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#messianic jews
hey, i'm a conversion student and i'm having kinda an issue with my family. you see, my grandmother (who raised me and I live with) self identifies as a "messianic jew". she's been okay about my want to convert, but insists preaching the doctrine and on my coming with her to their events and gets upset when i act disinterested. i've tried to express my point but she says i'm not being compassionate. does anyone have advice or articles that could help get through to her?
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My bf is ethnically Jewish (from father and was raised with a sense of Jewish identity) but has been a devout Christian since 6 (father too). He likes the idea of messianic Jews or “Hebrew christians” but wouldn’t be one. He has friends who are the same. I’m Jewish and I find accepting xtians doing Jewish things perplexing and a bit icky, but it’s not a situation that I can relate to anyway. What’s jumblrs take?
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Today feels like a great day to remind everyone that “Messianic Jews” were originally called Hebrew Christians. The Hebrew Christian Alliance of America promised at its founding in 1915 that its members renounced “Judaizing practices” and repeatedly said throughout the years that it was an affiliate of evangelical Christianity. That organization still exists today…it renamed itself Messianic Jewish Alliance of America in 1975.

The actual branches of modern Judaism have a range of beliefs, but they all branched off of pre-existing movements within Judaism. Messianics branched off of evangelical Christianity. They are Christians who were inspired to cosplay Judaism by the Charismatic Movement within Christianity in the 1960s, in order to both “go back” to an older, purer, closer-to-Jesus Christianity** and to better target and convert actual Jews. It’s dishonest and disrespectful as hell for these Christians to masquerade as a Jewish religious group, and no amount of them whining about being “excluded” will change that fact.

(** Note: Jesus practiced Temple Judaism, but the practices Messianics have appropriated come from Rabbinic Judaism, which was implemented by Jesus’s archrivals the Pharisees well after his death–so no, cosplaying modern Jewish practices will not get anyone closer to Jesus.)

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Jesus Yeshua, the holy and just Master, promises His loyal and faithful servants heavenly riches and unfading glory. He promises them honour and immortality in the presence of God and the holy angels. It shall be so. “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy and peace of the Lord.” How much better to hear those blessed words than to hear these: “Depart from me, for I never knew you.” Ouch!

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I have learned from experience that life only makes sense when God is found. And life is best when God comes first in a person’s heart (Romans 8:28).

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Daniel Blass

It is well known that Judaism believes that gentiles can also get a portion of the Hereafter, and they are judged according to their good and bad deeds. So any gentile that comes to convert, is told that he doesn’t have to, and all he has to do is keep the Noahide laws and be a good and upright person. Judaism believes that in the End of Days, salvation will come to the whole world, and the gentiles will serve G-d too. Judaism has always been a global religion that relates to all people, and sees every gentile as a person created in the image of G-d.

In contrast, Christian faith from its inception was a religion that made faith in Jesus as its fundamental principle, and claimed that anyone who does not believe in this crucified man shall be condemned to hell eternally without end. This Christian belief, which to us borders on cruelty and even madness, was always a feature of Roman Catholicism. Even priests have asked how it was possible that a good and compassionate G-d would punish in Hell righteous people who hadn’t the “good fortune” to hear about Jesus and believe in him … This shocking belief is also shared by Messianic Jews / Jews for Jesus.

It is hard to believe, but Messianic Jews believe that those who do not believe in Jesus shall will go straight to a hell, even if he was a just and honest person who was charitable with others. Christians have no concept of the “Righteous Among the Nations”, but believe that everyone without exception are sent to heaven or to hell depending on one thing only: their belief in Jesus.

This lunatic belief therefore asserts that all the great Jewish wise men and sages throughout the generations are immediately sent to hell because they all denied Jesus. Jews who were murdered by Christians throughout the ages are likewise all sent to hell because they didn’t acknowledge Jesus. They actually believe that Christians who savagely murdered Jews in the Inquisition go to heaven, while their Jewish victims that suffered the torments of the Inquisition go to hell and eternal fire.

Messianic Jews also believe that all the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust went to hell after all they suffered in the holocaust, just because they didn’t acknowledge Jesus. There are some who would describe such an appalling faith as anti-Semitic.

It is strange that Messianic Jews believe that Jesus was all about love and boundless mercy, while the main principles of Christian faith going back to its inception were applied without the slightest differentiation between good and evil.

I can not think of one rational Jew who is capable of believing that righteous individuals and Jewish martyrs are now burning in eternal hell fire, along with billions of other people who didn’t have the “good fortune” to acknowledge Christian faith. If the Messianic Jews’ beliefs are correct, we’d frankly prefer to be in Hell with all the righteous and virtuous Jews, rather than in “Paradise” with all the wicked who massacred Jews for not believing in Jesus.

Our sages teach us that Jews are by nature “merciful, have a sense of shame and are kind” (Yevamot 79a). We believe that G-d is the source of all mercy, and man’s compassion derives from Him. As compassionate and kind people, we find it perverse to believe in such a cruel pagan faith. The Christian faith of Messianic Jews is repugnant to Jews.

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Your posts about messianic judaism made me wonder about something in my country. A lot of neopentencostal evangelical christians in Brazil, mainly the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, appropriate Jewish imagery and terms. Those churches are incredibly corrupt, ask for huge donations, do money-laundering and involve themselves in far-right politics. But I had heard they were supported by some Jewish groups and I thought it strange. I wonder if these are actually from "messianic judaism".

Hi there,

It is entirely possible that this support is coming from “Messianic Jews” or even “Jews” for Jesus. 

I’m curious.  If you find out, let us know!


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Wait... messianic as in I believe in redemption from golus? bc i do... obviously i don’t believe jesus is the messiah. i do think that we’ll be able to rebuild the temple and return to Israel. should i unfollow?

“Messianic Judaism believes that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and "God the Son” (one person of the Trinity), and that the Hebrew Bible, Old Testament, and New Testament are all authoritative scriptures.Salvation in Messianic Judaism is achieved only through acceptance of Jesus as one’s savior, and Jewish laws or customs which are followed do not contribute to salvation.“

That’s a messianic Jew. If you fit that definition please unfollow. If you don’t, you’re Jewish. Believing that Jews shall return to Israel is very different, if I’m interpreting your ask correctly.

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“About the same time that the Greek synoptic Gospel were being written the wicked Emperor Nero was beheading Paul of Tarsus, crucify and Simon Peter and mobilizing his dread legions to crush the Jewish revolt.”

Chronicles of the Messiah

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What is seder and why can't Christians host it? What if they're messianic jews? Sorry if this is rude to ask I just want to know

Oh lord I’m glad you asked this. This is a great opportunity to educate people at large about some very harmful misconceptions.

So a Seder is a Jewish holiday and is held on Passover. It’s a more important holiday than Hanukkah (although most holidays are more important than Hanukkah) just for context. It’s not for Christians. And before you say, Jesus was Jewish.. yeah, he was. But if you aren’t Jewish, it’s not your tradition! Leave us alone unless you are being invited as a guest to a Seder.

Messianic Jews are not Jews and I will give you several reasons why they are not. They are a harmful faction of Christianity. Jews for Jesus is a fucking oxymoron, first off. We don’t believe Jesus is the messiah–we’re still waiting for the messiah. Messianics do missionary work–which is not a thing. Jews don’t seek converts!! We turn them away like three times to make sure they’re positive they want to be Jewish. They also have certain amounts of privilege afforded by being a member of Christianity that I, as a reform Jew, just don’t have. Messianics are toxic. Do you know how offensive and hurtful it is for people saying they are your fellow Jews coming in and then trying to convert you to Christianity? It’s shameful. Jews for Jesus are like missionaries and I don’t believe in wiping out existing religions just because you think my soul needs saving. More questions? Send me a message because I could talk about this all day.

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Why do so many Jews hate messianic Jews? Or say that their beliefs 'aren't compatible' with Judaism? Isn't Judaism a religion/culture/belief system that has evolved throughout the centuries to adapt (if that's even the right word) to the different questions, views, beliefs or even identities we as humans have? So what makes messianic Jews 'fake Jews' (a term I've literally heard)? Hopefully you don't mind the question im a gentile who follows a lot of Jews and I've just always been curious

Messianic Judaism didn’t emerge organically from Judaism like Chasidism or Reform or Conservative Judaism. It was created by Christians to mimic Judaism in order to “trick” Jews into practicing a Judaized version of Christianity. That alone makes it not a legitimate form of Judaism.

Messianic Judaism appropriates many practices from Rabbinic Judaism which was explicity rejected by Christianity. Jesus never practiced this form of Judaism because the Beit Hamikdash still existed during his lifetime. It doesn’t celebrate what Jesus did during his lifetime, it appropriates what other Jews did after the Romans (who killed Jesus) destroyed our Holy Temple and had to recreate our own form of Judaism in the ashes of Judaea. 

So, essentially, Messianic Judaism is both cultural appropriation and an attempt to convert Jews through deceit. It is not recognized by any extant Jewish movement and its adherents do not practice Judaism, even those few who are ethnically Jewish.

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