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The most beautiful message I had received today 🖤

I was on a call with my homie then. And he was like “See girl, people have started identifying you as an artist”. It was pure mocking or it sounded so. But isn’t this beautiful?

And she told me that it was sent privately to some of her artist friends. Such a gem!

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send me “i’ll shoot” to press a gun to my muse’s head .

“What would you gain from her death? A few of her jewels?” Simcoe scoffed, pursing his lips with amusement. Based on the family’s finances, he could only assume that half her jewels were high-quality paste; diamonds and rubies they were not.

He had to resist the urge to glance back and check on poor Peggy, her sparkling grey eyes reminded him of his wife back home and he couldn’t risk something so trivial being his undoing. She was quiet as she sat kneeling on the ground, tears streaming down her cheeks. The only sound she made was the occasional whimper and she made no effort to contribute to the conversation, for which he was truly thankful.

“You already have a bounty on your head. If she dies, there will be an even bigger incentive for Arnold to come after you.” The deck creaked beneath his feet as he leaned towards Flint. He kept his stern gaze directed at the captain as he spoke in a low voice. “He may not be as intelligent or as lethal as you but he’s just as stubborn and if he does not immediately take your life, I guarantee he will ruin every plan and take every prize you have.”

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Quelle devrait-être la composition de l’Église selon Dieu ?

1° Tout d'abord, nous pouvons nous demander ce qu'est l’Église ? 2° À qui appartient l’Église ? 3° Y a-t-il un modèle défini du fonctionnement de l’Église ? 4° Qui est le chef de l’Église ? 5° Qui est le constructeur ? 6° Nous sommes membres d’un seul corps 7° Conclusion : Quelles sont les conditions pour que chacun puisse être à sa place ? Pour que chacun puisse être à sa place, il faut bien comprendre que l’église n’est pas un bâtiment, mais qu’elle est composée d’hommes et de femmes nés de nouveau qui appartiennent à Jésus. Cette Église doit être bâtie selon le modèle que Jésus nous a laissé dans le N.T Nous devons laisser Jésus être le chef de son Église. Jésus est la tête du corps, il tient tout, et si l’on sort de son plan et de ses instructions on va construire à l’envers et nous allons avoir de gros problèmes. Jésus est le Seul architecte et Il doit le rester. Le constructeur est le Saint-Esprit, Il nous révèle le plan de Dieu et notre place à chacun. Nous, son peuple, sommes un corps et devons fonctionner dans l’unité, dans l’humilité, dans l’amour et le respect de chacun des membres de ce corps. ..

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Hmm don’t think I got the first one lol. Uhhh my fav things about H50 - all the found family feelz and all the McDanno scenes. Admittedly I lost some interest post-Season 7 after half the team was switched out for new members. I still watched 8, 9 and 10 on and off though and they were pretty good. But overall I think it’s worth watching, the cast has some really good dynamic with each other, especially Steve and Danny, and while it’s not terribly deep or complicated (which makes for more relaxing entertainment imo), some of the overarching plots were pretty interesting to follow. Lots of laughs too, and ofc plenty of explosions.

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time for a new ERA😡
#era #rlgrime #freestyle #pain #strength #representation #message #blacklivesmatter #enoughisenough #timeforachange #expression #nomoresilence #achimbailey #ahmaudarbery #breonnataylor #georgefloyd #saytheirnames #restinpower #2020 #clearvision
📹: @philipbradley (at New York, New York)

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I’m not sure if people who acknowledge her as bi are the majority in the fandom—I have definitely come across clueless hetero fans who accept whatever the writers say, and who, like the writers, are too dense to grasp the difference between homosexuality and bisexuality. There was just a lot more resistance to the idea that Willow is lesbian than I expected when I read posts and comment threads about her sexuality (e.g. people pointing out that reading her as lesbian would mean they’d have to pretend that her genuine attraction to Oz, Xander, and Giles somehow didn’t “count” which would be stupid). Seeing some common sense from osa people about sexual orientation made me happy. But yeah I’m not surprised that a lot of bisexuals who mislabel themselves as lesbians identify with her lol.

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Imagination to the rescue!

Let’s imagen tomorrow’s land together.

“That’s the wonderful thing

about crayons…

they can take you

to more places

than a starship.”

— Guinean to Young Ro #StarTrek TNG

Guiding Light

Let’s #StayCalmStayHome
Be safe, and be in touch.

[  #IdeaTherapy ]
Evolving with you!

#CoCreativity #MarketingTriage: becoming more supple!

#IDEAcatalyst sharing #CultureShifting facts | #IdeaTherapy ‪#TrekkerATLAS #TRAVELengram #DigiBITACORA | #Newness #GloCal #Message ‬




#cocreation #cocreate #cocreator #cocreating #startrektng #marketingdigital #antimarketing (at Manhattan, New York)

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