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Author’s Note: This is an idea about this for a while now. Honestly, it’s been in my drafts and I finally wanted to continue. I am definitely going to write for more of the girls and the guys. Please enjoy <3



Originally posted by myherogifs


  • Supports this completely
  • Honestly. She makes her s/o coffee before class and gets them an energy drink for study sessions
  • They offer her her first 5-hour energy before a training 
  • Looses her ever-loving mind
  • Will not stop shaking and moving
  • Is up for 36 hours after
  • Will not leave Bakugou alone
  • Her life is threatened several times and she just laughs in his face
  • They don’t let her have another ever again


  • Will try to get them to drink tea instead
  • It fails miserably
  • She just gives up
  • She will bring an offering of caffeine if she needs something done
  • Will cut them off at 8p.m. so they can “sleep”
  • They have a stash of redbulls under their bed for these occasions
  • Momo refuses to drink any sort of energy drink until finals week when she caves in
  • Momo secretly doesn’t mind it, even if it tastes like sugary battery acid
  • Buys them an entire case for their birthday


  • Doesn’t care either way
  • Is too poor to keep up with their habit
  • Will sneak little sips from theirs when they aren’t looking
  • S/o definitely knows, but does not mind at all
  • Will buy her her own, but does it casually
  • Will go for coffee dates and be really cute together
  • Accidently drinks s/o’s drink and doesn’t realize it’s monster mixed with a 5-hour energy
  • Ochaco is just floating around the common space and Mina is filming it as a Tik Tok. 
  • It does pretty well      


  • Bold of you to assume that she wasn’t right there with you
  • Taking turns paying for their drinks at the convenience store
  • Fighting over the best flavor of Mountain Dew (It’s Baja Blast)
  • If Jiro has too much caffeine, it’s harder for her to focus on her quirk
  • (It’s hard to hear villains with your heart beating really loud)
  • Having late night jam sessions together through by insomnia and caffeine
  • They will get her a personalized can for her birthday
  • She will Kill Denki if he dares touch it.
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⩩ contents: fluff, brief mentions of insomnia

⩩ a/n: this was such a cute request, I hope you enjoy!!


a little sleepless nights | s. todoroki

Initially the idea of sharing a dormitory with nineteen other strangers your age wasn’t really appealing, scary perhaps. You barely knew anything about anyone, little details here and there but nothing more than their names and their quirks, and yet here you were expected to get along with them and continue on your joint paths of becoming pro heroes.

Looking back at where you had found yourself six months ago was almost comical, how your doe eyes had stared at the doors of the dorms you’d find yourself staying, how you’d stayed quiet during the shared breakfasts and dinners, peeking at everyone nervously from where you’d been smushed between Mina and Momo with Todoroki sitting across from you. You weren’t one to actively participate in the various conversations drifting around the tables, but you found yourself warming up to your classmates faster than what you’ve initially thought.

You had developed a liking to Shoto simply because he didn’t seem to talk much either which you appreciated. It was a slow and steady process of starting to inch closer and closer to each other, sitting next to each other at the tables, teaming up during missions, a gradual pull from opposite poles that tugged the two of you together.

Just like Shoto didn’t pry into your life you didn’t poke into his, yet something had been gnawing at you for the past few weeks, a hunch you hadn’t been able to shake from your shoulders.

It had been close to midnight when you had woken up to go to the bathroom on the opposite end of the hallway, padding past the closed doors of your other classmates. Everyone seemed to be sleeping until you saw light peeking out from under one of the doors - Todoroki’s room. It was far past the lights out curfew and you didn’t want to bother him so instead you breezed past, finished up in the bathroom and headed back to your room. Perhaps he had needed to go to the bathroom as well or -

What he does at night doesn’t concern you.

That’s a thought you tried to embed in your mind but the more and more times you saw light peeking out from under his door, the more the concern inside of you began to grow, nipping at the corners of your brain. You had a theory but you weren’t completely sure about it and confronting him wasn’t first thing on the list quite yet. But after catching him curled up at his desk with his head resting on his arms during lunch, you knew you were right. He was having trouble sleeping and as one of his friends it was your duty to ensure he got some good night’s rest, even if it meant sacrificing your own. You hadn’t found it in you to confront him about his sleepless nights, yet you still pondered ways to help battle whatever was keeping him up when the dark blanket folded across the sky, threatening to swallow everything whole.

The next night follows the same routine. You slip into a pair of cotton socks and pad down the barely lit hallway to where golden light spills under the crack of the wooden door. Your hand tightens around the box you cradle in your grip, shuffling to a stop before you inhale slowly. Your knock is so soft that you barely even register it, afraid of waking up Aizawa or one of the other students. Waiting, you hold your breath for a tense few seconds. They tick by until a full minute has passed before the door handle mechanically turns and Shoto’s furrowed eyebrows and sleepy gaze meets yours.

“Can we talk?” is all you ask him in a hushed whisper, keeping the little item in your hands hidden from view. He hesitates for a moment, you can see it in the way he purses his lips before he nods, opening the door a few inches wider to invite you inside.

His room is cool, the gentle thrum of the AC filling the silence that had settled over the two of you. He’s is still standing at his door, his hands awkwardly fiddling with the strings of his sweatpants as you take a seat on the edge of his bed, trying to push away whatever remaining doubt lingers in your thoughts.

“I’ve noticed you haven’t been sleeping well lately,” you began, trying to evaporate the tension that hangs in the air. You shift on the bed, a weak creak from the springs following your movements as you pick up your head to look at him. “You don’t have to tell me why… I just… I brought something with that I thought might help.”

You’ve got his attention now, his one eyebrow raising in curiosity as he steps closer. The glow from his beside lamp softens his usual stern and stoic features, making him appear more relaxed. Trying to ignore the slight tremble in your hands you bring the small music box into view, holding it in cupped hands up for him to see. At first he doesn’t understand, sending you a quizzed glance, silently urging you to continue with your explanation.

“It’s a music box,” you’re quick to try and save. “I use to have one when I was little and whenever I couldn’t sleep I’d wind it and listen to the melody until I fell asleep…” you trail off before clearing your throat. “I thought since it helped me so much in the past it might serve the same purpose for you.”

The pads of his fingertips, always soft to the touch, grazes your palms as he reaches for the wooden music box, picking it up to inspect it where’s he’s crouched in front of you. You wait with a bated breath for a reaction, for him to say something, to do anything. Then there’s the slightest upwards quirk of his lips, his eyes softening to a degree you’ve never really seen from him.

“Thank you, Y/N,” he murmurs, his voice low but filled with enough emotion for you to tell that there’s meaning behind it. His eyes flicker up to meet yours. “I appreciate that you’re thinking of me and my well being. I’ll treasure this box.”

You and Todoroki hadn’t really talked about his insomnia after that night where he had given you a peck on your cheek before you left his room, still holding the music box in his hands. Some nights you found yourself wondering if he ever used it or if he set it somewhere on a shelf, just out of reach but not out of sight. You had stopped padding past his room just after midnight, satisfied knowing that you had done all that you could.

On the nights when the sun says it’s goodbye with the promise of rising tomorrow and Shoto feels like the night drags on for far too long that he won’t see the morning light he finds himself reaching for the music box you had given him. His fingers are nimble and careful as he turns the metallic handle, rolling the cylinder forward until the first note catches. He doesn’t know the name of the melody that plays, but he finds himself humming along anyways as he lays in bed, sometimes even closing his eyes as he remembers the warmth of your hands when you cradled the very box he was holding now. He drifts off just as the last note rings out.

And for the first time in a long while Todoroki doesn’t have a sleepless night, not when he has a little piece of you by his side.

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Nah I just really want to know how Natsuo is feeling about all this family drama sh it that’s going down-

Like please in chapter 292 I just want Natsuo remembering his big brother Tōya and giving us some details to what actually went down when they were younger (not some enji rose tinted glasses bullshit nuh uh sis).

Also low key want Natsuo to be low key happy that his bro lives, and quietly be like “ay bro you kill that motherfucker woohoo!” Y’know?

Y’know what I mean?

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I’m getting a little too into quirk genes again

(Refer to this post for my previous quirk ramblings)

Also what I mean with the “mutant characteristic =/= quirk” bit is that there are some characters with an aspect of their appearance that would indicate a mutant quirk, but they have an emitter quirk that has no relation to the physical features. A good example of this would be Tokoyami having a bird head. Yes Dark Shadow also looks birdlike, but birds don’t have sentient shadows that can take on a physical form.

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katsuki bakugo x reader

warnings: fluff

synopsis: you cash in on a promise during a school dance.

a/n: hope you enjoy :)


You hand Mina your phone with it on the camera. “Okay, I need you to secretly record this for me,” you request.

“Why? What are you about to do?” She raises an eyebrow, hesitantly taking your phone.

“I have a song that’s going to play next, and I want to tell Bakugou how I feel during it,” you explain as you both walk in his direction.

“How do you plan on doing that?”

“Kissing him?” you shrug.

“Y/N, you do realize that he could literally murder you once you do that.”

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