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red riot & pinky: origins
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grooming 🐏🐱
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"i'll buy you dinner when this is over."
"you could buy me a whole damn garden and you'd still owe me."
"i'll start with a rose, then."
Tumblr media
— KAEYA, oikawa, atsumu, AYATO, suga, kaminari, gojo
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i know it might be getting kinda redundant but it’s MY TURN TO DRAW THEM ON A DATE AT THE AMUSEMENT PARK
I think it goes without saying that Kacchan would go out of his way to win any and all stuffies that Izuku so much as glances at for too long, and Izuku would buy him all the snacks to help fuel his winning streak
and don’t worry! Both boys would do their due diligence to make sure the goldfish lived long and comfortable lives, and for sure give them strong names after pro-heroes
also this is the part where I would give credit to my partner for doing the background for me and I would tag him and thank him for helping me out, but he has no social media whatsoever. still it would feel strange to post it without acknowledging his contribution, so shout out to him<3
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Holding him softly.
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Grinding your bare cunt against pro hero!bakugou’s boots like a dirty slut, big doe eyes looking at him as if he was your world with those little tears clinging onto your batting lashes. He knows you’re about to cum with the way your smaller hands grip onto his pants, hips buckling and fastening on him and wet lips breathing out little whines. There was the edge, the spill of pleasure just a little away. But it’s all crumpled when he lifts his foot away, watching the shock and seeping disappointment over your features with that smirk of his.
“Looks like I’d be late for work if I don't leave now.”
“And you’re not allowed to touch yourself before I come back, hear that?” he doesn’t even bother looking your way, already taking the keys and heading towards the door, boots glistening shiny from your slick.
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A little of KamiJirou because... why not!? Simply love this ship💛💜
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Kirishima: So what do I do about Mina? I don’t know how to help her with her sadness.
Izuku: Ah, you see, Kirishima-kun. You’ve come to the right place.
Bakugo, arm around Izuku: Tell him, babe.
Izuku: Because Kacchan and I are a great couple with longtime advice. And we agree on one solution. Which is…
Izuku: Comfort her.
Bakugo: Give her some space.
Izuku: What? Kacchan, no. He needs to comfort her.
Bakugo: Hah? No, he needs to give her some space. I did that with you.
Izuku: I didn’t want space, I wanted you!
Bakugo: Then why didn’t you tell me?!
Izuku: I couldn’t find you!
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The only way I could accept that the sphere of light on Dabi's chest is something dangerous is if and only if it won't kill him, but instead Iida gets to use his quirk to get Dabi somewhere safe and in the process saves him.
Only because that would fulfill the narrative of Iida being able to save Shouto's older brother the way he wanted to protect his own older brother back on the Stain arc.
Iida has been there. He felt the pain of seeing his older brother hurt and desperate, seeing his older brother with a chronic or lifetime condition that separated him from the hero life he wanted. And while Shouto and Dkeu helped Iida back then, Iida was able to return the favor to Deku but he is currently doing the same for Shouto.
Iida basically meaning "this is important to you so I will protect it, because I can relate to you, because I feel your pain" by saving Touya?
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i care them.
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An Aizawa I forgot to post
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Still not over chapter 341
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Most likely an unpopular opinion, but this panel was the most stand out in the chapter, and probably one of the saddest in the whole story. Spinner is a character that has had his self-esteem completely destroyed and ripped apart basically his whole life. His internal self worth is nonexistent. To see a character look at themselves and believe they are ‘nothing’ is not a fantastic and dramatic tragedy, it’s real. It’s a view anyone can have of themselves, to believe themselves so small and insignificant, and it hit far too close to home for me.
When people believe they are worth nothing they end up suffering for nothing.
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Bakugo: Can’t believe we have to intern at the hospital. Especially with that copy asshole.
Izuku: Look it’s not that bad, Kacchan.
Monoma: Oi, class 1-A. If you’re too worthy enough to do it, this patient needs penicillin.
Izuku: Um, I don’t think we should do that, Monoma-San.
Monoma: And why not, oh smart one?
Izuku: Well, because it says on his chart that he’s allergic and I think not giving it would make him a touch less dead.
Bakugo: I know when I go to a hospital, I like to not die.
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Kaminari: hard boiled eggs are disgusting. i almost died eating one. the crunchy-soft mix is absolutely gross, it's like eating a ravioli covered in chips
Kirishima: bro... you know you’re supposed to remove the shell right?
Kaminari: THE WHAT !!!?
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Take You Home
Pairing: Bakugo x Kirishima x F!Reader
Warnings: Smut, minors, and ageless blogs DNI. Non-Sexual Masochism (Could be considered self-harm). Nightmares and sleep walking (fighting). Blood. Burns. Swearing.
Contains: Established Poly Relationship. Porn with Plot. Hurt/Comfort. Angst! Soft dom tendencies, Kat & Kiri are switches, nipple play, biting, unprotected sex, voyeurism (kinda). Bondage. Restraints (rope). Oral (F receiving & M receiving implied). The guys fuck, it's not all about Reader. Pet names/nicknames: baby, baby girl, little one, cutie, babe.
Summary: In high school, you started up a relationship with two boys in the hero course. Now, years down the road, you three are still going strong, but, every relationship has troubles to overcome.
A/N: This follows the same storyline from Head Over Heels. But if you just want to dive into this, all you really need to know is that Reader met Katsuki and Eijiro when she was assigned to work with them as a part of her Support Course program. Now she's an inventor while the two of them are pros. Additional Fun Fact: I named this fic after a song I constantly listened to while writing it, if you'd like to give it a listen it's called Take You Home by Scars on 45. Enjoy!
W/C: 8,022
Tumblr media
If these walls could talk, they’d tell you of Katsuki’s screams. The nightmares that you and Eijiro had to pull him from multiple nights a week. Neither of you minded though, you’d do anything for each other. To the public you might have all been friends, there’d even been reports of the three of you being roommates, but behind closed doors, it’d been something much more for a long time now. 
The twenty-three-year-old pro hero had seen so much for his young age, both he and Eijiro had, but Katsuki internalized it far more than Eijiro did. The blonde never liked to talk about the demons that haunted him. He knew you and Eijiro would listen and never judge him but, it wasn’t ever easy for him to admit something might be making him weak. He couldn’t show it, not even to you guys. 
But that meant it spilled over into his unconscious, into his sleep, bleeding into nightmares that sounded truly horrific. 
Some nights were worse than others but you and Eijiro had always been able to bring him back from them with soft voices and soothing touches… until the night you couldn’t.  
You never slept particularly well when just one of the boys was home so since Eijiro was still out on patrol (on his way home, you hoped), you were really just laying with your eyes closed when you started to hear Katsuki’s little whimpers and felt his feet start to kick free of the blanket. 
You rolled into his side, kissing up the side of his neck, “Baby… it’s okay, just a bad dream. You can wake up now.” 
But Katsuki didn’t wake up. His brow tightly furrowed together. Sweat pouring off of him. It took a little bit of effort but you were able to roll him onto his back and take his face between your palms. “KitKat, come on, baby. Time to wake up.” That had no effect either. 
So, you resorted to other tactics. Dipping your head low, “Kick their ass, Dynamight. You got ‘em.” 
There’d been nights when that had been enough. One of you telling him he could win the fight inside his head, he could overcome it, and then he’d settle back down into a still slumber. But, not tonight. No, tonight his eyes shot open so fast you were taken aback. Red eyes staring at you so unnervingly, unblinking, and it sent a chill right down your spine. “Baby…” You whispered but he didn’t answer, “Kat? This isn’t funny.” He slowly sat up, his hands wrapping tight around your wrists, pushing you up with him. “Katsuki! I’m serious! Knock it the fuck off!” 
You tried to pull your hands free but his grip was too strong, the more you jerked only caused you pain. Finally, his eyes blinked, just once, taking in the rest of the room and it clicked. He still wasn’t awake. 
“Please, baby, please. I need you to wake up now.” His eyes blinked back to you while you struggled even more in his grasp. "Katsuki! Come on!"
“Like I give a fuck what a villain like you needs.” 
Your scream filled the bedroom. Two explosions surrounded your wrists and the next thing you knew you were thrown off the bed and back slammed onto the rug at the foot of the bed with scalding wrists. He wasn’t as quick in his sleep though. Disoriented almost. It gave you enough time to run from the room and thrust the door shut behind you. 
Your work was strewn about the living room and kitchen like it usually was and you scanned it for anything that could be used to help. And then you spotted the prototype binding cloth you’d been working on for Shinso. It wasn’t finished, not by a long shot but it was something. 
You didn’t have the experience Katsuki did but Eijiro and him had spent years training with you. Wanting you to be prepared in case anything should ever happen. You never thought you’d have to use those skills against your own boyfriend though. 
The bedroom door blasted right off the hinges, bits of wooden shrapnel showered down while you took cover behind the sofa. “Where are you! Not lettin’ you ‘scape!” 
As quietly as you could manage you crawled your way around the sofa to try and get a better view of him when he spotted you. Lips turned up in a snarl that you’d hoped to never be on the receiving end of.
You rolled out of the way just as half the couch was blown to bits. 
“Ava!” You called for the AI you’d created for your home and saw the device light up, “Call Sharky!” It chirped happily and Kat turned to try and find the noise while the phone rang, blindly firing off blasts. 
“Hey ba- Y/N!” 
“Ei! Nightmares! Get home! N— !” A blast finally landed on the bookshelf that Ava was resting on and it shattered against the wall.
Tumblr media
Eijiro was sure he’d never run faster in his whole entire life. Cursing at himself for staying late to finish up paperwork rather than just going right home after his patrol. He dropped absolutely everything the moment he heard you on the call. The pen fell right out of his hand, he just grabbed his bag for the sake of his wallet and keys, and then he was gone. Running down the steps to get down to his car as fast as he possibly could. 
It was an emergency, not an official one, but he could justify driving like a mad man if it meant keeping the two people he loved most in this whole entire world safe. He barely stopped at traffic lights and stop signs, only long enough to ensure no one was coming, and then he was speeding through. 
He could feel his heart hammering in his chest, panic rising with every minute it took him until he was pulling into the driveway, leaving everything in the car, and racing for the door. “Baby!” 
Everything was quiet, so unbelievable quiet, and that terrified him even more. “In the bathroom, Eiji.” 
He could have cried from just the sound of your voice, following it through the wreckage that was now your shared home. He froze when he saw Katsuki on the bed, eyes closed with hands bound. “I— I had to knock him out… Eijiro, he— baby, he wouldn’t wake up—!” 
His arms were around you in seconds, and he felt your tears against his bare chest the moment he pulled you in. “’S okay, love. You did what you had to do.” He ran a shaky hand down your back, “You were just defending yourself, I know that, and Kat will too.” 
After a couple minutes, he pulled you back to look you over. Instantly, he saw the burns on your forearms and tried not to wince in sympathy. You also had a few pieces of wood embedded in your shoulder, and a cut along your jaw that was still bleeding. “C’mon, lemme get you cleaned up, and then we can worry about Kat.” When you didn’t move from the spot though, eyes still fixated on Katsuki, Eijiro picked you up and carried you right over to the sink so you could sit on the counter. 
He thoroughly scrubbed his hands before slipping on gloves, working on getting the pieces out of your arm first and then flushing the little wounds. Then came the cut on your face which, wasn’t all that bad, just bleeding a good amount. He put a little ointment on it, cooing softly at you knowing that it stung, “Doing s'good, baby, almost finished here.” 
When all the obvious injuries were tended to, he took a step back. “Alright, anything else?” 
You shook your head and he saw the way you winced when you slid off the counter, probably just sore from the whole ordeal. You squeezed by him, walking back into the bedroom. He watched as you climbed right on the bed and undid the binds around Katsuki’s wrists since he was now home. You scooted up by his head and shifted it so he lay in your lap, your fingers carding through his hair and Eijiro had to pretend he didn’t see the tears that fell from your eyes. 
He gave you a minute while he went into the walk-in closet and changed out of his suit. He’d just slipped a shirt over his head when he heard the incoherent grumble of Katsuki and he hadn’t even made it back to the bedroom before the, “What the fuck!” shook the house. 
Tumblr media
Fear pumped through his veins when he smelled the air. His sweat always left behind a distinct aroma and the air in was heavy with it. Quicker his heart started to race, his eyes darting around and landing on you, on the cut you didn’t have when the two of you had gone to bed. And… fuck, those were tears in your eyes. 
He rolled over immediately and realized it was more than just a cut on your jaw. He swore, trying to figure out what happened and when your eyes squeezed shut from his volume, the way your whole body tensed from it, damn, he wanted to puke. 
“Katsuki…” His head snapped to Eijiro silhouetted in the golden bathroom light. 
“What did I do?” 
Neither of you were able to stop him from leaving. Eijiro could have, the three of you knew that the redhead could have used force and made him stay but he begged, actually begged, for you two to let him go for the night. Just for the night, he promised. He needed to think, had to clear his head and process what had happened. He’d be back in the morning, made the both of you swear you wouldn't clean anything up. This was his mess. He’d fix it. 
He’d kissed Eijiro, pressing his forehead against his. “First thing in the morning.” 
“You better be here, man.” 
Katsuki wiped a tear that rolled down his boyfriend's cheek. “I will.” 
When he looked at you though, no words came out of his mouth. He couldn’t think of what to say, there were too many thoughts screaming in his head that he just turned and walked out the door. Your choked sobs followed him out to his car. 
That night he stayed at the agency, pulled a blanket over him, and laid on the black sofa in his office but didn’t sleep a wink. He barely even closed his eyes. Each time he did all he could see were those white bandages covering your forearms, the gauze on your face and shoulder. He knew there had to be bruises under the baggy nightshirt you wore and all of it was his fault. 
Days trickled by and Katsuki did as he said. Every moment that he wasn’t working was spent on repairs to your home, a home he didn’t allow himself to stay in. He’d installed a new bedroom door first and then put up new cabinets since he’d blasted the old ones to pieces. He patched the walls, replaced floorboards and carpeting, built a new bookshelf, and bought new furniture for the living room but didn’t allow himself to enjoy any of it. 
And if you were there, well, he was not. He avoided you as best he could. It was almost like before the three of you got together. Katsuki just couldn’t find a way to make peace with what he’d done. You might have forgiven him, you did forgive him, told him so at least a hundred times, but he never responded once because he had no idea how he could forgive himself. The pain in your eyes each time he walks away breaks his heart more and more. 
He doesn’t need Eijiro telling him how much you want him to come home, he’s gotten all your texts, he would fall into a fitful sleep listening to your voicemails. The only thing that gives him any solace at all is the fact that Eijiro is there with you every single night. He knows you miss him and he misses you too, so damn badly, but how can he trust himself to be like that around you again? 
Things could’ve been so much worse. All things considered, he’d been lucky! How could he so carelessly allow himself back into your life, your home, your bed, when he knows he could do so much worse to you? What kind of boyfriend would he be!
He talked almost daily with Eijiro about it. Like, maybe one day he’d hold all the answers that could fix these wrongs. It’d been two months though and neither of them came up with a solution. They’d just sit in one of their offices after the rest of the floor had cleared out. Eijiro’s arms holding Katsuki tight while he tried to work through this. 
There were nights when that was all they’d do. Sit, talk, hug, and cry. There were others where Eijiro would try to take his boyfriend’s mind off things, sink to his knees and let Katsuki work out his frustrations by using his mouth. And, a couple of times, Katsuki pleaded with him to help him forget. Those nights left scuff marks on the floors, papers scattered about the room, the desk practically bare with Katsuki bent over it. By the end though, Eijiro was able to lay Katsuki down on the sofa, cover him up with the blanket, and kiss his forehead before heading home to you. 
Tumblr media
There’d never been jealousy from any of you when it came to getting physical when one of you couldn’t partake. Sometimes Eijiro’s quirk left his body too sore, or Katsuki had a killer headache, or you were just too tired from a long day of work. So, you weren’t jealous when Eijiro came home with fresh scratches on his back, in fact, you were a little relieved. At least Katsuki still felt comfortable with one of you. 
You just wished you could find a way to make him trust you again. 
After three months of late nights and about a dozen different prototypes, you might have found the answer you’d been searching for. 
This whole time you’d never gone up to his office. You hadn’t dared try to speak to him at work, not wanting to distract him or make him angry but you knew he’d been sleeping here. Knew that even though his shift was over, this was where he would be. 
It was always Eijiro who’d check on him but, tonight, you asked him if you could do it and he fully supported the idea. He’d been trying to bridge the gap between you two this entire time so just the smallest hint there might be some progress happening made him giddy! 
You waited until everyone else on his floor had left for the evening and then rode the elevator up with a small box between your hands. Katsuki was the only office to have a light still on. He had the door already shut, blinds drawn to cover the glass walls but you could see his shadow sitting at his desk, a pen in hand, shuffling papers from one pile and then into another. 
When you knocked on the door, all movement stopped. “Since when do you knock? Just open the door.” 
He was expecting Eijiro, you knew that. You could have just opened the door and walked inside but, you weren’t confident that was the right thing to do, so, you raised your hand and knocked again. 
“For fucks sake,” The chair rolled back and Katsuki flung the door open a second later, “What are y—“ He had to lower his gaze to meet yours, “Oh…” 
“Will you let me in, Kat, please.” 
“I don’t think—“ 
“Please. We need to talk.” 
He didn’t want to. The way his jaw ticked told you as much, but, by some miracle, he let you by him. 
You sat on the sofa beside the folded up blanket with the pillow on top while he leaned against his desk, head tipped downward, eyes fixed on the floor. Neither of you spoke for a while, you had a whole speech prepped but now that you were in the same room with him the words wouldn’t come out. 
In the end, it was Katsuki who broke the silence with a sentence so quiet you were almost sure you didn’t hear him correctly. “I know why you’re here… can I just— I’d like to keep seeing Eijiro, please?” 
You blinked and tried to figure out what he was talking about. “What do you mean, Kat. Of course, you can keep seeing Eiji! Why would I want you to—“ 
“’Cause we’re over!” He blurted and all the color drained from your face while he kept talking, “We’re over and, and, you’ve just got Ei now which is fuckin’ great because you, you should have him but I just, damnit, I need him right now too, okay? I won’t ask him to stay over, I want him with you every night, just need him with me a little bit.” 
You were still stuck on the three words he said first, “We’re over?” 
“That’s why you’re here. Surprised you actually came in person. A text or telling Eijiro to tell me woulda been more than I fuckin’ deserve.” 
“Hold on!” You stood up so fast it knocked the box you’d been holding right off your lap. “You couldn’t be more wrong!” 
You took a step closer to Katsuki and he tried to take one backward but he was already against his desk. He managed to scrape the thing across the floor trying to keep distance between you two. You wanted to walk closer, walk right up to him and wrap your arms around him, to feel him again, but seeing that reaction had you stopped in place. “I didn’t come here to break up. I’m here because I want you to come home— no, I need you to come home.”
“You do not need me.” 
“That’s crap! I need you, Eiji needs you! ‘S not home without you there!” 
His voice rose louder than your own. “I cannot be there! Not with you! What if I fucking hurt you worse, huh? Then what! What if you couldn’t stop me next time!” 
You folded your arms over your chest. “Sounds an awful lot like you’re the one doing the breaking up.” His mouth hung open, ready to keep arguing until you said that. “So, is that what you’re doing, Katsuki? Didn’t think you’d give up so easily.” 
“You think this is easy? This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done! Aren’t you scared? How can you feel comfortable around me after that?” 
“Because I know for a fact you would never, ever, hurt me in your right mind. You would do absolutely everything in your power to protect me and make sure I am safe.” 
“And what about when ‘m not in my right mind? When those nightmares take over?” 
“That’s what these are for.” You scooped up the box from the floor and held it out to him. You were going to make him meet you if he wanted to know what was inside. He needed to make an effort.
It took him a second but then his feet moved. He was so careful to make sure not even your fingertips brushed as he took it from you. “You think some fuckin’ gloves are gonna keep you safe? Yeah, right. Thought you were smarter than that.” 
“I take offense to that. These aren’t just some fuckin’ gloves,” You sassed right back at him, “These are how I’m gonna get you to come home again.” He arched a skeptical brow. “I’ve been working on these since the day you left,” You took a step forward and this time he remained rooted to the spot, “I actually got out of bed and started sketching designs that same night. Fell asleep at the table, Eiji carried me back to bed...” That seemed so long ago now. 
There was about a foot of space between you and him. “I knew you wouldn’t come home without some plan in place so, this is my plan. I’ve done all I can on my own but I need you to actually test them out. My simulations can only tell me so much.” 
Katsuki set the box down on his desk still looking unconvinced but he slid the black and orange gloves on his hands. Flexing his fingers to test the mobility, “They kinda feel like my hero gloves.” 
“I modeled the fabric that touches your skin after the lining, you’ve always said you liked how cool it feels on your skin.” 
“But, I can shoot through my gloves just fine, I don’t see how—“ 
“Would you just trust me! Do I half-ass any of my inventions?” 
“Do I plan things meticulously when I’m making something?” 
“Okay then. If you must know, when I say, ‘I modeled it after’, I mean that where your hero costume gloves only make your hands seem cooler, these will actually make them colder. The cooler you are, the less sweat you will produce, and therefore your explosions will be contained.”
“Contained within the gloves?”
“That’s the goal.” 
He bit his lower lip. “Can we go to the lab now?”
A smile spread across your face and quickly fell when you made to grab his hand and he quickly pulled it out of reach. “I’m not touching you until we test these.” 
Tumblr media
When Katsuki went into the controlled chamber, you took a moment to text Eijiro and let him know how the evening was going so far. That you both were alright and Katsuki was open to the gloves. To say the redhead was thrilled was an understatement. 
You kept a close eye on the temperature gauge to ensure it was regulating properly. There was a specific threshold you needed to make sure it would stay between, too high or too low would create problems in different ways. 
Inside the chamber, Katsuki did everything he could think of to work up a sweat and the rest of his body was soaked but his hands remained chilled. 
You didn’t tell him absolutely everything you’d done with the gloves, mostly because he always got bored with the science of it all. There was the cooling element, and the temperature regulation gauge but the outer two layers were meant for containment.
Even if he managed to build up a decent amount of sweat he shouldn’t be able to fire off any grand explosions with the gloves on and, so far, that seemed to be the case. There were a few minor ones that probably would have caused serious damage had the gloves been off, other than that though, things seemed to be working just as you intended. 
It was almost two hours before Katsuki took a break. Breathing heavily when he walked back out to you. “That was great! Better than I hoped for a fir— oof!” 
With the gloves still on, Katsuki pulled you to him, drawing you up so he could kiss you. The salty taste of sweat lingered on his lips and you didn’t care a single bit because he was holding you again, he was kissing you again. One of his gloved hands rested against your cheek and you wished for a second you could feel his familiar callouses underneath but this was more than enough for now. 
“I fuckin’ love you,” He murmured, pressing his lips to you again, “’S much,” It was like he was trying to make up for lost time, “Thank you f’not givin’ up on me.” 
It was your turn to rest your hands on his cheeks. “I will never give up on you, I promise.” 
You got lost in each other a little while longer, breaking apart with heaving chests and swollen lips, “So,” The scientist in you came out, “any concerns?” 
“Just one. If I do somethin’ like last time, what’s stopping me from just yankin’ these off?” 
That was another feature you forgot to mention. You walked back to your station and held up a little remote. “I made three of these.” You pointed to a specific button, “I push this and a locking feature is activated. I used Eijiro’s grip strength as a reference for it. Only one button on one of the remotes is needed for it to be activated but both remotes are needed to deactivate it. So, if you break it, you’re kinda screwed until one of us can get here and use the backup.” 
He nodded, deeming your answer good enough. He finally removed the gloves and you stared at his forearms, palms, and wrists in horror. “What the fuck, Kat…” They were blistered, so very red, they had to be hurting like hell and he hadn’t said a single thing. “I need to correct this. I thought it would just dissipate your quirk, not fire it back on you. Why the fuck didn’t you say anything!” 
“I don’t want you changed a single thing about ‘em.” You couldn’t believe the words coming from his mouth. “Listen, if I’m fuckin’ dumb enough to come after you again, I deserve a whole lot more than this!” 
He slipped the gloves back on when you tried to reach for his hands. “Not without ‘em on. Please.” 
“I need to fix them though.” 
“There’s nothing to fix. If I don’t use my quirk while wearing them then I’ll be fine. If I use it, this will be the consequence.” There was no getting through to him, not now at least, and not by yourself. Maybe Eijiro would have better luck. 
He squeezed your hand with the smallest smile, “Wanna go home?” 
“More than anything.” 
Tumblr media
It’d been almost two months since Katsuki allowed himself back into the house you all shared. At first, it all felt like a dream to him, like he would reach out to touch something, expecting his hand to pass right through it. As days went by though, he slowly, very, very slowly, grew more comfortable in his space again. 
It took him 3 days to put his arm around you on the sofa, six for you to cuddle into his side. Eight days to sleep in the same bed with you and Eijiro. Three weeks and a whole lot of convincing before he let you sleep between them again. 
The gloves always had to be on though. He came home every single day wearing them, hell, he put them on the moment he left the agency. The only time he could be seen without them was when he was in the shower or if he was cooking. They were so versatile, he could do nearly anything with them, he didn’t see a reason to not wear them, especially when they kept the people he loved safe.   
Both you and Eijiro joked that they were his armor. The shields he now always had up. 
Just over a month had passed since he returned. Finally getting back into the rhythm of his normal life. He’d come home after work, tossed his keys in the little bowl by the door, unlaced his shoes, and placed them to the right of yours. He’d barely stepped foot in the kitchen when he heard the prettiest sounds coming from your bedroom down the hall. 
Your sweet little moans that he’d missed so much tickled his ears quickened his heart, and went right to his cock. He was following your voice before he even realized what he was doing. Feet stopping him before he could walk in the room, instead, he just looked on from the doorway, watching your fingers tug at Eijiro’s hair, keeping that tongue of his in place as he brought you closer to your high. 
Your eyes were shut, hips bucking against his boyfriend’s face desperately, making the redhead’s hands move off your breasts and hold your hips steady so he could have you exactly how he wanted. 
“K-Kat,” He hadn’t seen those pretty eyes of yours open and he sure as shit didn’t see them land on him. His blood ran cold, he wasn’t ready for this again, he couldn’t trust himself like this with you again…
“I know, love,” Eijiro cooed and kissed his way up your thighs before Katsuki could even speak, “We’ll find a way to get him to play with you soon, promise.” 
He hadn’t realized Katsuki had come home, you had to tell him, and now two sets of eyes were on him. 
“You should join us.” Eijiro’s voice was thick, laced with lust, and Katsuki knew he was so hopefully this meant you all would be together again. 
It killed him to admit, “I— I can’t.” 
“Please, KitKat,” You whined with fingers dipping back into your heat in Eijiro’s absence. 
The redhead got up off the bed and walked right up to his boyfriend who looked ready to bolt from the room at any moment. His lips were as warm as ever, and Katsuki groaned at the taste of you on his tongue. It impaired his better judgment, allowed Eijiro time to wrap his arm around him and pull him into the room, and shut the door. “If you don’t want to partake, at least let us give you a show.” 
And shows were the only way Katsuki would partake… for weeks. 
Tumblr media
At first, you could admit, it was a little fun. 
Katsuki couldn’t help but get hard from watching you and Eijiro together, he’d end up with his cock out usually making a mess across his abs or having Eijiro suck him off once you were completely spent.
It didn’t take the blonde long to graduate from simply watching to making requests. He liked the control, making Eijiro hold out a little longer or instructing the man to keep pushing you further when your legs were already shaking. 
But, after a while, you were left craving more. What the three of you once shared. 
You wanted Katsuki to press you up against the shower wall in the mornings like he used to while Eijiro slept in or, wrap your hand around his cock in the middle of the night, slowly stroking him until he woke up. If you tried luring him in now though, he wouldn’t have it. Anything more than making out and he would move across the room, a safe distance away, and ask Eijiro to step in. 
He couldn’t keep pushing you away though, not forever, not if you all were really going to be able to work past this. 
You’d curled up in his lap, watching a movie on a rare Saturday night that the three of you managed to have off together. You sat there, comfy and cozy knowing perfectly well that at some point one of you would get needy, it was just a matter of who would break first. 
There was the way you angled your body into Katsuki, in just the perfect way so you could lay feather-light kisses against his neck. It made his gloved hand start to wander higher up your leg. The subtle shift of Katsuki’s arm brought you up just enough so his lips could meet yours. 
Soft and slow, sucking in your lower lip, brushing against his with your tongue. You could feel his hand slow start to lift your shirt up and you flinched and the cool material making him jerk away with an apology on his lips. 
“Kat, baby, please,” you mumbled against his lips.
He’s still kissing you and you can tell he doesn’t want to stop either. You can feel what you’re doing to him and yet he refuses to let you do anything about it. 
You pulled back and pressed your hand to the side of his face, thumb brushing his cheekbone, seeing the pain you felt reflected in his eyes was almost too much to bear. 
From the recliner, Eijiro cleared his throat. He’d seen the interaction, “I might have an idea…” He left the room, followed by yours and Katsuki’s quizzical looks that only grew when he came back with the very plain-looking box that was usually tucked under your bed, and one of the chairs from the sitting room.
“Just trust me, man.” 
You craned your neck trying to see what he was going to pull out and it ended up being the ropes that were usually reserved for you, so, logically, you moved off of Katsuki and moved closer to Eijiro. “Tonight these aren’t for you, cutie. I’ve got something else in mind.” 
He kissed the top of your head and then held his hand out for Katsuki to take, wiggling his fingers playfully when he didn’t immediately grab it, and when he still didn’t take it, Eijiro crouched between his legs. “You told me you wanted to get past this…” 
“Still do, but, I don’t think ‘m ready.” 
It was almost odd seeing Katuski so timid about this, about anything at all! 
“Can you please just try, for Y/N and me? You two can enjoy each other again and you won’t be able to use your hands this way. If you’re really not comfortable all you’ve gotta do is say the word and everything will stop, you know that.” 
After a couple seconds and a quick glance at you, he gave a curt nod of his blonde head, Katsuki finally allowed Eijiro to pull him to his feet. He sat him down in the wide padded chair. “Arms on the rests f’me,” and you watched as Katsuki did exactly as he was instructed, giving up the control he usually wielded, “Thank you, baby.” Eijiro brushed the blonde hair off his forehead and kissed him softly before getting to work with the rope. 
Katsuki might have been more precise and meticulous when tying you up but Eijiro also knew what he was doing. He focused more on your comfort than the overall aesthetic, so it didn’t surprise you when every few seconds Eijiro would check in with him, needing to know if anything was uncomfortable for him or too tight. 
When Eijiro was confident his rope work was done, he knelt and help Katsuki slip out of the sweats he’d been wearing before looking over his shoulder at you with a grin. “Get comfy, love, he’s all yours.” 
You wasted no time crawling right into Katsuki’s lap. There was no denying that you missed the way his arms would hold you, or how his hands were always so warm against your skin, but the groan he made when you settled over him, even with your panties still on, fuck, you’d missed it. You’d gotten used to his muscles being taught anytime he held you recently, even with the gloves on, his guard was up. But, the ropes seemed to provide him with an extra layer of safety that allowed him to really enjoy you once again. 
“Missed you…” Your warm breath on his neck sent goosebumps racing over his skin, and his mouth hung open when your lips made contact. Eijiro on the opposite side alright lightly nibbling at the sensitive spot just below his ear. 
All of you heard him strain against the ropes, peeking downward and watching his fingers flex. 
“Eager, isn’t he, little one?” 
“Mmhm,” You smiled while Eijiro teased and taunted, already feeling his aching cock right against your ass. 
You reached around and wrapped your fingers around him, swallowing his groan with a kiss while you delicately swiped the pre that escaped him right off his tip and down his shaft. “Eiji, baby, ‘s so hard already.” 
You could see those sharp teeth perfectly with the smile Eijiro wore, one of his hands moved from the back of Katsuki’s neck and into his hair. He had him by the roots, angling him back and you felt him twitch in your palm even as managed to spit a swear before Eijiro could kiss him. 
With his mouth occupied you continued to focus on his cock and sucking a chain of love marks down his porcelain skin, using your free hand to try and pull the collar of his shirt down as far as you could, but unable to properly reach his collarbones had you huffing in frustration. 
“’S the matter, baby?” Eijiro asked, his hand caressing your cheek. 
“Wish we took his shirt off before he got tied up.” 
“Oh, is that all?” That grin was back, “Lean back f’me, love, I can fix this.” 
You did what he said and pressed Katsuki’s cock right to your ass in the process making him suck his teeth, the both of you keeping eyes on Eijiro’s hands that came over the blonde’s shoulders and fisted the cotton fabric that covered his chest. 
He didn’t even have his quirk active, all he did was pull and the shirt never stood a chance. Hanging now in tatters off Katsuki’s frame, “Holy shit—!”, the both of you muttered in unison making Eijiro chuckle.
The action left your panties soaked and you really couldn’t wait any longer. Not even allowing yourself the time to stand and shimmy off your panties, you settled for just pushing them to the side and lining Katsuki up to your dripping cunt. 
His hands gripped the sides of the chair so hard that if you could have seen his knuckles, you were sure they would’ve been white. “Fuck, princess—! Slower, ‘s been a while.” You could tell it wounded his pride to admit but took your time sliding down his cock per his request.
“Could guide me if you had those hands free and just took off those gloves…” You teased him.
“Shut it.” 
“She’s right you know.” 
“Yeah, I get it!” 
You had him buried inside, feeling so full in his lap with your walls fluttering, and your hands resting on his chest. You kissed back up his neck, “Just tell me when I can move, baby, won’t go until you say so.” 
He sucked in a few deep breaths through his nose because if you moved too soon, he’d bust long before he was ready. So, he let you and Eijiro toy with him. Kissing, sucking, and nipping at his skin, all the light lingering touches until he just couldn’t take it anymore.
“Nicer,” Eijiro demanded of him.
“Please, move.” 
You sweetly kissed his lips and lifted up off him just about halfway and then sank right back down to see how he’d do. The ropes strained again and it made you smile just knowing what he wanted to do. 
He didn’t forget his manners this time, “More, please.” And you graciously gave him whatever he asked. Letting him control you with words rather than physically. He had to communicate, he had to tell you what he wanted, what he needed. 
“Wanna see you.” He mumbled and it made you confused, all he had to do was tilt his head and he’d get a lovely view of the way his cock was vanishing inside you, but Eijiro knew what he meant.
He moved from his spot behind Katsuki, coming up behind you instead, “Think he wants these, baby,” His large fingers expertly pinched your nipples right through your shirt before his hands moved down to the hem. “Arms up for me.” He didn’t ruin your shirt like he’d done with your boyfriend’s. He lifted it off your body, kissing your shoulders once it was removed and giving Katsuki the perfect view of them bouncing as you kept on riding him. 
“Pinch ‘em again f’me, Ei. Like it when she squirms.” And he would’ve if you hadn’t told him no, both men instantly freezing. 
“If Kat wants that, he’s gotta do it himself.” 
“You heard me,” You still lifted yourself up and down his shaft while you spoke, “No more being Eiji’s puppet master. If you wanna see something done to me, you’ve gotta take your armor off and do it yourself.” 
Katsuki might have looked like his world was just spun sideways but Eijiro was actually chuckling. “I think you’re onto somethin’, baby girl.” He kissed your temple while Katsuki sputtered. 
“The fuck she is!” 
“Calm down. She’s listened to every instruction you’ve given her, slow down, go harder, whatever you’ve asked for, she’s given. I think it’s only fair that you can’t ask me to do those things for you anymore.” 
Still, Katsuki’s jaw was set tight, and you knew he was pissed, that much was painfully obvious. What you could figure out was what he intended to do about it. 
His garnet eyes darted between you and Eijiro like he couldn’t actually believe the two of you were siding with each other on this. For a second you wondered if you might have pushed too far, that this might have been too much for him to handle. Fear crept in and your hips nearly stilled.
“Don’t you fuckin’ stop.” His words were practically a growl from someplace deep in his chest and you obeyed without a second thought. “Undo the binds.” Your walls clenched at the words and you knew you were in for it. 
The moment the ropes fell to the floor Katsuki was standing, using cool hands to wrap your legs around him, keeping his cock still buried deep. Eijiro was just a second behind him, grinning like it was his damn birthday all the way to the bedroom. 
Your back hit the mattress and before you let Katsuki do a single thing, you tapped the gloves, “Off.” 
He tore them from his hands, throwing them against the far wall, and then scalding, scared hands pulled you in.
They felt different. It wasn’t the fact it had been months since he’d had them on you, you’d remember his touch anywhere. He had new scars from explosions he’d caused over the weeks his hands had been in the gloves. The damage he’d inflicted upon himself.
Katsuki leaned down to kiss you before doing anything else. “They’re alright. They don’t hurt. Promise.” 
And he didn’t give you any more time to worry about it right then. He already had your hips up off the bed, “Getting in my fuckin’ way.” He ripped the panties that you never bothered taking off before using you like you were nothing more than a tool for his desires. 
You got exactly what you’d been craving, there wasn’t a part of you Katsuki left untouched. Rough fingers tugging at your nipples, making them pull with each harsh snap of his hips. He groped at your ass, pulled at your hair, and pushed your legs further and further apart. 
When one orgasm ripped through you he didn’t even falter. “Hell, princess, already?” He flipped you over, face pressed into a pillow and he positioned your ass exactly where he wanted it, watching your cum drip out and run down your thighs before pushing himself back in. 
He would’ve stayed upright, fucking you with both feet planted on the ground, had it not been for Eijiro bending him over top you. What you wouldn’t have given to see the look on Katsuki’s face when Eijiro bullied his cock inside him. Your ears were flooded by a guttural moan, and your hips were gripped so tightly that bruises were bound to show up within the hour. 
“Fuck, wait, Ei—!” Katsuki was twitching inside you and you waited for him to flood your cunt but he managed to hold off again. 
“Awe, too much for our KitKat?” 
You pushed the blond further, sitting on all fours, looking back at the two of them. Katsuki’s head dipped low, nearly resting on your back meanwhile, Eijiro teeth were sinking into his lower lip and you knew he was working his inches inside Katsuki little by little. 
“Ah, there ya go.” He ran a soothing hand over Katsuki’s back, “Now, be good f’us and fill our little one up.” He retracted his hips and eased, back in quicker than before, making Katsuki push into you as well, “She’s been so needy for you, baby.” Eijiro repeated the motion, quicker still, “Talkin’ about how much she misses your cock,” Another thrust, “Oh. And she really misses your fingers on that pretty clit of hers.” 
Katsuki didn’t need any more of a hint. Rough fingers were on your sensitive bundle of nerves in seconds and your arms gave way landing you on the pillow below that muffled your cry. 
With the way he moved, clearly not forgetting exactly what you liked, he was going to have you cumming for him again in record time. “Kat!” You have to turn your head for him to properly hear you, “Feel s’good, baby. Wanna cum f’you.” 
“You as— askin’ permission, princess?” Eijiro’s thrusts had him stammering and you just knew he wasn’t gonna last much longer either.
You nod your head but it wasn’t enough for either of them. “Words.” Both of them reminded you and you whined.
“Please! Please, yes, I’m asking!” 
Eijiro still had a good pace going, rocking the both of you with ease. He had Katsuki so close the man could barely form a sentence so, Eijiro took it upon himself. “Cum when Kat does, little one, hold out until then.” 
Katsuki can feel you practically sob, so close to the edge and not being allowed to let that cord snap. He kissed up your spine. “’M close, babe, just— fuck— hang on.” 
Katsuki’s head was pulled back from your ear, lightly this time by Eijiro’s hand. “Do you wanna cum, baby?” 
“Then ask me.” 
“Ah-ah,” Eijiro cut him off, "I’ll drag this out for the both of you if you get your temper goin’. Try again.” 
“Wanna cum, Ei. Fuck, I want it. Please, can y’make me cum?” 
Sharp teeth were right against his earlobe. “Don’t let up on that clit of hers, understand?” 
In an instant his fingers worked even quicker than before to the point you weren’t sure if you’d be able to hold out like Eijiro had ordered but then those teeth sunk into Katsuki’s shoulder and the hand he’d had posted on your hip flew to the back of Eijiro’s neck to hold him in place. 
Your fingers fisted the sheets and Katsuki couldn’t keep his pace on your clit, instead, it was all jerky movements until his first rope of cum shot into you. And he had so much more to give. The way your orgasm milked him had him painting your walls white, filling you to the brim until his cum was leaking out and onto the sheets below. 
Eijiro kept his teeth embedded until he came too, just a minute or so later. 
Months ago, it used to be one of the boys who’d get up and make sure you had a warm towel to clean yourself up, or they’d be picking you up to take a bath, but not tonight though. 
Eijiro pulled himself out and then helped Katsuki ease out of you and let you slowly roll over onto your back. He waited until Katsuki was situated in your arms, his head resting comfortably against your chest, and only then did Eijiro cuddle in beside the two of you. One arm under your neck and the other across Katsuki’s back. 
You had both your hands playing with Katsuki’s blonde locks, running your fingers through them, scratching at his scalp. “Thanks.” He muttered and both you and Eijiro knew that covered so many different things. 
“Don’t have to thank us.” Eijiro started and let you finish with, “You’re worth fighting for, KitKat. We love you.” 
He snorted a laugh at the comments he deemed ‘too sappy’, and yet he was the one who, after insisting you all needed to shower, that he was gonna marry the two of you one day. 
Tumblr media
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