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If u have jerked off or nutted to any of my pics on my page u automatically owe me a Valentine’s gift💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻 Kik is mandystspam

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Send me your book suggestions. Just finished one and need something to get hooked into again

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Idk if I’m doing this for attention or if it’s messing with my head

Interact with me if you’d miss this blog. Like this or send my a dm. Idk

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but like hi there :3 let’s talk and you can tell me how pretty i am <3 i’m a libra if that wasn’t obvious 🥺let’s chat 🤍

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I want to make new friends 🌷

message me ✨ inbox me here


kik: saltyy.k

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I’m in a good mood this evening! Going to get some reading done. How are all of you?? What are you up to???

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The urge to start posting nude content exists in my head but idk if I want that out there in the wild xD what do yall think?

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Throwback to when we were actually allowed to go out😩

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Would you do it on the rug with me  💦

Reblog and follow for a surprise ❤️

Dm me to purchase sexy pics 😈  

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