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when people laugh and they close their eyes and their skin wrinkles and you can almost feel the happiness radiating off them?? and you love that person so much that your heart swells and you can only feel that strong wave of affection? and you want to hug them but you can’t? love is crazy folks i tell you

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You guys apparently liked the idea so I’m not here to disappoint. I had way more to say about this than I thought I thought I did so, needless to say it’s long. I don’t know if the next ones will be this long, but yeah… I guess all I can recommend is for you to grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or water, or the blood of virgins, and let’s just break this opening track down. Here is “Red Desert”:


Red, red desert, heal our blues,

I’d dive deeper for you

What a blessing to feel your love

Twilight moments with you

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Ok buckle in babies, we’re making a ship list. (Part 1)

(I don’t know why I’m making this other than the idea gave me dopamine and I like gay shit.)

Basically I’m gonna be going through each ship and going through the realness, the type of relationship they have, whose top and whose bottom, and overall how much they hype each other (in interviews, on twitter, on live-streams. You name it.) Then I’ll be grading them on a scale of 1 to 10.

Now first a disclaimer: I’m making this ship list is based solely on my opinions, the evidence I’ve seen, and what the tarot cards have told me. And even though it’s fact in my mind doesn’t mean it’s fact for real. So honestly just enjoy them cause we’re in for a wild ride. Feelin good?


Originally posted by sincerelycalum

Good. Let’s go alphabetically shall we?

1) Cake

Cake is a great ship. I think it’s one of the more plausible ships in 5sos cause you better believe giggly baby boy Luke loves him some Calum. I think this relationship is actually just a booty call though. Like Luke and Calum are friends with benefits, I have no doubt about it.


Originally posted by 5sospicturesque

Look at that.

So needless to say the top and the bottom are pretty obvious. Luke being a bottom, and Calum being the top. Take one good look at both of them together at /any age and tell me I’m wrong. Calum could beat the shit out of Luke anytime. It just helped when he got muscles.


Originally posted by ghostofmashton

Luke was trying to get dicked down in this live stream, and the one before that. Fr. Quarantine’s got this boy going crazy. And generally on twitter they’re flirty. And Calum Luke’s to roast Luke a LOT.

Final review of Cake: 7/10


2) Cashton

An unbreakable bond. The best of friends. Two sides of the same chaotic coin. They’re as real as it comes. If Ashton does something, Calum’s there. You cannot separate them. And why would you want to?


Originally posted by jungkookofficials

Now I don’t think that Cashton fucks, let’s be completely honest. Who the hell would top? I feel like Calum is more likely to bottom than Ashton, but he’s not likely to bottom with Ashton. They’d fight over it. Physically. Full brawl beatdown. So no drunk hookups for them. But I feel like they probably do send porn to each other, smfh. They’re chaotic.


Originally posted by sunshinelukee

They hype each other up all the time. As best friends do. They wrote a fucking song about their friendship sober, and then another one drunk. Ashton has now been seen writing Calum fanfiction, it’s done. They’re inseparable. Name a more iconic duo.

Final review of Cashton 8/10


3) Lashton

Ok I know. I’m a bit biased on this one… it is my handle, but, it’s my handle for good reason. I mean where should you even start with these two? I mean obviously they’re real. Obviously they’re real. If you choose an interview—any interview—and focus on either one of them, they’re likely looking at each other. Like they’re the kings of staring at each other when they shouldn’t be. Get a fuckin room already, damn.


Originally posted by lashtons-world

You don’t have to watch him all the time buddy. He’s not gonna disappear. And not to mention everytime they’re beside each other, THEYRE


Originally posted by ghostofmashton



Originally posted by pageantsmiles



Originally posted by tothemoonmikey

Like there is so much more, this is just a basic search through commonly used gifs.

So I’ve seen a lot of discrepancies between who tops and who bottoms, and you can’t tell me that Luke could ever top Ashton. I’m sorry, but I’ve seen the outline of Luke’s dick in leather pants, and to think he tops anyone is a stretch. But Ashton? No. Ashton tops.

Maybe he was verse way back in the day? But after he got muscles and started wearing bandanas? The days of bottom!ash were done. I’m really sorry guys. I hate to do it to you. But Luke is a soft boy who likes being picked up, and Ashton likes caring for Luke too much to be his sub.


Originally posted by leatherlashtonstuff

Speaking of care, Ashton could write a dissertation sized paper on how much he loves Luke. He would go on about it. And has. Numerous times. He always tries to boost Luke’s confidence, and sometimes roasts him as well. Tell me that’s not boyfriend moves right there. And it’s constant. Ashton is in love with Luke. And that’s the point.

Final review of Lashton: 10/10


Ok that’s part 1. And I’m only breaking it up, cause there’s only 10 images per post. What a fuckin rip off. Anyway, part 2 soon and we’ll go into the three M’s cause Mikey deserves love and his own post.

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Red Desert 🏜

“Red, red desert, heal our blues”

No Shame

“Go ahead and light me like a cigarette, even if it might be something you regret”

Old Me

“Glad you didn’t listen when the world was trynna slow me”


“I love you so much that I hate you right now”


“Sometimes you’re a stranger in my bed, don’t know if you love me or you want me dead”


Bitch please the whole damn song is my favourite lyric 💐💖🌸😍

Best Years

“I wanna hold your hand while we’re growing up”

Not in the Same Way

“But I can’t forget you and always let you”

Lover Mine

“I’ve watched the world fall from your eyes”

Thin White Lies

“When the sun goes down we all get lonely”

Lonely Heart

“Your type of mind so hard to find”


But I think that my heart is build to last more than a night”

Basically CALM is a blissful and breathtakingly beautiful album full of heartfelt lyricism and powerful melodies so pls stream and pour all your love into helping these four boys reach #1 in the charts 💞✨



Originally posted by joeybateydaily

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