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Hey, I love your blog!
I have a request for a Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader but feel free to ignore this for whatever reason.
So it’s the reader’s birthday and everyone around her (friends, limited family, and coworkers) forgot. The reader goes about their day, kinda sad and thinking about how no one seems to care about or notice her. She gets home after a long day at work, opening a small cupcake she bought for herself, and puts a single candle in it, lighting it and sighing, whispering “I wish I wasn’t alone anymore” and blowing it out. Then as she’s laying on her sofa in her small apartment, picking at her cupcake, she gets a knock on the door and opens it to find Wanda, her boss, with like, idk, a bottle of wine and takeout, maybe…
so basically, to shorten this mess, Wanda is the only one to remember the reader’s birthday.
again, feel free to ignore this, I just thought of it because it’s my birthday tmrw and nobody’s remembered lolz
She Remembered
Tumblr media
pairing: wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: none
summary: Everybody has forgotten your birthday, everybody except one person.
word count: 2.2k
a/n: hi lovely nonnie!! thank you so so much for sending this request in and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)) sending you birthday wishes and think of this story as a gift from me to you <3
You woke up with a smile already on your face, as the sun shone perfectly through your curtains. Today was your birthday, and though you didn’t usually like to make a big deal about yourself, you figured today was the one day you could.
Rolling over, you reached out from under the covers and grabbed your phone. You frowned when you were greeted by an empty lock screen. No happy birthday texts, no calls, nothing. 
You brushed it off, attributing it to the fact that it was still pretty early in the morning. Pulling back the covers, you slid out of bed and made your way to the bathroom for shower.
You took your time, letting the hot water calm your muscles and prepare you for the day. As you stepped out and got dressed, you briefly glanced at the clock, your eyes widening.
You were running late for work, and seeing you were a good fifteen minute bike ride away from the Avengers Tower, where you worked as the PR manager for the team, you needed to leave, now.
Scurrying around your apartment, you threw a banana and a yogurt cup into your bag before slipping on your blazer and flying out the door. 
Upon arriving to the tower, you flashed your badge and a smile to Mary, the receptionist, and made your way towards the elevator. Because it was your birthday, you felt an extra pep in your step, your knees bouncing as you rode the elevator up to the twelfth floor.
As you stepped out, you checked your watch and started to speed walk when you saw you had only two minutes to get to your meeting. Entering the meeting room, you could see the entire team, plus Fury and Hill, were already there. 
“Ah, (Y/N),” Nick looked up from his conversation with Maria, “so nice of you to join us.”
You thew him a sheepish smile, knowing the glint in his eye meant he was only half teasing. 
You took your seat in between Hill and Rogers and across from the newest member of the team, Wanda Maximoff. The young witch had joined the Avengers about six months ago, after the whole Ultron fiasco. And while you knew next to nothing about her, there was something about Wanda that intrigued you, even if you only saw her at meetings.
“Alright,” Maria stood up, tablet in hand, “let’s get started.”
The meeting went on as one usually does, but you couldn’t help but feel disappointed that your birthday was not acknowledged once. Though it was a professional setting, you knew the Avengers Tower wasn’t the typical workplace.
In fact, when it was Bucky’s birthday a few months ago, the whole team couldn’t shut up about it, so much so that Fury had to postpone the meeting.
And while you weren’t technically an Avenger, you still felt as though you were part of the team.
As Steve was wrapping up the meeting, you discretely flipped your phone, checking for any texts or calls from your family or friends back home. Much to your disappointment, you were met with the same sight as two hours ago, only this time there was a call from your insurance company. Lovely.
“Hey, (L/N/),” Tony called after you, as you left the conference room and down the hall towards your office.
Turning on your heels, you plastered on a wide grin for the billionaire. “What can I do for you, Stark?”
“How do you feel about a birthday party?”
Your heart skipped a beat at the possibility of having a birthday party, let alone a grand one thrown by Tony Stark himself. 
“Uh,” you paused, not wanting to get ahead of yourself, “I love a good birthday party.”
“Great!” he clapped his hands together with a victorious smirk. “I’m throwing a huge bash for my 45th birthday next weekend, and I need you to handle the media and press and invitations and all that.”
“Right,” you pursed your lips, as you felt your heart drop to your stomach.
As you turned back around to hide away in your office, Tony added, “And of course, you’re invited.”
“I would assume so, Stark,” you sassed over your shoulder, earning a chuckle and a head shake from the man. The two of you often shared playful banter, as you were one of the few people who could keep up with Tony’s sarcasm and wit.
Arriving back in your office, you plopped down in your swivel chair and threw your head back with a defeated sigh. You checked your phone once more for any birthday wishes from your, albeit limited, family or friends. Upon seeing no notifications, you admitted defeat and powered off your phone, deciding to throw yourself into your work. If you couldn’t celebrate with anyone, the least you could do was get off work early and celebrate by yourself.
The hours passed both surprisingly quickly and agonizingly slow at the same time. The thought that everyone forgot your birthday plagued your mind, as you worked through mountains of paperwork and press releases. 
A knock on your door briefly interrupted your work flow. Without looking up, you called out, “Come in.”
The handle turned slowly, as the guest timidly poked their head into your office. 
“Hey,” Wanda spoke, causing you to whip your head up and nearly drop your pen. She offered you a shy smile, as she hesitantly entered further into your office so she was standing before your desk. “I noticed you haven’t come out of your office yet today, and you missed lunch.”
The brunette held out a Tupperware of food for you to take, which you did not before thanking her.
“Wands,” you shook your head in disbelief at her kindness. Had she really noticed your absence? “You really didn’t have to do this.”
“Don’t worry,” Wanda assured you, as she nervously fidgeted with her fingers, “I wanted to.”
“Well, thank you,” you took the container from her and sank back down into your chair. “Is this ravioli?”
“Um, it’s actually pelmeni,” a faint blush tinted the Sokovian’s cheeks. “I made them this morning.”
Taking a bite of dumplings, you couldn’t help but let out a small moan, “Oh my gosh, Wanda, you made these?”
She could only nod, as her face got increasingly red.
“They’re delicious,” you stuffed your mouth with another bite. “Seriously, some of the best things I’ve tasted.”
“Thank you,” Wanda ducked her head, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “(Y/N), I actually wanted to say–,”
Before she could finished her sentence, your phone glaringly interrupted her. Checking the caller ID, you winced.
“I’m so sorry, Wanda,” you frowned, genuinely upset you couldn’t spend more time with the other woman. “I really have to take this phone call. It’s the rep from The Times.”
“Of course, of course,” Wanda shot you a smile, to which you returned. “I’ll let you get back to work.”
“Thank you again for lunch,” you called after her before answering the incessant ringing. She waved back at you before quietly closing the door behind her.
The rest of the day was uneventful, as you dealt with annoying reporters, completed endless paperwork, and started to spread the word about Tony’s birthday party.
As you packed up your things, you desperately checked your phone for any sign that your birthday was remembered. Much to your disappointment, your screen was void of any messages or missed calls. Trying to keep the tears at bay, you stuffed your phone into your bag and left for home. 
You entered your apartment just as the sun was setting, throwing your stuff haphazardly onto the couch. Oh, how things had so drastically changed since this morning. 
Your heart felt heavy and you muscles tense, as wave of sadness washed over you. Making your way into the kitchen, you opened the fridge and pulled out a small box from the bakery down the street.
You took out the chocolate cupcake you’d bought for yourself yesterday, deciding to get yourself a gift for your special day. Little had you known you’d be the only one.
As you stuck a single candle into the frosting and lit it aflame, you couldn’t help but think how pathetic it looked. Sitting down, you rested your chin atop your hands, closed your eyes, and made a wish.
“I wish I wasn’t alone anymore,” you whispered before blowing out the candle. Sighing, you removed the wax object and took your dessert with you over to the couch.
As you switched on your favorite comfort show, you unpeeled the cupcake wrapper and took a bite of the delicious chocolate cake.
“You never let me down, Betty’s,” you mumbled, referring to the local bakery were you got all your pastries and coffee in the morning.
Not even fifteen minutes had gone by when you heard a soft knock. Throwing the blanket off to the side, you got up and swung open the door.
“Wanda?” your eyes widened slightly, as you tried to hide your obvious surprise. “What are you doing here?”
“I, uh, brought dinner and wine,” Wanda held up lamely, a sheepish smile creeping onto her face. When you didn’t say anything, still staring at her in disbelief and confusion, she continued to ramble. “It’s just, I know it’s your birthday today, and you’ve been working all day, and we didn’t really celebrate today at the compound, so I thought I’d come over and celebrate with you…if that’s alright with you?”
By the end of her small rant, Wanda’s face was painted red. 
“You remembered my birthday?” you whispered, your lips parting in awe, as you felt your heart swell at the sight of the woman in front of you.
“Of course,” Wanda said as if it was the easiest thing in the world. “I mean it is today, right? I remember you telling me about how you wanted to go that Italian place on 37th that day I made pizza for lunch.”
“Right, of course,” you breathed, still trying to get your heartbeat under control. Shaking your head, you pulled yourself out of your daze. “Yes, it is today. You’re right. I just can’t believe you remembered. Do you, um, want to come in?”
It was your turn to ramble, as you scratched the back of your neck. 
“Thanks,” Wanda nodded, stepping past you and into your apartment.
“I love your place,” she looked around, admiring the shelves that were decorated with an assortment of plants and books. “It’s very…you.”
“Thanks?” you chuckled, amused at the Sokovian, who you knew was still adjusting to her new life and to New York in general. “Would you like something to drink? I mean other than wine.”
“A glass of water would be great,” she smiled, earning a nod from you.
“Got it. Coming right up,” you grinned cheekily. “You can have a seat. Make yourself at home. I’ll be right out with water and some plates for the pizza.”
Wanda nodded and followed your instructions, taking a seat on your couch. While you were in the kitchen, the sound from the television caught her attention.
“You like Bewitched?” you asked when you saw Wanda’s glued to the screen.
“I love it,” she revealed. “Classic sitcoms are my favorite.”
“Mine too,” you set down the glasses and paper plates before taking a seat next to her. “I have a whole collection. Maybe we can watch them together sometime?”
“I’d love that,” Wanda beamed, her green orbs staring back into yours. 
Though you and Wanda hadn’t spent a lot of, or rather any, time together, conversation flowed easily. Before you knew it, the two of you had finished the medium pizza and three quarters of the bottle of Zinfandel. 
As you laughed along to something she’d said, you subconsciously rested your hand on hers. The sudden contact sobered both of you, your laughter dying, as your eyes met her.
Instead of awkwardly pulling your hand away, you gave hers a gentle squeeze. 
“Thank you for tonight, Wanda,” you said earnestly, earning a crooked smile from the witch. Before she could brush it off, you continued, “I’m serious. You have no idea how much this meant to me.”
“It was my pleasure, (Y/N/N),” she returned a squeeze to your hand. “I’m glad I could celebrate with you.”
“You were the only one who remembered,” you confessed under your breath, so quiet that if Wanda wasn’t sitting inches from you, she would’ve missed it.
Wanda’s face remained neutral, not an ounce of shock or anger written on her face.
“I’m glad I did,” she whispered reverently with a tender smile. “I will always remember you.”
Wanda briefly searched your eyes for a sign before leaning forward and connecting your lips for a soft kiss. The taste of Wanda, mixed with her vanilla chapstick, was intoxicating, one you’d happily chase for the rest of your days.
Though the kiss lasted only a brief second, you let yourself fall, hoping Wanda would catch you, and if tonight was any indication, she was more than willing.
“You’re always on my mind, dorogaya,” Wanda confessed, brushing a stray hair out of your face. “How could I forget?” 
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Tumblr media
CHARACTER(S): Baji . Ran . Wakasa
WARNING/S: curse and a bit suggestive in Baji's part
Tumblr media
Keisuke Baji
It was Saturday in the late afternoon, You sat on the couch wrapped around your boyfriend's arms, legs tangled with each other when your phone rang. reluctantly you pick up the phone as you sat up with you still cuddled into his side. all the while Baji was focused on the TV that was playing his favourite TV show.
He didn't pay much attention to your conversation just hearing bits and pieces of it, he was just minding his own business that is until he heard you say;
"Not much, I'm with a friend right now"
Baji pauses the TV in a heartbeat, a scowl present on his face which you only returned with an innocent confused gaze.
"who is that? tell me I didn't just hear what I heard you say" he said as he extend his hand to grab your phone but you were quick to dodge and distance yourself away from him, but you didn't even reach far as he has his gentle grip on you, determined to grab your phone - which he succeeded.
Baji always resorts to violence before anything so it's no surprise that he didn't even bother to check the caller ID before he began speaking nonsense.
"This is her boyfriend you a**hole, and before you say anything just you know I can fu*king fight"
There was complete silence on the other end and when Baji thinks he won he can't help but look up as you chuckle and a familiar voice speaks on the other end. "Uhm...I know Baji-san"
Baji watched you with the furrowed eyebrow as you completely lost it and laugh "It was Chifuyu, I wanted to see how you'll react, I was just messing with you babe"
while you laughed, Baji's eyebrows only bent in annoyance, before he sigh in relief, "Chifuyu I'll call you later" he grumpily mumbled before ending the call and making his way towards you, he leaned down and whispered into your ears.
"I've been soft these past weeks, I think you need a proper reminder of who you belong to"
Tumblr media
You boredly stare at your boyfriend beating who knows who for the last couple of minutes, with the scene being almost a daily occurrence you thought you'll get used to it but violence during a date gets annoying, especially when Ran seems to enjoy it more than the date itself.
Ran heard your phone ring but didn't think much of it as he pummel the poor delinquent to the ground. he does enjoy it, the thrill of the fight but the thrill he got with spending time with you is a different matter.
"no I'm not busy, I'm just hanging out with a friend"
though that got Ran's head whipping to your direction with his full attention quickly shiting to you, a playful grin quickly dances across his lips as he quickly catches on to what's going.
"that doesn't sound right -" he grins, stepping over the delinquent on the ground to make his way towards you, without breaking eye contact
"-it's an incredibly handsome friend" he whispered once he was close enough to you, his long limbs of hand immediately wrapping themself around your waist to pull you closer to him.
Ran heard what sounded to be a man on the other end of the line say something, but the way your look at him tells him you didn't hear a single word on it "sorry I didn't catch that? my... incredibly handsome friend was talking to me" you chuckled earning a satisfied grin from Ran.
"Yeah, I'll call you later"
as soon as you ended the call, Ran took hold of your hand, intertwined them together, and pulled you away from the bloody scene.
"let's go"
"Where to? how about your work?" you asked pointing to the pile of delinquents behind you two, which Ran only shrug.
"don't worry about it, this incredibly handsome friend of yours is gonna take you out to dinner before some asshole thinks he has a chance with you"
"This is why I love you" you replied, your plan perfectly working
"that was Rin by the way"
Tumblr media
you sigh for the 3rd time in the last hour, for the last couple of minutes you had tried to do stupid things just to get a reaction out of your boyfriend who appears to be bored all the time but it was as if it fell into deaf ears. luckily a phone call had saved the day.
You get on a call, close enough with Wakasa that he can overhear your conversation. there was nothing strange about it, so he didn't mind it one bit, not until you turned sideways and made eye contact with him before answering the other person on the line.
"I'm actually with a friend right now, how about we just get dinner later?" He looks back at you, the subtlest furrow on his eyebrow.
"a friend?" he asked pointing to himself in disbelief, the action leaving you feeling pride for getting a reaction out of him. You didn't respond to him, instead, you just put your finger over your mouth, indicating to him to be quiet, further annoying him.
he swiftly reaches for your phone and puts it over his ear, without breaking eye contact with you.
"This is her boyfriend, and she's not getting dinner with you anytime soon since she'll be busy with me so stop calling this number" he calmly said before ending the call not even letting the other person on the other end say anything.
"what?" he asked as you stared at him in awe
"That was so hot" you mumbled completely catching him off guard as he handed you back the phone, which you happily took feeling happy for some reason. "Stop talking to strangers" he cooly mumbled giving you lazy droopy eyes that you love.
"that was Shinichiro"
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RSA Transfer 2?!
☕︎ CHARACTERS: Lilia Vanrouge, Jade Leech and Rook Hunt with a GN!Reader
✍︎ SYPNOSIS: You told them that you wanted to go to RSA instead, just to mess with them.
⚠︎ WARNING: Mentions of Neige (some ppl don't like him </3)
𖠌 NOTE: This was fun to write 😭 This is more like romcom than romantic istg HWKEHDJDB Also Rook's nickname is based on Rook+Baguette yes—NO I DO NOT HAVE FAVORITISM WITH LILIA NAWR🧍‍♀️
Tumblr media
『 Lilia Vanrouge 』
— Cheeky little beastie, what were you thinking?
— The fae peepaw was hanging upside down in the ceiling, planning to give you a scare when suddenly you mentioned about going to RSA.
— “RSA is really pretty, I was thinking what if i go there instead… Imagine how amazing will it be~”
— Ta-da, Lilia was surprised by the sudden blurting of your thoughts that he landed right before you.
— No, he was not. Crimson eyes observing your figure before he spoke, “You really want to go to RSA, my little beastie?“
— Disbelief painted upon his face, and that made you chuckle. He had the 'are you /srs or /j?' look and that was hilarious.
— “No of course not, i was just messing with you pretty fae~ I can't imagine how jealous you'd be if I got surrounded by pretty boys like you”
— “You wound me, beastie~ Wait until I catch you, khee hee”
— “Oh shit—”
Tumblr media
『 Jade Leech 』
— Can you even surprise this one hell of an eel? The answer is yes.
— Mostro Lounge is on its closing hours, mustering the energy left you have to move around and help clean the place.
— “Great work today, [Name]-san. Would you like a cup of drink?“ You were offered something to chug down after you sat by the counter, catching your breath.
— “Yeah no thanks Jade, i know what you're up to.“ Sighing, your lips slipped. “It would nice if I were to go at RSA, their school looks so grand and amazing..“
— Jade was peacefully wiping the glasses dry when he turned at you, his bicolored eyes widened after hearing your statement.
— “Pardon?“
— Meeting his gaze, it was priceless. Jade was sure this was one of your shenanigans but maybe he wasn't expecting one at this very moment.
— “Just kidding Jade~ It's not like I could be away from you for that long. And I'm sure you'd stop me won't you?“
— That signature toothy grin. It always makes you feel nervous but excited. “Of course. I'd have to take measures to keep my darling here, whatever the cost.“
— “Ooookay i was just kidding pls don't do that darling—”
Tumblr media
『 Rook Hunt 』
— No. Don't even think about it. There's no reaction, go home.
— …
— Rook was definitely the most eager to go when you mentioned that while he was helping you fix your hair and your dorm uniform.
— “Monsieur! That would be the most beautiful idea you've ever made!“
— Your little devious prank to caught him off guard was spoiled by Rook himself. He was blabbering to see the beauty of Neige LeBlanche up close.
— “However, the beauty I see in Pomefiore is something i cannot let go that easily. Roi du Poison's beauty is truly magnifique and picking which one to witness will be challenging!“
— You listened to him rambling about Vil and Neige's beauty that you just sighed before letting out a small laugh.
— “Alright alright i get it sheesh! It was just a thought y'know. And I'm comfortable here in Pomefiore with you.“
— Turns out he knows that you were trying to mess with him, as a hunter himself he has very sharp instincts.
— “You need to think of a better plan, Monsieur~”
— “Damn you Rookuette, you're lucky I'm in love with you”
Tumblr media
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Read the first part of this story: Taking Back Youth ⬇️
“What to do, what to do” Mr Wavell thought as he floated around town, looking down at all the potential test subjects. Half the time he likes to pick a man (usually a gay one) out of the crowd and just follow them around for awhile, learning a bit about their life as a simple observer before making his move. Though as his gaze scanned across the people, he noticed one man in particular that stood out. Not because of his looks or what he was wearing but rather because his soul and body didn’t match.
Tumblr media
Curiously Wavell floated over to the man as he walked through the street with a confident smirk. He was a tall, relatively broad man. Handsome features with a short beard and ginger hair. Not to mention he was shirtless due to the hot weather and showing off a generous amount of red chest hair. A hot piece of meat for sure but how the hell did he acquire this body? Wavell couldn’t sense any magic emanating from his soul meaning he wasn’t a warlock himself nor could he sense the magic residue of another witch or warlock that may have done it. Which could only mean he used some sort of magic item or spell… interesting.
“Now let’s see what kind of body you gave up for this one shall we.” Wavell placed an invisible hand on the oblivious man’s shoulder. The ginger stud felt a shiver across his body as Wavell used it to find a link back to its original soul. Within seconds he sensed the matching signature not far from where they were. After that he didn’t waste anytime, teleporting away towards the signature.
Upon arrival he found himself in a small apartment a few blocks away. There was an old man who looked to be in his early 60’s sat with his head down on a desk, surrounded by masses of empty beer bottles. It was a sad sight to behold. This guy was in the prime of his life before it all got stripped away from him.
“Tell me. How exactly did you end up in that body?”
“HOLY FUCK! HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE AN-… wait… what did you say?!” Evan was startled by the sudden voice behind him as Wavell undid his cloaking spell.
“I asked how you ended up with that body. I found the man who was piloting your real one so I used him to find you.” Wavell stated simply. Evan of course inquired this odd man on how he even knew about that to which Mr Wavell responded by informing him of his magic abilities. To prove such, the Warlock used his power to rid the apartment of all it’s mess. With a wave of his hand, beer bottles were gone, clothes were clean and folded, bed sheets were made and so on. Evan was completely dumbfounded but at least now he knew this guy was serious about that magic stuff.
“It happened about a week ago… I was getting drunk at a bar after a bad breakup when this old dude started hitting on me. I accepted his advances and the next thing I knew I was absolutely smashed out of my mind and fucking this dude in his apartment. After we fucked I blacked out and when I woke up, he had my body…”
“Do you know how exactly he was able to do it?”
“I’m not sure. He just said something about a ritual I think and that the last component it needed was for us to swap sexual fluids?”
“A ritual huh? He must’ve used some sort of magical item given to him to enact it. I wonder if Gilgamesh had something to do with that…”
“Gilga-who now?”
“He’s a friend of mine with similar interests, not that it matters to you. Anyways I’m off. I was just curious about your situation. That’s all.” With that Wavell floated up into the air once again. He was about to teleport away when the man grabbed his leg. Evan begged Wavell to stay, pleading with him to use his power to fix this and give him back his old body. With a sigh, the warlock lowered himself down to the floor once more. “Look, Evan is it? Swapping souls, changing bodies, shifting minds. It’s what I live for. So why would I use my magic to correct something that would’ve happily done myself in the first place?”
Evan’s eyes sunk as he looked back down at the old, chubby body that’d been forced upon him. The last glimmer of hope he’d gained slowly fading as he sat himself down on the bed. Mr Wavell was about take his leave again but as he glanced at Evan again, he couldn’t help but feel some sort of pity for the man. Rolling his eyes he said to the man “Fine. I’ll help you out… but I’m not going to put you back in your old body.” Evan was confused, proceeding to ask how the hell it’d be helping if not giving back his body. “Well from what I can tell, your soul is about 27 years old. How’s about we have your current body match that.”
The warlock gets Evan to stand more towards the centre of the room. Upon doing so he conjured up a full body mirror from thin air, allowing Evan to see his reflection before waving his hand to get rid of the old man’s clothes. “Just so you can have a good view of this next part…” Wavell whispered while place his hands on Evan’s shoulders. They began emit a warm violet glow that pulsed into Evan’s body, filling him with a strange sensation. A pulsing heat that surged it’s way across his body, forcing it’s way into every part of his being. It was as if he were being embraced by a warm aura of pure energy. But it got better. It took a few seconds for him to notice but as he looked into the mirror Evan saw how the grey hairs on his head were beginning to regain their colour while his wrinkles faded. The fat across his body gradually began to melting away as he got leaner while his body hairs darkened and his skin became more tanned. Evan’s receding hairline began fixing itself, pulling forwards as his hair grew thicker and healthier, now completely dark brunette. The mustache on his upper lip became less pronounced, fading into a full face of stubble while his aged eyes regained a youthful glow. Lean muscle began to grow and define itself in places where fat had disappeared, forming strong and tight.
“How are you feeling so far.” Wavell murmured, wrapping an arm around Evan before grasping his member. “Does the heat of rejuvenation feel good?” He added. Evan could only groan in response as his dick was flooded with newfound youth, growing hard as a rock at Wavell’s gentle touch. His body continued to regress back through its 30’s. Skin looking younger, hair looking thicker, testosterone increasing. His cock bucked with excitement as his balls began to churn, feeling so sensitive as Wavell continued to pump him gently. Then at last the heat began to subside as Evan reached his late 20’s once more.
“I-I can’t… believe it.” Looking into the mirror he could tell this was still Carl’s body but now he looked like he could be a Men’s Fitness Model.
Tumblr media
“Mhmm, this body was quite the looker in its younger days it seems. Perhaps not as muscular as your old body but certainly a few inches taller and I don’t doubt you’ll grow into it some more… unless you want me to grow it for you.” Wavell leaned in, kissing Evan’s neck while squeezing that excited cock a little before letting go.
“R-really?!” Evan pondered those words for a moment. Was Mr Wavell really offering to just hulk out his body right here and now? Evan had no doubt it was within the warlocks power after what’d just transpired but… he declined to Wavell’s surprise. “As fucking amazing as that sounds, if I’m gonna make this body just as if not buffer than my original, I want to do it myself.” He stated confidently as he spun himself around a couple times, inspecting all his newly invigorated assets.
“Are you sure? Doesn’t have to be your entire body. Perhaps just one or two little things you want improving?”
Evan thought hard for a moment, checking himself out from multiple angles. He had to say, one of the things he was missing the most from his previous body while looking at this one had to be his former bubble butt. Just the thought that Carl was now flaunting that ass around town and getting a bunch of dick was pissing him off. Speaking of dick, his current one was seemed about average at what looked to be around 6.5 inches yet his old one was certainly over 7 inches. He thought it over for a second but soon decided to ask if he could get a slight improvement in both areas.
“Oh that’ll be no problem whatsoever but how’s about we make it just a tad bit more interesting.” Wavell stepped around in front of Evan, having to look up slightly at the man before getting down onto his knees and taking Evan’s already excited cock in his mouth. Murmurs of satisfaction slipped from Evan’s mouth as Wavell worked his bearded lips around the shaft like a pro. It felt odd though, like a similar heat to what he felt while regressing was now emanating from inside Wavell’s mouth and embracing his cock. After that Evan felt what he could only explain as a second erection. As if his cock had only at half mast before and was now somehow growing even further! Veins bulged across the growing appendage while Wavell continued to bob his head generously, gradually having to open his mouth wider as the cock inside thickened. Wavell grabbed hold of Evan’s balls in the process, massaging them as he felt the leaking member slowly push itself further down his throat. Evan grunted, feeling his balls pull up slightly before dropping back down with a bit more heft than before, repeating this cycle a couple of times until he had nice fat balls that were teeming with cum and testosterone. After that, all Wavell had to do was go deep one last time, swallowing the entire cock and that was enough to send Evan over the edge. Warm nectar came flowing out, coating the inside of Wavell’s throat white before swallowing every drop.
After taking a moment to savour the taste, Wavell pulls himself away from Evan’s crotch. An audible pop could be heard as his lips released the wet member to swing down between Evan’s legs with a new weight to it. Looking down Evan could see the clear difference in size. Before this body had been average in the dick department but now it was longer and thicker than ever! Especially the fat mushroom head it now adorned, still dripping cum. It had to be at least 9 inches! Probably a little more! Well it was certainly bigger than his original cock that’s for sure. Not to mention the heavy balls he was swinging now.
“Woah! I can’t believe how huge it is now! Fuuuuck.” Evan gripped his new and improved manhood. The length was amazing sure but god did the girth feel phenomenal. Not being able to wrap his hand fully around his cock was an almost euphoric experience. It made him feel superior in a way though that could’ve just been all extra testosterone talking.
Wavell chuckled as he pulled himself back up. “Now… time for that ass of yours.” Smirking as he pulled Evan towards the bed, pushing him down onto the sheets. Evan laid himself down on his stomach, his ass served up and ready to be bred. Wavell kicked off his shoes while unzipping his pants, soon pulling out his own monster cock. He pumped a little for a moment as he pressed a finger inside Evan’s hole. Yup, that was gonna be far too tight for his cock but it certainly wasn’t something a little magic couldn’t fix. Just then Evan felt a shiver pulse through his body as his hole suddenly loosened and relaxed. “Perfect.”
The neighbours could only wonder what the hell was happening in ‘Carl’s’ apartment as through the thin walls they could echos of deep grunting and groaning. How could Evan not groan when he felt Mr Wavell’s fat rod slide inside him. Even after having his hole loosened, Evan still felt himself being stretched slightly while Wavell pressed his entire length inside. After that initial penetration, the warlock began to work up a gentle pace. Pump after pump filling Evan up as he started the feel that warm magical sensation once last time spreading throughout his backside. Purple energy pulsed from Wavell’s dick like a constant orgasm, slowly but surely causing Evan’s ass to inflate. Both cheeks bubbled up with fat and muscle that began to jiggle with every thrust. Seeing that only made Wavell hungrier, pounding in with more and more intensity. When the growth subsided, Evan was left with a juicy bubble butt that any gay man would die for. To have and to fuck.
Tumblr media
Of course just because the change was complete didn’t mean they were gonna stop. Ooohh no. They were both having way too much fun. Wavell continued to pound down into Evan for awhile first before they switched positions. Wavell then laid on his back while Evan bounced on his dick as best he could. Obviously Evan couldn’t see the change that’d been made to his ass but he could most certainly feel it. All that extra padding rippling every time his ass smacked down against Wavell’s crotch. He was absolutely loving it. Not to mention his new, fatter dick jumping up and down with him was certainly a sight to behold.
They must’ve been making a ton of noise because a couple of position switches later they heard a knock at the door followed by a voice on the other side angrily telling them to quiet down. The pair only laughed at this of course, barely even stopping before getting back into rhythm. If anything Evan made an effort to moan even louder simply to piss them off.
After a good while longer however, The Great Mr Wavell was finally hitting his high. By this point they were doing doggy style with Wavell speeding up his thrusts, his full balls smacking against the bubble butt before his as they began to tense. Evan knew exactly what was coming as he heard Wavell let out a deep groan swiftly followed by an intense pulsing inside the welcoming hole. Next thing Evan knew, the flood gates had opened and Wavell was pumping load after load inside him. Thick, sticky cum drenching his insides and even spilling out due to the sheer quantity.
Wavell must’ve stayed on top of Evan for a good 5 or 10 minutes with his cock lodged inside the seeded hole. Sighs of relief could be heard however when Wavell finally decided to pull himself out before hoping off the bed. Evan on the other hand needed an extra couple more minutes before gathering up the strength to stand after that onslaught, determined to get one last look in the mirror at his newest change. And boy was he not disappointed.
“Ooohh yeah… I’m gonna rip half the pants I own now.” Evan grinned, looking over his shoulder into the reflection as he placed his hands beneath each cheeks and bounced them. “Definitely gonna have to buy myself a new wardrobe to wear.” Masses of dudes were gonna be drooling over his ass now! He played with the huge cheeks for a bit longer until he had the throw himself back onto the bed again out of soreness.
Tumblr media
Wavell tucked his cock away into his pants. Of course knew he could rid Evan of that pain from being stretched but he loved leaving the men he’s bred with a sore ass for a day or two.
“So, before I leave, I’m curious about something.” Wavell stated while sniffing the sweaty pit stains on his dress shirt. “What are you going to do about the man who has your original flesh? I believe you said his name was Carl. Though he’s probably going by ‘Evan’ now.”
Evan had to think for a moment. Before he wasn’t sure if he’d have ever wanted to see his old self again. He thought it’s be too painful for him to see that young beautiful body he had while he was stuck with an old flabby one. Now though? Things were very different. “I’m not sure right now. I’m still pissed at him for using me when I was at such a low point just to steal my life and body. Until you came along I’ve been nothing but miserable. I should hate him but… thinking about my original body is making my dick twitch…”
“Heheh well I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on you and check in every once in awhile to see how you’re getting on. In the meantime I’ve made a minor adjustment to reality so all of Carl’s identification fits your new look. Nobody should suspect a thing.” Wavell slipped his loafers back on before floating up into the air.
Evan turned to thank the man for all he’s done but when he did, Wavell was already gone. As if he were never there to begin with. Despite that, Evan knew he was still being watched.
“Thank you Mr Wavell.”
Tumblr media
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amjustagirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
baby blues 
Tumblr media
pairing: akaashi keiji x f! reader  genre: parenthood fluff  warnings: nah, none. or well, bokuto is his own warning HA.  wc: 1.4k author’s note: for @tyga-lily. makes references to the storm chaser universe, but can be read as a standalone. 
Tumblr media
Akaashi’s calm demeanour cannot hide the fact that he is at heart, an anxiety ridden bean. It’s something he’s always struggled with since his boyhood days, worrying about Bokuto’s antics and the ace’s general well being, spiralling with stress when it comes to exams and job interviews, and even though he masks it well with doses of coffee, it’s starting to flare up in full force now that you’re growing his child in your belly. 
Having a baby was planned, as most things in his life are. You and he have been married for two years now, your careers are settled into a comfortable groove, so having a child just seemed like the logical next step. But it’s different planning on paper to actually seeing your plans blossom into fruition, especially when presented in the form of an ultrasound, the black and white squiggles indicating the new life he’ll hold in his hands in less than six months’ time. 
“Is that - ?” he’s barely able to form a coherent sentence. 
The ultrasound tech and you share a smile. “That’s our baby, Keiji”, you say, taking his trembling hand in yours. 
Even though your belly is barely a bump and the baby is but a tiny bean sprout in monochrome, there are so many things to prepare in advance. 
Like cradles and prams - he spends his free time perusing parenting magazines about the best, safest models. Like the difference between diapers - until you step in and gently insist that you very much doubt either of you will have the time to maintain the use of cloth diapers. Like the type of laundry detergent is best for babies’ clothing - or - or - or the type of food that he should slowly be introducing the baby to as the months progress while being careful not to accidentally trigger any allergies- 
“Keiji”, you say, catching his face in the warm cradle of your hands. “You’re overthinking again.” 
“I am, aren’t I”, he laughs wryly, arms circling around your waist, ever so careful not to crush you. “I just want to make sure everything’s perfect and we have it all figured out before the baby arrives.” 
“Everything’s already going to be perfect”, you reply, nuzzling up to him. “We’re going to be parents, Keiji. Imagine that!” 
He knows. Oh gods, he knows and he’s terrified. 
What if he screws up? What if he gets something wrong? What if he accidentally suffocates his precious baby, or messes up by overlooking something small and banal? He’ll never forgive himself, and worse he’ll disappoint you - 
“How do you keep your kids alive?” He blurts his fear out to Bokuto when the older man visits with his trio of sons in tow. 
Bokuto isn’t even fazed by the question, despite it coming out of left field. He lifts the teething Kousuke into his lap so he doesn’t chew up the furniture before turning to gaze at Akaashi. “There are three cardinal rules to fatherhood, Akaaashi”, Bokuto says solemnly. 
Akaashi leans forward, eager to listen to whatever pearls of wisdom his former senpai might have for him. He must have some good advice - he’s raising three boys and they’re all alive and healthy, if a little feral. 
“First”, Bokuto raises a finger, though the effect is rather lost from Kousuke promptly chomping on it. “Feed your kids. If they’re full, it’s all good. And keep sugar to a minimum, unless you want them to bounce off the walls.”
“Fair enough”, Akaashi nods, mentally filing the first rule away in his head. “What’s next?”  
“Second, you gotta check that they don’t pee or poop on themselves. If they have, just clean it up. When kiddos are dry, then it’s all good!”
That’s also fairly obvious.
“Third”, Bokuto nods as if in approval of his wisdom. “Don’t let your kid bite anyone, or your other kids -”
Akaashi blinks. And then he blinks again. 
“It’s true! Kousuke has a nasty habit cos the little kiddo can’t talk yet, so he chomps down when he’s pleased or isn’t pleased, like when he has to defend his toys from being taken by his older brothers - ”
“Bokuto–san”, Akaashi massages the space between his brows. “These can’t be the only rules to fatherhood? I mean - what about - what about figuring out what’s the best pram to use? Whether to use the Montessori method in teaching your kid - or, I don’t know - shouldn’t I be referring to some parenting bible or something?”
A heavy hand lands on his shoulder, instantly grounding him. 
“Kids are pretty resilient, Akaashi!” Bokuto booms. “You could drop them - okay, maybe don’t try that, and don’t ever tell my wife I said that - but they’re hardy little things, as long as they’re fed and kept clean and aren’t attacking each other, it’s all good.” 
“It can’t be that easy”, he says, head in hands. Because it feels life changing, bringing a new life into the world, and he has to get it right, he has to make sure everything’s perfect, right? 
“I mean, I’m not saying it’s easy”, Bokuto replies, frowning. “You won’t be getting much sleep ‘specially when your kid’s just born cos babies don’t seem to know how to sleep through the night, so you gotta get up and cuddle them and soothe them so they’re happy enough to go back to sleep. But then when they grow up, the challenge is really teaching them to be good kiddos, y’know?” 
“You mean teaching them to be kind?” 
Bokuto grins, bouncing Kousuke on his lap. “Got that in one! That’s more important than worrying about what pram you’re gonna get - just strap them to your chest, it’s easy enough and it’s a good workout too!”
His former teammate’s enthusiasm is infectious, but Akaashi no longer has the stamina from his high school days, so he thinks a pram might still be very necessary. Still, he sees the wisdom in Bokuto’s words. 
So he surprises you when he drops his obsession with parenting magazines and books and lectures and podcasts, pulling your feet into his lap instead to give you a gentle massage and whispering seriously to your bump. 
“You don’t have to worry cos I’ll make sure you’re fed and I’ll change your diapers, and I promise I’ll never drop you on your head, and we’ll get you a pram cos I don’t think I can carry you around all day, especially when you get older - ”
“Keiji, you’re worrying too much again” you interrupt him, smiling indulgently down at your husband. 
He presses a kiss to your bump before meeting your smile. “I was talking to Bokuto-san this afternoon.”
“Ah”, you reply. “And what advice did he give to you?” 
“This and that”, your husband says. “But he reminded me not to worry overmuch.” 
“His advice doesn’t seem to have worked too well then”, you answer archly. 
Akaashi sighs through his nose. “I just want to be a good dad.” 
“Oh Keiji”, you card through his hair, let him slump into your side. “You will be a fantastic dad, I know it. The fact that you’re worrying so much shows that you care for our little bean sprout.”
“Of course I care”, he murmurs. “I want our kid to grow up safe and healthy and happy and kind - ”
“And after listening to yourself say that, don’t you think you’ll be a good dad?” 
He scrunches up his nose, a tell-tale sign to you that while he sees the logic in your words, he can’t bring himself to believe in them just yet. 
“This is going to be cliched and something right out of your shounen mangas that you edit - ”
He closes his eyes as if he’s in pain. “Believe in me, who believes in you?” 
You tug at his ear gently. “That’s pretty apt in our case, is it not?” 
“Fine”, he mumbles, defeated. “You have a point.” 
“Stop worrying, Keiji. You’re going to be a good dad.” 
“Okay”, he breathes. “I - I hope so.” 
The smile you bestow upon him, full of trust and love goes much, much further in soothing his fears, in taming his unbridled worries. “You don’t have to hope - I know it. Now c’mon! Let’s discuss baby names, and before you even think of mentioning it - no we are not naming our kid after Bokuto - ”
“I mean, he already has three kids practically named after himself -” 
“Nor are we allowing Kuroo any suggestions - ”
“Agreed. His daughters only have normal names because his wife put her foot down - ”
Somewhere in greater Tokyo, both Kuroo and Bokuto sneeze in perfect harmony. 
Tumblr media
a/n: heh. yes! i am alive and still writing ><
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1-800-hyunchan · a day ago
💭 chan drabble…
angsty chan drabble but being so in love with him but knowing that you could never be enough for him. Whether it be insecurities or social media, you knew chan deserved better than you.
Breaking his heart was unthinkable.
It wasn’t your plan to flat out refuse him when he had asked if you wanted go out, however at your lack of response you slowly began to watch his features crumble.
“I-I’m sorry,” he coughed awkwardly.
“I thought you had felt the same.”
You did. You really fucking did.
Chan nodded at you, more to himself as he slowly turned to walk away. As you watched his retreating figure you couldn’t get the haunting image of his disheartened features out of your mind.
You didn’t see him for awhile after that until one of your mutual friends had a get together and invited the two of you.
Chan was nursing a drink in his hand, slumped on the couch as he mindlessly stared into space. You could see the familiar tiredness in his features and the way his brow pulled together in thought.
You knew you needed to tell him, to let him know that it wasn’t him.
That’s how you found yourself sitting next to him.
The surprise was evident in his features as you sat next to him.
The next few minutes was awkward between the two of you. Neither of you said a word as you sipped your respective drinks, the noise in the background causing your head to thump.
“It’s not you,” you found yourself suddenly muttering.
Chan turned to meet your gaze.
“The other day when you confessed. I didn’t respond because I don’t feel the same—,” you trailed off, finding his curious gaze a little too suffocating.
“I do—I really really like you, but Chan I’m not good enough for you,” you whispered the last part.
Chan sat stunned momentarily before he moved to sit closer to you.
“That’s not true.”
“But it is,” you exclaimed, eyes stinging with tears.
“That’s why I didn’t say anything. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to return my feelings but then once it happened I—I realized that you deserve better. No matter how much I love you I know I don’t deserve someone like you. I’ll only bring you down.”
Chan gently shushed you as a tear slipped from your eye, reaching out to pull you closer to him.
“I just want to be perfect for you,” you whispered sadly against his shoulder.
“You already are baby. If you let me, I’ll show you just how much you mean to me.”
You couldn’t help the way your heart fluttered at his words. With all your faults and imperfections, Chan still wanted you and only you and this time you’d make sure not to mess it up.
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sintiva · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUMMARY: the boys loving nothing more than taking care of their favorite baker, and when you treat them to your new edible treat they treat you in more ways than one ;)
CONTENT WARNINGS: black coded reader, use of weed (edibles),slight degradation (use of slut & whore), bondage, power dynamics, edging, overstimulation, creampie, double pentration, anal, oral sex (m!receiving), gangbang, jean being a real softie per usual and yeah :)
NOTES FROM SIN: as i've said already this is a very, very...very old piece of mine that i did a little revamping to. i didn't change it too much cause it's cool seing the difference in my writing style from then to now, so please spare me and enjoy!!
Tumblr media
7th street
3:16 pm
“my favorites have come to visit me again!”
the four men walked into the beautifully decorated cafe as h.e.r, played in the background. they crew made their way over to you as you stood behind the counter, wiping down the load of flour that had now taken over the marble tops.
“you know we always come to see our favorite girl.” the shorter of the four said.
eren, jean, armin and connie had been consistent customers at your cafe, not missing their usual evening stop on their way home from work. the four worked in a committee focused on foreign affairs somewhere in dc and it just so happened that your cafe was located on 7th street, a good 15 minute walk from the building they worked at.
“you’re such a tease ‘min.” you laughed as you began to tie your apron around your body. you placed your ombré passion twist up into a high bun allowing two twists to frame your face as you prepared to grab your baking pans.
“what happened to your contacts, y/n?” eren asked you as he cleaned his glasses with the cloth that he kept in his coat pocket. “you tryna be like me, wearing glasses too?” he smirked. “please humble yourself, my eyes just get too dry.” you added, rolling your eyes at his comment. “and besides i look cute in glasses, don’t ya think.”
“you look cute in anything, pretty girl.” he smiled. quickly dropping his gaze and taking his seat at their “honorary” table that they had claimed as their own.
you really liked the dc area, the museums, the vintage shops, and all the little things the city had to offer. besides your own bakery your favorite thing about dc was the constant amount of protest. you had attended numerous blm protests, lgbtq+ rights protests and women’s rights marches. you actually met jean and connie at one of them, in which they introduced you to the other guys.
“chocolate croissants or macaroons?” you asked them as you searched through your inventory looking for your piping materials. “are you an option?” connie asked you as he side elbowed jean, so he could see your reaction. “i am the best option.” you winked, sucking your teeth. he laughed at your haughtiness, ”i’m just messing, but just decide for us.”
“jean, you haven’t said much today, you straight?” you walked up to him peering up at him from the counter, before attending to their snacks. his cheeks turn a light shade of pink as he turned his head avoiding your gaze. he often had his moments of silence and you always wondered why. sometimes he's filled to the brim with confidence and other days he would tend to shy away. you just assumed that he had something on his mind.
“jean… how long have we known each other ?” you asked him, your big eyes peering over the top of your glasses, it’s giving very much grandma. “i-i’m just tired, y/n.” a soft mhm left your lips.
you let it go, and hurried to the back to give them their sweets so they would go the hell home, and you could lock up for the night. “your sweets taste as good as always y/n, you should come bake for us soon?” armin said. “oh really?” you shook your head as you continued to neatly pack everything up, and clean up the last bit of dishes you had adding theirs to the hot bubbly water in the sink.
before locking up the inventory you had remembered the one item you had been trying to come up with for the longest. “guys!! don’t leave yet, hold on, i almost forgot something!”
in the inventory you found the new edibles you had been making. oreo cream cheese truffle hearts, a whole 100 milligrams of thc, that you had been working on for almost a month. you’d been trying so hard to make them as strong as possible, making sire the butter concentrate was perfect. trying to make those edibles took way too much time, but you finally figured the perfect ratios for everything, calling them your high bombs.
one key thing about your bakery were your famous edibles. everything was discreet and sold through special transactions with very limited contact, most of the times you’d even deliver. hence the reason why your bakery was one of the best known in dc, and you even had features in many baking magazines, minus the herb.
you ran out of the inventory room locking it behind you with four of your creations in a bag for them to take with them. they looked at you with smiles spreading across your face as they enjoyed seeing you so excited about your new ideas and items that you were able to successfully make.
“they look good.” jean smiled, “yeah a little too good, did you poison them?” connie added, slapping his knee for added effect. “thank you jean boo, and connie,” you rolled your eyes before pushing a finger into his chest, “when will you learn that you’re not funny? he brushed his hand through his hair, ignoring your comment and headed towards the door first. armin and eren giggled in the background, holding onto their stomachs and grabbing onto each other's shoulders for stability.
“ok, come on, i need to close up so i can go home and relax.” they nodded their heads and headed out first, letting you lock up for the night behind them. they stood waiting on the sidewalk for you to join them on the walk back to their building so they could get back to their cars and drive home.
“hey y/n, before we part ways you wanna come over to our place tomorrow?” eren asked behind a toothy grin. “sure why not, i haven't been over in a while.” you smiled back, waiving off to the men as you began to head home yourself.
6:18 pm
“this should be perfect.”
you had just gotten ready to head over to the boys condo. you let your twist flow on your shoulders in a side part with your edges laid. your outfit consisted of a crochet crop top, paired with your light wash mom jeans and your white platform converses.
you texted eren letting him know that you were on your way, and he reminded you to bring along your edibles so you guys could enjoy the holiday. they lived pretty close to your house, so you decided to walk. the evening air was warm, accompanied by a cool wind blowing keeping you from sweating from the walk over. the salt filled air made your walk enjoyable.
you approached the huge building that their penthouse had resided in and almost forgot how many floors were inside the building, about thirty to be exact. you walked in greeting the receptionist who you’ve known for almost your entire life.
“hey renae.” you shrieked. “y/n? oh my gosh girl is that you?!” she blurted out. “in the flesh.” you both began to giggle, catching weird stares from the onlookers. she stretched out her arms from behind the desk, with your reaching over returning the embrace.
“you look sexy ma, do a spin.” you spun around, posing with your hand on your hip. “your hips are so nice, i can’t get over it.” you raised an eyebrow smiling slightly, “even the dips?” you asked. she nodded.
“my hype woman for real, i love you girl.” you intertwined your fingers in hers and you swung your arms back and forth. “what are you here for, the men?” you scrunched up your nose, and corrected her. “you mean them little boys?.”
“boys? y/n, surely you know we’re men.” connie spoke sarcastically as he came up behind you, with the rest of them following behind him all in their lounge wear.
you turned your attention towards them, rolling your eyes as they all gave you a tight hug. “y/n, you look beautiful.” jean spoke up. “thank you, love,” you smiled up at him, causing the heat to rise to his cheeks.
“ and bye miss renae!” you yelled turning back behind you to wave at her before the five of you headed to the elevator back up to the penthouse. “so what’s the move for tonight since i so kindly made the trip over here.” you asked, slowly bobbing your head to the elevator music as it took you up the floors.”
“we have a lot planned, it’s 4/20.” eren smirked, “oh really?”
“yes, really.” he responded, being the first to step out and lead the group back into their penthouse. their place had alway been your favorite spot to hang at. if you lived here you swore you would never leave it. the high buildings,
the interior was surrounded with dark gray walls, with little to no decorations. a few art pieces had been poorly placed on the walls; sports perophonlia and a whole lotta other shit. the space on its own was very minimalistic to say the least. a black leather coach in the middle of the living room was placed almost directly in front of the television. there were a couple of blankets on the couch, xbox controllers scattered on the floor, and the console still running.
you placed your bag down on the table, removed your shoes and jumped on the couch picking up one of the controllers to see that they were playing, halo. “y’all don’t get tired of playing this all the time?” you sprawled out on the couch to stretch out your tired legs from days of working. “of course we don’t, this shit is fun.”
“okayyy, but nobody answered my question earlier. what��s the plan?” you spoke.
“we still have the edibles that you gave us from yesterday, and we could hit a hookah if you want. but them edibles strong as fuck, i ain’t even eat half of mine.” armin answered your question.
“100 mills, shit will have you gone.” you motioned with your hands a little floating away gesture. “ yeah ,shit had me off my rocker last night.” eren agreed. you always wondered how the fuck they never got caught for being weedies but remember that they always only ate edibles due to their jobs.
“we can just chill for now, and around nine we’ll eat the edibles.” you suggested looking between all of their faces as they thought over what you just offered. they all nodded, and sat on the couch around you and continued their game where they left off.
you decided that you were hungry since you hadn’t eaten anything all day except for breakfast. you walked to the kitchen, and to no surprise they only had left over pizza, two day old pasta and some beef ramen. you decided to take a little bit of all the options, and sat in the kitchen eating in peace, as you listened to them yelling at each other over the game.
“okay you guys remember the plan right.” eren spoke in a hushed tone as his fingers continued to speed around the controller. “yes, we know. just like old times.” connie answered. “but we haven’t done it in a while, you think she can handle it all? all of us?” jean whispered, furrowing his brow. “of course she can, she’s done well before, she’ll be fine.”
you walked out of the kitchen back into what seemed a relaxed environment, a little too relaxed if you could say. they sat in silence, grunting here and there as all of their attention was focused on the game. “ok y’all i’m bored, can we just do the edibles now, it's almost nine o’clock anyways.”
“sure why not, jean, can you go get them out of my room?” connie asked him. “yeah, i got em.”
he hurried up the stairs to grab the edibles leaving you excited and frantic. you only tried them once, and you can’t remember how good they were cause you blacked out until the next morning. jean came back quickly with the bag filled with edibles that had been awkwardly chewed on, by all of them. “this is why i brought my own, because y'all act like hamsters nibbling on shit.”
“you always tryna lecture us y/n, don't you get bored? tired? exhausted? something?” eren sighed, grabbing his labeled edible from out of the bag, the others following suit. “nah, i don’t ever get tired, this shit full time.”
“what?” armin giggled. “don’t “what” me, being friends with y’all is a full time job”.” you flexed your hand, shooing him away from you. “alright no more small talk let’s eat.”
you all broke off a quarter of your edibles, placing them into your mouths, waiting for the effects to kick in. you all sat silently for a good hour, just staring at each other waiting for the high to kick in. it was now ten o’clock and you looked over at connie and started busting out laughing. tears quickly formed in your eyes as you couldn’t contain the laughter that came out of your body.
he too began to laugh rolling onto the floor, gripping into his sides as they pulsed from the massive release of oxygen. you all became a laughing mess, one look at each other and everybody folded, unable to get a grip.
“this shit is strong.” you coughed, almost choking you on the air. “man, fuck a bong i’m chilling, i feel like i’m floating.” you breathed after regaining your faint composure.
out of nowhere you felt, a hand on your lower back, causing you to jump forward. “what? you heavy handed fucker?” you looked up, meeting eren’s red eyes, and low lids. “y/n, you remember our fun times don’t you?” and, oh let the good times come back.
“so this is that type of party huh,” you sized him, “you missed your little slut?” you whispered into his ear, dragging your hands down his body, your hand feeling the smooth diverts of his skin created by his built figure. “always.” he smirked
you sat back on the couch, waiting for them to make their move. they motioned for you to come up the stairs and led you to an all too familiar room. at the end of the hallway resided their sex room, riddled with sex toys, whips, chains, handcuffs, ropes everything you could think of. a room they put together when they met little old you, the girl who fueled their fantasies.
you followed them into the room, your heart racing, you didn't know if it was from nervousness, the high, adrenaline or a combination of all three. it really had been a while , but every time you came over it would happen. the relationships built all on the foundation of sex. it became something that all of you craved. you couldn’t imagine it being any other way, even though you gave them a hard time about it. but you enjoyed being dominated by them, it was sickenly addicting.
you sat on the bed, the low lit room coming into view when the switch was flipped, turning on the dim lights. they all took a seat besides eren who pushed you back onto the bed as he stood tall over you.
“strip.” he demanded. “so we’re really just getting into it?” he stared into your eyes, picking apart every feature of face. “just strip y/n.”
“i always forget how damn lame you are when you're high, but i’ll obey love.” his gaze never faltered as he continued to stare. hands thrown across his chest keeping his distance.
you stood up, even though he had height on you, regardless of the situation you would maintain some sort of control right? you stood on your tippy toes, letting your lips float over his neck, sucking lightly at his soft skin. he snaked his hand up along your sides till he reached your throat gripping on, squeezing it just enough to make you cough. “stop fucking playing and strip.”
“fineee.” you sighed. “so mean.” hmph.
you slowly unbutton your jeans, pulling the soft fiber from off of your thick legs, stepping out of them one leg at a time. you crossed your arms over your shirt, letting the thin material leave your body. you sat back on the bed, avoiding the stares from them, every time you just got so nervous.
“lay down, you know the drill.” eren turned to you, walking to the side of the bed as he pulled out a big black box. he removed the lid pulling out the handcuffs and the spreader bar. “only the best for our little slut, you love these right?”
you laid back on the bed, your heart racing in your chest, in any moment you thought it was going to come out of your chest. eren motioned for the others to come help him tie you down. two came up to your arms, the cold metal sending goosebumps down your arm, causing you to shiver. you could see jean’s face, and the slight look of unease as he placed your wrist in the cuffs.
“jean, you always get so nervous,” you peered over at him, “i dont understand why when you always fuck me the best.” you whispered, you could physically see him shiver from your words. teasing him was the easiest, he was always soft and more soft spoken, so it was always fun messing with him, that was the two of y’all’s dynamic.
the other two boys placed the spreader bar at your ankles, wrapping the cuffs of the bar around them. they’ve placed kisses along your legs making you squirm as they played with you while you kicked your legs around.
“stop!” you shouted at them as the high from the edibles put your senses into overdrive. they continued, enjoying the reactions, and seeing you attempt to pull your legs away, only starting off the process of your legs being left open to their mercy.
upon looking down at your body, their cocks twitched in their pants, you were their pretty prized possession.
“one more thing.” armin dug into the box pulling out your own blindfold, the one they kept personally for ou. the one they’ve gagged you with, the one you’ve drooled on, tears embedded within it and cum that fell onto it. the blindfold that carried all the nights filled of torture and pleasure.
he wrapped the dark ornament around your eyes, leaving you in only your thoughts and the ever so light sounds of breathing that swirled around the room. behind the sounds of breathing and thumping of your heart in your ear, you heard them shuffling near the end of the bed. clothes were being removed as they looked at your still form in the bed, they stripped down to everything except for their boxer briefs.
well it's a good thing i don't work until monday. you thought to yourself. you began to get nervous, as you felt the weight on the bed dramatically increase, eren. just like how they knew your body, you knew them all too well.
he placed his rough hands on your thigh, letting smooth up into your inner thigh. he ran his finger up and down the wet spot that formed on your underwear, “you like being chained up like a slut?” he let his finger play with the thin fabric of your underwear. he moved them to the side, and ran his middle finger through your folds, his finger coated in your slick.
“open up.” you did so, but hesitantly trying to see how annoyed you get. you felt his finger rub across your lip, so you opened it slightly as he inserted it in, before closing them again before he could push it on to your soft tongue. he shoved his finger in, not interested in your games making me gag a little from the sudden impact. “lick it all up.”
you sucked on his finger, tasting the slick that settled on your tongue, was it bad to say that you liked the way you tasted?
with his right hand playing in your mouth, he used his left hand to play with your pussy, dripping for him. he played with you, rubbing his index and middle up and away from your clit, while letting them go in your hole, but he pulled them out before you could feel any sensation. you began grinding against his fingers, muffled whines coming up of your mouth as he kept his fingers in it. he liked teasing you, it made his cock twitch as he could only think of pounding himself into you.
“jean, get the vibrator.” another body was added onto the bed. “ok.” immediately the sound of buzzing filled the room, the noise prominent in your right ear. jean placed his soft hands on your hip, bringing the vibrator to your clit. he let the device hover over it making you wait in anticipation, you could feel the buzzing in the pit of your stomach as you waited for the contact. it was an unbearable yearning.
you lifted your hips, hoping to feel the buzzing sensation on your clit, even if it was just for a second, but he quickly pulled the device away and eren pushed your hips back down. “we didn’t say you could move.” you only whined, seeking some form of pleasure besides eren’s fingers.
“eren, i want more,” “then beg for it .” he breathed in your ear, his raspy tone turning you on. “beg for it like your life depends on it. “you’re just waiting to be fucked so good aren’t you.”
he thrusted the entreaty of his fingers inside of you, causing you to arch your back up from the sudden intrusion. you screamed out trying to catch your breath. you suddenly felt the vibrator on its highest setting, rest on your clit. you bit down on her lips and squeezed your eyes shut, so you wouldn’t scream from the intensity. trying to close your legs proved useless as every jerk or drag of your legs kept them farther and farther apart, leaving your pussy open for play.
reiner kept his fingers pumping into you and colt kept the vibrator pressed harshly against your clit. you tugged and tugged your arms in an attempt to escape but you know you couldn’t, you've never succeeded once where you chained down and you were stuck. the moans belted out from deep within as you couldn’t contain them any longer.
“ah… it feels amazing,” you panted, they continued to play with the sloppy mess that secreted from your body. “shit i’m about to cum” you mewled out hoping they would give you the release you needed, but as you felt the knot in your stomach ready to stop everything stood still. they stopped, leaving your stomach churning and your clit aching for that final push towards your orgasm.
“sluts don’t get to come whenever they want, remember that.” eren reminded you, with a harsh tone. you felt another body join the three of you on the bed, connie no doubt about it. “my turn.” he said in a deep voice.
you felt your hairs tingle along your body as he crept up in between your legs, placing his hands in your inner thigh, pushing them apart a little farther. you felt his warm breath against your pussy, before he dragged his tongue through your folds. if there was one thing to know about connie, he loved him some pussy. he licked, the only sound in the room, the sucking and squelching noises that came from his tongue through you.
everything felt so good, you couldn’t help the drool that seeped out from the corners of your mouth, they always knew how to do you so right. your hips moved subconsciously on their own, as connie shoved his tongue into your hole, his tongue slightly brushed against your clit. too overcome with pleasure you didn’t realize the motion above you. “don’t be so eager, baby”
“y/n, may i?” you heard the soft voice knowing immediately that it was jean. he never found pleasure partaking in the degradation, he couldn’t find it in his heart. he was just a participant for the sex. you whispered back so the others wouldn’t hear, “i wanna see you jean, please.” he hesitantly pulled down the blindfold, revealing your tear stained face and puffy eyes.
fuck, he couldn’t help himself, you looked so beautiful and he wanted to see you devour his cock in your pretty mouth. you met his soft eyes as they peered into yours, his face beet red, but that didn’t stop him from dragging his cock against your lips. you circled your lips around his tip, giving it light kisses and sucking on it so softly. the veins on his cock looked like they were ready to burst at any moment.
you liked looking at his face whenever you would give him head, it turned you on even more. he would bite his lower lip and grit his teeth, closing one eye before throwing his head up, trying his best to not cum in your mouth. you took his tip in your mouth, probing your tongue around his slit, he groaned and it was music to your ears.
he couldn’t wait anymore, he began to thrust his hips embedding his cock deeper into your mouth. you moved your tongue up around his shaft making sure you coated it in your spit. he felt so heavy in your mouth, your jaw was tired already, no wonder he’s always so shy, he just needs a cock holder and he’s too shy to ask.
“jean i’ll cum if you keep looking at me like that.” you urged him on. he grabbed your hair as he quickened his pace, face fucking you until his release. along with his hot cock in your mouth, and the pleasure from porco you too felt your release coming again. colt released into your mouth, the warm bitter taste flooding your tongue, dripping down your chin.
again, connie stopped immediately when he felt your legs begin to shake around him. “fuck!” they stopped again, ridding you of the release you needed. you became agitated, wanting to cum so badly that your walls clenched, ached so badly to release around something. your breath was heavy, and the taste of jean’s cum had settled on your tongue and the blindfold was back on.
“it hurts doesn't it y/n, but you can handle it?” eren asked you, sounding happy. you felt the cuffs from around your ankles loosen, the bar was now gone. next followed your hand cuffs, but they quickly cuffed your arms behind your back.
you felt your body being lifted off of the bed for a quick second, before you felt your knees on the soft surface again with your ass in the air. “now let the fun begin.” armin had beamed from behind, silent for the night, but the first to hit.
he slapped your ass, a stinging sensation left behind and a quiet whimper leaving your mouth. he placed his hands in the arch of your back, before ramming his entire cock into you. he gave you no time to adjust as he continued his forceful thrust, the sound of skin clapping echoed through the room mixed with the sounds of your whines and whimpers.
you’re loving this aren’t you, such a good girl .” armin slapped your ass again, a scream coming out this time. “being used like a good toy, just how we like it.” you mentally rolled your eyes, pissed that you were enjoying this, but only with them and nobody else.
it could never be with anyone else, nobody in the world could satisfy this good, no matter how demented they were. no matter how submissive you were, they brought out the littlest form of you and tore you apart.
“shit, you’re getting tighter, are you about to cum?” his pace slowed, as he himself had to stop himself from cumming so soon. “cause you’re so deep, ah!” you squealed from him thrusting himself all the way. a sharp punctuation before he pulled out.
he pulled out finishing himself on your back, leaving you feeling empty for the third time tonight. you couldn’t help but cry, you were aching for your release. you rubbed your legs together quickly hoping for something, but the same sadistic hands from earlier were on your body again.
“eren, you’re such a bitch, i fucking hate all of you.” they could tell you were irritated. eren only laughed at you, gripping your waist. “but you like it when we abuse your pussy, no? your minds going crazy right now isn’t it. who’s gonna fuck me nexts all you can think about.” he sneered. “we know who you are, our filthy little whore.”
music to your ears.
he switched you into his favorite position, meaning connie would be coming to tag team. their favorite fucking position. The one that leaves you sore for days on end. he spreads your ass cheeks from the back, his tip playing at the tiny hole before he shoved it in. “fuck!” you screamed, followed by a stream of tears, the blindfold was soaked at this point. he was so big inside of you, so big and hot. you could feel every inch of him as he came into you, slow but deep.
up was connie, who placed his hands on your thighs spreading them as far as he could before he rammed himself into you as well from the front. you were in between the both of them, your screams filled the entire room, you were sure people could hear you even if they were walking on the small sidewalks below.
connie attached his mouth to one of your nipples, sucking and biting on it lightly. you were used to it all, they way his tongue twirled at the top of your nipple making your body shudder with each suck. he gently bit on them as he slammed himself inside of your tight pussy, hoping, and hoping that they would let you finish. your stomach and heart were aching and praying to get something.
the both of their paces got sloppy and quick, but you weren’t ready yet , the denial making you go crazy. “fuckkkk…” they both groaned into your ears, the cum filling your pussy and ass. leaving you shaking and limp in between them. they were all the way in, letting everything out into you, you felt so full off of nothing except for cum.
“did you cum yet,” eren laughed menacingly in your ear, “no right? it must be so hard, no?”
“come on jean, come give her the release she needs.” he patted his shoulder and gave him a wink before going to clean himself up. you couldn’t stop the way your body was shook. from denial and from treacherous men.
the blindfold got gently removed from your face as you heard the door close, leaving you in the room alone with colt. he removed the cuffs and placed you on your back, he never liked seeing you “hurt” but would still fuck you senseless. “come on, shy guy, finish me off, orders from pretty boy.”
“i’ll take my time.” he whispered. He was calm and his eyes were a very dark red. you would’ve swore he was tired until you saw how hard he was. he placed each of your legs on his shoulders and let his tip play at your entrance for a bit. your breath was shallow. “please just put it in, jeann.” you moaned out his name, making him go feral.
he fucked you up entirely, he was relentless not giving you a break. he thrusted deeply inside of you making sure his length disappeared each time, while pretty moans left your mouth. he intertwined your hand in his as he slowed his pace, “y/n, you feel so fucking good.” his groans became whiny and pitchy making your stomach do flips.
with each thrust his moans where pitchy, his voice alone and stares could make you cum on command, “you can cum y/n, cum all over me, only for me.” he groaned “jean, i’m cumming.”
you locked your legs around his waist, and gripped his hand in yours as your eyes rolled back from the long awaited orgasm. your moans filled the room and jean looked down to see his cock covered in your juices. he continued to come inside you as you squirted all over him, squeezing and twitching on his cock so nicely. “Fuck, baby — feels so… ‘s damn good.” he groaned.
he pulled out just in time, releasing his load on your stomach. He took a moment to catch his breath enjoying the beauty before him. With you sprawled out on the bed, little to no energy left in you,he began to clean you up. your legs were still shaking from soreness and overall ecstasy flooding your body. every little inch moved made your poor legs shake, like you had an everlasting orgasm.
he wiped your body with a wet, warm towel, cleaning everything up. you flinched when he brought it in between your folds to clean the cum that was dripping out of you. “you’re such a gentleman, jean.” you brought your arms out to give him a hug. he returned it giving you a soft kiss on the cheek as well. “only for you, babe.”
he changed the sheets and everything before placing you on the bed and covering you up with the coziest blanket he could find. “rest up, your head is probably banging from the edible cause mine is.” he ran his finger down your cheek and lifted your chin to his planting a kiss on your lips.
An immense amount of heat burned your cheeks, your face would be the color of a fire truck if it could. you watched him lock the door behind him, and closed your eyes in hopes of taking a nice rest, especially after a night like this one.
“you guys don’t always have to go so hard on her, you know.” jean walked towards them, scratching his head as they played the game. “she likes it, and obviously you did too.” connie commented, looking at jean from the side. “One look at how red your face is, and two you had her in there screaming.” eren smirked.
“if you wanna fuck her and have her all to yourself just say that jean.” connie giggled, “you always act like this afterwards so don’t you think it’s time?” he added. “doesn’t mean we’ll stop though.” eren shrugged his shoulders.
“imma go lay down with y/n, fuck y’all.” colt turned on his heel walking back to where he just left you. he quietly opened the door and made his way over to where you were on the bed. he lifted the cover and slipped underneath the sheets beside you, careful not to wake you up, he gently wrapped his arm around your waist dozing off into your body’s warmth.
Tumblr media
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harlowcomehome · 5 hours ago
jack and y/n having an argument and he makes her cry and then apologize and they start cuddling while he wipes her tears away. (so it's start off with an angst theme and ends with a blurb)
“Trust issues.”
A/N: Speaking from experience here, trust issues really do suck.
Tumblr media
The door to the tour bus slammed shut and you opened it back up quickly, running inside following your clearly upset boyfriend. He had rushed to get away from you and had been giving you the silent treatment since he got out of sound check.
“Whats your issue? I didn’t do anything, why are you angry?” You were genuinely confused as to what Jack was even upset about, he wasn’t the best at communicating.
“How am I supposed to trust you? What are you hiding?” Jack huffed back, his face red with anger as he paced around the tour bus. Luckily for the both of you it was only you two on the bus.
He didn’t even give you time to respond.
“When did you change it Y/N?” Jack sat down in front of you with his hands clasped together in his lap.
“Change what?” You were actually confused but Jacks trust issues made him think you were trying to gaslight him.
“Don’t play stupid. Why did you change your phone password and not tell me? Thats mad suspicious.” Jack laughed sarcastically, clearly aggravated.
You couldn’t believe that all of this started because you changed your phone password, you weren’t trying to keep anything from him and he’d know that had he asked.
“Jackman, are you being serious?” You stared at him with a poker face, you were trying your best to stay calm but you only used his real name when you were upset, and it triggered him instantly.
“Oh! Okay, so it’s Jackman now. Cool. Cool. Cool.” He huffed as he stood up to leave.
“Fuck no” you ran to the front of the bus and blocked the door. “You aren’t walking away from me, you’ve been ignoring me all night.”
“Well it’s weird as fuck that you’d change the password to your phone” Jack shrugged “if you want to cheat on me you could be smarter about it.”
“Are you being serious right now?” Your voice broke.
You couldn’t believe what he was accusing you of, you’d never cheat on him, you’d never even think about it let alone actually do it. “I’d never do that to you, EVER.” You stressed the word ever and you could tell it was going in one ear and out the other, Jack wasn’t willing to hear anything right now.
“Can you move cheater? I need to go back out there before the show starts” Jack was clearly upset and didn’t care if he hurt you in the process but you still couldn’t believe that he convinced himself you cheated on him.
You started to cry and you noticed he was actually looking at you now “I just got my replacement phone remember? It comes with a password of 1234 and I just didn’t have time to change it yet.” You were fully sobbing now and Jack realized he had messed up but it was too late.
You moved out of the way of the door “have a good show” you mumbled as you headed back to your bunk, you didn’t have the energy to continue the conversation.
“Babe” Jack whispered and you waved him away, he felt a giant pit of guilt in his stomach but he had a job to do so he quietly shut the door to the tour bus and left.
After the show, Jack found you laying in your bunk just scrolling twitter. The rest of the team was packing up equipment while he tried to get you to talk to him. “Baby…” he whispered and you didn’t respond, your back was faced toward him but you scooted over so he could crawl in and lay beside you.
“I can’t believe you thought I would cheat on you” You whispered, trying to hold back your shaky voice but you were unsuccessful. You turned to face him “I would never hurt you like that, not ever. I’m not her.” You started to cry and Jack felt awful, his spit got thick as he tried to swallow at the mention of “her.” Any and all of his trust issues stemmed from his last relationship before you and he always swore he wouldn’t blame you for the things that she did to him but he found it hard to trust, especially being in the position he was in.
You weren’t famous, so he felt that you wouldn’t understand the lifestyle, resent him and leave. Thats what she did, and he realized he was trying to sabotage the relationship before he got hurt but in the process he realized just how much he hurt you.
“Baby” he cuddled into you “I know that, I know” he sighed. “I shouldn’t have accused you of cheating on me and I know that” he kissed your forehead.
“Then why do you jump to that conclusion every time we argue? I can’t keep defending myself over something I didn’t and wouldn’t ever do” you sniffled and Jack wiped away your tears.
“I promise you, I’ll do better” his voice trembled now.
“I love you and I would never hurt you, you know that right?” you looked him in the eyes as you reached out to wipe away a single tear from his cheek.
“I do, I love you too” he smiled sadly as his lips quivered now, it was then that you noticed he was crying even harder than he was the second before.
“Don’t cry baby, I’m not upset with you” you rubbed his back as you held him closer.
“I just feel like an asshole” he mumbled into the crook of your neck.
“We all have trust issues, you’re just working through yours” you kissed him softly as the door to the tour bus slammed shut and the bus filled with loud voices.
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smurphyse · a day ago
In The Public Eye
Part 12 of Room 405
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Word Count: 3279
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Warnings: Spencer getting angry, phone sex, awkwardness, angst
Summary: The Reader and Spencer talk on the phone after his case about what they're going to do next week. They run into one another at JJ's and the Reader's kids soccer game o.O
Don't hate JJ with this chapter... she's being protective and doesn't know the situation yet
Tumblr media
The case that called Spencer away from you was over two hours after he arrived back in DC. 
It pissed him off, to say the least, that local police didn't take care of it like they easily could have, and deprived him of a full day with you. 
It was probably good in the long run, though. He'd tried to hold himself back longer before waking you up with his thrusts earlier, and those three little words slipped out of his mouth before he could stop them. 
I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. 
And in your sleep, you'd said it back. 
For a moment he'd been so taken aback, he was sure you'd awoken, his heart exploding in his chest as he never thought he'd hear you say it. But you had still been asleep, probably not even thinking you were talking to anyone let alone him. 
His control snapped after that, and all he could think about was showing you how he felt, because he wasn't brave enough to say it again. Not yet
Even if he never heard it again, Spencer would spend the rest of his life thinking about the way you'd said it, I love you, emphasis on the you. 
Spencer trudged up the stairs to his apartment, balancing his takeout in one arm while he fished his keys out of his pocket with the other. As he stepped in the door he tripped over the threshold he'd stepped over hundreds of thousands of times in the almost twenty years he'd lived there and spilled his precious food all over the floor. 
He harshly tossed his bags over the edge of the couch, his bad mood only increasing. His forehead throbbed angrily from pinching his brows together all afternoon as he went about cleaning up his mess. 
When he was done he shoved his bags onto the floor and plopped down on the couch. Leaning forward, elbows on his knees, Spencer cradled his aching head in his hands and sighed. 
The days spent at work were getting longer, draining him with each hour spent looking at crime scene photos and casefiles. He was almost forty years old, and each case made him feel another year older. 
He had vacation time coming up, and after prison Emily made sure each of the team took the full two weeks whether they wanted to or not. They all deserved their breaks, and the years being dragged from time off had been left in the past after he was released from Milburn.
He was looking forward to it, but he still had no idea what exactly he wanted to do. He'd taken his mother to Paris the last few years, but she wasn't feeling well lately, so that was out of the question.
He didn't really want to spend it alone, or far away from you. Things were going so well and Spencer longed for your company. It was six weeks away…
Maybe he'd ask you to go somewhere with him, even if just for a few nights. 
As he began to feel better thinking about you, as if on cue, his phone rang. Expecting another case, Spencer groaned and held the phone to his ear without looking at the caller ID. 
"What?" he snapped, and was confronted with your laughter.
"Oof, cranky pants," you giggled, and he perked up immediately. "Maybe you should've taken a nap with me instead of fondling me in my sleep."
Spencer chuckled, but he was unable to hide his exhaustion, "I'm sorry, I was expecting someone else."
"Your side piece frustrates you that much?" you teased.
"If you think I have the energy to please anyone besides you, you're crazy."
"Yeah, you do sound tired," you said quietly. "I wanted to check on you. You seemed upset after you got that call."
"I'm okay," was all Spencer could say. He didn't really want to talk about it, not when talking to you made him forget about his worries. 
"Okay…" you drawled, "just making sure, because if you want to talk about it we can. Otherwise, I wanted to go over some logistics for our date next week."
Spencer's brows raised, his cock already threatening to stiffen in his pants. If you were making plans, then you two were about to have a good night next week. 
"Oh, I wanna talk logistics," Spencer said excitedly. "What have you got planned, dirty girl?"
You laughed on the other end of line, and he knew you were probably playing with your hair with that coy look on your face. 
"I want to try something new, because I trust you and we've talked about it before."
"I trust you," he said, and he meant it. I love you is what he thought, and for him your trust was just as good, if not better, to hear. "Tell me what you're thinking."
"Well…" you started, and you told him of your plans. 
Afterwards, you two talked for a long time, ending in a glorious round of phone sex that left Spencer wrecked and ruined on his couch. 
He stayed on the line afterwards, listening to your breathing and whispering praises in your ear. He didn't hang up, even when you fell asleep, just bathed in the sounds of your sleeping sighs and thinking about how he was going to make next Friday even more special than you'd planned it to be. 
Somehow, JJ convinced Spencer to roll out of bed at 5:30 in the morning on a Sunday. After spending the night listening to you snore quietly and drifting off to the sound, he was less than enthused to wake up to her pounding on his door. At least she brought him coffee.
He’d completely forgotten he agreed to go to Henry’s soccer game, and now he found himself sitting in a drooping lawn chair and nursing his coffee while little children screamed and ran around him. He was doing his best to stay awake and alert for Henry, but you’d kept him up late and he was already working on minimal sleep.
JJ insisted sitting between two fields was the best way to enjoy the experience, and because Spencer himself had never played soccer, nor did he want to, he let her have this. He was sipping his coffee and watching Henry play while Michael sat on his lap when JJ pointed up the field.
"That woman is playing soccer with her kid while wearing six inch espadrilles," she said in awe, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees to watch. "That's commitment, that's badass."
Spencer looked up to see where she was pointing, and his chest swelled with nerves. Jogging their way, he watched with his jaw dropped as he spotted you, wearing said heels.
Silver hoops danced in your ears while you chased a little girl in a pair of tight jeans and a white long sleeve bodysuit. His brain quickly concluded it was to hide the many bruises he'd given you Friday night. You wore little makeup despite the ‘glam’ outfit as Garcia would have called it, grinning and yelling happily after your daughter. 
"Poppy!" you called, "Slow down!"
You didn't notice him or JJ leering at you, easily catching up to Poppy and scooping her up in your arms. She squealed as you lifted her up and blew a raspberry into her belly, her little pigtails bouncing about her head. It seemed to be your go-to silly move, and Spencer’s pride swelled inside him knowing you’d done that to him as well.
The soccer ball still rolled, and just before it passed him, Spencer's foot shot out without his permission and stopped it. His gaze shot back over to you, and your eyes latched onto his as you stopped dead in your tracks. 
You both watched one another nervously while you set Poppy on your hip. She was beautiful and looked just like you, but her golden hair didn't match yours, and he knew that meant she probably got it from your husband. 
At the thought, his gaze flicked to your left ring finger, and sure enough another man's diamond rested around it, glittering in the morning sun and letting him know once more that you weren’t completely his. 
"I love your shoes!" JJ said as you hesitantly approached. You looked down at your heels, almost as if you weren't sure what you were wearing, then looked between JJ, him, and Michael on his lap. 
"Uh, thanks, DSW is a godsend," you chuckled awkwardly. "I thought you, uhm, didn't have kids?"
JJ's face scrunched up in confusion, and she looked over at Spencer. He dragged a hand roughly across the back of his neck and stood, mirroring your stance as he maneuvered Michael on his own hip. 
Spencer prided himself in how close he was to JJ's sons, and their comfortability with him, so when Michael wrapped his arms around his neck and buried his face in his shoulder, Spencer smiled softly at you and cradled him close.
"My godsons," he said, and waved a hand at the field to his right. "Henry's playing out there, number 5, and this is Michael."
You nodded, smiling back, and as awkward as this was, he felt a little better about running into you in a place like this. You pointed out to the opposite field.
"My girls Ivy and Willow are out there with the younger kids, numbers 10 and 18. This is Poppy."
JJ stood and reached a hand out to you, and you took it easily, just like you had a few nights before when you met Rossi and Garcia. Poppy rested her head on your shoulder, looking bored and tired now that you weren't chasing her around in her little pink tutu and matching shirt. 
"I'm JJ, by the way. Spencer’s manners are missing today," she said as she pulled away, flashing him a playful grin. She raised her eyebrows and nodded over at you, seemingly surprised that he even knew a woman outside of her introducing him to one. 
"Y/N," you laughed quietly, “I noticed he gets cranky sometimes.”
"How do you two know each other again?" JJ made another face at Spencer, and he rolled his eyes before he could help himself. 
"I didn't say," he grumbled.
"Wait," JJ giggled excitedly, nearly bouncing on her toes as she looked between you and him. "Are you polaroid girl? Garcia told me she met you at the door of the restaurant! If only Will and I had been on time."
"Oh, is that my name now?" you chuckled, your cheeks turning red. Your eyes met his as if to say, the ball's in your court.
"Yes, yes," Spencer snapped, never much for being the butt end of the stick when it came to the team's jokes. "but she probably prefers her actual name."
JJ clocked your wedding ring, too. Spencer knew she had, as her brows scrunched together and she shot him a disappointed look.
JJ was about to reply when two little girls pushed between them, their ponytails bouncing behind as they kicked up dirt with their cleats. They ran right for you, wrapping their arms around your legs tightly. 
"Did you see?" one of them asked. "I scored two goals!"
"I blocked way more than that!" the other one said, pushing at her sister. 
They looked exactly the same as they shoved at one another, exactly like you. You sighed and put Poppy down, then pushed your arms between them and split them apart.
Poppy clung to your waistband as you kneeled and watched with wide eyes, obviously uncomfortable with her sisters fighting and these strange adults watching them.
"Willow, I saw your goals, you did great," you told the one to the left. You gave her a kiss on her forehead, then turned to the other. "Ivy, I saw your blocks. You did a wonderful job."
You flashed him and JJ an apologetic smile as the two started arguing again. You began to mediate, trying your best to get them to stop whacking at one another. 
Poppy sat down in the grass next to you with a huff, and Spencer found he couldn't help himself after handing Michael off to a grinning JJ. He kneeled down in front of her and gave her the same funny look he'd give to Michael and Henry before doing a trick.
Reaching into his pocket, Spencer palmed a quarter. He cocked his head at Poppy and smiled. She smiled shyly back, looking just like you as she did, so he said, "I think you've got something behind your ear."
You turned and watched hesitantly, as did the other girls as they ceased their squabbling. Kids loved magic, so he put on his best show for your kids, for you
He made a face, not wanting to overstep and ruin his relationship with you, but he loved kids. He wanted to make yours smile. 
Your brows furrowed together, but the amusement was clear in your eyes. You nodded, so he looked back to Poppy, into her eyes that matched yours perfectly.
She frowned and reached behind her head, "Is it a bug?"
"No," Spencer chuckled, and he put out his hand and reached just behind her ear with the coin between his fingers so she couldn't see it, making sure to brush behind it like he did to the boys. 
Hoping this delighted her instead of scaring her, which had happened before, Spencer pulled the quarter from behind her ear. He made a surprised face and showed it to her. 
Poppy, Willow, and Ivy's jaws all dropped, and suddenly Spencer found himself surrounded by giggling little girls.
"Oh wow!" Poppy exclaimed, clapping happily. Spencer's chest turned to liquid warmth and joy as she turned to you and asked, "Can I keep it?"
"Of course you can, baby," you laughed, and when you looked at him he knew. From the spark behind your eyes, to the soft smile on your face, you loved him just like he loved you. 
Poppy took the quarter from his palm with her little hand, proudly showing it to you. She clambered onto your lap and you pulled her back onto your hip, brushing back her hair and kissing her nose like you often did to him. 
"Do I have any behind my ears?" one of the twins asked, Spencer couldn't tell which was which. 
"What about me?" the other one insisted. 
"Oh lemme see," Spencer said playfully. 
He moved between the two girls and pretended to inspect the side of their heads. They both pulled their ears forward so he could see, and he pulled two more quarters out of his pocket before he reached out and did the same to them as he did to Poppy. 
He held out both fists and held them out for the girls, who waited in excited anticipation. He opened his palms to reveal two more coins. 
"Mommy look!" one of them said, and they both quickly snatched the coins to show to you. 
"Wow," you marveled, taking the time to look at both coins individually so they both felt seen. "What do you say?"
"Thank you!" they both giggled in unison. 
When you and Spencer stood, you still watched one another nervously, as if you were seeing which one was going to run away screaming from this brand new, heavy relationship. He was about to say something when JJ spoke first. 
"Three kids is a lot. I want more but two have already been a handful. My husband keeps telling me two is enough."
You smiled shyly, your thumb twisting your wedding band and you knew JJ had noticed it too. "I actually have five. My… their dad took the other two to my oldest's track meet today."
"Sounds like you and your husband are busy with all those kids," JJ said, only a little defensively. Spencer shot her an annoyed look. He knew she was being protective and he was about to get an earful, but he didn't want her to be like that in front of you or your children. 
"We are," you said firmly. Fire ignited behind your eyes, a fierce protective spirit that he both admired and was frightened of. He knew you were not only defending your kids, but your husband too, and he couldn't fault you for that… but he hoped you didn't fault him for JJs implications.
You sniffled and pushed back your hair with one hand, the other tightening its hold on little Poppy, "We actually have to go meet them now that the game's over. Girls, go get your stuff."
Willow and Ivy ran off down the field for their bags, and you followed with Poppy. As you walked away without a backward glance, Spencer snapped at JJ 
"Seriously? What is your problem?"
JJ gave him a hard look, "A married woman, Spence? Really? They have five kids!"
"It's not what you think, and it's none of your business," he growled. Ignoring the hurt on her face, Spencer turned and hustled to catch up with you. 
He called your name as he approached, and you slowed so he could get in front of you. Your eyes brimmed with controlled tears, your little jaw set as you watched him.
"I'm sorry-," he started, but you interrupted him. 
"We'll talk later, okay?" you begged quietly, clutching Poppy tightly to your chest. "I have to go, and I… I just can't talk about this right now."
Spencer deflated completely, at a loss and not knowing what to do, what to say. He nodded, and you moved to walk past him, away from him. 
Your hand reached out, brushing your knuckles with his, and he turned to watch you walk away. First, like always. 
"It's okay," you murmured, pressing the back of your hand to his for a lightning fast moment, "I'll call you tonight."
That made him feel better, but still he watched sadly as you loaded your kids into your minivan and drove away. You waved his way before turning out of the parking lot, and he gave a feeble wave back. 
Meeting a few of your kids was the highlight of his week. They were sweet and energetic and reminded him so much of you… they were perfect, just like you. 
He especially liked Poppy and her shy smile. He wondered idly if you had dressed her in that pink tutu or if she'd chosen it herself. He supposed it was probably a bit of both. 
His chest ached with the realization that you hadn't actually introduced him to them, but you probably had your reasons. This had been unexpected, to say the least, and he knew you to be fiercely protective of your private life, especially your kids. 
Spencer wasn't upset about it. A part of him was actually excited. Despite JJ sticking her nose where it didn't belong, like her and the team always did, this impromptu meeting had gone pretty well in his mind. 
He wondered if they'd liked him too. They were little, so they probably wouldn't think of him again, but Spencer hoped with everything he had that if he met them again they would smile again at him like they had at his trick.
Taking a deep breath, Spencer walked back to JJ and Michael for the beratement that was sure to come. He even smiled as he walked up to them, because it didn't matter what JJ said. 
In your sleep you told him you loved him, and now Spencer knew in his heart that you meant it.
Notes: What do you think they're going to do next week? How do you think reader feels about Spencer meeting a few of her kids?
Next chapter we're delving back into the plot!! :)
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roxavvi · 2 days ago
Floyd Leech with a tall lover
Ok so, TW is my current obssession... And that's why I can surely say that I have read quite a lot of Tumblr content for it, and I've seemingly noticed a pattern: everyone always talks about how Floyd likes small and cute things that he can squeeeeze, and honestly, I agree. Floyd loves the cute, there's no denying that. BUT,,,, i do think he'd enjoy feeling smol and cute himself so...
I bring these headcanons as a counterproposal (let's be honest, this is purely self indulgent because I want to pick Floyd up and kiss his forehead and uwu but shhhhhh)
Floyd with an S/O who's taller than him (I'm talking 6'7ft/200cm and above)
S/O can pick him up with ease and he loves it. Pick him up bridal style and he'll giggle as he throws his arms around your neck and swings his legs. He's having the time of his life.
In one of his mood swings for the worst, pick him up if the situation call for it. Just hold him with his legs around your waist and carry him away from whatever is upsetting him. He might complain and try to argue with you, but it is for the best, there'll be less blood spilled this way.
Whenever Floyd needs comfort, hug him close. He likes that he doesn't need to lean down for his S/O to tuck his head under their chin as they hold him in their strong arms. Squeezing may be his thing but being squeezed by his love always makes him feel better.
He gets to experience what it's like to be on his tip toes to kiss his lover, he's always the one leaning down, well- not anymore! Now he gets to be the one trying to reach his beloved's lips.
Wrap your arms around his waist and lightly lift him up as you kiss, twirl around while holding him if the mood is particularly playful and he'll giggle against your lips.
CLOSET THEFT! It's always hard for Floyd to steal anyone's clothes because everything always a bit too small for him, he can steal Jade's, but it's not the same thing... But with a taller S/O he's definitely 100% stealing everything he can put his grabby little hands on.
Oh, that hoodie you love? You can't find it? I think I saw Floyd wearing it just now... Your pants? I think they're somewhere in Floyd's bedroom floor, he was wearing them last week. Your shirt? Have you asked Floyd about it-
Yeah, you lost your clothes, mate. They're his clothes now. Move on.
Floyd does steal them out of mischief, yes, he likes to lovingly mess with you. But also,,,,,,, he can't deny he just loves wearing your clothes. It's like holding you close even when you can't be together.
Wears one of your t-shirts to sleep because mmmm smells like you.
And when it doesn't anymore he throws it on your face "you forgot this in my room" you know,,,, like a liar, and proceeds to steal another one that still has your scent in it.
Floyd is pretty intimidating on his own, so people normally scurry away from him, but with his gentle giant he gets to feel what it is like to be protected when you take no bullshit about your beloved eel
Not that I think anybody would dare to. You both tower over everyone, it's terrifying. Only someone really really stupid would try to pick a fight with one of you, let alone both of you.
Whenever you both try to cuddle, it turns into a giggle fest over the fact that both of you have your feet hanging out of the mattress because you're both so tall
Then you proceed to tangle in each other in a way that both can get max comfort as you hold each other close but at the same time with none of you hanging off the mattress or threatening to fall off.
Will big spoon you but really likes to be the little spoon, he doesn't get many chances to be the literal little spoon, so he enjoys it a lot.
Let him lay his head on your chest as your heartbeats calm his energetic nature. While you're at it, play with his hair, too. Go on, do it.
In his merform, he loves that you have looong legs for him to wrap is tail around.
Speaking of long legs, if you're any bit athletic, Floyd will challenge you to races. He wants to see if he can overcome your longass legs.
Overall I think he just really likes your legs, might playfully chomp on them and leave little marks of teeth on them.
That also goes for your shoulders, whenever you're standing side by side, he's leaning his head against your shoulder and you're not paying enough attention to him, or you're making him jealous, or he's just bored, so a devilish toothy grin appears on his face and you suddenly feel a sharp pain on your shoulder. And now you have a mark from your eel boi.
He will most definitely laugh his ass off everytime you bump your head on anything.
Bonus points if he calls you something big like "Sharky" or "Squidy" (as in giant squid), or, sticking closer to canon, just call you his "giant shrimpy"
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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blu-joons · a day ago
The Boys Meet Your Newborn For The First Time ~ Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
A sigh escaped from you as you dropped down onto the sofa, looking around your apartment. It was a mess, as Namjoon tried to tidy it up as best as he could, hearing his phone vibrate in his back pocket as he pushed all of the clutter on the table to one corner of it.
“They’re on the road now,” Namjoon told you as he read through his phone, noticing a text from Jimin. “Enjoy the last few minutes of peace and quiet whilst you can.”
It was the day that you had been waiting for ever since your daughter arrived, the day the boys would finally come down to visit you. They had been pestering endlessly, calling nonstop, waiting for you to finally adjust and ask them to come over to you.
Namjoon had been the one between the two of you to tell the boys to wait, wanting to give the three of you time to settle. You had assured him that you were alright, but Namjoon wasn’t going to let you argue.
With the room looking a little more presentable, Namjoon returned to the two of you. “If one of them passes comment on the mess, I might actually swing for them today.”
“I think they’ll be a little preoccupied obsessing over Y/D/N to be honest.”
“Who can blame them? I mean we make pretty cute kids Y/N.”
A chuckle came from you, muffling the sound of the knock at your apartment door. You and Namjoon exchanged a glance before he stood up from the sofa, making his way through to the front door.
You didn’t even need to guess when Namjoon had opened the door as the noise picked up. The boys all squeezed past each other to get through the door quickly, rushing through the house until they got to you sat on the sofa. Each one of them stopped, staring at you with wide eyes.
Their steps became tiptoes as Jin at the front shushed all of the boys, noticing that your daughter was asleep in your arms. Neither of them wanted to be the one to disturb her as you shuffled forward so that they could get a better look.
You had never seen any of their eyes so wide as they looked down in awe, stunned by just how tiny she was in your hold.
“You guys, she just looks adorable.”
“I can’t wait to give her all the cuddles in the world.”
As Namjoon caught back up with everyone, he encouraged them to take a seat, making sure that they gave you plenty of space. “I’m alright,” you told Namjoon as he ushered the boys back from you, at least a couple of metres away.
His instructions made all of the boys chuckle, left unsurprised by how aware he was when it came to you and your daughter. They all knew what he would be like, with Namjoon not letting any of them down at all.
“Can we hold her?” Hobi enquired from just beside you, pushing himself slightly more towards you, “if we can, can I be the first one?”
“I thought we agreed the eldest first,” Jin yelled out, quickly being shushed with a hand over his head.
Your eyes flickered all around as several of the boys pointed across to Jin, refusing to let Hobi be the first one to hold your daughter, breaking their agreement.
“How’s Namjoon as a dad then Y/N?” Jungkook asked as soon as Jin had your daughter, freeing you up for conversation. “Is he as protective as we all thought he would be? Is he watching you every minute of the day?”
“He’s not watching me all the time,” you assured all of the boys, “but I’d definitely say he’s watching me most of the time.”
Namjoon’s eyes widened as you stitched him up, unable to stop yourself from laughing. “Excuse me for wanting to make sure that nothing bad happens to the two of you,” he frowned in response, poking his tongue out at you as another laugh escaped you.
It only took a few minutes before Yoongi started to get bouncy, with his eyes firmly watching over Jin. You could tell exactly what he wanted, and as fifteen minutes passed of Jin holding onto your daughter, Yoongi gave him a nudge, pointing to his watch and then holding his arms out to be able to take your daughter.
Namjoon caught onto them too, furrowing his brows across at him. “Are you timing how long each of you can hold her? You do know that she’s our daughter, not your daughter, right?”
“We’re making sure that it’s fair for everyone,” Jimin explained in reply to Namjoon, “most of us were convinced that Jin would hold her and keep her, so this way we can make sure that everyone gets a hold.”
Your head shook too as Jin reluctantly passed your daughter across for Yoongi to hold. “That was the fastest fifteen minutes of my life,” Jin laughed, “I swear she just looks at you and it’s like she’s got you transfixed or something.”
“I did tell you guys that she looks just like Y/N,” Namjoon proudly told them all, keeping his eyes flickering across to where Yoongi sat. “She’s definitely going to have all of you wrapped around her little finger in no time at all.”
None of the boys disagreed with what Namjoon had to say. Even before your daughter arrived, they were all spoiling her, and you, constantly showing up to the studio or your home with gifts that they had bought for her.
Just like Jin, Yoongi soon found himself lost too. “How does something so small manage to look so innocent? All she’s doing is lying here but I feel like she’s just untouchable.”
“She could get away with murder right now.”
Laughter came from around the room as Taehyung peered over Yoongi’s shoulder to take a look down at your daughter. “Hey, you’ll get your turn in an hour,” Yoongi frowned as soon as he noticed Taehyung’s presence beside him.
You couldn’t believe how protective the boys were around your daughter, making sure that every single person knew that they had their turn, with Yoongi turning his shoulder slightly to be able to block Taehyung off from watching.
“You guys are ridiculous,” you chuckled on the sofa, shaking your head in disbelief. “You’re going to have years with Y/D/N, you don’t all have to worry about having her for today and never seeing her again.”
“We’re each taking our turn Y/N.”
“I think we’re going to have to make sure that none of them walks out of the front door with our daughter,” Namjoon called out to you, knowing exactly what all of them were like. “I have a feeling that one of them might steal.”
The boys all looked at you, shaking their heads, but even you could tell that after just a few minutes with your daughter, they didn’t want to be away from her again.
“It’s not our fault that you two make such adorable babies,” Jungkook warned the two of you. “You know, I think it would be a pretty good idea if we just moved in here for a while, think about how much we could help you.”
“Absolutely not,” Namjoon scoffed, shutting him down, “you would be no help at all, you’d all just be staring at Y/D/N all day.”
Their heads all nodded once again, “can’t we just stay for tonight? We all want to spend as much time as possible with Y/D/N.”
“You’ve got the rest of your lives with her.”
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kissingkazu · a day ago
I see that requests are open can i request a nanami kento with a corruption kink and uhhh a bit of non con 🥹 thank uuu <3
yes <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
WARNINGS || nsfw, corruption kink, virgin reader, noncon, unprotected sex (mentions of blood)
[ a/n - reader is 18! ]
Tumblr media
He’s known for being responsible and trustworthy. You’ve been under his wing since you joined the third years and he promised to look out for you and train you well.
He knows you’re reserved and it’s why it makes his sick fantasies so much better. He’s tried to tone it down, not wanting to be so obvious around everyone else but he knows Gojo has caught on, judging my his knowing smirk and the pack of condoms he slipped into his suit jacket.
There was something so sick about messing you up for anyone else, turning you into his little cockslut that would do just about anything for him and you seemed hard up for praise. It was understandable and a little sad. He didn’t mind being the one to make you feel wanted.
There was something so sick about messing you up for anyone else, turning you into his little cockslut that would do just about anything for him and you seemed hard up for praise. It was understandable and a little sad. He didn’t mind being the one to make you feel wanted.
“Stop please!” You try and push him away but he’s stronger than you and he has you trapped inside the classroom.
“It’ll be easier if you weren’t so pushy” He sighs, “I’ve seen how you look at your friends you know?”
“Nanami-san please” You gasp when he slips a dry finger into your pussy. It burns but it’s not like you haven’t tried to finger yourself before.
“It’s okay” He chuckles, “let me take care of you”
“It’s wrong!” You choke out when he adds another finger, scissoring you open and you’re mortified at how wet you’re getting. He looks way too pleased with himself.
“Fuck” He groans when you clench around his digits. It’s unintentional but it’s just the way your body responds and you can’t help it.
He slips his cock out his slacks and pumps himself a few times before pressing the head of his cock against your entrance.
“Wait!” You cry out, “this is- please just..-”
“Oh?” He feels his cock throb when he realises what you’re about to say. He didn’t think you were this innocent and it only makes him harder as he pushes into you.
You puts his free hand around your mouth to silence your scream as he bottoms out. He looks down to see drops of blood on his cock when he slowly pulls out.
“God that’s so fucking hot” He grunts, “feel that baby?”
You don’t really know what to do so you nod. He’s so big and it hurts but it feels good and you’re confused. You knew what sex was and you weren’t a stranger to porn but you hadn’t expected it to feel like this.
You know it’s so wrong but you can’t help the little moan when he trusts up into you, gripping your waist to keep you in place.
“That’s right baby” He chuckles, “Show me how you like it”
“Nanami-san please” You whimper but you’re not fighting him anymore and you don’t even know what you’re asking for but that’s fine. He planned to teach you everything about your body and his so you’d be a good little slut for him. The thought of you being so desperate that you cry for him to fill you up again has him fucking into you harder and faster.
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thedevilsdom · a day ago
"So sloppy today, Barbatos." You say, waiting as he trembles in bringing you your tea, setting it down at the side table by your chair. It forms a ring on the saucer. "I'm afraid that means another punishment for you." You pat your lap.
Barbatos bends his nude body on your clothed lap. He's been naked since the start of the scene of course, just as you'd planned it. He'd also been messing small things up on purpose. He'd never dare fail at his real life tasks, but failing around you feels liberating. The fact that you'll punish and forgive him for any misgivings gives him a sense of security.
You squeeze his ass, letting pink rise to the unmarked skin. Barbatos gave a demonic trill while you groped his ass as though you were getting him warmed up for the punishment.
With one hand on his back, the other comes down on his skin hard, making him tense on your lap. You don't give him much reprieve before continuing, one spank after the other until his skin is a beautiful shade of red. Not too injured, and not sore enough that he won't be able to continue serving you.
He rises form you lap and steps away from you with a blush on his cheeks, looking away shyly. Barbatos always looked so sweet when he was embarrassed. You know what his concern is over. It doesn't even take a glance to know that his cock is hard for you.
"How scandalous, the butler's aroused by his superior." You hum, keeping with the roleplay.
"M-Master," He stammers, hands squeezed together behind his back in a way that pushes out his lithe chest. "If you would allow me to service you in another way, I could..."
"Oh?" You beckon him back closer to your seat. "We'll if you want that, then you'll have to earn it."
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minniepetals · 6 hours ago
12? 💕
part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8 / part 9 / part 10 / part 11 / part 12
What does it mean to get attached? You aren’t even sure anymore.
But as you play with your hair in front of a long mirror, dressed in a formal wear you’ve never worn before, you watch yourself through the reflection. A part of you feels as if you’re changing. You aren’t the same person as you were years ago, or even a month ago — or maybe you’re just finally realizing it now.
It’s weird, strange, but something is blooming in your heart, something you’ve never felt before. You couldn’t make Taehyung’s wish come true, feelings can never be forced after all, not even for a genie, but a part of you believes that perhaps, maybe, just maybe, you are getting attached.
Genies aren’t supposed to care so much about their owners in the first place, and you think you care about them. You…do care about them.
Taehyung was hurt, so hurt, and possibly on the brink of death, and it scared you.
You were scared. For the first time in your life, you cared for another, worrying about their wellbeing, fearful for their life.
Something weighs heavy against your chest though, and you know that soon enough, you’re going to feel the painful punishment from the laws of the genies because you messed with the law of nature but for Taehyung, for any of your owners, you wouldn’t hesitate to make the decision again were that day to repeat. You’d even try to pull him out of that situation if you could.
“Argh, shut up. You’re gonna be late for the party.”
They told you they had a party to attend, something not too dramatic, just for the show of things, and you mentioned wanting to go in your human form so they got you a pretty dress that you never asked for.
It fits well on your body now that you’re actually looking at yourself and for a moment you don’t even recognize yourself. Not only are you dressed in clothing you’ve never worn before, hair placede prettily in a style you’ve never done before, with pretty makeup, but your eyes…your eyes are also a bit different.
You rip your gaze from the mirror, knowing that thinking will only get you nowhere, and look at the clock on the wall.
Your eyes widen as you realized how much time has passed.
“Ahh!! I really am late!”
You hope no one will be able to see you but feeling panicked at the time, you transport yourself over towards the building the party is supposed to be held at and rush to a corner where no one can see, before returning to your human form so that you’re now visible for everyone to see.
Letting out a deep breath, you following the people that walks through the door, hand in the invitation Namjoon gave you this morning, and walk right in to the party, eyes scanning for the familiar looking frames of your owners.
The party is filled with lavish people dressed in beautiful clothing, each of them with style, showing off their wealth, and for a second you almost feel out of place until you find your reflection through a window.
The girl you see is pretty, beautiful even, as if she fits right in with the crowd.
You touch your hair, feeling a bit awkward now, before stripping your eyes away to continue your search for your boys.
They stand together as they usually would, and your eyes immediately light up the second you catch sight of their backs, quick on your feet to walk on over.
“Hey, owne—” You stop yourself, knowing others can hear, and clear your throat awkwardly as they turn around to meet you. “Um..hi,” you giggle out the greeting and they stand there for the longest time, simply watching.
Or rather, staring.
You’re beautiful, the most gorgeous they have ever seen, and along with that soft giggle that leaves your lips, they don’t think they can ever take their eyes off you. Your beauty is innocent among the crowd, and when a few men passes by with eyes trailing towards you, they realize that they aren’t the only ones who are fascinated by your beauty.
So Jungkook takes your hand, pulling you in close without a word, hiding you in between them.
“Huh? What’s wrong?” You look up at him, pure confusion in your eyes.
Jungkook leans forward, his lips right beside your ear. “You’re pretty,” he says, and your cheeks warm.
“T-thanks..um…I could say the same about you!” You quickly find composure, standing straight as you grin up at him. “You’re pretty handsome, seventh owner, kind of makes me want to mess up your perfectly styled hair though.”
He laughs. “Come on now, be a good girl.”
Good girl.
Why did that make your heart skip a beat?
Not only is Jungkook acting much bolder and confident in this setting but those words do things to you apparently, and you’re unsure of how to respond.
Who knew you’d ever fall weak to words.
They leave you after some time to mingle with the other guests and you’re left with a man whom they left you in charge with.
You huff. “I feel like a child,” you grumble under your breath as you glare down at the drink in front of you.
The babysitter chuckles. “Well, considering you’ve always been a free spirit, I guess the bosses must be worried you’d find trouble for yourself.”
“Hey, I’m careful, what are you talking about?”
“Right, right.”
You glare at his sarcasm before looking forward and meeting eyes with a certain gentleman. The second you hold his gaze for even a split second, he seems to be making his way towards you and you remember the words of Yoongi’s, telling you to walk away if anyone were to ever approach you.
So you’re quick to hide behind your babysitter. “Hey, I think that guy has bad intentions, I’m gonna run before he attempts to kill me.”
With that, you’re off on your feet, leaving the guy to block the gentleman’s path from you. He sighs to himself, now understanding why his bosses were so worried. You can’t even tell when someone wants to flirt with you.
Are you naive or simply stupid?
“Ah, why does it have to rain now?” You let out a sigh, turning invisible, and walk right into the rain now that you can’t get wet.
It feels nice against your skin, the coldness is still there despite no amount of rain falling atop of you. You walk further into what seems like the garden, the place quiet pretty. It almost reminds you of one of your owners in the past. He was a bit more tolerable than a lot of your previous owners but he never gave you the amount of happiness you have now. He was always strict and quick with his demands, and the first thing he wished was for a beautiful, big garden that would forever live without wilting.
It was for his son.
And he only ever called for you when he was in the gardens, the vast, beautiful garden that you made. Despite having made it yourself, however, you never got a chance to look at it properly. You wonder if one of these days, you should return to the place, to have a good look at it.
Your owners now will probably let you, being as your freedom has never been constricted. You could even slip away if you wanted to, because they were never one to call for you. It was just how they worked. You’d be the one seeking for them for the most part, always bored out of your mind and finding entertainment in their presence.
You like their presence.
You don’t realize you have a smile on your face until it falls slightly, when you hear a small sob leaving someone’s lips and someone else right beside them, an umbrella holding over their figure.
It’s Seokjin and a woman.
Why is she crying?
Your brows furrow slightly and as you stand there, in the pretty garden, something within you begins to ache. Seokjin touches the shoulder of the woman, hands her a handkerchief, and sure, that’s what any decent human would do when a woman is crying, but you feel weird seeing that sight displayed right in front of your eyes for some reason.
You don’t like it.
“Second owner!” So you call, wanting to rip him away from her.
He looks up at the sight of you and your eyes brightens.
“Second owner, second owner!!” You wave happily and almost hear Seokjin letting out an exasperated sigh.
He turns back to the lady, offering her kind words, and lays a hand on her shoulder, before walking off with her towards the building. You frown, not liking this even more, but when he leaves her there to turn back to you so that she’s now out of the rain, he returns with the umbrella in hand.
“Y/N, I’m in the middle of—”
“Please don’t go back to her,” you say and he frowns, confused.
“I think she likes you, second owner, and I guess that must be why she’s crying. But you already have your own boyfriends, right? So just leave her be. It’s easier on a girl’s heart to not pay attention to her and give her false hope — or so the books say.”
He sighs. “I need to get back.”
You grab his hand before he can do so, suddenly panicking. “But…”
“No, I don’t like it.”
“Second owner, I’ve been feeling very weird recently, and I can’t seem to pinpoint what it is that I’m feeling but I think it’s something similar to something I know,” you tell him, steeling yourself with determination as you explain all the things you’ve been contemplating over these past few days. “I have this weird ache in my heart whenever one of you is hurt and my heart skips a beat when you say weird things to me, and just now I think I was feeling a bit jealous seeing you with that girl.
“And it’s weird because I don’t feel jealous when you’re with the other boys but I guess that’s because I know you guys are meant for each other and I care for you all equally. But what I’m trying to say is, I think…I think I love you.”
You look up at him, smiling happily as you come to realize what it is you’ve been feeling for these past few days. You have to urge to hold them tight, to wrap yourself in their warmth, to cherish and care for them in ways you’ve never had for other people before.
If this isn’t love, you don’t know what is.
Upon Seokjin’s silence, you tilt your head slightly to the side, eyes searching for his. “Second own—”
He flicks your hand away when you try to reach for him and your heart drops.
“No,” he says and your eyes widen slightly at his suddenly cold heart. “You’re just confused, Y/N. Please don’t say things like that ever again.”
When he turns away to leave you and returns to the crying girl, he lays a hand on her shoulder again, words whispered unknowing to your ears, only for her to hear, and they then disappear into the building.
You stand there for the longest time, wondering what just happened, before you realize.
Ah…you just got rejected.
And not only that, but he refused to acknowledge your feelings.
Yet…when the girl confessed to him, crying, he stayed with her and stays with her still to console her, while you…he leaves you alone in the garden as the rain pours hard.
Something aches, hard, within your chest, and as you let your genie form slip by, the rain finally pours down on you, concealing the tears that spills from your eyes silently. It hurts more than it should, hurts more than when Namjoon called you worthless, when they were screaming at you to help you understand. It hurts in a way you’ve never hurt before.
And you realize all over again, perhaps you were meant to remain lonely after all.
Feelings are scary, caring is scaring, loving is scary. All of these are things you’ve always been afraid of, hence you made a rule to never get attached, to always stick by the rules, to do and only do what it is you’re meant for; a genie to grant your owners wishes.
Yet you went on to feel, to explore the unknown, things you’ve never felt or can even understand.
You hope they use up all their wishes so you can be let go and return to your lamp. At least something’s consistent there and you don’t have to fear of the unknown.
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chronic-boogara · a day ago
First time
i am IN LOVE with steven grant he’s such a lil meow meow it just warms my heart. i would do anything for him like i am obsessed. but anyways im adding to the filth regarding this pretty boy by writing a little smut abt virgin!steven and experienced!reader.
i definitely didn’t create a playlist for reading fics abt steven grant
Tumblr media
“are you sure you’re ready ? its more than okay if you’re not ready we can go at your pace”.
he nodded quickly ,too terrified and shy to even open his eyes the full way.
“i..i’m ready for this….i think”.
he wasn’t quite ready to take in the beauty of a women’s fully nude body as of yet. This was his first time seeing it in person after all.
“that’s okay my love. I’m going to start off very slow”-she began.
gently positioning herself just slightly his member she lowered down to the base of his cock allowing the both of them to adjust to the feeling of one another.
the pleasure was enough to cause him to jump slightly.
he wasn’t exactly sure what he expected the inside of a women to feel like but whatever this was was 100 times better than he ever could have imagined. the feeling of your walls clenching his was nothing short of ecstasy.
She took both of his hands in hers and placed them on either side of her hips “now, you can hold on to me like this and if you want me to speed up you can tighten your grip. And if you want to stop all you have to do is say the word”.
he just nodded again,trying his best not to cum right then and there. never in his life had he imagined a pretty girl sitting atop of him in such a way. for once he actually felt as if someone ..admired him even loved him.
“no need to stress about anything Steven,love. i’ll be doing all the work for you just sit back and relax for me. i promise this will feel amazing”.
her soft lips met his forehead and then both cheeks. She held his face in her hands seemingly taking in the beauty that was him.
noticing this he shyed away from her gaze“are you upset ? I’m sorry if I did something wrong”. he said instinctively. he’d never want to risk upsetting the person who he loved and cherished so dearly. being without her would be a nightmare come true.
to his shock she let out a small laugh. not something sarcastic. she seemed genuinely amused by his antics.
“you’re so cute Steven. Of course I’m not upset with you I’m just admiring the angel that was sent down to me. I love you so very much”.
And with those words she lifted her hips up slightly and gave them both a bit of much needed friction.
he let out a small groan.
“how’s that feel love”?
if this was sex he was definitely into it. he allowed himself to grip her sides as firmly as possible without risking hurting her fragile body. despite all the venomous thoughts his cruel mind was throwing at him he decided to ignore them.
“m-may I”?
she smiled and nodded. “yes you may darling”.
he moved her body up then down repeating the motion over and over again. it was somewhat mechanical but he enjoyed it thoroughly.
in me mere minutes both were sweaty messes.
each one moaning the others name strings of profanity’s leaving their lips.
“mmm fuck steven you feel so good inside me ~ please don’t stop”.
he didn’t plan on it. during this short amount of time he learned so much about the female body. reading books about it was nothing like the real thing. all he had to do was touch her in a certain place and she’d melt into his hand.
the faster he went the more pleasure he felt. an odd feeling began to form in the pit of his stomach. like a knot of sorts.
she could probably tell from his expression he was on the edge.
“it only gets more fun from here” she smiled softly and leaned forward grinding her hips rhythmically.
“i love you s-“ he started only to be suddenly taken over by an intense orgasm.
a wide grin emerged onto her face as she sped up and followed suit.
“that was fun steven. you did so well”.
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yellingaboutkp · 2 days ago
The (In)compatibility of Kinn & Porsche
Porsche needs for everything to matter.
He needs himself to matter, he needs sleeping with Kinn to matter, and he needs whatever feelings are growing between him and Kinn to matter.
Porsche has spent his entire life not mattering. Even before his parents passed away, they made it clear to him that his life purpose was to make sure Chay had a good life. There was never a time where he was precious, where his feelings and desires were the most important thing, where it was good enough just for him to exist. But he needs that. Everyone needs that, and if you don’t get it in childhood, you’ll need it even more as an adult.
Sleeping with Kinn made Porsche feel special and treasured and vulnerable and safe and all sorts of things he’d never felt before. It awakened a primal need in him to matter and be cared for that he can’t let go of. And yet...
Kinn needs for everything not to matter.
Kinn needs Porsche not to matter, he needs sleeping with Porsche not to matter, he needs whatever feelings are growing between them not to matter, and he needs the cruel things he did after sleeping with Porsche not to matter.
Kinn has spent his life having to sacrifice himself for his family. He rarely gets to be his true self, having to shove down his desires and real personality to don the persona of a hard mafia man. The heir to the empire. But no matter how much you shove something down, it will not go away. Underneath the hard mask, there is a soft man with dreams and love and kindness in his heart.
Sleeping with Porsche created a huge mess for him both internally and externally. It was ethically iffy because of the drugs and his position as Porsche’s boss, and his special treatment of Porsche threatened the employees’ respect of his role as mafia heir, potentially making him a bad son. The guilt was growing and growing, threatening to eat him alive. But even before that, Porsche’s mere existence ignited a frantic need in him to escape, almost to be free of anything that matters...
And here we get to the problem.
Porsche’s desperate need for it all to matter is totally incompatible with Kinn’s desperate need for it all not to matter. Ep3-ep6 are largely spent in this slowly intensifying battle between Porsche trying to get Kinn to act like he cares and that it all means something, and Kinn running as hard as he can from those ideas.
Even after acknowledging that he cares for Porsche, Kinn is still running. He can’t stop. Don’t let the cuddles and fond smiles fool you. He started running and he doesn’t know how to stop yet.
So whose needs will win?
Obviously they can’t move very far forward with these opposing needs. One of them will have to sacrifice his needs for the other’s. And let’s be real, Kinn’s needs are not compatible with a functional relationship. You can’t build anything real together if one person is always trying to run away and downplay everything.
But Porsche’s needs... the need to be loved and cared for, to be cherished, to have everything that happens between them matter, whether good or bad. These needs are pure and simple, untainted by the harshness of the world around him. Unable to be corrupted.
So what happens when Kinn sacrifices his current needs?
He’ll get new needs, of course. Rather, it’ll make space for his buried, true needs to finally come up for air. The need for someone he can feel safe with and trust wholly, for someone he can just be a person with and not some big bad mafia heir, for someone who just wants his love and affection and demands no sacrifices of him. Someone pure, simple, and untainted. Someone unable to be corrupted.
Kinn's true need is Porsche.
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kingkatsuki · 19 hours ago
i was just thinking like
say you and bakugou are head over heels for each other, but haven’t confessed/too dumb to realize
and you get hit by some sort of quirk that forces you to tell the truth whenever you’re asked a question?
do you think he’d ask you how you feel about him? make you spill your guts about how hopelessly in love you are with him. you wanna be his wife, have his babies, etc. stuff you’d be way, way too embarrassed to just say straight up to his face. but you say it all, directly to him
i honestly kind of think he wouldn’t be able to resist passing up the opportunity. it’s wrong taking advantage of you like this, he feels so guilty for it. but i think it’d kill him letting this pass him by, you know what i mean?
idk, what do you think?
Ahh!! Someone sent me something like this recently! With Bakugou being hit with a truth quirk to get him to confess his feelings.
I can imagine if you got hit with it and started spewing out all your feelings to Bakugou and he didn’t realise it was a truth quirk he’d probably be elated at first- because he feels the exact same way that you do. He’s waited so long to hear you say that you’re in love with him and that you won’t to be with him. He’s practically dreamed about this moment. But your eyes look wild and you’re breathing so heavily his joy soon turns to anger— was this just a joke to you? There’s no way you could feel like this and just admit everything in one go like this. It must be a joke, or someone’s bet you to do it, in his mind there’s no other explanation. So he explodes, shouts and pushes you away because he doesn’t want anyone to make a fool out of him, especially you. And it sends a pain straight through his chest knowing that the person he’s so madly in love with would mess with his feelings like this.
So he leaves, right in the middle of you spilling your guts to him— and quirk or not it hurts. Tears stream down your face as rejection and embarrassment takeover while you watch him walk away.
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rere-the-writer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Title: 'She is always the calm one'
Pairing: Poly!Mikaelsons x Black!Witch!Reader
Warnings: Fluff, mostly Fluff, Reader just a sweet lady, Mikaelsons being protective
You took a deep breath as you sat meditating with Finn sitting by reading a book, your magic pleasantly buzzing in the air. You were an New Orleans witch that met the Mikaelsons back in 1920's when you ran to survive the fire. You became their lover after traveling with them for so long.
It was no question why the Originals loved you as you were gorgeous with dark short curls, beautiful amber eyes and light chocolate skin that each of them spent hours pressing kisses on. You were calm rarely getting angry as Elijah had a nice little garden done for you the was just off your bedroom.
"Goodmorning Finn, baby." Elijah says kissing your head as he passed joining Finn at the table enjoying the scent of your tea plants.
"Goodmorning Elijah. Y/N has been meditating for half an hour now."
"I see." Elijah says smiling watching you hearing you breathe deeply, it was odd your zen like nature never failed to make the vampire's calm. Both Klaus and Kol had really calmed down also as they hadn't been quick to killing those that angered them.
"How is Hope?" Elijah was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard your soft voice.
"Fine. Hayley is finally bringing her home." Elijah answered you gently pulling you into his lap nuzzling your neck taking in your scent. Hayley had taken Hope away from the family to the bayou for unknown reason and refused to say why.
"I should ready some tea then."
Hayley glared at you seeing you gently holding baby Hope sitting next to Kol both of making the baby laugh. Hayley had left taking Hope with her after jealousy flooded her seeing you with Elijah when you came back to New Orleans. You were traveling with Finn when you received the news about the pregnancy and you weren't upset with Klaus as you understood why it happened.
"So you decided to return with my daughter."
"Elijah said that Hope should know her family."
"And the reason you left in the first place?"
"I wanted Hope to not be dragged into your family mess." Hayley lied as Klaus narrowed his eyes at Hayley not believing her looking to see Elijah joining you three.
"May I?"
"Of course Eli." You say passing Hope to Elijah watching him smile gently at Hope kissing her head.
"We have missed you, little one." Elijah cooed as Hope smiled up at her uncle making you three soften and hearts bursting with how cute Hope looked.
"I will kill for her."
"Kol, no." You say standing to get dinner ready as Kol smirked with Elijah chuckling make Hope laugh.
"What you don't know darling."
Hayley hated it seeing how calm you were standing in Hope's nursery softly singing an old Russian lullaby. It was 3am and you had woke up to hearing Hope's cries so to let Hayley sleep you went to care for Hope. Your calm motherly nature had calmed Hope much like her father and uncles.
"There we are, little one." You whispered moving to lay a sleeping Hope down, you smiled at how innocent Hope looked before touching your abdomen.
"Let's hope they will be just as happy for another as they are for you." You whispered as Hayley quickly left upset as all she saw was red.
Next morning Rebekah found you tending to your tea plants that you loved so much and moved next to you. You smiled at her kissing Rebekah's temple making her smile as she kissed your shoulder.
"Which brother?"
"What my love?" You asked confused as Rebekah placed a hand on your abdomen smiling softly.
"Which brother?"
"Finn, though I highly doubt they would care on who is the father." You say calmly as Rebekah smiled at how calm you were and understood why as you knew the four Mikaelson men very well. It didn't take the men long to hear the heart beat in your abdomen and began to be overly affectionate.
"Elijah, my darling stag. There is no need to hover, I am meditating." You say softly as Elijah flushed being caught by you and moved sitting next to you.
"I apologize....Hayley made hard to be there for most of her pregnancy. We just want to be sure you are okay."
"I am always okay. I have you all to keep me safe." You say softly as Elijah smiled kissing your head before joining your meditation.
Kol and Klaus had been showering you with gifts and now you had to get a little cabinet for all the different teas they gifted you. You stood in the kitchen making some tea when Kol moved up behind you wrapped his arms around your waist.
"Hello darling."
"Kol, need something?" You asked pouring a cup of tea as Kol nuzzled your neck.
"No just want to hold you." Kol says as Klaus and Finn walking in kissing your head while Hayley watched frowning hating how sweet everyone was with you. The family settled in the den to enjoy the quiet with Elijah holding Hope who was happily asleep in her uncle's arms as it was nice as your calm aura washed over everyone.
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brainrotcharacters · 20 hours ago
With me, sweetheart
ship: Marc x reader
a/n: catch me wishing I have this sort of support when the local municipal office contacted me. the government (derogatory)
summary: if your body is tired, you can’t think, right?... right?
tags: comfort can’t happen without the non-comfort bullshit. sfw. if I want to mix my love for marc with my love for arnis in the same petri dish, I will. established relationship. marc’s love language is actually sparring.
Tumblr media
Maintain the flow.
The bandages around your hands scraped against your flushed skin as your hits kept landing. Left side, right side, up, down, dodge, your footwork allowed you to burn through the numerous wooden dummies around you. Even as you reached a pair of nunchucks and later traded it for a toy gun, the opponents that you visualized attacked you relentlessly.
And then your next swing was stuck.
Marc gripped your wrist firmly. "You're getting distracted."
You pull away from him. "Actually, I never felt more focused."
He smacked a sore spot in your arm, causing you to flinch. "Leave me alone!"
"Oh, I'm sorry," he began sarcastically. "Were you hoping not to feel that until you were done destroying the place?"
Something like that. You turned your face away from him to see that he used the correct term. Pieces of the wooden dummies littered the floor alongside batons and blades, overused in some form or another under your chaotic touch. If you looked long enough, the mess reflected your current state of mind.
"Look, you have one of the quickest minds I've ever known. Why go through the trouble of exhausting your body to stop yourself from thinking?"
You whirled around to face him. "I'm not...!"
Marc leveled a look at you. It takes one to know one.
Your shoulders deflated, tongue pushing into the inside of your cheek. Fine. "I don't want to hear myself think."
He crossed his arms over his chest, waiting.
You gulped, noticing the love for you behind the hardness in his eyes.
"I have a situation, and I worry about what can happen. I figured if I did something familiar first, I can let the bullshit," you vaguely motioned to your head. "breathe for a second, and I'll be practical. I'm not... there yet."
Marc hated how your expression guttered when you said that, and took a steadying breath. "What can I do?"
While he can't influence your situation directly, he's still your boyfriend. There were a number of privileges attached to the title.
You tossed a pair of wooden batons towards him, and he caught them beside his head with a scowl. This is Steven's thing.
His expression made you chuckle. "I don't think it's Steven's thing, no. He just prefers the weapon."
Sighing to himself, Marc moved into position, one baton over the back of his right shoulder and the other across his right side. "Do you wanna keep it flowing?"
"Yes, please." you lifted your own batons.
Sparring with Marc as his partner felt correct and grounded, primarily because both of you know when the other is checking you out. When doing that actually earned him a punch to the face, and earned you a kick to the gut, you figured out new ways to flirt with each other in a fight.
It was easier to utilize during one-on-one. As you followed Marc's footwork, he returned the weight of your swings, eyes bright with admiration across the escrima sticks.
"This does it for you, huh?" his voice floated under the sound of wood clacking against wood.
"Please." You bit back.
Marc smiled wider. "That's the second 'please' you've given me unprompted, sweetheart."
Realizing his set up, you visibly cringed, interrupting the flow of your weapons with a stronger swing.
Marc giggled, spreading his arms in a mock challenge. "Come on. That's all it took?"
You reached the blunt knife you've been subtly beelining towards, and swung it in an arc back towards your boyfriend. Marc flinched into motion, dodging it with a shaky laugh. "You cheater...!"
With your hands to his jaw and his abdomen, you curled a foot around his opposite knee to take him to the floor. Marc managed to angle his body so that when he pushed a hand against your side, he pins you below him.
You were giggling on your way down. Marc considered his job fulfilled.
His smile softens. "Fear is good for one thing: it makes you ready. Doesn't matter what you do to be ready. You just have to get there and do what needs to be done."
"You're telling me I should keep my emotions out of it."
"If that's what it takes."
A sigh escapes your lips as you hold his gaze. "You're the same way."
Marc slowly nods, and moved to lean in. You meet him halfway, melting into his kiss and the intent it held to support you. You could keep your emotions out of it, and wait until you're together again to process them more easily. That way, there would be no room for either of you to feel alone (and do something stupid because of it).
Marc pulls away, propping his elbows against the floor to run his hands across your hair. He spoke quietly against your lips. "I think it's unfair that you're copying my techniques, but I like you, so I'll let it slide."
"You like me? That's embarrassing."
"You asked me out!"
You pecked his lips again. "So I did."
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onestepbackwards · a day ago
Yandere warden Ingo who either finds a way to get Reader into the game, or he himself gets through the screen. Finally having reader to themselves? You decide if nsfw 🔞
👉 👈
Ohohoohoho I like the way you think anon! Sorry it took so long to get this out, I kinda got carried away hehe ( •̀ ω •́ )✧ AFAB! Reader but all pronouns are gender neutral! Summary: Ingo has finally found a way to get to your reality! After waiting months to see you in person, things get a little bit steamy with your first meeting. Why not take advantage and claim what’s his? CW: Yandere/Obsessive themes, Self Aware Character, Smut, Claiming, Word Count: 2899 words - - - 🔞18+🔞
Ingo finally had done it. Months of patiently waiting, finally had paid off. He stared at you as you slept on your bed, your sleeping form oblivious to him watching you. His hands shaking as he took you in. You were beautiful. You were outlined by the light of the television, which you had decided to keep on ever since he had revealed himself to you a while back. When he had told you he was aware he was in a game, you had immediately accepted him, much to his relief and delight. You were quick to always have your switch with you, or on around your home so he could be involved. Sure, Hisui technically still functioned when you weren’t there, but it all felt so empty knowing everyone there was just... not alive. Not real. Just numbers. Having your switch on meant he could sense you, hear you, and even talk to you. When you didn’t have your system docked, he politely asked if you could take him it with you. It was a portable system after all, why couldn’t you? You didn’t even hesitate to follow his request. It must be terribly lonely in there! You couldn’t imagine being in his shoes, so you took your switch with you, everywhere you went. Ingo didn’t want to tell you it was also because he couldn’t bear the thought of something happening to you, and never seeing you again. Never knowing what happened. He wasn’t sure when his attachment to you grew from curiosity to romantic and possessive, but he knew he couldn’t let anything happen to you. you were too precious. If anything happened to you, he knew he would probably snap. Was this healthy? No, Ingo guessed. Did he care? Also no. He was a computer program stuck with awareness of a ‘real’ person. He felt it didn’t matter anymore. He should be allowed to have this. Even though he had been happy to have you as a friendly companion, he desired more. However, he knew it wasn’t a realistic dream to have. You had real people in your world, and as much as he loathed the idea of it, you would probably prefer someone you could hold and touch. After all, who could love a ‘computer program’? Still, he didn’t give up hope. He knew you had a fondness for him. Before he had let you in on his awareness, you had made a habit of talking about it, unaware he could hear every word. You had mentioned to a friend how much you loved him, and apparently his brother too. You talked about how pretty he was, and would go on about how you wished to fight Arceus yourself just so he could get his memories back and see his home again. Hell, he distinctly remembers hearing you squeal when he smiled, apparently having never seen him smile before. You gushed about it for a while, and he felt his face burn. Your words had often flustered him. He had never mentioned having heard you about this, but he knew you felt something for him. But regardless, he was still just a character on a screen. You couldn’t hold him, touch him, kiss him... How could he compete with someone real in your world? So he got to planning. He knew he could mess with the code, so surely, there was something there he could do? Of course, you had eventually found out about him messing with the data. You had been talking with him while in the kitchen, when your switch had done a hard crash. Not only did the game crash, but you had to reboot your system as well. When you had managed to get the system back online, and the game working, you were in hysterics. You thought you had lost him, and worried for his safety. Your concern only made him fall deeper in love with you. When you had asked him what had happened, he was reluctant to tell you, but ended up explaining anyway. He could mess with the code, and was curious with what he could get away with, though he didn’t explain his true intentions. Immediately, you had asked him to stop. What if he caused irreversible damage? If you lost him, you don’t know what you would do! He was one of your best friends, and you didn’t want to lose him over morbid curiosity. He felt his gut twist, and he promised he wouldn’t mess with the code again. ...Only to continue the next time you went to bed. He understood where you were coming from. He did, really! However, he knew he couldn’t stop. With a heavy heart, he continued messing with data behind your back. Surely, you would one day understand! If he could just get it to work... He would wait until you were sleeping, or busy around your home, or even the rare times you had your console off. He took his time, and was careful. He didn’t need a repeat of last time. Finally, after months of messing with the game and your switch, he had a breakthrough. Finally, he could not only see your screen, but see through it. Like a two way mirror. He no longer had to sense it. He could finally see you. He didn’t mention this, of course, but Arceus, he could see you. You were better than he ever imagined. Now he had to get through the screen. If he could do this, surely, there wasn’t much holding him back from figuring out how to cross this barrier? Turns out, it was easier than he thought. Messing around with the code gave him a lot of advantages, and finally, all that messing around proved fruitful. All he needed was an opportunity. Which leads him to now. You had fallen asleep after staying up talking to him. It had been a busy day, you having gone shopping for several hours, and cleaning up the house for the week. By the time you sat down on your bed to talk with him through your tv, you were exhausted. He had been quick to assure you it was fine if you fell asleep. He would be waiting for you when you woke up, as always. Such words couldn’t be more true. After you had fallen asleep, Ingo took action. If his theory was correct, he’d be with you soon enough. It took a little bit of effort, but much to his surprise and delight, it worked. Slowly, he reached through the screen, grabbing the edge of the tv to pull himself out. Slowly, step by step, he climbed through the tv, and came to a stop. He felt like time had stopped as he watched over you. He almost couldn’t believe it. It felt like a dream. Carefully, he stood over you, and reached toward your face. Ever so gently, he caressed your cheek. You were real. You were here. He could touch you. He could touch you... The very thought sent shivers down his spine. While stuck in his thoughts, he failed to notice you waking up, until it was too late. Your eyes widened in fear, seeing a large figure standing so close over you. Ingo didn’t take it to heart, given the angle and the light, he probably looked like a stranger. So when you went to scream, Ingo quickly reacted, and placed a hand over your mouth, and another hand on your shoulder to keep you still. “It’s okay! It’s me! It’s Ingo!” He hushed, quickly trying to calm you. Immediately, you stopped struggling, and got a good look at him. Your eyes were wide as you stared. Slowly, Ingo removed his hand from your mouth. “I-Ingo?” You whispered, unsure if it was real. Ingo felt himself smile. He gently held your head in his hands, his thumbs rubbing your cheeks. “Hello, my dear.” He said, finally able to properly greet you. You were silent for a moment. “How?” You whispered. Ingo shook his head. “Doesn’t matter. I’m here now.” He answered. He could explain it later. Right now, all that mattered is that he was here with you. You stared at him a moment longer, still in mild disbelief, before pulling him in for a hug. You let out an excited laugh, which was music to Ingo’s ears. Ingo held you tightly, almost reluctant to let you go when you pulled away. “I can’t believe this, you’re actually here!” You spoke, and you looked over him briefly. For a moment, you paused and licked your lips, and Ingo felt his hands shake. “I…” he began, but took a moment to swallow the nerves down his throat. His silver eyes nervously gazed into yours. He froze. Your eyes darted to his lips. When had your faces gotten so close...? A beat passed. Neither of you moved. The only noise in the room was the sound of your breathing. The tension became too much. ‘...Screw it.’ Ingo thought, and pressed his lips to yours. Immediately, you melted into him, and Ingo moved to sit on the bed next to you as your arms wrapped around his neck. His hands went to your waist, and you shifted your legs over his lap. His hands quickly began to wander as you pressed yourself against his chest. “Gods, I love you.” Ingo moaned when breaking apart for air, before going back in for another kiss. You simply grounded your hips against his in response, almost desperate. How long had he dreamed of this? How long had he fantasized about holding your close, kissing you? Making love to you? Ingo silently prayed this wasn’t a dream. Eventually you separated for air once more, and you leaned into his neck. “I’m so happy you’re here... I’ve loved you for so long, I never thought you would like me back...” You admitted, your face burning, unable to meet his eyes. Ingo hugged you close, and with a deep breath, flipped you both over. You let out a squeal at the sudden movement. Ingo quickly crawled on top of you, and his mouth attacked your neck, sucking and nibbling everywhere his lips could reach. He just couldn’t help it. He knew it. You loved him. You loved him!. He could repeat the words in his head for eternity, and never feel any less excited than he did now. Ingo’s hands began wandering once more, and he slowly ran them up your stomach under your shirt. When he reached your nipples, he gently pinched them in each hand, smirking into the kiss when you bucked your hips into his. Gently, he tugged at the bottom of your shirt, silently asking for permission to take it off. You answered by taking the shirt off and throwing it somewhere across the room. Ingo took a moment to take in your topless form, breathing heavily. Arceus, he could stare at you for hours. Snapping himself out of his wandering thoughts, he leaned down, and began trailing kisses down your neck to your chest, his hands tugging at your shorts. Lifting yourself up so he could slide the clothes off, which quickly joined the other garments on the floor. He kissed down your stomach to your pelvis, before leaning back, his hands resting on your hips. He stared at your body as you bashfully looked away from him. You were completely bare, just for him to see. Only him. You were his. You were gorgeous. He could feel himself beginning to pant, with his pants becoming all too tight. When you bucked into his hips once more, your frustration becoming clear, Ingo snapped out of his daze. Immediately, he reached for his pants, fumbling with the belt and zipper, before pulling his cock free. He let out a sigh of relief, and gave himself a few strokes. His pants had started getting too tight for comfort. You eyed his dick with interest, hunger clear on your face as you panted. Leaning down, he kissed you once more, and rubbed his cock against your hips. Moaning at the feeling, he broke the kiss, and looked you in the eye. “Is this what you want?” He asked, nearly out of breath. He wanted this more than anything, but if you weren’t ready, he could wait. Now that he was here in your world, had the rest of his life to spend with you. “Yes! Ingo Please!” you practically begged, and grabbed onto his jacket. You needed him. You had wanted him for so long, and here he was, ready to give you his everything. Nodding his head in affirmation, Ingo quickly got to work. He trailed his hands down your body, giving your thighs a squeeze, before bringing a hand to your entrance. Slowly he began to prod you with a finger, though added a second when he saw how wet you were. He practically purred when he felt your slick, and how you clamped down around his fingers. He was doing this to you. No one else. He hardly has even touched you, and you were so wet for him “Dear, do I really excite you this much?” He teased, curling his large fingers inside you, causing you to gasp. He drank in your reactions, which filled him with pride and possessiveness. When he deemed you ready, he aligned his cock with your core, teasing the head against your folds. This was real. He was finally about to claim you as his. He felt his cock twitch at the thought. Impatient, you wrapped your legs around his hips, and bucked them forward. “Ingo! Please!” You squeaked out, clenching your thighs around him. He was here, he was really here, and he was just teasing you! You felt like you were going insane! Ingo gave you a loving look, before leaning down over you, his chest to yours, and pushed himself inside. He buried his head against your neck, and let out a low moan. “So tight and warm...” He mumbled against your skin, giving small pecks against your neck. He waited a few moments for you to adjust, before pulling out, and slamming back in. You let out a groan, and Ingo immediately picked up a fast pace. You felt amazing. You were so warm, you fit like you were made for him. He was made for you too, if your blissed out expression was anything to go by. You practically sucked him in, with how deep he pounded into you. Ingo felt if he were to die right now, he would die happy, buried deep inside you.
Eventually, Ingo could feel his orgasm approaching, and his thrusts became more quick and sloppy. You didn’t seem to mind, given how loud you were moaning and clenching around him. Ingo knew he was close, and he was determined to make you cum before him. Thinking quick, he reached down, and began to rub your clit, causing you to squeak and tense oh so nicely around his dick. Arceus you felt so amazing... As he slammed into you, he leaned down to kiss you, lips messily locking with yours. “Mine.” He growled in the kiss, most rational thinking becoming a blur as his brain became foggy from pleasure. “Mine! Mine! Mine!” He had waited for so long. You were his. No one else would ever be able to see you like this, hold you like this. He was the only one allowed to bring you pleasure. Eventually, it became too much, and you came with a loud moan. Ingo saw white when you came around him, it was as if you were trying to milk him for all he was worth. Then a thought ran through his head. He was going to cum inside you. He had to cum inside you. Claim you in such a primal way, to paint your inner walls with his seed. He wasn’t even sure if he could get you pregnant, a thought that sent a jolt of electricity to his cock. However, regardless if he could or not, the idea of filling you with his cum... You would be his. Immediately, he gripped your legs tight, and threw them over his shoulders, before pounding into you rougher than before. He was so close... Overstimulated, you cried out into another orgasm. This time, it was enough to pull Ingo into his own. In one final thrust, he came inside, covering your insides with his spent. He stayed inside you for a while, breathing in your scent as he came down from his high. You were perfect. So so so perfect. And now you were his. Slowly, he pulled out, and he heard you mewl at the feeling. Stuffing himself back into his pants, he crawled onto the bed next to you. You looked very exhausted, but had a smile on your face. Turning to face him, you curled into his chest. “I hope this isn’t a dream...” He heard you mumble. He wrapped his arms around you, and kissed the top of your head. “Don’t worry, Dear. I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.” he whispered. He almost couldn’t believe this himself. “I’ll be here when you wake up. I promise.” He murmured, and gently stroked your head as he drifted into sleep. You were finally his, and he was finally yours.
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