qu1etdays 2 days ago
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The day started with a mantra and some plans made.
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Her mind and body gave in to my trance... Never gets old because she'll never not be beautiful.
馃摳: @flowerobeys
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riverwindphotography 11 days ago
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Clear waters dancing
(c) gif by riverwindphotography, July 2022
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marthajefferson 3 months ago
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SALOME DANCING BEFORE HEROD, 1876, by Gustave moreau
The work took Moreau seven years to paint. It created a sensation when it was exhibited for the first time in Paris at the Salon of 1876 and is arguably Moreau's most important work. The painting is kept today in the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.
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raggedy-spaceman 6 days ago
The Sandman cinematography is something else
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fractionatedwriter 8 months ago
He had me listen to an audio file today. It claimed it would turn me into a bimbo doll. I had to laugh at that a little. There was no way that some audio was going to make me feel everything that it was claiming.聽
I still tried it anyway. I wanted to obey his wishes. I wanted to be a good girl for him. So I set my phone up to record my reactions, got in to a comfortable position on my knees and pressed play.聽
I listened closely. Wondering how this was possibly going to capture my mind.聽
My vision blurred. Everything felt heavy. I felt myself leaning forward on my knees, pushing my boobs out like an offering. I felt the words deep in mind.聽
鈥淥pen your mouth wide. Always ready and open.鈥
My jaw went slack. Tongue sticking out. Eyes rolled back. The perfect ahegao face. I could only imagine what a cute little bimbo I looked like. I felt myself starting to pant as the audio went on. It filled my mind with the most amazing sensations of a cock slowly going in and out of my open mouth. The arousal that surged through me was overwhelming. It felt right. For my hole to be used.聽
I didn鈥檛 want it to end. As I awoke though and checked my phone I discovered this session was far from over. He used this video just to get my mind ready. Nice and fuzzy just how he likes it.聽
He introduced a new trigger to me next. I think it may be my new favorite. Two very simple words but oh my do they have such a hold over me.聽
Part of the trigger is for me to try and resist the best I can. He knows how much I love to do this even though we both know I ultimately won鈥檛 be able to. I think he likes to watch my silly little attempts. I like that I know it will bring me that much deeper and inevitably lead to me dropping hard.聽
Of course he didn鈥檛 just use it once. My mind was fractionated. I couldn鈥檛 even decipher from being awake and being in a complete trance. Everytime it pulled me under harder.
Deeper and deeper I went. So utterly empty. The only thing that mattered were his words. With every use of these amazing words the pleasure surged through me. I could only imagine how desperate and needy I looked to him with each video I sent. Helplessly panting and whining as my mind went blank.
The final one was the finisher. I couldn鈥檛 even try and resist anymore.聽Down on my knees where I鈥檓 meant to be. Only the whites of my eyes visible. My boobs on full display for him. My body going limp as my head rolled and dropped. I couldn鈥檛 help the moans that left my lips. My core pulsing and wet.聽
This is what pure bliss feels like. There鈥檚 no other place I鈥檇 rather be. Lost to the emptiness of my own mind.聽
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fluffygif 9 months ago
Simple & beautiful 馃挌
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freyjarelaxes 11 months ago
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blondebrainpower 7 months ago
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qu1etdays 2 days ago
One of my favorite drops of all time.
馃摳: @sleepy-birdy
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irritablefansfsblog 6 months ago
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Junhwan Cha鈥檚 final spin, OG 2022, Fate of the Clockmaker, Cloak and Dagger SP
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colormush 8 days ago
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ohyeahpop 11 months ago
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Christy Turlington, Versace Dress, Back View, El Mirage (I, II & III), 1990 - Ph. Herb Ritts
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calmingspiral 5 months ago
The Bambi Files
I'm making this post since quite a few people have asked me how to get started on the Bambi files. I don't consider myself Ph.D. levels of knowledge about how the files fully function, but I have worked with the files a lot, referencing the Bambi experiment.
There are some preliminaries if you should listen to the Bambi files, I'm not saying this to gatekeep but rather for the safety of the listener.
Do not listen if:
- You don't want heavy brainwashing that can blend reality and fantasy
- You are new to hypnokink
- You are not okay with heavy CNC in parts and bimbofication
- You haven't done your own research about what it entails
- If you have no one to help you wake up and or make sure you're okay. The files can be extremely addictive, and you can fall into a loop.
- You are not okay with trigger words
- Use an alarm to wake you if need be
- Look at the script for file #3 since that's where the files begin to ramp up.
- Look up the script for file #9 since that is one of the more intense files so you can see what you'd be listening to.
- Find a partner that you trust to help you lock the triggers if you don't want open triggers.
- The only files that you need are 1,2,3, and 10 the rest depend on what you want specifically.
- Be careful of posting about you listening to the files since people can be predatory.
- Full sessions are around one hour to one hour and thirty minutes so keep that in mind.
- Take breaks continuously during in-between sessions, I have learned that daily listening can become too disorienting and intense for a few people, so it's good to dial it back sometimes.
- Have all the files ready for one session so you don't have to wait and download from the site.
- Between files take some time to drink water, and make sure that you're okay.
General Advice
- Enjoy it but know the intent of the files beforehand
- If a partner is pushing you to listen to them it's an instant red flag
- Don't feel obligated to continuously listen through a full session, stop when you need to.
So I鈥檓 gonna say something that might be controversial. But based upon what I have been studying I have come to this conclusion:
There is no ethical justification for a partner to try to convince the other partner to start listening to the Bambi files.
In other words, if someone is asking you to start listening to the Bambi files that鈥檚 a red flag, and watch yourself. The only one that should come to the conclusion that you should listen to the files is yourself without outside influence.
You are responsible to make sure that you practice safe and healthy hypnosis. If someone breaks that boundaries you have to bring it up or else they will keep doing so. While I don鈥檛 believe that the Bambi files were made with malicious intention, I must also recognize that there are many cases of people using it for that intent.
I would recommend for people to only listen to the files with an extremely trusted partner. As well as having a back up person. The reason is that even trusted partners can sometimes fail at boundaries and you鈥檒l need someone to hold them accountable.
I'll continuously update this post when based on what I keep on learning about the files since I still am working with them although it is a slow process.
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xponentialdesign 8 months ago
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FEATURED ARTIST : FOLLOW Grigory Tsvetkov COLLECT Browse 1刷岬 market offer
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freyjarelaxes 6 months ago
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