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m-i-z-u-m-o-n-o · 19 minutes ago
takiawase draws obvious conclusions between the katherine pimms, the lobotomist, and hannibal’s relationship with bella, but on a deeper level it also draws similar conclusions with hannibal’s perspective on will. like pimms, hannibal sees the ability to remove bella’s pain via a literal death, one which will release her from her hated existence of a cancer ridden body. we know that hannibal cares for bella, and he sees that his viewpoint of an unconventional approach to death will give her what she desires.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for will, however, the pain he sees in him is not so black and white. the death that will must undergo is more metaphorical. the death of who he wants to be instead of who he knows that he is, the death of what others perceive him to be. hannibal doesn’t see his drugging of will and the inducement of the seizures as harm, but a cure. he quieted his mind so that he could approach the death of himself without pain.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
much like pimms, hannibal’s treatment of bella and will are based on saving them from hopelessness. hannibal is a man who sees joy in every moment of life, even in the darkness. what he wants for his patients is similar despite it not following the normal conventions of what happiness is. what he sees is that bella can find no point in continuing an earthly existence and that will is helplessly drawn to violence while constantly hating himself for it. both of them are living in hopelessness of an inevitable.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hannibal’s sees his treatment of bella and will not as dark and sadistic but light and bright and beautiful, freeing them from one horrid existence to one of acceptance and happiness.
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moonamite-and-headcanons · 27 minutes ago
SDV au experience
Abigail: *Eats a crystal whole*
Meta Knight: "What-"
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sam-t-a · 33 minutes ago
So I have a Jang bros theory, but I could be way way off base here.
I think when Han Seok says he didn't know people cared about family, what it tells us is that he either:
A) doesn't realize he actually cares about his brother and wouldn't realize it until Han Seo's been gone for a while because his version of caring about someone (anyone) is so messed up that he can't reconcile it with what other people classify as "caring".
B) Doesn't think about it as caring about "family" because Han Seo's value doesn't come from being family, it comes from the role he plays or his function in Han Seok's life as someone who just needs to be "there" regardless of whether or not he's being useful and without any form of reciprocation.
In that sense, understanding that he needs Han Seo wouldn't translate into an understanding that he should take an equivalent person away from Vincenzo because indeed Vincenzo doesn't HAVE anyone who functions in that way. He has people about whom he genuinely cares as people, and as such he tries to keep them at arms length as much as he can to keep them safe, even if this is difficult, painful or inconvenient for him.
For example, when Vincenzo tells Chayoung, Mr. Tak and the Bye Bye Balloon people that he would be going to prove his innocence on his own, even though he is likely to need help, they're the ones who insist on joining him, and his relationships with the people he cares about continue to be meaningful and impactful to him regardless of whether or not they're physically present.
Han Seok's relationship with his brother is the opposite. When he goes to take a picture of the plaza, he tells Han Seo there's somewhere they both need to be, even though he could very well have gone on his own, and despite having just gotten furious enough at his brother to throw a blunt object at his head. And much like many psychopaths, he probably has an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality where knowing someone is "there" (in the general sense) doesn't matter much unless they're physically present.
Han Seo also sometimes slips and kind of forgets that he's supposed to be terrified, like when he pokes fun at Han Seok's "humongous" ears, implying that this sort of interaction is something that might've been a bit more commonplace at some point before they both started dealing with life or death situations on the daily. Which is not to say there wasn't torture and abuse, just a bit less so. (Han Seok, my boy, the bar's disturbingly low here)
This is one of the many reasons why I don't think Myung Hee's presence can really balance out Han Seo's absence, because her presence is predicated upon her usefulness, not because she is, in and of herself, required. And she certainly can't crack jokes at his expense. She also considers Han Seok very differently than his brother does. When something goes wrong (or right) everyone around Han Seok first has to make sure they won't be hurt because of it, but after that, Myung Hee's considerations are how it affects her and what to do about it. Her focus is mainly on what Han Seok would DO, whereas Han Seo (perhaps by virtue of the way the trauma programmed it into him, or by virtue of being a brother first, employee second) used to also consider how his brother would FEEL (disappointed? proud of me?). I say used to because we haven't really seen that in a while, but with Myung Hee, we've never seen it, and I don't think we ever will.
Now, to be fair, there is a chance that these sibling-ly contexts we see are just a necessity for filming certain scenes or have been written in such a way because there needs to be a pretext for the actors to deliver their dialogue, but I think it's unlikely given how much thought is put into their scenes together in general, and given that most of their scenes take place in a home setting rather than an office setting. The emphasis is on this being a family matter, not a business transaction.
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bitletsanddrabbles · 34 minutes ago
Phyllis Baxter Doesn’t Give A Fuck, and That’s Marvelous!
I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I’m reading (well, have read by this point) “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” No, I’m not censoring the title – the cover has a stylized ink blot where the U goes. It’s the only self help book I’ve ever read and the only one I’m ever likely to read because honestly? It’s really good. No, seriously. It’s not the smart ass nihilism you might expect from the title (in fact, it warns away from that). It’s just very down to Earth and grounding and it explains so much! Why there are wildly successful people who feel like failures! Why, no matter how much you avoid drama, you still aren’t happy! Where these mind sets came from!
….Why Phyllis Baxter is the most mentally healthy person in Downton Abbey!
No. No, really. The entire second half of the book, I had scenes from Downton going through my head, dominated by Raquel Cassidy and her freakishly beautiful eyes! (Seriously, how does anyone get eyes that pretty? Can not even!)
So since I haven’t done overly much character meta in awhile, let’s look at this a bit!
The main thing about Phyllis that stands out, that’s always stood out, that just stands out more and is easier to put into words having read the book* is that she takes responsibility for her life. The obvious example here is her insistence on owning her part in the jewelry heist rather than letting people foist the blame off on Peter Coyle, but it goes beyond that. That is something she takes responsibility for that is also her fault, but she manages, somehow, without a book telling her, to recognize that ‘responsibility’ and ‘fault’ are two difference concepts; that accepting responsibility is not the same as blaming herself; and to apply that to all aspects of her life. A better example is the Bateses getting their noses out of joint when Thomas summoned the police to talk to her. That was not her fault. The fact she was confused when she was told they wanted to talk to her should have made it pretty darn obvious to anyone that she hadn’t done the summoning. The Bateses missed that, or were just so rattled they overlooked it, or whatever, and got pissed. That was also not her fault. But it was still a thing that was happening to her, it was a part of her life, and she took responsibility for figuring out what to do about it, and she did a really good job. I mean, she could have just sat there insisting that it was Thomas’s fault for writing the letter and the Bateses’ fault for not trusting her or questioning things and that it wasn’t her fault, therefore they were responsible for fixing it. She didn’t. She sat down and solved the damn problem. The fact that life had left Thomas Barrow with a mental health level that can be reasonably classed as ‘stage for emotional cancer’ was likewise not her fault, but again, it was something she had to deal with. It was part of her life. She could easily have followed the lead of most the staff and simply let Thomas happen, but she’s way to responsible for that. She knows that’s not going to fix any problem for anyone, and she knows that while she can’t solve Thomas’s problems for him, he can’t solve them himself without a butt load of support.
She doesn’t give a fuck if the problem is her fault, she’s still going to deal with it!
Next point is that while she might tremble at the thought of public ridicule, she is not afraid of failure. Before we even meet her, she’s already failed all over the place. She failed to recognize Peter Coyle as a toxic pos. As a result, she failed at keeping her job. Once she got out of prison (which she actually seemed to succeed at, ironically), she failed at getting a new job until Thomas came along. She failed at making a deal with Thomas. She succeeded at getting out of the deal, but she failed at keeping Thomas’s trust. She failed at keeping Cora’s trust. She repeatedly failed at winning Thomas’s trust back. Heck, her aforementioned attempts to regain the trust of the Bateses failed! Not once did she let those failures stop her. Each time she took responsibility for her life and it’s problems and she tried again until, eventually, she succeeded. She won back Cora’s trust and got to keep her job. She needed Molesley’s help to repair relations with the Bateses, because you can’t always do everything yourself, but she managed. Eventually she managed to rebuild that bridge with Thomas that had been hit with napalm (before the invention of napalm! These guys are impressive!). She succeeds because she’s failed, learned from those failures, and is not afraid to fail again. It’s a straight up inspiration to anyone.
She doesn’t give a fuck if she fails, she’s gonna try anyway!
I can’t speak specifically to her core values, other than to say the seem to be pretty solid ones, because the specifics of those are very personal and very internal. She clearly values supporting people and has learned to value honesty, but that’s as far as we can go there. However, she’s also okay being average. That’s huge. She’s okay being not terribly special. She is special, of course, and she likes being appreciated, but the extremest need to be the best-and-most-loved or the worst-and-most-pitied is not her. She does not see simply living her life, known to a few close people, and then being forgotten after she dies as the ultimate failure. This frees her of most jealousy issues because she’s not focused on what she doesn’t have.  It’s brilliant.
She doesn’t give a fuck if she’s special, she’s got a life to live!
(Thomas and Edith both fail spectacularly at this one, which isn’t surprising, considering their respective lives. I mean, if they were masters of this, I’d kinda be bashing their characterization as hyper unrealistic.)
And finally, while she has been repeatedly victimized she (like a lot of true victims who get help and get out), does not go in for what the book terms Victimhood Chic, that lovely entitled view that says everything that makes you unhappy is oppression and you have the moral right to be offended by it. She doesn’t make trouble so she can have the moral high ground for a few seconds. She doesn’t dogmatically insist that she’s right and everyone else is wrong. She allows others their circumstances and view points. She tries to understand those view points rather than just insisting that other people have to try and see hers. She allows herself to move on and find new, healthier relationships with new, less toxic people rather than holding the world up to the standard of Peter Coyle.
She doesn’t give a fuck about moral superiority, there are better emotional highs than being pissed off 24/7! Like sitting on the beach listening to that nice guy you work with tell you about the book he’s reading!
She’s still not perfect, of course. She has her flaws. Everyone does. She can still be timid and get herself into less than healthy relationships. But damned if she isn’t also a hell of a role model.
* Honestly a lot of what it told me is things I already knew, it just helped to clarify them, give clear ways to talk about them, and give some suggestions on how to combat them. Not ‘fix’ them – that is too easy a word and there are no easy solutions in this thing. Combat.
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evergreenonthehorizon · 40 minutes ago
5, 8, and 21 for the writer asks?
(Feel free to ignore any you’ve already done! Hope you’re having a good one! 💙✨🌷)
Hi, B! It’s a pretty good day here. Hope you’re doing well. ❤️🥰
5. What character that you’re writing do you most identify with?
Answered here!
8. Is what you like to write the same as what you like to read?
Answered here!
21. What other medium do you think your story would work well as? (film, webcomic, animated series?)
Oh, this is fun! I haven’t really thought about it before. I guess it all depends on the fic. Would I take a LIYS movie? HECK YES. The DRAMAAAAA. Oh, man. And I think Partners in Learning could be like a cute lil animated series. All the Lights is definitely like a Hallmark movie, so that could be fun! And I play Your Soul has Crushed Mountains in my head like a movie ALL THE DAMN TIME.
So I guess...films? For the most part? Haha. (And now I feel like my ego is massive.)
These meta asks for writers are pretty cool! Come ask me some things!
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phantombs · 45 minutes ago
Self-knowledge questionnaire.
Rationality. You like clarity and intelligent simplicity and you get frustrated at messy thinking. This can make you seem unreasonably pushy to some, but it is actually a virtue: you are motivated by a horror at pointless effort and a longing for precision and insight into how things and people work. Your ability to synthesize and bring order is essential in producing thinking which is truly helpful.
Independence. You don’t set out to be different for its own sake; you are more easily guided by what interests and moves you. You are more concerned about what is right for you than about the pressure to fit in. In sex you are more aware than others of impulses which are not entirely conventional. You know the value of selective irresponsibility, of forgetting occasionally about being ‘good’.
Resilience. You have a tendency after a setback to turn your emotions towards restriving. What attracts you is the idea of wiping out a humiliation by resumed action – overcoming weakness, repressing your fear. Because part of your motive is pride, you can sometimes be unwilling to admit weakness or to receive aid. But at heart, your insistence on coming back and never folding has taught you a valuable pessimism: you know that important journeys are never easy.
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lady-writes · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Infoooooo dump!
Comics meta/ bullet notes beneath the cut. Interesting bits to me at least are bolded
TOG or Andy have a place in the Canary Islands
Andy considers her labrys to be the same as the one her "mother" gave her. She is insistent about this point. The same mother who eventually betrayed her in Force Multiplied. "There's a lot of conflicting emotions there" indeed
we were all totes right- Andy is absolutely training Nile on how to wield her labyrs
Andy puts her own era of  origin at Copper Age here
Andy’s tribe was DEFINITELY matriarchal, she was the heir of that tribe, I still have yet to see a single distinctly male character in any scene set in/with Andy’s tribe of origin
Quynh/ Noriko was the one who taught Andy the method of Handle wrapping that she uses on the shaft of her axe
Quynh/Noriko was topless as a matter of course. Prior comics implied that Andy envisioned her topless in a way that was distinctly shippy, Andy imagining her longtime lover/wife as she saw her in bed perhaps. But  here we see Quynh/Noriko shirtless in battle, as rest, in a market place etc. In the era's where this is shown its treated unremarkably, and the  only scenes where Quynh/Noriko is has her chest covered  are those where she is present in the “civilized eras”(presumably after the establishment of Rome as the major world power and the widespread cultural assumption that people who were not fully clothed were some sort of slave) I’m choosing to believe that this is a cultural choice not a gross dudes want to draw women topless one so, eras/cultures in Japan or Vietnam where it was culturally normal for women to be topless would possibly be a hint as to Quynh/Noriko’s origins
Lykon shows up too in the Andy’s Axe=Theseus’ Ship story! And in a turn that  makes me super worried about Force Multiplied ala Netflix and the possible plot of Fade Away, The way Leandro Draws Lykon in stature and profile matches the stature/profile of Quynh/Noriko’s suspiciously invulnerable Goon In The Striped Suit  😬 😬 😬
Andy’s most recent Labrys was made by a  butch looking female smith who has a labrys tattoo on her right forearm in addition to a whole lot of other pagan symbolism, so the whole Labrys as a Lesbian Symbol thing is definitely present in universe and Possibly Andy had a pagan/lesbian religious cult??? Headcanons have been based on far less
At some point in what looks like the 20s-40s Joe had a sick ass undercut. Fashion Joe is definitely a thing IMO
As of Canon timing Andy last hade her Labrys repaired about a dozen years ago
As of 1932 Berlin(November), The Guard or at least Joe and Nicky could 100% see what was going down and were already comparing it to shitty parts of bygone history. The Beer Hall Putsch happened Nov 8-9 1932. Given the fact that a fuck ton of Nazis were arrested after that I am presuming that this is in the few days before that happens since Nazis are walking around Nightclubs in uniform
Nicky is the romantic in this vignette, Joe is very much already tired of the fascism and bigotry and the presence of what appears to be one table of SS officers (shown with the ~iconic red armbands tho I’m personally not sure if that was already a thing or what it denoted other than Nazi) is enough to completely ruin the night out for Joe. Nicky’s take seems to be we’ve seen it before we’ll see it again, can we please enjoy date night this is a lovely club
Apparently Joe has a THING for blowing their cover to save people leading to (apparently only) the two of them to have to flee somewhere long enough to be forgotten. Examples given are
a young man (possibly gay?) who had a art studio in Genoa. Joe walked thru a burning pyre to save him Nicky had to avoid his hometown for a century
A soldier saved from the firing squad after a card game in Not! Montreal
A ‘lesbian or possibly trans coffeehouse owner in London who was left to die in the stocks (Joe appears to visibly be in drag in this panel)
2 separate incidents in “Zanzibar”, one while it was still a sultanate,  not expanded upon and one involving a night club in Cannes Italy approx. 1887, a young male prostitute and a drunken sailor, the sailor ended up dead (”And what did we do with the drunken sailor?” ”I believe you cut his throat”)
DESPITE ALL THIS (2 full pages of times Joe’s inability to leave injustice alone) when a Nazi makes a disparaging remark at both of of them (Nicky- debasing yourself by being gay & p.much calling joe a dog for being nonwhite) Nicky is the one who draws attention and immediately attempts to finish what the Nazi chud started
The owner of the club sympathizes with them laments that they arrived in berlin late to the party so to speak, clocks them as foreign and she asks where they call home to which Joe says that have not called anywhere home for a long time (pre-Malta?)
Joe says he wants to leave to go commit a crime, Nicky gives an interested look. The crime ends up being dancing which Nicky seems slightly let down by and Joe calls the loveliest crime he has ever committed
Their moment is interrupted by the sound of a screaming woman and Nicky is exasperated when Joe does exactly the thing that Nicky accused him of early by going to intervene
Joe gets to attack a Nazi with his bare hands, the adorable hug *GROWL* apparently has a combat variant (This is possibly my favorite detail in this story)
Joe is v. pissed still that they cant have one night out with out someone/thing being scummy.
Joe and Nicky Both get killed in the attempt to help the woman that the nazi (same one from the club) was attacking
The Nazi ends up getting killed by the club owner who is either a transwoman or a crossdresser (terminology???? 😬) She refers to Joe and Nicky as Angels (technically for a second time) She makes a Dorian Gray reference, She is the young prostitute from Zanzibar approx. 50 years down the road
My takeaways?
Andy is way more sentimental than I think fandom is giving her credit for. Its pretty much out right stated that she kept as much of her mothers axe as possible for as long as possible. The leather of the original was still preesent if largely rotted off when Andy met Quynh, which we know came at least 3k years down the line.  Andy cared for that weapon and still does, its arguable that it might be the last thing she has of her people?
I really want to know what Rucka’s origin for Quynh/Noriko is. This is not an excessive nudity comic. When its shown its generally informative, and if that isnt gonna happen then its only alluded to. Quynh/Noriko is hands down the most purposefully mysterious character in this comic so far and I want to know WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY. 
I want Andy to have been Saphho so bad at this point ya’ll or like Artemis, SOMETHING. GIVE ANDROMACHE THE SCYTHIAN THE PAGAN LESBIAN CULT SHE DESERVES 
Andy’s matriarchal roots combined with Nile’s axe training and Nile taking over the team at the end of Force Multiplied really does have me thinking that either This is the story of the Last Days of Andromache the Scythian or This is the story of how a black girl from the south side of Chicago became the heir to a 6500 year old warriors legacy and the leader of and Immortal strike team in a nice little bow. I like both personally even if the first will almost certainly break my heart. I know it can be both and the odds are high that its both. But given how tired Andy is shown to be in the comics and the movie, and how her fear of being alone drives her in Force Multiplied and the way that so many of these stories end up being about family and the way we see her her here training Nile not just in the blade but in her history too; I think the ending that would make me most happy is Quynh and Andy retiring to some wildly remote place and just living in peace until the heat death of the universe. speaking of...
I think Lykon is alive 😬 and I’m low key terrified that he’s gonna be the End Boss. Low Key terrified mostly for the implications of Michael Ward one of 2 black men in the cast being set up as the Final Villain in some way. Its purely casting based and the comic sets it up far better than the movie though 2O2G could easily fix that.  Abandonment and Betrayal are kinda massive themes in this story and it would suit very well, but i want Lykon, the beam of sunshine!!! Michael Ward is such a pretty man and I don’t want to see him be a bad guy 
Nicky Fights for Joe and Joe Fights for Everyone Else. Nicky goes along to keep Joe Happy/Safe. I’ve been pretty firm in my Nicky is the coldest of cold bitches headcanon, but I am planting my feet firm in this ground now.  Whether its the casual cruelty of being born Nobility in the 1000′s or the  casual cruelty of being born dirt poor in the 1000′s or the  casual cruelty of growing up in the early Catholic Church where some people were just damned and there was nothing to be done for it, I think Nicky has a grimmer view on life out of the 2 of them. It has happened Before and it will happen Again. Maybe its some sort of belief in predestination (like destiny...) but I think that Nicky is content to tow along doing what he thinks is the right thing for as long as he has because its all he can do. And I think that mindset makes him a colder person because he’s not going to be the one who bursts out of his lovers embrace and sprints away at the sound of a person in peril. There are people in peril everywhere and he knows that he can’t help all of them.
Its very likely that the guard run into people who knew them without ever recognizing it. Gender presentation aside, the young hustler outside the night club in italy and the aging owner of the nightclub in Germany, bear 0 major resemblance to each other. Of course most people will write that sort of thing off, but there are plenty that wont. I doubt Kozak will come back up in the 2O2G because her counter part is swiftly killed in the comics, but I do think that the Guard is gonna get found out. People live longer and there’s a solid 169 years between the advent of photography as a common tool and the introduction of Copely to the team. I doubt he found every photograph of the team in existence or every copy for that matter. And the “danger” of being recognized by someone whose face you forgot decades ago is still real. Nicky and Joe don’t recognize the owner of the club until she tells them when they met, and is just so happened that they were reminiscing that night so her memory was a little fresh. Its no stretch of the imagination to think that someone with less neutral motives could wreak havoc with that sort of happenstance.  
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evergreenonthehorizon · an hour ago
I know we’ve all spent a lot of time positing what the Southern Water Tribe’s betrothal item(s) would be. This is my take on it.
Rewatching ATLA, I’ve noticed that Katara starts wearing her hair down once they reach the Fire Nation. I’m sure there are any number of explanations for it. I myself first thought, “Oh, well, she’s just trying to fit in with Fire Nation folk.” But then I thought of Ty Lee and her braid and that started me off down this headcanon I’ve developed regarding Katara’s hair.
My theory is that braids are for young girls in the Southern Water Tribe. Girls who haven’t reached the age of majority. But when they reach the age of majority, they wear their hair half up, the way Katara does. In my mind, the age of majority for girls in the Southern Water Tribe is fifteen. Which would mean (in my own personal headcanon) that Katara is fifteen by the end of the war. This also makes sense if you believe that most waterbenders are born in winter. If the seasons and hemispheres in the world of ATLA work the way ours do, then the fact that they’re in the Fire Nation by summer would mean that Katara has turned fifteen because it is winter in the South Pole. Thus, Katara wearing her hair half up (as she does for the remainder of the series) means that she has reached the age of majority in the Southern Water Tribe!
I then theorize that women in the Southern Water Tribe wear their hair this way until they settle on the person they want to marry. When they’ve decided, they then wear their hair in some kind of updo as a signal to their tribe and that person. If that person reciprocates, they present her with a set of beads for her to wear in her new hairstyle. This makes the process of getting engaged in the Southern Water Tribe one of much more equal footing that the tradition of betrothal necklaces in the Northern Water Tribe.
Following that, women wear their hair up for as long as they are married. Nobody aside from their S.O. and children is ever supposed to see them with their hair down again as it’s considered too intimate.
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diasporatheblog · an hour ago
Oh my god I feel like such an idiot I sent an ask talking about the duel in chapter 4 a little while ago where I said my stat spread was 1,2,3,4,5 but there's only 4 stats! Sorry about that, I meant to say my stats were 1,2,4,5.
Hey anon. We’ve discovered that the duel in its incarnation, with its reliance on a mix of combat and personality variables, is just straightforwardly unwinnable for some PCs. It’s on the list of things for us to look at/possibly rework before beta testing, but for the moment there may not be a way for your PC to win it. 
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mexicancat-girl · an hour ago
Sooo I read your take on the bakugou vs uraraka in the sports festival. i personally agree that you’re right when it comes to bakugou being overpowered (like when he fought todoroki, his quirk shouldn’t have worked at all with all the ice) and the fact that the females here are underrated and are not written well enough. Also I hate that fan service scene with the cheerleading outfits. However when you called him entitled and said that the narrative is favoring him, i dont agree there. horikoshi has made it blatantly clear that he wrote bakugou with the intent of making fans hate him on purpose. It’s why he’s portrayed as such a asshole in the first place, then horikoshi proceeds to show us that bakugou has complexity later on. He basically wants to humiliate him and make him slowly see his errors, and then basically give him slow character development, which is apt for bakugou since he’s been like this for 15 years. Like you said, bakugou logically should have been tired out near ochako’s fight, owing to quirk weaknesses and all, but honestly, it would also be unlikely for bakugou-trained-since-the-minute-i-got-my-quirk to also lose to ochako, owing to the fact that she wasnt as experienced as him or as physically fit, also for her to win by fighting a “weak” bakugou would make fans claim sexism too due to the fact that he still had to be weak for her to win. Also having him win again would have the same issue. So I didnt mind bakugou winning, and appreciated that ochako did her utter best to do so and nearly won, which I felt was a realistic move by horikoshi to avoid as much as possible a sexist situation. Tho not gonna lie, why isnt there another female like bakugou or todoroki in this class? Makes me upset thinking about it but like you said, horikoshi cant write good female characters, so he does as much to avoid so.  Unlike miraculous ladybug which has so much crap going on with so called female strong leads and is slowly becoming so cringey to watch.
Horikoshi may claim he writes Bkugo for fans to hate him…But Bkugo is literally a fan favorite. He keeps getting top 3 in the popularity polls, if not outright winning them. 
Bkugo is Izuku’s childhood friend/rival, making him a core part of the series. He’s inescapable if you consume the media (manga, anime, promo materials). He’s presented as an equal to Izuku, and yet never once actually respects Izuku as a person. But Izuku keeps making excuses for him, as do the other characters, painting him in a better light than what’s actually shown.
Bkugo keeps having very small glimmers of moments where it seems like he’s learning from his mistakes. But then he goes right back to square one. 
(rest under cut)
During the license exam, he storms off on his own because of his belief he’s better by himself. He ends up having a plan to work with Kaminari and Kirishima, but only because they followed him and put themselves in a dangerous situation alongside him. Then during the last phase of the exam, he tries to take things on his own again, which results in him not getting his license. 
Which is a great moment, it seems like he’s getting actual development here! He has to work on remedial exams, puts some ounce of teamwork into getting his license…but it’s all for his own benefit. Everyone praises him over out of their asses over how he’s changed during the training with 1-B, but he still treats everyone like shit. He just sees the benefit of using people on his teams to help him instead of tearing them all down, because he can’t win if he does that. 
He still makes everything about himself. Even when something doesn’t revolve around him, he keeps inserting himself into the narrative. He forces more of Izuku’s secrets from him, forces himself to be there when Izuku talks to All Might about One For All, not for Izuku’s benefit, but because he feels entitled to know about Izuku’s quirk. Even during a discussion which should center around Izuku asking questions and finding out more about his legacy and quirk, Bkugo takes the reigns and takes nearly all agency away from Izuku.
As for the Sports Festival, Bkugo would get more humbled by losing. It would show both Bkugo and the viewers that not just offense-based Quirks (or the male characters) are capable of winning fights. Things like planning and pacing yourself can help just as much. Which would tie into Izuku not knowing how to control OFA during that stage as well, using his mind and ingenuity to get himself to the Third Round without needing his Quirk. It would’ve worked really well narratively! And tied things together!
It also would’ve provided more tension for Bkugo if he’d lost the Sports Festival. When he’s kidnapped, the LOV could’ve used that loss in order to entice him to join them. The only reason he didnt join was because he thought they were ‘losers’, both because All Might stopped the USJ attack and Bkugo has a strong quirk that won him the Sports Festival. If he’d lost, he’d be vulnerable and have had do show some struggle over whether he was going to take up their offer, and gotten some character growth from that. Because he’s cocky and strong, we already know from the beginning he isn’t going to actually accept their offer in canon.
As for Horikoshi’s lack of female characters–especially those that actually battle or do anything significant to the plot–I’m not 100% surprised. Shonen anime in general has a bad track record of writing female characters, if they’re included at all in the narrative. 
My problem is that Horikoshi has a decent cast of female characters with unique powers, and he goes out of his way to sexualize them and make them damsels/nearly useless in fights and scenes that actually further the plot. Just. Goddamn, let the female characters actually do something instead of standing around being support for the male characters, or having catfights with female villains (ala Ochaco with Toga). 
Even Ochaco, the main female character of the series, barely gets any development other than “struggling with crush on Izuku” and “I saw someone die and don’t want that to happen again”. Izuku, Shoto, and Bkugo get entire character arcs and countless chapters devoted to them, and we only get a few pages for Ochaco, if we’re lucky.
Miraculous Ladybug is another beast entirely ngl. I’m not going to touch that for now.
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diaesque · an hour ago
      based on the throughly embarrassing conversation daphne has with simon on their wedding night  (  in the books  )  the moment she learns that baby a is in fact a girl  ,  she determines that when amelia comes of age  ,  she’s going to give her the most precise account of what the ‘marital act’ is  .  she finds it completely preposterous that mothers send their daughters out into the world wildly unprepared  .
     also on that note  ,  when she returns to london after her honeymoon  ,  if eloise asked  ,  daphne would tell her  (  as well as frannie and hyacinth once they’re older  )  what sex is  ,  and how babies are made  .  it might even become a tradition that daphne takes over giving the sex talk in the family  .
Tumblr media
“𝘖𝘩, 𝘋𝘢𝘱𝘩𝘯𝘦,” 𝘩𝘦 𝘨𝘢𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘥, “𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘢 𝘭𝘰𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘯.” “𝘞𝘦𝘭𝘭, 𝘐 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘱𝘶𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵,” 𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘨𝘳𝘶𝘮𝘣𝘭𝘦𝘥. 𝘙𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺, 𝘪𝘧 𝘱𝘦𝘰𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘯'𝘵 𝘴𝘰 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘰𝘯 𝘬𝘦𝘦𝘱𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘨 𝘸𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘯 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘺 𝘪𝘨𝘯𝘰𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘰𝘧 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘳𝘪𝘢𝘨𝘦, 𝘴𝘤𝘦𝘯𝘦𝘴 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘣𝘦 𝘢𝘷𝘰𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘥.
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evergreenonthehorizon · an hour ago
23 for the Meta ask?
Hi, darling! Hope you’re having a lovely day!
23. What’s the story idea you’ve had in your head for the longest?
Answered here but I can share a little more.
Essentially, Zuko works at a school with a loathsome pedagogy. So he quits and transfers to one where the rest of the Gaang work as teachers. Katara doesn’t trust him because of where he came from, but, eventually, there is lots of ❤️ between the two of them. I really love the idea of this story, but the subplot is killing me and I can’t seem to get it to clarify itself yet. It involves Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. I know that. But it’s just...stuck in research and development at this point.
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mrsmarymorstan · an hour ago
Hell Yeah Demon Slayer Movie finally announced for release in the UK on 26th May!!! And I SHOULD have had my second COVID Vaccine by then too? So that means I can go see it safely =D
My local Cinema has an IMAX so I might see if I can get tickets to see it in that, but it's Sub Only and I'm more of a Dub Girl...
HOWEVER that would also be a good test to see if my surgery has been effective and I can ready subtitles again without issue xD
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evergreenonthehorizon · an hour ago
3 & 14 for the meta ask?
Thanks for dropping in to ask things, pal! 🥰
3. What is that one scene that you’ve always wanted to write but can’t be arsed to write all of the set-up and context it would need? (consider this permission to write it and/or share it anyway)
Answered here!
14. At what point in writing do you come up with a title?
It typically happens towards the end of writing a fic. Of course, if I haven’t written the whole thing yet (as is the case for fics like Covered, All the Lights, and Wind-Songs) then it has to come once I’ve finished the first chapter. That first chapter sets the tone which then gives me a good idea of how to name the fic.
These meta asks for writers are pretty cool! Come ask me some things!
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gofancyninjaworld · an hour ago
OPM Manga Chapter 144 Review: Jupiter
There's a joke that tells of a hunter, who about to be devoured by a bear, prays to God and asks Him to make the bear a Christian. Only to watch in horror as the bear takes a moment to pray and give thanks to God for the meal it was about to receive. In giving the chapter the same title as one of Holtz's most famous works, you have to consider for whom the jolly time is intended.
Lots more under the cut: be warned, this is a rough chapter.
Tumblr media
Well, it's a jolly time all right: for the monsters. The chapter opens to Homeless Emperor 'conducting' a dense skein of light balls at Tatsumaki, chasing her hither and thither.
Tumblr media
Tatsumaki manages to decoy the light stream and comes to find where Fubuki was. She's in god awful shape, literally more kept upright by spite than any actual physical strength. Finishing off Psykos-Orochi has wrung her dry. Despite Fubuki pleading with her to not go back alone, Tatsumaki instead binds Fubuki, Bang, and Bomb and returns to battle.
As Fubuki collapses in despair, Genos quietly gets up, finds where he'd stashed his designer jacket and we're treated to the incongruous sight of a naked guy draping a clothed woman in clothes, but the gesture isn't lost on us. Yes, despite having been on death's door just a few minutes ago, Genos intends to go back to help Tatsumaki, even if it means being her shield.
Tumblr media
Bang follows along to lend his strength, wondering as he does so just what is up with this young man's seemingly inexhaustible appetite for self-destruction. He hasn't been privy to Genos's thoughts (but more on that in the meta).
Forgive me: I'm contractually obligated to include this panel!
Tumblr media
Gums has wasted no time in grabbing Tank Top Master and Pig God saves him by ramming into the monster. They recover only to realise that their problems have taken yet another turn for the worse: Fuhrer Ugly is standing over the mercenaries. As they watch, he picks one of them up and starts pulling the hapless man to pieces. Tatsumaki stops him from smashing his victim to pieces, giving Pig God the chance to swallow the mercenaries and Tank Top Master to hurl Pig God clean out of the battlefield.
Fuhrer Ugly is so enraged at losing his prey that he breaks free of Tatsumaki's bind, hurling her into a large slab of rubble and knocking her clean out (at least we hope she's just knocked out). He pours his range onto Tank Top Master, smashing the latter's arms, then the hero's entire body as Tank Top Master continues to defy him. Then Gums eats him.
We leave the chapter to Fuhrer Ugly approaching Tatsumaki with some evil intention in mind. I really, really do not like where this could be going.
By the by, the Council of Swordmasters, Spring Mustachio in tow, have now arrived at the scene. We have yet to see what contribution they have to make. I hope it's not to become yet more victims!
Tumblr media
'like a curse laid across her heart'
I was so glad to see Fubuki try to reach Tatsumaki and get some more background on the sisters -- it feels apposite here. Like all things between these two sisters, their problems with each other began a long time ago. I have remarked before that one welcome change from the webcomic is that in the manga, Fubuki hasn't been so scared of her sister as to refuse to come out at all because she's more scared of Tatsumaki than she is of the monsters. It's not that she hasn't fear of what her sister can do, but between the terrible state that Tatsumaki is in and the way Saitama has challenged her to actually be strong (as opposed to delude herself with its trappings), Fubuki is doing her best to protect Tatsumaki, trying her best to have her sister understand that she's not alone in this. Call me sentimental, but I got a couple of tears in my eye.
Tumblr media
Helping people in need is an easy thing to say and a rewarding thing to do, but there is a very toxic corollary to it: it's all too easy to divide the world between helpers and helpees and never shall the twain meet. When one makes such a distinction, it very quickly becomes a shameful thing to need help. Even in mutual aid associations, you find volunteers who won't avail themselves of aid even though they need it, because they see themselves as the helpers. An equally troublesome thought strain is there are people who are too strong/smart/competent/etc. to need help. Tatsumaki has received a double dose of the toxic culture around receiving help, both Blast's exhortation that the strong shouldn't look to receive help *and* the reluctance to ask for help from others that'd have come anyway from being betrayed by her parents.
Tumblr media
It's very easy to think of weaker heroes, like Mumen Rider, getting help from stronger heroes, but Genos has looked at Fubuki trying to reach her sister and come to a more radical decision: that no one is undeserving of help, even if they're stronger. Yes, he has been helping Tatsumaki since the beginning -- almost by default as he's the only one who has been available enough, strong enough, and versatile enough to do so. However, now he's explicitly decided that this is what he's going to do as Saitama's disciple, even though you can see that he's aware that he's in for a world of hurt. He hasn't much left to give (safely), but he's going to give it all, even if it means doing it alone -- thankfully Bang comes along.
Tumblr media
Those famous words of his from the webcomic being included was welcome, but how much more mature and considered the sentiment behind them is... hoo, goosepimples. Little by little, he's growing up. Please don't die here.
dauntless courage
If heroes are brave, then the reason that they have to be so has to be clear. We've long known that monsters positively enjoy making people suffer, but Fuhrer Ugly takes it to that whole new levels of nastiness. If people were thinking that ONE had gone soft in having Iaian save the mercenaries from Amai Mask, perhaps we should have asked what he'd saved them for. It's grisly watching Fuhrer Ugly rip off Nori's arm like he's a cheap articulated doll.
Tumblr media
Normally the sight of a fat guy gobbling up a bunch of people and rolling up to be launched like a ball should be a funny sight. In this context, it's a desperate and incredible move that tells us both how brave and selfless the heroes are under fire and how amazing they physically are. It's not even slightly funny here.
Tumblr media
And the horrific punishment Fuhrer Ugly metes out to Tank Top Master for defying him is the stuff of nightmares. That too is part of being a hero: there's a damn good reason most people don't act heroically as the backlash is often outrageous. I'm hoping against hope for Tank Top Master and hoping that help arrives pretty damn quick for both him and Tatsumaki.
If you wanted to understand why these monsters were described by Sludge Jellyfish as 'miraculous creations', you have your answer. Completely evil, freakishly strong and full of surprises, they're not easily quelled by normal means. Yes, they wouldn't have been long for this world if Tatsumaki was in good shape, BUT YOU FIGHT A WAR WITH THE TROOPS YOU HAVE. With the most troublesome heroes now ground down and the rest scattered, they're wasting no time in laying waste. Even though there's no love lost between the monsters, they have a strategy of sorts.
Things are looking bad for the heroes right now.
Incidentally, manga chapters 143 and 144, as well as webcomic chapter 140 have all had a slumped and bleeding figure as their final panel. I really do not like where ONE is going.
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asamandra · an hour ago
Booker refuses to help bring in the rest of his team all at once, because he doesn't want them to find out that he's working with Copley. So he proposes a compromise; he'll set up situations where Kozak can get members of the guard alone, as long as they act quickly and leave him seeming uninvolved. The first one he manages to get alone is Nicky.
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amarriageoftrueminds · an hour ago
aND ANOTHER THING in pre-war Steve fics:
You cannot have Steve 'Socialist' Rogers living in BROOKLYN going to GAY BARS with a friend who works on the DOCKS, picking fights with BULLIES
and NOT have him run up against gangsters I mean they RAN the joint
Bucky & Steve, bloody & covered in bruises, accidentally getting into a fight with the Wrong Man, and getting pulled into the back office of Area Terrifying-Mob-Boss
Bucky realising what he is and thinking 'oh shit he's literally going to kill us'
but instead, said MobBoss is so amused by Steve's Catholic Moxie & Bucky's boxing that he takes a shine to them and ends dismissing them with a laugh??
OR, (since the ruling outfit at the time was an alliance of Italian & Jewish mobsters; aka the Kosher Nostra) consider:
Jewish Bucky sweet-talking him and Steve out of a tight spot involving mafia thugs by posing as a higher-ranking Jewish gangster??
There’s so much juicy stuff you could get into! 
Steve could have been caught in shoot-outs down at Coney Island, clashes between gays and corrupt Irish police in the Heights, mobsters trying to violently crush longshoremen strikes or attempts to unionise (in Steve’s day that anti-socialism would’ve been coming from the greedy criminals, not just the government), bootlegging and smuggling (before he was 15)! Honestly there’s so much excitement missed out when you don’t include the mob! 
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