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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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‘so i wrote to her

letters i’ve never sent

letters i threw in the gutter or flushed away…

…i think i wrote a thousand letters that time.’

—Luke Hemmings (talking about Arzaylea, way before dating Sierra)

Source: this post

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Michael: he looks like a pharmacist

Crystal: MiChAeL

Michael: goblin lookin ass

Source: my dad about my principal while watching my graduation livestream yesterday

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Calum (while eating McDonalds pancakes at 2am); pancakes, they’re fancy bread burritos unfolded

Rest of the bois; *dead silence*

Calum; unpuffed soufflés

Luke; *giggles*

Source: me eating pancakes, trying to make my mom laugh

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Luke; if you’re pissing off Gordon Ramsay then you’re definitely doing something right

Ashton; LUKE, NO

Luke; *whispering* Luke, yes

Source: my bitch ass who has the life goal of pissing off Gordon Ramsey but not to the extent of the restaurants he helps

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After watching perks of being a wallflower:

Malum: BeLoW aVeRaGe

Lashton: Nothing hates you

Malum: Erza Miller could hate me and I still wouldn’t care. That’s the Patrick in me, you lil bitch

Source: a conversation b/t my brother and I; Lashton’s his bit and Malum is the stuff I said. Only difference is it was over the phone & the last bit I said in my head but imma text him it later.

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and the flames went higher | ch & lh


A/N: This was written for the amazing 5sos fic event, and it’s my first go at anything like this. So go easy on me lol.

Find the event masterlist here.

the prompt:  “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I almost never do.”

Warnings: some strong language, lots and lots of smut, multiple surprises, and Cake as firefighters

Big shoutout to @mysticalhood for making those amazing ass edits in my header image. U saved my ass ty and I looooove you!

The thrill of what you were about to do was thrumming through your veins as you drove your car through the quiet streets towards the firehouse. The streetlights poured orange down onto the sidewalks as the sun went down and they flickered to life.

You had been wanting to do something special for your boyfriend. He had been working so hard lately. So many overnight shifts that you had barely seen him over the last week. You made sure to check with his boss so that there wouldn’t be many others around and you could free reign of one of the bedrooms upstairs. You had packed up a picnic, stuffed into a wicker basket and everything. All of his favorite things wafted into your nose from the backseat as you turned onto the street where the firehouse sat. Your heart was absolutely pounding.

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