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suzukiblu · 4 days ago
Headcanons for @becauseforoncethisisme: Mirabel adjusting after the events of the movie.
For starters, Mirabel gets a proper bedroom as opposed to just staying in the nursery. It's very weird for her, actually, and it's not really as fancy as the other bedrooms, but everyone who needs to fit into it can fit into it as needed, and it tends to reflect the guests to make them feel more comfortable. Mirabel usually knows when to expect people by the way her decor suddenly changes.
She spends a lot of time running around after various sisters/cousins to make sure they're not overworking themselves or stressing themselves out, and actually gets in most of her own downtime via forcing other people to take their own. No, Isabela, we don't need that many flowers today. No, Luisa, the donkeys can wait. No, Dolores, it's fine to let Abuela and our parents figure out what's going on by themselves. No, Antonio, the jaguar is fine where they are. CAMILO, JUST NO.
After a certain achieved-at-a-reasonable-pace wedding, the nursery that Mirabel is no longer sleeping in randomly starts decorating itself. Dolores refuses to acknowledge this fact in any way other than blushing but Mariano is super hype about it. Mirabel immediately starts making a baby blanket and some cute little stuffed toys. She's very excited to have more little kids in the fam to spoil and will be producing SO many baby clothes. Seriously, no one else will need to do anything, there will be an entire WARDROBE made by the time it is needed.
Mirabel and Bruno bond more. Mirabel gets very good at helping him not get overstimulated or overwhelmed, he gets very good at letting her talk things out at him, and they both get very good at reading each other. She's one of the people he trusts most with his visions, and he's one of the people she trusts to best support her when she needs it.
Mirabel and Alma get much closer, and Mirabel is occasionally baffled by being asked things she never would've been asked before or being relied on for things she wouldn't have previously been trusted with. She BLOSSOMS under said asking/relying, though, and loves every minute of it. It utterly, UTTERLY fails to occur to her that Alma is grooming her to be the next head of the family, though, even though literally everyone else is already down with the idea.
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loveismyrevolution · 4 years ago
??? Why Mary ???
Why it had to be Mary’s voiceover at the end of TFP
After my last meta on Mary’s final speech and the comments on that, I guess it’s important to have a closer look on why it has to be MARY, who made these final words of TFP!!
Many of you were angry and disappointed, that these words were spoken by Mary. That she was the one to give John and Sherlock a sort of permission to become “what they could become”….
But I see some potential here to make sense of it! But this a multi-layered problem!
First of all the problem why this character of why Mary had to get such an amount of space in this adaptation of Sherlock Holmes! I’ll just have a short look at this so I can go on with the initial issue quickly.  There recently was a post of @moffat-rocks (here) that helped me understand the use of Mary’s! Therefor we first have to think about why the writers maybe chose, not to introduce the main characters as gay…. I’ll recite here some thoughts of moffat-rocks:
Why Not Make It Canon From The Start?
There is an argument to be made that the writers should have just introduced John and Sherlock as canonically gay/bi from the get go. 
And, without trying to make excuses, I think it was a writing choice not to do that. Staying close to the books, Moffat and Gatiss went for portraying Sherlock Holmes as a wannabe-sociopath, who has no real concept of romance and views any emotions as a weakness that he pretends he has risen above. 
John Watson actually mirrors this by being highly empathetic on the one hand, but even less in touch with his emotions than Sherlock, bottling up grief, trauma, vulnerability - and possibly bisexual tendencies. (Hence the constant stressing of “I’m not gay.”) 
What I’m trying to say is: The writers didn’t choose to make John and Sherlock straight. They made them emotional shipwrecks who barely know what to do with themselves. They didn’t make them not gay, they just made them “not there yet”.  And I think, in a way, getting “there” is the heart of the entire series. 
So the interessting part for me concerning Mary is: they chose deliberately to make them not not-gay but “emotinal shipwrecks” (what makes extremely sense to me) to stay close to canon and let them develop from here on! Sherlock has feelings and is emotional week, but tries to cover it with “sociopath”-behaviour and has no concept of romance! John is emotional brocken by the war and trying to bottle his trauma (and who knows what else! What do we actually know about John?) up and does not know what do to with himself!
What I’m trying to say is: They both needed Mary and her marriage with John as an “experiment of heteronormativity” to come to their conclusions and to dig up burried feelings!!
Why they made the choice and wrote the part of “villain Mary”, the forgiveness, the redemption arc, the (tragic??) death, ecetera…. isn’t yet that clear to me… But my assumption is that it definitely supports the difficult emotional developpement of John and Sherlock! It made it all much more tricky to come to terms and figure it out!! But it was a very good way to show their unconditional trust and loyalty towards each other! Actually it emphasised the depth of their relationship and pointed out that this more than just “best friends”!!
This is though my way to accept Mary as an ideed not loved but necessary part of the story arc of Sherlock and also for the development of Johnlock!!!
But now let’s return to the voicover at the end of TFP!!
To begin with I’ll point out the necessarity on the surface level: This level shows what on the surface is told, the story casuals would see, without digging to deep in subtext, just the “Oh, Sherlock…yeah, I’ve seen that! Good show!”-level… On this superficial level (but including the intention of Johnlock of course…it’s always and forever Johnlock!!!) it is very important for both of them, that it is MARY telling them, that they can carry on! Sherlock needs it to make peace with his guilt about her death! He’s still intimidated by John’s reaction and that he blamed Sherlock for Mary’s death! Even if John took it back and said otherwise in TLD, Sherlock would always blame himself for causing John so much pain and for his failure to keep his vow! He has to hear it from Mary her self, that he is forgiven, that it is okay to carry on, that she appreciates who he is and what he is doing and that she knows he belongs to John! He makes peace with her, can be reassured about this part of his past! Even though John. Our trusthworthy “I’m broken and guilty because I texted with another woman”-John couldn’t carry on with any other person than Mary after these events that ended his marriage so tragically! He still carries this feelings of guilt because he never could confess to living Mary!!! He wants to be the man he assumes Mary wanted him to be. Therefor he needs her to allow him to be with Sherlock! He needs to know that she always knew his feelings, that this is part of the man, she thought he was! Because than he is allowed to be like that!! He can “go the hell on with that”!! And also that it is okay for her that he keeps on solving crimes with Sherlock, even if Rosie is in his life, even if he made a vow to take care of her!!! So he is allowed to pick up his old life with Sherlock! He couldn’t have done that without her permission!!!
That’s why it was very important that it had to be MARY to speek this words! No one else than Mary could have given them this permission, could reassure them both, that it is okay!! No one else could have set them free!!
And second level, the level of symbolism and metaphors is much more difficult and much less obvious! Here I go with the reading of @ebaeschnbliah, that Mary is, even as all the other villains, a part of Sherlock’s deamons of his past. ebaeschnbliah recently posted and commented some things, to make this level clear ( X X X X X)…GO AND READ!! It opens a new view on the show!!! But for my subject it is most of all the mirror meta on Sherlock and Mary I’m relying on!!  I will have a try to explain it here as well, but don’t hesitate to contact for further discussion! Because from here on it is very much personal reading and interpretation…
This metaphorical level of reading is based on the EMP theory (if you’re not familiar with it check out here) and symbolic reading of the whole show! This includes that all villains are sort of Sherlock’s mirrors, or more symbolic part of his character! This is meant as that these villains embody the deamons he has to fight on his journey to become the good man he used to be!! In ebaeschnbliah’s reading Mary embodies Sherlock former character, the pre-Reichenbach-Sherlock, the “highfunctioning sociopath”, selfish, calculating, hiding secrets,…! This based on the high level of mirroring each other, that suggests, that they are actually the same, two parts of the same character, two sides of a medal… Reading everything with this metaphor (Mary = Sherlock’s former self) in mind and assuming everything takes part in Sherlock’s mind (EMP) it would be like this (very short-cut and not totally thought through!!!): This former part of Sherlock was the one that has fallen in love with John, but it’s no pure love but possesive and selfish and this part would go on with his destructive lifestyle. Real time Sherlock has changed after TRF, get’s in conflict with his former self and risks to lose John (it nearly even kills him = Mary shooting Sherlock), because Sherlock thinks the former Sherlock is what John likes and he has to leave it that way!! But in the redemption/death scene of Mary Sherlock realizes, that he has to let go this former self, that he has to allow himself to be the new Sherlock for John, that it is even needed that that part is away to carry on and take the next step!! He allows himself to change! Even read the words Mary is speaking with the Mary=Sherlock in mind like in this post of @isitandwonder!! He also imagines trust-issue-John to be frightened/angry but most of all self-conscious about this developpment! But by the feeling of nearly losing Sherlock again, he would be able to take a step towards Sherlock! He also can let go his mental image of Sherlock as he was pre-Reichenbach, confess things, make peace with the past and look forward…
With this metaphorical reading in mind the final voiceover makes much more sense! I wrote about it here in “Mary’s speech in Sherlock’s mind”! Because it all takes place in Sherlock’s mind then! He’s talking to himself! Allowing himself to move on and even though stay who he is … he is good the way he is! And in symbolical/metaphorical reading it is his former self that can let go, that allows him to move on! He’s taking farewell to his former self … he has changed, he IS definitely moving on!! To become what he always should have been!!
I’m convinced we will never see Mary again! She fulfilled her duty in this storyline and John and Sherlock's character arc! And by this time I’m convinced that we needed this storyline to come to this point! Without that they wouldn’t be able to carry on! Both of them are just by now able to take the next step and we never have been closer to a relationship between John and Sherlock in which way ever!!
So this got rather long…sorry! But I hope I could make my point!! Thanks for reading!! And I would love to here your thoughts on this!!
@gosherlocked @ebaeschnbliah @isitandwonder @tjlcisthenewsexy @monikakrasnorada @yan-yae @longsnowsmoon5 @tendergingergirl @may-shepard @marcespot @shawleyleres @impatient14 @skulls-and-tea @thanangst (sorry tag seems not to work) @multivariate-madness
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suzukiblu · 7 days ago
I finished the Bruno fic I was working on but I refuse to post it at an hour no one is on so here, have some random Madrigal headcanons instead!
Five seconds after everyone finds out that little Dolores has insanely accurate super-hearing and very little capacity to keep a juicy secret, a MYSTERIOUS obsession with sign language pops up in town. There's like, one dude who knows it fluently and EVERYONE IMMEDIATELY NEEDS TO SPEAK WITH HIM. EVERYONE. Over the years people calm down about the possibility of Dolores overhearing things, but there is still a pretty big swathe of people who only have certain conversations in sign language, that is still definitely a thing.
Camilo occasionally forgets what his face looks like and just needs a moment to sort of stare blankly into the distance and try to remember how to do a factory reset on himself. He shapeshifts so frequently that his own face doesn't even particularly feel like it's his own anyway. He has a tendency to mirror other people while he's talking to them and is pretty good at passing as other people in general. Everyone knows this, so as little kids frequently the "yeah you saw me do it but I don't wanna get in trouble for it" excuse was "it was CAMILO, not me!!" This would have worked way less often if not for the fact that at least fifty percent of the time it WAS actually Camilo.
Mirabel has so much random mismatched embroidery on her clothes because she used to get left behind a lot while everyone else did their daily "walk around town and be helpful" jaunts. You can only sweep a magic courtyard so many times before it gets boring, especially when her dad and Felix were both home to do a share of the chores too. The embroidery kept her hands busy, at least, and she didn't have to think so hard about how she could be helping too, if only someone would let her. She just got very, very carried away with it, because there was a LOT to not be thinking about back in those days.
The town really did rely very heavily on the Madrigals for things they could've probably figured out how to do themselves, and a lot of new interests and careers are discovered during Casita's rebuilding. Most people would still rather bother Julieta about a broken bone but they don't run to her for every little scrape and cut anymore, plus they get a better grip on their donkeys so Luisa isn't always chasing them down and start figuring out decent irrigation systems instead of asking Pepa to come over and rain on their crops all the time.
Bruno collects his prophecy tiles and sorts them by "bad", "not too terrible", "got someone mad at me", and the occasional and very rare "really nice, actually, must not sabotage". Nobody else can tell the difference between most of them but he lets the kids look through them sometimes and ask him questions about them. Usually his answer is either not helpful or mildly depressing. He absolutely REFUSES to let anyone see the nice prophecies until they've already happened. Occasionally he will break this rule for Mirabel, but that's pretty much it.
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suzukiblu · 11 days ago
Encanto headcanons for @twird96, who wanted interactions from one of the sibling sets. I picked the triplets, because of course I did.
The triplets, obviously, have no memories of Pedro. They always played in front of the portrait of him when they were little, although none of them ever actually wondered where said portrait came from for YEARS until one day bb!Julieta was like “. . . wait, where could this POSSIBLY be from, Mom came here with literally nothing”. Then they argued about different theories for a week before Pepa finally blurted out the question to Alma. Alma got upset about being asked and didn’t answer, so then they argued for ANOTHER week and have all wondered ever since. Did Casita make it? Did MOM make it?? Does it even actually look like their father did at all????
So apparently Bruno is the youngest of the three, and while yeah birth order probably does not actually matter all that much when you were born like fifteen minutes apart max, I absolutely believe the other two were like “bABY” at him all the time and he was like “you’re both the literal worst, I hate you, I hope your boyfriends dump you”.
Speaking of boyfriends, Pepa always asked if the current boy-she-liked was going to be her future husband, and Julieta never did. Bruno absolutely refused to answer Pepa after the third time said boy wasn’t her future husband and got him zapped by mini-lightning, but accidentally slipped and was like “oh yeah Julieta’s gonna marry him” after the first time he met Agustin and was SO ANNOYED with himself when the girls started screaming in delight.
As they got older and Bruno got more estranged from the family, Julieta and Pepa got more distant from each other without meaning to. They argued about what to do about him and both retreated towards their respective husbands instead of properly making up. When he actually disappeared, the kitchen smelled like burnt food for a month and the whole house was smothered in rain, but they still couldn’t bring themselves to talk to each other like they used to.
Post-canon, Julieta and Pepa are on a mission to reacclimate Bruno to familial affection and take every possible excuse to hug/kiss/spoil him. He is very overwhelmed by this because he has barely touched another human being in like ten years, but Julieta and Pepa are like, whatever, he’ll deal, BRUNO LET US HUG YOU SOME MORE. They also accidentally and tentatively become closer again themselves, not exactly on purpose but not NOT on purpose either. Bruno seriously considers asking Casita to lock them in a closet until they work out their remaining sister issues but is pretty sure they’d make him regret it if they found out it was his idea.
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suzukiblu · 10 days ago
Encanto headcanons for @twird96, who wanted Bruno interacting with the family.
Felix and Agustin were the first other dudes in the fam and Bruno had no idea whatsoever how to talk to them for MONTHS after the weddings, literal MONTHS. He was extremely used to girl talk and had no clue what guy talk was like, so they all had some very confusing conversations in their shared youth. Also no matter how many times Bruno warned/warns him, Agustin is STILL ridiculously accident-prone, but he feels obligated to try anyway.
Bruno owes Dolores a verse about how he really did not mean to project doom and gloom on her love life, and SUPER owes her for not ratting him out for never actually leaving the house, so he feels kind of indebted to her and tries very hard to be especially nice to her. Camilo only knows the weird shit the townspeople used to say about him and is lowkey super curious about the prophecy stuff, which translates to a lot of pestering that Bruno is baffled by. Antonio just thinks Bruno is great because the rats all love him and obviously the rats are the key opinion to rely on here.
Isabela and Bruno have almost no idea how to talk to each other, so their chats usually amount to "I like your dress" and "I like your . . . uh, rats?" And, like, him occasionally warning her that someplace is a bad place for a cactus. Luisa is easier for him to get along with but possibly that's just because she's extremely straightforward and hard to misunderstand, though sometimes said straightforwardness does make him nervous. And obviously Mirabel he gets along with the best of the three, because they did kind of bond there with their little misadventure together and really probably have the most in common.
Alma and Bruno are incredibly tentative about each other. Alma is worried about chasing him off again and he's worried about not living up to what she wants from him. They both technically know that these things are not gonna happen, but they still worry about them. They're working on it, basically.
Pepa and Julieta are mercilessly affectionate all the time and Bruno is attempting to return the sentiment but also is jumpy about getting a lot of physical contact after ten years without ANY and is still wildly superstitious about every little thing. They try to involve him in things they're doing every chance they get and he tries to go along with it, but sometimes it's still overwhelming. He missed them WILDLY but there is a lot of family happening to him right now and it's . . . it's a lot, pretty much. He's not used to all this attention! This is a lot of attention!!
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suzukiblu · 4 days ago
Headcanons for @songlordsbug: Dolores and all the secrets she hears.
Obviously the big one here is Bruno. He's the first secret Dolores actively decides to keep as a kid; before that she was always blurting them all out at awkward times. She still casually drops secrets like they're anybody's business, mind, especially when asked, but if people are gonna say the secret things out loud while KNOWING she has ridiculously good super-hearing, WELL . . .
Before the whole moving-into-the-walls thing, Bruno would mutter about his visions CONSTANTLY, and thus Dolores picked up even more secrets than she would've already. He really did not mean to tell her about the man of her dreams getting engaged to someone else, but in his defense she was like six at the time and they did NOT know how good the hearing was yet.
Everyone in town knows better than to say the secret things out loud, and yet basically everyone in town STILL slips up and does. The people Dolores's age and younger are better about it than the older ones, though, because they literally have spent their entire lives with her knowing every. single. thing. The amount of Knowing Looks Dolores has given people is truly amazing. She doesn't even have to ACTUALLY know. Except she absolutely always knows, because of course she does.
Obviously knowing basically everyone's business is less useful to the town and more useful to the family, so Dolores keeps to herself a bit more than other Madrigals might. Before actually absorbing Mirabel's whole "you're more than just your gift" lesson she spends a lot of time just listening to things as opposed to talking too much or too loudly herself, because she knows that's the major value of her gift.
Things Dolores loves: secrets, more secrets, and telling people things they don't already know. She TRIES to keep a lid on the more volatile stuff, but no, no she doesn't, she wants to tell people EVERYTHING. It KILLS her when she has to keep her mouth shut about something. Forget the candle, the actual miracle of the movie was her not IMMEDIATELY ratting out Bruno and his rats, and she still kinda implied things! A more observant Mirabel might've been like, "wait, what do you mean can hear him NOW??"
+bonus, because I love them, your honor: Sometimes when they're apart Mariano just kinda talks to Dolores like she's there. Everyone in town KNOWS she can hear him, but they're still kinda like ". . . Mariano, please, you look like a crazy person".
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suzukiblu · 13 days ago
Headcanons for @betterweirdo: random ATLA characters’ love languages.
Zuko: acts of service. Oh you want to rob these greedy bastards’ galley together? Oh can I light that fountain for you? Oh did you need help breaking out your dad and girlfriend from that maximum security prison? Wanna learn how to firebend? Want violent and justifiable revenge for your mom? Need someone to make tea for everybody? Zuko’s here! Zuko’s got you!
Aang: quality time. Wanna go penguin-sledding? Wanna ride the unagi? Wanna abandon the Avatar State and the free world to be there for somebody? Aang is prepared for this. Aang is prepared for this and he is gonna rock it. He may also get electrocuted, admittedly, but then you get to hang out undercover in the Fire Nation together, so it’s fine, let’s all go dancing!
Iroh: words of affirmation. Iroh wants to tell you what a good and important person you are and how much he cares about you at literally every given opportunity. Does he think you’ll listen? Fifty-fifty shot, probably, but damned if he isn’t gonna tell you one way or the other. Drink your tea, he’s got a lot to say. He’ll make another pot if he has to.
Toph: physical touch. Did she punch you and laugh about it? As long as said punch wasn’t wrapped in spiky metal gloves you’re good, you’re besties. Just, uh, watch out for the punches anyway because they are PAINFUL punches. Just . . . so painful. This is her love language but it is also her Toph language and some things are just unavoidable.
Mai: Treason.
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suzukiblu · 3 days ago
Do you have any Alma headcanons? Or Julieta?
I just queued up a little bit of Alma, so have some Julieta!
Was interested in cooking before she got her gift. What she was "cooking" at that age was a bit questionable, sometimes, but Alma encouraged her experiments in the kitchen and approved of her interest. Domestic skills are always useful, after all. She just really, REALLY did not know how useful Julieta's cooking was gonna be.
Julieta's door appeared first, although only by a few minutes. They had no idea what was going to be on the other side, much less about the gifts, but she opened it because she was the big sister and it was her responsibility to go first. That is not ACTUALLY what Alma said to her about her door, but it was the message Julieta got.
In general, Julieta has taken being the big sister very seriously in her life despite barely being a few minutes older than Pepa and Bruno. She does her best to be reliable and take care of people as needed and she's always tried to be the stable one, given Pepa and Bruno's more problematic/emotional power sets.
Julieta has cooked/baked/made so much food that she has more recipes memorized than not, so far as the things she usually makes. She used to keep a cookbook as a kid, though she doesn't really need it anymore. Pepa and Bruno tried using it a few times and the results were not REMOTELY as tasty. Possibly some of the deliciousness in her food is magic-related, though by the time she loses her powers she's had so much practice that the difference is pretty negligible.
She first got to know Agustin because he needed her attentions so often. After a little while she assumed he was getting himself hurt as an excuse to see her and was like "I'm touched, but please just ask me out like a regular person". Agustin was like "I would love to actually but uh, no, I really am just this accident-prone".
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suzukiblu · 3 days ago
If you’re still doing Encanto headcanons, do you have any about Isabela?
Isabela has no interest in ever getting married. She might change her mind if she Met Someone, but given that it's not that big a town, chances of that happening are slim. She is not pressed about this and is perfectly happy with her plants and the idea of eventual nieces/nephews.
She literally will just not stop doing the exploding flower bombs thing, so it is REAL lucky that nobody she likes is allergic to pollen. Possibly she will do it even more aggressively in the future, depending on who's bothering her at any given moment.
She likes Mariano fine but is THRILLED to never ever have to have a private conversation with him ever, and doubly thrilled that he will not be moving into her room. Dolores, you have fun with that. You enjoy that.
She gets along with Mirabel much better after the events of the movie, and bonds more with Luisa too. In general she's just much more integrated into the family, because she doesn't have to be Constantly Perfect all the time and it's much easier to get along with everyone when you can be actually genuine with them and be the little cactus gremlin you've always been in your heart.
The flower bomb thing really is never gonna stop happening. Flower bombs FOREVER.
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suzukiblu · 3 days ago
Felix and Agustin headcanons for @weirdlet.
Felix and Agustin were not especially friendly before marrying into the Madrigals but bonded pretty quickly, being the only powerless ones and also kind of low-key interlopers. Alma didn't DISAPPROVE of them, technically, but she didn't warm up to them immediately either. Or . . . warm up to them very much at all, really.
They didn't know if the miracle would give them magic or not before the weddings. Felix was curious and a little disappointed it wasn't a thing, if only because he thought it might make Pepa feel better about accidentally raining on him all the time; Agustin literally did not even think of the possibility until someone was like "oh guess that doesn't happen" afterwards.
Agustin is entirely incapable of not walking into hives of murderous insects. Felix is constantly stopping in the middle of their conversations and "inexplicably" fleeing, and Agustin is always very confused until he realizes he's just stuck his foot in a wasp's nest. Felix would warn him, but it is genuinely impossible; the nests just FIND him.
Felix married in first, but Agustin married in pretty quickly after. Julieta was a bit worried that Alma would be upset with her for getting married "late" and sliiightly rushed the relationship, but Agustin had literally zero problems with this and in fact would've gotten married sooner if she'd asked.
They will both be very welcoming to Mariano. Felix is looking forward to the impending five grandchildren and has teased Agustin about sniping them from him. Agustin is good-naturedly put-out about it (though he would actually like some grandchildren eventually, kids, just, uh, just casually mentioning that for no reason whatsoever).
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suzukiblu · 3 days ago
Headcanons for @bicherrim, based on the concept "Something about Antonio’s gift? His powers may be listed as “talks to animals”, but considering every animal in Encanto essentially shows up to swear fealty to him the moment he gets his gift, it might be something more than that."
Antonio, of course, is five and has no concept of anything past "oh cool, animals are talking to me! :D" The animals are a bit more like "oh cool, someone who can tell the humans stuff for us and owns a luxurious jungle paradise that we can all live in safe from the elements/getting eaten! :D" The animals are all about that. Although at the same time, the animals are also far more interested in Antonio than in any other humans no matter what.
Basically any animal is more interested in Antonio than any other human, barring special cases where the human of interest has spent a lot of time forming a bond with them, i.e. Luisa making sure the donkeys don't get lost/hurt or Bruno taking care of the rats in the walls (the rats absolutely sell out Bruno's entire lack of self-care to Antonio, of course. ABSOLUTELY they do). But animals are naturally drawn to Antonio and he is similarly drawn to them, and the vast majority of them reflexively like and trust him. This is probably a facet of his power but not one he's actually aware of, and since he feels similarly about them it probably won't be occurring to him, at least not anytime soon.
Seriously, even the jaguar instantly likes and listens to him. That MIGHT just be the jaguar going "this is an optimal survival strategy in a place full of humans" but chances of it at least PARTIALLY being "Antonio puts off an aura of trustworthiness and authority that animals can sense" are also pretty high. Probably said aura wouldn't work if he had a different personality, but since he DOES have his personality, that's how it works.
The animals really will sell out anyone for Antonio. Sometimes they're selling them out for their own GOOD (Luisa, put down those donkeys and TAKE THE DANG COCONUT DRINK), but they have no desire or inclination to keep things from him or lie to him. They trust him implicitly and believe he's Doing His Best at pretty much all times.
Spontaneously vegetarian-possibly-vegan Antonio is GO. Also, no one is going to be preparing ANY meat dishes ANYWHERE near him anytime soon. Technically he's like, "well, the jaguar needs to eat meat too so I get it" but also, like . . . he's five. He's very much five.
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suzukiblu · 3 days ago
Headcanons for @montremercy, based on the concept "The movie's focused on the family, but do individual Madrigals have, like, friends in town? Or - we know how the town viewed Bruno, but what do they think when they look at the rest of the family?"
I am going to say, no, they don't really have friends. Even Antonio we don't really see playing with the kids his age, iirc. They're all FRIENDLY with people, but socially speaking their friend groups are incredibly limited and erratic. Alma never wanted to show weakness to the town or worry anyone about the stability of the miracle, so she always kept herself distant, and her kids and grandkids low-key learned the same thing. They have a responsibility, and that's more important than making friends.
Julieta everyone loves and is grateful for; Pepa everyone is grateful for but low-key fears upsetting. They do not want lightning. Nobody wants the lightning. Ever.
Felix and Agustin were kind of exceptions to the way most of the town felt about the Madrigals, not in that they respected them less or anything but in the sense that Pepa was nothing but rainbows around Felix for AGES and Julieta was constantly fussing over Agustin for having walked into another beehive, so they got especially friendly. Felix was like "she storms? when??" and Agustin was like "I realize I am currently covered in painful beestings but I must inform you that this arepa is delicious" and that's basically where their respective romances started.
Dolores people are awkward around because She Knows and they KNOW she knows. Camilo they don't even realize they're talking to half the time and don't know how to talk to when they do. Antonio they're nice to but also don't really know how to treat because he MIGHT set rats on them if they upset him. He's never actually done that, mind, but no one wants to be the first.
Isabela is Perfect, and no one has any idea what to say to her without feeling like an idiot. Luisa is always on the move, so no one really CAN say much to her. And Mirabel is the most accessible family member, if only because the townspeople are the most comfortable with talking to her about certain stuff they want/need from the rest of the fam. Which has definitely not given her a complex or anything, for sure.
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suzukiblu · 4 days ago
What head canons do you have about Luisa and her quest to find ways to relax, maybe finding a hobby?
Luisa's not suuuper great at relaxing, obviously, so she goes through a lot of tries at it before she starts getting into it instead of feeling weird or guilty or useless during the process. She is low-key baffled by the concept of hobbies, though. Hobbies are for people who DON'T need to move the church today. Right??
Notable attempts at Luisa finding a hobby include:
Sewing with Mirabel. Luisa isn't great at delicate work or particularly inclined to it either, but she does like making things. They make a whole lot of presents for people. Mostly Mirabel makes and Luisa just assists where she can, but still counts!
Gardening with Isabela. Luisa is better at digging holes than nurturing plants but GREAT at weeding. Isabela is still largely unfamiliar with the need to weed things even after the de-powering incident, so that's appreciated.
Gossiping with Dolores. Luisa isn't actually particularly interested in gossip but Dolores knows enough of it to carry the conversation, and Luisa DOES like that Dolores trusts her to keep her mouth shut on sensitive topics.
Training donkeys with Antonio. This basically just amounts to Antonio doing a lot of explaining as to why staying in the pen is safer and less annoying, but it saves Luisa SO MUCH time in the long run.
The Noodle Incident. Camilo and Luisa are no longer allowed to hang out without supervision.
In the end Luisa less adopts a hobby of her own and more develops a hobby of supporting everyone ELSE'S hobbies, which is not exaaactly what they all intended but does let her just be chill and laid back while other people do the heavy lifting. She also gets to actually spend dedicated time with people as opposed to just jumping from problem to problem all day.
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suzukiblu · 2 months ago
Meta/headcanons for @twird96, who asked for anything Witcher. Big surprise, I was given an inch of freedom and picked Geraskefer to talk about.
I am entirely positive that if they ever actually managed to all get in bed together it would be a direct result of Jaskier and Yennefer having a fight. Geralt has absolutely no idea how them bitching at each other about total nonsense got him laid but he’s not going to question it. Now, getting them REPEATEDLY all in bed together would theoretically be a bit trickier, except Jaskier and Yennefer also both have zero (0) shame and zero (0) fucks to give, and Geralt, again, is not going to question the situation. Geralt knows better than to question the situation. That might BREAK the situation.
I would entirely believe Jaskier and Geralt had never fucked each other before Yennefer got involved but took to it like ducks to water. Like, sure, it’s not gay if it’s in a threeway, exceeeeept Jaskier has Feelings and he is going to make them everyone else’s problem. He is definitely going to do that, and Geralt is definitely going to regret it but also not stop sleeping with him, because that is who Geralt is as a person, he regrets all his emotional connections but if you take one he’s had for a day and a half from him he will kill everyone on this continent and then himself.
Jaskier does not think Yennefer smells like lilac and gooseberries, but refuses to tell either of the others what he actually DOES think she smells like. Geralt thinks he’s an idiot with no nose. Yennefer is like, it is literally my perfume?? wtf else would I smell like???? Jaskier still refuses to agree with either of them or provide an alternate scent. Yennefer finds it incredibly annoying and they have definitely argued-their-way-into-fucking about it before.
Geralt is in the middle. Even when he’s not actively in the middle, he’s still kind of in the middle. He also really, really likes watching the other two go at it, though, which they both figure out very quickly and are both entirely willing to abuse for various reasons. It is possibly one of the only things they agree about, ever. They also have really good sex together, which they both appreciate but also kind of are exasperated with themselves by, like, how and why is THIS IDIOT one of the best fucks of my life? HOW and WHY.
Geralt really does question nothing about this arrangement. It’s like, sure, this might as well happen, my hot friends might as well both want to be my datemates and fuck me stupid every chance they get, I’M not complaining. Except he totally does pretend to complain, because he is Geralt and having too many Emotions(tm) is not something he is ever gonna willingly admit to. Yennefer will probably get at least some of said Emotions(tm) out of him eventually but Jaskier definitely never will so he’d better hope he’s in the room for Yennefer managing it, the poor man.
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suzukiblu · 3 days ago
Pedro headcanons for @hamelin-born, via some headcanons about Alma.
Obviously a man with a thing for music. OBVIOUSLY. Alma likes music, yes, but the overall family appreciation for it was largely inherited from Pedro. Not that they really know that, because Alma only talks about him so much, but absolutely it was.
Alma really does avoid talking about him. She loves him painfully and completely and lost him in a completely unfair way, and it's just too much sometimes. Most of the time. Pretty much always. There are several reasons she never moved on or remarried and they almost all stem from her unwillingness to let go of that pain, even as she strives to make sure that the rest of her family never feels it.
Other things Pedro loved that Alma was quietly devastated by her children's eventual interests in: cooking, acting, and being outside in the weather, be it rain or shine. He was easy to read, passionate and emotional, and loved things wholeheartedly and without reservation, and before he died Alma could meet him in turn on all of those things. After . . . well. After was after.
He and Alma were a lot alike from the beginning, and they bonded immediately and easily. Falling in love was perfectly natural from there. Pedro fell in love first, but they both adored each other from the start, and he didn't have to wait very long for Alma to catch up.
The portrait came from Casita. It looks exactly the way Alma remembers Pedro, if perhaps not always exactly the way he was.
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suzukiblu · 2 months ago
Five headcanons for @betterweirdo, who wanted something about Zuko’s crew/ship culture.
I kind of assume that most of Zuko’s crew was not, shall we say, the cream of the crop? Like, no offense to the characters or anything, I just seriously doubt anyone with actual prospects got drafted onto that particular mission. Like, several of those dudes were probably banished themselves, actually? Or just really, REALLY did not do well in the Fire Nation military structure in general.
Also I find it SUPER interesting that as far as I remember the whole crew was male, too, given that AtLA was pretty good about gender equality in the Fire Nation. I don’t know if it’s just that the writers didn’t really consider it much before season two or what (honestly it probably was), but it does leave one wondering what would’ve caused a situation like that in actual canon justification. Like, what’s going on there, gentlemen? What’s good?
I feel like the crew probably did not take Zuko too seriously a lot of the time, given that he was a literal baby compared to most of them, and also originally nobody apparently knew what the fuck actually went down with his banishment. Like, what, an angsty thirteen year-old is suddenly your boss and you’re maybe never allowed to go home again? KINDA SUCKS, KINDA HARD TO NOT RESENT THE KID, KINDA HARD TO LISTEN TO HIM.
Music Night was maybe not something everybody was initially into, given the borderline illegality aspect, but eventually given Zuko’s total lack of “let’s take some shore leave, gang” mindset I bet it got REAL popular. Also, like, gotta socialize with each other one way or another, it might as well be the way that’s definitely not allowed back home and also annoys the fuck out of your annoying boss.
And I have no memory of seeing anything about them after S1 in canon but IN MY HEART, the crew survived the Siege of the North and Koizilla and eventually all retired with great pensions from Fire Lord Zuko and probably half of them were roommates/got Fire Nation married because fuck yeah they did. Probably Zuko had some incredibly awkward conversations with some of them at their weddings while trying to apologize for being a brat while they were completely bemused by his lack of brattiness and the amazingly thoughtful wedding present he brought. Seriously, they only invited him to be polite, they did not expect him to actually show UP.
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suzukiblu · 3 months ago
I am entirely certain that no one else on this our beloved hellsite cares about the potential of this relationship and the hyper-specific way that I am picturing it happening but me but DAMN would I have loved to see Iroh and Jet have a conversation in ATLA canon. Like, yes please? Pretty please?
They both grew up as charismatic leaders in war in such different circumstances and both lost all of that, and they both got brutally fucked over by Ba Sing Se, and they both have terrible, terrible grief in them over the loss of people who can't be replaced, and they're both manipulative liars, and I just . . . I just want some kind of interaction where Iroh is blithely making Jet drink some unnecessarily fancy tea and Jet is baffled by the accompanying manners and frivolous little tea sweets and the conversation is super weird and stilted because he has no idea how to handle an adult whose ass he isn't kicking. Iroh also won't stop talking in pithy little sayings, so that's not helping either.
But they bond, kind of, and then at some point Jet says some shit like, "yeah but war crimes are okay when the other side DESERVES it, right?" and Iroh's just like, "well, apparently I'm adopting another nephew, apparently that's happening today; welcome to the family, Jet, you're going to hate it here. also now we are going to talk about ethics and morality for the next ten hours, have some more tea and get settled."
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suzukiblu · 8 months ago
Leverage OT3, not technically a soulmate AU -- as in, this kind of thing isn't normal in their world -- but these three are experiencing with each other, one of your favourite soulmate AU tropes.
GOD HOW CAN I EVER PICK A FAVORITE, FOR REAL. Soulmarks? First words? Psychic connections? Whiteboard AU? Red string of fate? Seeing color? Sharing each other’s pain? Sharing each other’s SCARS? The soulmate goose of enforcement?? 
I’m tempted by first words but I don’t wanna go back and check those right now, so soulmarks it is. Let’s say soulmarks are very rare, if not completely unheard of; you’re more likely to see a fake one in a movie than a real one in the wild. 
Obviously Parker and Eliot don’t want theirs seen. Parker doesn’t understand the concept, and Eliot doesn’t want the vulnerability to show. Meanwhile Hardison literally could not care less who sees his, so it’s not exactly a secret that his forearms are wrapped in skinny black rope and there’s a knife down the back of his neck. When he’s little, the kids at school taunt him, saying that his soulmate’s going to stab him in the back. 
It’s a chef’s knife, for fuck’s sake. 
Eliot’s hidden the circuitry on the small of his back and the skinny black ropes around his shoulders well enough that very few people in the community know what they are. The circuitry baffles him, and the ropes make him feel trapped. 
Nobody even knows Parker has a mark at all, much less two of them. No one’s left to remember the thin circuitry wrapped around her calves or the shining chef knife on the inside of her upper arm. 
They meet, and Eliot and Parker entirely fail to recognize themselves in Hardison’s marks, and he can’t see theirs to recognize himself in. 
It doesn’t make things harder, but it probably would’ve if they’d known. 
Hardison figures out skinny black rope and a razor-sharp chef knife pretty quickly, in the end, but Parker and Eliot both can’t even compute the concept and totally miss recognizing him. Hardison resigns himself to one-sided matches, since they clearly don’t have marks of their own, and Parker and Eliot keep ignoring the vulnerabilities hidden on their skin. Eliot doesn’t pay attention to the ropes on Hardison’s arms that match the ones on his shoulders. Parker doesn’t even realize it’s the same knife. 
Eventually, though, something’s going to happen, and Hardison’s going to see their marks. 
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suzukiblu · a month ago
I wish you'd write a fic where Geralt, Yennefer, and Jaskier all travel back in time and try to change stuff, but none of them know the others have also travelled back in time until there's some major differences in what they remember the "past" to have been. Bonus points if they tell themselves ridiculously convoluted explanations for why stuff doesn't match up.
The important part here is that it would all inevitably end in Geraskefer, probably with all three of them internally going "what the FUCK did I do to make THIS happen and how do I keep doing it??"
Although I also like the idea that the things they want to change might conflict for one reason or another, and they'd run headfirst into each other's machinations and fuck everything up without even meaning to. The banquet would be an AMAZING clusterfuck, for starters, to say nothing of the djinn. The djinn would be FANTASTIC.
More fantastic: they actually make it through the djinn without realizing, because they're all single-minded idiots who are easily distracted by sex and the group brain cell is back in the future with Triss.
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suzukiblu · a month ago
Requested by @betterweirdo, some White Lotus headcanons. And these are some slightly IMPASSIONED White Lotus headcanons, because I am extra and not ashamed of it. Also I am mad at canon and if I am mad at canon I am gonna make it everyone else’s problem.
I’m gonna be honest, I do not understand why Pakku was a member of the White Lotus. Like, okay, I can do some quickie mental gymnastics and justify letting the incredibly difficult to work with sexist who only cares about his own personal ethics into the save the world club, fine, but also Yugoda was RIGHT THERE and WAY more useful than just a dude who can fight. They already had plenty of dudes who could fight!! They had Iroh and Jeong Jeong and Bumi and PIANDAO, Mr. Beat A Hundred Dudes At Once! Or, god forbid, we could’ve had BOTH Yugoda and Pakku, but that I guess would’ve been crazy. AND WHAT WOULD’VE HAPPENED IF AANG HAD BEEN A GIRL, HUH. WHAT WOULD’VE HAPPENED. Aang would’ve had to go all the way back to the damn SWAMPS and the Northern Water Tribe would’ve gotten crushed and the moon would’ve probably died for good and there goes the entire balance of the world, that’s what.
No, I mean it, Yugoda, Aunt Wu, and Miyuki’s herbalist all should’ve been White Lotus members, at LEAST. It made me insane that it was canonically an all-male organization for no apparent reason in a show that was otherwise SO GOOD about gender shit, at least by that point. I guess in Korra there’s at least one or two female members, according to screenshots, but as far as I know they don’t, like . . . do anything. Admittedly I barely watched Korra after season one, but we’re focusing on the canon I actually did consume here because that is the canon that I know stuff about. So there should’ve been female members in AtLA. There were options! They had options! THEY TOOK PAKKU, FOR FUCK’S SAKE. And look I don’t even hate Pakku or anything, I’m fine with Pakku, he serves his narrative purpose, I’m just salty.
Relatedly: the White Lotus was never gonna succeed at anything without Aang. They were too insular, too devoted to secrecy, and too outnumbered. And they knew that, obviously, so they were also smart enough to know when to strike. I don’t know if they would’ve actually done anything during Sozin’s Comet otherwise, though maybe they would’ve decided to go famous last stand about things. But it seems like the thing to actually do would be stay under the radar and help people survive and resist later, though, given that Ozai was probably gonna roll up with the rest of the Fire Nation army at any moment without Aang in the way. Also Iroh was clearly already ready to hide in Ba Sing Se with Zuko forever and not do jack shit about Ozai sooooo . . . like, in general Iroh clearly did not want to do jack shit about Ozai, I REFUSE to believe Ozai was more popular at court than he was and that he couldn’t have challenged him after Azulon died, that makes NO sense to me. And obviously he was too busy grieving for that and I don’t blame him, but I’m just saying, he NEVER did SHIT. Ozai subbed in for his general in that damn Agni Kai, Iroh could’ve subbed in for Zuko! That’s a thing he could’ve done, at the very least!
I really do like the White Lotus, actually, I’m not this negative about them in general, apparently this is just a Flaws In The Old Men post now. Iroh’s flaws are actually fascinating, in fact, and I would’ve loved to see them addressed more directly in canon. Understandably they only had so much screen time to go around, though. Although frankly Ozai is a really flat character, I feel like he could’ve been given a lot more depth if they’d acknowledged his and Iroh’s relationship and the other pockets of resistance against him a little bit more. That would’ve been really useful, imo. Not that Ozai really needs much depth to satisfy his part in the plot, AtLA is not his story, just it would’ve been cool.
Okay yeah so I got a little caught up here but look, when I am doing headcanons I get INVESTED. But I would actually love nothing like I would love to reread a series retelling from White Lotus Yugoda's PoV as she makes her way to Ba Sing Se, that would be AMAZING, somebody point me to that.
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