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#mha Katsuki
LMAO ok!! What about Kami, Kiri, Baku + Hanta and how they would react when someone walks in on them doing something “intimate” with their s/o?

hoOOOO SHIEEEET, it’s currently one am, who needs sleep when you can write THIS!!

warnings: nsfw, smut, 18+!!!!

kaminari denki


- he had told you time and time again that wednesdays were for the bros but you just needed him that time

- it all started pretty innocent, a make out

- but when he led you to his bed and stared down at you he forgot about everything else

- he started undressing you, his lips not leaving yours once

- you practically ripped the clothes from his body, leaving both of you in your undergarments only

- his hands explored your body and when he was about to release his length from its confinement

- “fuck babe, i want you so bad.”

- you were about to respond when

- “what… denki i thought today’s bro day!”

- sero stood there, dumbfounded and pouty

- he didn’t even care that he had just busted the two of you

- if anything he enjoyed the little show

- denki will rip his blanket from underneath you and quickly cover you with it

- he’d grow so red, body still positioned in front of yours

- nobody but him was allowed to see like this

- “sero bro, i’m sorry dude! give me a few and then we can get to it.”

- “just sort your boner out first, i really don’t wanna see it any longer.”

- thank god it was “just” sero

- if it had been anyone else denki would’ve short circuited immediately

- you didn’t dare to continue, so you just left with a kiss

- “maybe thursday’s are gonna be our day from now on?”

- he’s so embarrased oh nooooo

kirishima eijirou


- okay so

- baby boy ALWAYS makes sure to lock the door and set the mood before even starting to initiate anything

- but today.. well today you were in your room and a boner happened to pop when you had a tickle fight

- “want me that bad?”

- you turned on the tv, making sure to turn the volume up by a lot

- he devours you, his mouth can do wonders

- you have your hands buried in his hair, moaning his name

- he’s eating you out so extremely well and you cum, screaming profanities and his name

- “you’re so hot angel, i’m the luckiest man in the world.”

- how can one look so soft and pure with your juices coating his chin

- “eiji, i need you to fuck me.”

- “and i need you to tone it down or i’ll not get any work done!”

- there she stood

- momo.

- oh no no no no no no

- kiri’s expression drops and he just blankly stares at her

- he can’t move, he’s absolutely mortified

- the mood? ruined.

- “i’ll never go to class again.”

- he’s scarred for life

- y'all only ever get it on in his room after that

hanta sero


- you pretty much fuck everywhere and anywhere

- he doesn’t have a sense of decency tbh

- like i stated before and will state again

- he’s into voyeur stuff

- you had sent him nasty pictures throughout the whole day

- he’s had enough

- during lunch he stayed back and started groping you, shoving his tongue down your throat

- “you wanna be dirty?”

- he would’ve fucked you on a desk but neither of you had a condom

- so he opted for a blowjob

- you were crouching underneath his desk

- the only thing on him is a sly smirk

- “you’re so pretty like this.”

- you wanted to reply but his cock already filled your mouth

- you moaned around him and spluttered

- “oh, hey kami, forgot something?”

- you freeze and clench around him

- but he tugged on your hair and pushed you further down his length

- you choked, a lot and not quietly

- “bro what the fuck, is y/n really blowing you right now? you’re so disgusting.”

- he just shrugged and pointed down at you

- “wanna watch?”

- “no! you sick fuck.”

- you couldn’t look at denki for months after that

- “you’ve gotten even harder, babe. you really like this after all?”

- he just pushes you back down on his length and fucks your mouth vigorously

- “you’re amazing.”

- he came with a loud, long moan

- he didn’t even think about being quieter than usual

bakugou katsuki


- ok so

- i’ve read my fair share of bakugo smut and he apparently loves being loud and gets turned on by getting busted

- but… i don’t think i agree?

- for katsuki sex or any sexual act is something that requires a lot of trust and love

- it’s something so private and beautiful to him

- don’t get me wrong he’s feral in bed, but your body is for him to see and for him only

- your naked ass is in the air, as you wait for him to return from his shower

- you start growing impatient and start pumping a finger in and out of your core

- when you finally hear a door open and close you let out a dirty moan

- “i’ve been waiting for so long daddy, come and give me my reward.”

- “holy shit you’re not kacchan!”

- your heart drops

- you slowly turn around and lock eyes with deku

- he stared at your naked form and then scanned around the room

- “is kacchan-”

- he was cut off by a naked katsuki, cock standing strong and proud

- he takes a few seconds to grasp the situation

- his face looses all color and expression

- “deku…”

- the poor boy

- he just wanted to ask him about the homework and what he got was this

- not only that but..

- “tell me. right fucking now. why are you in here with my naked girlfriend and WHY ARE YOU HARD?!”

- deku’s about to faint and katsuki’s about to go off on him

- if it weren’t for you the green haired boy wouldn’t have seen the sun rise another day

- “suki, calm down.”

- deku had to promise to never tell anyone and never even look at you again

- the next morning you’re covered in hickeys

- he was raging and sex that night was… extreme.

- he almost kills deku in training again

- he’ll never let this die down tbh

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Guys i’m running out of ideas, if i had ideas i could write 3 stories in one day like i did last time, so if you guys have ideas do tell.

(Bakugou x Fem!reader)

You were snuggled up with Bakugou, and you were very close to falling asleep. But, one thing was keeping you from falling asleep…and that was because you had plans with Mina to go out, where? you don’t know, she said it was a surprise and honestly you needed to know. And, you needed to leave soon, you think. Bakugou has been preventing you from looking up at the time, almost like he knew you had somewhere you had to be.

After a few minutes of struggling you were able to grab your phone and look at the time, 5 minutes, you had 5 minutes. Lucky you, you were already dressed and you just needed to get up.

See, you would’ve probably already been there if Bakugou didn’t pull you into in dorm for a cuddle session, and this is rare so you couldn’t say no.

“Bakugou…” You whined as you tried to wiggle away. “I need to get up.” He looked up at you and furrowed his eyebrows. “Why?” His grip on your waist tightened. “Since when did you have plans?” He sounded like he was whining, this is rare.

“I have plans with Mina, babe.” He grumbled, but his grip on you didn’t let up. “’Kastu..Please?” You sighed. “I want you all to myself right now.” He growled. Bakugou never acted like this, this was really rare.

“Sharing is caring Bakugou, now let me go!” You grabbed his fingers, trying to rip his fingers off your waist, but his gripped just tightened, his grip on you would probably leave bruises if he gripped you any tighter.

“Sharing in caring? Sorry, but you’re mine.”


Sorry this being so short, i need ideas!

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A/N: Have some Bakuhoe to feed your thirst, ya gremlin lovers. A little, uh, “sweet treat” before I give ya a dose of the dark stuff. <3

Song: “I Almost Told You That I Loved You” by Papa Roach

Warnings: smut: oral sex & face fucking; mild degradation, ya know typical Katsuki shit

Word Count: 800ish


Katsuki Bakugou was the type of man people fantasized about—top Pro-Hero, a drool-worthy physique, hell they even loved his brash attitude. You knew the way fans talked about him online, how much they would give to get one night with the handsome, muscular blonde. If they only knew. You, on the other hand, got to live out that fantasy and frequently at that. You would laugh and smirk at the way men and women alike would wonder just how good of a lay Bakugou was, because you knew firsthand. It had been months since you had started casually shacking up with the explosive hero, and while it was all the things that everyone thought it would be, it wasn’t enough.

No, you had gone and broke the basic rule of life: don’t fall for your fuckbuddy. You knew it was dumb, it was one of the biggest clichés in the books but god you wanted to be with him so fucking badly. The problem was that Katsuki Bakugou only had one goal currently, make it to that elusive Number One spot. And having a full-blown relationship didn’t further that goal, but rather would distract him from it. Or so he told himself, and you, on many, many occasions. Yet you couldn’t convince yourself to walk away, or lose the foolish hope that one day he’d return your feelings. Why? Because god damn the sex was good and you were addicted.

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Bakugo unknowingly falls for Todoroki’s sister?


Pairing: Bakugo x Reader

Request: “hii💕 could you do a headcanon where bakugou has a joking bickering/ fighting relationship with -who he later finds out is todoroki’s sister- who has a powerful water quirk and is really good at combat too? like the rest of 1A dont know she’s his sister until much later on either and bakugou may or may not start to like her? sorry haha if its way too detailed :) - Anonymous”



Originally posted by no-sorry

  • First of all, teasing nicknames is a must
  • You’ll always call Bakugo hot head, firecracker, pop rocks, (and sometimes when you really want to get him fired up sparklers)
  • You’re the only person in the entire class that he’ll allow to make fun of him without beating the shit out of
  • But he’s also the only one he’ll allow to joke with you like that
  • If anyone else tried to pick on you he’s quick to shut that shit down
  • One time Denki made the mistake, he said something like “man I’m thirsty, Y/N why don’t you float over some water from the water fountain?”
  • And Bakugo was quick to snap back with a “or you could get your lazy dunce face ass up and do it yourself. You could probably use the exercise since I haven’t once seen you beat Y/N in hand to hand combat.”
  • (Umm can we get Todoroki in here to apply some ice to that burn because ouch)
  • On the first day of U.A. you had figured an easy way to avoid confusion between both you and your brother being called Todoroki. was for you to just go by your first name
  • And it never really occurred to either of you as being something that you should mention because why did it matter
  • So of course no one had any idea that the two of you were related (especially bakugo)
  • They didn’t find out until the sports festival when your full name “Y/N Todoroki” popped up on the screen
  • Everyone in the class was like “umm what?” And Bakugo was dead silent
  • They immediately question Todoroki who is acting all chill like “yeah, she’s my sister. What about it?”
  • The sports festival is also the first time that the entire class has seen you use your water quirk in combat style fighting
  • Your quirk alone is powerful, but paired with your fighting skills makes you one tough opponent, so it’s over pretty fast
  • But just because it’s quick, doesn’t stop the fact that the entire stadium is in awe of what they just witnessed
  • Especially Bakugo (although he’ll never admit it, but seeing you beat the shit out of your opponent was kind of a turn-on for him)
  • The second he realizes and comes to terms with his feelings for you (because love is a foreign feeling to this man) he’s asking you out the next day
  • I mean we all knew Bakugo was never a patient man, but it also had to do with the fact that he’d be damned if he let one of those extras ask you out before he got the chance too
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white lie ㅡ bakugou katsuki

warnings: body dysmorphia, depression, suicide, cursing. if you struggle with any of the above, please seek help or talk to someone, my dm’s are always open!

word count: 1442


Originally posted by smoking-paramount

it was dark, the room you were in just slightly flooded with the light from the hallway that shone through the crack between door and floor.

it wasn’t late, in fact, class had just ended an hour ago, but you felt drained and restless at the same time.

you got up from your bed, only to stare at yourself in the mirror, stomach churning at the view.

your thighs looked fat, your belly sticking out and your eyes enhanced by dark circles. you looked disgusting, despite trying your darnedest to look put together at all times.


a knock on your door, another one and a third one following fit.

you didn’t react, you couldn’t. you were too busy degrading every single detail of your existence, ripping yourself to shreds in front of the mirror.

“i’m coming in.”

the handle lowered and soon enough bakugo stood in the middle of your room, eyeing you.

“are you ignoring me?”

your boyfriend of almost two years crouched down beside you, putting his big hand onto your thigh.

“hey, y/n?”

he sounded confused, but to you it read like annoyance rather than confusion.

“dinner’s ready. we’re all waiting for you.”

you took a shaky breath and finally turned to bakugou, his red eyes piercing right through you.

“i’m not going to eat anymore.”

you said, looking down at his hand on your thigh.

“don’t be ridiculous! you gotta eat, come on.”

he simply lifted you from your seated position, causing you to squirm and squeal.

“bakugou, stop! you’re going to break your back, let me down.”

his brows furrowed and he dropped you to your feet.

“y/n what’s going on with you? did someone say something stupid to you? if so i’m going to beat them-”

you put a finger on his lips, effectively silencing him.

“i’m going to stop you right there. nobody told me anything, i just want to be fitter and then finally beat your ass.”

this wasn’t the issue, it was a cheap white lie.

“you’re great the way you are, now come on, kiri’s already starting a riot down there.”

he pressed a quick peck onto your lips before leaving again.

this happened three weeks ago and from that point on you spiraled out of control. you worked through nights and studied during days, never finding time to eat or rest. never mind spending time with your boyfriend.

“i miss you, i miss us. y/n please. talk to me.”

he had sat you down in the common room for a talk, completely ignoring the fact that almost the whole class was there as well, listening in on your conversation.

“i need to better myself, i just don’t have time to be with you anymore!”

you just snapped, suddenly yelling it out, not even meaning it. you missed him too, you wanted to tell him everything but now, you had just ruined your relationship. in front of everyone.

he stared at you, dumbfounded, in disbelief. his eyes went blank and slowly but surely his face started to shift from sad to angry. his eyes started getting wet, tears threatening to fall.

“do you think i’m stupid?! i hear you every damn night, be it crying or doing jumping jacks or whatever the fuck you’re doing! i’ve tried so hard this entire fucking time, trying to understand you, be patient with you, hear you out, but you never gave a shit about all of this, huh?! you don’t care about me, you never listened to me because you’re selfish! you’re a selfish, miserable bitch who just wasted my fucking time! two years of my life?! down the drain! you’re a fuck-up and you know it, you’re a slut, you’re a failure, useless, ugly and insecure, i fucking hate you!”

you stared at him, who had jumped from his seat, face red with anger, hands clenched into fists and tears streaming down his face.

kirishima had his hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him down, but it was too late.

you sat there, wooden chair drilling into your backside and hands holding onto the table for dear life. your jaw started quivering and when you got up to leave, your knees felt like jelly.

“you’re right.”

you turned and left the dorms, leaving everyone in a state of shock.


kirishima started but bakugou just ran up to his room, locking himself in, only loud thuds, screams and explosions could be heard from then on through the night.


mina ran up to him, panic evident in her every move.

“i can’t find y/n anywhere! she hasn’t been replying at all and just sent a ‘thank you’. for what?”

he told himself he didn’t care, he wasn’t involved with you anymore, but something deep down told him that something was wrong. there was a pit in his stomach and it was starting to drill deeper, numbing his entire body.

“please, you have to find her.”

mina now begged, tugging on his sleeve, she must’ve been very worried for a very long time.

his phone suddenly started ringing, it was you.

“come find me. i’ll give you a hint: we had our first kiss here.”

he wanted to reply, but you already hung up on him.

“fuck. fuck. fuck!”

he didn’t explain a thing to mina who was staring at him more confused than ever.

his feet started running, faster and faster, leaving the school building, running back to the dormitories.

he ran up the stairs, heaving breaths, shaking with fear and adrenaline.

when he finally reached the rooftop his heart rate dropped from 200 to 0 as he saw you standing there, on the edge.

“y/n what the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”

he panted, supporting himself with his hands on his knees.


you turned to him and he audibly gasped, you looked so frail and tired, not like yourself.

“don’t do it. don’t you fucking dare do this to me.”

you cocked your head, a small smile playing around your pale lips.

“do what? i just wanted to enjoy the view, come sit.”

your legs dangled from the rooftop as you stared down the swindling height.

“the view’s so beautiful.”

you suddenly felt two strong arms around your waist, heard his ragged breathing and were finally engulfed by his familiar scent.

“i got you, y/n. now leave the edge and come with me. we can talk this out.”

“there’s nothing to talk about, you already said everything. you hate me, i can’t blame you.”

his grip around you tightened, as he pressed a sole kiss to your neck.

“i could never hate you. please, come.”

then he suddenly felt you stand up and his body started to feel awfully light.

“y/n, don’t fucking use your quirk on me!”

he floated off the rooftop, stopping mid-air, hovering.

“you told me to come, i’m glad you could help me one last time.”

you took a final step, your body leaving the ground.


he tried to move but he was stuck. stuck seeing you, the love of his life, plummeting to the floor.

he screamed your name, over and over, his voice cracking, throat going sore and his ghost finally returning to his physical body.

“hey… bakugou. it’s time.”

kirishima put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder, who was staring at the floor, eyes bloodshot.

“come on big guy.”

he helped him up and straightened his black tuxedo for him, pushing him into the venue, right into the first row.

a picture of you smiling joined by white lillies adorned the black coffin.

“did you prepare an eulogy?”

the redhead whispered, nudging his friend.

“no. it’s fucking dumb.”

all of ua was there, the staff, the students and your family.

“now, her boyfriend with the eulogy.”

bakugou slowly got up, making his way next to the coffin. he stared down at it, trying to imagine your lifeless body inside of it.

he suddenly felt sick, his eyes starting to water.

he hadn’t cried this whole time, why now?

he tried to speak, but only gargled sobs escaped. after minutes of only his sobs filling the room, he took a shaky breath and spoke up.

“i love you… y/n.. please.. just come back to me.”

his voice was coarse and quiet and after he said a simple sentence he crouched down in front of your coffin and put a hand onto it, just like always would do with your thigh.

“come back, come back y/n.”

his voice broke and tears started streaming down his cheeks all over again.

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Fire On Fire part 2

Bakugou x reader

⚠️WARNINGS⚠️: BDSM dynamics, swearing, if sexual shit make you feel uncomfortable don’t read it. Also mentions of drug abuse in this chapter

A/N: also can I just say holy shit? Like I wrote this not expecting anyone to read it. I did not expect this type of response. Thank you, so much. 🤍🤍 the format on this is kind of weird because Tumblr wouldnt let me post the whole thing if there was too many spaces or something like that. I still have a ton of details to work out, I don’t really want to focus on quirks in this so I might just talk about them here and there but we’ll see.😊


It had been three days since the party and all you could think about was Bakugou. You were currently in between patients at the office where you work as a therapist, mostly specializing in addiction therapy and ptsd. You sit in the break room making yourself coffee hoping it will make up for the lack of sleep you’ve been getting. ‘Give me a call. I’ll show you what you’ve been missing.’ Bakugou’s words replay in your head. You couldn’t shake him, you constantly thought about the way his tone made you shiver in delight. Your hand drifts down to your pocket and trying to decide if you should take out your phone and make that call. He wanted a sex slave but that’s something you promised yourself, you would never be. “Good morning, y/n!” You jump and look over to see your co-worker, Niko, standing in the door way. “Whoa, you ok?” She asks in a concerned tone.

“Yea.. yea I’m fine.”

“You sure? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Yes, thank you Niko. How was your weekend?”

“It was WILD. We went bar hopping and ended up at a karaoke bar. It took several shots but Haruto, got me up on stage.” She replied giggling.

“Oh wow.”

You internally sighed. Thinking about how uncomplicated Niko’s life seemed.

“What did you do? Any fun Halloween parties?” She asked.

“Yea I went to one.”

“Aaaand how was it?”

You thought for a moment before answering, not really wanting to give her too many details, considering it was an exclusive party, not even the press knew about it.

“It was alright. Nothing to special.”

“C’mon, you gotta give me more than that! Did you meet anyone?” You remember Bakugou’s smile before telling her no. “Y/n, I’m a therapist as well. I can read you like an open book.”

“Ok ok, there was one guy. He bought me a drink, we talked for a bit, but it’s not going to work out.”

“Really? We’re doing this again?”

“Doing what?”

“The thing where you blow a guy off without giving him a chance. Let me guess, you have his number but you haven’t texted him?”

“Girl you scare me sometimes.”

“Just text him and see where it goes. What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

‘Um I’ll become a sex slave that’s what.’ Is what you wanted to say but you just nodded and promised to think about it. You pull out your phone and stare at Bakugou’s name in your contacts. You didn’t want Niko to be right about you and you DID really want to see him again. You clicked on his name and decided to just get it over with.

You: I thought about you this morning in the shower. It got a little too hot for me.

You: The water, I mean

You face palm, questioning if that message was too forward. Three dots appear on the screen. You were shocked that he was reply already. You thought he’d be too busy saving lives. His message appears on the screen, it makes you swallow hard and your phone almost slips from your hands.

Bakugou: was your skin nice and red?

You: it was, it stung a little.

Bakugou: awe you don’t even know what a sting feels like, Princess.

You: do you want to show me?

Bakugou: careful now.

You: I like a little danger

Bakugou: you wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.

Your whole body feels hot.

Bakugou: but remember… I’m off limits

You: rules are meant to be broken, Bakugou

Bakugou: not my rules

You: guess I’ll just have to find someone more flexible than huh?

Bakugou: you’re going to have a hard time, if you’re looking for a dom that will let you be in control, brat. Maybe you’re the one who needs to be a little more ‘flexible’.

You: oh hunny, I’m plenty flexible. I can bend in ways you wouldn’t BELIEVE…. for the right guy of course.

Bakugou: are we still talking about following rules here? Because it feels like we aren’t. Naughty girl ;)

You stare at your phone, a little unsure of how to respond to Bakugou’s text. You weren’t sure if you would be able to accept his help. You needed more time to think it through, but in the mean time you had clients that you needed to help. You downed the rest of your coffee and headed to your office.

Your first patient of the day is A young man that you’ve been working with for awhile named Eito. He can’t sit still in his seat and he wrings his fingers. “You’re getting closer to your discharge date.” You tell him with a smile “how does it feel?” He casts his eyes downward and you can sense the dread rolling off of him in waves “honestly? I’m a little scared.” He tells you. You can already tell today is a bad day for him so you try to push a little further to understand what’s going through his mind and help him work through it.

“Why’s that? Anything in particular bothering you?”

“Look I know how this works, this is my second time in this situation. I get out, go out and use again, and I end up right back here.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way, Eito.”

“But it will. It happens all the time.”

“It does. But that doesn’t mean you have to be in that category. You need to focus on how far you’ve come and the accomplishment you’re gaining when you get out of here.”

Suddenly your phone buzzes at your desk, but you ignore it.

“I don’t have anything to go home to, I’m losing my mind.” Eito tells you.

“You might not yet. That will come with time, you will have things to look forward to. You just have to stay sober and work hard.”

Your phone buzzes for a second time. You quickly shove it in your desk drawer, getting annoyed with whoever it is for bothering you in the middle of such an important time. Eito notices your irritation and asks if you need to answer it.

“I’m not worried about that right now. You are my main focus right now. Fear is normal, remember that quote we talked about? Courage is being scared to death and-“

“And saddling up anyway.” He finishes for you

After talking a little more. Your session with Eito ends. You say goodbye to him and tell him to try and stay positive, hoping you gave him the right advice. You pull your phone out and look at the texts you’ve received. They were from Bakugou:

Bakugou: I don’t like to be kept waiting.

Bakugou: ya know ghosting someone mid conversation is a little fucking rude.

‘Saddle up anyway’ those words echo through your mind as your phone buzzes again. Jesus Christ he really doesn’t quit huh? You think as you glance at your phone again. It’s from Mina asking if you wanted to hit the gym today. You text her back and say that you’ll meet her there.

At the gym, you and Mina sit on the mats stretching out your muscles before your workout. She starts the conversation “sooo how do you feel?” You look at her confused. “About what?” You ask back.

“Your first venture into the world of kink.”

“It was a little disappointing. Mostly due to my run in the prince of Jack asses.” You say glaring at her.

“I’m really sorry about that. I swear it will never happen again.”

“You can make it up to me by giving me some more info on Bakugou.”

“Why? Have you texted him?”

You think about your phone sitting in the locker room. Hoping he wasn’t figuratively blowing it up with more agitated text messages. You didn’t know what to tell him. You wanted to make up your mind and give him an answer soon. Hopefully talking with Mina would help you make a decision.

“How do you know he gave me his number?” You ask

“Word gets around, especially when you hand your phone to a pro hero in a room full of kinksters.”

“How well do you know Bakugou?”

“Sero and I have known him for years. We’re still in the same friend group. He’s not a bad guy but-“

“But he’s looking for a sex slave.”

“He told you?” Mina gives you a shocked look, “do you know what that entails?”

“Yea but I don’t get it. How is that in any way consensual? It seems like a huge contradiction.”

“It is confusing but not everyone agrees with an exact definition of certain kinks in this community. But it definitely can be consensual. My definition is: when you’re a sub to a dom, you’re allowed to set and change limits whenever you need to. You have this word, called a safe word, you can use it any time to stop a scene that becomes too much for you. But with a sex slave, they’re expected to submit to their masters every will, all the time.”

“Do they get safe words?”

“Every relationship is different but from what I’ve heard, most times the answer is no.”

You were starting to get pissed off at the idea. “So a guy can just do whatever he wants to a girl because she’s ‘his’ property. Is that it?”

“It takes a massive amount of trust to be in that type of relationship. It works for some, but it’s definitely not for you.”

You sighed. She was right, you just couldn’t fully hand over your free will to someone. You didn’t want to. “So are you gonna delete his number?” Mina asks.

“Well I’ve thought about it but I think I might actually talk to him.”


“Oh calm down, it’s not for that. He offered to help me out.”


“With finding me the right dom.”

“I thought Sero and I were helping you with that.”

“I know and I really appreciate it. And I totally trust you both, Don’t get me wrong. It’s just I kinda want to see what he can help with too, he might know some different people.”

“Yea true. Sero and I have been out of that scene for a minute now. We’re married and all boring.”

“You my friend are anything but.”

You started to work on your stomach. Laying on your back to do some bicycle crunches.

“Ugh girl I wish I had your curves you’re so hot.” Mina whines.

You roll your eyes at her “shut up. You’re sexier than me and you know it. And you don’t have my huge ass.” You say, pointing out your biggest insecurity. Before the conversation about your body goes any further, you switch the topic back to a certain Tall ash blonde. “So. Bakugou. What’s he like?”

“He’s intense, but He’s one of the good ones. his whole life has been centered around trying to be the number one hero. He’s thinking about opening up his own agency one day.”

You picture what Bakugou in what he might look like in action and it makes you hot. Thinking about him all sweaty and covered in dirt from battle. You bite your lip and Mina quirks up an eyebrow at you like she knows exactly what you’re thinking. A ransom voice breaks through your fantasy. “Hey.” You turn around to see a sweaty, absolutely ripped, guy standing behind you. His chest rises and falls, rapidly while he catches his breathe. “Oh sorry are we in your way?” You ask. “No.. um you’re good. I just uh- saw you from across the room. You have a really nice form.” He replies. You blush and thank him. Mina cuts in “she does right?” You start to question if this guy is hitting on you. You notice he’s very attractive, with short black hair, shaved underneath, that hangs a little bit into his steel gray eyes. You wonder if he could be a little rough in the bedroom. “I’m levi.” He says. You smile and flirt with him “are you a personal trainer, Levi?”

“I’ve dabbled in it a little.”

“I can tell. It’d take an experienced eye to recognize my form from far away.”

“well you’re hard to miss” he says making a show of raising his arms while stretching and you take notice of the deep v-line that dips into his shorts.

“You have any tips for me?”

“Uh tips?”

“To improve my ‘form’.”

“Oh yea I can definitely think of a few.”

“I’m a bit of a tough student just so you know.” You say, walking up to him and tilting your chin up to meet his eyes, you bite your lip “I need a firm hand.”

His voice drops a few octaves “you do, do you?”

“So what should I do?”

“You should adjust here.” He places hand on your hips then takes you hand as if you two were going to waltz around the room. He continues on “and here, but be careful. You don’t wanna get swept off your feet.” With that He dips you back like a cliche romance movie. You want to bust out laughing, you can tell from the look on Mina’s face that she does too. You desperately try to hold it in. Yea, this guy was hot but you weren’t interested in vanilla anymore. He pulls you back up and you pat his chest. “It was nice to meet you, Levi. Thank you for the compliment.” You tell him trying to let him down easy.

You were exhausted. After taking a long hot shower you stared at your ‘gold star kink virgin’, as Bakugou put it, body in the locker room mirror. If you had met a guy like Levi a year ago you would’ve been head over heels for that cheesy shit, but now all you could think about was Bakugou. You run a hand over your ass wondering what his palm might feel like, thinking about what it would be like if he added his quirk into play. Or those teeth with his sharp canines digging into your skin. You sigh and take your phone out, clicking on Bakugou’s messages.

You: hey sorry, I was caught up at work.

Bakugou: disappearing like that was shitty

You: ok? And I said I was sorry, what do you want?

Bakugou: listen here, Brat. I think you need to learn how to follow someone else’s rules.

You: why?

Bakugou: you’re too headstrong for a dom.

You: I am not.

Bakugou: Yea? Why don’t you prove me wrong then? Do 100 Kegel exercises right now.

You: are you crazy?!

Bakugou: that’s not how you’re supposed to answer me. Do it now, and text me when you’re done.

You hesitate a little, reading his text as another comes through.

Bakugou: do it or I going to assume you aren’t serious about wanting a dom.

You: ok fine

You began the kegels. You wanted to proves to him that you were serious about this but part of you also wanted to impress him. You couldn’t help but feel a little ridiculous but still you counted in your head, squeezing you pelvic floor muscles with each number. You started to wonder if Bakugou was fantasizing about you doing them, on cue you received another text from him:

Bakugou: how does it feel, y/n? Are you picturing my fingers stuffed deep inside of your cunt? Maybe my cock?

You: it feels good. I’m picturing you fucking your hard cock into my pussy.

Bakugou: oh yea? Am I being rough with you?

You: yes

Bakugou: why?

You: because I was a bad girl and I need to be punished.

Bakugou: exactly fucking right. You do.

You: I promise I’ll be a good girl.

Bakugou: you have allot to prove, princess.

You: I’ll prove it to you.

Bakugou: oh yea?

You finish your kegels and text him back.

You: I’m done

Bakugou: good now answer me. Do you want to take me up on my offer to find you a dom?

You: I do

Bakugou: a definite yes. Good girl.

You: don’t rub it in

Bakugou: you free Saturday? I have a friend who might be a good fit.

You: well that was fast. Who is it?

Bakugou: just wait and see.

You: I don’t like surprises.

Bakugou: just trust me.

You: ok but I don’t know you very well. You have to give me details.

Bakugou: you’re smart. Lesson 2 always meet in a public place. He’s in hero marketing. Nice guy and definitely your speed. Ya know like 20 miles per hour.

What a fucking jerk, you think to yourself.

Bakugou: what do you think? Coffee shop on Ebisu street at 1 pm? Daylight, public place, I promise to leave the chains at home.

You find yourself wishing you could say screw the guy and bring the chains but you don’t.

You: that works for me.

Bakugou: we’ll find someone to play nice with you before you get into too much trouble.

You: they better not play too nice.

Bakugou: your wish, my command. See you Saturday ;)


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Request for anon: can you write some fluff and nsfw (if you want) headcanons for a poly bakudeku/reader? the reader is a girl, bakudeku are pro heroes and a hero duo and the reader is a sidekick because she’s younger than them [they are 28 she is 20] however they live together because their already dating ;; if you’ll write it thank you ;;


• Izuku and Katsuki have genuinely NEVER been happier. You’ve completed them.

• There’s been some backlash based on the age, but the fact that its 3 of you, all together, there hasnt been much based on that.

• You’ve been with them about a year and a half, they’ve been together almost 4.

• It can be a little intimidating, sometimes you feel like you dont have much of a place in what they have, but they always make sure to squash that as soon as the thought comes up.

• You met them through enrollment in their agency. They really had no intention of falling in love when you were accepted, but you were just so full of fire and love that it was impossible not too.

• The difference of personality in normal life versus on the battlefield was incredible. You were normally bubbly, smiley to an extent. You made loads of jokes and laughed whenever you could. Of course you occasionally had those bad days, but everyone does. When it came to the battlefield, you were filled with focus. Tou were serious, harsh, and did whatever you could to reach your goal. You were like 2 different people. However, it usually took you time to get over that after a fight, but you were real good at faking it to the public.

• If you’ve learned one thing, it’s that Katsuki likes physical contact a lot more than he let’s on. He’s always finding some way to touch you, unless he’s at work. Sometimes it’s small brushes, other times its holding your hand or hugging you from behind.

• Izuku just loves affection in general. He has no problem being obvious with his affection, less so at work, but it’s still there. He’ll kiss your forehead and hold your waist, he’ll hold your hand- basically however he can touch you, is what he’ll do.

• Bakugou likes horror movies, so do you. Izuku does not. He stays in the middle to keep himself secure. Both you and Katsuki enjoy it.

• You’re considerably younger, so they’re very protective you, not so much in a fatherly way but in a way that makes you feel loved and important. You secretly thrive on the attention you get from them being protective.

• They deadass get a dog for the soul reason of extra protection if they weren’t there.

• Expect a lot of dinner dates and cheesy notes (mostly from izuku) and stuffed animals/flowers (supposedly from Izuku but really from Bakugou)

• They gladly feed your indoor plant obsession. Their previously bland apartment had been transformed aesthetically. It was now an indoor jungle. They loved it.

• ahaha the domesticity that came with you loving in was actually amazing. Izukus favorite part (besides you) was the new dishes

• you usually sleep in the middle. You have no problem sleeping on the outside though. Really however they feel like arranging it, you’ll go with.

• They have no problem cooking but they like your cooking best, so you cook a little more often then they do. Not that you mind, you really enjoy cooking, especially because that means they do the dishes.


• Izuku Midoryia is a bottom I do not care what anyone says. He has his dominant streaks every once in awhile (and when he does, good LORD) but this man is a bottom.

• Katsuki is a top. 100%. Loves it. He also has his submissive streaks but those are EXTREMELY rare.

• For you, its complicated. You’re a switch for the most part. Bottom when it comes to Katsuki, A little more dominant with Izuku (power bottom that shit baby)- but who knows.

• Sex that involved you, is fairly recent, with the 3 of you only being together for about a year and a half, the relationship is still young. You weren’t comfortable with sex period until 8 months in. Hell you were too scared to kiss them the first 4 months. You weren’t comfortable with sex between the three of you, all together until 12 months.

• They were unbelievably patient with you. They let you take your time, they let you get accustomed to them individually before bringing it all together. They reassured you that you didn’t need to feel bad for taking time.

• You’re pretty vanilla, Katsuki and Izuku aren’t overly kinky so it’s not a big deal regardless, you just want to be fucked against a wall at least once.

• Katsuki is happy to provide and Izuku is even happier to watch.

• Lazy morning sex, aka, Izuku and Katsuki wake up first the start doing it next to you while you’re asleep and you wake up half way through bc Izuku is loud. Or vice versa.

• Ahahaha Shower sex

• O R A L

• Izuku LOVES oral, he has no problem giving or receiving but he relishes in the pleasure when you’re giving him head. He swears up and down he could survive on just your blowjobs alone. He’ll run his fingers through your hair, tug at it gently, and praise you into next week.

• Both they’re tongues do fucking WONDERS.


• Shut the fuck up you all love it when your hair is played with or tugged at.

• Izuku likes his hair straight pulled, like yeet that bitch, in bed. You and Katsuki like more soft rugs and threads.

• One time, while Izuku was on a trip, Katsuku was really frustrated at work, both physically and mentally.

• So

• :)

• the MOMENT you stepped inside the apartment with him, you were pinned against a wall, his thigh between your legs and his lips pressed against yours. This lead to mind blowing ‘angry(?)’ Sex.

• Stemmed your love of just completely getting wrecked :)

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Katsuki Bakugou - Ground Zero x reader

Genre: Fanfic. Fluffy bits. Omegaverse AU. Aged up AU.

WARNINGS: Cursing. A bit of sexual tension.

(HEY Y'ALL..It’s been a while since I posted..I didn’t stop trying to write but the confidence to post my works just didn’t come. Hehe. I missed posting, really.

I’m also thinking of making a series of Omegaverse AU for the characters I write for, but this is the first one I finished so here it is. 😉☺️☺️

Thanks for all those who followed me. 😘😘

Sorry for the wrong grammar/spellings/pronouns

Please Do not plagiarize..Lovelots.❤️

P.S Take care of yourselves during this global crisis..I hope you’re safe, don’t forget to check your loved ones and thank all the frontliners. Spread love.



“It’s been so long since all of us managed to get together! Being heroes makes us so busy!” Mina said while raising a glass of beer.


You raised your glass along with everybody to celebrate the gathering of Class 1-A after three years.

Almost everyone is here.

The aura of the room is very happy, everyone is talking to each other as if they just saw each other yesterday.

“Hey! y/n! It’s been a long time. Do you have a boyfriend now? hmmm?” Toru teased, you let out a chuckle, denying..

You were still chatting when you heard the door open, instinctively you turned your head to see who it is.

“Sorry we’re late! Took time to convince him to come!” Ejiro said while pointing at katsuki who looks so done already.

His eyes met your gaze and you immediately looked away, which you realized is a stupid thing to do.

Everyone started partying again, you feel his intense gaze at you, making you very uncomfortable.

Unable to bear it any longer you excused yourself to the restroom, His presence is making you feel overly conscious.

You went to the restroom to breathe and calm yourself down. It’s been three years since that incident.

“Can’t believe we’re graduates now.” Ochaco murmured, tears rolling down her eyes.

You gave her a hug.

“We should still see each other okay?” She exclaimed hugging you back.

“Of course!” You let go of her and noticed someone was fidgeting from a distance.

“Your alpha is waiting for you.” You told ochaco while pointing at Izuku, she blushed and looked behind..

“Go on. Call me!” She gave you one last quick hug before running towards his partner.

“Must be nice.” You whispered to yourself.

You decided to head on back to the dorm to finish up packing. Looking around the school made you emotional, everything that happened lead to you being a graduate and a pro hero now..

You reached the empty dorm when you heard someone call you out.

“Hey..dumbass, you dropped this! ” You looked behind and saw katsuki holding your pouch.

You cursed under your breath and in panic you lunged to grab it from him.

“Hey! Wait!!SHIT!” You used so much force to grab it that you lost balance and fell down on katsuki.

“You’re a fucking pro hero already and you’re still a dumb idiot.” You gasped when you inhaled his scent, he smells dominant, and great.

“What the fuck?!” You woke up from your daze and backed off immediately but its too late, he noticed it already.

“You’re a fucking OM—?!” he yelled, you covered his mouth, breathing heavily.

You felt a hand grip your wrist and you turned to katsuki, his scent is so strong it made you go into heat faster.

“You’re spewing pheromones everywhere you dumbass. Take your fucking suppressants” You grabbed the pouch and stood up.

A curse escaped your mouth when you realized that your last one is gone.

“What?” He asked when he got to his feet, you gulped.

“I-my suppressant.” You showed him the damaged syringe.

“This is my last one.” You murmured.

“what the?! How about in your room?!” You lowered your head starting to get dizzier with his scent.

“I didn’t bring any–”

“Fucking hell?! Are you that dumb?!” You don’t know if it’s him but you are becoming emotional and tears started to run down on your face.

“S-sorry. I didn’t think i’d need more since I’m going home soon. I–”

“JUST SHUT UP AND GO TO YOUR FUCKING ROOM!” Katsuki is not even looking at you anymore.

“Katsu–” You reached out to remove his arms covering his face.

He stared at you as his breathing became heavier.

“Let’s go– together.” You whispered before kissing his face.

“Y/N? You still there?” Several knocks resounded the bar’s bathroom,brought you back.

“Uhh. yeah! Sorry, just touching up a bit.” You yelled back at ochaco.

“Okay! i’ll go back now!” She yelled back.

You stayed quiet not sure how to go back there, Katsuki’s presence is too overwhelming for you.

You haven’t talked to him since that day, and that makes everything awkward.

Another set of knocks resounded the bathroom, but this time its too aggressive.

This pissed you off so you opened the door, you were taken aback when you saw katsuki standing in front of you..

“You’re taking too long. I want to talk to you.” He calmly said, you nodded and followed him outside the place to a nearby park.

You stared at his broad back. He never asked you why you hid being an omega, why you pretended to be a beta, he never did have the chance.

“So?” He started, you immediately frowned. He’s the one who called you out here, noticing your sour expression he continued.

“Does anyone know you’re an omega now?” You shook your head.

“You’re a fucking hero and you’re lying–”

“I’m not lying anymore.” You cut him off defensively explaining.

“I’m just– I was never asked aside from my superiors. No one notices. I take strong suppressants and I try to avoid that topic in general so…” You sat on a bench and he sat down beside you.

He’s being surprisingly calm , you wanna make a comment about it but he is sure is gonna be pissed with that.

“You fucking ran away after what we did on graduation day.” You looked down and fell silent.

Minutes passed by and you can’t answer him.

You clashed a lot with him in school but you seek his presence.

Being with him makes you feel at ease yet he drives your insides all weird.

“Do you have a partner now, dumbass?” You looked up at him, he’s looking the other way, but you saw the hint of pink flashing on his cheeks.

You smiled and tugged his shirt.

You’re a hero with a quite a strong personality but when It comes to him, every fiber of you just softens.

It’s no use denying what you already felt from the start.

“Sorry. I won’t run away again.” You muttered.

“You’re stupid if you think I’d let you run away from me again.” You chuckled and reached out to kiss him, his arms snaked around your waist, not letting you get away from his intense response.

He smirked after finally allowing you to breathe.

“You still dont fucking know how to kiss.” You bit your lip, feeling embarassed.

“Well, I never kissed anyone but you.” You murmured, but he still heard it.

“I’m so fucking good no one can make you feel good like I do.” He is still as proud of himself as ever, you never hated that, eventhough he is a bit much most of the time..

“Alright Katsuki. Let’s go back.”

He is arrogant, and stubborn but he’s strong and brave. He’s kind under all that and you feel it.

He stood up and walked, you ran after him and held his hand.

“The next time I get my heat, I really wouldn’t mind if you bite me–aw!”

He pulled you in for another heated kiss.

“Forget those fucking extras, let’s go to my place.” You laughed and covered his mouth when he approached you again.

“We can’t do that Katsuki. I missed them too.” He looked angry so you pulled him and gave him a peck in the lips.

“I’d go home with you, okay?” You smiled.

“Damn it. Three years ago my scent drove you into heat and now you’re rejecting me? You’ve got some nerve.” He grinned. You covered your nose when you realized that he is emitting a strong scent.

“K-katsuki.. S-STOP!” You took a step back.

“Well. You wanna go back and party with those idiots, right babe?” He turned to go, you bit your lip and tugged the hem of his shirt.

“Let’s go say goodbye…. atleast.” you said. You looked up and his face screamed the words “I fucking won”

“You took so long!! Where did you go?!"mina ran towards you, then looked at Katsuki behind you.

"I have to go. I’m sorry..” You told her, she pouted and looked very disappointed.

“Awwww! So soon? You just got back.”

You apologized to everyone and said your goodbyes

“Let’s do this again.” You told them smiling, you were about to leave when mineta approached you.

He took out his phone and asked for your phone number.

“Don’t even think about it fucker, I’ll blow the balls off your head.” Katsuki growled by the door.

Everyone freezed, you felt every eye in the room shifting from katsuki to you.

You turned at katsuki to slap his chest

“Damn it katsuki! They know now.. It’s too soon!” You pushed him out the door, you just wanna get out as soon as you can.

“Damn straight. They should know you’re fucking mine already!”

“Stop shouting, Katsuki! They know that already!”

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Okay but what about how Kiri, Kami, Suki, & Hanta would use their quirk in the bedroom? If at all. If that’s too many characters, then the first two!

oooooh i like this a lot,

warnings: 18+!!!! (chars aged up) FILTHY SMUT, cursing, bondage, pain play, idk man just smutty smut read at your own risk

kaminari denki


Originally posted by kunikidaz

- denki would only use his quirk if you BEG him for it

- not because he likes to at least feel in charge (hah, charge)

- but because he’s scared of hurting you

- he’ll be buried to the hilt and you’re this close to finding your release

- “denki shock me”

- he’s ????

- “babe it’s dangerous.”

- you’ll just start grinding against him cause he’s frozen in shock tbh

- “denkiiiiii, please.”

- shit you’re so hot begging him

- so he’ll just set a brutal pace again, chasing his high

- and with a smack to your ass he’ll come and zap you

- it stings but holy fuck it hurts so good

- you almost scream his name when your orgasm comes crashing down on you

- the electricity just intensifies your orgams

- he usually sparks a bit when he comes down from his high

- which is why you usually never really go all out with after care

- but you licked blood

- it felt too good and you needed more now

- you just took his limpening dick in your mouth and started sucking him off again

- “b-babe?!”

- he tries to stop you by pulling on your hair

- his head falls back and he bites his lip

- he looked so good, sweaty, blushed and all fucked out

- “do it again, sir.”

- holy fuck that sent him

- he sends shocks through your whole body, cumming so hard

- you’re all tingly and fall back on the bed

- “shit babe are you okay?!”

- he’s so scared but when he sees your trembling limbs and his cum dribbling from your chin he almost cums a third time

- “that was incredible.”

- you most likely lost a few brain cells and were unable to move or think straight for a while after it but you got addicted

- overstimulated denki = uncontrolled shocks

- he still is super careful about it because he knows the dangers

- he often has to stop you for your own sake

kirishima eijirou


Originally posted by tetsuruo

- using his quirk in bed?

- a big no

- he’s way too scared to hurt you

- he’d be lying if he hadn’t fantasized about it before tho

- you whimpering under him, his hardened finger rubbing circles on your most sensitive parts

- but his hardened body was way too sharp to actually use

- unless y'all are into blood??

- he knows he isn’t

- he accidentally hardened his hands while cumming once and he almost put a hole in the wall

- “please, just spank me once, please.”

- you’re dying to feel red riot’s true and raw strength

- he does spank you, with an unhardened hand

- “red riotttt, once.”

- using his hero name in bed?

- makes him go feral

- spanks you, once, twice, thrice before he knows what he’s doing

- your ass is redder than his hair

- he feels so bad until he feels you clenching around him

- “red riot is so strong.”

- he cums on the spot

- “this was a one time thing.”

- y'all both know it isn’t

- he’s mad at you for pushing his boundaries

- he could’ve hurt you badly and that wouldn’t be manly at all

- but it isn’t manly to deny your lover’s wish either

- he loves it when you ride his thigh and that’s the only time he can kind of get away with using his quirk

- except for that one time he ripped through his pants and your nylons and panties

- thank god for his quick reactions and his strength

- he lifted you off his thigh so quick

- he once hardened his dick even more and the condom ripped and he almost tore up your insides

- “see?! i told you.”

- is kinda pissed about it, he wants you to always get what you want but what if it’s not healthy or safe for you

- makes it up to you by a lot of amazing foreplay and after care

bakugou katsuki


Originally posted by offlineno-bakugou

- using his quirk while fucking?

- you mean the absolute daily?

- it’s unbelievable how many holes he’s burned through your clothes to get easy access

- he’s filthy

- spanks get intensified by little explosions

- his orgasm is accompanied by another explosion

- gosh his fingering/hand job game?

- way too strong

- he’s too competitive

- makes you cum at least three times every time

- he loves to take you doggy, pull your hair and mark you as his

- little burns instead of hickeys

- is into pain play, he gets off on you moaning in pain and his name

- he spanks you so much

- “you little slut, you always get so tight when you get spanked, tell me how much you love it.”

- he’s a scary dom

- but he’s also so attentive

- he always makes sure to establish a safe word or action for you

- he knows how he can get and ever since you fainted on him once

- he’s extra careful

- he lost control while climaxing and sent an explosion right into your face

- another reason why he prefers doggy

sero hanta


Originally posted by manjirou

- his tape is so multifunctional

- it’s great

- ever since your first time together it’s been very useful

- like that one time during the training camp and you couldn’t leave each other alone

- y'all most definitely had a quickie

- he fucked you against a tree, it was great

- your mouth was taped shut

- rude, he’s more vocal than you are

- you let him get away with it because it turns him on so much

- he’s very much into voyeur and nature stuff

- you almost got busted by deku but thank god for lunch time

- he tapes your wrists together a lot

- your arms are around his neck with your taped wrists bouncing up and down


- most of the times you’ll loose feeling in the taped parts

- but he’s also vvvv respectful

- if you say no he’ll accept immediately and if you complain about his tape being too tight he’ll stop immediately

- your wellbeing is top priority

- he loves to create a makeshift sex swing from tape and just pound into you holy fuck


- “you look so good with my dick down your throat and my tape around your neck.”

(- uses tape as nipple pads and just sends you out for the day without a bra)

- just to fuck you senseless at night

- like i said, kinkyyyy

- tapes you to his bed, spreading your legs

- easy access

- he’s so good with his tongue fuuuuu

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Fire On Fire part 1

Bakugou x reader



You wandered around the party looking for your best friend, Mina. You two had a conversation last week about you being interested in joining the BDSM community. So she invited you to an exclusive club called ‘The Underground’ for a Halloween party, in hopes of finding you the right dom. You were beginning to feel anxious, you couldn’t find her anywhere and on top of that you were severely underdressed for this type of gathering. Weaving through the sea of leather, lingerie and latex you stumble upon a scene that leaves you breathless. You stare intently as the dom circles his sub like a lion, ready to pounce. He wraps a rope over and under her breasts, giving a sharp pull, as she gasps. “Is that tight?” He asks her in a tone you would describe as almost condescending. The sub, in a trance answers him immediately, “yes sir.”

The male smirks at her reply “good”. You shiver, thrilled by the way he ties the ropes over the girl while leaving open mouthed kisses on her neck and squeezing her ass.

“Y/N! There you are!” You snap out of your fixation and turn to find Mina pushing her way through the crowd toward you. She’s dressed in a deep maroon set, that compliments her pink skin quite well, with a black collar around her neck. “You’re late.” You tell her in a joking tone. She rolls her eyes “I know, i know. Traffic was horrible. Did you get in ok?” When they say this club is exclusive, they mean it. Mostly because of the people who attend: pro heroes, politicians, CEOs. People who wouldn’t want this portion of their lives getting out to the public. “I did but this place is next level, they made me give a password and everything. I’m glad you found me, I was starting to get anxious.” You told her.

“Well it’s hard to miss you in that outfit. I know you’re new to the kink scene. But girl come on, what is this?” She said, eyeing your tank and jeans.

“I know” you said, pink tinting you’re cheeks a little, “I had stuff to do today, I didn’t have time to get a new outfit. I was nervous and I didn’t want to stand out much.”

“You’re lucky I was prepared for this. Wait here I’ll be back.”

You watch Mina disappear into the crowd. The dom you were watching before spanks his sub and she yelps. “Not bad huh?” You hear a voice in your ear, you whip around to find a tall, absolutely stunning, stranger smirking down at you. Your heart flutters. “U-um yea, it’s p-pretty impressive.” You stutter over your words. You take a moment to check out his arms, they look like they were handmade by the gods. He leans in closer and whispers in your ear, “it’s about trust. The bond between a dominant and a submissive. BDSM is where pain and pleasure meet”. A shiver runs down your spine and you swallow hard. He smells clean with a faint caramel scent. “I mean it definitely not for everyone but with the right person it can be ecstasy.”

“Y/N!” You spin around to find Mina a few feet away from you with a bag in her hand. You turn back to the stranger but he’s already melted away into the sea of people. “Sorry I had to go get your outfit I left it in my car.” She explained

“It’s ok, did you see that guy?”

“What guy?”

“He was tall, literally looked like walking sex?”

“y/n, you just described half the guys in this club.”

You sighed, she was right. Your chances of seeing him again were probably low so you tried to just forget about it. “Now are you ready to find the dom of your dreams tonight?” Mina giggled. You gave her a nervous smile and she pulled you to the bathroom. “Just to be clear, I am not going to act like some weak girl desperate to please a man.” You told her with a little ice in your tone. She rolled her eyes at you for the second time that night, “yes I know, we’ve already established that.”

“I’m not just some meek little girl, I want to be respected.” You continued on.

“Y/N STOP WORRYING, we’ll find the right one for you. I know allot of cool guys in here.”

“Oh is that so?” Mina jumps as her husband Sero sneaks up behind her and loops his fingers through the collar around her throat. “And just how well do you know them? Have you been misbehaving baby?” He continues “no sir, never” she answers quickly with a sly smile. You low key envied Mina and Sero’s relationship. He’s so intense and strict, but so dedicated to her. You thought it was so sexy and romantic. They had a real connection. That’s part of the reason you wanted to try kinks. You wanted to find what they had. “Hey Y/n.” He greeted you. You nodded in acknowledgment and smiled. “May I be excused sir? I need to help y/n blend in more.” Mina explained. He smirked and told her to hurry back.

In the bathroom Mina tosses her bag to you. Rifling through it, you see that she brought you a whole outfit. You glance up at her and snort. “What? You think I’d let you go to a party like this without being prepared?” She asked. “You know the right outfit matters, it could find you the perfect dom.” Your mind drifted back to the god-like man you met earlier, picturing his arms muscles bulging as he lifts you up in the air. You pull on the y/f/c lingerie set and cat ears, doing a little spin for Mina. “How do I look?” You ask timidly. “ME-OW! Bitch you look hot I think my heart just might stop!” You laughed as she hyped you up.

Your heart was pounding and your hands were sweaty as you leaned up against the red velvet couch, Mina had left you on. It had been almost an hour and no one had come up to talk with you. You were beginning to worry that you were giving off an unapproachable vibe just as a guy dressed as a prince addressed you, “hey, y/n right?” He had short, golden blonde hair and big blue eyes. You slowly nodded. “I’m Monoma. Mina told me there was a pretty pussy on this couch.” He said winking at you. Your eyes widened excuse me?! What the fuck did he just say to me?! You thought to yourself “Um you wanna try greeting me like a proper human being?” You replied your tone ice cold.

“Oooh are you challenging me? I’m into that.” He sits down next to you and you notice he’s not that cute. He smells like he bathed in cheap cologne and it makes you wanna gag.

“Sooo Mina told me you’re looking for a dom. what are you into?”

“I’m not really sure. I’ve never experienced anything like this before”

Monoma reclined back on the couch, stretching his arm to place it on your shoulder. You stiffened, not liking how it made you feel trapped. He leans over to whisper in your ear “I’d be more than happy to try some stuff out on you, kitty. You seem like the kind of girl who’d be into being shared.” The thought of doing anything with this guy made you want to vomit. You cut him off “Yea no thanks I’m definitely not into that.”

“As my sub, you’d be under MY contr…. I mean my protection, I bet you’d feel a little braver.”

“Excuse me? I’m brave on my own. thanks.” Monoma was starting to piss you off. Who did this guy think he is? Under his control? Yea not in a million fucking years.

“I can tell this is gonna be so much fun. Taming a brat like you would be delicious.”

Oh this is so not happening. He went on “wanna get out of here? My place is around the corner, and I have plenty things that we can play with.”

You shook your head “I don’t think so” but he kept pressuring you “c’mon kitten you can trust me.” You shoved his arm off of you, you had enough and you really just wanted to go home. You went to stand but Monoma grabbed your wrist “my patience is REALLY wearing thin, sweetheart.” The way he called you that pet name made your stomach twist. You yanked your wrist away and told him to leave you alone. “What the fuck is your problem?” He demanded. Before you could answer another voice cut in “pretty sure she asked you to leave her alone.” The stunning stranger from earlier was standing behind you, staring down at Monoma with a snarl. He just snarked back “you mind Blasty boy? this has nothing to do with you.” The other male took a step towards him, you could clearly see his muscle flexing beneath the polo shirt he wore. Monoma shrank back.

“Actually I do mind, who the hell invited you to this party anyway?”

“Um- you know…I.”

“Yea I fucking thought so. It’s always guys like you that give doms a bad name. So how about you get the fuck out of here?”

Monoma angrily shoves past the other man, and you flip him off with both fingers as he passes you. “My thoughts exactly” the stranger says as you turn to him. You sigh and shake your head

“god that was almost painful.”

“Yea it looked like it. Sorry for getting involved by the way. I know you could’ve handled that guy by yourself.”

You smiled and slightly nodded “I could’ve but the help is appreciated…. what’s your name?”

“Bakugou. I hate doms like Monoma, pressuring girls into play is such a bitch move and it gives us a bad reputation.”

Hmm us? So he’s a dom as well you thought to yourself. Bakugou makes gesture towards the couch “you wanna sit and talk?” He asks. Your stomach was filled with butterflies, you were low key excited he found you again and you could tell he was actually considerate. The fact that he was sexy as fuck didn’t hurt either. You thought for a second before nodding, he gives you a half smile that meets his eyes as you both sit on the couch. You felt like you could melt into a puddle right then and there. “So what brings you to the underground?” He wonders out loud. You decide to flirt and joke with him a little to lighten up your dampened mood.

“Maybe I come here all the time.”

“Nah. You’re definitely new here. I can tell.”

“Oh yea? How?”

“Because I come here all the time. You stand out, there’s something different about you.” You thought back to what you were wearing earlier and internally face palmed, you DID stick out in that tank top and jeans even though you were going for the opposite.

“Ha yea I guess with my clothes from earlier I stood out like a sore thumb”

Bakugou laughed “no that’s not what I meant.”

You began to explain to him how you ended up here “My friend, Mina, brought me here because I expressed some interest in a dom/sub relationship. She’s trying to find me a dom and see who I might be into. But after that awful experience I’m not really sure to be honest with you.” Bakugou leaned in closer to you his red eyes were caring but still smoldering. He pulled away “you look a little shaken up. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Oh. N-no that’s ok.” You stuttered out, feeling flustered from his closeness a second ago.

“I never do anything that I don’t want to. Let me make it up to you on behalf of all doms.” You blush and give in, telling him your drink of choice. You check Bakugou out as he walks away. broad shoulders, chiseled back muscles, all connected to a thin waist and he had a phenomenal ass. With a body like that you wondered if he was a pro-hero.

“Oh my god y/n!” Mina rounds the corner, grabbing you arm to pull you into the next room without saying another word. “What are you doing with HIM?” She demands. You tried to not let your irritation get to you “by him I hope you mean Monoma.”


“Ya know ‘Prince Charming’ wasn’t that fucking charming.” You said glaring at her.

“He wasn’t?”

“NO! He was disgusting and literally smelled like he poured 10 cans of axe body spray in a bath tub and sat in it.”

“Y/n, I’m really sorry his previous sub said he was a great dom. I really am sorry. I didn’t know.” She continued on “but Bakugou? The one that’s buying you a drink? You should stay away from him.”

“You know him?” You said surprised

“Yes we went to UA together. He’s the pro that goes by the name Ground Zero.”

You didn’t usually keep up with hero news but you had heard about him before.he was known for his explosive anger that got him into trouble more often than not. With the shit your last ex put you through you were definitely not going to get involved with somebody like that, but then again maybe he’s different somehow? Just as you were about to press further Sero wrapped Mina in his tape and pulled him to her. Leaving you stranded by yourself once again.

You find you way back to the lounge and see Bakugou waiting for you with 2 drinks in hand. He hands you one and you thank him. You both settle back down on the couch and you find yourself checking him out once again with his pecs clearly visible in the tight polo he was sporting. “Soo is this a costume? What are you supposed to be?” You inquire. He smirks “I’m dressed vanilla.” You tilt you head silently asking him to explain, “ya know? People who aren’t into BDSM? The ‘normal’ ones?” He says emphasizing air quotes around the word normal. You giggle “well boring looks good on you.” You reply winking.

“Ha you’re trouble huh?”

“So what do you wear normally? Leather and chains?”

“Why? You curios?”

“For research purposes.”

“Of course.”

“So which is it? Mesh and latex?”


“Ah so it is the leather chains huh?”

“No.” He says leaning over to whisper into your ear “those are for you.” You gasp causing you to inhale your drink. You quickly cover your mouth and begin coughing. He laughs at your reaction “woah, chill, I was totally kidding.” He says

“I’m harmless, I would never try anything with you.”

“Yea.. of course..” you reply trying not to let your disappointment show through but it’s as if he can sense it.

“Don’t get me wrong, you’re definitely sexy. It’s not that.” For some reason him saying that felt like a slap in the face. You put on a fake smile.

“You know you don’t have to do that.”

“Do what?”

“Give me a fake compliment to make me feel better. I’m not fragile. I can accept that I’m not your type.”

“Like I said it’s not that” he sits closer to you “You are my type” he leans in further causing to catch your breathe “we just don’t want the same thing.”

“What is it that you want?”

“Nah I don’t wanna freak you out or something.”

That hits a nerve as you bite out “I’m a big girl, I can take it.”

Bakugou lets out a growl at that, his breath hot and heavy on your ear “oh can you? Yea you’re definitely fucking trouble.” The way he’s talking to you was shooting tingles straight between your legs and you find yourself rubbing your things together for some type of relief, you push further

“so what do you want?”

“A slave.” He answers, nonchalantly.

Your jaw practically hits the floor. He wants a… a what? Ok maybe he was right because you are NOT looking for that. Maybe he doesn’t mean what it sounds like? Before you get a chance to speak he repeats himself, in a lower tone.

“I want a slave. I want a girl to submit to me whenever and wherever. No off switch.”

Your chest tightens. That’s exactly what you didn’t want. To be a mindless sex slave to a master 24/7. Stripped of your dignity. The thought alone angered you. Bakugou noticed your internal dilemma and decided to speak

“You’re a sub, but you want control. It sounds like you’re mostly a bottom looking for light play. You’re too independent to be a slave.”

You gave a smile that didn’t meet your eyes, a little disappointed that he didn’t want you but at least there was hope that if he could understand someone else would too.

“So what have you tried if you don’t mind me asking?”

“You really wanna know?” You answered him and he nodded. “Nothing at all.”

“Nothing as in…”

“I’ve only ever had vanilla sex.”

“Oh shit! Not even spanking? So you’re a gold star kink virgin?” Your cheeks turn pink and you nod. “… I could help you find the right guy.”

“What do you mean? Like you’d be my personal dom approver or whatever?” You said with a shocked face


“Why? What’s in it for you?”

“Because I like you and you’re interesting.”

Your heart leaps in your chest and you can’t stop the image of Bakugou suspending you in the air from invading your mind.

“You don’t have to answer right away. I’ll give you my number and you can hit me up” he tells you “you should probably do a background check first… that’s lesson number one.”

“This feels like a sleezy sales pitch.”

“Oh sleazy doesn’t even begin to cover what I’m like.”

You swallow hard. Silently begging to know more about him and exactly what he is like. You try to keep eye contact with him as images of all the dirty things you want him to do to you, flip through your mind. He sticks his palm up and you hand over your phone, watching him type in his number.

“What’s your name?” He finally asks you

“It’s y/n.”

Bakugou hands your phone back to you.

“Nice to meet you y/n. Give me a call, I’ll show you what you’ve been missing.” He says with a wink.


Part 2:

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Bakugou and Lilac set up, with Lilac borrowing Momo’s gear and bike. She was waiting for Bakugou to get ready, her eyes studying the track. Uraraka smiled as she was starting the race.

“Lady and Gentleman, we want a clean race.No broken bones, No cheating and bets have been placed on the line. Are you ready?” she said, smiling cutely.“ Start your enginessss.”

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Katsuki Bakugou x Reader

WARNINGS: a few cusses here and there cause,, katsuki..

SUMMARY: Ever since the Provisional Licensing Exam, your lover hasn’t been himself. Could a late night snack help?

A/N: aaaa i finally got this one out!! sorrysorrysorry for taking so long to upload, i’ve just been pretty busy with work and all that jazz, butbut!! i’ll really try my best to update more frequently! thanks so so much you guys for being so patient! (❁´◡`❁) alsoalso!! kinda sorta revamped my tumblr theme!! i might make more sporadic changes here and there, butbut i was kinda looking for a more simplistic cutesy look soso hopefully you guys like it!! ♡♡

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥


art by: 8ay | tumblr

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Hello! Could I request Bakugou and Shinsou with an s/o who refuses to tell them her quirk bc she summons powerful demons from hell to do her bidding? Like, she eventually tells him but it takes a really long time and it’s bc she’s scared the demons might accidentally attack them? They don’t though. Thank you love💖

That’s pretty cool quirk- dangerous as fuck but still sounds pretty cool!


Bakugou and Shinsou with an S/O who refuses to tell them her quirk since it summons demons

Bakugou Katsuki

  • He didn’t understand why you didn’t wanted to tell him about your quirk.
  • Sometimes he tried to guess it for himself but he didn’t let this topic bother him. I mean your quirk probably was just something embarrassing that’s why you were so against sharing what it was- it was his guess.
  • But he couldn’t be more wrong. As you gathered the courage you were ready to finally tell him.
  • You were scared super scared but still you explained what your quirk really is.
  • He was surprised but believed you. I mean why whouldn’t he?
  • Then you explained also why were you scared in the first place of telling him and his reply was simple he told you that he was more than capable of defending himself.
  • Still it didn’t erase your worry. After all he never stood against those demons.
  • It annoyed him that you worried about him but couldn’t blame you much for it.

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • He never much cared about your quirk and since you didn’t wanted to tell him he had no other choice but to respect that.
  • To him you could never even bring up the topic of your quirk if you didn’t wanted to.
  • But you wanted to. Since you don’t want to hide anything from him.
  • So when you brought up this topic he noticed how nervous you were and let you know that if you don’t need to say it.
  • Your reply was saying what your quirk is. It was a bit surprising but he didn’t show any specific reaction.
  • You also threw in your worries that one of the demons might attack him but Shinsou wasn’t anyhow scared.
  • It was quite ironic to him that both you and him had more “villain like” quirks.

~Mod Angie

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