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ಠ_ಠ Dating Overhaul would include…


ಠ_ಠ Dating Overhaul would include…

♛ He takes off his mask when you two are alone.

♛ You gotta shower two times a day.

♛ You have to baby sit Eri. And she looks forward in playing with you.

♛ He doesn’t like PDA because he’s germophobic, but he does like it when you give him a peck on the cheek from time to time.

♛ He is really possessive and overprotective of you.

♛ Gets jealous very easily.

♛ It turns him on if you start to put somebody in place.

♛ He becomes kinda nicer when you’re around.

♛ He isn’t scared in killing anyone who touches you. (Idk how he will though because of the arm situation but he can try ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

♛ He likes it when you worry about him.

♛ He likes rainy weather the best, which means the atmosphere is perfect for spending romantic dates with you.

♛ Asks Kurono for help and advice when it comes to you.

♛ He isn’t the romantic type of boyfriend, but he tries.

♛ I feel like Kai (Overhaul) is the type to look like he doesn’t give two shits about you, but actually cares about you a lot.

♛ He doesn’t know how to comfort you at all. So, what he does is just hug you and wait until you don’t feel sad anymore. (Again, with the arm situation.)

♛ He works A LOT, so when you need attention, he tries his best to give you as much as he can.

♛ He doesn’t get flustered much, so when you do manage to fluster him it’s really the best feeling in the world for you.

♛ Why do I have the feeling of him just kidnapping you 💀✋.

♛ Hates seeing you cry or be sad.

♛ Whoever hurt you before does not ✨exist ✨ anymore 🤩. I wOndEr wHaT hApPEneD tO tHem…

♛ Anything you do is now considered being cute.

♛ He buys you anything you want.

♛ When y’all get into an argument, he will buy you something with a hand written letter saying “Sorry if I hurt you in any way” or sum like that.

♛ He doesn’t cuddle much.

♛ Kurono and you are literal besties, and lemme tell you that Kai is not happy with that.

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Bakugo, at the police station: I’m here for my idiots.

Police officer: And who are your idiots ?

Bakugo:*sigh* you must be new here.

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This ship is to wholesome and pure✨💗✨ kiri and denki are enjoying a nice special brunch with pankakes and ice cream👌💗


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I’m only using what the gods gave me​…..

Years ago, hero society was forever changed when the Symbol of Peace was forced to retire. Forever.

Now, after much deliberation the world’s top hero program has decided to expand it’s curriculum and go global. This is UA University. The first COLLEGE program for those wanting to make the world a better place. With a new location in America, a bigger campus, and bigger staff UA was able to open it’s doors to more international

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Green Dot

Mirio Togata x Genderneutral!reader

tw: mentions of antidepressants

still can’t sleep so here’s a lil Mirio drabble about helping his partner with the side effects of their new meds.

I’m using personal experience with how I felt the first few days starting Sertraline (Zoloft).


Originally posted by hinatas-sunshine

Time, 3:00 a.m. Too early to function normally and too late to get enough sleep. You’ve been laying in bed since 11:00 p.m. the night before, and have made three attempts at falling asleep.

The change of medication you just started was pinching at your brain, you could hear the electrical waves move around your body and brain. Your body shook as you absent-mindedly scrolled through whatever app you had open, most likely Instagram or Pinterest.

Eyes glossed over, your fingers moved as you spaced, almost forgetting your consciousness, you waited for change.

Your heartbeat became louder, not faster, just… louder. The attempt to listen to music through headphones failed because the way the false leather sat on your ears didn’t feel right and no matter how much you adjusted they almost hurt to keep on. The way earbuds sat in your ears digged into your skin didn’t work for you and your specific sensitivities, but listening to music out loud was too distracting and not focused enough on your brain to mask the sounds of your brain and blood flow. Exhaustion was to break you, and it had almost won. You wanted to snap.

With a quick head shake, left and right, you made a decision to check if anyone else was awake, possibly to bug them enough so you would fall asleep for once.

“green dot, green dot, green dot,” you whispered to yourself, finding your messaging app, quickly pressing the app open to search for any active users.

And lucky for you, your boyfriend, Mirio’s green dot was next to his face, proving him awake. Normally something like this would make you lecture him about staying up to late but just this once, you were glad his poor sleeping schedule matched with the side effects of your medications. You took a deep breath before clicking his contact, video calling him in the process.

“Mornin’ babe,” he greeted quietly with a yawn, under his covers, looking plenty sleepy. “Need something?”

“Um- hey.” Mirio cocked his head, a little confused until you showed him your shaky hand. “Started new meds yesterday, can’t sleep,” you said shakily, sitting up and setting your phone on your bedside table.

“Ah, you feel alright?”

“Not r-really,” you twitched, turning your head somewhat violently and shaking even more. “I’m s- I’m sorry, you probably-”

“Hey, hey, don’t apologise. You didn’t wake me up. Is anyone home or is your dad still away?” Mirio started getting up, realizing how terrible you were feeling.

“Away,” you mumbled, jaw clenching and shivering.

“Okay, (y/n), listen, I’m on my way. I’ll be there in a few minutes, alright? I love you, I’ll be right there.”

“kay’, love you too. S- see you soon.”

Mirio hung up the call, and you tried to stand, immediately fell back on your bed.

“Did I eat today?”

Time passed in a blink, and Mirio was in your room, seeing you shaking still. He sat right next to you, asked for permission to touch you, aware of how sensitive you could be when trying new medications.

He gently placed his hands on your shoulders, keeping you from spacing out, keeping your attention on him.

“What did you start taking?”

“Zoloft. it’s the one in- the one in front of the mirror, paper on my desk.” Mirio presses a quick kiss to your forehead and got up to read the instructions on the bottle and an overview of side effects. “I- I can hear electricity.”

“Hm. okay, did you eat anything with it?”

“Can’t remember, too long ago.”

“Come with me to the living room, we can watch a movie while I make you something to eat, maybe you’ll feel a little better.”

Reluctantly, you stood and shuffled to the living room to the couch where Mirio tucked you under a blanket and turned the T.V. on, letting you pick one of the Ghibli films to stare at while he made you a few scrambled eggs. Your eyes were glazed over again as you enjoyed the soft visuals in front of you.

Mirio came back a few minutes later, a plate and fork in hand, eggs and toast ready for you to eat. He left again to go clean up after himself, make sure he didn’t leave a mess behind after cooking for you. By the time he had cleaned up, you were mostly done, and it only took another bite of toast for you to finish. He took care of your plate, and finally came back with a glass of water, aware of your drinking habits, or lack there of.

You beckoned him over to you, practically asking him to hold you while waiting for your heavy shaking to slow down again.

He picked you up, leaving the movie on, holding you with your head on his chest, slowly running his hand over your arm, easing your nerves while you listened to the movie and his heartbeat matching pase with yours. He stroked your hair, noticing your body beginning to calm down. Pulling you closer and adding a blanket over you and himself, he sunk into the couch and kissed your head again.

“Thanks f-for coming over to help.”

“Of course. I know you’re struggling, taking new meds seems to do this to you.”

“Yeah, sorry about that-”

“Again, don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault.”

“I had the option to wait until my dad got home but I thought I would be fine, if I had just waited-”

“No, (y/n). I’m glad you started something new, I’m like… so proud of you. Please though, just get some rest. Don’t feel bad, I like taking care of you anyway. Don’t worry. Just… Rest. I’ll protect you.” He kept his voice just above a whisper, still stroking your hair. “Goodnight babe.”

You were able to distract your hearing with his humming along with the soundtrack of the movie playing. You couldn’t hear the sound of your blood rushing or the electric waves move through your brain.

His touch stimulating your senses, along with his scent made it easy to relax and stop shaking.

Soon enough, the stillness and movement helped you to fall asleep, finally resting the way you needed to.

Goodnight, Mirio.

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Final update of Max. Should’ve done this in the first place, geez 🤣

Name: Masato Yagi (Father: All Might a.k.a Toshinori Yagi; Mother: (Leader of the Zoo Impact??)

Hero code: Maximum (the hero that goes beyond)

Blood Type: A

Weight: 230 pounds (105 kg)

Birthday: 7/02 (29 years old; Born when All might was 20 years old)

Likes: Motorcycles, Fishing, focusing on his job.

Dislikes: Paparazzi, media invading his space, littering.

Occupation: Pro Hero

Personaity: Humble, driven, mild, empathetic, quiet, curious, passionate, self-aware, athletic, intelligent, honest, friendly, conservative, clumsy, optimistic, self sacrificial, and protective.

Quirk drawbacks: Backlashes (if too forceful), exhaustion (heavy usage), limitation of energy, and energized (if stored up for so long). If too exhausted, he can sleep in longer. Max had a very hard time controlling his quirk at a younger age. With guidance, however, he was able to master it.

Genetic Line: His Mother.

CV (eng):

Eng- Dave Wittenberg


Ambient Defense- protecting himself against one’s attacks, using a shield of energy.

Conservation- absorb ambient energy and convert it into a power source.

•Energized punches- limit up to 50%. Only used up if there’s a dangerous situation.

•Energized speed- Converts for his own speed.

Enhanced Strength-converts energy to muscles to lift heavy objects.

Power: 5/6 A

Speed: 6/6 S+

Technique: 6/6 S

Intelligence: 6/6 S

Talkative: 1/6 E

Max was adopted by an American hero, requested by All Might to keep his son safe. At 15 years old, he finds out about his biological father. Later meeting him and inspired to make a difference in the world. In College, he teams up with Angelica. Graduating to later become America’s new Top Hero at 25 years old. He leaves the US to help Japan after the Paranormal liberation war. Also To track down the villianious american group “The Zoo Impact”….and….to finally confront his possible mother…their leader.

Backgrounds by @iya5rt on instagram and tumblr.

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Okay so i was thinking, Beach AU (quirlkess).

Mitsuki and Inko get married, making Izuku and Katsuki officially brothers. Izuku’s boyfriend, Shoto, takes them down to the beach for a family fun day. Katsuki only agrees because of the hot lifeguard there that keeps flirting with him. He has a crush on this lifeguard called Eijirou.

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Lavender and peach Shinsou icons for @peachy-queen15!

Thanks for the request! And the compliment!

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Not Worth The Truth

“I lied when I said I loved you”.

He looks back at you with wide pain filled eyes, tears clinging to his lashes. You feel your hart crake just a little bit more but you push your own pain aside, keep your face blank and neutral. You can’t let there be any doubt, any chance that he might see through the cracks and know you don’t mean it.

He blinks once, twice, those forest green eyes so big and honest and you have to fight the desire to reach out and brush his tears away. Izuku’s eyes have always been so expressive, the man unable to hide anything he was feeling and you had loved it, basked in the way he looked at you with such love and devotion but now it makes you feel sick, makes your skin crawl. You force yourself not to look away though, commit every flash of pain and confusion to memory. You didn’t deserve to forget this, your greatest crime.

“You don’t mean that,” he tries to sound confident, sure in his statement but his voice wobbles slightly as the tears begin to fall, his words catching as he sucks in a shaky breath. You knew this wouldn’t be easy, knew that Izuku wouldn’t let you make a clean break and disappear into the night but you had hoped that you wouldn’t have to get cruel but you were rapidly running out of options and time. You were going to have to break his heart, his stupidly large and trusting heart that you had once sought to protect.

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I’m only using what the gods gave me​…..

Years ago, hero society was forever changed when the Symbol of Peace was forced to retire. Forever.

Now, after much deliberation the world’s top hero program has decided to expand it’s curriculum and go global. This is UA University. The first COLLEGE program for those wanting to make the world a better place. With a new location in America, a bigger campus, and bigger staff UA was able to open it’s doors to more international

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I’m taking a little break from Cardinal Cry - my productivity has been utterly ‘shot thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown, and my interest in RWBY has diminished slightly. 
I’m still wholly committed to the idea of giving Cardin his time in the sun, but I want to take a few steps back to explore other AU’s and concepts.

If you’re still interested in following my work, you can check me out on my new blog ‘Serological’ - an AU for My Hero Academia, which explores the idea of our favourite tape-based student having a far more important role in the plot of the main story…

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