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Deku is the worst person to hold one for all that we know about. Heres my reasoning, the two other holders of one for all, All Might, and Shimura Nana had these giant ideals for what a hero needed to be and how they should behave to best bennefit the people. Nana started the concept of smiling no matter what because she believed that people who were being saved physically also needed their hearts to be saved, they were scared and she believed that a giant smile would help mitigate that fear, she was said to have been unorthodox, that her ideals were beyond what she could accheive. All Might, was quirkless and he took a look at the world around them and he realized why the world was failing, why the crime rates were so high, he realized that the world needed a symbol, a symbol of peace, something that they could look at and know that everything would be okay, a smiling diety. Both of these people had such lofty goals that centered around the people, they wanted to create a better world for the people around them, a purely unselfish goal, thats what made them strive to be heroes. It worked too, hawks is saying that they need a new diety, someone who the citizens can look at their back and feel safe, he aknowledges that it isn’t him and does what he can while supporting who he thinks it is, those two shaped the world in such a big way. Deku doesn’t have that, he doesn’t have a new ideal, a goal to help the people, the premise for his hero story is that he wants to be the number 1 hero and be just like All Might, and while being like All Might inherently means caring about the people, he isn’t becoming a hero for the people, he is becoming a hero for selfish reasons, simply because he wants to, and I’m not saying thats a bad thing, doing things because you want to is fine, but the quirk One for All is meant to be for the people. He also simply wants to fill a hole where All Might left, he doesn’t seem to want to leave his own mark. He doesn’t have ideals to leave behind, he’s not going to change the world or bring a whole new society like All Might did, because although he has a self sacrificing nature and is loyal and stubborn as hell, he doesn’t have the Ideals to bring a new world. 

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i need someone to draw kaminari playing guitar with his partner pokemon amped toxtricity and jirou playing bass with her partner pokemon low key toxtricity pls i have had this idea in my head forever and no talent to draw it

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My main baby boy hawks for a situation please馃ズ馃ズ (i rlly just wanna give that man kithes and tell him he’s doing the best he can and that it’s enough馃様)
Why of course! Bird brain is a must!😤🍗


𝐅𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝗼𝐧 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐞🏝 (3)


Situation/Place: Brunch Date👀❤️

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please come scream with me in the chats. idk what theyre called but just please use them.

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Concept: Kiri and midoriya switch bodies and their respective boyfriends have no idea. Its close to baku’s birth so he decides he’ll take kiri on various dates that kiri completely neglected to tell Midoriya so baku’s leaning in to kiss kiri and midoriya immediately screams and suddenly baku is aware of every sense around him.

While on kiri’s side, todoroki is just acting normally. Going to Midoriya’s room every night just to play animal crossing and kiri is waiting for something spicy to happen because this is suspicious but honestly, todoroki’s too tired to do anything else but sell tarantulas to timmy and tommy.

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You know that feeling when you want a fic written but don’t feel like writing it? That’s me atm

I really wanna read about how mirio, katsuki, and kirishima would react to their s/o constantly playing Mystic Messenger 👉👈 if anyone wanna write it hit me up or tag me, I’ll write something for you too

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Over reacting

A/n: so I wrote this forever ago and never finished it and I’ve now realized that I was in fact not over reacting the person is just a gaint dick with a shitty personality 😗✌️

Genre: angst to tooth rotting fluff


Originally posted by dotoroki

You’d given Katsuki his birthday gift at school, a hand painting of his two favorite characters, telling him he wasn’t allowed to open it until midnight.

That was until you got home, realizing you probably wouldn’t make it to midnight. With a grin you texted him.

Y/n: I don’t think I’ll make it to 12 :(

Suki: me neither

Y/n: :/

Y/n: I mean ig you could open it early…..

Suki: okay give me a second

With a stupid grin on your face you flopped down in bed, scrolling through your phone patiently waiting for the call.

Over time your smile faded, sighing as you opened up your Snapchat. Your stomach dropped as you looked at Sukis story.

He’s with friends, they’ll probably be leaving soon. You texted your friend, catching her up on everything as you laughed.

But as time continued on the hurt of it all made its made towards you, he could’ve at least texted you, send a quick “hey I’ll be a little bit”.

Eventually you started crying, thinking the worst. What if he didn’t even wanna FaceTime in the first place? What if he just pretends he fell asleep so he doesn’t have to talk to you?

You waited up for nothing, Katsuki probably wouldn’t even like your gift, he’d probably opened it and was making fun of it with his friends.

Jesus Christ y/n, you snapped yourself out of it, still hurt. You got up, turning off your lights before you climbed into bed.

As soon as you went to put your phone on silent a call popped up, your heart raced when you saw Katsukis name.

You answered, getting up to turn your lights back on.

“Hey.” Katsuki said.

“Hi.” You responded.

“Sorry my mom invited a bunch of extras over.”

“Aww that’s nice.” You coughed, hiding your wavering voice.

“Tch, yeah. I’m opening it now.”

Wrapping your blanket around your shoulders you wait patiently for him to finally see it.

“No way.” He gasped making you giggle. “Y/n- wait hold on I gotta read the note real quick.”

“I love it.” He laughed.

You let out a relieved laugh. “Okay cause I’ve never actually done something like that and I was really nervous so don’t look too closely cause you can see the mistakes.”

“No it’s perfect, y/n.”

Your grin got impossibly bigger. “Thank you.”

“Seriously, I don’t think anyone’s every done something so nice for me.”


Over the phone you heard yelling and then Bakugo yell back. “My moms yelling at me for something, I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Okay bye.”

“Bye, and thank you y/n, seriously.”

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Have you considered that maybe the hero that saved Keigo was actually Toya? The reason he had an Endeavor plushie instead could be becuase, well, that’s his hero’s dad, and they don’t exactly have Toya Todoroki plushies that we know of.  Idk, man, but that was the first thing i thought of when reading 267. Could have been a small villain Toya burned right before he got to Keigo or something. Who knows. feel free to yell at me

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