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glowdetailsa month ago
Anok Yai
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anok yai in oscar de le renta
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phoenixyfrienda month ago
Bitching about rich people being boring is a mood, honestly. You have the income of a small country! You want to make money being looked at? Give us something to look at! Do not live in a tech school and wear boring things, I mean really.
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finelinevogue14 days ago
could you make a blurb where harry and reader go to the met gala together? doesn鈥檛 have to be right away take ur time!!鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
thank you so much for being patient, i love and appreciate you very much! this one鈥檚 for you鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
It was almost time.
You and Harry had been getting glammed up all afternoon and you were almost ready to head out and hit the Met Gala red carpet.
It was going to be eventful, to say the least. Nobody knew that you two were attending. There were rumours that Harry would be going, but definitely nothing about his significant other, you, going too. Harry had been invited by Alessandro Michelle and then later had invited you when he realised how amazing a couples costume would look.
This wasn鈥檛 your first red carpet, but it didn鈥檛 matter because every damn time you still got the nervous jotters. It helped when Harry was around though, especially when he was walking around only in his underwear like now.
鈥淗, baby, we鈥檙e leaving in 20 minutes and you have no clothes on.鈥 You stressed, sitting in a chair at a vanity table as prime around you made final touches to your hair and makeup. Your makeup was simple, just as your hair design was too, because your dress was such a statement.
You and Harry were wearing the same patterns and colours within your outfits, but you were wearing a dress and Harry was wearing a suit. Your dress was a gorgeous emerald colour, that had no back to it. It was made of a soft satin and it ran floor length and it was very loose so it was easy to walk in. Your favourite part was the sleeves of the dress, which were made of a mesh material and were embroidered in lots of pink coloured flowers. The same mesh design tailed the back of your dress and fanned out as a train along the floor behind you. Your shoes were pink platforms to match the flowers. You felt like an ethereal dream - a High Fae, if you will. Harry鈥檚 outfit was the reverse colour palette of yours. He wore the same pink as on your flowers, but on his trousers. The shirt he wore was completely shear and was embroidered in what looked like emerald ivy along the arms and the back. He looked just as beautiful as you, if not more so.
You were about to break the internet.
鈥淚 have pants on.鈥 He said, through brushing his teeth. He often liked to do this before big events for some superstitious reason you had still yet to understand.
鈥淵eah well put y鈥檕utfit on otherwise we鈥檙e leaving with you in just y鈥檖ants.鈥 You laughed, watching him pace through the vanity mirror and shoot you an obscene gesture with his finger. Dickhead.
鈥淵ou鈥檇 like that wouldn鈥檛 y鈥檒ove?鈥 Harry teased you, walking into the bathroom to sort himself out.
鈥淥h shove off y鈥檖rick.鈥
鈥淭hat wasn鈥檛 a no.鈥 He laughed, as did other people in the room. Jeff was here, dressed casually, but only here to deliver some jewellery Harry had requested to wear from home. Alessandro was here too, making sure the outfits looked exactly how he planned them to look, down to the finest of details.
It took you both another 14 minutes to get perfectly ready and look your very best. You were careful to make sure no one stood out tripped on your train, as Harry did his best not to drip any of the coffee he was drinking down his top.
鈥淥kay. Photos please.鈥 Alessandro ordered.
You and Harry walked in front of the big windows in the hotel room, where you were getting ready, and posed in front of the camera. Alessandro took quite a lot, probably for his future Gucci look-book. Your stylist and Harry鈥檚 also took photos to commemorate the occasion. Then you asked Jeff to take a few of you both on your phone too, these ones being a lot more candid and鈥 well you. Harry鈥檚 arm was around your waist and you leaned into his side as you both smiled. Then you felt his lips on your head for a moment, making you close your eyes and breathe in the wonderful feeling. A final few photos included you two looking at each other, before sealing your love together with your lips.
鈥淵鈥檒ook so beautiful tonight.鈥 Harry whispered to you as he pulled away, making sure he kept you as close to him as possible for as long as possible.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e looking pretty perfect y鈥檚elf.鈥 You responded, earning a chuckle and another soft kiss from your beautiful boyfriend.
Half an hour later and you were arriving at the Met Gala red carpet. Your nerves were at the surface of your skin, but Harry鈥檚 hand in yours made it so much easier to keep calm.
The car stopped and the driver got out to open the door for you both. Harry first and then you. As Harry stepped out the sounds of screaming crowds and cameras flashing intensified, only to intensify again once you stepped out of the car and linked your hand in his once more. Harry made sure your dress was okay, nodding to his assistant who was carrying your bags and jackets to make sure they were okay, before walking into the red carpet itself.
So many celebrities were already here and looking perfect too. Billie looked like a gorgeous modern-classic Marilyn Monroe. Megan Fox looked as sexy as ever. You couldn鈥檛 quite understand what Kim K was going for though or why certain 鈥渃elebs鈥 had even been let onto the carpet.
Harry led you down the carpet until your assistant told you to both to stop for photos. Harry鈥檚 hand went around your waist and he pulled your close to his side, but not before walking around you to make sure the train of your dress was laid out perfectly. You smiled as he made sure you looked as good as you could, standing off to the side as you got a few single shots via the paparazzi before coming back to give the public the photos they wanted. He leaned over to your ear once and the paparazzi went crazy, thinking he was about to kiss you.
鈥淚鈥檓 in dire need of a piss.鈥 He said, which was not what you were expecting him to say at all and so it made you very laugh. You had to cup your hand over your mouth to soften further embarrassment.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e terrible, you are.鈥 You shook your head, before returning your gaze from him and back to the flashing cameras and feeling so lucky that you got to love this crazy life with the most special human being by your side.
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marzipanandminutiaea month ago
I just want to say that your MET Gala posts are sustaining me rn. My mother asked me how I was liking the dresses and I looked at her and went "....I am whelmed. Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, just...whelmed. They are nice dresses but not MET dresses." I did not see a SINGLE sports Jersey made into a bedazzled revolutionary uniform and I am sick.
Thank you!
Honestly, events like these are always wasted on most of the attendees.
Have you ever seen photos of a historically-themed benefit gala? The guests have enough money to make Midas blush, and they're all in the most boring cocktail dresses and suits you can imagine. if the theme is 1920s, you'll get one lady in a sequined headband looking as smug as if she just showed up Billy Porter. And that's it
The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade, the Costume College Gala, conventions, and historical dances are the Met Gala for interesting people. Send tweet.
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kajukatliontopa month ago
everyone be commenting some high level shit on kim's outfit but i'm just wondering how tf she was able to see and breathe?
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catb0ycorea month ago
Tumblr media
we all know that kurt hummel would have served at the met gala
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glowdetailsa month ago
do Lorde! 鉂
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Tumblr media
lorde in bode
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etherea1itya month ago
worst met gala look?
giving me very much humpty dumpty sat on a wall
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and ofc, our favourite dementor from harry potter 鉂
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earnestdesirea month ago
If you had to go with theme of 鈥楢merican independence鈥 despite it being a bad theme, what would your outfit look like? Would you choose an American counter-culture movement or something else? I might pick a 1920s crossdressing look but I doubt anyone would get my gay references lol
Ooooh, I love this question!
(I also would love to see your 1920s crossdressing ensemble. That sounds amazing! And totally in keeping with the dress code.)
Going to the Met Gala is a BIG FAT FANTASY. I will never be invited, nor willing to pay the exorbitant ticket price ($30,000 US for a single seat this year). Never going to happen.
Since we're talking FANTASY, I like to think I'd be free to attend as an openly Romani woman. My family is largely closeted about our race; if I had actually attended the Met Gala in 2021, I'd be white-passing. I'm not sure an openly Romani woman has ever attended the Met Gala before?
That sucks! And this is a fantasy! So, let's pretend I'm attending as a Roma. I'd definitely want to do that.
I'd ask Erika Varga to design my dress.
She's the owner/designer of Romani Designs. Erika is the most famous Romani fashion designer in the world. Her clothes are jaw-dropping.
Her collections lean toward high-end daywear, so I'd definitely commission something more grandiose for the Met Gala. Something like the "Blueprint" collection, but dialed up to eleven, you know?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Going into the Gala, I really wanted to see more use of patchwork fabrics. This isn't a uniquely American concept (clearly, as Varga is Hungarian), but it calls to mind two important eras of American history: The Great Depression of the 1930s, and the hippie movement of the 1960s.
The 1960s would be my inspiration era.
The mostly white hippies of the 1960s appropriated a lot of fashion inspiration from other cultures. There were Indian and Middle Eastern influences, Black American influences, Central and South American influences... and Romani influence. A lot of it.
White hippies stole the Romani aesthetic so effectively that they rebranded some of our most traditional clothing as "hippie style."
I'd like to reclaim that. I'd like to take the look back from Rachel Zoe and Florence Welch and the Olsen Twins, among others. That'd be "American Independence" to me. I think Erika Varga would be the prefect designer to help me do that.
I might even wear a dikhlo, which is a traditional Romani headscarf. Very few American Romani women ever wear one because it's such an obvious signifier identifying you as Roma. (Most American Romani are closeted, at least some of the time.) My mother only wears them to funerals. My grandmothers only wore them on special occasions. The Met Gala is a very special occasion.
(If you're reading this, and looking for my thoughts on more Met Gala looks, you can find that right here.)
Anyway, this was fun! Thanks so much for the ask!
Keep yourself safe for me, friend.
XOXO, Earnest
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goldencuffsa month ago
What did Laurent wear to the Met Gala tonight
i have zero idea on whats fashionable--but i feel like laurent would go for something heavily structured and embroidered like this or this . and i feel like he'd wear something with a train or cape like this and this!!
and damen wouldn't wear a shirt bc he's a whore
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floverfantasya month ago
What the Ghosts would wear to the Met Gala (but there is no theme haha)
Robin - A gorgeous iridescent silver slim cut dress and trainers with a matching makeup look. You cannot change my mind.
Humphrey - Unbuttoned burgundy suit jacket with white sheer shirt and two tone trousers. (one leg black, one leg gold)
Mary - The most forward thinking and experimental dress we鈥檝e ever seen. I鈥檓 not qualified to think of anything more other than pearls are involved.
Kitty - Sparkles. Crystals. Expensive Satin. All I can say is her smile is the most important part.
Thomas - Self styled casual wear look with a cringy deeper meaning. Also lots of jewellery.
Lady Button - a very elegant full length dress, made of chiffon, organza or silk so very flowy.
Captain - a suit. A plain ol black suit. But a lovely little secret message in the lining with a pin on the lapel
Pat - a basic cut suit but in a funky colour/ pattern/ fabric
Julian - idk why but this man is giving off dark purple body suit and sheer overlay vibes. No I will not explain any further.
Alison & Mike - Matching outfits, Mike in a suit made from the same fabric as Alison鈥檚 dress.
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My Americana look inspiration
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
YESSSSSS!!!!! UNIRONICALLY where the FUCK was any american girl inspo at the gala that would have been great
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gays4thebloodgoda month ago
im just. so glad our minecrafters would never be invited to the met gala. so glad.
george would wear the black suit and wed all be tripping over ourselves to explain why its an S Tier fit when its the most bland thing in the entire world we just have brainworms
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aristocat98a month ago
I think the suit/flower situation really exposed the misogynistic/lesbophobic side of radblr. This is the most I鈥檝e seen someone critique and outfit on radblr, and not just the symbolism but the fit as well. I鈥檝e also seen people say Page has 鈥渁bandoned lesbianism鈥 for being a straight men (which Page has NEVER claimed to be)
It鈥檚 just kind of sad that so many people through aside their gender crit values as soon they get the chance to dunk on a 鈥渢roon鈥
thing is so many people had dumb or bland outfits at this goddamn gala and alleged radical feminists hold a gnc lesbian to way higher standards than the males who attended it, that's my problem. I see her constantly criticised even tho she's far from only rich person who looked meh there, and even tho technically a masculine lesbian wearing "tacky" fashion and comfortable shoes shouldn't be something to point and laugh at
it's also true male radblr orbiters seem to be having the time of their lives being allowed to mock a woman for "haha trying to be a man and failing"
my opinion in general is radblr is full of wannabe bullies who were the ones pushed around by popular kids in high school and now want to swap roles, and think they're superior for something as dumb as not being transgender which is... true for 99,06% of the population, find a better reason
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beabigshota month ago
r there seriously some people who don鈥檛 know what scp 173 is鈥.
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4x24a month ago
2018 met was peak and i guess it just went downhill from there
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