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spencersmagic · 2 days ago
Tattoos - Spencer Reid
Tumblr media
masterlist // join my taglist // The Fool: Symbol of New Beginnings
summary: as the first part of “the fool: symbol of new beginnings”, it starts off a series that depicts spencer’s increasing interest in those things he has been rejecting for so long. finding a safe space within his girlfriend, he allows himself to grow and expand his comfort zone.
couple: sub!spencer reid x fem reader
category: smut and fluff heheh :)
warnings: slight mentions of blood (just the word), tattoos, oral sex (male and female receiving), pain as a form of pleasure, the word "pandemic" is used, use of "mommy" 😈
Word Count: 3.3k
There is nobody more interesting than Spencer Reid.
Though the world is filled with cute nerds, there is nobody in the world that will ever intrigue her more than the pretty boy laying on top of her, kissing her neck and rutting against her thighs desperately. His lips engulfed her skin by bites, licking and sucking on the soft skin. The silky pajamas she was wearing felt so soft against her skin but did not provide as much friction as Spencer would’ve wanted, but he didn’t want to get carried away either. He didn’t want to give away so much of him this soon.
The few months they had been together, Spencer had tried incessantly to hide the… needier side of him, and Y/N had been trying, and failing, to make him open up.
Except for when they’re getting intimate.
Granted, they hadn’t really gotten truly intimate yet. Attempting to respect each other’s limits a little bit too much, to the point where they hadn’t even mentioned the idea of getting intimate.
His fingers reached down to grab the hem of her shirt, slowly, for the first time. She bit her lip while nodding, and that was all of the confirmation he needed to pull it up. As he revealed her skin to him for the first time, he saw the many ink drawings and intricate details that decorated her torso.
She had been worrying about what Spencer would think about her tattoos. The baby of the BAU, the prodigy of the FBI, the good boy could have some issues with tattoos. Perhaps he would go on and on about how people with tattoos, statistically, had more self-destructive behaviour, or are more prone to committing crimes. But her worries dissipated as he let out an involuntary whine at the drawings, rutting against her legs faster.
His lips were drawn directly to the drawings, though not kissing them directly.
“Are uh…” he coughed, failing to cover the neediness in his voice, “are they healed? Can I touch them?” his honey-dripped eyes met with hers, and he was locked. He couldn’t look away.
She giggled, eyes trailing his own. “Of course, Spence” her hand reached out to grab his hair, pulling him down to steal one more kiss from him before letting him discover her body. His fingers reached up to touch the tattoos hesitantly, feeling the slight bump in the skin on the more recent designs.
His fingers trailed around her skin ever-so-softly, and it made her body long for him even more. The softness, the care with which he touched her, almost spiritually, made goosebumps rise on her skin. Her body arched when his fingers reached up to trace her chest, circling around her nipple. He shuddered, overstimulated, lowering his lips slowly to meet her soft skin.
“Y-You’re so beautiful, Y/N” he whispered, kissing down her navel to her lower stomach, triggering butterflies to flutter to her chest. She looked down at him, lovingly. How did I get so lucky to get him, she thought.
He pulled down her panties slowly, his hooded eyes looking up for approval at Y/N. Her hair was sprayed around her face, framing it perfectly as she nodded. She looked like art.
He loved the small, delicate designs on her skin. But what got him at the edge of cumming in his pants is the thought of the pain. It made him intrigued. I made him want to know why she had so many of them - if there was something more to it.
“Oh!” she exclaimed, arching her back at the sudden cold as Spencer lapped her pussy experimentally, trying to figure out what feels best for her.
“Is that good?” he mumbled against her core as she squirmed at his touch. “Mhm” she mumbled softly before reaching up to bite her arm, trying to muffle her moans.
His tongue circled her clit, his lips engulfing it as he sucked and licked it simultaneously. He saw the way her mouth formed an ‘O’ before biting her own hand again. His hand reached up to her arm, pulling it away from her mouth. His eyes locked onto hers as she looked down questioningly.
“I wanna hear you, love” he said earnestly, before diving in again. His fingers reached up to help him get her to feel more, sinking his middle finger into it experimentally, curling it up trying to find her g-spot.
Her toes curled, thighs snapping around his head and fingers reaching to curl around her hair. She pulled his hair, making him moan against her core, in return making her arch her back, cumming suddenly at the overwhelming amount of feelings.
His arm splayed across her hips trying to keep her still as he eagerly licked every last drop of her release. Her body shook under his arm as she rode out her high, grinding her pussy against his mouth.
His lips trailed up her stomach and chest until they reached her cheeks, planting a kiss on each over, then her nose and, lastly, her lips, relishing her blissful giggles.
How did I ever manage to get such a beautiful woman?
The silk sheets glistened under the morning light, which highlighted her skin as he looked at her. His honey-glazed eyes, slightly tired from the time he had been concentrated on the beautiful designs, but he couldn’t stop looking at them. Even with an eidetic memory, he never wanted to forget the ink that was embedded in her skin forever. His lips skimmed over her skin ever-so-softly, as to not wake her.
Though tattoos are usually seen as an aggressive expression of art, they felt like caresses on her skin, marking it as she was touched by all which inspires her.
For an instance, jealousy filled his chest and limbs at the thought of them being able to fulfill Spencer’s dream – to be etched onto her skin forever, not a second passing in which they weren’t together. Being ink would be a small price to pay to spend eternity next to her.
The combing of her fingers through his hair startled him out of his daydream. She tilted his head up by his hair, making him look at her through his eyelashes. Her face was filled with bliss, humming at the beautiful sight.
“Did you sleep well, baby?” his voice was raspy and his eyes were hooded. She looked so beautiful. He was certain he would never have enough of her. She grinned.
“I did… How long have you been awake?” she asked, watching his cheeks turns a crimson red, spluttering half-words.
“I- uh.. No-Not long, maybe… 30 minutes?” he finished, looking up at her. If she didn’t know any better she would think that he was searching for her approval.
She hummed, stroking his cheek softly, watching him pulling his lower lip between his teeth, doe eyes trailed on her every move. She propped herself up, holding herself up by her elbows to get a better look on the pretty boy skimming his breath over her stomach.
“You like my tattoos… Isn’t that right, baby?” she said, almost mockingly, watching him nod eagerly.
“Mhmm! Yeah, they’re very pretty” he trailed off, eyes trailing to look at her bare chest. “Eyes on me” she reprimanded him, watching as he didn’t budge, instead his lips twitching into a repressed smile. She let out a chuckle.
“You know what I mean!” he laughed with her, eyes meeting hers finally. “I did some of these myself…” she continued. “Of course, those on my arms were made by professionals, but when I was younger I learned back home how to make them. That way I could make a little bit of money while still getting my degree. I usually go to a place in the city because it’s so much easier to have someone else taking care of these, but making them myself can be fun” she finished, smiling, watching him look up at her mesmerizingly.
What a pretty boy, she thought.
She saw just how consumed he was at the thought of her getting tattoos, and all she wanted to do was indulge him – to fuel his interest, his hunger, and any other feelings that might arise.
Y/N decided to throw Spencer the bait, hoping he would take it.
“I want to get one done on my ankle. Would you like to come over and watch the process?” she didn’t even finish her sentence when he started nodding eagerly.
This is going to be fun.
His fingers shook with anticipation as he knocked steadily on the door. The wooden plank separated him from his girlfriend, and he could only feel the need to knock again, instead refraining from doing so. He swayed, waiting for not more than 15 seconds, but felt like an eternity. His hands held his duffle bag and a surgical mask tightly.
The door opened suddenly, making him look up at the girl. The sweatpants he had forgotten once early in their relationship hung on her hips, and the white tank top which, frankly, was the best option when tattooing for mobility reasons, but he couldn’t care less about that. The outline of her nipples against the thin fabric hindered him from having any coherent thoughts.
She laughs. “What’s that?” she points at the surgical mask. He looks down, chuckling nervously.
“I uh… I know that open wounds s-such as tattoos need to be sterilized and protected from infection and I wanted to make sure you would be safe” he finished, smiling up at her.
She turns, walking him into her apartment. The table where they usually place popcorn during their movie nights had been moved, surrounding it with three tall chairs, one of which was filled with materials.
“That isn’t really necessary, Spence. It’s not like were going through a pandemic, or something like in movies” she chuckles lightly. He’s always been so careful when it comes to her. “Plus, I know you wouldn’t’ve come if you were sick”.
“Actually, some studies show that we carry so much bacteria we could fill a large can of soup…” he explained, hands putting his mask inside his bag before placing it carefully on the floor. He took off his coat and scarf, “… in fact, about three to five pounds of bacteria could be collected from any adult”.
He walked over to Y/N, who was placing the stencil carefully over her ankle, wetting it slightly. He watched her fingers working as she pulled the paper carefully, examining the design. The purple paint depicted some sort of lizard. His eyes were googly and there was a banana peel on his head.
“Does it mean anything?” he whispered, getting close to her. She smiled at him before looking down at the design, realizing how much she liked it. The ink and the machine were all prepped, so she placed her ankle on a stable chair, bending over it to see if she had enough mobility. She grabbed a pair of white gloves from a box, putting them on dexterously.
“You are going to be my assistant today, okay? After sterilizing my gloves I can’t touch anything else than the sterilized skin and machine” her hands moved to grab the alcohol, rubbing it on her gloved fingers before pouring some on a cotton ball and cleaning over the design again.
“Of course! Anything you need” he rushed, standing next to her ready, eagerly, not unlike a puppy waiting to go play with their owner.
The machine whirrs as she starts tattooing the eye, following the lines of the design. It was sightly separated from the lizards’ face, but somehow it looked perfect.
“It’s a character from a children’s book…” she started, eyes trailing over the skin. Her eyebrows were knitted together and her bottom lip was pulled between her teeth, “… their name is Rumple Buttercup. The book is about uh…” she trails off, grabbing a tissue removing the extra ink and blood, “…this character, who is a lizard, right? But everybody around him is human. He feels so lost and lonely that he moved to a drain under the town to hide from them. He thought he would be rejected!” her voice carries so much emotion, so much excitement, “but then, he finds that the people he thought would reject him try to support him, getting him out of the sewers and into the world.”
She’s going over the mouth as she continues speaking. “I’ve been wanting to get him tattooed for a long time. I wish everybody would allow themselves to get out of the sewers and fully enjoy the world” she finished, looking up at Spencer. His eyes were glossy and he bit his lip, looking back at the tattoo.
Her fingers continued working on the design.
“So, do they all have meanings?” he questions, pointing at her arms, which held a few tattoos.
She nodded, “I mean, some do and some don’t. This one on my left arm, the Loki helmet, is cute. But I didn’t really have a connection to it.” She tucked her bottom lip between her teeth again.
“But it’s all safe, right?” he was now walking around her, looking at the tattoo from different angles, before looking at the materials. She chuckled lightly.
“Yea, Spence. It’s all safe. I take all precautions possible to ensure that nothing bad happens”, she lifts her hand, leaving the pen on the machine, “tissue” she demanded, watching Spencer stumbling to get it to her as soon as possible. She held back a smile, cleaning the tattoo one last time.
“Do you like it?”.
Spencer looked at the design wide-eyed, mouth agape. “Oh my! That’s so cute!” he exclaimed. “Did it hurt a lot?”
“Not really, Spence. It’s more of a pinch… Do you want one?” she laughed watching him look at her in disbelief.
“I can get one? It’s so cute! Wait, does it hurt too much? I mean, I know it doesn’t hurt you because you’re used to it, but will it hurt me? Is it totally safe? Not-Not that I don’t trust you, Y/N. I trust you with my life. Oh, can I get the same one as you?” he asked question after question as she covered her tattoo in film, before getting up, giggling.
“I’ll go get another set of supplies”.
It didn’t hurt as much as he thought it would. Frankly, he had been nervous until the moment when Y/N had placed the pen on the skin, starting by the eye like she had done with hers. He meant it when he said he trusted her with his life. His heart rushed.
It wasn’t from the nerves.
His eyes are trailed on her concentrated face. This time she isn’t speaking, too scared of making a mistake or hurting the pretty boy squirming under her. Her lips are spread slightly, mirroring his own, and all he wants to do is reach out to kiss her.
“Spencer, be a good boy and stay still. I don’t want to ruin your pretty skin”, she watched him nod eagerly before resuming her work.
Her tits were brushing ever-so slightly against his leg, and he would’t’ve even noticed if it weren’t for the adrenaline that was rushing to his brain at the pain, which was somehow being registered as pleasure. His legs tensed slightly, and his eyes shut at the feeling. Her fingers were brushing against his ankle, her soft skin raising goosebumps wherever she touched.
His pants felt uncomfortably tight as he became incredibly hard. The dexterity with which she worked was similar to that which she always had when she brushed her finger down a page, skimming for information – which she had when her fingers grasped his cock, milking him so efficiently he could feel it right now. He heard the machine, which stopped whirring, but he couldn’t open his eyes to look at her without cumming in his pants.
“Oh, my love… You’ve worked yourself up to quite a state, huh?” she stood slightly, wanting to brush her fingers against his bottom lip. Instead, she brushed her own against his, teasingly.
“Mhmm” he whimpered, opening his eyes to look at her every move.
“Words, baby. You know this” she reprimanded him, looking into his honey-glazed ones.
“Y-Yes Mommy, I have” he whimpered pathetically, and she wantd to leave the tattoo like that, but she knew better.
She also wanted to see how good he could be for her.
“After covering and cleaning up your tattoo, we’ll do something about your little problem. How does that sound?” she watched him falling apart slowly, desperate to release. But he knew better.
He gulped. “Okay” he peeped. As Y/N cleaned him up, he knew that she was taking longer than usual. She was testing him – trying to get him to crack.
If there’s something Spencer had always succeeded at, thought, was tests.
Through whimpers over the sensitive skin, and tight eyes trying to control what he looked at instead of trailing his eyes on her tits, he managed to survive her test, leaving him panting, lips red and knuckes white.
“Take off your pants and spread your legs like a good boy” she demanded, “and be careful. You can’t do any strenuous activity for a week after getting the tattoo” she watched as he rushed out of his pants, his cock standing tall, flush against his lower stomach.
His jaw dropped when he saw that she stood up to clean up their surroundings. “This is expensive equipment, Spencer. I can’t have it lying around” she explained innocently, suppressing a smile at his face. His eyes were wide, pout prominent and knuckles turning white. Small, cute pants were being expelled through his warm lips.
Her legs were weak at the sight of Spencer getting so worked up over nothing. He was so responsive, and she couldn’t wait to play with him.
She stood in front of him, hands on her hips as she stared him down.
“I worked very hard on your tattoo, baby…” her now-bare thumb reaching up to brush over his bottom lip, feeling his breath on her hand. She pulled her thumb into his mouth, watching him suck on it. “…wouldn’t want your pretty ink to get ruined, would we?” she watched as he shook his head.
“Use your words, baby” she said, not bothering to remove her thumb from his mouth. She watched him squirm for a minute.
“I’ll be good, mommy. I promise” his eyes were hooded as he humiliatingly mumbled around her thumb.
She was satisfied.
Removing her thumb, she got on her knees in front of him, holding his cock. It was pressed flush against his stomach, the tip red and sensitive as she blew on it, making him whimper loudly. Soft outlines of veins decorated the sides. Her mouth watered.
She licked a stripe up the underside of his cock, relishing the way his thighs clenched tightly and he threw his head back, letting out little “ah ah ah”s when she started sucking on his head deeply, licking off the precum she was milking out of him. It wouldn’t take him too long to cum.
His fingers reached to grab her hair, shakily pushing it out of her face.
“Y-You’re so beautiful, Y/N” he whispered between whines, groaning as she responded by taking him in completely, the tip of his head hitting her throat repeatedly. She hummed in approval at his words, her own stomach clenching. She sped up, needing to watch him release. His small whimpers and her gags were the only thing that could be heard in the room, and still it was so overwhelming to Spencer. He came in her mouth, squirming and thrashing around as she milked his release, overstimulating him with her warm mouth.
She popped his cock out of her mouth, swallowing his release. She watched the pretty boy trying to catch his breath, looking down at her blissfully.
“So… you liked the pain?
did you like it? did you like that?
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all-tings-gubler · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Watch the latest episode of Unauthorised Documentary
@babymetaldoll I remember you asked me to tag you if I made Matthew's gifs
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allteawell · a day ago
they finally made reid a cowboy
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pinkcoffeecup · 2 days ago
live on air, matthew gray gubler
Tumblr media
request: Matthew x reader (female, 6yrs younger, actress). They met on set, getting along well on and off camera. Matthew usually very private, shares some cute pics with reader on instagram. Whilst on a press tour for the movie, late show host colbert asks Matthew about all those cute pictures with reader. "… one might think you are smitten with reader... " He blushes a little, smirks "…yeah.. I am". Crowd goes wild, Colbert is happy, reader sits in green room watching it. Sends a text to Matthew "you are the cutest! 😘" Matthew feels his phone vibrate, apologises and checks text. He is licking his lips and smiles into the camera. colbert is intrigued, Matthew shows him the text, colbert reads it and nods his head to the camera. They talk a little more about the movie, they show a teaser for it. Gifset (this gifset) is seen. Matthew "I never got to smooch with her, just wasn't in the script..."  Matthew enters the green room. Reader sits on sofa scrolling on phone. Reader looks up smiling, gets up, hugs him kisses his cheek.  Than like the Gifset, no words spoken just intense looks between lips and eyes, slightly heavier breathing. They slooolwy move towards each other, and than just a cute little innocent kiss. (by @pumpkinfriend)
warnings: literally like none, it’s just really sweet
word count: 810
”… One might even think you’re smitten with her,”
The two had been working with each other for almost a year. They were almost forced to like each other when they played two best friends in a new blockbuster movie. Matthew, who’d been in the industry for what, to Y/n, seemed like forever, had helped her navigate through fame and interviews, tonight being no exception.
It wasn’t often they got to do separate interviews like this, and as Colbert awaited his answer, Matthew couldn’t help but think of her waiting for him in the dressing room. The fact that no one else but him knew how she had been the one to pick out his suit for tonight caused a sense of confidence to cloud his brain.
“Well,” Matthew began, a small chuckle as he spoke. He was usually such a private person, only sharing a few posts with Y/n every now and then. So it was safe to say, Matthew was just as shocked as the rest when he opened his mouth to speak again, “Yeah, I, uh, I guess you could say I am,”
The crowd, consisting of an odd mixture of teenage girls and middle-aged women, cheered as Matthew burst out in laughter. Yet Colbert, somehow, seemed to be the happiest one of them all. It wasn’t every day that something like this was admitted on a late-night show. “Matthew!” Colbert cheered, “There is no one quite like you,”
"I aspire to be the only one like me,” Matthew chuckled, a wide smile on his lips. Just as he was about to make an effort to change the subject, his phone vibrated in his pocket. “Sorry,” he apologised, checking his phone quickly before placing it back in his pocket.
No matter how hard he’d tried, he just wasn’t able to contain the wide grin on his lips. He chuckled a little, licking his lips before taking a quick glance into the camera, “Oh no, you’re gonna have to show me that,” Colbert pushed.
Matthew found his hand making it's way back inside his pocket, grabbing his phone and pulling it out of his pocket. “Matt, stop, you’re the cutest,” Colbert read, a knowing nod to the camera as the crowd cheered once more.
Somehow, Colbert was forced to move on from the golden moment. But Matthew couldn’t seem to focus on the questions surrounding the movie, knowing Y/n was watching him as he spoke. It made him feel the best kind of nervous.
A small movie teaser was played on the screen, most likely hand-picked by the producers during these past few minutes. The teaser showed Matthew and Y/n, her arms draped around his neck, the two sharing a few jokes as they slowly inch closer. Matthews mind travelled back to the day they shot that scene. The way he’d been so nervous to be so close to her, but how right it had felt in the moment. “There was no kiss!” Matthew announced, much to the crowd's disappointment.
“Not even a smooch?” Colbert tried, probably listening to the producers telling him to find out more, most likely screaming at him through his earpiece.
“Sorry, uh, no. I never got to smooch with her, just wasn't in the script,” Matthew explained, laughing a little.
Colbert announced the end of the show, thanking Matthew before they both exited the stage. It was safe to say that Matthew hurried to the dressing room, hoping that Y/n would still be there.
As the door was thrown open, Matthew was happy to see he’d been right. There she was, sitting perfectly on the dark blue couch, the TV turned off in front of her as she smiled at him. There was something different in her eyes, something Matthew had only seen a couple of times.
Y/n giggled a little as she stood up, cheekily making her way towards him as he closed the door behind him. She didn’t stop until she was standing close, similar to the way they’d done in the movie. "So you like-”
His words got caught in his throat as she pressed a small kiss to his cheek, standing on the tips of her toes. He looked down at her for a second, maybe longer, he wasn’t quite sure. There was just something about her that made the time standstill.
Neither of them said anything as they stood there, a small smile on Y/n’s face as she stood in front of him, waiting for his next move. She wasn’t particularly surprised when he pressed a kiss to her lips, his hands gripping her waist.
The kiss was short, a sort of innocence surrounding it all. It didn’t matter that Matthew’s thoughts were everything but innocent, because Y/n was no different. “I guess I did get to kiss you after all,” He chuckled.
“Yeah, you sure did,”
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Tumblr media
this is my contribution for today
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part of four rating criminal minds bts photos because i’m monumentally bored. suffer.
Tumblr media
1000000/10. been my wallpaper for weeks. apparently someone asked if hotch was a boxer or briefs kinda guy and thomas was like, see for yourself.
Tumblr media
iconic scene and we love lola 10/10
Tumblr media
9/10, people on shemars back/shoulders is my entire aesthetic but who gave that kid a fire armmmmm?
Tumblr media
we love young thomas and aj as well 8/10
Tumblr media
why is this so funny- 7/10 😭😭
Tumblr media
10/10 pure serotonin.
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Tumblr media
Because I joined CM fandom late in the game, I forget how long this show ran...
Until I see Shemar wearing a wallet chain and Matthew doing the Tony Manero deep-v button down.
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boldlyvoid · a day ago
Oh my god matthew gray gubler doing a fake western documentary is going to be the death of me
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calseb · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
idk what’s going but if this man decided to do a fake western just for fun and is really doing a authorized doc just because, im loosing my shit.
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reidgraygubler · a day ago
sweet creature (wes/reader) part 11
Tumblr media
Title: Sweet Creature part eleven Requested: no Couple: wes/fem!reader Category: smut Content Warning: SEXUAL CONTENT (penetrive sex, unprotected sex, petplay, collar/leash, ball gag, fingering, use of a vibrator, spit kink, degradtion, praise, overstimulation, delayed orgasm, spit kink, bondage), hard dom!Wes, sub!reader, pet names (puppy/sir), snooping in someone's belongings, age gap relationship (15 years. Reader is 25, Wes is 40) Word Count: 7,959 Summary: Wes asks Puppy to house sit while he’s gone for a conference. Puppy finds something out about Wes that he preferred to keep hidden. And Puppy gets a treat bigger than she bargained for. A/N: this is it. this is the part that started it all... the part that forced me to write this series. this is an honest to god journey of self-discovery… please please enjoy this, I appreciate you <3 i really hope you guys enjoy this :D main masterlist
previous part series masterlist next part
“Heeeey, Babes!” Wes said as he came up to me. I looked away from my phone and over at him as he stood beside me. He stood a good distance away from me at the front desk. The way he leaned against the counter told me he was uncomfortable but he was too committed to the position.
“Hey,” I said as I pocketed my phone and turned to face him more. From the opposite side of the desk, Jessica was sitting, staring at both of us like we were some reality television show for her to watch. No, I didn’t tell her that Wes and I slept together. I knew she’d have a field day with that if I told her and I’m not ready for that teasing… “What’s up?”
“Can you house sit for me? Starting on… Monday?” he asked as he looked between me and his watch. I raised an eyebrow as I thought about how far away Monday was. “It’d be for a week, possibly ten days.”
“Monday is 3 days away…”
“Yeah, yeah, I know. I meant to ask earlier, but I got caught up. But, I have this important meeting out of town, and I can’t exactly bring Ollie with me,” Wes explained as he looked back at me. The pleading look in his eyes made it really hard to say no. Well, I mean… He didn’t have to do much to get me to say yes to house sitting...
“Must be a really important meeting if you can’t take Ollie with you,” I hummed as I looked away from him. I glanced at Jessica and noted the smile she wore on her face. She really was watching us like we were the next Kardashians or something…
“Yeah, I searched for a hotel that allowed pets, but they were all sold out. But I was wondering if you could house and pet sit for me? You can stay over and I’ll pay you pretty well."
“Of course I can, Wes! You know how much I love Ollie!” I exclaimed as I clapped my hands together. Wes smiled at me and nodded lightly.
“Perfect! You can come over tomorrow night and I’ll explain everything to you! And even give you a spare key,” Wes explained as he finally pushed off the counter and stood upright. I stared at him for a moment before nodding.
“Yep, sounds good,” I mumbled as he walked away and towards his office. I swallowed roughly and looked over at Jessica, who was still excitedly watching me.
“Maybe he’ll finally screw you while you’re over there,” Jessica mused as she stood. I rolled my eyes and shrugged.
“Yeah, maybe,” I muttered before walking away from her. I could only hope he’d screw me before he left for a week.
Wes was supposed to be gone for a week to ten days. In dog years that’s a long time. That’s like… months of waiting. I felt bad for Ollie and all the waiting he had to do. I mean I had to wait too… Thankfully there were only 3 days left. He was basically due home on any day.
Wes had left a list of the things I needed to do for Ollie’s care, and which plants needed to be watered. It was simple, too. It was a lot easier than being at the clinic all day. I got paid to do one of my favorite things, hanging out with Ollie basically day and night.
A silly novelty magnet held the letter with all the details I needed. It was funny that he thought I needed the reminder when I worked with him pretty much every day. I’d treat Ollie like he was my own pup.
Thank you again for watching the house and taking care of Ollie while I’m gone. House is yours to have free reign of. Feel free to sleep in my bed, or on the couch. Although the bed is 10x more comfortable. Below are Ollie’s care instructions.
Ollie likes to go on walks twice a day. And we go to the dog park down the street at least once a week. He gets fed 3 cups of food a day, 1.5 in the morning, and 1.5 in the evening. Ollie is a big boy with a lot of energy so play with him so he sleeps at night. I can’t think of anything else. He’s a pretty good boy. But you already knew all of that… Just wanted to be safe :)
Also! Plants that need to be watered. The one on the floor by the couch, the one on the coffee table, and then the one on the kitchen counter by the sink. The one on the dining room table is fake so don’t worry about that.
Again, thank you so much for taking care of the house while I’m gone! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call or text me!
I stared at the messy writing. Even though I knew how to read over his chicken-scratch, it was still a pain in the ass to read over. But to be fair he was probably in a rush. This letter was probably the last thing he’d done before he left the house. Again, the note was just a cautionary.
Ollie would be waiting for me in the living room, waiting for what we would do next. Although I had just gotten out from work, and all I wanted to do was rest, he probably wanted to go for a walk.
The golden retriever in question was lying in his bed, a chew toy beside him, while he slept away. This was typically what he would be doing when I came over after work. To be fair, I would do the same thing if I was a puppy. Lounging around, not a care in the world...
“Okay… Ollie! Let’s go out! Let’s go for a walk!” I clapped my hands together as I turned to look at the four-legged friend. Ollie lifted his head and looked at me before pouncing out of the bed and bounding towards me.
“Let me get your leash and we can go for the walk,” I whispered as I rubbed the space on his head between his ears. Ollie lifted his head up into my hand a little bit more. I hummed as I gave him more scritches around his ears. After a moment of giving him all the love in the world, I went to grab his leash, and then we were off.
Of course, Ollie was very excited about his walk, like he had been the last 6 days. It felt like he was the one walking me. His excitement brought us all the way to the dog park down the street. I almost couldn’t get his leash off him before he went zooming off to play with other dogs.
I draped his leash around my neck as I walked over towards the bench. I watched as Ollie ran off with the other bigger dogs, playing and running around. We’d probably be here for 45 minutes, if not an hour. Ollie had been inside all day while I was at work, and he had a lot of energy to burn off. But I also didn’t want him to exhaust him to the point of me having to carry him home because I made that mistake the first day… And I’m not doing it again. That was one thing Wes didn’t warn me about, and I wished he did.
“Ollie! Let’s go! C’mon!” I called, watching as he bounced right up to a black Great Dane. Ollie jumped before turning to look at me and then running right at me. I laughed as I pulled the leash off my neck and clipped it back to his collar. “Whos a good boy!? You are!” I exclaimed as I got on my knees to him. Ollie jumped up and licked my face, over and over. I laughed as I fell back from the number of kisses he was giving me.
“Okay, okay we should go home and at dinner,” I laughed as I lifted my hands to his ears again. Ollie continuously licked at my face, forcing my hand in pushing him off me.
Once Ollie was off and standing beside me, I sat up off the ground and latched the leash to his collar. I smiled as he came closer to me and licked my face. Ollie was very excited to be heading back home like he knew something that I didn’t know. I just assumed he was excited to go home and eat like I was.
The walk back to the house was quiet, enough to calm Ollie down. When we eventually made it back home, Ollie was quick to his bed to play with his squeaky toy. While he did that, I made us both dinner. Of course, when I say made, I made dinner for Ollie and ordered pizza for me. We both sat in the living room with the TV playing The Bachelorette.
Once we were both finished eating, I quickly changed into something more comfortable. At this point it had become a routine between Ollie and me to watch a movie or TV to unwind at the end day. Hopefully he didn’t miss me too much when I was all done dog sitting him. I’d just have to make sure I visited Ollie more often. Well, to be fair, I do visit Wes more often than not now a days.
I wasn’t super quick changing into my pajamas. I took my time. It had been a long day for me and I just wanted to sit and not do anything. So after I had gotten dressed, I lounged on his bed for a few minutes. And when I was good and ready to go back to the living room, I left.
Although, I wouldn’t be leaving the room till tomorrow morning.
I definitely shouldn’t have let curiosity get the better of me. Because I was about to learn a lesson. In Wes’ bedroom, he had a black box. It was about the size of a milk crate and it was sitting on his dresser. The previous times I had been over to his house, this box wasn’t there. It was new and had been taunting me every time I entered his room. I tried not to give in to the temptations. But I swear, it was talking to me… Begging me to open it.
A small look won’t kill me, right?
I stuck my head out the room and looked towards Ollie, who was now asleep on his bed with his head resting on his toy. He wouldn’t telll Wes what I was about to do or did. I stepped back into the room and looked towards the box. Before pulling the lid off the box, I took a deep breath.
I don’t know what I was expecting when I looked in the box, but it wasn’t what I saw. Sitting in the box was various… sex toys. A blind fold, ball gag, vibrator… But the one thing that stood out to me the most was a collar and leash. Meant for… humans.
Again, curiosity got the better of me, and I just had to hold the collar. I wanted to know what it felt like against my skin, fastened around my neck, and even pulled on (it didn’t matter if it was with the leash or with fingers looped through the collar). I had to know. So I pulled both the collar and leash from the box.
“That’s definitely not an animal collar and leash,” I whispered as I held the chain and leather strap in my hand. I looked at the ‘O’ ring on the dead center of the collar, feeling a certain something grow in the pit of my stomach. The lock and clasp caught my attention and all I wanted to know was what it felt like around my neck.
I took a deep breath before holding the collar up to my neck. My eyes instantly fluttered shut and a soft sigh left my lips. I really liked how it felt around my neck. The coolness of the clasp and lock felt really good against my ever-growing hot skin. The roughness of the leather felt like it belonged around my neck.
“No… You would be correct. It’s not an animal collar and leash,” a voice came from behind me. I froze in place, realizing exactly who it was behind me. I suddenly wished the earth swallowed me whole because this… Is very much not good. “Do you know who it is for?”
“Y-You’re home early,” I stuttered as I pointed out. I swallowed roughly realizing just how fucked I was. I didn’t answer his question. I just dumbly pointed out an obvious fact that I wish wasn’t a fact.
I could hear Wes moving behind me, entering the room and walking towards me. My body couldn’t move. I was frozen in time and place, feeling my chest tighten.
“That doesn’t answer my question.” His voice was right behind me. And I knew, for sure, that I was 100% fucked.
“I don’t… I don’t know who it’s for,” I stated truthfully. Wes chuckled. I went to turn to face him, but I never made it. He placed his hands on my shoulders, keeping me in place and facing away from him. It was then I realized I was still holding the collar up to my neck. “W-Who is it for?” I mumbled.
“It’s for good girls,” he stated in a low voice. My heart stopped and I couldn’t breathe. I hated how… his words were so firm. And I hated that I was already wet because of it.
I flinched when I felt Wes’ fingers touch the back of my neck, brushing my hand away from the collar. His fingers lightly touched my neck as he fastened the collar to my neck. My eyes widened and I swallowed roughly. I couldn’t help it when my thighs pressed together to give me some sort of relief.
“Are you a good girl, Puppy?” Wes whispered right into my ear. I struggled to take a deep breath as he turned me to face him. The nickname he’d given was doing something to me… I liked it. IT was the first time he’d ever called me anything other than ‘Babes’. But this… This was...
When I didn’t answer, Wes grabbed the leash from my hands, wrapping it around his knuckles as he pulled me close. A small gasp came from me as I stumbled forward, nearly falling into him. But he made it so I wasn’t going to actually fall into him.
“I asked you a question…” his voice was low as he looked at me through his eyelashes. “Who’s a good girl?” Wes repeated.
“M-Me?” I mumbled, making it known that I wasn’t sure of my answer was right. Then Wes laughed at me. I looked up at him, feeling my face fall slightly.
“Oh? You think you’re a good girl, Puppy,” he asked, raising an eyebrow as he spoke. “Good girls don’t go snooping around other people's belongings without their permission…” his voice got even lower than before.
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it,” I mumbled as I looked away from him. Wes laughed again before clicking his tongue to get me to look up at him. When I didn’t look up at him right away, he gently tugged on the leash. And I hated that it worked.
“No I don't think you are. Because… if you were sorry you wouldn't have been snooping in my stuff,” he half growled. I swallowed roughly as I looked at him.
“I won’t do it again,” I whimpered. He smirked as he looked at me.
“Poor puppy,” Wes mocked as he tugged the leash, pulling me so I was right up to his face. “Do you know what happens to puppies when they do something they’re not supposed to?”
“N-No, Sir.”
“They get reprimanded,” his voice was low as he got up into my face. “They get retrained and redirected,” he spoke into my mouth. His nose brushed against mine, smushing it as he moved away from me… Denying me a kiss. I couldn’t help but whimper. Because of course I’d whimper.
Wes laughed as he looked at me. I couldn’t imagine what was going through his head. Hell I didn't even know what was going through my head.
“They get punished.” His voice was even lower than before. I swallowed roughly as I stared at him. “Do you need to be punished, Puppy?”
The way Wes stood so close to me was rather intoxicating. His scent was fresh and clean as it lingered in the space between us. I wanted so desperately to say yes, but I was worried my body would betray me and… I already knew what was coming for me. If I was going to be honest, I didn’t feel bad at all for going through his things. I… I deserved this. Wanted this even.
“I asked you a question,” he muttered before pulling the leash harder than before. The breath in my lungs was rattled from my body, forcing me to gasp for air. But by the way I was already willing to submit to him, he should have my answer. He just wants to hear me say the words… To beg for it. Which I did want. “Don’t make me ask again.”
“Y-Yes,” I mumbled as my eyes fell shut.
“Yes what.”
“Yes, sir,” I whispered as I looked back at him. Wes smiled before lifting a hand to my head. I hated the small smile on his lips as he gently brushed his hand over my head before dropping his hand to my chin.
“On your knees, Puppy,” he muttered as he shoved my face before pulling his hand from me. My breathing grew rapid as I slowly lowered to the floor. The hardwood would kill me come morning, but at this point it was a risk I was willing to take.
Wes looked down at me, loosening his grip on the leash. There was a certain softness in his eyes, but part of me knew it was fake kindness. He gently tugged the leash as he walked away, telling me to follow him. I swallowed roughly as I pressed my hands into the ground and followed behind him on my hands and knees.
I quietly crawled behind him, keeping my head held low. It wasn’t that I was feeling embarrassed, because I walked right into this. I just wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with this.
Wes stopped walking, catching me off guard. I was too busy with my thoughts to even notice he had stopped. So when he pulled on the leash, pulling me to a stop, I looked up at him with wide eyes. He looked down at me with a faux anger.
“Ollie’s better behaved than you, Puppy,” his voice warned. I stared at him, before nodding. Ollie was very well behaved.
Then it hit me, he’s comparing me to his dog.
“Sit,” he muttered as he looked at me. I swallowed roughly before moving to sit to my bottom. A small smile grew across his lips as I looked up at him. I could see the praise he wanted to give me sitting on the tip of his tongue, and I didn’t realize how badly I wanted it, till he looked away from me. “I’d call you a good girl,” he paused as he glanced at me. The words made me feel better, like the embarrassment and shame I was feeling melted away. So, I looked at him, and smiled. “If you weren’t being so naughty.”
My face fell as he looked away from me again. I could feel a different level of shame growing in my chest. Wes knew exactly what he was doing, and he was having entirely too much fun doing it too. I wish I could say I knew what he was doing, because then I could prepare.
“Be a good puppy, and stay,” he muttered before dropping the leash. The handle fell to the ground before resting between my legs. The chain of the leash was cold against my neck and little bit of chest.
Wes rested his hand on top of my head as he walked away. Part of me wanted to look over my shoulder to look at what he was doing, but I knew he probably wouldn’t like that. So I did it anyway.
I quickly looked over my shoulder and watched as Wes approached the box I was digging around in some odd minutes ago, even though it felt like hours. I watched as he dug around, looking for something. My mind couldn’t even comprehend what he was looking for. I only saw the things he had on top. He could have any-
“I didn’t say you could look.” Wes looked over at me with a raised eyebrow. I looked back at him before swallowing roughly and turning back to face the wall in front of me. My hands lifted to the collar around my neck. I guess I’m getting what I wanted, just in a way that I wasn’t expecting.
I hope he wasn’t actually mad at me. But I also understand if he was. Curiosity got the better of me and I just had to know what was in the box. It’d been teasing me and mocking me all week. And he said I had free reign of the house… I still shouldn’t have snooped.
“Come along, Puppy,” Wes’ voice was very soft as he spoke. Okay maybe he wasn’t mad at me. What if he was happy I went rummaging through his things, because now he gets to have fun.
I bit my lips between my teeth before getting back on my hands and knees. The leash dragged on the ground beneath me as I crawled over to him. When I did get to him, Wes squatted to greet me on the floor. He held two things in his hands, and I could feel a certain excitement growing between my legs. I couldn’t stop the whimper as it fell from my lips. Wes laughed as he lifted a hand to my chin. He gently coaxed me so I was looking away from the objects and instead his face.
“Do you know what this is?” He asked, holding up a ball gag. I stared at the lilac colored ball and strap before nodding lightly. “I want you to use your words.”
“I-It’s a ball gag,” I whispered as he lowered his hand from my face. I took a deep breath as he looked at the object himself. A pleased smirk grew across his lips as he looked back at me. “A-Are you going to use it?”
"Only if you want me to. If not that's fine, I won't be mad. We'll have a safe sign if it gets to be too much,” he whispered as he looked at the ball gag. I stared at him for a moment as I watched him think.
“I think…”I paused and swallowed roughly. “I think I'd be okay… if you used it,” I whispered. I watched as a smile grew across his lips as he looked up at me.
“Good girl,” he whispered as he lifted his hand to my chin. I tilted my head slightly as he looked at me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could feel my pulse racing in my throat.
Wes knew what he was doing. I mean, we’ve been screwing around for the better part of the last few months. He knew what made me tick and what riled me up. The little touches, and teasing, and whispers he was doing worked, too.
“Open wide,” he murmured as he lifted the ball gag closer to me. I stared at him for a moment before opening my mouth slightly. “Stick out your tongue.”
I widened my eyes as I stared at him, realizing what he wanted from me. So, I opened my mouth more and stuck my tongue out. Wes smiled softly before moving so his face hung over mine. My breathing and heart stilled as he let a ball of spit fall from his lips, and onto my tongue. I carefully pulled my tongue back into my mouth. But I didn’t swallow. I held it on my tongue as I waited for what he wanted me to do next.
“A good girl,” he whispered before picking up the ball and placing the ball of the gag right on my tongue. He rolled the ball in the mixture of our saliva before moving to fasten it into place. Making pathetic little sounds, or movements was what I resorted to telling him how I was doing. As of right now, though, I was doing amazing. I already didn’t want the night to end.
“Look at you. You look so pretty with that gag in your mouth, stopping you from yapping,” he said as he lifted his fingers to rest back under my chin. I looked at him, breathing through my mouth. I could already feel the drool slipping down my chin.
Wes’ eyes scanned my face for a moment before he moved closer to me, his tongue connecting with my chin before dragging it up over the ball gag. He let out a soft hum, telling me he was pleased with everything I was doing. But I couldn’t stop the soft moan that fought its way up my throat.
“Stand up.” His words were cool as he spoke. I half expected him to help me to my feet, so when he didn’t I was a bit shocked. I took a deep breath as I struggled to push myself to stand. Wes looked at me, a slight disappointed glint in his eye when it took me a moment to stand. I hated that it made me feel terrible.
Wes stepped up to me, his eyes wrecking over my body. When they landed back on my face, I nodded lightly, telling him to do whatever he wanted to me. Although he’s always had that knowledge. I’ve only ever seen him so dominate once before, but I didn’t know it could be like this. And I wanted it. I wanted it so bad, I wanted it more than I needed to breathe. He placed his hands on my hips, his thumbs hooking under the hem of his shirt. I couldn’t tell if he was hesitant because of me, or if he just needed a moment before he did anything. But after he had his moment, he pulled my shirt off, undid my bra, and pushed my pants down, leaving me totally exposed to the coolness of his room. My eyes instantly fell shut, and a breath of air fell from my nose. And then he had his moment of just staring at me, totally naked.
My body jerked slightly as his hands connected back with my sides. I looked at him with wide eyes. He didn’t mean to scare me, that was my fault.
“On the bed,” he muttered as he nodded towards his bed. I looked at the bed as I turned to face it. My eyes drifted back towards Wes for a moment, watching as he kept staring at me. I dropped my head and stepped over to the bed, carefully sitting on the edge. I watched as he walked around the room for a moment, going to grab something from his closet. Part of me was conflicted about what to do. I wanted to stay sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting till he told me, or forced me, what to do. The other part of me wanted to be ready and sitting in the middle of the bed.
“These won’t hurt, I promise,” he whispered as he came back over to me. In his hands were four black leather cuffs. I stared at them for a moment, looking at how he held them. He held them with such care as he waited for me to offer him my hands.
I looked up at him, feeling my breathing become ragged for a moment. Wes dropped his eyes to the cuffs, placing them on the bed beside me.
“The inside is lined with faux fur to make it extra comfortable. We don’t need to use these if you don’t want to,” he explained as he undid the buckle of one of the cuffs. I looked at it and nodded. He wasn’t as mad as he let on…
I nodded again as I looked up at him. I lifted my hand, offering him my wrist. Wes smiled as he quietly put the cuff around my wrist and tightened it. I exhaled deeply as he carefully placed my hand down. He grabbed my other hand and did the same thing.
Once he finished putting the cuffs on both my wrists he stood at the head board, showing me clips to clip the cuffs to. I looked down at them before looking at him. “Hold on,” he whispered before disappearing into the other room. I hated that the spit in my mouth had begun pooling over my lips. But at the same time, I loved it.
“Now, Puppy, if things get to be too much for you, I want you to give this ball two squeezes. Can you do that for me?” Wes asked as he held up a small red rubber ball. My eyes looked at his hand as his fingers flexed around the ball, letting a low pitched squeak come from it. A squeaky toy, because I’m a puppy.
I quickly looked back at him, my eyes wide as they met his. The smile on his lips was driving me crazy. He was enjoying this too much, but to be fair so was I. Every moment becoming more exhilarating than the last. I didn’t like that I knew it would eventually end.
“Can you nod for me?” Wes asked as he carefully put the ball in my palm. I struggled to take a deep breath before giving up and nodded. I looked at the ball in hand before giving it a singular squeeze. I looked up at Wes. He was looking back at me with a reassuring smile.
“Lay back for me,” he whispered before nodding back to the bed. I stared for a moment before blinking and lying back. Wes stood up from the bed and attached the cuffs around my wrists to the loop on the headboard. I watched as he walked around the bed and went to the other side, clipping the cuff to the head board. I pulled both my wrists to see how far I could pull them... And it wasn’t very far.
Wes looked up at me as he grabbed my left foot, bringing it to the corner. We stared at each other as he fastened my left ankle to the restraint hidden on the corner of the bed frame. My leg jerked, pulling the restraint to see how far I could get. Wes smirked and shook his head.
“You don’t get as much movement as you thought,” he mumbled as he fastened my ankle to the other restraint. I stared at him as he stood at the end of bed.
Wes kept his eyes on me as he knelt on the bed. I could feel the bed dipping as he crawled between my legs. My legs pulled on the restraints as I tried to touch him. But of course, I was stopped before I could even get a slight touch. He smiled as he looked down at my legs and up at my face. I huffed out a breath of air to let him know I was annoyed.
“You’ll get what you want, Pup. Only when I say you can,” Wes whispered before pressing his lips to my collar bone. I sucked in a deep breath of air as I pulled on my arms. “Understood?” he looked up at me through his eyelashes. I quickly nodded, rapidly moving my head up and down.
“Good girl,” he cooed as he pressed his lips to my forehead. And just like that, he was gone, standing beside the bed.
It was strange how gentle he was being with me at the moment, because a few minutes ago he was having me crawl around on my hands and knees and spitting into my mouth. I had a feeling that was about to change though.
My eyes followed Wes as he walked around the room. I tried to think about what was going through his head, but all I could really think about was how fucking turned on I was by being tied down to his bed, my legs being held open, and a ball gag shoved in my mouth. This was very different from what we were doing before. This was…
“Look at you,” Wes finally spoke. He was standing at the end of the bed, between my feet. His eyes trailed up and down my body, lingering on certain parts of me. I could feel the shakiness of my breathing as I looked at him. I could feel a familiar build up growing between my legs, and if my legs weren’t tied apart, I would have pressed my thighs together. “You look so desperate for me, Puppy.”
I whined, my legs pulling at the restraints around my ankles. He smiled at me before walking back around the bed. My eyes still followed him around the room, watching him go back to the box I was snooping in. Once he found what he was looking for, he sat on the edge of the bed beside me.
“Drooly little puppy,” he whispered as he brought a hand to my jaw. A whiny breath came from my throat, only to be caught by the gag. He pulled my head so I was looking at him. “You’re so wet and yet I haven’t even done anything to you yet. You just like being tied down and used like the little whore you are,” he stated coolly. I could do or say anything, so I stared at him.
Then a soft buzz filled the room. It was hard to stay focused as my breathing picked up. Even though the buzz was faint, I still heard it, and knew exactly what it was and where it was coming from.
God, please, please, please. I just wish he could hear my thoughts. He already knows, though. He knows that I’ve been turned on since I picked up the collar.
I watched as he turned to face me before holding up a small bullet vibrator. When he placed the vibrator on my thigh, I jumped- but not very far. Another whine came from me as he slowly moved it across my skin
I swear to god this man is going to kill me. All he was doing was teasing me at this point. It was actually killing me. I couldn’t breathe. But it felt good.
“You look so pretty like this. You have no idea,” Wes mumbled as he moved to hover over me. I shut my eyes as he moved the vibrator closer to the apex of my legs. I wanted to press my legs together the closer he got, but it was impossible… It left me pulling at the cuffs around my ankles. Wes looked down at my left foot before looking back at me. “Be careful, Pup, don’t hurt yourself,” he whispered as he moved the vibrator through my folds and nestled right on my clit.
I looked up at him, my eyes wide, and little whimpers getting caught in my throat. Drool had started spilling over my lower lip, rolling down my chin. As I looked at him, I could feel the pleasure building up between my thighs. The room filled with my soft moans and whimpers, and the soft muffled buzz of the vibrator between my legs.
“Remember what I said, Puppy, don’t cum without my permission,” Wes’ voice was very low as he spoke. My heart was beating faster as his words hit me. I felt like I couldn’t do anything as he began moving the vibrator around me. In fact, I couldn’t do anything at all. “Nod for me if you understand,” he said once my eyes fell shut. My eyes snapped open as I looked back at him, my head quickly moving up and down.
“Good girl,” he cooed before pressing his lips to the side of my head. A loud moan came from me causing Wes to laugh. I looked back up at him, trying to pull on the cuffs around my wrists. “I’d call you a good little whore, but I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson yet.”
My teeth barred around the lilac ball in my mouth. The amount of drool that came from my mouth should have been disgusting. But it wasn’t...
“Are all of your holes this wet?” Wes asked as he moved a finger down my sex and over my entrance. My eyes widened as I stared at him. He should know the answer, judging by the amount of sex we’ve had. I’m always wet around him. But this… Oh this was much worse. “You’re lucky I find this so attractive, Pup… Fuck, your mouth and cunt soaked becuase of me… All because of me.”
Another whine came from me as my hand tightened, squeezing the red squeaky ball just once. Wes looked over at my hand and the ball before looking back at me. I nodded my head in a rather excited way, telling him I was fine.
“Maybe you are a good little whore. Getting so soaked because I’m touching you this way. What if I just… stopped,” he muttered before slowly moving the vibrator away from me. I cried out as I looked at him. I hated the smirk that grew across his lips as his eyes met mine. “Or kept going til you were sobbing to let you cum,” he added as he pressed the vibrator back on me, this time adding extra pressure. I whined as I tried moving my hips away from him.
Wes smirked at me as he tried keeping my hips still. He rested his free hand on my waist to hold it down. My head pressed into the pillow as I choked out a moan. I could feel my chest beginning to heave with each breath I took as he slowly moved the vibrator in circles around me.
All I wanted to do was whine, moan, and tell him exactly how I was feeling… But I couldn’t. I was rendered speechless as the ball gag choked me into silence. The amount of spit and drool that spilled between my lower lip and ball gag should have been disgusting… But it wasn’t… Not to Wes, at least. I wondered if when he took the gag from my mouth would there be a hard bite mark from how hard my teeth bit down on it.
“We should do this more often, Puppy,” Wes started as he moved so he was hovering over me. His eyes stayed glued to mine… Or well, tried to stay glued to mine. It was a struggle to even keep my eyes open with everything that was happening. “Keeping you tied open for me… Leaving you like this…”
My hand twitched again and forced me to squeeze the ball in my hand. Wes looked over at my hand, waiting for another squeak… A squeak that would never come. He was too busy looking at my hand to look back at my face.
“I wanna cum. Please, please, please I need to,” I huffed out a breath of air before moaning. A smirk grew across his lips as he looked down at me. His eyes met mine again, and I hoped the urgency I was feeling would translate into my eyes.
“Oh? Do you want to cum?” he asked a mockery in his tone. I whimpered out a moan before nodding my head. Wes laughed before pulling the vibrator away from me and getting off the bed. My breathing became more huffed as I stared at him. “You’ll come when I tell you to… Like a good puppy.”
I could feel a growl get stuck in my throat as I stared at him, watching as he walked back and forth in front of the bed. At this point he was just teasing me. He was probably waiting for me to slow down before he continued doing what he was doing… Which was pushing me to a line I’ve never been to before… It’s a good thing I actually liked this. Although he would have stopped before I got uncomfortable.
“You want my cock, don’t you?” Wes asked as our eyes locked. I over enthusiastically nodded my head the longer I stared at him. He enjoyed my excitement, a smile growing across his lips again. “Of course you do… A needy slut… A needy little puppy,” he started as he began undressing himself. My eyes dropped down to his cock, which was pressed against his abdomen. I could see a small glistening of pre-cum coming from his slit. I let out frustrated whines and huffs of air as I pulled on the restraints around my wrists. “My needy little puppy.”
I never ever will get over how much… I loved his cock. Which was weird. I never imagined loving someone’s dick so much. But I’ll literally never get sick of his. I was obsessed with it.
Wes smiled as he crawled up the bed and back towards me. He carefully brushed his hand and fingers against my skin. I tried slowing my breath as he came back till his head hung over mine. His eyes examined my face before he lowered down to kiss my face. He stayed close to my face, breathing me in before he stuck his tongue out before licking all of the spit off my chin. A soft whine fell from me as he looked back down at me. I could feel a certain impatience grow in the pit of my stomach.
“One squeak for yes… Two for no… Are you okay?” Wes asked as he looked at me. I tried to suck back the spit that was leaking from my mouth as I squeaked the ball once. A smile grew across his lips as he nodded. “Do you want me to keep going? If not, we can stop now, you can have a bath and sleep in my bed… And I won’t be upset.” I stared at him for a moment before squeezing the ball once, again. His smile grew wider before he pressed his lips to my neck.
“Perfect,” he spoke into my skin. I couldn’t stop the moan that came from me as he pressed his lips across my chest. My eyes shut again as he carefully pushed his cock into me. I could feel my body tense slightly and a strangled moan came from my mouth as he started rolling his hips.
“I’ve been waiting to fuck you since I left you here, Pup,” he groaned as he kept moving. I wanted so badly to wrap my arms and legs around him and hold him as close to me as possible. But he had intentions of keeping me still and open for him. “And I’ve been waiting to tie you down like this since… Forever,” he whispered as he lifted his head and rested it on mine. I forced my eyes to stay open to look right at him.
Wes has been waiting to do this to me. I wish he asked for it sooner because I also love being like this. I love that I’m not even doing anything and I’m still getting off… I hope. Maybe we should do this more often. I’d let him… I’d honestly let him do much worse to me too…
I threw my head back as I could feel the peak get high, and the tension in my stomach grew tighter. I struggled to keep my eyes open to look at him. Every time I pulled the restraints on my wrists and ankles, Wes looked at my face with a small smirk.
“Fuck,” he groaned as he lifted a hand to the pillow behind me. I screwed my eyes shut and moaned again. It became a struggle to hold back any sound I made, and I knew at any minute I’d be fighting to hold off till he said. I wanted to tell him that I was close, but there was no way of telling him. Not that he’d care. Even without the gag, I’m sure he’d continue using me till he finished. I suppose it was a good thing I enjoyed it and wanted more.
Every moan or sound that came from Wes grew louder the longer time went on. A minute felt like an hour, but it felt euphotic with every sound he made. I wanted it to last forever. But every dreamy moment would always end.
Wes finished with a loud moan, spilling his fluids in me. A gentle moan came from me, wishing I could’ve finished with him, but I knew he had other plans.
“Maybe you are a good girl, Pup…” He pulled out of me before bringing a hand between my legs. I looked up at him and took a deep breath. He smirked as he dragged a finger through my folds, collecting his cum before pushing it back into me. My eyes widened as he began thrusting his fingers in and out of me, curling it just right with every movement.
“Cum along, Pup,” he whispered before pressing his lips to my forehead. My breathing grew harsh again, heavy breaths coming from my nose. I looked up at Wes before my head pressed into the pillow. My muscles tightened around his finger and a loud moan came from me. Wes smiled as he peppered my face with kisses. When he was good and sure that I had finished, he quickly pulled the ball gag from my mouth and went to the restraints.
“Are you okay?” he asked, looking up at me from the foot of the bed. I nodded as I tried catching my breath. “Can you use your words for me? Please? I need to make sure you’re okay.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m okay,” I whispered, keeping caution. Although I wasn’t sure why I was being cautious. I knew Wes wasn’t really mad at me.
“I’m gonna get these off you and then I’ll run you a bath. Okay?”
“Okay,” I mumbled, watching as he came up to my hands. He undid the cuffs on my wrist, letting my arm fall to the bed before moving it in his hands. Once I was free from all the restraints, I slowly sat up, taking my time.
“Keep your wrists and legs moving. Otherwise, they’ll fall asleep and I don’t want you getting uncomfortable,” Wes instructed as he looked at me. I stared at him and nodded. He smiled softly before leaving the bedroom and going towards the bathroom. “Do you think you can walk?”
“Y-yeah, I can,” I whispered as he guided me off the bed. With his arm wrapped around me, he brought me to the bathroom.
“I’m gonna clean up the bedroom. I’ll be back, okay?” Wes looked at me once I was sitting in the bath. I swallowed roughly and nodded. “I’ll come back with water, a snack and a change of clothes.”
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Producers: Where the fuck is Matthew?
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Gifs of Spencer Reid: 50/who knows?
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idc, i still love matthew so much. we share the same crackhead energy and i just can't stop loving him. probably never will
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Cupid’s Chokehold/Breakfast in America by Gym Class Heroes like Spencer just boasting his girlfriend to everyone
Tumblr media
A/n: I adore this song, but it's stuck in my head now
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Y/n
Genre: complete fluff
WC: 2.5k
CW: nothing (??)
There weren't a lot of things Spencer Reid bragged about. He had a lot of accomplishments to brag about, 3 PhDs to start with. But he was extremely modest.
One of the things he was willing to brag about was his godson. Sweet Henry had taught him so much more than he expected a 4-year-old would be able to.
The thing he always gloated about was his girlfriend.
Beautiful Y/n L/n had been with Spencer for 7 months. And he was whipped.
The team sat on the jet on the way to Seattle to do what they did best.
Spencer Reid was uncharacteristically on the phone, wrapping up a phone call. "I'll come over when I'm back... You know that stuff has so much sugar in it?... Alright, that's a fair rebuttal... I know, I thought that was clever...Yes, I'll get Phish food flavored Ben and Jerry's... I promise...I love you... Well, I'd tell you how scientifically inaccurate that is, but I have a feeling you need to go... Okay, goodbye, I love you." He took the phone away from his ear and hung up.
When he looked up at the team, everyone was looking at him. Morgan couldn't stop his snickers, JJ was giving him some serious side-eye, and Kate had a frown on her face. Thankfully, to save him some embarrassment, Hotch and Rossi weren't listening.
Spencer could feel the blush rising on his cheeks as he sheepishly put his phone away.
"I really hope that wasn't a family member," Kate spoke with an amused tone.
Morgan laughed at her. "You don't even want to know, Callahan." He informed her.
"N-no, it wasn't," Spencer assured her, still smiling.
Spencer's shyness inspired her to press the topic. "Okay, I'll bite, seeing as I'm the only one who doesn't know. Who was it?" Kate asked.
If she thought Spencer's bursts of random knowledge was his key talking point, she was about to figure out she was wrong.
"Oh, Callahan, you really should have stopped," Morgan cautioned her, shaking his head at the error in the new agent's ways.
"Y/n is my girlfriend." Spencer began. Both JJ and Morgan were also listening, secretly happy for the baby of the team. "She's the love of my life." He admitted proudly.
"And when did you start telling her you loved her?" JJ prompted, wanting Spencer to tell Kate the hilarious story.
Spencer glared at her, blushing. "I think I should start at the beginning." He told them all. "So, one Saturday, I'm at my apartment. Reading, of course."
"Because it's the only thing he does." Morgan interrupted, ruffling Spencer's already messy hair. Spencer pulled away from him with an annoyed groan.
"But, there's a knock on the door, and I wasn't expecting anyone." Spencer continued the story. "So, when I opened the door, Y/n was standing there." His face lit up with a smile. "She was in this short white summer dress, with a blue floral print. And she was so pretty... she is so pretty." He corrected himself, dreamily thinking about Y/n with a giddy smile.
Kate was smiling at him tenderly. "Keep going with your story. It sounds sweet." She requested.
Spencer nodded, more than happy to tell anyone who asked how much he loved his girlfriend. "Right, so she's in this dress in front of my apartment, and, obviously, we both have no idea who the other is." He explained, moving his hands to make the story more interesting. "Oh, and she has flowers." He still had the image of Y/n's pretty dress in his brain and her pretty face. Which was making it difficult for him to remember the full story. "It was a big bouquet of sunflowers. And I was really nervous about how pretty she was, so I just started on a whole spiel about sunflowers. Like how the scientific name for them is Helianthus, which comes from the Greek words helios, which means sun, and, anthus which means flower." Spencer start, gesturing with his hands.
"How long did you talk for?" Kate asked. For only just joining the team, she was very observant of Spencer's inclination for long rambling.
Morgan chuckled again, shaking his head at the answer he already knew. "4 minutes," Spencer admitted shyly, cheeks painted red. "I asked her if she knew that, in Chinese culture, sunflowers are given at graduations and the start of new businesses because they symbolize good luck." Spencer continued to ramble. "And I think she was a little put off because she just shook her head while frowning." He observed.
"I wonder why," JJ uttered with a side-eyed glance at Spencer. Still, she was smiling at her best friend's happiness.
Spencer just shrugged. "And I told her that sunflowers were the national flower of Ukraine and Russia. And asked her if she knew that they were worshipped by the Incas empire because of their resemblance to the sun. But she still shook her head. Then I told her all about the Fibonacci sequence and how all sunflower seeds follow the pattern." He babbled out facts. Still, it was the short version of what Y/n had heard when they first met.
"Is that how you always talk to girls you like?" Kate asked with an amused smile.
Morgan pipped up again. "Yes, I've tried to help him out before, but it's never worked."
"I did get a girlfriend all on my own." Spencer shot back. Morgan held his hands up in defense while JJ giggled. "When she did finally speak-"
"When you finally gave her the chance to speak." Morgan corrected.
Spencer shot him a glare before continuing. "She told me that clearly, she wasn't at the right apartment. But she wanted to know how I knew so much about sunflowers. And I was surprised that she didn't just think I was weird. She's just so kind." He fondly spoke of his girlfriend. "And I replied by nervously admitting I liked facts. She told me she was impressed, which I didn't believe. Because she's so gorgeous that I figured she'd been hit on a thousand times by guys much more attractive than me." Spencer's self-doubting tendencies came in. "But, somehow, I managed to thank her and ask her where she was meant to go." He continued. "She said it was my next-door neighbor and that the flowers were to cheer up her friend, who had gotten broken up with." Although he felt wrong for it, Spencer smiled at how Y/n's friend's unlucky day was his luckiest day. "So I told her where the apartment was, and then that sunflowers have a vase life of about 7 days. So, she takes a flower out of the bunch and gives it to me. And all she said was that she'd see me next week." Spencer finished the story of one of the best days of his life.
Kate found it adorable, as did JJ and maybe even Morgan, who was just hesitant to admit it. "That's so sweet." Kate cooed. Spencer nodded, still blushing a little. "Do you have a picture?" She asked.
Spencer eagerly pulled out his iPhone, which he only had because Y/n influenced him. She even had to teach him how to use it. He produced a full album of photos which he handed over to Kate to swipe through.
Pictures with Y/n made up 70% of his limited camera roll. Mostly it was photos she insisted on taking of them together. Spencer always argued, but they both knew he enjoyed it.
When he was away of cases, feeling low, he'd just look at a picture of her smiling face from a date they went on. Or Y/n reading in his apartment. He'd never enjoyed photography until he had a muse.
Kate flipped through the photos with a smile.
"The whole fact we even met was extremely improbable," Spencer told them, not diving into the actual number. "And I never believed in fate, but since I've met Y/n, I'm not so sure." He concluded.
Kate handed him his phone back. "You're right. She's pretty." Spencer took his phone, locking it before showing Kate the lock screen wallpaper. It was a picture of him and Y/n that Garcia had managed to capture. Y/n's hands were cupping his cheeks as she looked back into the camera with a huge grin, matching Spencer's. Every time a message came in with bad news, her smile made him feel better.
"I do want to hear the rest of this story, though." Kate reminded him, snapping him out of his daydream.
Spencer put his phone away. "Right, so she came back to my place the next week, and thankfully I was there. And she told me that her friend wasn't even home, but she'd come to see me. Of course, I was a little confused, not expecting her to even come back. But, I invited her into my very messy apartment, which still didn't deter her. She told me all about how her friend had noticed me coming and going at random times of the day and night and wanted to know what was up with that." Spencer recalled clearly. "But she thought I was some type of cool spy, so I just agreed. And I went to make coffee, but Garcia called, and Y/n picked up the phone." Spencer retold the story of how he heard Penelope's loudest squeals.
"So, what happened next?" Kate asked, figuratively on the edge of her seat.
"Right, so Y/n talks on the phone to Garcia until I come in, and she hands it over. And Garcia screamed in my ear for a minute about the 'mystery girl in my apartment.'" Spencer directly quoted with air quotes. "But then she said we had a case. So I had to very apologetically kick Y/n out of my apartment and go. She just kept telling me that it was totally alright." He continued. Maybe fate, if it was real, wasn't always on his side. "But, she gave me her number and said that when I got back, I owed her a cup of coffee," Spencer concluded the story of their second meeting.
He was grateful for Y/n for a lot of things. But, when he thought back to the start of their relationship, it was because of her forwardness.
"And I came back to DC at 5 in the morning, text her, and she was awake, so I agreed to meet her at her favorite cafe, and we got coffee," Spencer recalled their first date. "I brought her sunflowers because, to me, they have a deeper meaning than any ancient civilizations." He added.
To him, sunflowers would always be associated with the love of his life, standing on his doorstep.
"Aww, that's cute," Kate commented. She hadn't profiled Spencer as being a romantic until now. "What was she doing up at 5 am, though?" She questioned.
"Oh, she's a corporate lawyer. She's remarkably bright. She did a joint degree at Yale and Oxford so she can practice law in both countries." Spencer proudly replied. "But she was up because she was working on a merger for a company in London." He answered Kate's original question. "She's so smart that she graduated at the top of her classes in both countries." He continued to brag.
"She sounds really great, Reid," Kate replied. She hadn't been with the team for long, but she'd read all their files. And Spencer deserved every bit of love he was getting.
"Tell her the 'I love you' story." JJ requested, clearly paying more attention than she'd care to admit to the conversation.
Spencer nodded. "So, we'd been dating for 2 months, 25 days, 4 hours, and 21 minutes." He started, making everyone else laugh. "I wanted her to meet the team, and Rossi was having a dinner party, so I invited her. On the day of the party, I go to her apartment to pick her up in a suit." He set the scene for Kate. He had been so nervous for her to meet the team the whole day. "And she's wearing a gorgeous red satin dress. She always looks beautiful, but she looked extra beautiful that day. I was so flustered over how to act because I've never introduced anyone to the team."
When Spencer even announced he was planning on bringing a guest, everyone was shocked. Not one of them had heard about Y/n, but as soon as he spoke about her, they knew it was serious.
"So I go into her apartment, she kisses me, and she asks how I think she looks while she's collecting her things." Spencer began. "And because my brain was so overloaded with worries, I just told her I love her."
Only he would ever be able to see the shocked look on Y/n's face that slowly turned to joy. Only he would remember how it felt when she kissed him again, practically jumping into his arms. Only he would remember how relieved he felt when she said it back.
"She wasn't deterred by that?" Kate asked with a laugh.
Sure, it might have been early, and Spencer was never good with his feelings, but he was sure he loved Y/n.
He shook his head. "She said it back. And, of course, I told her how stunning she looked." He continued the story.
"She sounds great, Reid. When can I meet her?" Kate asked, now intrigued to meet the girl who turned Spencer to mush.
"Uh, well, when we get back to DC, I'm planning on asking her to move in with me." He squeaked out, voice higher.
JJ turned to look at him with wide eyes. "Spence-" She started.
Spencer interrupted, preempting her question. "I know we haven't been dating for long, but I see her nearly every day when I'm in DC. And whenever I'm away, we talk on the phone." He defended his choice.
JJ shook her head at him. "I was going to say congratulations." She corrected him.
"Oh, thank you," Spencer replied. He had been hoping for a warm response, but he wasn't sure he was going to get one.
Since he'd started dating her, he wanted nothing more than to come home from a hard case and have Y/n in his arms. Something about it assured him that everything would be alright.
He turned back to Kate. "So, I guess we'll have a housewarming." He replied, unable to wipe the smile off his face.
He didn't give any thought to what would happen if she said no. Y/n had taught him to be confident.
"Well, I'm very excited," Kate assured him. "Although, you probably shouldn't tell her that her ice cream has 'so much sugar in it.'" She warned him, using air quotes.
Spencer gave her a worried look before smiling.
Morgan stuck out a hand to ruffle his hair again. "You know you haven't stopped smiling since she called?" He observed with a smirk.
A comment like that would have made Spencer blush usually, but he was far too giddy with the thought of Y/n living with him to let it both her.
He just shrugged. "I'm completely in love, and can you blame me?"
Not one of them could fault that statement.
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