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sharlockart · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yakichoufd · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here is a very OOC Touya ‘cause I love to imagining the Todo siblings freaking out about baby Shouto haha!
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wrongmha · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Midoriya: I thought you hated me? Bakugo: Oh, I do my very best but you're really quite endearing sometimes. I hate you for that too. It's maddening.
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faketextsfromlastmight · 10 hours ago
At the clothes store
Kirishima Eijirou : Hm, I'm not sure I should buy this shirt. Look, do you think it's too tacky? Be honest.
Bakugou Katsuki : I don't know, let's check. HEY, ASHIDO, GET YOUR *** THERE!
Ashido Mina : [head emerging from a changing room] Yeah, what?
Bakugou Katsuki : What do you think of this shirt on Shitty-Hair?
Ashido Mina : Aw, I love it! So classy!
Bakugou Katsuki : [turning to Kirishima] Burn it.
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rrandomtthings · 21 minutes ago
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gatobrujoart · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you try having a calm morning but you somehow end up stuck in your boyfriend shirt😏🤣
Shiggy one day you'll get your coffee... One day
#dabihawks #dabifanart #hotwings #hawksbnha #hawksfanart #dabi #keigotakami #TouyaTodoroki #Todoroki #todorokitouya #fanart
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simpforsadbois · 20 hours ago
Hi there!! I hope you are having a wonderful week! I wanted to ask for a Hitoshi Shinsou x reader (f)x, Katsuki Bakugou. Like the two boys fighting over the reader and her being like "Stop fighting! I'll take you both" kinda thing.... Also wanted to say I loved Freaky Friday and kinda want to know what happens next! :D Thank you!!!
OOOOH I loveee this! 💜🧡 It would be such a fucking honor to be railed by both these men at once 😮‍💨 & tysm! I still have Bakugou brainrot, so I think I know where Freaky Friday is headed haha
Both is Good
Minors DNI
Pairing: Hitoshi Shinsou x f!reader x Katsuki Bakugou
Genre: smut, pwp
Word Count: 2.8k of straight smut
Warnings: threesome, breath play, degradation, oral (f receving & performing), overstimulation, unprotected sex, breeding
Tumblr media
"You really think she'd ever even look your way, Eyebags? I doubt she'd come anywhere near your dick even if you mindfucked her first," you could hear Bakugou spit from the break room.
It was just the three of you left in your agency's building, here far too late to work on a case you'd asked for their help on. He had to be talking to Shinsou, who definitely wasn't unattractive. Plus, he always gave off the vibe that he knew what he was doing in bed. If he actually wanted to fuck you, that might make for a really good time.
Having piqued your interest, you crept closer to the cracked door, listening for a reply.
"Oh, so you think you're more her type? You really think that she's interested in someone who can't hold a single conversation without screaming or threatening to blow someone's face off?" From your view through the opening, you could see Shinsou's eyebrow lift as he smirked.
The veins in Bakugou's neck became readily visible, his voice jumping up several decibels, "What if I just go ahead and blow yours off right here?"
"Hey, hey," you push the door open and both men appeared surprised to see you. "Oh, did you two think you were being quiet?" You laugh, walking closer and leaning against the counter.
"How much did you hear?" Shinsou stood up straighter, adjusting his capture weapon around his neck.
"Oh, I heard enough," you smile, crossing your arms over your chest as you look between them. "So..both of you wanna fuck me?"
"Obviously, Princess," Bakugou moves closer to you and Shinsou follows suit, so that they're both standing just before you, towering over your frame. "The question is: which one of us do you wanna fuck?"
"Mm, I've never been one for decisions like these. My answer always seems to be that both is good." You smile sweetly, running a hand over both of their chests.
"Very funny," Bakugou catches your wrist, his expression reading unamused.
"Would you really be into that?" Shinsou narrows his eyes at you and you swear it looks like an inquisitive flame has lit behind his eyes.
Bakugou's eyes ping-pong between the two of you as he shakes his head, but you grin at Shinsou, biting the inside of your lip, "Getting hot and heavy between two of the hottest Pro Heroes? Yeah, I'd be into that," you giggle.
"I mean," Shinsou looks to Bakugou, "I'm comfortable enough in my manhood to do that, but I don't wanna speak for you, so.."
"I'm plenty fuckin' comfortable," he glares at Shinsou, gritting his teeth, but he softens when your hand presses to his lower abdomen.
"So, you're up for it?" You lean towards him, your fingers tugging at his utility belt as he lets out a low groan.
"Course I fuckin' am," he leans down, two large hands coming to rest on your hips as his voice darkens, "If it means I finally get to bury myself in that sweet little pussy of yours."
Your cheeks flushed, suddenly flustered by his words as his lips captured yours, his tongue swiping against your bottom lip to demand entrance, which you happily gave him.
Another pair of hands found your waist, guiding you away from the counter, so that Shinsou could step behind you, "You sure you can handle this, Kitten?"
"Mm," is the only sound you could make with your lips still smashed against Bakugou's, but you reached back to grasp at Shinsou's costume, pulling him closer to you.
He attached his lips to your neck, working at the zipper of your costume. Bakugou helped him peel it off before making quick work of your bra, only separating your lips for a brief moment as he pulled the fabric over your head and tossed it aside.
Shinsou filled his palms with the swell of your ass, giving it a firm squeeze as he bit down gently on your shoulder, making a mental note of the way you moaned as he sank his teeth delicately into your flesh.
Bakugou gave your breasts some much needed attention, palming them and pushing them together as he finally detached his lips from yours to lap at both of your nipples, taking one into his mouth to suckle.
You couldn't tear your eyes away from the sight, moaning as you watched him nip and tug the sensitive nub between his teeth, his vermillion eyes locked with yours all the while.
"Fuck," you sighed as Shinsou caught your chin between his thumb and forefinger, stealing your attention as he covered your mouth with his own.
He kissed you slowly, his tongue expertly dancing in tandem with yours in a way that had you chasing the taste of him as he pulled away, his amethyst irises shining with promise as his hands slipped your costume down from around your hips, leaving you clad in only your thin panties as he pressed his middle finger against your folds.
"Gettin' awfully close to my dick," Bakugou growled, momentarily pausing his efforts on your nipples.
"You should be so lucky, I could probably handle it better than you could," Shinsou smirked coolly.
"Can we table this?" You asked breathlessly, arching your back against Shinsou as you placed your hand over his wrist, urging him to touch you meaningfully.
He obliged, whispering in your ear as he looked to Bakugou, "Why don't we table you?"
Bakugou smirked and took the cue, stooping down scoop you up into his arms. Your costume clung to your ankles, but you kicked it off as you were carried over to a wide table and laid on your back.
Shinsou came around to the other side to stand behind your head, hovering above your field of vision as his hands came down to massage your breasts.
He groaned as he rolled your nipples between agile fingers, while Bakugou hooked his fingers into the waistband of your panties.
"Been waiting for this for a long time, Princess. You have any idea how many times I've dreamed about tasting this pussy?" He slipped your panties off and hunched over, pressing a kiss to the inner part of your knee, slowly working his way up your innermost thigh as you squirmed beneath him.
"Oh, God," you whimpered, all the sensations flowing through you leaving you suspended in bliss, reduced to putty in both of their capable hands.
"You enjoying yourself, Kitten?" Shinsou pressed a kiss to your temple, kissing along the side of your face until he caught your earlobe between his teeth, tugging gently before whispering, "Do you prefer to be fucked like a lady or a whore?"
Normally, you might be embarrassed, but things were too far gone for any of that.
"Like a whore," you mewled, your thighs tensing as Bakugou pried them apart to lick a stripe through your folds.
"That's what I thought," Shinsou smirked, holding your torso down as you cried out, instinctively trying to wriggle away as Bakugou began eating you out in earnest, his soft groans sending delicious shivers up your spine that just felt too good.
"Let's give you something else to focus on, yeah, Kitten?" Shinsou smoothed your hair as he angled your face upwards, taking a moment to shed his own clothing, freeing his thick cock, which was leaking with precum.
You eagerly lapped at the beads on the tip before slipping the head of his cock into your mouth, moaning desperately along his length as you bobbed your head.
"Fuck, your mouth is so perfect, baby," he groaned, pulling out suddenly. "Hang on," he put two hands beneath your back, lifting you to bring you up further on the table, so that your head hung over the other end.
You smiled and opened your mouth obediently, letting him slide his length into your throat.
"So fucking good," Shinsou groaned, closing his eyes as he held your face in his hands, thrusting in and out of your wet mouth.
Bakugou hadn't missed a beat on his end, his tongue laving against your clit as two thick fingers began pumping inside of you, adding a dizzying layer of pleasure that had you whimpering around Shinsou's cock, the contractions of your throat only doing great things for the way you felt around him.
"Nasty fuckin' slut, aren't you?" Bakugou murmured against the lips of your soaked pussy, delving his tongue inside to swirl around in your walls, his nose nuzzling against your battered clit until he replaced his tongue with his fingers again. "You love this shit, don't you? Can't wait to cream on my face while your mouths full of someone else's cock, huh? You sick fucking bitch."
Shinsou sheathed his entire length inside your throat as it became evident that your orgasm was upon you. Your hips thrashed against Bakugou's face, but he held them fast in his palms, determined to taste the juices that poured out of you as your screams were muffled by Shinsou's cock in your airway.
He held it there as you rode your high, only retreating when he felt you must have been desperate for a breath, which you most certainly were.
You gasped as Shinsou took a step back and he ran a soothing hand through your hair, "You're doing so well, Kitten."
"Fuckin' perfect if you ask me," Bakugou wiped his chin, his hands hooking beneath your knees to tug your back toward him, so your ass was right up to the edge of the desk, "You should be worked up enough to take me by now," he smirked, shedding his costume as Shinsou's hands travelled down your arms.
"You're gonna look so good with your pussy stuffed full," Shinsou leaned down to kiss you, his fingertips rubbing soft circles over your skin.
Bakugou rubbed his head against your puffy clit, moaning along with you as he lined himself up with your quivering hole. Shinsou held your forearms, bracing you against the table, as he spoke, "Don't go easy on her. See how much she can take."
A devious grin crossed Bakugou's lips as he flicked his eyes to Shinsou, "Oh, I was plannin' on it," and with that, he sunk himself into you, the stretch alone inspiring you to wail.
It hurt as first, but the pleasure of feeling so completely full more than made up for it as Bakugou began to move.
"Oh my God," your hands grasped desperately for something to hold on to as tears welled in your eyes.
Shinsou slipped his hands lower to interlace your tiny hands in his as Bakugou dug his digits into the soft flesh of your hips, pulling you into each fervent thrust of his hips.
"You're so fuckin' tight, Princess," Bakugou rasped, his head lolling back as a choked groan left his throat. "Fuck, you feel better than I fuckin' imagined. Can't wait to cum all over that pretty face of yours."
You shook your head, tears running over your cheeks as you eyes began to roll back, feeling your second orgasm fast approaching, "No, cum inside me," you begged, "Please, please, Sir. Wanna keep all your cum inside my tight little pussy."
Bakugou's head nearly exploded on the spot, his eyes practically glowing as he snapped his hips faster, "You wanna take all my cum, you filthy slut? I'll fuck it into you just like you asked, if that's what you really want."
He looked almost completely animalistic as he growled, pounding himself into you as you babbled a mixture of curses that swirled around his name, Shinsou stayed behind you, his cock achingly hard as he whispered sweet praises in your ear, telling you how good you looked, how well you were taking Bakuogu's cock.
He let go of your hands when your orgasm arrived. The overwhelming sensation sent you shooting straight up, your palms coming flush against the table beneath you as you cried out, broken sobs falling from your lips as Bakugou came undone within your velvety walls. He fucked his hot seed into you as one hand came behind your head, pulling you closer to place a searing kiss to your lips.
"Fuck," he sighed as the pair of you separated, groaning quietly as he stepped back, slipping out of you as some of your intermingled release dribbled out of you and onto the floor. "Oh, fuck," his brows knit together as he stood in awe of you.
"You're so well-behaved, Kitten," Shinsou came to stand between your legs, placing his hands on either side of your waist. "I think you deserve at least one more orgasm, don't you?"
All you could do was nod as your words still failed you, your mind too jumbled from the pleasure coursing through you.
"There's my good girl," he whispered seductively, holding your face as he kissed you slowly. "You think you can get on all fours for me like a good kitten?"
"Mmhmm," you hum, letting him pick you up from the table to set you on the nearby sofa.
Bakugou took a seat first, sitting sideways with his legs parted, extending his hands to guide you onto the couch, "C'mere, Princess, I gotcha," he sank down so that he was halfway beneath you, his muscled arms supporting either side of your torso, while his hands rested on your back.
Shinsou assumed his position behind you, teasing your folds as he parted them with the swollen head of his cock, "I'm glad we've saved the best for last," he smirks, slowly pushing his girth into your slick core as he grips your hip, while Bakugou scowls.
The blonde returns his focus to you, running his hands up your back slowly as he leans up to press his lips to yours.
"Shit, you are fucking tight," Shinsou's hips stutter as you clench around him, so sensitive from the previous ventures within your walls.
“Hell yeah she is,” Bakugou mumbles against your lips, a proud smirk evident there as he cups your breasts in his hands.
Shinsou begins thrusting reliably, sinking himself deeper with each pass as Bakugou massages your breasts sensually, toying with your nipples on occasion as you turn into a mess between the two of them.
Before too long, you’re pushed up against Bakugou’s chest, locked between his strong arms after being forced there by the harshness of Shinsou’s thrusts.
You can’t think straight. All you can do is cling to Bakugou’s shoulders, focusing on the sound of his voice as he watches Shinsou slam his hips into you, positively mesmerized by the way your ass jiggles with each connection of skin on skin.
“You gonna cum again for us, Princess? I wanna see you do it. Wanna feel you claw at me when you feel so good you don’t know what to fuckin’ do with yourself.”
“Gonna stuff you so fucking full, Kitten. You better not waste a drop of it,” you can barely register Shinsou’s gruff voice behind you as you dig your nails into Bakugou’s skin.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you cry, hands shaking as Bakugou braces you against his chest, “Feels too good. Oh, no, no, no. Too good,” you whimper, your eyes shut tight as every part of you clenches.
Bakugou shushes you quietly, watching your face as he holds you fast.
“You can take it, Kitten,” Shinsou grunts as he thrusts impossibly deeper, sending you off into utter bliss one more time as an intense feeling of relief washes over you.
You’re trembling in Bakugou’s grasp, expelling any noise you know how to make in a bid to channel the overwhelming sensation taking over you as Shinsou continues to snap his hips forward, a low, gargled moan pouring from his lips as he releases warm, sticky ropes of cum inside of you.
You aren’t sure how much time has passed by the time you finally come to your senses, wrapped up in Bakugou’s arms as he strokes your hair, while Shinsou rubs the back of your thighs from where he’s now seated behind you.
“You all right, Princess? Or did you get more than you bargained for?” Bakugou flashes you a crooked smile when you look up at him.
“I’m great,” you laugh softly, laying your head back down on his chest. “We should do this again sometime.”
“Maybe at my place next time,” Shinsou smiles, trailing his nails gently over your inner thigh, causing you to shiver and giggle. “I’ve got some toys I think you might like.”
“I’ll be there,” you close your eyes, sighing contentedly as Bakugou begins rubbing your shoulders.
He looks to Shinsou, who appears to be waiting for an answer, and then looks back to you, sighing as he replies, “Count me in.”
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wrongmha · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Asui: I just want a girl to look at me and hope I'm gay.
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amekku · 10 minutes ago
Bkdk ft. their tired best friends
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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niks-minion · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Honestly? So far I’m so happy with spoilers.
I like how he calls him Izuku. I like how he says I’m sorry. I like how Bakugou still calls bullshit and asks to share the burden with EVERYONE.
Tumblr media
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