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#merrily i roll along

Sad songs aren’t usually the ones that make me cry. Like sure Where It Ends makes me cry but so does Daffodils. Dying Ain’t So Bad makes me cry but so does Bonnie. Love songs make me cry just as much as sad songs.

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If Merrily got a brand new Broadway revival what do you think they would do with the material to make it exciting and relevant and elevate it from its current status of “mostly college productions and community theatre”

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this is my favorite merrily picture other than the one from the vinyl insert which doesn’t have a digitalization ):

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Merrily We Roll Along 🙏 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (stripping back the cynicism and bitterness of a failed relationship by going back in time through their memories to see what made their connection so beautiful and important to begin with)

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Trying out a new Mary design! I’ll probably keep developing it but I like this so far. This is about 1959-1960 btw

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Still wild that Steve casually wrote the lyric “Charley is a screamer / Charley won’t bend” in Growing Up

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。。i translated it to post bc wtf……

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I like to think that if Merrily was successful and got a movie made in the 80s it would’ve had a strongly similar vibe to one of the early Muppet movies, with lots of fun random celebrity cameos throughout

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