I had my eyes set on a different passion project if you know what I mean.” He gave Near a sleazy smile before letting out a chuckling laugh.
“You need not feel like you need to explain yourself to me, Matthew. Are you and Linda actually going to do a project this year?”
Matt shrugged off the question, continuing on his way to where ever he was off too.
Near let out a soft raspberry, bragging his feet against the hardwood floor. Reaching Mello’s door he raps his hand against Mello’s door. Mello was one of the few who didn’t decorate their door with anything. Even Near had a small transformer hanging from his doorknob. A frown formed its way on to Near lips after 3 minutes of staring at the plain wooden door. He knocked harder on the door and called out the boy’s name.
The soft sound of bed sheet ruffling could be heard before silence once again filled the air. Near, now feeling frustrated, grab the knob, swing the door open just barely missing Mello’s face. “Ah Mello, I’ve see that you are not busy. May I come in?”
The boy walked into Mello’s personal courters. The walls were rather bare besides a few test paper and note cards posted on the wall. The door to the bathroom was closed. A small football was off in the corner. Mello’s think green sheets seemed to be thrown about at almost as if someone was laying on them just minutes before. “Near, Mello started.”
“I have just recently been informed that we are science partners. I would like us to beginning planning because I could imagine that we are already behind. I was thinking something in the mood of agriculture.” Near made sure to avoid eye contact. The smaller boy stepped farther into the room and sat down on the bed. It was warm.
“You do realize it’s 10 o'clock at night, right?”
Near tried his best to suppress a look of shock. He felt his cheek burn. Near had taken a long nap a couple of hours prior. He could he have forgotten to check the time. “I hope I hadn’t disturbed your rest, Mello.”
There was a soft but stern sigh. Near let his eyes wander up to watch Mello’s mouth. He had a full bottom with paired with a symmetrical top lip. His teeth were a natural white with a pink tongue showing when Mello gave a huge yawn. Near bit his own inner lip.
“But I guess its too late for that. I would honestly rather do something quick and easy with you, Near. I would rather spend as little time with you as possible. Let make a fucking paper mache volcano or some shit.” Mello was stretching as he spoke, letting his midriff show. Letting is perfect fine blond hair flirt with Near’s eyes, asking him if he wants to go for a ride. “Near!”
“Mello,” Near’s voice cracked just a little, “I don’t think we shouldn’t half-ass things just because of your personal vendetta against me. I am surprised that someone with as big as an eg - Someone with such a passion for flair, would want to do something simple.”
There was a pained looked on Mello’s face. He clutched the bridge of his nose with his fingers, squeezing his eyes shut. He mumbled about not wanting to do this at this time of night. “Near. Lets just. Fuck. Let’s just look for some ideas on the computer, okay?” He said it in a babying voice.
Mello than squatted down in beside that area Near was setting at pushing his fingers underneath the mattress, pulling out a small apple laptop. This was interesting to Near because students at the Wammy house weren’t allowed to have their own personal devices for fear of classified information being leaked. Even Matt had to rent his handheld gaming devices from the library.
Near wanted to ask how he got it, Near wanted to ask if Mr.Ruvie knew he had, Near wanted to what he used it for, but most importantly he wants to know if he could use it. “You got that while you were on one of your mini adventures?” Mello hated when Near called his 'Outings’ to the city an adventure. It reeked of miatisum. Mello just rolled his eyes before lazily typing in science projects.
“ Look at this isn’t this nice, uhhhhh, the science of plants and music.”
“Mello, you’re not even trying.”
The two went on for a long time. Mello eventually pushing the illegal laptop to the side allowing Near to take over completely. After about another hour of searching, Near swung the laptop into Mello’s direction. “Let’s make a chemical-sniffing robot.”
Mello growled turning his face away for the bright screen softy lazy waving away Near’s words. “Sure whatever, just get out of here,” he mumbled. Near let out a short grunt. “Just let me…” Near proceed to try to email the article to himself for future reference. Opening up Mello’s email, clicking the compose button. He sent an email to, smiling triumphantly to having his way. His cheeks blushed a deep red when he saw Mello’s first and only unopened electronic letter. Someone had apparently answered Mello’s comment on the article “13 kissing techniques to ignite your love life.” Near knew that this was against the law but he frankly didn’t care. He pushed the laptop away closer so that it’s back was facing the blonde. The article was one of those shitty slideshows but it was captivating enough.
1. “Start Slow. One of the biggest kissing complaints I hear from the women in my sex therapy practice is when men go for the kill right away.”
Near, tugged on his hair. He never understood why people were fond of kissing so intoxicating. Why the game spin the bottle was so popular, it was a mystery to him. The idea of having someone’s spit in his mouth never seemed appealing. The next slide feature a woman and a male in a loving embrace on a bed.
2. “Take Your Time. Another major complaint I hear from women is that men are too quick to move on from kissing.
Near read all the way through to slide 6. The 6 slide was taking a painfully long time to load. He was now fully on the bed sitting criss-cross listening to Mello’s even breathing learning about a subject that should not be having this effect on him. None of the pictures were extremely sexual nor was writing explicit. Could he be this deprived of human contact that the meer mention of it cause a reaction or maybe the power of hormones was too strong even for him? Near hadn’t’ acted this way during his sex education course. He took the time to straighten his face and peek over to make sure Mello was still asleep. He looked like an angle. His shinning blonde hair slowly falling over his closed eyes, head resting on the edge of the bed. His left lip twitching every now and gain. He should shake Mello wake. Having a body resting on the edge of the bed with legs folded underneath him would give anyone neck issues.
Near inched forward gently moving a strand of hair from falling into Mello’s mouth. 'Mello’s a big boy. He’ll get over it.” Near thought.
6.Play with her hair. I know it sounds cliché, but most women love having their hair played with, especially during a makeout session. Put your hand at the nape of her neck, with your fingers spread wide. Slowly rake your hand up the base of her head, lightly scratching her scalp with your fingertips. Then, pull your fingers together so you’re gently tugging at her hair—or hold her face with your hands, and run your fingers through the hair behind her ears.
Near felt a pleasurable burst of heated embarrassment down in his stomach. Near was in no way ignorant about his own character. He had a thing for hair. He loved that sharp pain that spread through his scalp and the light buzz that followed after. It was one of this one physical stimulation that could calm him and excite him all at the same time. Near clicked to see the next page but he was interrupted by a black screen that read “AD.”
He sucked in a breath and prepared for death.
Loudly a Lady asked Near if he was sick and tired of being cold all the time and not being able to cover his toes with a blanket. Introducing the SNUGGIE. “I already have one,” Near hushed. He moved to click off the ad, yet the computer stalled causing the video to break up its speech.
The laptop slammed shut almost catching nears fingers. A disgruntled Mello with pure hate in his eyes was the site that followed after. An angry knocking could be heard on the side of the wall. “You’re still here?”
“I got side tr-tracked, honestly. I was just trying to email the information to myself” Near twisted a strand of hair, blushing deeply as he did; never letting his eyes leave Mello’s.
“Why are you blushing? What were you?” Mello’s eyes widened. “You didn’t, did you?” Mello gave his laptop a hard look. “You were reading my emails.” It was said more as a statement than a question.
“Not exactly,” Near explained the situation, lying little. He had said that opening the email was a simple mistake and from there he was simply learning some new things he needs to know for his chemical justice class.
“You need to learn about kissing for you criminal justice class.” Mello Lifted an eyebrow.
“I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a personal interest in the action myself. From the looks of if you do too. I don’t understand the act of kissing. It is unnecessary in the act of procreation and is just another way to spread germs. In fact, I bet it all hype, just awkward movements human do to express lust and/or admiration. Just another physical act one needs the forget about in order to be the next L.”
“Are you asking me to kiss you.”
“Of course not. Mello. I am simply asking you to show me the reason people are so obsessed with the act of swapping saliva. It’s in our movies. It’s portrayed as an act so powerful it cause two to fall in love on site. I want to know if the act of stimulating someone’s mouth is really so grand that it cause this amount of human attention. The first kiss is almost as important as a person’s first time. Of course, I should get going. You’re probably to tried to take part in something of an experiment.”
Near unfolded his legs sliding off Mello’s bed sheets.
“An experiment you say? It sure sounds like you’re looking for something else, Near. A good time?”
“No Mello. Stop looking for something that isn’t there you know I’m not like that. This is for the pursuit of knowledge!”
Mello pushed his tongue to the side of his mouth. Standing up so that he was towering over Near. “What would I get out of it?”
“ Learning if the kissing techniques displayed in the article actually works.”
Mello let out a scuff.
“ And bragging right for FINALLY being more knowledgeable on a subject than I am.”
Near swallowed, before setting back on the bed this time with his right leg pressed up to his chest and the left folded under.
Mello opened his laptop and quickly muted it. “Step one” he chuckled.
Near licked his lips. Leaned in. Letting his hands rest on his knee. Mello tucked a lock of hair behind Near’s ear. He gently grabs the back of Near’s head; leading him into the kiss. Near could feel his warm breath against his lips. Near puckered. “ Hold on. Mello said. "You are far to stiff. Relax.”
Near just blinked emptily at Mello. Mello leans away and cracked his neck. “Come on Near I don’t want to be here all night. Science can’t wait, RIGHT?”
“Of course” Uhhh. Near pushed his right leg under his but much like his left. He shook out his arm. “I am ready.”
“No, You’re not, Mello laughed, Look at your face. Come on, have you honestly never done this before.
"No.” Near snapped.
“Never played Spin the Bottle.”
“I don’t get invited to parties Mello.”
“Not surprising. Is that why you’re on the great passage to figure out if kissing really is so sexually stimulating to warrant the cultural reaction? You know for the science?”
“ Are you going to kiss me for science or not”
“Come here,” Mello cooed.
He pushed Near into his lap and wrapped his arm around Nears waist. His left hand softly ran up and down Near’s back. Once again the two of them led into each other. Mello had a soft smile on his “What’s our hypotheses?,” Mello breath against Near’s lips. “Hypothesis?”
Mello laid his hair to the right. He pushed his lips onto Near’s. The younger boy’s shoulders hitched and his back locked into an uncomfortable position. Mello started to slowly move his lips against Near’s. Near’s heart attacked his ribs and he begged his lips to move along Mello’s, yet his body seemed fully content with letting Mello do all the work. Mello’s hands were now cupping his face. They stayed in a soft dance of Mello leading them for a few minutes. Near was relaxed by now. Pushing against Mello and coping his moments. Near let out a soft moan, letting his fingers rest on the open part of Mello’s legs. Mello softly bites Near’s lip pulling back slowly. Near let out a loud breathes gasps pushing himself into Mello, giving the taller boy a quick peck. They let their foreheads touch.
“Trail One,’ Near Started. ” Was unsuccessful. I um I still don’t think its all that.. that great.“
"Don’t hold you’re breath this time Near. It’s okay to breathe.”
“Mello, Slide three said we need to put our bodies into it.”
Near opened his ears only to meet Mello’s deep blue orbs. “Mello smiled. He quickly turned and opened a word doc and typed 'Trial one: Unsuccessful.’
Near pushed his chest against Mello’s and repositioned his to the sides of Mello’s hips. Mello’s lips were once again passed against Near’s hands once again caressed Near’s cheeks. Near traveled his hands up Mello’s side lifting them and wrapping his arms around Mello’s neck. Mello sucked on Near’s bottom lip before plunging his tongue int the wet cavern. Near moaned in surprised. Mello’s tongue explored Near’s mouth. Near began to softly roll his hips against Mello desperate to get closer. His body was on fire and his mind was running miles. Near felt Mello’s hand cup his butt and message knots into the soft flesh. When Mello pulled away from the kiss, Near once again felt awkward. He didn’t quite know what to do with his mouth. Mello kissed Near’s check, leaving a trail of kisses down the boy’s neck stopping, kissing and sucking on Near’s shoulder. "Ah, fuck. Mello!” Near pulled Mello’s shoulder to help him press closer to Mello’s. Near let out a small laugh. Near leaned away from his newly forming hickey to type into the computer “Second attempt unsecsefull.”
Mello pulled away. The two sway gently against each other both taking turns to peck at each other’s lips.
“Still don’t understand, Mello. I think this may take all night.”
Mello picked up Near laying the boy down on to his back, near wrapped his legs around Mello’s waist and grabbed a fist full of hair.
“That’s fine with me. Anything for science. ”
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Tumblr media
Artist: @just-smol
Gift for: @haleybopcomet
Prompt: Request 2:[Happy/Normal AU] Mello and Near taking a vacation to Disney World.
Artist’s Notes: second and last promt I wanted to make. I honestly enjoyed doing this one cause THE ANGST. Mello and Near have different tastes but I think they can find the others interest funny. And sureeee Mello won Near a teady bear which he’ll later name Mr Hubbert Cumberdale because reasons???? aND somehow burn him in a bon fire which Mello started cause apparently the bear is evil…ENJOY!!! MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR <3 also did you know I have to literally googled what they serve at disneyland like 15 times or more? To be frank i love your art and i’m sorry i can only do platonic and angsty things, I hope this satisfy you and we can be pals~
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Tumblr media
Artist: snow-white-sheep
Gift for: @actuallykei
Prompt:  Combination of “pastel mello and goth near” and “meronia in dresses”
Artist’s Notes:  Thank you for giving me such cute prompts, because this was so fun and pretty self-indulgent to draw! Happy New Year~ ❤️ 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Artist: doodlebozo
Gift for: just-smol
Prompt: Near got obsessed with origami and Mello found paper cranes in unholly places
A/N: surpriiise lol i really liked your prompts n i hope you like this
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Tumblr media
Artist: @just-smol
Gift for: @haleybopcomet
Prompt: Request 1:[High School AU] Mello and Near holding hands or kissing as they study in the library. For outfit reference, you can see high-school-au tag on my blog!
Artist’s Notes: uh so yea ok how about them holding hands in the library °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°??? Overall I changed their outfits a bit cause i feel like it express their personalities more.
To be frank i feel like Near would still dart my ass if I stuff him in a dress whichever universe he’s in and I don’t want that. Near should be able to attracts Mello just by being how he’s describe in the series. They have a undeniable angsty relationship like a magnet and Near just can’t care enough about what he wears.
So yea i wanted to give sth that adds more character to the two. Prepare for next promt~
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Tumblr media
Artist: already_poisoned
Gift for: tsval-mat
Prompt: holding hands :)
Artist’s Notes: happy holidays! :)
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Tumblr media
Artist: yukiohansvorarlbernas
Gift for: @already-poisoned
Prompt: i sort of combined your ‘hugging’ and 'meeting in the spk room’ prompts? idk. it happened on its own.
Artist’s Notes: hope this is to your liking! happy holidays and happy new year. <3
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